07 December 2009

Daily Chat 07/12/09

The Royal Opera House at Covent Garden opened as the Theatre Royal in 1732.  The first production was William Congreve's The Way of the World.  Delaware became the first state to ratify the US Constitution in 1787.  Max Planck discovered the law of black body emissions in 1900.  The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941.  An earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale shook Spitak, Armenia, in 1988, leaving 25,000 dead, 15,000 injured and 400,000 homeless.

Born today:  Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), Willa Cather (1873-1947), Louis Prima (1910-1978), Noam Chomsky (1928), Tom Waits (1949) and John Terry (1980).

It is Dìa de las Velitas in Colombia.


  1. How rude,

    I ask everyone's opinion on Climate change and then I disappear. I came down with a nasty dose of 'Btinternetitis' in which said internet connection goes down for no apparent reason.

    andysays, a great couple of posts regarding Copenhagen. It's the tension between capitalist growth and curbing expansion for the climate's sake that the real issue.

    With the insatiable search for energy supplies, can we honestly trust the world's superpowers to commit to curbing consumption? I doubt it. The US has already shown what it's prepared to do to secure energy supplies (Iraq and Afghanistan), you have enormous Chinese investment in Africa in return for energy supplies and of course Russia is holding a whole lot of energy aces in its poker hand.

    May you live in interesting times as the Chinese curse goes.


    great list of Scotsmen on your list. No list of great Scotsmen is complete without Hume, Jimmy Johnstone or Alasdair Gray.

  2. Love the pic Montana - I've been at darts matches like that!

    We were at the climate change rally in Kelvingrove Park yesterday in the rain - great fun. Mostly oldies.

    A poll today says that two thirds of Scots are worried about climate change. Alas, while between 6 and 8 thousand turned up fior march yesterday hundreds of thousands more were shopping. So it goes.

  3. Morning all (well, not morning for Montana and others, but the sentiment's similar).
    Yup, good list monkeyfish, though to be honest there are loads of folk who could make such a list: the pantheon isn't actually limited to 10. You could add people like John Logie Baird, Allan Wells or maybe Eric Liddell, Alexander Trocchi,John Barber,Alexander Fleming, Mungo Park,Ivor Cutler, Rikki Fulton,Dugald Stewart,Dougie Donnelly...
    By the way did anyone see the (small) Alasdair Gray exhibition late last year in Glasgow at the Glasgow Print Stdio (who were the publishers of his very first book: they're currently exhibiting John Byrne, so that might be worth a visit)? Or you could try the Oran Mor pub/venue solely for the Alasdair Gray frescoes and decor (the pub's a bit chi-chi).
    Any-old-how, thinking of a wee CiF break as today looks like repeated vote NewLab, go on, give 'em yet another bloody chance to line their pockets, stamp on civil liberties and be utterly incompetent columns from the like sof Jackie Ashley etc. I don't have the patience or will to plogh through the same old commenst, same old NewLab defenders like lightning3,salmonberry etc. Perhaps the ATL pieces will pick up, but I'm not convinced:cheaper and easier to recycle shite that will attract comments.

  4. Agreed, Alisdair - all this talk of 'lurching' on two of the threads I've read this morning just makes me think of a bunch of drunks staggering from lamppost to lamppost as they try to navigate their way home...

    Nowt wrong with that as a life choice, but would rather they weren't running things; neither of them. But whither an alternative? What strikes me as a bit weird is that 'the right' (don't write in, this is the best I can do - out of coffee) can retain some sense of cohesion even when splitting (Tory / UKIP) whereas 'the left' does seem unable to stop at a single split and regroup, but keeps hacking away until there are dozens of tiny 'new hope' parties that just don't stand a chance.

    It seems like a difference between positive and negative approaches to political alignment - UKIP had a positive (however much I disagree with it) reason for forming, and still retains an identification with its parent party - on the left, the reasoning seems much more negative, so that any difference on anything is a reason for another split, and engenders if anything a more bitter hatred for the parent than for 'the other side'.

    People's Front of Judea, as raised yesterday.

    Just depressing, really. Makes me want to get thauma to shake her finger at them and bang some heads together...

  5. Alisdair,

    The New Labour line the Graun ATLers follow is as predictable as it is inconsequential.

    Labour is as dead as a dodo, it has ceased to be and will be voted out next year without a scintilla of doubt.

