01 December 2009

Daily Chat 01/12/09

John, 8th Duke of Braganza, was declared King of Portugal in 1640, putting an end to the Iberian Union.  Rosa Parks, a 42 year-old seamstress, refused to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, bus.  She was charged with violating Montgomery's segregation laws.  Channel Tunnel workers from the UK and France met 40m beneath the seabed in 1990.

Born today:  Marie Tussaud (1761-1850), Lou Rawls (1933-2006), Gilbert O'Sullivan (1946) and Julee Cruise (1956).

It is Military Abolition Day in Costa Rica.


  1. Philippa: Graham Crowden played Tom in Waiting for God. I think that Are You Being Served and As Time Goes By are probably the only two British sitcoms that have been more popular here (in Iowa, at least). Don't ask me why.

  2. Happy December all!

    (white rabbits white rabbits)

  3. Rosa Parks was beautiful and so dignified -


    Josephine Baker (wearing her French uniform and medals) was the only woman allowed to speak on the platform after the Washington march, and 'twas she who introduced Rosa Parks and other ‘Negro Women Fighters for Freedom’ to the crowd - also there were our Earth Kitt and Lena Horne.

    The acceptance of such racism in the US pre-1963 was quite startling (Larkin was absolutely right about 1963, the world changed). Both Jim Kelman and Kingsley Amis (now there's an odd couple) wrote of their helpless fury at the way segregation was normal to American whites.

  4. Happy December all!

    Anyone got any mince pie making tips? (Making the pasty from scratch, but the mince is coming out of a jar I'm afraid...)

  5. Delia's only cost 9p to make but she uses bloody lard. Harriot's is fussy but much nicer


    I think there's a Clarissa Dickson Wright recipe somewhere but she probably uses both beef and pork fat for the pastry and rabbit for the mince, thus excluding veggies, Hindus, Jews, Muslims and bunnyhuggers,

  6. Dot - all-butter best, remember to 'rest' it in the fridge for a bit to improve elasticity and rolling-out-ability...

    And while a little sprinkle of icing sugar on the top before baking can give a nice 'varnish', don't overdo it or things can get a bit blackened.

    And don't overfill, or there can be seepage.

    My top tip would be to make 'mulled wine' pies instead, as I can't stand mincemeat, but if you're 'one of them', there's very little I can do, suppose...(chuckle)

    Mulled wine pie filling, btw:
    very small pan, very low heat, a glass of red wine, slug of brandy, mulled wine spice sachet of choice - reduce to half
    retire 'wine' back to the glass
    throw away sachet
    soften grated apple/chopped plums/occasional blackcurrant in pan
    re-add 'wine', simmer for a bit
    leave to cool and infuse
    put in pie(s)

  7. Ta both, will be trying out my Mum's recipe first (combination of two marges) but will try butter after that, and if I get really adventurous mulled wine pies!

    Thanks for the tip about the fridge, my Mum said that too! May try the icing sugar before baking, although my Mum's goes on after....

  8. Dot - not everybody does the glaze (and you get roughly the same look with a light egg/milk wash, just if you do, be careful.

    I'm cross because my cheapo oven now only has two heat settings - comfortably warm or volcanic. which means i really struggle to get it to do pastry or cakes, and am never ever going to risk roasting a chicken. once had to spend half an hour scraping the charcoal off brownies, which is time I'm never going to get back...

    the resting thing makes an astonishing amount of difference. ain't science wonderful? tee hee

  9. How do you cope? I could probably live without an oven for savoury stuff (do most of my cooking in pans on the hob) but I'm always using the oven for baking! What temperature is "comfortably warm"? maybe I've got a recipe to suit.........

  10. I'ts supposed to have three settings - 150/GM2, 220/GM7 and 250/GM Etna. But at present it is only managing 'little flame' and 'big flame'.

    Most of my savoury cooking is veggie, but if I ever do fish / mince I make damn sure it's cooked first (fish pie / lasagne). For baking, it's a question of trying to even out the heat over the cooking time - preheating at etna for half an hour before putting the brownies in for ten mins, then down to candlelight - or specifically picking recipes that use gas mark 2. so there was a lot of shortbread at the last party. it is indeed f-ing annoying, but as i have to buy a new washing machine, i can't afford to do anything about it.

    ho hum. i bake vicariously through others...

  11. Do you think a recipe needing 160 would work?

  12. if i turned it up a bit at the end, probably - ooh, whaddaya got?

