01 January 2010


Best wishes for a great 2010!


  1. best wishes to all from the first hour of 2010 in the pacific time zone,,

  2. Happy New Year Everyone!!!

    Looks like you gals had an 80s party going on yesterday, featurig lots of clips I may not watch ... For example, *what* was big last time Montana was up to date with regards to music?

  3. hey its party time in Vancouver,,just heard gunshots in the hood,,police chopper buzzing around,,

  4. watson some of those old tracks were worth your weight in memories and nostalgia,,it was a great disco cheese thread

  5. 3p4 Maybe but cheese can get sort of indigestable!

    And its fattening!

  6. Good morning & happy new year all.

  7. Hey, BW! Still walking on sunshine?

  8. 3p4, I like the 80s, it's the sound of my youth (okay, childhood).

  9. like the 80s

    thats a cif poster name sherlock,,any connection?
    seem to have some vague inkling that likedthe80s
    is a police officer,, which fits with your moniker here,,just curious,,
    annetan,,,,And its fattening!

    i still wear the clothes i wore in the eighties
    built like a whippet and it never changes,,(sorry girls)

  10. annetan - I knew you knew what I meant, I was only testing. xx. All the best in finding a new buyer for the house. I hope things go better for your daughter too.

    The best of mornings and a happy new decade to everybody here at UT.

    Lovely sunny start to the year here in E Yorks so I'm away to walk on the sunshine too.

  11. Happy new year everyone! Quite a party last night, haven't waded through all the tracks but can guess!

    Leni has put a plea up on waddya for someone to write a piece on identity politics and how divisive they are. Fancy doing it?

    We need to plan for the get together on Saturday.

  12. 3p4: No, no connections at all to those. To be honst, I don't really remember why I chose this moniker, but somehow, it stuck :-)

    Just for the record, I will try to ignore every mention of cheese on here, since I have an inkling my being unwell the last two days is connected to baked sheep cheese, and I don't want to remember ...

  13. Sheff my delightful young miss - with two different avatars running you appear a split sort of soul - I liked your original one best.

    I think they won't post MAM until reinforcements arrive for the mods team.

  14. appropos of nothing in particular here is something out of "my favorite and most profound
    statements on man art and nature,,the human condition and whats good about the world" video clips,,for me its one of the most awe inspiring
    things i ever saw,,

    old masters

  15. Morning MsChin, Bitterweed, annetan42, deano30, Sheffpixie, elementary watson; belated seasonal greetings.

  16. That was fun 3p4! LOL fun - thanks Bro.

  17. And a seasonal greeting to you, Medve!

  18. Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! Etc Etc.

    Ooh, my head hurts...

  19. 3p4,
    Madness. Will view again when I'm feeling better.

  20. HankScorpio said...

    "@Bitey - you referred the other day to your "agenda", which precluded any chance of you joining this little community.

    "Care to explain what precisely that "agenda" is?"

    Well one of the items that can now be ticked off is to provoke you into the crudeness, obscenity and threat of violence that seems to be your hallmark, and which only goes to show that you can take the man out of the council estate but rarely the council estate out of the man.

  21. Afternoon, Bitey, and a Happy New Year to you too xx

    Now, is there a nutritionist in the house who will know whether a Terry's Chocolate Orange counts as a source of Vitamin C?

  22. Hank - yes it does, and if you have the milk chocolate one, that will also meet your RDA for calcium.

    Think I need to go back to bed...

  23. Dunno, hank, but chocolate's good for you.

    HNY to those nursing hangovers!

  24. Thanks both - I thought as much. It's actually one of those "volcanic popping candy" ones, so presumably it will provide my daily dose of molten lava too.

    Gotta be a better option than baked sheep's cheese )-:

  25. MAM's piece has just gone up...

  26. And a very happy new year to everyone - even Bitey, who has admitted, or possibly even declared, being a troll again. Seriously Bitey - try being happy this year. You'll find life is much nicer.

  27. What a rambling disjointed mess that is. Sorry, MAM, first go and all, but I expected something a little more cogent than that.

    And the line about Karl Marx abusing Britain's hospitality...

    Bring back Mike Read.

  28. ...its disappointing MsC...reads like a Sunday sermon. Was expecting more.