    What the analysis should be doing it analysing where it went wrong, (Jesus, where do you start and finish with that?) how can a social democratic alternative be rebuilt etc etc. What we get instead is ''If Brown does this'', ''If Labour does that'', ''The election could be won'' blah, blah, blah. It's a joke.

    On top of that, Ashley's article on Scottish politics was so spectacularly misinformed and patronising it was wearing a CU Jimmy hat, riding on top of the loch ness monster.

  6. Growl.

    In a fit of responsibility, have just registered with the civil service jobs site to get alerts...

    Don't want to get a job.



  7. 'Morning all,
    May have mentioned being a hack painter.
    When I was made redundant in the 80s I made a few bob painting portraits, cartooning, Christmas cards etc. I ended up specialising in woodland scenes at which I achieved a certain level of competence.
    Recently I decided to use the blog facility on here to make a few notes on technique as the head head isn't what it used to be.
    This has expanded into a sort of primitive painting course which I have called 'Paintalongastoat' (oh God)
    I don't expect much of a response but will gladly answer any queries over there.

  8. Nice one, colin, will pop over and see if you have anything to say on my inability to capture depth of field...

  9. "We have now reached the stage known as, 'Fiddling about with it till it looks right'"

    heh heh

    or in my case, screwing it up, painting over it in a huff, and then referring to it as an 'abstract, implying the scene without depicting it'

  10. Phillipa,
    Nice of you to take a look.
    I've done a lot of painting over in a huff!
    I am going to keep up with this and am working on a bluebell scene for the next one.
    Speaking of abstract painting, have you tried painting a Mondrian? strangely satisfying and they always look better than his.

  11. Wow stoaty, you're actually good at something!

  12. colin - I have been known to rip off rothko when in a bad mood, I must admit! Quite like playing around with geometric shapes, taking the colours of a scene from nature and putting them into a more formalised sett...eugh, have come over dreadfully pretentious there, innit?

    mind you, next project is lichfield cathedral for the godparents, so will be following your advice with interest. bleah, trees. can do buildings. not so good with trees.

  13. MF


    OK so what's the punishment? Some lines maybe?

    How about I give you 1000 words on why liberal idiots have destroyed any chance of an effective barrier to the Tory nightmare we're sitting around and dreading?

    Good idea, and post it on UT2!

  14. Phillipa,
    Just posted something on greens. Might be handy.

    Too kind.

  15. great stuff - do love viridian, took me ages to work out which of the french-labelled paints available to me was the right one...

  16. Anybody notice that BTH/Dolphintorn seems to have posted here on 6/12 under the name Job? One post is still there, but the other lengthier post, which is presumably what he posted on WDYWTTA, has vanished without trace. We all know that he's a fuckwit, but who'd have thought he was so utterly dim? Oh, everybody except me? Fair enough.

  17. Oh the Ashley piece was awful - for profound misunderstanding of Scotland go to either an English liberal or an American conservative.

    Alisdair/Your Grace there;s a wee remainder outlet in Byres Road has LOADS of new copies of Alasdair's old books for sale very cheap - good presents.

  18. Apparently so, Philippa. He has reappeared as dolphintorn to whinge about it and has now been zapped again. This must be really winding him up. Perhaps he should get some tips from the prolific monkeyfish on how to survive on Cif for more than 10 minutes. :o)

  19. scherf - was wondering whether that was him or someone ripping him - quite frankly was too amused by the intejections of selfmademan to read too closely.

  20. Stoaty

    "too kind"

    Would you rather I commented on your amphibian antics again? Because that could be arranged....

    How's your close personal pal taking his spell in the cooler?

  21. Oh,an interesting thread, I'd say. The paper doesn't come out smelling of roses...

  22. Very nice paintings Stoat, if i had talent beyond stick men i would seriously consider "paintingalongwithstoat", good blog, and impressive pics. Well done that Stoat.

  23. Has anyone ever had any success returning something to Amazon? I am seriously nearly about to explode! Still not even had an initial reply to my query about the broken netbook - this has been going on for weeks! Keep getting told will get a reply tomorrow or by a certain date and then nothing. And dealing with their call center is driving me to possibly end up as one of those 'Mr Angry' recordings.

  24. "Has anyone ever had any success returning something to Amazon?"

    Yes, i've always found them an absolute pleasure to be honest, no quibbles at all.

