08 January 2010


Ethelred of Wessex defeated the Danes in the Battle of Ashdown in 871.  Monaco received its independence in 1297.  The Battle of New Orleans was fought in 1815.  Abdul-Aziz ibn Saud became king of Hejaz in 1926 and changed the name of the kingdom to Saudi Arabia.  Ninety-three people were killed when two trains collided near Harmelen, the Netherlands, in 1962 and a British Midlands plane crashed on the M1 near Kegworth, Leicestershire in 1989, killing 47.

Born today:  Wilkie Collins (1824-1889), William Hartnell (1908-1975), Elvis Presley (1935-1977), Shirley Bassey (1937), Graham Chapman (1941), Stephen Hawking (1942) and David Bowie (1947).

Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Prompt Succour in the Roman Catholic Church.


  1. Go on -- click on the link for the Battle of New Orleans.

  2. I clicked, but my linux sound is slightly broken for some unknown reason :=(

    How are you bearing up with the cold?

    Younger boy recovering, we might go out sledging later.

  3. Just been out to inspect the day - absolutely beautiful morning with the sun just rising - but sooo cold. God knows how you manage over there Montana. I think fellow workers might be a bit thin on the ground today.

  4. Hurrah! Washing machine delivered, installed, and currently chirruping away while it undertakes its first wash. One malfunctioning home utility down, three to go...

    PS - 'tis throwing it down here. Bleah.

  5. Grim day to be at work...

    And what charming news awaited my return at CiF, the role of mercenaries in Iraq, FGM, Labour infighting, a plea for workers to trudge through blizzards to supply their labour, destitute mother killing herself and baby...

  6. Morning all,

    I see the sour milk of human hatred is flowing freely on the Jenni Russell blog.

    Particularly 'enjoying' the child murderer accusations being thrown at the poor woman.

    Child murder is one of the most incomprehensible acts known to humanity so either a) the woman was inherently evil or b) had reached a stage of mental illness where she was no longer responsible for her actions exacerbated by the desperation the lack of welfare provision had created.

    Of course the 'spakeyourspleen' brigade always reach for a).

    On a lighter CiF note (and goodness knows it needs it) I see a few people have called for GIYUS to go ATL on WDYWTTA. Shall we start a campaign?

  7. Wilkie Collins *and* David Bowie! Happy birthdays!

  8. Quick techie question - if my connection speed is over 6000 kbps, and radio streaming requires only 128 kbps, how come the radio keeps shutting off with the message 'insufficient bandwidth to play this programme'?

  9. "if my connection speed is over 6000 kbps, and radio streaming requires only 128 kbps,"

    Connection speed and throughput are two different things. Connection speed is a potential limit but most connections are "contended" with other users in your locality, effectively sharing bandwith.

    So, if other users are also online you might see your bandwith shared with 20 other people out of a possible 50 (50:1 is quite standard for residential connections), so it slows down.

    Then, out of a potential 6000kbps you might only get a throughput of 300kbps.

    Then you have to consider line length, how far are you from the exchange in terms of copper length, not as the crow flies. Unless you have fibre (Virgin, for example), in which case line length isnt a factor. On copper based ADSL, the standard, 6000kbps would be a maximum regardless of location. Some users will only get 1000kbps, and then that gets contended at 20:1, for example.

    Though maybe you have tested your line and you usually get an actual throughput of 6000kbps, in which case you can ignore all of the above as meaningless waffle ;)

  10. Morning all.....

    13D yes GIYUS would be great ATL...but not in dutch...second thoughts though...

    Phillipa: hi are you trying to listen to the beeb? sounds as if you got enough speed...

    Boudican a schnauzer....you're brave ;)

    Thaum i reckon our hounds are genetically linked...untrainable

  11. Gandolfo - she's got me trained pretty well.

  12. Jay - I did the BBC online test for actual streaming / download speed, so assume that's actual throughput. Anyway, it's started working again so hopefully it was just having a bad morning.

    13thDuke - indeed. not going near that one with a bargepole. great post from nega9000.

  13. Thaum my beast is now in military training he has gone to stay with a friend whilst we're away...I hope to come back to a dog that is no longer the canine equivilent of a kamikaze without a personal death wish but a wish to annihilate any dog about the size of boudican's mini schnawzer...i have my doubts though....

  14. BeautifulBurnout:

    "I live in a country where women have abortions.

    "The country I live in is a predominantly Christian country.

    "Therefore Christianity is responsible for abortions.

    "Now... can you spot the error in logic there? Because if you can't there is no hope for you."

    So how about this one Mrs Burnout?

    I live in a country where women kill children.

    The country I live in is a predominantly Christian country.

    Therefore Christianity is responsible for the murder of children.

    Well my learned friend, not very good on the logic here are you and all because you have this fixation on defending the most followed religion on the planet.

    And of course you were quite rightly taken to task by Brassworks and a bright six year old who couldn't get to school because of the icy conditions and was doing a bit of basic logic online, but who was quickly deleted by the mods for being an under age poster.

    And where are all your acolytes who would normally come to your defence?

  15. Philippa,

    I know. I did go on to agree with what nega9000 said but it's a horrible thread, really horrible.

    gandolfo, a Dutch GIYUS ATL article. Now you're talking. Although he didn't reply to my post in Dutch to him so I don't know if he's a Dutch speaker (unless he did and was vapourised before I read it).

  16. Boudican has a mini-Schnauzer?

  17. Hi jay look at yesterday's chat and there's even a lickle photo! Schnawzers, beagles cute but as they say in Italy "faccia tosta" (cheeky buggers)

    Duke...well if it were in dutch at least it would read better than some of the tripe that they put ATL..unfortunately GIYUS isn't really *into* 2 way communication just esoteric posing...

