23 December 2009

Daily Chat 23/12/09

A coelacanth was discovered off the east coast of South Africa in 1938.  The first transistor was demonstrated at Bell Laboratories in Murry Hill, New Jersey, in 1942.  In 1973, sixteen survivors of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force flight 571 were rescued after surviving for 73 days by eating the remains of passengers who had died in the crash.  On that same day, ten thousand people in Managua, Nicaragua, were killed in an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter Scale.

Born today:  Helmut Schmidt (1918), Emperor Akihito (1933), Harry Shearer (1943), Queen Silvia of Sweden (1943), Eddie Vedder (1964) and Mme. Sarkozy (1967).

It is la Noche de Rábanos in Oaxaca.


  1. Deano:
    Yes, I've been a bit busy. Work, Christmas preparations and a couple of other things haven't left me much time. But tomorrow is an early out (13:30) and then I'm free until 05/01/10! In addition to being around here while some of you are actually awake, I hope to read a very highly recommended book that has been waiting to be read for a few weeks now.

  2. Montana Glad you are well girl - I must email you my library ticket details (your Christmas present from Yorks) so you can see if it works. (As discussed here on UT the other day).

    Of course if it doesn't work that will give me a further excuse to visit the library...

    Morning everybody

    Stunning dawn here - one of those 'edge of space thin blue' skies with a light orange band surrounding it. The coming sun then gradually lightness the sky, shade by shade, and then finally she peeps the leading edge of her crown above the far horizon. Then the reality of the quickly rising orange in the sky as she pops up like a bubble breaking to the surface in slow motion. Magnificent.

    It's only at the horizon, as she finally rises or sinks, that you get to see just how fast the planets and space are actually moving. One of the great pleasures of being a tramp is that you actually get to see the speed of the days of our lives. Awesome my friends. Life and time move so much faster than you think, so make sure that you all enjoy the days of yours.

    I hope it is a clear dawn on Christmas day I am looking forward to raising a glass to the arrival of the sun then. One doesn't have to wait for her to get over the yard arm on that day.

    Fucking magic of the dawn broken by that fucking cow Gloria Honeyford on my radio, right that's fucking done it......she's been asking for it for several days now

    That's better I stuffed a metaphorical coelacanth up her ample arse! Bitch!

  3. Stoaty - yep a fine hat. A hat for all seasons and occasions. Usually the only time I take it off is when a lady doctor asks me to remove all my clothes.

    Never ceases to amaze me our health service. All that careful prodding and examining by wonderful lady physicians. And you don't haver to pay them a penny, not a single one, let alone a shilling. Bliss I call it, pure bliss. Thank god for Nye.

    Radio news here is that a baby seal has been found 18 miles from the sea in a backgarden in Kent - checked yours?

    Day so great early dog walking calls.

  4. " Lets get this the right Doctor - you are going to do exactly what to me Doctor - I'm sorry, would you repeat that slowly - .....really.

    and I don't have to pay you a single farthing? not even a third farthing? Half farthing? quarter farthing? Not a groat? It's all free at the point of service you say?

    and your not a witch? praise be given I say

    Carry on young miss....removes hat, and lies back in eager anticipation.

    I know with your wonderful talent Stoaty that you will now have the precise angle at which I wear my hat in your artistic eye. If you need any more information please do not hesitate to ask our kid.

    I must say its a real pleasure to to take a sitting in your studio.

  5. Col, (or do I still get to call you Musty?) would you please consider doing everyone's portraits? (all in good time of course).....

  6. Morning all, I've posted a Christmas card for you all on blog to show how much I luvs yer.

  7. Dotterel,
    You can call me what you like petal. As for doing portraits of all? an obvious difficulty in your case.
    I somehow see Deano as the farmer in the Christmas card, but from the front.

  8. Musty,

    You could go by my profile pic (although not if it'll come out looking like a fucking robin ;-))

  9. Morning all!

    @Deano following on from the gulag theory which I feel you are being too kind with St Kilda I've found a better island!! that should sort 'em out
    when do we start rounding them up?

    Nice card colin and web site you're very good!

  10. Great card Stoaty - you have a fine eye my friend. Minds a little twisted mind you, but then you can't have everything.