    You could always try - send them an email saying unless they respond/resolve this within X amount of days you will phone your card provider and take the payment back, which im pretty sure you can do. We have issues where i work with customers doing that.

  25. Alisdair - cosy networks undermining Graun objectivity - they are, typically, very late to the story, it has been a constant source of humour/outrage BTL for a very long time.

    How else would that snivelling shit MacShane ever get an article?

  26. Chap on the radio on banking claims that many bankers feel that they are "personally under attack from HMRC". Hank, if you're listening, any thoughts? If you're free, that is - if you're currently besieging a banker with a ballista and some burning oil, do carry on...

    Just bewilders me how bankers not wanting to pay more tax and feeling hard done by is seen as more relevant to public policy than how pissed off everyone else is. They'll go to Switzerland! comes the cry. Well, there's a lot of people who'd love to relocate and find a nice job and a low tax rate there to welcome them, but they can't bloody afford it and don't work in the right sector. Only the rich can make the threat, so only their angst is accommodated?

    Previous chap from Grant Thornton's rationale for paying bankers a lot was that they perform a valuable function - when pressed for an example, came up with 'mortgages' and instant access savings accounts.

    Still not wholly clear why a credit union / building society couldn't do the same...

  27. Philippa - and furthermore, what makes them think Switzerland wants them? What, the same ones who tanked our economy?

  28. Dot,
    I must go and comfort the poor fellow.

  29. Stoaty,

    Don't forget to put the file into the cake before baking it..........

  30. Pluck is eating its own young again today.

  31. Anyone else struggled with the Milbank article?

  32. Princesschipchops
    Sympathies. I've had some painful dealings with them. I had a marketplace seller dick me through false advertising. Took me over six months to sort it out; they just kept blaming each other and I had to get them to communicate. Never the same person to talk to twice. All the failings you'd expect of a big company.
    And the reasons they allow you to give in their drop-down lists never include "Amazon totally fucked up".

  33. Fencewalker - That sounds like a real nightmare. It is driving me mad. I get really tired sat up at the PC (and it keeps breaking and just switches off - my uncle made it years ago) so my netbook was a lifeline for me.
    Jay - I will try that tip. I have been promised now by a call center bod that they will get back to me personally by tomorrow. I never actually do do a Mr. Angry - I worked in a call center and spent 8 months having people swearing and shouting at me so I know it is not their fault. But god it is so frustrating!

    Philippa - I cannot catch my breath at the arrogance of the bankers. They keep appearing on threads to do with taxing bankers or paying them less and the hubris is still as strong as it ever was!

    I tried to argue with one guy about all the mistakes they made (if not the downright fraud) that led to this crash but you get no answer on that. Or they argue that it was 'normal' bankers that messed up by selling dodgy mortgages, whereas the investment guys are the ones who make the big money and the ones who the city - and the country - needs! It is sickening.

  34. thauma - I'd say I'm struggling with it, but it would perhaps be better to say that I am primitively struggling in a hybrid-confused subjectiveness.

  35. By goodness that Milbank piece is bad. Delberately obscure terminology to mask rather an unpleasant messge(all you little women, get back to marriage and the kitchen, with trips to church for your fun).

  36. Dear Miss Burnout (if you are reading)

    It would appear that it slipped your mind that we were to meet at 12.30 today under the clock of Waterloo Station so that I could take you for lunch at my club.

    Having waited for over an hour in the cold I was devastated that you did not appear (unless you were the charming Community Support Officer who told me to stop pestering young ladies). Never mind, it is probably all for the best. To be honest, after a weekend ministering to Mrs Selfmade's slipped disc I'm feeling none to chipper - she was prescribed some unction by the doctor on friday, and that in itself has put me off my morning egg - and I would not have wanted our 'date' to suffer due to any lack of sparkle on my part.

    Anyway, to other matters. I notice that there are some keen art lovers writing letter here. I dabble myself (not just in sculpture) and seem to have passed on my talents to the next generation. Miss selfmade's work, when she was no more than 3 years old, was compared favourably with that of modern artists, whilst Master selfmade is an artiste in more ways than one.

    There is much more to be said on that subject, but I cannot linger since I was foolish enough to engage the services of a stump grinder this afternoon (nothing to worry about, it is just that my regular podiatrist lacks sufficently heavy-duty equipment). As you know, we have master selfmade staying with us temporarily and I think it best if I answer the door before he gets down there in an attempt to ingratiate himself.