  18. Phillipa, if you're referring to R4, I've had that exact problem for a couple of weeks now. I can't get R4 at all, but no problems with R5, R7 etc. If you're not using Safari, one solution is to download a radio player as a free add-on to IE or Firefox.

  19. btw, my connection speed is 900kbps, so I think it's a problem with the BBC. Try R5 and see if it works.

  20. Gandolfo

    He/she looks very cute. I had a standard schnauzer myself, or rather my mum did, but he died a couple of years ago. Very cheeky indeed, very aloof, pompous little fellow, a canine Monbiot, but an amusing little chap.

  21. @Jay
    I see my hound as a canine stalin...he'd put all small dogs in a gulag if he had half the chance

    a neighbour has a mini schnauzer he's like a whirlwind looks like he's on acid...err not the neighbour the dog!!

  22. Hi Philippa - the BBC streaming services do that sometimes, for known and unknown reasons. There can be throughput problems at your end - if you're watching Flash videos while listening, for instance - or temporary bottlenecks anywhere between you and the actual data on the BBC servers.

    The BBC seems also to be fiddling with the data rates and codecs on the radio streaming services, which at the moment (here at least) means that the radio player becomes 'Service Not Available' at dead on midnight and comes back again about an hour later.

  23. @jay
    he is as yet an unidentified breed......what do you reckon?

  24. He looks a little like a wolf, Gandolfo, in some weird way, he certainly fits the bill of fascist overlord, he looks like the sort of beast it would be unwise to take a ball from.

    You'd have liked the schnauzer, thaum, if he had fingers to wag they would wag constantly, not for any specific reason just his general contempt for humanity. He was a bit like a cat in that regard. He had his own chair by the window and just spent all day gazing out of it, like an old man. Very grumpy/violent if disturbed from his windowside contemplation.

  25. This place is going to the dogs, boom boom.Not complaining as my faithful companion (can hardly believe he's nearly 13) lightens evey day (there, I can be soppy).Is there any way we could get a gallery of each other's pooches on here?

  26. "Is there any way we could get a gallery of each other's pooches on here?"

    Good thinking that man. Pooch Gallery needs to find a home here somewhere.

  27. jay looks and at times behaves evil but is in fact let's say a benevolent dictator.. he doesn't *do* balls, nor does he have them physically or metaphorically...:)

  28. "he doesn't *do* balls,"

    Too cool for school eh... I know the type...

    What about Kongs? Those weird little rubber things that bounce all over the place? They're good fun, the beast scampers after them then they bounce back over its head, quite amusing to watch...

  29. Afternoon, all. Hope everyone's coping with the cold in various parts of the world. Currently
    -4.3C in Manchester. At midday. That never happens.

    Did a silly thing last night, stayed up playing cards and drinking till 6am (working tonight). Now the sun's shining so brightly through my all too thin curtains that I can't get to sleep. Even watched "Moliere" from BBC iplayer without reading the subtitles, but it was too bloody good - had me gripped.

    Anyone seen anything that's really deadly dull on any internet tv site?

    Or can someone read me a story?

  30. "Anyone seen anything that's really deadly dull on any internet tv site?"

    Tanya Gold?

  31. Jay,
    Dull that doesn't get you wanting to commit violence. So that rules out top gear as well.

  32. Damn, that's the way forward - switch off the monitor and get some top gear rolled up. Where's the phone...?

  33. jay the occasional and I mean occasional stick thrown in his direction...that's assuming he's got off his arse to move!!

    Hi habib!
    if you want some really interesting reading this should solve your insommnia....;)

  34. "Boudican has a mini-Schnauzer"

    Look, can we stop this nasty mud-slinging ?!

  35. I note the scoundrel 'Bitterweed' is on the loose again. Where you been?

  36. Hi gandolfo! Very good, but the constant scrolling is too much. Try this (for no more than ten seconds) and tell me, did she really say "sod a ring"?

    I left it running too long, she's got me giggling now.... oh i'm tired.

  37. habib *sarwdering* or as we like to say soddering!

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. habib copper pickle tongs..WTF?

  40. Hi Jay
    Been busy, family bereavement pre-christmas and working non stop. All good apart from that.

    I am still in premod since September, and so now is my well behaved counterpart Nemeseiast. fork knows why they banged him up, he was lovely.
    Ho hum. Show them the pigs.

    (What's that in other languages I wonder ? French ? Dutch ?)

    PS Got a gig at Charlotte Street Blues Club next Saturday. Drop me a line if you're about. HardBjorn@googlemail.com

  41. Montrez-les les cochons. I think.

  42. Afternoon European Contingent (Assuming the British Isles and Iceland European)

    Show them the pigs. -> Laat hun de varkens zien.


    Toon hen de zwijnen.

    in Hungarian

    Mutasd meg nekik a malacokat. (for children)

    Mutasd meg nekik a disznókat. (more seriously)

    The treatment of the destitute alleged suicide/infanticide (funny how a bit of euphemism can make the most unpleasant stuff seem respectable) case is typical "Compassion is Fucked". Did anyone consider the sister? or possible grandparents? How would these self-righteous posters feel if something similar happened to a close relative or loved one of theirs and all was laid bare like this?

    later ..

  43. BW
    condolences also from me...

    "Show them the pigs."
    "non ho mica l'annello al naso" is wot you say 'ere which literally translated means well i don't have a ring through my nose!!!

  44. Sorry to hear about that, BW, good to see you back anyway. Show em the pigs indeed. Maybe Swifty will give us the Russian for it. Or Scherf the Danish. Need to find a language with a nice spiteful sounding translation.