  29. Thanks mschin, but I'm not yet ready for music!

  30. MsChin

    Tried to challenge MAM's main premise, nice tuppence from you.

    Nice bright start of the year here 10C, enough to cause a bit of good-humoured, if misguided, optimism for the new year.

  31. Sheffpixie

    What, exactly, did you expect from MAM? (I dare say no-one expected the [spanish] inquisition ;) )

  32. Afternoon all, and a Happy New Year to one an all.

    (Apart from Bitey who is also a snob as well as a bigot, a misogynist and a stalker. Who'da thunk it, eh? The best I can wish for him in 2010 is that he finds a better therapist)

    I got up at about 8.30 - having gone to bed at about 2.00 - with every intention of going to the only Buddhist meeting of the year I usually bother with, but too much booze, a sore head and not enough sleep made an atheist out of me and I went back to bed again. Ah well.

    Re MAM's article - to be fair he had a really dumb subject forced on him. How the hell can you write about intolerance being a virtue without falling into the bear traps? I am not wont to praising him in general, but given the 6th Form English Essay-ness of the subject matter, I think he has taken a pretty good crack at it.

    I am so lucky my husband can cook, because I can smell the ham roasting in the oven. In fact, in fairness, one of the main reasons I married him was because he had a full set of Le Creuset pans when I met him, and not all shiny and new for decoration either. He's a bloody star.

    May I wish you everything you would wish for yourselves, and here's hoping for a joyful, peaceful and prosperous 2010 to one and all.

    Love ya!

  33. HNY, all.

    Re MAM's apalling nonsensical article - 'to be fair he had a really dumb subject forced on him. How the hell can you write about intolerance being a virtue without falling into the bear traps?'

    MAM posted this on 19 December:

    Finally if I can suggest a topic, assuming I accept, I think I should write on why Intolerance is an undervalued virtue.

    I'm afraid that the evidence of his/her stupidity is totally self-inflicted.

  34. "...Re MAM's article - to be fair.."

    insufferable, intolerable sounds about fair enuf to me.

    I'm not surprised you went back to bed...


  35. BB

    Happy new year!

    [BLOCKquoty thing]
    I got up at about 8.30 - having gone to bed at about 2.00 - with every intention of going to the only Buddhist meeting of the year I usually bother with, but too much booze, a sore head and not enough sleep made an atheist out of me and I went back to bed again. Ah well. {end of blockquoty}

    Beg to differ. Your magnanimous comment on MAM's thread has a rather a Buddhist flavour methinks ;) Quite in character.

  36. Ah, fair enough scherf. I thought it was something that was suggested to him. In which case it's a bit of a damp squib of an article, then. Nothing to see there... move along now....

    Though that StudRockman made me laugh with his comment about Marx: "Bloody German political philosophers...coming over here and undermining our classical economic theories"

  37. Medve. Was expecting a bit more is all. Think MAM would be perfect as Witchfinder General. Probably sleeps with some contemporary version of the Maleus Malefecarum under his pillow.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Nice spot, scherf. I had a feeling MAM was allowed to pick his own subject. Easy on the Archivist thing though, we've already got one of those.

    Anyway, own up - who's posting as DickHardon?

  40. Medve

    Aww. Thanks. I try my best not to be mean just for the sake of it, if I can. But sometimes being mean is actually the compassionate thing to do! Got to help people out of their delusions one way or another! Heheh.. :o)

  41. Sheffpixie


    De strigis vero quae non sunt, nulla amplius quaestio fiat.

    Boszorkanyok pedig nincsenek.

    Witches do not exist. so don't go for any silly witchcraft trials investigations and tortures.

    Law made by king Coloman of Hungary 1095-1116 stopping the persecution of unfortunates.

  42. Medve

    Coloman sounds like a wise old bird (looked him up). Definitely ahead of his time - we could do with him around today.

  43. Well, the lie-down has helped a bit, but the industrial-strength coffee I'd thrown down me this morning didn't allow for an actual nap. May have to venture out soon for juice and fags, although I'm not sure if anything will actually be open...Anyway, will check out MAM's article first.

  44. OK, have read the first half - the ability to talk in cinemas is more important than religious or political freedom? I'm not sure I'm sufficiently awake to get what the hell s/he is talking about...