  37. Here's one for the archives, boys and girls:

    Or are you saying that people within marriage are more faithful to each other than unmarried partners, because I think it's quite the opposite in many cases. Marriage puts a legal shackle on the relationship such that the philandering partner has a far greater leverage over the immediate desire or her ir his partner to end the relationship. The addition of children reinforces this aspect of the relationship even more. In time being unfaithful and apologising becomes almost as common as forgetting the family members' birthdays. - Bitey

    Sounds like a personal story to me.

  38. Perhaps a severe case of the old 'Larkins' there, thauma:

    They fuck you up, your mum and dad.

  39. thauma
    "Good idea, and post it on UT2!"
    Nasty, very nasty punishment. If Monkeyfish is as lazy as I am, he'll be thinking "oh, merde!"

  40. princesschipchops
    "Has anyone ever had any success returning something to Amazon?"
    "phone your card provider and take the payment back"

    And that's what it's all about... (speaking as someone who works in the internet as a business field.) Withold payment. Best way. You just have to know how to do the hokey cokey.

    As a side tip - paypal nearly always side with the buyer.

  41. Hell that was a fast ban - perhaps BTH is shagging Rusbridger after all

    bilethehand was created and posted four times (innocuous silly stuff) and then was banned all within the hour!

  42. Whilst I'm logged in, fingers crossed for PCC. Don't let the bastards grind you down girl.

    @ Selfmade! MsBB is spoken for.

  43. BB, have you noticed you've made BTHs personal profile?!?!?

  44. I noticed it Dott.

    Found it offensive myself and had intended a response via bilethehand but was taken out before I could link to it!

  45. He's taken a new Avatar and removed the offending reference to BB!

  46. Hm, that was quick - it was still there a few minutes ago!

  47. Nope, it's still there (in his profile).

  48. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. A change of heart he has reposted the reference thus:

    "I really cannot understand how your revolting sniping has been tolerated so long on these pages. I can only imagine that it is because you are either related to or servicing a member of staff."

    Mrs Burnout"

    Wow fame at last BB a reference in BTH's profile!

    night all.

  51. Would anyone like to take him to task for using the patriarchal term "Mrs"??

  52. I was thinking that, Dot!
    What did it say before? Or is too nasty.

  53. Hey Mr. Stoat they are good pics. I am very jealous of those with artistic tendencies as I cannot draw for toffee. It must be so relaxing and rewarding to be able to paint well.

    Thanks Brian:) HeyHabib and Jay - can I take the payment back four months after making it? I bought it in August.

    And to top it all off one of the dogs has to go for an investigative op on Wednesday - it never rains....

    I think I will check out the Milband thread - just to up the blood pressure a bit!

  54. I see that the much maligned Imogen is doing something called a 'scratch night' in Islington tomorrow, and would like everyone to pop along. So please do so if you can.
    (Obviously, I'd be there myself were it not for prior commitments and the fact that the flight alone would cost me £650.)

  55. Have to confess when it was first mentioned, I though eek, Milibandi!, and then tried to remember which party is now in Millbank Tower.

    That features in my favourite painting of mine, actually - bought, not painted - it's a skyscape over London with a building just poking in at the bottom. She did it for me special as the one I originally liked had been sold. And she picked Millbank! Took me a while to work out that was the building, but yup.

  56. PCC - i tihnk you have up to 6 months.

  57. Anyone pick up a Standard on the way home tonight? Goodness me.

    Angela Knight (fucking awful creature) - anyway, plans to target bankers bonuses she suspects might be in breach of their "human rights", i shit you not, and she goes further - its "discrimination", because it only targets earnings over X amount for people who work in banks, not others who earn the same amount. Yes, Angela, thats right, because no other industry has been bailed out with a trillion pounds of public money.

    This "discrimination" bullshit is a nightmare, there seems to have been a collective amnesia about where the term came from. It wasnt discrimination per se that was wrong, it was certain types of baseless and bigoted discrimination. Now you have cretins saying its "discrimination" to want someone older than an 18 year old as your prime minister (row on CIF), its discrimination to target bankers, its discrimination to turn down a 64 year old for a job as a nightclub rep, its discrimination not to let 16 year olds vote (why not 12 year olds?)and so on. Like some other isms, its going to fast lose its meaning.