    I ought to tell you that me legs is me finest feature as my beloved mam used to say "..our dean's got the grand legs, a right pair of tarts legs.." and she was a lady who knew of the finer things in life. So you can take it from her there's now't spindly about my pegs.

    Me calfs is shapely and firm, and me thighs - well as I expect me Doctor to one day report in the Lancet, "positively thrusting"

    I noticed from my shadow whilst I was just out walking that I wear me hat with slight angle falling from left to right across me head. It accentuates me best side and casts a light shadow over my duelling scars.

    (I'll tell you the yarn, one day, of how my beloved, and much missed best mate and best man, Steve hospitalised me with a blow to head with an axe whilst we larking about as kids)

  11. Deano,
    As an artist I am a sensitive fucker so would you mind not talking about your bodily parts?
    Thanks, nice to meet you.

  12. Now I know some of you (misguided by Stoat's cunning libels) think I'm a tight old sod and a romancer (fibber) too. So for the record:

    "The quarter farthing was issued for use only in Ceylon between 1839 and 1853, and was never legal tender in the UK. However, they are usually considered to be part of the British coin series, as Ceylon used British currency at that time".

    In the new year I have a plan to get myself on the list of a very attractive matured lady doctor from the sub continent. I don't want her to think I'm a pushover...for educated persons the structure and denominations of one's currency are important markers and they operate at the sub concious level. As I have remarked before tramps always travel in hope.

    gandolfo that island of yours is perfect. And when we've got them all there, with their whore wives, (and Gloria Fucking Honeyford) and they are settled and starting to feel a little more secure.....then

    then.............we'll storm ashore from long boats dressed as Vikings and run amok axing the fucking lot of the bastards as we go

  13. Talking about being a tight bastard - your correspondent, this tramp with a Barclaycard, has recently been upgraded to a tramp with a Platinum Barclaycard.

    (There are plainly still lunatics working in the finance sector and their gift to me of a platinum card is the living proof)

    It's got a new sign on it that I don't yet understand - its like the symbol they sometimes use to signify radio waves -> ))))) but with each wave appearing a little larger than the preceding one.

    They've also called it a "contactless card"! - anybody know what's it mean and how it works??

  14. Deano,

    It means it can be read just by being near the machine, not just in it, like the bloke with his tucked into his dodgy swimming trunks on the ad off the telly.

    It's so thieves can clone your card just by standing near you, rather than going to the trouble of getting their grubby mitts on it.

  15. Afternoon all. Could you please help me out by spreading the breaking news that Santa has sadly retired, and so won't be doing the rounds this year? Thanks: that'll get me out of a tight corner...

  16. Dott/Sheff et al

    "You can call me what you like petal. As for doing portraits of all? an obvious difficulty in your case - " Sounds familiar??

    Be warned you all know what's coming next....

    clue - (its the Kent version of ...........I don't suppose)

    Good I feel I have done my moral duty for the day by giving a clear and honest warning.

    My reward is shit. The sun has now finally thawed the water pipe and robbed me of my excuse of breaking my vow not to imbibe till the day - I was warming to the idea that I would have to clean my teeth in Jack Daniels ( a present for another not my first choice) as there was no other liquid available.

    That's all you fault Stoat I always expect you to have the last laugh. All I need now is to find your married to Gloria Fucking Honeyford and that's me wonderful day finished

  17. OK Ladies -you have all been properly warned and it must now be obvious to you that if you do fall for his line you will finish up being painted without a stitch.

    Stoat I think that is a fair reward to your subliminal libel that Deano is sheep shagger - I loved it though I must say. Your a class act our kid.

    Holds up mistletoe (for Stoats wife this one) xxxxxxxxxxxx and daughter xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Deano,
    Water pipe? You lucky bastard. I'm drinking Jura with a fucking icicle. You soft Northerners don't know you are born.

  19. Dott - thanks. It makes me wonder if the machines will be able to read, and log, any passing card even when no purchase is involved ?

    A network of tills/ATMs to log the daily routine and movements of the citizen - God save us whatever fucking next.

    The decline of the real civilised world started with invention of the electric toothbrush and then vaginal deodorants.

    Fuck the planet lets have another nonsense device - whatever was wrong with scrubbing your teeth by hand and washing your fanny with coal tar soap

    That fucking Gloria Honeyford and her ilk have a lot to answer for.

