02 January 2010


The Emirate of Granada, the last Moorish stronghold in Spain, fell in 1492.  More than 4000 people across the US, mostly members of the Industrial Workers of the World, were arrested as suspected Communists and anarchists in the second and largest, of the Palmer Raids, in 1920.  In 1971, 66 people were killed at the Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow when a stairway barrier gave way.  And 68 people were killed in a blizzard that slammed the Midwestern US in 1999.

Born today:  Isaac Asimov (1920-1992) and Roger Miller (1936-1992).

It is the feast day of Macarius the Younger.


  1. Today's image has squat to do with any of today's events. It is currently -24°C here and our high for today is supposed to be -15°C. I think it's high time we revisit the idea of a UT collective on the Costa Brava. The picture is some inspiration/temptation for you.

    Happy Birthday, Roger.

  2. This via e-mail from Leni, who is having problems getting on here, for some reason:

    Please say Hi to everyone, best wishes for 2010 - tell Hank to behave himself. Love to all

  3. has any one told leni about "ignore the error message'' and click send again,,

    i have posted several times about this ( and it still happens to me frequently) like this time

  4. Morning all

    Lovely post on Cath Elliot's thread 3p4.

    Does Leni know about clearing cookies and stuff too?

    Nice pic, Montana, by the way. It is no surprise that the ads on TV for summer holidays start on Boxing Day - we need something to look forward to after xmas has gone.

    This is the time of year when I am most likely to sombre into depression unless I keep an eye on myself. It is sunny out today, so I shall make sure and take a walk in the sunshine for half an hour.

  5. Well, the sweet person who is uploading the last Dr Who on youtube has failed to do sections 6 and 7, so I'm somewhat lost, but there you go. Can anybody tell me what happens? Have seen up to Cribbins tapping on the glass...

    Born today also my dad, so have just given him a daughterly call. Was lovely to see them over the festive, travel chaos notwithstanding, and now have lots of lovely books to read... Lynd Ward (new editions) amongst others, for the arty types amongst us. He did novels in woodcuts, sort of the first graphic novels, with a strong social / political theme - totalitarianism, colonialism, the great depression and the evils of capitalism. Turns out his dad was a Methodist minister, teacher, and mover and shaker in the ACLU, who came to the attention of HUAC, so, as they say, with enemies like that you must be doing something right.

    BB - ay, Jan/Feb always a time when general post-Christmas sighing can turn nasty so nice walks a fine idea. I always find I feel better with a well-stocked fridge and larder - as nothing was open yesterday I was forced to forage for supper, which was less than edifying. Much as I love chinese noodle soup, if all you've got to put in it is an elderly leek cowering in the vegetable compartment, it can be a little dull...

    Plus, having been bought canvases, boards, and palette knives as presents, think tomorrow may be a painting day. Have never really tried knife painting before - am anticipating even more mess than usual, heh heh. Also, must buy chisel, having been inspired to try woodcuts. It's good to have a plan.

  6. the answer to absolutely everything is personal rsponsibility,,

    the answer to everything is simplicity and trust

    clever people can not accept this

    chomsky nailed it in the untrusted2 article

    dont listen to me,,who the thingy am i,,village idiot,,

    Noam,,he is a big brain with a big soapbox,,listen to him

    or listen to buddha,,hi Sidd
    or listen to jesus ,,hi Naz
    or listen to Grandma,,hi doll

  7. tons of good vids on pallette knife on youtube PB

    i love knives,,and i use the weirdest stuff for brushes,,plastic bags and bits of paper or cardboard,,scraps of carpet,,my apprentice has an extraordinary sophisticated and formalised system for painting with old corderoy trousers,,

  8. well, i often have paint on my trousers...had fun recently experimenting with a little foam roller to apply paint, although of course the thing got so clogged up that I was cleaning it over the course of several days...