    MacShane is still front of my pig queue, I think, I would painstakingly strap him into the harness to prolong the experience, triple checking each buckle. And I'd make sure he spent at least 3 hours socialising with the porkers before his fatal descent into the pen.

    I'll send you an email about Saturday in a sec, will come along if i can.

  45. Jay - postponed to the 23rd!!

    Surely Blair and Mandy would be 1 and 2.

  46. Jay

    I think that would be cruel and inhumane treatment of the porkers involved.

  47. quello mostrerà loro i maiali...literal translation and in my opinion more to the point!

    "And I'd make sure he spent at least 3 hours socialising with the porkers before his fatal descent into the pen."

    how about a pit of flying, meat eating cockroaches....

  48. Cool Jay - that gig's Sat 16th btw
    Our midlands pissup is the 23rd - reckon you can make that ??

    Cheers everyone for the linguistics ;-)

    Perhaps Montana, I could propose an "International Show them the Pigs Week" ?

    "how about a pit of flying, meat eating cockroaches...."

    Gandolfo, that's pretty impressive. Make that "giant meat eating cockroaches who lay their eggs in the victims' eyes" ? Or is this getting too wierd ... ?

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. BW wierd yes maybe but i'm having a bad day so....

    Make that "giant meat eating cockroaches who lay their eggs in the victims' eyes and then dissolve their bodies in acid saliva...."

  51. Pigs must be shown, without question.

    God my feet are cold with a pair of tights AND a pair of rugger socks on.

    Can't believe my luck today though - I was last on the list at the tribunal and thought I would be there all day waiting, then the first case's counsel was in another court on another matter, and the judge had only just received the file on the second case and wasn't ready with that, so I leap-frogged to the front and was out by 11.00. Now that is what I call the perfect Friday. :o)

    Went to Halfords and they have run out of grit, so I shall have to spend tomorrow shovelling by the looks of things. Hubby did it all yesterday which was a bit unfair really.

    Ah well. It looks absolutely beautiful at least! Amazing icicles on the front porch - I should take a pic of them while they are still there.

  52. BeautifulBurnout
    "God my feet are cold with a pair of tights AND a pair of rugger socks on."

    That'll blame you for wasting my tax money on freeing nonces from jail.


    How are you ?!

  53. "Surely Blair and Mandy would be 1 and 2."

    Dont be silly, Blair and Mandy would be last - that way they hear the screams of all the rest while they wait - imagine the psychological damage, the terror building!

    "I think that would be cruel and inhumane treatment of the porkers involved."

    Thats a fair point. I would reward them though, they would become national guardians, heroes, and would live the life of luxury till the end of the their days. I'd put them in Buckingham Palace in the new British republic.

    "how about a pit of flying, meat eating cockroaches...."

    Doesnt have the same brutality. I'd have to say no. And you cant idolise cockroaches, they couldnt become national treasures. Pigs are good animals. I'd follow a pig over the top when the whistle came, no doubt, but a cockroach...

    I'll have to wait and see on both the gig and meet up, BW, i was a little silly in the sales...

    I do like the International Show them the Pigs Week idea though, very much. People's visions for the pig showing show a lot of personal touch coming through, a good vehicle for exploring the inner loathing we hold for our glorious leaders. It would bring a tear to my eye to hear Pig Visions from around the world, a moment of global solidarity...

  54. "Pig Visions from around the world"

    This is getting good...

  55. Whereabouts is the blues night, BW? Is it open mic style or are you scheduled?

  56. Hey BW - I have never represented a nonce, and I have made it clear to my clerks that I would have real trouble doing it. I was representing an immigrant today though, so no doubt all the bigoted snoopers on here will have something to say about that! ;o)

    I'm fine but cold. Glad it's Friday, except I will have some work to do over the weekend.

    Good to see you back.

    And good to see Jay back too. :o)

  57. Jay
    It's a gig in a W1 venue drop me an email; I'll let you know details...

    I know, was only pulling your mightily clad leg. When I was a student, me and three othr lads had a great but extremely could shared house. They were all doing engineering PhDs, and so I was often the only one at home during the day. I used to sit at my desk for hours with an electric blanket round me, switched on low. The electric bill that winter was horrific. But worth it...

  58. I could go and get a blanket I guess. Or a sleeping bag.

    I saw an ad the other day for what was like a big babygro sack for adults - looked like it was two blankets sewn together, but with arms on it.

  59. Jay/Bitterweed,

    could we not get some kind of Charlie Manson angle on the pig showing?

    Remember he was influenced to go on a kill crazy rampage by the Beatles ''Piggies'' off the White Album?

  60. Good idea that, your Grace.

    Did you see the film "Helter Skelter"? Bloody creepy...

  61. If its W1 i should be able to make it, BW, i sent you an email. I have my months travelcard anyway so would only need to buy a couple of drinks, i'll raid the copper jar.

    BB - i think they are called "slankets", or something horrible like that. Apprently they have been selling like hot cakes.

  62. "Remember he was influenced to go on a kill crazy rampage by the Beatles ''Piggies'' off the White Album?"

    Yeah i thought it was Helter Skelter that provoked his rampage? I saw Macca do Helter Skelter (for the first time live ever, apprently), at glasto few years ago, was epic, he played She's a Woman too, which i love but never thought he would bother playing.

  63. Jay,

    from that fount of all knowledge wikipedia:

    Charles Manson, the infamous American serial killer derived personal meaning from many songs of The White Album (see Helter Skelter (Manson scenario)). "Piggies" was used in particular to justify attacks on the White establishment, with the lyrics "what they need's a damn good whacking" reflecting the attacks on Blacks in what Manson envisioned would be an apocalyptic race war. During the murders of Sharon Tate, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, Gary Hinman and others, the words 'political piggy', 'pig' and 'death to pigs' were written with the victims' blood on the walls. In the case of the LaBianca murders, knives and forks were actually inserted into the victims in reference to the lyric "Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon"

    Get Manson on the phone. Now.