  20. You're welcome Deano,

    I always associate Gloria Honeyford with the taste of pine nuts and those flat green seedy things, after a traumatic teenage experience......

  21. gandolfo - fucking great.

    I loved that film, have even been to the castle in France* were it was filmed to practice me Viking swagger. I have the scars and am blind in one eye and am thus available for the remake when the call comes....Kirk Douglas with a beard yea count me in our kid.

    * That was the France holiday where me sometime, wife, threatened me with the police/gendams if I continued with my pillaging fantasy.

  22. Deano,
    As a matter of (limited) interest I would shag Gloria but I wouldn't tell her where I live.

  23. bloody hell deano look here's stoaty as his altered ego....

  24. Deano,

    "It makes me wonder if the machines will be able to read, and log, any passing card even when no purchase is involved ?"

    I'm planning to invest heavily in the tin-foil wallet business....

  25. Alisdair I second you and hereby help spread the news.

    At this time of year if I go into the local town in my Red Jacket I have to keep stopping and smiling at tiny ones - else they start to cry cos they think Santa don't love em. I'm such a sucker that it takes ages to get to the pub so I'm glad I'm on the wagon this year.

  26. here you go deano a blast from the past....I spent my childhood watching these films along with spaghetti westerns my dad was a great fan!! I wonder if it had any deep psychological effect on me........*takes another swig of meths*

  27. Stoaty - just between you and me. I might, but I'd have to have her mouth super glued first, and I wouldn't even tell her my nationality. I normally enjoy a yarn and a conversation whilst I'm about my business (I do normally like to have all of my senses engaged) so I guess you'll understand my reservations.

    She's not the sort of girl who I might think of, or be tempted into, taking a break for lunch though.

  28. Oh Brother gandolfo what joy you bring me. Thank you comrade.

    Did you see Stoat's picture on his site the other day? (he only allowed/kept it up for a brief span - but I think he will repost 'cos I suspect Sheff missed it) He's a natural/ringer for Tony Curtis and he's got that Stoaty personality to go with it. I won't appear in the remake without him.

    The clip you found is now top of my bookmarks. I love that opening bit of the film

    ............and when the long boat rows home up the fiord and the kid see's her coming and blows the horn ........(and introduces the sound track of the movie music - music I thereafter adored - it got me into lots of trouble, some of the tales at a later time) .... I am away, forever away, dancing on the oars in my minds eye

    The sound of that horn means there is now no possibility that I shall remain on the wagon until Christmas day.

    The Jack Daniels is now open (it will have to do and I am sure that with practice I shall learn to stomach it). My holiday starts here >>>>>>>>>>>>and now!!

    I have it as top of my list for when I win, the Euro lottery roll-over, to commission (amongst other things) a long boat for my funeral pyre. If its not much of a win I may have to settle for a hand built Cornish gig. Failing that, it may have to be what my sons can find on the beach at Robin Hoods Bay from where I shall sail to meet Odin

  29. Deano,

    JD eh? oh well should be ok as you buggers discovered America anyway.

  30. thaumaturge, you spat out:

    "So fuck off. Over and out to you"

    So, did you attend the same charm school as Mrs Burnout?

    You made the claim:

    "You have never, to my knowledge, ever attacked a male poster - poster! (not a generic male) - for spending too much time on the internet or gasp!* enjoying a drink once in a while, nor have you criticised any male poster's - that's p-o-s-t-e-r-apostrophe-s - parenting skills."

    I did understand you even without the emphasis but let me assure you that I've made suggestions to each of the following - and it's not an exhaustive list, that they should spend more time doing the cleaning, the washing and ironing, the shopping, caring and in the case of one on the list, spending more time qualifying to be a psychiatrist, as he seems to like making
    pronouncements on the mental health of some of his fellow posters.

    Sarfraz Manzoor, (actually his father) Ken Livingstone, (who has five children by three different partners), AllyFogg, JohnOzimek, and anyone else who speaks on behalf of fathers-4-justice, Bikhair, MozP, Mr Antia; HowardD, and greatscot4.

    And of course by implication, this means spending less time on the internet, playing Grand Theft Auto, in the pub, at the football etc.

