24 December 2009

Daily Chat 24/12/09

The Hagia Sophia was rededicated in 562, after having been severely damaged in an earthquake, necessitating massive restoration.  Kiritimati (Christmas Island) was discovered by James Cook in 1777.  The Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 in 1814.  Cyclone Tracy devastated the city of Darwin, Australia, in 1974, leaving 71 dead and causing more than a billion dollars* in damage.

Born today:  Matthew Arnold (1822-1888), Lemmy (1945) and Carol Vorderman (1960).

Apparently, Christmas Eve is the only thing happening today.

*US billion (1,000,000,000) and US dollars


  1. I don't know if any of you have heard this before, but it is wonderful. I heard it for the first time today and I think it has just become my favourite version of that song.

  2. Excellent thanks Montana - Merry Xmas everybody!


  3. Happy Christmas eve everybody! Thanks for all the sympathy last night.
    Daughter stayed the night woke me up crying at 1pm :( Got some hot chocolate down her and she cheered up a bit.

    Has gone to work now (12 hour shift!) very icy here this morning hope she gets there OK. She's a novice driver and very very tired.

    Stupidly I let her smoke in the kitchen and am now suffering for it (asthma). No one to blame but me for that though.

    Still mince pies to make, chrissy cake to ice and a turkey crown to cook (not here tomorrow but like sosme cut up cold. If daughter comes here again tonight we'll have an early Xmas dinner I think.

    Asthma subsiding a bit - going back to bed to catch up on my sleep!

  4. Morning all, and Merry Christmas Eve to you all.

    Anne - I hope your duaghter manages to cope, and I hope your asthma disappears. Sounds like she is having a tough time of it, bless her.

    Andy - what a fabulous job! You are going to live it down there! Congrats!

    Big hugs and Christmas kisses to all. I have a lot to do today so I might not be back for a while, if at all. xxxoooxxx

  5. Morning happy campers.


    As I don't think the staff looking at the world through the windows at the dizzying heights of CiF Towers will ever follow up on your story, here's a start:


    Winterval is the main propaganada season, after all.

    So, as it is also the season of goodwill to all men - obviously, women, too, but slightly less; also clean, small furry animals like kittens and puppies, but less to sheep and ponies; also goldfish, but less for coelacanths; butterflies, but less for the insects which bite and sting; probably not at all for slugs and frog-spawn and finally none whatsoever for shitdribbles -

    Happy Winterval to one and all and God Save The King!

  6. andy many congratulations you'll love it - a friend of mine was the nature warden on the Lizard for years he had a great time. He took us to the point once to show how us how the Armada swung into the channel and and found a rare plant at his feet!

    Don't re-watch Straw Dogs (or read the original Trenchers Farm novel). Bear in mind you will be an outsider and like Lewis (and other places) you will likely never be really accepted. Some friends from Helston went shopping in Penzance and their car was broken into and stuff stolen. Some friendly locals commiserated and realised the victims were Cornish - our friends found out later that the thief got battered badly that night for stealing from fellow Cornish!

    anne, your lass can only work it out for herself be patient. Some of of the cleverest and nicest woman I know have been in relationships with the scummiest of men, no idea why. Graves put it best -

    A Slice of Wedding Cake

    Why have such scores of lovely, gifted girls
    Married impossible men?
    Simple self-sacrifice may be ruled out,
    And missionary endeavour, nine times out of ten.

    Repeat 'impossible men': not merely rustic,
    Foul-tempered or depraved
    (Dramatic foils chosen to show the world
    How well women behave, and always have behaved).

    Impossible men: idle, illiterate,
    Self-pitying, dirty, sly,
    For whose appearance even in City parks
    Excuses must be made to casual passers-by.

    Has God's supply of tolerable husbands
    Fallen, in fact, so low?
    Or do I always over-value woman
    At the expense of man?
    Do I?
    It might be so.

  7. Morning all. Glad to hear your news andy: the national trust are actually the landlords for the building in which my office sits, and a really nice bunch of people so hope all goes brilliantly and a substantive paid post also opens up in due course. annetan, hope you can hold out while your daughter's troubles sort themselves out. PrincessCC, don't get me started on the DWP, ATOS healthcare and welfare 'reform': working in MH, the maddest thing I encounter is the attitude of those bodies, whose purpose seems to be purely to bully and victimise the most marginalised and dispossessed elements of society. A complete fucking disgrace, immoral and appalling.