  64. "Get Manson on the phone. Now."

    Exactly, forget some political "X Factor" gimmick, just set Manson loose on them.

    I was thinking, soon it will be Cameron we're dreaming about putting in the pig queue, and as i picture him in the queue it struck me he is clearly a "cryer", isnt he, look at his face - he'd cry. That silly little thin upper lip would start quivering and he would be a real sobber i think. So, Davey boy, you'll be up soon ya filthy little crybaby.

  65. Jay, the 'Bullingdon Bubbler' would be a most apt description.

    Can you imagine any of our current politicians going out for instance like Danton at the guillotine:

    ''Don't forget to show my head to the people. It is well worth seeing.''

  66. Scherf / PeterJ - ta, I think it's bennettsed. Am currently listening to Fools Gold on 6Music, which is fortunately still with me.

    Bitterweed - sorry to hear about your bereavement, good luck with the gig.

    thauma - that's how I'd say it. Zeigen Sie sie die Schweine in German, I think...

    why are we showing people pigs?

  67. PhillipaB. thanks - btw isn't it your birthday today ? yesterday ?? Beacoup happy returns anyway. Have a great weekend

    "why are we showing people pigs?"

    I'll let Jay do the honours if he's around...

  68. Damn BW - just noticed the "family bereavement" bit. Sorry, mate.

    It wasn't your lovely mum-in-law was it? :(

  69. "why are we showing people pigs?"

    Honestly, Phillipa, I'd always expected more from you... Pig visions are an integral part of UT heritage. Speaking of which, not long till the UT reaches its 1st birthday. Will have to get some booze and youtube linkies out for that one...

    Bullingdon Bubbler - i like it.

  70. BB,

    sorry, never noticed your question from above! I haven't seen 'Helter Skelter', the whole Manson thing gives me the creeps.

    Philippa, the usual reasons regarding our political class.

    I think we can also add the DUP in Northern Ireland, that whole Iris Robinson affair is astonishing.

  71. BB
    Thanks, no - me mum's brother. 71. Quite unexpected. There ought to be a law against it...

    Strongly agree about the 1st aniversary booze-and-You Tube sesh.


  72. Sunday, BW - have now purchased all necessary cake-making ingredients. Current plan is a coffee layer cake (missing the walnuts - boo - to avoid killing a mate of mine - he'd better eat two slices) and chocolate cake squares with fudgy topping. Mmmmm.

    Although - it's fecking snowing! I realise that for those of you currently trapped in semi-igloo conditions melting snow over a gas burner to make tea, this may not seem particularly interesting. But this is the south of france. It's not settling, as it's been raining for days, but the flakes are now quite large, so walking around is rather fun - many of the locals seem to think it necessary to duck snowflakes. bless 'em.

    TV now working. Am now waiting for something else to blow up.

  73. Over here, they're called Snuggies.

    If anyone seriously wants a gallery of UT dogs/pets (BB's rats and the cat that my son are in the process of adopting from the local shelter would be welcome, too.), I think I could set one up fairly easily. Doesn't have to be limited to pets, either, I guess. Is there serious interest in a UT photo gallery?

    Pigs: I've been an ardent supporter of the pigs idea since it was first raised several months ago.

    Oooh! They've finally started to clear snow from the pavements. I might be able to open my door soon!

  74. I don't know the origins of the "Show them the pigs" saying either, Pip, although I know what it means for UTers. :o)

    BoozeTube sounds like a good celebration.

  75. Pig Visions from around the world"

    has been definitively covered by

    Joseph Cambell "the mythic image",, 1974

    the ubiquity of pigs in myth is quite the source of wonderment after you read that little doorstopper,,
    mystery breed mongrel is mostly border collie,,plus some naturally rough coat breed,,
    toller or malinois for instance but with sight hound influence,,spotty white socks are often (nearly always)indication of brains/herding,,collie,, heeler,, etc etc,,
    cant get closer from one picture..white chest flash is very common marker for collie influence,,no actual "hound" visible in that picture,
    yesterday was A: the most unpleasant set of article/thread offerings EVER,,on cif

    and B: probably cif's busiest poster day ever,,
    never seen numbers like it before,,
    the video at the top of the thread was extraordinary in its sophistication and production values for its day,,that video can truly be called "leading edge"

  76. ""BoozeTube""

    I think BW and Montana should co-host the evening.

    15th February is the date. Gone quick hasnt it. A whole year of UT links, fights, walk outs, flounces, tantrums, banter, debate and moaning. I think we've done pretty well considering.

  77. Is there serious interest in a UT photo gallery?

    totally,,1000 words yes

  78. BB,

    Doesn't 'show them the pigs' come from the 'Hannibal' film of the Hannibal Lecter series?

    I think Gary Oldman kept a herd of flesh eating pigs to which he was ultimately fed.

  79. Phillipa
    A long time ago, in the early days of Untrusted, people tried to think of reasonable and fair post-revolutionary acts of justice to be meted out to the many mendacious evil shits ruining our world. Comrade Jay suggested feeding them live to pigs. But showing them the pigs first. For a few days. Hope this helps...

  80. Would it have anything to do with the body-disposal method referred to in, amongst others, Snatch and Hannibal?

    Animal pictures always welcome. Cats particularly, need felines to copy for a painting...

  81. Montana

    I think the idea of a beasts gallery is a go'er. Did you know the 1st birthday was only about 6 weeks away MOntana? I didnt realise we set this up in Feb.