    There's a lot of agreement that currently fathers spend too little time with their children, but nothing definitive on how much this should be. And there's lots of evidence that shows that children whose fathers do spend time exclusively with them do far better in many aspects of their later life. There is some suggestion that two hours a day devoted exclusively to a child and it's development, enjoyment, support etc is not unreasonable. Indeed I would suggest it's very reasonable and any child who doesn't get this is being neglected by its father.

    And because children are not to blame for their existence or for their parents deciding to live apart, those parents who have decided to do so have even greater responsibility that they organise their time and their priorities in such a way that their child / children aren't neglected.

    If this means spending less time doing the things they think are important, like running and participating in an internet chat room service and more time caring, so be it. And if you wish to interpret this in your own particular fashion as an "attack" on Montana, then I'm sure you will.

    As for "enjoying a drink once in a while", the most commonly mentioned subject on this site seems to be alcohol and other recreational drugs.

    The National Addiction Centre claims that more than three million children live in households where at least one of the parents is a binge drinker and that one million are living with at least one parent who abuses drugs.

    Quite a sobering thought in my opinion.


    Ok, I suggest the following:

    1)I think the above should be at the top of any post relating to our favourite obsessive, so others can choose to ignore it.

    2) If he's getting on your wick ignore him, if you find his witterings amusing in a "watch the lunatic self-implode" kind of a way feel free to keep stirring, but put the disclaimer at the top.

    3)Personally I'm less and less convinced Job is actually BTH, I think he may be one of us on a wind up.......

  32. deano
    glad you liked it...! if you've got a few spare moments whilst you not charming, the metaphorical, and maybe actual, pants off samantha the librerian you could make a prototype model of a viking ship with matchsticks over the festive period...I'm sure the JD will inspire you no end....;)

    no i didn't see the pic of stoaty i wait with baited breath but I'm reassured that you feel he is tony curtis's doppleganger...and you are quite right don't do any remake without him...

  33. *Bitey alert*

    Coulsd you blockquote one of those instances where you lectured a man for not spending enough time with his children and too much time on the internet? We know your archives are extensive so there's no excuse.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. *Bitey Alert*

    Actually following on from Shaz's post I'd like to check something with Job....

    I don't have any offspring myself but I have bought my godson a practical joke kit for xmas, does this make me irresponsible or are non-parents exempt? Just curious....

  36. 'Could you please help me out by spreading the breaking news that Santa has sadly retired, and so won't be doing the rounds this year? Thanks: that'll get me out of a tight corner...'

    Could have told me yesterday Alisdair, before I trailed round Canterbury for hours trying to find appropriate offerings for my offspring - gin and violent video games mostly btw
    *waves at Bitey*

  37. Argh, tech fail! Dotterel, I think anything that doesn't involve copious amounts of alcohol or the demon X-Box is probably okay, but I await the official response with interest...

    Does it have those awesome plastic maggots in it?

  38. *Bitey post* (ish..)

    Hi Shaz

    Don't think it's got plastic maggots, just a fly in a fake ice cube and various other bits. I have realised however that I have a moral duty on Christmas day: I'll be the only sober* adult with two kids and a 19 year old around, what a responsibility!

    * agreed to drive in return for being able to drink another time, it was fair!

  39. bitey alert...!!

    Am beating myself up for my appalling parenting over the years by having yet another glass of beer...all that boozing, drug taking and generally wasterish behaviour in my childrens most formative years (no internet to waste my time on then, although I'm sure I would have if there had been). Curious thing is - both my kids have grown up sane and lovely people who are brilliant parents and have adorable kids themselves -. they are even still rather fond of their father and little old wicked me - simply cannot imagine why, can't think what can have gone so wrong.

  40. the most commonly mentioned subject on this site seems to be alcohol and other recreational drugs.

    Oooh, get her! The avenging angel of new puritanism smites the godless hedonistic child-neglecters of the intranetz.
    Fuck off, loony tunes. We asked 100 posters and the top answer was ..........LARD! And rightly so.

  41. I think some of us will be avoiding TOTP christmas special (BBC2 7:30 - 9:00 tonight)!

    Its christmas songs! Euchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  42. It is however followed by The Grumpy Guide to Christmas same channel!

    Ghastly day! daughter had to deal with bf being a total a*se so I had to deal with daughter in pieces. He's decided to go on the raz tonight (she has a 12 hour shift tomorrow). She was going to stay the night here, now she isn't as he has changed his mind. But he could change it again so don't hold your breath. I'm making up the bed just in case.