  13. Fruit cake, but I can't remember the quantities off the top of my head, have to let you know tomorrow...

    Have you tried googling how to fix your oven? Amazing what's on t'internet these days.....

  14. bless you

    fruitcake - another baked good that passes me by, sadly...used to do fruit loaf at GM4 (lighter, fluffier). given that the current situation is the solution to the thing not working at all, i am loath to fiddle with the thing. the chances of me blowing up the flat notwithstanding...

    anyway - french / biblical translation lesson coming up. see you later

  15. Don't use lard. Just don't. Ever.

  16. Don't use lard. Just don't. Ever.

    Except for these recipes, of course.

  17. Don't scherf! I love lardy cake, always buy myself a bit on my birthday, don't want to know how to make it myself, I'd end up the size of a house!

  18. It has become an issue of credibility in my house.

    The other week I made some corned beef hash. When it came to the "fluffing the mash bit" with butter, I could only find lard. So I used lard. It went down like a hedghog...

    Lard = evil.

  19. Bitterweed, lard is good. Lard can be your friend. Embrace it (just not for mashed potatoes).

  20. "Lard is good. Lard is right. Lard works."

    Yeah right, I've seen your type before scherfig...

  21. Open your mind, bitterweed. Why don't you ask Mrs weed for one of these for Xmas?

  22. Dot there is a pro creationist article on Cif today!

    Not sure if I can stand it!

  23. You could easily parse this as a "procreation-ist article", anne. Which would likely have been written by a fucker ;-)

  24. He's being slaughtered actually - the idiots haven't posted yet!

    A case for popcorn I think!

  25. And Bercow's got a piece complaining about public cynicism - yes, Bercow, who's just spent over £45K refurbishing his grace-and-favour residence after his predecessor spent over £700,000 on it!

  26. Anybody see the Blair article? The mystery of Tony Blair's finances

    What's the rationale behind the Guardian launching this 'online competition'? Seems very odd to me. Although perhaps the next competition will be to unravel GMG and the Scott Trust's financial and tax complexities? No, you're right - that would be just silly.

  27. Hm, very interesting, scherfig.

    Like this little titbit:

    They may handle some of the large amounts coming in from Blair's book deal, his six-figure speaking fees, his banking and insurance consultancies, and his pay from Middle Eastern regimes.

    No conflict of interest at all there for the Middle East Peace Envoy, eh?

  28. Yeah, it's all very dodgy, thauma, but what interests me is exactly why the Guardian have kicked this competition off.

    btw the prize is a Steve Bell cartoon - nice enough, I'm sure, but it won't break the bank. These are indeed austere times for an organisation that pays Toynbee £106,00 a year, but can't seem to find the cash to pay a decent amount of tax to HMG.

  29. Indeed, there has been plenty of Blair-worshipping in the past. And I have heard a few rumours about the similarly impenetrable finances of GMG.

    Mind you, if this is what it takes to nail Blair, I'm all for it.

  30. I'd never have pegged Waiting for God as showing in the US; somewhat less likely than the Brittas Empire (if you haven't seen that, MW, think yourself lucky).
    Tbh I don't really think of many British programmes showing in the US.

  31. thauma, I doubt that this could 'nail Blair' in any way. It appears that his financial structures are legal, so it would merely be a matter of slinging mud about his 'morality' or greed. This all pales into insignificance beside the damage his reputation has already suffered because of Iraq, PFI etc etc. The guy's already a pariah.

  32. Has any PM's reputation collapsed as completely as Blair's? I wouldn't say it applied to Eden or any other post-war prime minister; they all have their advocates - but who speaks for Blair now?

  33. Cheers annetan, is it me or does not even the title make sense?!?!?

  34. You cannot cook Hungarian food properly without lard. It won't taste right.

  35. re The weird Tony Blair finances appeal/competition.

    I've just emailed the Guardian to inform them Blair's finances are the wages of sin paid directly into his personal account at the Seventh Circle of Hell Banking Corp, located in the warm, balmy tax haven of Gehenna.

    I'm expecting the Bell Cartoon in the post by the end of the week.

  36. rowr.

    three hour french lesson spent tranlsating a sermon for my father.

    feel like my brain has been removed.

    also, out of weetabix.


  37. Philippa,

    In that case you'll feel right at home over on the creationism thread: some of them have weetabix for brains...............

  38. Oh, I threw my two-euros-worth in on that one earlier. got a recpommedn for a book from eppeist, so thats gone on the christmas list. went back, didn't undersand what was going on, and have just checked out the rutherford thread, think should now lie down...

    may just start yelling random words on the creation thread, though, see if i get any followes...