    "Show them the pigs" was part of my description one day of my ambition to feed our overlords to pigs. I said i would make sure to firstly "show them the pigs", to build the suspense and terror for them. Bitterweed found the phrase funny and it went from there really, its now my rallying cry whenever despair takes hold...

  82. Ah! I got it! I really did, before BW posted that!

  83. The actual 1st anniversary is 15 Feb, but we could maybe fudge and celebrate on the 12th or 13th, so as not to be doing it on a school night.

  84. Jay - I recall that the pigs in Snatch only dealt with the already deceased, so presume you are a Thomas Harris fan?

  85. 15th Feb eh ? Without doubt, I can be around on the Friday 12th or Sat 13th for...

    ... "BoozeTube 2010"

  86. pigs/murders/body disposal/ is not a subject for humour in Vancouver,,you could get seriously duffed up in a bar or on the train whatever if you tried it here,,

  87. Would love a UT photo gallery - then I can bore you all with my Istanbul pics, or is it only for beloved pooches.

    My copy of Fussell's The Great War and Modern Memory arrived this mornng and have been sneakily reading it at work this afternoon. It's full of memorable quotes and there's a great description of Haig - as stubborn, self righteous, inflexible, intolerant and humourless. Fussell goes on to say:

    Bullheaded as he was, he was the perfect commander for an enterprise committed to endless abortive assaulting. Indeed, one powerful legacy of Haig's performance is the conviction among the imaginative and intelligent of today of the inredeemable defectiveness of all civil and military leaders. Haig could be said to have established the paradigm

    I don't remember who it was on cif who recommended this book but I'm very glad they did - it's an excellent read.

  88. "I recall that the pigs in Snatch only dealt with the already deceased, so presume you are a Thomas Harris fan?"

    Never heard of him to be honest. Its not the writer that did Ghost is it? Not sure why pigs took my fancy really, but its the waiting period and the time spent with the pigs thats most important, rather than the feeding itself, thats just the finale.

    But the time spent with the pigs, knowing whats coming, was important for me because i wanted them to know a little bit of that despair and hopelessness that they inflict on everyone else.

  89. May have got the name wrong - chap what wrote Silence of the Lambs. And Hannibal, what had the pigs in. Very inquisition, you are! "Show them the instruments of torture" and all that.

    Always quite liked pigs. There's nothing more comfortable looking than a pig in a field scratching itself on a fencepost. Pg Wodehouse knew this very well...

  90. "Always quite liked pigs. There's nothing more comfortable looking than a pig in a field scratching itself on a fencepost."

    Yeah I've always been quite a fan, there's something comforting about pigs, decent beasts they are, unassuming but impressive.

  91. Ah - thanks for the explanations guys. I shall go to bed less stupid this evening for once :o)

  92. PG Wodehouse also a fan - always preferred the Empress of Blandings to Bertie bloody Wooster...

  93. I wish I hadn't watched that video before me dinner, scherf....

  94. It's not roast pork, is it, BB?

  95. the waddya shut down at 5pm on friday snowed in night,,!!!!!!!!!!!!

    like totally clever move dudes,,

    sheesh,,just as the cow jokes started,,

  96. 3p4
    mystery breed mongrel is mostly border collie,,plus some naturally rough coat breed,,toller or malinois for instance but with sight hound influence,,spotty white socks are often (nearly always)indication of brains/herding,,collie,, heeler,, etc etc,,
    cant get closer from one picture..white chest flash is very common marker for collie influence,,no actual "hound" visible in that picture,

    yep that was more or less what i thought on the collie level...the intelligence shines through when he doesn't do what you want him too...

    @montana think a pics gallery would be fab...good on yer

    pigs are pretty intelligent beasts so i don't think they'd have any scruples eating the likes of Broon, Bliar et al...might just get bad case of indigestion but we can always have a whip round for them for some alka seltzer.....

  97. It was going to be pork casserole, funnily enough scherf. Not so sure I fancy making it now. Might be oven fish and chips instead now....

  98. Stop it or I won't be able to eat anything!!

  99. gandolfo,,when we get the photo page,,yay happy first birthday pressie for the Utters,, and if you post a profile pic i might glean more 'possibilities',,
    good name eh gang- - Utters

    i am an Utter fool :)
    are you an Utter dickhead ?
    they are Utterly wrong !!!

  100. Bummer, BB, but you can be fairly sure that the pig/pork in question hasn't been fattened up on Gary Oldman or any other human. Can't you?

  101. 3p4 thanks i've just put one on here cos in a few days I wont have access to photos...it's the best I can find at the moment re profile...

    utterly butterley....god the power of advertising.....

  102. forget the toller/ malinios comment,,hind sight and three cups of breakfast tea have focused my
    analytical functions and i now think i was still a bit asleep,, i was Utterly grasping at straws,,

  103. poodle

    you lucky bugger,,collie poodle cross,,awesomely
    supremo potential

  104. BY THE WAY
    the toller discounting was BEFORE i saw the second picture,,

  105. Hannan and Toynbee are on any questions tonight 8pm Radio 4. They're recording it in a Mosque apparently.

  106. utterly futterly!! poodle are you sure??? forget the tea have a whiskey!!!
    honestly why poodle?

  107. by the other way,,no dog lineage is finite,,definitions will always have fuzzy edges,,even in bloodlines of 5 or 6 generations

    hence Crufts,,

  108. Hi All--Jay, yes a mini-schnauzer not schwanzer.(-;

    gandolfo--We have the 'Kong' toy,very amusing.

    3p4--I don't think our friends from the rest of the world are familiar with 'Piggie' Picton.A gruesome story that involves many murders on a pig farm, and spreading the remains amongst the pigs.