  8. andysays, good to hear your news about taking stewardship of part of our greatest long distance footpath. Make sure you look after it well and enjoy the wonderful bird watching that'll be available to you on the north Cornish coast. I guess that must have been one of the greatest attractions of the post.

    With over 80 per cent of National Trust full-time volunteers moving on to paid employment or further training, the future looks good. And as I guess you're going to have to do the odd report on your work, are they going to give you internet access from that cottage of yours?

  9. Morning all,
    one day and counting collectively we can get through this!!
    I'm off to the hospital a friend of mine had an accident on his motorbike yesterday evening...punctured lung and broken ribs in intensive care! Talk about bad luck poor bugger!
    catch you's later...

  10. Nice one andy, but as Edwin has said, if you've got Susan George in tow, take good care of her.

    Happy Xmas everyone. Hope things don't look quite so bleak for your daughter tomorrow, anne. Magic of Xmas an' all might bring out the bf's better side.

    Here's a song for you all, not in the least bit festive, but more in keeping with the spirit of the decade shamedfacedly shuffling out of the door...


  11. Morning all! Emboldened and heartened to the response to the First Day of Whiffmas (i.e. someone actually made a nomination for Worst Contributor), I ask today for your votes for Worst Article Of The Year. Mine own...

    RapidEddie: Libby Brooks's 'The Jane Andrews I Knew'. Identity politics taken to its fearful, horrendous conclusion, managing to trash a murder victim in the process, without a shred of substantiation.

    On a lighter note, I must say I'm enjoying the Sady Doyle's 'Precious' thread. The phrase 'beyond parody' keeps popping into my head.

  12. I'm off, have a nice Xmas all.


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  14. Happy Christmas, everybody!

  15. MsChin,
    Happy Christmas. The new card isn't anyone we know either.

  16. Relieved to hear it, Mr. Stoat!

  17. Cheeky fucker.

    annetan42 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I luvs u babe...............................I wish ...................I wish.....................................I wish I could make it all better...........................................................................I really do, you are a very fine lady.....................you will be in my ........stream of con........ tomorrow as you often are

    You and Montana are the only two girls who have not kissed me back under the mistletoe (I held up to them by name) - if I didn't like you so much I would'nt be bothered so I am going to try again

    holds up mistletoe to anne + montana..............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Luv to u2 deanoo

  18. @RapidEddie - Worst article of the year: So many to choose from, so many of them written by the same couple, dinner party guests of the Seatons, but this one is a classic of its kind, suggesting as it does that protest is for the educated elite alone, our sort of people.


    Of the more serious articles, every one by a NULab drone has been redeemed by the responses, although this one was probably beyond redemption


  19. You still around btw, Jay? Jessica has just confessed to an e-crush...

    E-crushes are great. The only downside is when you can't stop moving your jaw the following day. BB will know...


  20. Hmm. Nearly two hours since anyone's been around. Has everyone gone off to Christmas-related functions?

    I should have added my commiserations for Anne's daughter and congratulations to Andy last night. Guess my brain wasn't fully engaged at the time. I'm not half as self-absorbed as I sometimes make myself appear to be.

    And Deano:


    If anyone is still around: Have a wonderful Christmas. I'll be here and bored, if anyone wants to keep me company.

  21. Hi Montana!


    I'm dipping in & out of the UT today, as my invites to Islington's festive do's have been thin on the ground this year. And my kids are busy getting a tad drunk, I hope.

  22. @RapidEddie

    That bloody Tanya Gold 'Christmas shopping in Harrods' has got to be a contender for worst article. It pissed me off on a personal level, as well as being absolutely dire.

  23. Hi folks

    Just sat down for the first time all day, really. Only the sprouts and the dinner table to do. No cooking tonight - fish and chips from t'chippy. Everything wrapped up and under the tree. Hubby can stick the stuffing I prepped up the turkey's bum, though, cos I hate that bit.

    As soon as I finish I will be pouring myself a very large vodka and coke.

    Looking forward to that. Slainte Mhath.