    She doesn't mind him going out but he brings his mates home and they trash the joint. If he does go, she will come home and have to clear up the mess at about 8:00pm tomorrow!

    Her washing machine also broken down so had to wash and dry some of her washing too!

    Christmas? Bah humbug!

    but don't hold your breath!

  43. Nice Christmas card Stoaty. Here's one from me (warning - only makes complete sense if you know a bit about the story my webcomic is adapting).

  44. Anne, you have my deepest sympathy - my daughter had the bf from hell - he moved in with us supposedly for the weekend after his stepfather threw him out and stayed 3 yrs - mostly unemployed - while daughter doing AS & A2s. He had serious issues which daughter not equipped to cope with & the relationship deteriorated rapidly, dreadful arguments etc, he used to go off on one if she wanted to go out & accused her of all sorts. I couldn't throw him out because she'd have gone too - she finally saw the light & did it herself, deciding at the same time that she would go to uni (he didn't want her to) - she's now in her first yr and having a great time. Horrible while it lasted tho - knowing there's nothing you can do to make it better for your own child. (I did relapse & threaten to kill him once tho - 'you lay one hand on my daughter and you're dead' - not proud of it but was really afraid he would hurt her)

    Oh dear Lord what a rant. Sorry! It's really good that your daughter can stay with you. Hope she's okay.

  45. Jay,

    Now had you given me advanced notice of your order, one could have ben prepared before I was so unceremoniously dumped from CiF, however you can assume the spirit of the message was contained in each of the quotes I posted yesterday. But as I don't actually "lecture" people, (advise, cajole maybe), how about this one in response to an aggrieved father who goes by the name of daddycoo1 posted on 16 June 2009?

    daddycoo1 wrote:

    "The bias in the family courts sends a very strong message- that children belong with their mothers."

    To which my response was:

    "The justice in the family courts is because time and again, wayward fathers have shown themselves to be so irresponsible in providing for their offspring, prefering instead to to prance about in high places dressed up like cartoon characters.

    "Get back to the dishes I say providing they can find the sink."

    You can take it as read that had I known in advance I'd have added "and spend less time on the internet".

  46. Thanks shaz! I said don't hold your breath she is coming home! Tears etc Bastard's ruined Christmas!

    Don't know what's happened yet!

    Hey Ho!

  47. Hello - can anyone give me easy instructions for roasting a duck. Have done loads of chicken/lamb/beef roasts but not duck.

    Googled it a bit but not found anything interesting.

    Good herbs on duck? How long/what temp etc...

    Bit last minute - why did I offer to cook xmas dinner!

    Thanks. I will return to trying to find something on the net just in case.

  48. Evening all

    Not round for long as my Dad has arrived and I have stacks to do.

    Hope all goes well with your daughter, Anne.

    Hugs to everyone else

    Job, you are a twat if you think you know all there is to know about parenting and fatherhood. Did your daddy abandon you when you were ickle or something? How many children have you got? How much time do you spend with them? Why are you on the internet instead of spending time with them now?

    Just asking, like. I won't get an answer because you are the epitome of what the French call faux-cul.

    Bye for now guys and gals. Have a good evening! x

  49. Helen, Danish version of roast duck:

    1-2 kg duck
    2/3 apples
    10 prunes (should be moist)

    Clean the duck, rinse and dry well. Rub salt and pepper inside. Mix the (cored, sliced) apples with the prunes and a tbs sugar and rest this for a while before stuffing into the bird. Close with a pin or stitches, and rub salt into the bird.

    Pre-heated oven 225-230C. Put the bird in (back upwards) in a roasting tray until it browns well (? half an hour). Add some water or stock and turn heat down to 160C. Let it cook for about 1 and a half more hours, but turn the bird breast upwards after 15 mins or so. When it's done, pour off the juices (for your gravy), turn oven up to 250C, pour a couple of spoonfuls of cold water over the duck and roast it (oven door open) until the skin is crisp (about 10-15 mins.

    Not too complicated, I hope. Tastes good!

  50. Should also have said to skim the fat off the juices before you make you make your gravy, but keep this precious commodity to one side as it will make fantastic roast potatoes. (And it will keep in the fridge for about 17,000 years.)