  45. Half a pint of fruit juice cut with half a pint of - preferably - Badoit is the canine's testicles for sorting out that nasty dehydrated feel you have with your hangover. In fact I might just go and sort some out for myself now (although I can't afford to buy Badoit in this country. Bastards charge for it as if it were wine here!)

  46. Ginger ale and orange juice, watered down a bit, is my normal rehydration technique, but that requires me to go outside and purchase things. Bleah...

    Plus, the telly's not bloody working. and the orange tech line is 'on holiday'. and i'm not sure, even if they weren't, that i could glue together enough relevant words in french to tell them it's busted, still less to understand what they said back to me.

    i think another lie-down may be necessary...

  47. If you're going to the shop, PhillipaB, get us twenty Marlboro reds. Or red Marlboros (oh no, not that again).

    Sorry for sneaking out without saying goodbye this morning, Montana. You looked so sweet, I didn't want to wake you.

  48. heyhabib

    We should get a T-shirt saying "I snuck out on Montana without saying goodbye, but lived to tell the tale".

  49. a poster of the year event is not well served by resulting in an anonymous new atl.

    i really dont think much of mam as a poster and i got deleted last year the one and only time i said so

    "oh a MaM thread seen one seen them all"
    (the entire deleted comment,,)

    i have often said the way to deal with annoying posters is to scroll on by,,scrolling scrolling,,scrolling down the trivia
    but it doesnt work the same when 40 or 50 % of the posts are responces to the person you find
    eshewable,,and when they appear on ten threads a day,,

    overall i was pleased i only posted the one comment and then held my piece (nb BB)held my peace,,ooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    Job,,were you the poster"anonymous" who placed me at the top of the "most annoying" chart on this board some weeks ago,,? i ask as you have declared a covert intention previously and are now revealing the details,,
    i do hope it was you otherwise they are still probably here sneering at me in anonymity,,but also affording me the opportunity to further enjoy holding my peace,,

    (hi, 'waves')

    also Job are you by chance as one of your sock puppets @harfman ?

  50. hey Giyus wheres our new year surprise ?

  51. 3p4

    Apropos mam, similar sentiments separated by nine time zones.

  52. in all fainess Medve i will acknowledge that Mam is much more useful to The Graun than i am,,

  53. "r"

    oops i dropped one,,luckily it landed serif side up

  54. Starting off this year as I mean to continue.

    HNY to anyone not around last night!

  55. thaumaturge

    A happy and prosperous new year

  56. 3p4

    Luckily those "r"s don't roll very much.

  57. And to you, Medve, thanks!

    A song for those who creep out of threads in the middle of the night (you know who you are):

    Can't remember if we said good-bye.

  58. "HNY to anyone not around last night!"

    We were very cheesey, but a year of punishment is a bit much. Lilac Wine sounds perfect as a hangover cure.

    Honestly, thanks to everyone last night. I thought it was going to be one of the grimmest nights of the year, on me todd. Instead, it was a really a good laugh and much needed.

    Happy New Year.

  59. Thauma

    Loved the Nina S. Here's another one

    Spell on you

    Think Wild is the Wind is her all time greatest album

  60. Thauma playin' the tunes.
    Hurtin' bad, baby.

  61. Habib, have had a read through last night's thread, but not listened to most of the tracks. I have a horror of 80s music in general even though it's the era I ought to like as it's da music of my yoof, like.

    I ain't hurtin', but I do feel like some nice laid-back music in a deep groove. Fire's going, have wine, fits the mood. Marlboro Reds well-supplied.

    Sheff - ta, will have a listen now!

  62. Just been having some nice Billie Holiday tunes as background music in the film Public Enemy.

    Good movie - almost at the end now.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Aha! More Johnny Depp in Willy Wonka on ITV. He cracks me up in that film. Then the last ever Doctor Who with David Tennant. *cries*

  65. Sheff, that was lovely. I had the pleasure of seeing Ms Simone live a year or two before she died. She had to be helped on stage, where she proceeded to scare the living daylights out of the audience by waving something that looked suspicously like a feather duster at all and sundry, but which was wielded like a voodoo tool of soul-destruction, and demanding applause.

    Her piano-playing was still brilliant, but the voice had gone a bit, although here and there the old brilliance came through.