  39. And, just drafted a long 'Poe' response to unsouthbank's questions but frankly I'm not a patch on some of the 'real' posters out there. And I don't want anybody thinking i'm dumber than I am on this one...[delete]

    was fun to do though.

  40. Sitting here trying to stop myself typing a response to JAnthony about proving the sky isn't green NOT being the same as proving that it's purple......

    Must. not. bang. head. against. brick. wall......

  41. Time to make your nominations for best article this year on CiF dear readers.....

  42. MoralRelativist on the 'rape' thread. I's calling my first "troll!"

    m'I right?

  43. Oh, dear, one of the interviewees on PM is called 'Philippa', so now whenever she's asked a question I think my computer is talking to me...

  44. Your Grace,

    I suggest we have a poll on here and all nominate that one (Montana's recent article perhaps), solely to drive the anti-UT tin foil hat squad nuts..........

  45. Great idea Dotterel,

    I've ahem, 'shot my bolt' already nominating the Tony Blair thread purely on the fact it was the shortest open thread ever on CiF.

  46. I've gone for Brooker v Jan Moir, as while I love the lighter, more personal articles as well as the funnies, that was something rather important to me. As I was failing to articulate anything that didn't involve breaking into my worst ever swearing, that response, that quickly, was so bloody necessary that it's got my vote.

    Dot - just make sure you nominate something by a bloke, that'll keep 'em guessing...

  47. Hehe, that's evil Dot!

    In the past couple of months there have been two reasonable (gasp!) articles on gender issues but I can't remember who they were by.

  48. Evening all

    Mashed potato for brains again. A very silly and inconsequential driving matter turned into a bloody nightmare this afternoon. FFS. Not even anything grave and weighty.

    Need beer. Now.

  49. Good call for beer, BB. I don't know what it's like where anybody else is, but here in Manchester it's bloody cold and the rain is coming down like steel pins being banged into your head.
    Hot soup/beer? You won the fight for me, BB.

    Ahh, that tsssh! sound of a can being opened, I love it.

  50. Cold here today but not raining, thank f00k, cos that would have put the tin lid on it. I can't bear rainy grey weather in the winter. I am a definite SAD person, me.

    I will turn the christmas tree fairy lights on in a minute to cheer me up :o)

    Cheers! *drinks big slug of John Smiths*

  51. John Smith's, BB? Go on, have a real beer: you deserve one.

    It's not raining here (yet), but it's bloody cold.

    I hope you're referring to a case you were involved in and not a personal driving mishap.

  52. Oh yeah, it was a pathetic little trial I was prosecuting that should have taken half an hour at most, and ended up taking the whole afternoon cos the police had fucked up all the paperwork. And he was acquitted. Grrr...

  53. BB,

    ended up taking the whole afternoon cos the police had fucked up all the paperwork.

    I know Sting wouldn't be able to fill out a charge sheet properly as his heads stuck right up his arse, but I thought Summers and Copeland would at least manage it properly between them?

  54. Hullo... have I made this work?!

    If I have, hullo all!

    I said I'd pop in... and so I have! (all be it very breifly, am hoping once I have set up a sign in thingumy I will be able to post from work..)

    You guys have kept me sane in a very dull job for the last few weeks of Cif being a bit rubbish... amusing always and generally rather insightful too!

    Anywhoo - I have to skip off and sort out a minor creative disaster, but will attempt to be back at some point.. (technology and my shocking moodiness this week permiting..!)

    x Imogen..

  55. Not generally a lager fan, but I'm on Budvar Budweiser tonight. Going down well. I can't be doing with bitter in a can - has anyone had a good real ale that way - I stand to be converted.

    I've still got two bottles of Speckled Hen in a cupboard somewhere - not too bad, out of a bottle. A bottle of Dog would be good - might venture out to the offie once I've become impermeable.

  56. Hi Imogen, you have made me laugh during some rather dark crises (entirely work-related) over the past few weeks, so you are very welcome!

  57. Habib: beer doesn't belong in a can, just as wine doesn't belong in a box. No good can come of it.

  58. Hello Imogen,

    You do realise now that you've posted here and are in possession of a double x chromosome, untold ATL riches are now in your grasp?

  59. Hello, folks. Thought I'd drop by and see what's going on...

  60. Hey Imogen! Nice to see you here!

    Sounds like a good night was had by all on Friday. Wish I had made the effort and gone now.