  58. JayReilly
    I've been thinking about the rather splendid Bonfire of the Vanities today*. When you look at it, there's plenty of that identity bollocks going on there, misdirecting public anger and unity, and in a way it epitomises how identity politics have allowed unfettered capitalism to thrive for so long... and now we in the UK have *really* bought the American model in the last ten years haven't we ? *Shame de Palma runied it in the movies BTW.

  59. Aaaaah, Angela Knight,

    head of the British Bankers Association which relies on funds levied on UK Banks.

    The biggest contributors to the BBA are the nationalised banks. So in essence she is now nationalised, to keep lecturing us to stop being so beastly to the Banks and to leave them alone. ''They've done a brilliant job which is why my job is now a Public servant.''

    You really couldn't make it up could you?

    She's an ex Tory MP don't you know.....

  60. Evening all

    Not about much tonight. God lurg again - throat and chest, voice all but gone. Exhausted after a shite day and lolling pathetically on sofa.

    Not surprised BTH got pre-modded, given that on the Ciffies thread alone he had over a dozen comment modded into oblivion in the space of 24 hrs if my memory serves. You gotta go some to do that, really.

    I am not up to much this evening so I shall be dipping in and out. x

  61. There's another corporate incubus, the Chairman of Taxpayers Alliance, on CiF just now splattering his fetid bank sponsored dysentry all over the place. You can't tax them you know.

    Here's a little about them:

    ''In 2006, the TPA won the ConservativeHome One to Watch award and in 2007, William Hague presented Elliott with the Conservative Way Forward's One of Us award.''

    Is anyone else rapidly coming to the conclusion that only a violent revolution is going to rid us of these parasites, both political and business?

  62. I havent actually read that, tho i really ought to. Regardless of the goings on of identity politics as we know it in Britain, there is another fact that is a good indication of a movements worth, or lackof, and here it is that this extreme brand of identity banditry is largely the preserve of the US and UK, probably the two most repugnant, amoral, nihilistic little greed holes in the world.

    And they are related. When you convince people that radicalism and justice are really about routing out racism and misogyny, and disabledogyny or whatever the bloody word is, heightism, ageism and all the rest of the wank, then of course you keep your left, your right thinking good people busy obssessing over that while you quietly strip the state to a minimum and turn the country into a business park, UK PLC.

    For young people today it seems "radicalness" and political awareness are marked by how readily you can take offence on behalf of other people and how sharp your eye is for even the faintest subtext of an ism.

  63. "Is anyone else rapidly coming to the conclusion that only a violent revolution is going to rid us of these parasites, both political and business?"

    Yes, since about 6 months ago. Sadly i know it will never happen in this country. So i feel largely resigned to a lifetime of this filth, or emmigrate.

  64. JayReilly
    Yep. All that's true. If I was Noam Chomsky I'd have called it "Manufacturing Consent Two"... I need to dig out that video again.

    Bonfire's a fun read, hardly deep, but I enjoyed its "NY commentary" immensly in 1989.

  65. Fucking O2. Just rang me brother in Brussels. Seventeen quid for eleven minutes ???


    Show them the fucking pigs Jay.

  66. Bitterweed, you should download Skype. It's either totally free (Skype to Skype) or about 2 pence a minute to any phone in Europe. (And that £17 would have bought you a pair of headphones if you need them.)

  67. Another alternative, BW, is TalkTalk. For around 20 squid per month, I have a landline, broadband, unlimited free calls to any 01 or 02 number, and free calls for up to 70 minutes to many other countries (and you can hang up at 69 minutes and dial again).

    Skype may well be better for you though, if you don't make a lot of international calls.

  68. Is Skype short for Skypixie? Can you download one now...I'll have that elephant with the 4 arms.

    "Who was that on the phone?"

    "Fuckin God again..cunt always rings when I'm in the bath"

    That's cos he knows you're in the bath...and that you just called him a cunt...think very carefully about this BW.

  69. Had this plea through from Gaza - thought it might interest you stoaty.

    Young artists are having a terrible time in Gaza - they lack all the materials they need to work. We have been asked to help out by buying a calendar - see attached links

    To know more about the artists please visit elitqa

    To help us with our effort to support young artists in Gaza please visit the following link and buy a copy of the calendar

  70. Thanks 'fish. Went for Yodafone in the end.


  71. I've decided to start a Bankers christmas song competition.

    Here's mine, a beautiful little ditty written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure. Dig deep everyone, I know you already have but it's for a good cause:

    Ladies and Gents, I give you:

    Feed the Banks by Bank Aid

    It’s bonus time, there’s no need to be afraid,
    At bonus time, we let in greed and we banish the less paid,
    And in our world of the plenty, we keep our wealth with joy,
    Put your arms around the Banks at Christmas time.