    Emmylou covers Neil Young with Daniel Lanois at the controls. Bliss.

  66. Sorry Thauma, I'll translate.

    "Thauma playin' the tunes.
    Hurtin' bad, baby."

    should be

    "Thaumaturge has played music worthy of recognition, classically recalling times of sorrow."

    I like the mellow tilt that you and Sheff are putting together. Would Carlos Santana fit in? (hit the play button on the top right, not the vid.)

  67. Aw. It's the old one. Still, worth watching though :o)

  68. Sorry, Habib, not been down wid da kidz lately.

    Santana is always welcome. Used to see him every summer at an outdoor venue. Fucking brilliant. The smoke passed around from stranger to stranger and all danced.

  69. Since you're such a smooth-talking bastard...

  70. OK, OK, the T-shirt should read:
    "I snuck out on Montana without saying goodnite,
    but the tunes of Sheff 'n Thauma made it allrite".

  71. Sorry for sneaking out without saying goodbye this morning, Montana. You looked so sweet, I didn't want to wake you.

    Awww. That's so sweet I'm going to stop being mad at the sprog, too.

    I've been trying to be change my eating habits, exercise more, etc., but decided yesterday when I went to get groceries that I'd buy some doughnuts for a NYD treat for us. They're sold in boxes of 8. At some point in time between my purchase of the doughnuts and my desire to eat one, the sprog opened up the box and got a couple out. Wouldn't mind a bit -- except he didn't close the box. So I this morning I'm greeted with six doughnut-shaped rocks.

    I suppose I should be grateful to him for sparing me from my own weakness.

  72. BB

    Apropos the released hostage, is your opinion unchanged? There seems to be more and more smoke:


  73. Rock hard doughnuts. Good name for a band.

  74. Montana

    a few drops of water sprinkled on top, in the microwave @ about 250W for half a minute. OK, not good as new, but probably quite eatable

  75. Hi all. Just wanted to drop by and say a Happy New Year to all.

    First New Year - without a drink - ever (well since I was about fifteen, I didn't get shitfaced on New Years Eve as a child)! But no hangover which is good I suppose - but then seen as feel sick all day and cant eat anyway, what difference would it make? I should have had half a bottle of brandy - it might have sorted me out.

    Don't think I can bear it but must check out MAM's piece before retiring back to my pit.

    I hope those suffering all feel better soon - hangovers are crap. I always found that a big bag of walkers ready salted crisps and full fat coke helps a treat. Not too healthy I admit but seems to do the trick.

  76. Happy New Year PCC

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Medve - I am not sure what is going on with the Iran-hostage link thingy, to be honest. It just seems that the timing is too damn perfect, given the hardened stance that the US and UK seem to want to take against Iran at the moment.

  77. MsChin - absolutely astounding. Stunning. Probably the best video I've ever seen.

    Habib - not too bad for 80s music. ;-)

    BB - I'm also very suspicious of any anti-Iran propaganda. We've been here before with Iraq.

    Take This Waltz

  78. The only thing edible I could find this morning, for an easy breakfast, were two Hot X buns dated 23 December. Both rock hard and one with a tiny tiny spot of mold.

    Mold surgically removed, toasted and dressed with Brittany butter with sea salt crystals, they were ok. Not as good as four though.

    Happy New Year PCC and thauma - I think I caught the rest of you earlier.

  79. PCC - damn it all, hope you feel better soon!

    Here's one for you: Feelin' All Right

  80. Happy new year, Deano!

    Here's you walking Gandolfo's dog: Caminando

  81. This comment has been removed by the author.

  82. Happy new year princesschipchops!

  83. Oh god what day is it? is it all over now?
    happy new year one and all...haven't read all the posts yet...
    thaum nice one! dog survived ny eve!!!!

  84. Aha, here's the Rubén Blades song I was really looking for: Ella se esconde".

    What a bandit you are - a racketeer of love

    This is a good 'un too: Mientras duerme la ciúdad.

  85. BB, Thauma, your suspicions are entirely understandable, I think we should be severely worried if you are right. If not, sadly, we should still be worried.

  86. as we're going intercontinental tonight...this is good....