    Your Grace

    No dissing of Sting allowed or I shall be forced to tweak you.

  61. Imogen!!!
    bienvenue, Καλός ήλθατε, willkommen, benvenuto, bienvenida, khush amdeed and ay up, me duck!

  62. Ah, and hello to Alisdair too!

    We had RapidEddie on here last (?) night, what honours we are getting! Obviously you all just want an ATL gig, of course.

  63. thaumaturge - any time.. hoping thats laughing WITH yea?!

    13thduke - wooohahahaha - twas my plan all along...! Actually I have no words* for the silliness of that particular conspiracy theory... fair ruined my morning that did.

    *actually i have a ton but as a newcomer here I wouldn't want to besmirch this site with them...

  64. Hlo Imogen, Alisdair. Welcome both.
    Habib - how the fuck did you manage to do Greek?

  65. Speaking of which, just in case anyone is listening. My real name is Janet and I've had a shave.
    Can I write an article now?

  66. Ooo i feel a lot better now I'm not the only newbie!

    Hey heyabib, BB & AlisdairC.... right now genuinely have to leave off the net and do some actual work...!

    Night all..!

  67. It was a cold night, Fence, we'd both been alone for a long time and well, one thing led to another...

  68. BB,

    just for your sting loving self, here's my favourite Viz Sting letter (of which there are about 300 million):

    So Sting is able to shag his wife for five hours without going off. I know how he feels. My wife is no oil painting either.

    And hello Alasdair.

  69. Habib: I look forward to the DVD highlights of your music hall career.

  70. 'Although perhaps the next competition will be to unravel GMG and the Scott Trust's financial and tax complexities? No, you're right - that would be just silly.'

    Too right Scherfig. No objection at all to chucking durian fruit at Blair - who is looking increasingly like a figure from the Cthulthu mythos - but the proposed unravelling of the Blair money web is exactly what many people would like to happen with the Guardian's own mysterious web of money and power: Private Eye recently described the Guardian structure as especially secretive and shadowy.

    Oh and welcome Imogen and Alisdair - great to see you both here.

  71. Imogen: with you, oh yes. It was the "You, a wombless arsehole" and "I'm going to print that out and use it to wipe my arse with later" that I particularly appreciated.

    Duke - is it down to 5 hours now? I thought it was 12 or 14....

  72. Your Grace

    I love that joke almost as much as I hate Trudi Styler! Thank you! :o)

    Bill bloody P, FFS. Sad git.

  73. Hahaha - well done, Colin, on Waddya.

  74. Soz - didn't spot the post. Hi Alasdair, and Welcome to the Pleasure Dome.

    The animals are winding me UP!

    Or something.

  75. Hey Imogen and Alisdair - welcome to the nest of vipers and cult of the Weedy Pathfinder. Good to see you, do stick round.

    As someone has already said Imogen, you're bound to get an ATL gig now (although no one's asked me yet).

    Unfortunately same can't be said for you Alasdair, as you are in possession of those dangly things but there's lots of scope for working on your inner curmudgeon on the UT.

  76. That was good, sheff, so I'll nick it!

    Hey Imogen and Alisdair - welcome to the nest of vipers and cult of the Weedy Pathfinder.

    And hello to everyone else.

  77. Hey Frank! Are you lurking about? There are calls on Cif for you to come back ATL.

  78. I second the call for Frank to go back. Even if I never agree with a bloody word he says. :o)

  79. "I look forward to the DVD highlights of your music hall career."
    I would skip to the out-takes, Fence, I'm only ever funny inadvertently.

  80. Thaum

    I read your post up there as "you're a wombles arsehole" and I thought "What an imaginative insult! But why a womble?"

    D'oh - told you I had mash potato brain this evening...

  81. Sheffpixie, my inner curmudgeon hides within the cunning disguise of an outer curmudgeon..

  82. BB - whilst I may very occasionally post when under the influence, and when in that state I may, for example, substitute 'wombles' for 'wombless', I most certainly hope that I would never overlook the requisite possessive apostrophe.

  83. Hi, Imogen and Alsadair. (Imogen, you can tell someone to fuck off here without sanction. That can be fun.)

    Re best/worst on Cif - who cares? Fuck them.