  51. thanks v much sherfig - will give it a go, though i might not have time to get the prunes... have to see how much time i have tomorrow.

    hope you (& everyone) has a great christmas and new year.

  52. * Warning - Bitey Related Post *

    I had a huge dump this morning. Stank the joint out. Just my luck, it turned out to be a floater. Try and try as I might, couldn't get the damn thing to flush round the u-bend. Just when you think it's going with the flow, it keeps popping back up.

  53. scherfig:

    "skim the fat off… …it will make fantastic roast potatoes. (And it will keep in the fridge for about 17,000 years.)"

    Funnily enough, I’ve just returned from buying the ingredients for this year’s Xmas dinner, including goose fat for that very purpose, as recommended by at least one regular here.

    According to what it says on the tin, goose fat will only keep for a couple of months, so ducks, or at least Danish ducks, must have some special substance in their fat which allows it to keep for so long.

    Anyone any thoughts?

  54. I get tins of confit du canard from france - the duck is in goose fat. I drain and keep the fat in the fridge and as long as it's just fat it seems to last until I have used it all. If bits of duck or non fat juices remain it can get a bit furry on top. But I just scrap that off. Never had any problems.
    I think the tins use by is just covering their backs just in case as well as encouraging you to chuck it and buy more (and it's not cheap I notice).

  55. & also - my mum used to keep all the fat (dripping?) from every roast in a cup in the fridge. Use a bit each roast then pour it back. I never saw her clean the cup ever. It was just constantly recycled. Very tasty spuds.

  56. My only thought is that the best Christmas dinner I ever had was the one I had in Denmark with the Danish ex and his family. Not sure if his mother had prepared the duck in the way that scherfig describes above -- it had this lovely sweet, brown glaze on it. Only time in my life I've ever had duck, but it was beautiful.

  57. although i imagine the cup looked horrific to anyone who hadn't grown up with it (as it were).

    Hi Montana - Happy Christmas.

  58. My grandmother always kept her bacon grease in a jar in the fridge and, like Helen's mum, she never washed the jar --just added new bacon grease any time she fried bacon. Everything she fried was either fried in bacon grease or butter -- never margarine or vegetable oil.

  59. Happy Christmas to you, too, Helen. Gonna take a nap now -- I can hardly hold my head up.

  60. andy, if it's your own duck fat, and you are careful (strain it, sterile jar etc), it will literally keep in the fridge for years, maybe not 17,000, but that was just a joke, you know. If you just buy the stuff, then I guess you should do what it says on the tin, but I wouldn't be all that worried tbh. It's easy to tell if duck/goose fat has gone off, so use your common sense. Merry Xmas and bon appetit.

  61. Well, I’d never have guessed that the subject of collecting and reusing fat could inspire such conversation. I’ll have to report back on my progress with the goose fat ;-)

    To answer deano’s question from last night, and in case anyone else is interested, I have finally found a job, of sorts, and it is very much what I was looking for.

    I'm going to be working for the National Trust as a Volunteer Warden, looking after a section of the South West Coast Path in north Cornwall, and now that it’s finally confirmed and I’ve got a proper start date I’m really looking forward to it.

    The one problem is that it’s unpaid, but it does include accommodation, in an old cottage on a cliff a couple of miles from the nearest small town.

    I seem to remember Bitterweed knows a bit about that area, so maybe he can give the benefit of some of his local knowledge before I go.

  62. Yippee! It's snowing!

    Well, it will be Yippee! in the morning if I can't get in to work .. Just been across town on an essential trip to deliver Christmas presents for a small person (for whom Santa most definitely is NOT cancelled), and barely made it back. Meanwhile, sheff is no doubt enjoying her time in balmy Istanbul and I'm not jealous


    Sorry to hear that your daughter is distressed. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to shoot the bf, which is a shame imho. Hopefully, she'll wise up like shaz's daughter did. In the meantime, if she is forced to clean up following the bf's after-party in her home, I suggest she uses the bf's toothbrush to clean the toilet.

  63. andy

    Congrats & well done! We can have UT holidays camping nearby ..

  64. andy

    My friend moved to the north Devon coast 4 or 5 years ago when her other half was made redundant from the steelworks - she absolutely loves it, even though they haven't got 2 'alfpennies to rub together.

    She did move from Rotherham, though.