  87. Aach! Habib -- It has to be Lesley!

    (And thauma -- you've got mail)

  88. Medve -- went with wheat toast & butter. Pretending it's a doughnut.

  89. Montana

    Possibly more wholesome than a doughnut.

  90. Medve - But not more wholesome than a hot cross bun...

  91. deano

    nudge nudge ;) ;)


    Great post on MAM's thread.

  92. No discussion on how Dr Who met his demise tonight - Montana's sprog is a fan and the information might slip from her weary lips...

  93. Thanks guys :) I am okay - it is just the same ongoing stomach thing. But at least I am getting a thoroughly good detox and not a day too soon! Just hope that by February after the camera thingy can start eating again and having the odd glass of wine and get out a bit to see friends etc. The detox will have gone on quite long enough by then.

    Just been made spitting mad by the right wing fuckwittery in evidence on the Douzinas thread. Some arse comes along and states that socialism fails as evidenced by twelve years of New Labour and gets over a hundred recommends. It has made me want to bomb Cif.

    Good riposte on there Sheff.

    Medve - thought the MAM article was weird. Was expecting something a lot more meaty and controversial - but the Marx bit was great. It was worth the effort though for this brilliant comment by StudRockman in response to some woman moaning about the hell of living with a Marxist husband.
    ''In Sweden there are dedicated teams of officers specially trained in dialectical materialism who step in at early stage whenever an abusive Marxist male starts to show signs of bad manners and nonsensical destruction. Yet in this country we sit back and allow rogue Marxists to set up collectivist households, ignore basic bourgeois sensibilities and shout obscenities at television newscasters and democratic politicians... '' Absolutely brilliant.

    Then made the mistake of reading Angela Knights horror fest - oh dear!

    Don't forget guys - coke and crisps - works like a charm! Off to have a bath and wash the neo liberal slime off.

  94. Gandolfo - nice one - put me in mind of a beautiful bit in the Orlando film set in the Arabian desert ... but I can't find it so you'll have to listen to this instead.

    Another lovely vaguely eastern song: Mamouna.

  95. Umm hmm, my coice was not original, Montana.
    Can we go all sixties tonight?

    Here's in memory of CiF

  96. Will watch it on i-player when its up.

  97. Well up there at your usual standard PCC (xx.)I found Physiocrat an intersesting poster too, I often do.

    Well that fegging lottery is plainly a scam - how the fuck can I be expected to win if Dr Who keeps nipping back and buying his mates a ticket.

  98. Bloody brilliant. I am sad now though.

    David Tennant was the best Doctor so far, imo, and I mean including all the ones of earlier decades. Tough act to follow.

  99. The Doctor meets his demise tonight? Dammit, deano, you could have placed a spoiler warning, couldn't you?

  100. Good idea, heyhabib. And as an antidote to that nasty feminist stuff Montana posted...
    there's always Connie

  101. Damn, thauma. That was mine. Erm, right. I once had a girl. Hard to believe, I know, but stretch the imagination.

  102. Some great tunes on here this evening. here's a bit of Lebanese pop

    Nancy Ajram

    Princess - sorry to here you're poorly - take care of yourself.

  103. Good god, martillo, is that any way to greet the new year? Givvus some decent flamenco. I'm forced to put up with this lot. There must be better out there.

  104. Habib - love that one. Lennon once said something to effect that in that song he was trying to write about having an affair without his wife (Cynthia, then) spotting it.

    Love the harmonies on it.

    I'm sure I've posted this before, but if we're going '60s (or thereabouts) and harmonies, on a midnight watch I realised why twice you ran away.

    Story of my life.

  105. Sixties it is. while I cannot match the professional standard of MsChin, Sheff, or thauma i'll have a go ..


    not forgetting


  106. David Tennant was the best Doctor so far, imo, and I mean including all the ones of earlier decades. Tough act to follow.

    as someone who actually watched episode one on opening night as it were,,only the first Doctor is The doctor,, ,, and all this music you guys are playing tonight owes an awful lot to that night,,that theme music was something never before heard,,it was e lect tron ic,,

    think about it,,on this day of 'from then to now'
    a year a decade an era

    here endeth todays lesson

  107. Didn't see Dr Who but have been listening to this

    Ismael Lo - Jammu Africa

  108. Sheff, well, he might be playing an arse, but that's one handsome bloke in that video! ;-)

    Very nice one, Martillo, thanks!