    Re sarka on the Barbara Ellen thread - it's about time that a lot more posters recognized her pseudo-intellectual bullshit for the nonsense that it almost invariably is. It amuses me constantly that so many posters regard her lengthy convoluted comments as something 'weighty' or 'considered' and actually take it seriously. You could summarize most of sarka's 1000 word offerings into a couple of sentences, and not hear anything new about anything. I have little respect for anyone who is fooled by this. She's a troll with some education, a vocabulary and a dubious ideology. She writes for vanity and herself and probably out of boredom. Whatever happened to the concept of the emperor's new clothes?

  84. Oh, look here - Blogger is starting to behave like Cif. I posted a comment a few minutes ago (in answer to BB) that has not appeared. Shall I re-post it and look like an arse in case it turns up? Or not???

    Scherf - am in broad agreement. Occasionally sarka has something interesting to say, but mostly it's just long and rambling and I tend to skip it.

  85. I'm afraid I tend to skip sarka's longer posts too. So much to read! And she doesn't leave a line space between paragraphs very often either, which just makes it even harder on the eyes.

    But yes - she is an academic, and, like lawyers, will never use three words when ninety twelve will do...

  86. Alasdair
    my inner curmudgeon hides within the cunning disguise of an outer curmudgeon..

    In that case you will be very at home on the UT.

    btw - bth is blethering on about the UT on waddya again. Appararently we are not pulling our weight on the 'Islam' threads. Could we ask for a better publicist than bth? and all for free too.

  87. sheff - I only just spotted Jonathan's excellent piece and it is closed to comment! The mods seem to be closing things down earlier and earlier these days. Maybe they are on a work to rule or something. Shame because I often don't get in til past 7pm. Ah well.

  88. Message for da UT sisterhood (if you chaps can avert your eyes for a moment, I'd be obliged)

    There's a whiff of rat permeating through the ether to the other place apparently, so maybe we should take the cauldron off the fire for a bit ...


    As for posting on any 'Islam' threads, you have to hand it to habib:

    "Maybe it's because those threads are really boring, full of racists and their apologists. And the version of Islam that is presented is not one I'm familiar with".

  89. I've almost given up on the Islam threads. As habib & BB said on waddya, they're too full of bigotry that just makes me angry... but maybe that's just defeatist... these attitudes should be challenged...

  90. MsChin

    When shall we three meet again?

  91. BB - I read the Freedland piece and yes, it was good. But rarely post on Islam or I/P threads these days - they're exhausting, depressing and infested with fanatics and trolls.

  92. MsC - we've been doing Macbeth in yr 6 this week (including writing our own witches' spells) so I love the cauldron ref!

  93. Secret, black and midnight hags...

  94. Shaz

    MacBeth is one of my faves. And much as I hate to big up a paedophile, Polanski's film of it is probably the best cinematic version of it too.

  95. MsC

    I think we need a spell for bth - I'll work on it, I've plenty of toads and slugs out back to start things off with.

  96. shaz

    We're into covens! We set ours up one evening when we had a bit of a girls night on here (ie all the blokes were out on the lash / watching footie / busy on a pollyfilla thread / or something).

  97. Shazz

    lovely to see you again - where have you been?

  98. Sheff - I dip my toe in an I/P thread occasionally, but given that my starting point tends to be "stop fighting and start talking" I never really get very far before being called an anti-semite. Which hurts.

  99. sheff

    Can I borrow a toad? Got loads of slugs here too.

  100. I see billp has turned up again. Parallax seems to think that is a good thing billig you are truly epic - welcome back Where is parallax these days anyway? We'd better have another big fight so he can pop in and share some of his wisdom.
    I'll start the fight - Hank, your views on taxation are flippin' silly. You know nothing about tax or the middle classes. Call yourself a socialist? I'm more of a socialist than you will ever be! I had that Nye Bevin in the back of me cab once.

    sheff, disturbing news about our lack of interest in Islam. I'm not sure how we should deal with this. I could write an article about the time I lived in Damascus, or we could just mouth platitudes about FGM. What do you think would be best for BTH?

    And on a more general note, so much publicity! It will be our downfall! Or maybe not :0)

  101. Okay, now I'm here...which UT button do I press to get a job as a Guardian columnist and a knighthood?

  102. RapidEddie

    Have you had the sex-change yet?

    You know you want to really.... ;o)

  103. Any of 'em will do, Rapid.

    But no-one really wants a knighthood here - you have to kneel before her maj and that's just so non-U(T).

  104. Scherfig

    Stop being a cnut about Hank. I think your views on [insert controversial topic] at all are bollocks. Wanna make something of it?