    Sorry BB, that story won't help you appetite either.

  109. why poodle

    head shape
    crossed paws
    ear furnishings (the frilly little dreads)

  110. hi sheff that'll be a larf.....cheer me up no end!!!! need a good rant to myself!

  111. Sheff,

    Hannan versus Purnell in a chainsaw deathmatch.

    Who would you want to survive?

    I genuinely can't think of an answer to that one.

  112. 3p4 and Boudican i remember something about a man in vancouver a few years ago...be careful out there.....!!!

    when i return from my travels i will invest in a "kong" toy sounds a bit porno to me though ;)

    really poodles cross their paws...didn't know that...short history he was found in the indian desert at about 6 weeks old, and straight away i thought collie,the collie links in with colonials who took breeds to india for sheep herding but the poodle i'm not so sure,but i trust your judgement. I'll break it to him gently.... ;) Thanks...

  113. Duke they're both a "waste of organs" IMO...

  114. We have a photo gallery!

    To view photos, just click on the link in right-hand column. To upload photos, you will need to log in to the Flickr account. Do you think it's safe to post the ID & password here or would it be better for people to e-mail me for those details?

  115. oh and availability is a factor,,going only by image i might find Afghan likely from a genetic
    perspective but Poodles are much more common..

    so the first choice is always the most common,,really getting a good handle on mixture requires knowledge of habits, movement, preferences and vocabulary,,

    any black in the mouth or on the tongue ?

    Poodles are very desirable stock,,just cos people give them a brainless rep that reflects the twoleg stupidity not the fourleg,,
    superiour brain and totally superior athletics,,
    very good natural personality,,

  116. Aw, many,many thanks Montana for going to the trouble of getting a gallery sorted.

  117. safe to post the ID & password here or would it be better for people to e-mail me

    e mail,, we have stalkers,,

  118. india!!!!!

    back to the afghan,,sigh :(

  119. 3p4--I don't think our friends from the rest of the world are familiar with 'Piggie' Picton.A gruesome story that involves many murders on a pig farm, and spreading the remains amongst the pigs.

    Actually, I remember hearing about it. Have a vague recollection of a photo of the farm in question, too.

  120. Montana - Fab! could you email me the log in details. Thanks.

  121. i reckon e mail montana....

    3p4 black mouth and big bump on his head, easy going personality (apart from small dogs...prey thing i think)

  122. montana you're damm quick woman!! thanks!

  123. That's kind of what I thought, 3p4. So I'll go ahead and e-mail everyone whose address I already have. If I don't have your e-mail address -- e-mail me so that I do.

  124. Yay a photo gallery! I would like to see your Istanbul pics Sheff. I love looking at peoples photos though - find it really interesting.

    Cant wait to see all the pooches on display - and the rats! Thanks Montana.

    Hey Jay - welcome back not seen you about for a while.

    Hannan versus Purnell in a chainsaw deathmatch - Ooh Duke the very idea gets my blood up. Maybe one could die and one could survive horribly maimed? I could go for that. In fact sod it - let Purnell survive horribly maimed and have to go for an Atos medical to get his ESA allowance. The thought fair makes me giddy.

  125. black mouth comes from chow (china) eliminates
    poodle (as did india for all reasonable intents and purposes)

    no poodles do not cross their paws as a definitive trait,,but you asked about "why think it from 'that' picture",, its all clues and balancing of probabilities,,the few occasions i have pronounced authoritivly on dna'd dogs i have been mostly wrong,,cest la vie, Ceci n'est pas une pipe,,there are many other occasions that
    proved me right

  126. If the log in details aren't in your inbox, it's because I don't have an e-mail addy for you. Mine is:


  127. awesome password montana,,
    lol lol lol

  128. Very odd modding of me on the Harman thread. Can't quite understand the cause.
    I first pointed out that Seddon was advocating a privately educated aristocrat because she had links with the party's financial backers, and would preside over a cabinet who were all related to each other or previous party grandees. I suggested that was *so very* different from the Tories. Is that moddable?

    I also suggested Seddon's pic looks like James Nesbitt in a wig. Is it that?

    Really can't see it. Is it the last mod in the office and they've gone all Kurtz?

  129. I can get my front door open! Question now is, will the car start? It's been so cold here that even the brand-new 'cold crank' battery that's in mine might not want to start.

    Wind has died down & there's a light snow falling.

  130. Utters.:N.B. it will be cruel and unusual punishment to post 'mock' pictures or 'just suppose' pictures of our stalkers when they will be able to read the analysis but not see the picture. You have only your personal disipline to prevent this heinous abuse of privilege.


  131. will the car start? It's been so cold here that even the brand-new 'cold crank' battery that's in mine might not want to start

    do your cars have block heaters Montana ? plug in at night to stop the oil turning into glue ?

  132. 3p4...seems like you're talking sense to me...!

    montana thanks got it!

    princess great posts on the russell thread...

  133. I also suggested Seddon's pic looks like James Nesbitt in a wig. Is it that

    there has been a fairly consistent policy re reference to byline mugshots,,its been enforced for at least two years,,

  134. 3p4

    Absolutely not! Wouldn't dream of it!

    Muahahahahahahaha! ¬¬

    Thanks Montana

    Fence - it was the James Nesbitt in a wig bit wot dun it, if you ask me. They don't like people taking the piss out of their ABLers

  135. Bah. Wasn't even meant to be snippy.

    The moral: always put things in separate posts!

  136. Gandolfo - just lost the plot with my last post. So angry with the nasties that populate these threads. Their lack of empathy is only matched by their stupidity and lack of any credible evidence for their cretinous ideas.

    I am not going near it again - they make me sick.