    Now to combine '60s and flamenco ... ah yes ... I can hear it calling me the way it used to do.

  109. Just got back & getting caught up with the music.

    Don & Phil are always a good choice, Habib. The pride of Shenendoah, Iowa.

  110. Hi All and Happy New Year!

    Not well today, due to the 26 oz. flu. Will remedy by smoking a doob (ZigZag white of course) and imbibing some more at the new year's jam at the legion. Hair of the dog aand all that.

    thauma--Good choice with Paint it Black. Kinda matches that exotic slinky outfit on your avatar. (-:

  111. Well if you lot are insisting on the 60s it has to be Otis

  112. Thauma - that particular Zeppelin song has history for me....

  113. Well, start the year as you mean to go on. I can hardly drag myself away to get on with my real family life ;)

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Sheff - more great choonz! Go on, spill: what history? ;-)

    I lurves this one: looks like nothin's gonna come my way.

    And this: war is not the answer.

  116. Love that Montana and the Celia and the Mutations version.

    Do you know this bunch?

  117. Thauma....just a broken heart...got over it eventually. How about some Lou Reed

    Take a Walk on the Wild side

  118. Montana - this version is great too - I don't think Tommy James was allowed quite the level of libidinessness back in the day! Loooove the shot of the hand sliiiiding up and down the guitar.... :-)

  119. This video contains content from EMI, who has decided to block it in your country

    cant see what thauma posted which prompted my

  120. Have just dug this one up from the back catalogues of memory. IMHO, the bloke is underrated because of his silly image: his voice, the songs and arrangements, the backing bands, are all great.

  121. EMI, who has

    EMI, who have

    EMI, which has,, ah its this one

    EMI, who has ,,this one is discomforting,,

  122. Brief interruption in the music for a couple of points:

    A. Belated thanks to 3p4 for a lovely comment at the end of last night's thread. I, too, am happy that you were right. Everyone here has become quite special to me and you've no idea how much you've all helped me, just by being here.

    B. Newer arrivals: I don't know if you know how to get in touch with me. You can click on my name either at the top of any comment or over in the 'Contributors' box in the right-hand column.

    If you'd like to be added to the contributors list for the UT2, e-mail me so that I can send you an 'invitation'. Everyone is welcome to be a contributor there at any time. You don't have to write an article to start a thread. You can post a link to something you'd like to discuss or just throw out a question you think would be good to explore.

    Or you can e-mail me just because. That's good, too.

    Okay, back to the tunes.

  123. thauma


    This video contains content from EMI. It is no longer available in your country.

    did someone say proxy server?

  124. Ah Velvet Underground, probably one of the best ever...

    And this is probably one of the best love songs ever

    Anyone seen my coat?

  125. This is getting obssessive - nearly posted up something from the Incredible String Band but thought better of it. Try this instead

    The night they drove old dixie down

  126. 3p4 - it was Billy Idol's version of Mony Mony if you mean the 21:33 post. It's not *that* naughty - must just be a copyright issue!

    Digging on the Velvet Underground now....

  127. MsChin - wasn't familiar with the Love choon. Nice, thanks.

    Martillo - truly, you need help. With your coat. ;-)

    Sheff - you must've read my mind, 'cos I was just getting ready to post this.

  128. for some reason music from big pink leads me to this,,weird eh

    nice indeed

  129. Ah Joan Baez, nice one, sheffpixie. I wouldn't have minded the Incredible string band.

    Melanie... How does this compare with the original?

  130. martillo - what an old romantic you are. Heres one I think you'll like

    the first time ever I saw your face

  131. Jeez thauma - have a care for my blood pressure!

  132. Shaz, why did you delete? CE is worth a clearing of the throat. He was a damn fine Doctor.

    Getting caught up on music now.

  133. Sheff _ now that Flack lady sings for this guy. I really liked that track.

  134. Very nice music tonight. Just going to listen, for a change. Shout me if you run out/have to leave.

  135. 3p4 - do you also require assistance with your coat? ;-)

    I know I said I can't stand 80s music but there are a few honourable exceptions and Sheff's started me off on it with her Randy Newman post: I'm doing all right, getting good grades

    Love is a stranger in an open car

    And you may ask yourself ... why such a big suit?