  24. Montana

    Lovely picture of the Hagia Sophia - which i just happened to amble past this morning.

    Hotel staff have erected a Christmas tree and a small Santa Claus playing a violin over the entrance, So we are surprisingly festive.


    My daughter tells me there's about 5 inches of snow in Sheffield...I hope it's still there when I get back.

    Merry Christmas to all...

  25. MsC - is it a recent one? Can't remember that one, but I'll certainly add it to the list. Hang on, just found it via Google.


    I notice, at the base of the article, the following: "This article was amended on 10 December 2009. A reference to cot death was removed."

    Baby Jesus? Cot death? Classy.

  26. RapidEddie

    I made a formal complaint about the cot death line in the Gold article - as I said, it's very personal. I did get an apology from the Guardian and the line was removed, so I assume there were other complaints. Wasn't too happy with the human trafficking 'joke' either, btw.

  27. Hi sheff

    Lots of snow round my way!

    Wonder what you'll have for Christmas lunch tomorrow?

  28. I'm still flitting between this thread and the "those you love to hate" blog on Cif, montana.

    And I've still got to wrap presents, slaughter, strip and dress the turkey, iron the aprons, buy off the forensic guys from DEFRA (Turkey Watch), give the hamster a makeover, garnish the parsnips and carrots with olive oil and rosemary to Rudolph's satisfaction...

    ...Breaking news: the turkey overreached himself dancing to Agadoo on the frozen patio. The good news is that he no longer needs to be slaughtered, the bad news is that some defrosting might now be required...

  29. Great song to open with Montana, and bonus points for it not having anything to do with Christmas.

    I’m in the middle of a mammoth tidying and cleaning session, trying to make my flat reasonably presentable for when my girlfriend comes round for Xmas Dinner tomorrow. I have finally revealed the original surface of my cooker top, which hasn’t seen the light of day for a while…

    Thanks again to those who’ve given their congratulations on my move to Cornwall. Even BTH/Job has joined in - must be the well-known result of Xmas causing an break in hostilities and games of football breaking out in no-man’s (sic) land…

    The rain in London has washed away pretty much all the snow by now - no chance of a white Xmas here.

    But if we must have a Xmas song, it had better be this one:

    Best Ever Xmas Song, Bar None

  30. I'll drink to that particular Xmas song, andy, & the one from Montana too.

  31. hank

    You'll need a drink before you start doing all that stuff, mate. Hope you remembered to get the lard.

  32. Deano - sorry bit out of practice!

  33. Oh, how lovely to see everyone.

    I never saw the Gold thing and I'm not sure I dare look at it now, even with the cot death line removed. She truly is a vile human being and I stopped reading her a long time ago.

    I've linked to this before, but this is one of my favourite Christmas songs.

  34. MsChin

    "You'll need a drink..."

    Waaaay ahead of you there!

    I know that some of us on here don't approve...



    ...it's better to be a smart-arsed alcoholic than an anally-retentive paedophile.

    And I realise that that was neither intelligent nor witty, but who gives a fuck? I'm not Peter fuckin Ustinov after all. The guy's more to be pited than to be despised. So..

    ...Happy Christmas, BTH.

    I don't hate you. I think that the time you spend on here and over at Cif reflects your loneliness.

    You're probably not an evil person, you're just desperate for company, and if you can't get company you opt for the second best thing, in your eyes, which is internet attention, good or bad.

    You posted something on here today to andy which was fairly emollient, and the effect was to make me feel sorry for you. You were clearly trying to ingratiate yourself with posters on here...

    I felt sad that you needed to do that, but if you are trying to ingratiate yourself with us....I said the other day that we're quite tolerant and forgiving, you'd have to make a few apologies to certain people, but even so..

    ...it really is over to you, BTH. I'm sure you'd spark off a few interesting debates here if you made the apologies and lost the egotism.

  35. Andy agree totally about Fairytale of new York! Its actually the only Christmas song I like at all the rest are just viral you hear them repeatedly in the shops and they drive me nuts!

    That one makes me smile - particularly apt for daughter and bf this year - wonderful selection of insults!

    No time like Christmas for a really good row!

  36. Hi All--Merry Christmas and best of the season to everyone.

    Have not removed the cork as yet, but it won't be long. Here's looking up your old address,(Marx, I think. Groucho, not the joyless one.) and cheers.