    I need a glass of wine and cant drink - woe is me. The coming doggie pics will cheer me up though.

    I watched the Horizon on Dogs that Deano mentioned today - it was brilliant. Seems dogs really are mans best friend - and a pretty clever one to boot.

  137. oh right friday night,,i always forget




    deletions will be
    with a flavour of knickertwisted jobsworthyness


    "hey what gives,,those posts had been there for three days"

    welcome to friday night Imogen

  138. Strange that BB, because on Harry Pearson's weekly football blog all the posters refer to him as Billy Bragg due to his uncanny likeness.

    Different mods for different areas I suppose. Fencewalker, he does look like Nesbitt. In a wig.

    gandolfo, just echoing the well done to princesscc for her Russell thread work. princess, talktotheflowers, nega9000 and rednorths magnificent 'poor' post kept my faith in humanity intact.

  139. 3p4,

    what's most disappointing about WADDYA being closed is that GIYUS is on such a rich vein of form as well.

  140. Seems dogs really are mans best friend

    many thousands of years of partnership shows everywhere you look when you look with my eyes

  141. giyus is known to show up here of course,,i got a great book for you dude,,but i aint going into it on the cif,,you gotta come over here,,

  142. @princess you deserve a crate of wine when your stomach gets sorted! I couldn't be as articulate as you given the moronic, flippant and callous posts on that thread

    @sheff nice pic!

  143. I agree 3p4 about the many years of partnership.

    Duke -RedNorths post was fantastic. He really should set up a blog or something because he is bang on with what he says but is really passionate too and interesting to read.

    Fingers crossed for the car working Montana.

  144. @jay what a monibot he's great.....faccia tosta though!

  145. Err Gandolfo - the last comment was more of an emotional rant with a few choice words thrown in but I had lost my rag by that point. A crate of wine - I actually have such a thing. I have not been able to drink and the other half loves whiskey - which he got a few bottles of at Christmas - so all the wine we got bought is sitting in our utility room just waiting for me to get well. It is half a crate actually being only six bottles but is a nice thing to see every morning.

    The Canine Monbiot is a handsome beast. Fantastic pics Sheff.

    Off to make the tea as per. I am such a good wife.

  146. 3p4 -- Some people have block heaters. I wouldn't have anywhere to plug one in here. :-(

    They closed WDYWTTA without opening up a new one right away??? I thought opening a new one immediately was standard ops?

    Haven't even looked over there yet today.

  147. Jay/gandolpho - am very jealous of your dogs. I long to have one again but can't whilst I have this shitty job.

  148. Perhaps they are short on mods tonight, what with the weather and such. Although, frankly, modding must be something they can do remotely, surely?

    Eejits. Seriously eejits. Fridays with no waddya is like Fridays with no booze. We can survive, but it is less of a party!

  149. sheff - ditto!

    Would love a dog, but it would be unfair to leave one at home all day. :(

  150. Would love a dog, but it would be unfair to leave one at home all day

    criminal you might say,,

    ,,as reference for the communication twixt DD and i must include the fact that we have been together almost 24/7 for 10 yrs,, and the only time he has ever been left indoors alone, he was by that time in his older and slower days and not bothered at all,,

  151. Oooh, jumping from the cockerel to the donkey, as they say in France - they are doing a Danny Boyle series on Film 4 starting with Shallow Grave on Thursday. Neato!

  152. the fire iron brush in the canine monbiot picture was my favourite toy as a nipper,,


    They closed WDYWTTA without opening up a new one right away??? I thought opening a new one immediately was standard ops?

    no even more bizarre,,the SOP is new thread open
    linked on front page,,old thread still open for many hours but no longer linked to front page,,
    most people dont seem to know that the old one stays open for a while,,

  153. Canine Monbiot's pad looks very cosy....

  154. doing a compare and contrast news-wise here and watching the French evening news. They have the red cross out on the roads where trucks and cars have been snowed in!


    And the A3 in S.E. England, where people have been buggered by the snow twice in three weeks? Nowt at all.

  155. They have the red cross out on the roads where trucks and cars have been snowed in!

    BB - I think we're supposed to employ the stiff upper lip and plod on regardless.

  156. 3p4
    agree my hound is rarely alone i work from home...i actually think he quite likes it though when he's left to his own devices for the odd hour...alas we have to leave him for long periods when we go abroad but he's with a friend who he knows and adapts pretty well and appears to be happy...

  157. so i guess i finally have to try and use the camera i was given a year or so ago,,and then figure out the flicker thing,,i have no pictures at all at present of me,,DD,, or any of my artworks,,(colin/phillipa,,nb)

    i had a catastrophic illness a decade ago and lost a lot of my "fiddlybits brain",,so it may be a while,,

  158. @3p4
    it's very easy all you do is:
    1.copy your photos to your computer using the usb cable supplied with your camera or a card reader if you have one...you can create a folder for them or just download to the desktop
    2.log into the untrusted photo gallery then click on upload photos on the home page and choose the photo/s that you want to download

    sorry to here about your illness..

  159. so Gandolfo,,i have had a lot of look and a lot of think and having factored in the 'india' origins i dont think i can say much more,,

    the non north american aspect renders a lot of my historical/experiential database more uncertain,,less subtle,, the collie bit is totally written in stone,,but past that,,hhmmm?

    any weird noises ?