    Got to say a prayer, a prayer for the other bums,
    At Bonus time, it’s hard but when you’re having fun,
    There’s a world outside your office window, and it’s world of dread and the sack,
    Where the only money flowing is the sting of public tax

    And there won’t pay tax at RBS this christmas time (whooah, whoah)
    The greatest gift they’ve got this year is us,
    Where the economy never grows, no tax or assets flow,

    Do they know it’s christmas time at all?

    Feed the Banks,
    Let them know it’s bonus time
    Feed the Banks
    Let them know it’s bonus time

  72. watch BB1 now!!!!!

    Show em the pigs!!!!

  73. Haha, just scrolled up and saw BW had invoked the legendary pigs himself.

  74. The economic forecast is frightful,
    but the bailout is so delightful,
    As long as the money never slows,
    let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

    Well it shows no sign of stopping,
    And I got champagne for popping,
    Public anger's turned way down low,
    let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

    When we finally say goodnight
    How I'll hate to go out in the financial storm,
    but if public tax really keeps us right,
    All the way to the Bank I'll be warm

    Britain is slowly dying,
    And my dear we're still vampriring,
    But as long as the money stays on the go,
    let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

    Sorry all, talk amongst yourselves, I'm thoroughly enjoying myself here.

  75. My Bod, have just made a second full-frontal attack on yesterday's duck, but there is still a full meal left. Am disappointed in myself as I can generally polish one off in two sittings. Suspect this one larger than the average.


  76. Song for those of us who keep fucking up

    Nice vid, actually - the artistic amongst us might enjoy it.

    Interestingly, have tried to find Neil Young's "Why Do I Keep Fucking Up" as a counterpoint, but YouTube dinnae find it.

  77. thaumaturge
    Twenty years ago Neil Young's "Why Do I Keep Fucking Up" was my personal anthem.

    Meanwhile, I just watched the Bicycle Thieves for the first time ever... beautiful film !


  78. Aha - bad search criteria - have results, searching for a listenable one.

    BW - well, yeah, I know exactly what you mean.

  79. Hm. I think this video of Wild Horses raises a lot of questions about a) how different we are from other mammalian species, and b) whether the differences we do have are better.

  80. 13thDuke - I love those songs. Especially 'let it flow'! Genius and kinda made my night. Well off to bed now - just checking in to see if heard from Amazon and nope nothing yet. Nite all - tomorrow is another day and all that.

  81. princesschipchops, after that length of time, you may not get your money back from a credit card company, but Amazon and certainly paypal take a very dim view on "bad sales". Plug away, it's worth it in your case.

    For anyone else, if you've purchased something worth less than fifty pounds, from an internet site and you want your money back, give it up - you may eventually make a point and get your money back, but you will have wasted hours and hours of your life.

  82. Good music, thauma.
    Here's a Neil Young cover (no visuals, but good audio.)

  83. Welcome to radioHabib.
    (because nobody else is around)

    Montana, tell me if this gets irksome, or even just faintly annoying.

    First song goes out to the other halves who have to endure artistic types.

  84. And here's Duffy on her way to that final goodbye meeting.

  85. Of course, if you live in Chicago and you're a man, things can get scarey in that final goodbye.

  86. But come on, you get through it somehow, at least until your ex-other half turns up at your place to pick up something left behind and all you can hear is Elvis Costello

  87. Welcome back to radioHabib, sponsored by EGOTRIP, for all your shallow needs (tri-state area only, conditions apply.)

  88. So maybe you're feeling down right now, well, what the hell - go and do what Leonard Cohen did.

  89. And now you've built up a bit of confidence, it's time for mambo number five.

  90. And that's it from me. Here's to a time when you're with the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

    Have a good day and thanks for listening.

  91. Oh, pooh. I wish I'd been here for this. I'll have to give a listen tomorrow night -- I'm desperately trying to get to bed before midnight tonight. If the weather forecast is correct, we may have a snow day tomorrow. 'Sposed to get anywhere from 7"-12". We've got one or two now and it's coming down again. Fingers crossed.