  105. Hello Sheff - I've been lurking & disagreeing with disordered over housing rights...
    BB - unfortunately we've only been able to show the kids a cartoon version which was shite, but avoids any 'unsex me here' comments... shame, but half a loaf, etc etc...
    MsC - sounds great. If you're having an open coven evening next time I'm up north, let me know... can bring dried bats' blood...

  106. MsC - actually the bats' blood was a lie. Could bring red wine tho...

  107. Wind yer neck in, BB! You know nothing about about anything! I'll say whatever I want. And if anyone here is too fucking polite to say that I'm out of order, then I hope that someone on Cif will notice this appalling behaviour and post lots of comments about it on WDYWTTA. It is after all our raison d'être to be noticed by lurkers. We never have any serious discussions amongst ourselves - that's entertainment

  108. Ooh, two more for the world-wide femination project! Welcome imogen and alasdair (and rapideddie in case i forgot yesterday things are weird at the minute)!

    The slugs are under control but I still have moths. Anyone need moths?

  109. YOu call that music, schefig? Pah. Paul Weller was much better with the Style Council than he ever was with the Jam. No contest.

    My ever changing moods

  110. shaz

    That'll do nicely, some of da sisterhood are partial to a drop of the red stuff. Now excuse me, there's a scrap to join ...


    Don't you speak to one of da sisters like that, we'll conspire against you.

    Returning to your earlier comment about academic / intellectual posting, it amuses me to reaffirm the theory when I've spent all day at work doing the practice which tells me that the theory doesn't bloody well work.

  111. I think sarka was quite wrong to scold the "boys suffer, too brigade" for appearing on the thread, since the article pretty openly stated that boys do *not* suffer in the author's opinion. (Her first comment on that thread, I think.) Don't know if anyone else pointed this out on the thread, but come on: The denial of (the possibility of) suffering of boys through a sexual relation with a female teacher is central to the moronic article, how can she honestly ignore this and berate those who argue that the author is wrong?

    She missed the point there. I tend to skim her comments superficially, too, so I don't know if she may hit some points somewhere else.

    I'm dreading the next article about a male abuser, where the one side will ask defenders of BE's article if they want to understand what drove the perpetrators to do this crime in this case, too, and the other side pointing out to the first side that they obviously are only concerned about female abusers since they discovered their "sensitive" side as soon as a man was in the headlines, and that they trivialize a horrible crime in order to take cheap shots against feminism.

  112. Shazz

    The three witches of Sheffield - that is to say MsC, Princess and me would love to have a visit from our more southerly sisters - especially if you're bringing wine.

    Scherf - is it music time already - how the evening flies. a bit romantic but Sarah gives it edge

  113. It's a bloody hornet's nest, Elementary, for sure.

    I have to say, though, that I indulged in that kind of baiting when there was a thread about a white south african asylum seeker in Canada and all the usual racists and bigots - the send them all home, scroungers, mob - were defending his right to seek asylum. Sometimes you just can't help it...

  114. I just noticed that I got a namecheck from Bitey on WDYWTTA about non-participation on Islam threads. Could somebody do me a favour and point out to the weirdo that I voluntarily jacked Cif in several months ago.

  115. He misses you, scherf. Unrequited love?

  116. By the way, hi to Ms Black and Mr Cameron, and Mr Eddie from yesterday. It's getting crowdy in here, isn't it?

  117. Nice one, sheff, perhaps a bit mellow under the circumstances, but if that's the way we're going, then there's this (I'm with the sistas, yeah?)


  118. Habib: Inadvertent my arse. You caused me plenty of mirth over the, er, weeks.

  119. Elementary

    It's all this publicity we're getting from the likes of bth and billgnorer - why do they bother? Perhaps they're just jealous.

  120. When it comes to Macbeth on DVD, you can skip possibly pre-child rapist Polanski and go for the real thing: Trevor Nunn's production of the play with Ian McKellen and Judy Dench in the leading parts.

    Now, who was the bugger I borrowed my DVD? I want it back, NOW!

  121. Ooops, here's that link again. Come to think about it, it's probably something we could all use occasionally.


  122. OK darlings - time for bed for me. Nighty night xx

  123. schefig

    Link failure to add to your other offences this evening?

  124. Can I say welcome to the newbies?

    And since this blog seems to be getting an unprecedented level of traffic today, I hope Montana will indulge me shamelessly plugging my webcomic, The Cattle Raid of Cooley, an adaptation of an ancient Irish legend which a reader described last week as "progressing from a very good interpretation to a classic in its own right". This week sees the beginning of the hero's origin story, so it's an ideal jumping-on point.