  37. Not heard 'Rebel Jesus' before thanks Montanna thats a really good song.

  38. Brandy and coke, not vodka.

    My boy is in bed - he hardly slept last night then walked two miles to his friend's this afternoon and I think it has all been too much for him!

    The temporary son is talking to his GF on msn, no doubt. Young love. Awwww...

    Was rather touching yesterday - got a call from his father who said that he had offered for him to spend Christmas with him and his gf, but the lad had decided that he would be happy to see him in the morning, but wanted his lunch here with us!

    Raising my glass to you all - yes even you Bitey. Wishing each and every one of you a happy happy Christmas. xxx

  39. "No time like Christmas for a really good row!"

    Yep, that's what I most love about Xmas too, anne (-;

    This is a great clip from a wonderful film...


    And I'm just getting warmed up for the family rows over the next few days...

  40. No rowing here allowed on Christmas Day.

    My Mum could be an absolute shrew at times, with a clip round the ear as soon as look at her if she was in a bad mood, but the golden rule was no arguing on Christmas Day, ever!

    So we try and keep to that rule, even if the lad is being a right little eejit - no raised voices, all sweetness and light no matter what.


  41. A&M - thank you beautiful ladies my Christmas would have been incomplete without a kiss from yous.

    My lovely and much loved sometime once gave me the compliment of my life - she said I kissed like Jesus. I thought it was down to her she was/is a very fine kisser as you both are too.

    The only problem with all this kissing is - if you have an imagination like mine but it is coupled with my memory.............Oh fuck now I can't recall if I have posted a kiss for Sheff ................I do recall kissing her in my mind ................ I distinctly recall...................... we lost our balance and fell to the ground ..............( where I had placed me coat on the offchance)

    My lovely Sheff - just in case my memory can no longer match my imagine .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx god I thought suspenders were out of fashion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i'm glad they are not xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Andy I'm really looking forward to calling in to see you when I do the next stage of the great SW footpath. I only have two ambitions in life - to complete, in both directions, the walking of the SW footpath and to see the Norhern Lights.

    I look forward to our meeting in due course and you can be sure that since you be unpaid the beers, all the many of them, will be on me.

  42. "yes even you Bitey..."

    Floor's open, BB, for anyone who wants to make amends. Bitey, Bru, Bush, Blair, Brown, Botkiz, Bruce Foxton, Bloody Thatcher.

    Blimey, we all thought the world was a complex place and politics was really difficult. Turns out that all we needed to do was ignore all the B's. Especially as the only good B just turned out this shit...




  43. OI!

    And me aswell!

    Although I am really not a B at all but a J :o)

  44. I'm avoiding family rows by avoiding family. Sprog will go. I'm staying home to do laundry & get some other housework done.

    Hank, I think you mixed up the link. It's a good song, though. And I'll echo your comment to BTH. Honestly, BTH. If you'd just stop trying to point out what evil fuckers we all are, you might find that we're half decent human beings. And I'm sure that everyone here would be happy to forget about the past.

  45. That's not completely true I have a third ambition, but I'll tell you about that in the new year.

  46. Deano, you are incorrigible. Hugz xx

  47. Well said, Montana.

    Will you also echo my point about the world being far nicer if we oould just get rid of all the B's? BB's post in which she claims to be a J rather than a B seems to add grit to the water, y'all....

  48. Montana

    #No to housework on Christmas Day#

    Have a bloody day to yourself just for once, woman! Hot bath with lots of lovely bubbles, a box of chocs in front of the best movie on telly. Put your feet up!

    I remember my ex-mother in law explaining to me why she hardly did any housework. She had always lived with her mother, even after her marriage as she was an only child and her mum had a house big enough for her and the grandkids too. Shortly after her mum died, she was doing the dusting and realised that she was probably moving about the same dust that her mother had spent years moving about.

