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Not too many people manage to earn the respect and admiration of almost everyone who knows them.  It says much about what sort of person Leni was that people who never even had the privilege of meeting her face-to-face came to love her through her words to such an extent that it feels like a beloved family member is gone.

To make it easier for anyone who might want to revisit some of her words of wisdom, kindness and compassion, here is the link to her Comment is Free posting history:


Unfortunately, Disqus doesn't seem to make it easy for you to link to someone's Disqus profile, but if you click on this link, it will take you to her last comment here on the Untrusted.  Click on her user name and you'll get a pop-up window of her Disqus profile.  All of her comments from here, the Telegraph and the Independent are available there.

Thank you, Leni. 

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  1. I loved both designs and very much appreciate all the work you put into this fun project. her comment is here