    I now return you, with due apologies, to your scheduled UT gibberish.

  125. Ah, scherf, you sorted it - nice.

  126. scherf - just trying to influence the tone. Pity you've bowed out of cif...the trolls are beginning to pile up and we'll need reinforcements soon. will now go and listen to Alicia.

  127. Ah, Watson. The beauty of the UT is that it's like the Tardis. Looks small on the outside, but it's huge on the inside!

    Welcome to Imogen and Alasdair! IanMiddx popped in over at the UT2 a couple of days ago, so he might be lurking. Let's all say "Hi!" to him, to coax him out.

    *Sigh* The video for 'That's Entertainment' just makes me go all gooey inside and weak in the knees... yummy Paul Weller...

    Fencewalker: Sadly, 'The Brittas Empire' did run on PBS for awhile. We've had:

    Red Dwarf
    The Vicar of Dibley
    Last of the Summer Wine
    Grace and Favour (which was called AYBS, again here)
    As Time Goes By
    Waiting for God
    One Foot in the Grave
    Thin Blue Line
    some Lenny Henry thing where he was a chef ??

    erm, can't think of any others off-hand. Mostly shite, as you can see.

  128. paddy

    I don't mind a bit of shameless plugging now and again.

    It's troll city on the Gerhart 'emotional growth' piece. This from MAM is a pearler:

    "Although every single birth we do not pay for, every one that is "deterred" is even more money saved. So we can meet the child poverty targets by not encouraging such people to have children. We can prevent such children from being scarred from birth by not encouraging them to be born. We can save a hell of a lot of money by trying to ensure every child is wanted - and born into a non-under-class household".

    Words completely fail me ... well, maybe not.

  129. MsChin - maybe somebody's not getting any and is just bitterly trying to take it out on others?

  130. ms chin, failure appears to be my middle name right now, but the songs are good anyway. (If you ever get to hear them)

    Here's one for you - this

  131. MsC

    and born into a non-under-class household"
    Haven't seen that - probably just as well - don't need to be apoplectic right now - need to sleep. What a monster MAM is.

    someone, can't remember who, suggested at the cif bash on Friday that MAM was actually more than one person - so many lunatic views over such a wide range of topics.

  132. Hi to IanMiddx! Can't deny any of Montana's wishes, can I?

    Tardis ... I think I saw that word somewhere on the internets. Hasn't it something to do with the show everyone with even half a brain cell is enthusiastic about, called Doctor Who, which i never had a chance to see? (And am afraid to watch now, feaing I might realize I don' have half a brain cell?)

    Thanks for rubbing it in *sniff*

  133. elementary... have an unreasonable allergy to Judi Dench; she was an ex-pupil of my secondary school & our drama teacher (who taught her) never shut up about her... 'dear, dear Judi' got a tad tedious... heresy I know

  134. Grace and Favour?? Ye gods.
    And the Lenny Henry thing where he was a chef was called "Chef".
    Can't say it's a list which fills me with enthusiasm. Feels like a Sunday from my childhood.

  135. Paddy: looks good. Do the Y Goddodin next!

  136. Shaz: Well, I also can recommend the BBC Macbeth with Nicol Williamson and Jane Lapotaire, completely Dench-free. However, I imagine most persons would never speak to me again after following this recommendation ...

  137. paddy, great link, I'll have a good look at that. And meanwhile, here's how you steal a bull in Ireland with nothing but Uilleann pipes and electric guitars The Tain

  138. EW: Sorry. I forgot about that.

    I saw a great production of Macbeth (we don't have to refer to it as 'The Scottish Play' on a blog, do we?) at the Leicester Haymarket in '85 or '86. I can't remember who all was in it, but Julie Walters was fantastic as Lady Macbeth.

    Paddy: the comic looks good. I'll put a link to your page over in the "Cif-related Blogs".

    MsChin: Haven't you figured out by now that poor people shouldn't be allowed to have children?

  139. And the Lenny Henry thing where he was a chef was called "Chef"


    But yeah, it's pretty dire. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why 'Only Fools and Horses' has never been shown over here.

  140. Fencewalker: give me a chance, I'm 60 pages in and the story's barely started!

    Scherfig, that link's a Cat Stevens song - are you sure you don't mean these guys?

  141. Montana: I have started a production at our university theatre just now and I have no qualms writing or even saying out loud Macbeth (okay, I'm not saying it out loud just now because it's very late at night and would be fucking weird if someone heard me say "Macbeth"), nothing bad happened so far and so I think the word is saf ...

