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  1. UT, you're going to get a few more desert island discs, now. Because it was good music and he was a great bloke. All words and music by Peter J. What's side story number one, Peter?

    "Side story number 1: That one goes with my first disco at the local cricket club, while it was top of the charts. I bought a girl two brandy and babychams (mind-bogglingly expensive), and she went off with somebody else. So I always associate this tune with poverty and rejection. :-)"

  2. (Freda Payne, Band of Gold)

  3. "Desert Island Disc number 2:

    When we took over the college entertainment committee in 1974, we found a locked store cupboard containing a portable disco system with attached flashing lights, along with four or five boxes of 45s obviously collected over the previous several years. We turned this into a business to help finance live acts, hiring out the system for a fiver a night along with two of us who acted as DJs in exchange for free beer for the duration.

    This is one of the floor-fillers we played at a series of weird venues over the following couple of years:"

    (Curtis Mayfield, Move On Up)

  4. "Desert Island Disc 3:

    While I was taking my final exams in 1975, most of them started at 9am. After a long night of revision, I used to get ready to go, and then stand in the living room of the shared house at 5 Regent Street and play something really loud to get the blood moving before leaving for the Great Hall arena.

    This is one of the tracks I played - the more volume, the better. And I only screwed up one exam really badly."

    (Carlos Santana, The Life Divine)

  5. "Desert Island Disc Number 4:

    This one has been on every draft of the desert island list I've come up with since 1982. The version below was mostly filmed at a gig I was at, although I can't spot myself in the crowd, and this performance is one of the main reasons it went on the list in the first place."

    (Talking Heads, Crosseyed and Painless)

  6. "And it must be time for Desert Island Disc Number 6.
    The first single I ever heard was the Rolling Stones' Not Fade Away, which my big sister's friend over the road bought the day it came out and which I trailed along to hear when my sister was excitedly invited over. Then there were other classic singles, some patchy albums, and a final decision to see them live sometime around 1982 when I thought they couldn't possibly keep going much longer.But this is the song I want to keep, for its bluesy undertones and surprisingly-subtle musicality, as a sort of reminder of a not-very-good Wembley Stadium show, and - of course - for the staggering brilliance of the intro."

    (The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter)

  7. "I'm even putting off opening a letter from the hospital until tomorrow to maintain the temporary feeling of well-being.

    So: Desert Island Disc Number 7.

    Throughout the 90s I spent a long time discovering contemporary classical music, which I'd got to via jazz in its more esoteric forms after starting out in jazz fusion in the 70s. There's melody and rhythm in it, particularly in the minimal forms (as long as you don't go mad on the repetition like Philip Glass too often does).
    So this is to represent all of them, as well as giving a nod to my father's love of Purcell."

    (Michael Nyman, The Queen of the Night)

  8. "While it's quiet...

    Desert Island Disc Number 8

    "While I've never had any religious belief worth mentioning, having been a Methodist Sunday school dropout circa 1963 and watched my Christadelphian relatives with bemusement, I have a bit of time for the numinous. Looking at the stars, being in certain landscapes or certain buildings, can produce emotions beyond the everyday.

    As can music. I can't remember when I first heard this - sometime in the 90s is as close as I can get - but its sonic and tonal qualities, combined with its air of stately processional, led me to note it down immediately for my (definitely non-religious) funeral. And I've always liked brass sections, anyway."

    (Arvo Part, Arbos)

  9. "Desert Island Disc Number 5:
    I was homeless for a while in the early 80s after the break-up of a long relationship, and ended up sleeping on my sister's living-room floor in a tiny flat in Turnpike Lane. I had almost no belongings with me, but had a few LPs I'd scooped up for emergencies. So this is to remind me of lying in a sleeping bag feeling sorry for myself. And it's also from one of the musicians I've grown up alongside, since I first heard his voice coming from a fellow-student's room on my first day at University."

    Peter J. July, 2011.

    (Peter Hammill, In the End)

    Some lyrics:

    "I promise you, I won't leave a clue:
    no tell-tale remark, no print from my shoe.
    Still a steady trail to the water's edge -
    I will keep my pledge to the end;
    I intend to go free"

    You will always be remembered, Peter.