    Treat yourself! Have a "Montana" day. If anyone deserves to be selfish for at least one day of the year, it has to be you, hon. I intend to be as lazy as f00k. :o)

  49. And I'm sure that everyone here would be happy to forget about the past."....

    If that is what me lady says then that is what me lady says. I'll do anything to get in her pants. But you had better be civil you bastard. If you bring MAM here I can not promise not to lead the lynching

  50. HENRY ROLLINS HAD/HAS A TV SHOW???? Wasn't there something in Revelations about that?

  51. @BB - "If anyone deserves to be selfish for at least one day of the year, it has to be Hank Scorpio, the poor put-upon exploited sap. He really needs to spend more time reading Betty Friedan and less time thinking that helping Penelope Cruz buy her lingerie is a worthwhile job..."

  52. I'm sorry about that Montana - I got some grit in me eye and I thought I read that you don't wear any....

  53. Hmm. Hank, think for a minute about my other name. Now. Are all the Bs bad or do you want to revise your list of acceptable Bs?

    BB, who is really a J: the point of doing the housework tomorrow is that I know it will be quiet to the point of deadness here and I want to keep myself busy so that I'm not tempted to start forgetting how much of a bitch my mother is and how uncomfortable the fake bonhomie is at our family gatherings and start feeling sorry for myself.

  54. anne:

    Glad you liked the song. I’m generally not a fan of Xmas tunes, but that one is a great song in its own right.


    Looks like you cracked open the booze a little early tonight - your links have gone to shit. First the mistake Montana’s already pointed out, now typing satan for santa, unless, wait, was that a bit of deliberate wordplay ;-)


    I’m not altogether sure about some of your comments today, but if you do make it down my way, I hope you will look in (that goes for anyone else BTW). And I’ll certainly let you buy the first beer, since you insist.

    And I’ll echo Hank, BB and Montana in extending the hand of friendship to BTH (hoping he doesn’t bite it off, of course). No one is irredeemable, and the fact that the two people who you’ve most offended are prepared to put it behind them says a great deal not just about them as individuals, but about the true nature of the Untrusted.

    Hope you’re able to respond in the right way…

  55. Here's a good song about Santahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkl5qIi30yw

    Oh. Wait...


    Montana - on the other hand you could give your mum the metaphorical finger by having an absolutely fantastic day enjoying yourself on your own? Just a thought...

  56. Montana:


    Well, I can remember when he had a TV PARTY

  57. @andy - how early is too early? My links have gone to shit?! In what way, mrsays?

    @montana - Your other name? Miss Krabapple?

    You two are scaring me now, using real names over here. How is it that gonna help when Mr Job is prowling?

    "Here comes another long winter of long shadows and hiiigh hopes..."


    Second airing to the day. Still, who gives a shit, it's a good song.

  58. I can't be arsed to dig it our but if anybody recalls me copying greencustardflinger's masterpiece here on UT way back........that's the finger to give here Montana.

    Have fun friends I'm called to taxi duty. Me lovely daughter and her man need picking up from a station and taking round to my sometimes.

    I/We am looking forward to the morrow when I/We will have all three of our kids together for the first Christmas time since 2006.

    laters all xxxxxxxxxxxx (4ladies only hank and andy)

  59. dig out - give her. Wish I could spell

  60. Bloody hell, Hank - TheThe.

    Here comes another winter of long shadows
    And high hopes
    Here comes another winter of waiting for utopia
    Waiting for hell to freeze over.

    Infected was my favourite album for about 5 years in my 20s. Then the cassette got buggered and I never replaced it.

    I think I ought to buy myself a christmas pressie...

  61. Deano
    Have a fantastic day and big hugz xxxx

  62. Well, there is a 'b' in Krabappel. Although, add BiBuBiBu to your list of Bs to get rid of and I could always change my name before the cull. What the heck -- I'll endorse that proposal, too.

    BB -- I give my mother the metaphorical finger by letting my flat get into the state it's in. One more reason I'm a bad mother.

  63. how early is too early?

    Only you can answer that one, Hank, but maybe you can redeem yourself by redoing your


    link @ 19.07, which was what I was referring to.

    And don’t worry about the use of real names. BTH already knows more about each of us than our medical practitioner, our oldest and closest friend, and our current lover combined.

    But it’s OK; he’s turned over a new leaf now and all our secrets are safe. What happens in Untrusted stays in Untrusted…

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. "What happens in Untrusted stays in Untrusted"

    I could be churlish and say "Only while Bitey is banned"

    But having just called for an amnesty for all banz0rd ciffers with special mention to Bitey and Ultima, it would be rude of me to suggest that he might go back to his old ways...