    Ouch, just broke my index finger while writing, dammit!

  142. Can I just say that the little boy in the photo with this is too cute for words?

  143. scherfig

    Thanks for the Cat, 'twas lovely.

    MW & sheff

    It still gets me dander up, every time, when I read crap like that. And I''m too tired to stay up & argue with MAM et al.

  144. MW

    Definitely an award-winner!

  145. I can't help feeling there's a happy medium with Only Fools and Horses, between not showing it at all (where you are) and showing it to bloody death (where I am).

    Do you get The Good Life?

    O Felicity, Felicity,
    You fill me with electricity.
    But that does not mean you are shocking -
    O no, you are nice
    Like sugar and spice,
    Just like a proper girly ought to be
    (Though I'm sure you have strong views on Women's Lib)

    Your second name is Kendall
    Which, if you take some letters out, and add some more and mix them up,
    Spells 'I love you'.
    I loved you as star of TV's "The Good Life",
    I'm not being sexist, but you'd make a good wife.
    How about it, Filly?

    (The immortal words of Rick from the Young Ones)

  146. Paddy, as sheff has already pointed out, my links ain't workin' right tonite. It was indeed the guys you linked to, but it shoald have been this one (Cattle raid of Cooley relevant) this?

  147. Oof -- how could I have forgotten 'The Good Life'? (which had to be called 'Good Neighbors' here because there was an American sitcom called 'The Good Life') And 'Father Ted' -- I forgot 'Father Ted'. And 'Fawlty Towers'. And (a LONG time ago) 'No Honestly'.

    I would love to be able to see OF&H again -- it's been ages. Was 'Allo, Allo' as good as I remember, or is that one where I wouldn't enjoy it if I saw it now?

  148. paddy

    Another Felicity fan? They're everywhere!

    And to quote hermione over on Waddya -

    "off to bed. reality awaits in the morning".

    Night all.

  149. The first couple of series of 'Allo 'Allo were brilliant, inspiredly stupid, but it tailed off pretty badly and the later series are pretty dreadful. But the episode with the candle with the 'andle and the gateau from the chateau and the drug in the jug, and Herr Flick of the Gestapo having convulsions with a limp, absolutely cannot be beaten.

  150. "You caused me plenty of mirth over the, er, weeks."
    Fence, if I had been sober for any of them, I could have taken credit.
    Here's a song for the imaginary coven:

    It's the Cowboy Junkies again, je suis très désolé.

  151. the gateau from the chateau! I used to love 'allo 'allo at first (good moaning). then it all went a bit hem.

    even ended up going to see the live stage version (church social outing, if you can believe that). not entirely the original cast, but vicki michelle bothered to turn up, bless 'er.

    best line from father ted
    "that would be an ecumenical matter"
    shortly after transmission was allegedly used as a heckle at methodist synod.

  152. Ooooooh horrible moment.

    Saw Richard Bellamy's pic at the side of the waddya thread and tiredness meant i initially though it was ms campbell (obeah).

    CIF's way of telling me to go to bed. I'm BST+1 you know...

  153. Good song, habib, although I should point out that it temporarily took me away from a very heated 5Live discussion about Iraq, Afghanistan, Muslims, terrorism and everything. How shallow we are on UT? BTH is right! (No, not really.)
    btw, I second the praise for your response to BTH's comment about 'Islam' on WDWTTA. If our meanderings here should eventually and organically lead to some sort of discussion of Islam, I would hope that we could all say what we think without prejudice. Seems to me that would be more human and honest than the usual Cif bullshit.

    Fuck it, here's a song willow

  154. Thanks for Joan's song, Scherf, I hadn't heard it for years. There's a flood of half forgotten memories coming back now.

  155. HI all--Montana, did you forget 'Rising Damp'? Damn funny IMO.

  156. I hope you know, Montana that I deeply love you and I also got you on the Constantinople thing.
    Good morning, comment ca va?

  157. et pour finir...
    As the last dregs from the last bottle of Dog drowns further my weary soul and the rainshine bespectacles another day, I bid you all a good 'un and don't be downtrodden by Big Nora - he's just a dick.

  158. @Boudican: I've never seen 'Rising Damp'. Never shown in Iowa or in Seattle (at least while I was living there).

    @Habib: Awww, thanks! I love you, too. And yes, you probably did. I get a bit slow-witted about this time of night.

    Putting up tomorrow's thread and then I'm off to ma bed.