  136. Woooooooooooooooooooooo! That was good!

  137. Love that too, sheffpixie!

    I'll leave you with in a broken dream

  138. thauma

    This one featured on a night I'll not forget


  139. 3p4 - I think my mum told me The Nice is the first concert she ever went to see. She was sick. Probably not the music, although she *claims* it was because it was too loud. An early ELP formation, was it not?

    Martillo - very Guardianista version of Ruby Tuesday. ;-)

    Sheff - liked your song, but in Texas I couldn't stand the weather. (Ha! Actually it's a pretty good video, if visual quality poor, and I feel that way many days....)

    One more bluesy one: No-one here gets out alive

  140. Whoa! Guardianista? How so? And how dare you?

    That's gorgeous, Sheffpixie. Can't believe I didn't know it.

    Night all.

  141. I see GIYUS has returned to Waddya.


    The vid to Sanatana's Abraxas (earlier) was absolutely the best thing I've ever found on YouTube.

    Love's Forever Changes album is really good. There's a MySpace page for them here.

  142. Must away to my pit but I'll leave you with Albert King and Stevie Ray playing Stormy Monday

    Sweet dreams all

  143. As we are all taking a stroll down memory lane, sharing the (sometimes embarassing) songs that mark remembrances of our lives dear to us, let me give you this:

    This horrible, horrible song (believe me, it's better for you if you do not follow that link) was playing in one of my dancing lessons, and I remember being annoyed by the sond, by the artificial smoke and by the strobe; however, I was very charmed by the girl I danced with.

    And now I realize that I've totally forgotten what her name was. Damned aging process!

  144. Sheff: fuckinell, you really are reading my mind. I was thinking of posting Killing Me Softly

    Ah Martillo, you've redeemed yourself with that Python Lee Jackson song. At first it sounded like Rod Stewart on vocals, only much, much better, but then not so similar. Very good.

    Sheff again - god, I'd forgotten that song. I'll give you one back from a different era. it's still that same old movie that's haunting me

  145. Good night one and all, thanks for the great tunes.

  146. damm that stevie ray vid is good,,faces to paste on to every troll there ever was ,,anyone else catch the zz top cameo,,

  147. Martillo ... errr ... I mean it's a very earnest version of the song.

    MsChin - still can't get over that video. Gorgeous. On my next planet-destroying trip, I may have to go to Mexico, presuming that's where it was shot.

    Some more Southern blues: I don't own the clothes I'm wearing

    Watson - you're right, I couldn't turn that song off fast enough. My sympathies.

  148. 3p4 - now you've brought up ZZ Top, how about

    Gimme all your lovin'

  149. On a completely different note: si je t'aime, prends-garde á toi!

    A clip from the fabulous film, darlings. No really, it is very good. My favourite eating soundtrack. Encourages one to stuff one's face heartily.

  150. there are the odd occasions when its actually quite a wrench to delete that response to a troll
    and not press send,,


    first people to teach me electric guitar was duane and dicky,,

  151. 3p4 - now you've brought up ZZ Top

    and did you catch the zztop cameo in stevies video ? i ask cos i have so many experiences of my eyes working different from average,,this may a good example,,

  152. Ha! Sheff, that was a trip back into the past! Saw a very good documentary, I think on iPlayer, on Seasick Steve, a couple of months ago, describing that region of the south. It's probably gone now.

  153. *Thunk!*

    Did you hear that? That was the witching bell. That's me off to bed ... night all!

  154. Great evening - sleeping me softly calls

  155. thauma

    Re: the vid, aside from the rainforest, it's definitely the Andes & very likely Peru, eg: Machu Picchu.

  156. Goodnight from me to anyone still here.

  157. good nightT
    good night D
    and good night MsC
    oh goody goody its tea time
    for me

  158. Hi All--Realise I'm late for the party, but I just got back from a jam. Couldn't lose really. A good day for music on the UT as well. I will go with sheffpixies choice of Texas Flood as the link of the day. After Hendrix SRV was the finest axe player IMO.

    3p4-You still up? ZZTop are a damn fine band too. Saw them in Vancouver, great show. Also the the 'Legs' album cover is delectable. Cheers.