  66. Hank

    I bloody loved that album! Heartland is an awesome track, though. And when you think that that was 25 years ago or more and people were already staring into the pit of despond.

    Nothing changes much, really.

    "This is the 51st state of the USA" indeed.

  67. Merry Xmas, one and all.

    One for montana (and everybody else, of course).
    Nu er det endelig jul

  68. Oooh, thanks for that, scherfig! I just love Kim Larsen's voice. There are few things more soothing to me than the sound a man speaking/singing Danish.

  69. Back again ... The pigs are now wrapped in their blankets & the stuffing's made, so that's it until tomorrow when I have to throw the rest of the dinner together. Phew!

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. BB:

    I could be churlish

    But you won’t be, because you’re bigger than that :-)


    BB and others may be pissing in the wind in calling for a general amnesty, in the sense that such a thing is never going to happen, but there’s an important point of principle in arguing that no one should be banned, whether we agree with them or not.

    I generally disagreed with BiteTheHand, and with UltimaThule, and with MrPikeBishop, and I more often than not agreed with you, and with Monkeyfish, and with JayReilly, but the point of principle, that no one should be banned, is surely worth stating again and again, even if the powers at CiF aren’t listening.

    Having said that, reading some of that Xmas reconciliation and bonhomie thread did make me feel a little nauseous :-@

    Anyway, I’ll climb down off my soapbox, wish you all a Merry Xmas and bid you goodnight.

  72. And Merry Christmas to all of you from me too!

    I hope you do go back, Hank. You too, Monkeyfish.

    Here's a lovely song for all of you

  73. Compliments of all seasons to all. Will try to come up with an appropriate tune once the wrapping's done and the bubbles have subsided in the glass...

  74. @Martillo, and peterj - Happy Xmas guys!!

    As for going back, jack, and doing it again, would luv ta, martillo...you've got my email...

    Bon nadal, martillo (0;

  75. Merry Xmas everyone!

    See ya later.

  76. OK...Here you go. Stay well-balanced, everyone.

    Peter x

  77. i feliç any nou, Hank!

    I'm still a merengue though...

  78. And I haven't got your mail, Hank. Here's mine: tonyparker@wanadoo.es.

  79. Yeh, there's a reason you haven't got my mail, martillo - you're a merengue....

    Puyol y messi y xavi y iniesta...(-;

    Mine is: hallotommy.live.co.uk

    Happy Christmas, Tone!

  80. Ooops...


    ...just in case olching is popping in too.

    Drop me a line though, martillo, it would be good to meet up.

    Happy Xmas if not, and anyway, mate X

    Olching too x

    And all who sail in the Untrusted!

    Off for a few days, with the folks in the old tax haven...don't approve of it, obviously, but it's great to eat salmon who've never met John West...

    Ha ha, you'd laugh, but the only Santa I ever met had a Liechtenstein accent....

    Anyway, love and kisses to all xxx

  81. Oops, it's Xmas day...




    Gotta to be honest, I'm not a big fan of Xmas, but best wishes to all of you who celebrate it.

    Hugs and kisses to all xxoxx

  82. Always felt far too flippant to comment here. However I've just got back from town and although I may be a little worse for wear I'd like to wish all you extra-special types a very Happy Holidays. I don't understand why other CiFers get annoyed about the fact that you've started your own page over here and try to start some shit with you - you're top. You're all among the best CiFers there are and always manage to make the place worthwhile by being smart, witty and friendly. And even though I no doubt annoy the fuck out of you all with my triviality I'd still like to say Seasons Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to you all. Have a great day!

  83. Welcome JYD it's a fun place here and very easy to fit in.

  84. It's about time you showed up, our canine friend! What took you so long? I think you'll find that we do flippant over here. Drunken (or not) YouTubing is also one of our favourite pastimes, too -- especially on a Friday night.

    Welcome to the shadowy cabal. Or the cool kids' table. Or whatever it is we're supposed to be these days.

  85. Hi JYD--I always read your offerings on the other site and enjoyed them too. Welcome and Best of the season to you.

  86. And Best to you Montana. I enjoy this little cmmunity very much.