  65. Nice one, andy. Congratulations! Keep us posted.

  66. Andy andy andy. Andy. ANDY !! Fucking WAY good news ! Whereabouts me old mucker ?

  67. My mum was born in Bude, know the region like the back of my hand mate. By the way.

  68. Paddy,
    Nice site, mines a bit primitive as yet.

    Sounds good.

  69. Thanks for the congratulations, everyone.

    I was down that way on holiday in the summer, and said to my girlfriend at the time what a great place it would be to live and work, so when I saw the vacancy, I just had to give it a go.

    It’s taken a while for the definite decision to come through - I’ve been waiting for the current person to leave, which has taken longer than originally expected, but now I’m starting early in January.

    For those with local knowledge, I’ll be based a couple of miles from Polzeath, and looking after a stretch of coast between there and Tintagel, which is about 12 or 13 miles, I think.

    I walked about half of it when I was down there for an interview in early October, and it was pretty spectacular. Curious to see just what it’s like at this time of year…

  70. evening one and all,

    andy congratulations especially because it's something that you want to do and what a beautiful part of the country

    anne sorry to hear about your daughter's probs :(

    bitterweed is it me or is that Uncle Joe Stalin on the bob d video??

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  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. To avoid exchanges which may rapidly become tedious for others here, email me andy:

  74. Bitterweed:

    "to avoid exchanges which may rapidly become tedious for others"

    Thanks, mate, will do, though not tonight, and possibly not now until after Xmas.

    If only some others had adopted that policy in the past…

  75. andysays, well done! I'm very jealous, sounds like a fantastic job. If you start to run short of money, just sell the real cider made around there to your mates.
    (cheesy grin, hoping for £2 a gallon?)

  76. More snow forecast overnight round here. Hope my little mouse friend (now well-fed) is tucked up warm under the honeysuckle. Ditto the blackbirds, except they live in a shrub next to the 'garage'.

    Time for bed. Night all.

  77. heyhabib:
    Thanks; of course, it will have its downside - I won’t be being paid to sit around all night posting on Untrusted and CiF, but nothing’s perfect, except maybe your job I hear…

    Don’t know much about cider; will report back when I’ve done some research. I also believe there’s a strong tradition of smuggling, and I’m all for reviving traditional indigenous crafts, so if Bitterweed has some contacts he can put me on to, maybe that’ll be the answer.

  78. andysays,
    I really have a crap job, minimum wage and wasn't being sarcastic.
    Good luck to you. That's all I was saying.
    (£2:50 a gallon?)

  79. Right I'm off. Have a good one you lot, and remember: don't ever take any shit off any fucker any how, anywhere. Ever. Stand your ground. And get your onions in early too. Probably.
    Speak soon.


  80. Andy what fucking wonderful news

  81. annetan42

    tell her you have mates (who are members of armies -and navies) who are on her mams , and thus hers, side.

    if necess I will raise an army and have the shit kicked out of him

    because you write and tell the tale so well I love you Anne Tan..

  82. Deano,
    Yo deano you old fart. That card was painted at least ten years ago and was rejected by by all.
    I would not put all that effort into insulting a friend.
    You know son, I wouldn't even bother for an enemy.
    JD doesn't taste that good but it works.

  83. Stoatxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  84. "JD doesn't taste that good but it works."

    Col, JD tastes better than any other neckin' down whiskey. Rebel Yell really hurts. Wild Turkey, no thank you. Jameson's uggh! Teachers -get the fuck out of here.

    Maybe I'm biased, because me and JD go back a long way, we sat together in a Louisiana gutter looking at the stars and wishing Jura was with us.

  85. Bro habib - loves you too man. xxxxx (I don't know you that well - just yet - so don't feel slighted that you only got a few kisses)

    The problem with JD is that a bottle when there is no available water leaves old(er) men with slight discomfort somewhere to the back of the left ear.

    Me taxi has arrived I'm off to the 24 hr supermarket for some water..............laters

  86. oh deano love to you, brother. Wish I was with you, drinking happy water.

  87. Another song for deano, might brass him off, but it's decent.

  88. hb -I am flattered young lad. That's a wonerful compliment 4 in the space of a long spit and two quick wanks.

    Thank you Bro

  89. hb You ain't heavy my brother I am so pleased to be a member of our tribe.

  90. A song for no other reason than I like it. And I think Montana would dance.