  160. 3p4 weird bark and howls at varying tones...even the vet in india was amused when he heard him....whines opening and closing his mouth if you get what i mean....apart from that nowt

  161. it's very easy all you do is:
    1.copy your photos to your computer using the usb cable supplied with your camera or a card reader if you have one.
    precisely,,this is "fiddlybits brain stuff"
    in one sense i totally understand every word,,and could have written the post myself,,
    but thats not (for me) the same as 'doing it'

    before hospital i was leading edge expert in the field of laser cutting,, very technical work,,total fiddly bits thinking,,

    after hospital,,"well i read the manuel but,, erm
    like erm but,,maybe i'll read it again but erm like what were you saying?"

    i will enlist kids and associates to assist me,,

    just going to take a little while

  162. 3p4
    ok i think i understand...it must be quite frustrating, i have a friend that has a "fiddlybits" problem....and guess what... she get the kids to do it!!

  163. dog talk description not revealing,,suggests hound stuff (nose oriented,, long distance endurance,, soft mouth,, sloppy affection,, friendly,, only listens to one or two people )

    which is contradicted by hostility to small dogs

    hostility which is supported by black mouth (chow,,long ago war dog genes)

    personlly i love dogs that make small noises and
    can recognise one of DD's,,as a meaningful 'word'
    it means

    "are we thinking about the park ,right?"
    "we are thinking about the park"
    "i am down with a park trip"

    but all of them at once,, it is a question confirmation indication of agreement all at once,, but it is very very definitive,,only only ever in the precise situation mentioned and unfailingly during the situation mentioned,,

    and sometimes i havent even got up of the couch yet,,but he knows,,

  164. and sometimes i havent even got up of the couch yet,,but he knows,,

    and he was twitching away in confusion on the couch while i was writing that post,,"what the hell you vibing me dude ?,,ow my head hurts,,"

    he knew he was wrong,, yet? something?

    (his couch,,he has his own so he can lie around watching the sidewalk traffic through the window,,i always know when another dog goes by even though i cant see from my couch)

  165. 3p4
    yep nose always on the ground! affection on his terms and limited he isn't a leaper and licking all over ya face type, he's a tail wagger, friendly and listens max 2 people...very stubborn if he doesn't want to do something...sits down and nothing will move him (useful for sit down protests!)
    he doesn't bite or attack small dogs he lies down and then charges them at full pelt ...then sniffs, but as he's growing up he does a bit less (4yrs now)
    the whining "word" stuff is related to food or going out...and sometimes playing...
    interesting boy....can't wait to see your photos!

  166. Hello & good evening.

    I've opened me Flickr a/c and uploaded the pic of my dog, but how the hell do I get it onto the UT? .. any (simple) instructions gratefully received.

    (Mind you, I asked for help on another teccy matter in Nov 2009 and no one came to my aid. *sob*)

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. hi mschin all you do is click on the link untrusted photos
    front page of it top right hand corner click enter put in the name and password sent to you by montana and upload your photos...you don't have to have a flickr account...:)

  169. lies down=border collie

    you said he had a bad attitude !! i thought his small dog issue was a problem,,thats not a problem thats herding!

    sounding like collie hound mix for sure,,hmm indian hound influence,,needs some thought that does,,

  170. gandolfo

    I'd had the 'Doh' moment & sussed it out by the time I read your post, but thanks!

  171. I am so pissed off with advertising types buggering about with our language!

    "In-store" as a noun is bad enough, but I have just heard an advert telling us to "follow the recipes on-pack" - not "on the pack".

    Eeejits I tells ya! All eejits!

  172. a game,,sit close looking at your dog,,intently,,
    sigh loudly,,tilt your head very slowly to one side,,
    strong intent eye contact at all times,,make little clucky mouth tongue noises,,leave spaces of silence,,
    now start panting,,

    try variations on the above

    breathing noises,,head posture and eye contact are significant communication,,try it,,you wont have a clue what you are saying but i bet you get an unmistakable response,,i know i would,,

  173. 3p4 it's a problem for owners of small dogs...so it becomes a problem for me!!!
    he *likes* sheep...we have lot round our way here they don't uses collies for herding in fact that use maremanno it protects the flock rather than rounding them up...nice dogs

    mschin he's lovely a lad that barry!

    alisdair billy is a bit rottie with those eyebrows!

    where ya rats BB?

  174. Show them the Ikea veggie hotdogs!
    Sometimes vegetarians just can't make an effectively strong point...

    Evenin' all.
    Loving the dog talk. I always know when my cats are angry - they look at me and talk. Just like the old "Charlie says" adverts.

    Not all eejits, BB, (my brother in law is one), just exploiters.

  175. thanks gandolfo,,that was a tip towards a breed with very little information available when i was really studying,,truly a delight for me thanks,,

    went and read up a bit,,very similar mentally to the anatolian shepherd but quite different on the outside

    heyhabib i can train cats too,,

  176. gandolfo, 3p4,
    you both reminded me of a couple of things.

  177. I need to get a cam out and take photos of the rats, for sure.

    I might wait until tomorrow and do it though when there is more light in my son's room

  178. 3p4 yep great guard dogs and also very playful...can't see them in a flock they blend in well..! they work really well in groups one infront, one in the middle, and one behind with a couple along the flanks of the herd here's a wiki link!!!

  179. habib....haha no mention really of cats until you came along!!! did you get some sleep...did we bore you enough?;)

  180. habib

    Yeah, there isn't the same threat of violence from a veggie hotdog really, is there? :o)

    "Show them the lentil soup" doesn't really work well either...

    I made some awesome root veg and lentil soup the other day, btw. Yumminess.

  181. Hahahaha! Used to love those "Charlie says..." ads when I was a kid! :o)

  182. gandolfo, it was a home grown smoke and classic fm that had the desired effect.

  183. not my home, I hasten to add for any plods.

  184. Look out! It's the cochons again!

  185. good story from the graun,, from the most viewed section

  186. i am allergic to woss and all similar bweeds,,


  187. izzard

    they laughed,,

    you people are in deeeeep deeeeep trouble,,