  9. canvases, boards, and palette knives

    canvas +knife =apple

    canvas + board =orange

    both yummy

  10. the thing got so clogged up that I was cleaning it over the course of several day

    stop working
    start playing
    do the process not the result

    please read my words as fortune cookies
    not pronouncements from on high :)
    actually i just remembered going to your website

    er be right back,,arfamo,,

    yeah snow day and feminist dictonary,,thats the direction,,but its all dressed in a burka,,get naked,,me gnomic you naked,,lets art

  11. PhilB - HNY I think I missed you so hoefully better late than never.

    "Have seen up to Cribbins tapping on the glass..."

    It would be a sin to tell you - it will surely be posted on Youtube and you, fine young people need to learn patience in 2010. Instant gratification is out.

    In any event Montana's son is a fan and it would be wrong say here what happened but I will give a small, small, discrete clue......


    We must help Montana resist the possibility of any revenge for the negligent treatment of the doughnuts by said son.

    I'm sure it will be posted soon on YTube but if you still don't know by July 2nd (this years most important date) I will tell you...

  12. canvas/knife=



  13. so hoefully better late than never.

    as ye sow so shall yea reap :)

  14. 3p4 - sharp eye and a fine wit :-)

  15. i hope you have a long slow year Deanno,,

    sun every morning
    and rain every night,,
    and birdsong
    in between

  16. deano - heh heh - will just have to be patient, will'n't I? Cribbins was brilliant in the bits I've see so far...

    gnomic is an anagram of coming. hadn't noticed that before...

  17. 3p4 - I hope so too our kid.

    I hope you can find time to sleep briefly in the daytime, that way you will have two mornings in every day, which is just like two days for every one.

    Two years for every one is my way of wishing that you live twice as long, my friend.

  18. Afternoon, folks.


    What's significant about that date in July? It's after the solstice, so it's not that ...

  19. There can be nothing finer
    than to be in Carolina
    now that 60 day months
    are here and I am gnomic

  20. you are being very gnomic Deano - between you and 3p4 its getting more and more like poets corner, no bad thing though.

  21. afternoon all!!
    thaum thanks for the track yesterday...alas a drink *fell* on my keyboard and i couldn't join in the musak....now new keyboard for the new year.....

  22. I hope you can find time to sleep briefly in the daytime, that way you will have two mornings in every day, which is just like two days for every one""""""""""""""

    Bullseye Deanno,,for many years(all my teens and twenties) i slept only between 3-6,,3am -6am,, 3pm-6pm,, exactly so
    that i had two days per cycle,, as an 11/12 year old i got up at 3 am everyday in the summer hols
    to go fishing,,cos back then any little kid could wander anywhere anytime and no boogie man
    unCRBed weirdo loomed on every minds horizon

    these days my pattern is totally weird,,but never conventional,, i was semi conventional whilst bringing up my kids,,

  23. gandolfo

    Meant to say last night - I really liked that Cheb Khaled track you posted. Set me on a mission to find more music from around there.

    You wouldn't happen to know where to find an Arabic version of 'I put a spell on you' that Elia Suleiman used in his film Divine Intervention would you?

  24. Afternoon Chin and Sheff -

    July 2nd is of significance for the same reasons that I'm brassed off with Dr Who's latest scam on the lottery.

    His nipping (tarding) back and buying lottery tickets for his mates means that when I win I will have less for my film of passion in which 2/7/10 is such a momentous date.

    Bastard Who - I may have to employ BB to challenge Camelot, if I have to share my winnings, to prove that Dr Who didn't buy the ticket of my co winners.

    PB - you should understand from the above that Dr Who is running a vile scam on lottery tickets - tell any of your mates who are into lotto.

    Talking of geriatric leeks and general lack of food I must be away to buy some vict's.

  25. some posts on cif are,, er,, worth sharing

    1 Jan 2010, 10:11PM
    "...there are some mistakes just too big to apologise for...".

    Ms Toynbee you rooted for these charlatans. You sang their praises, extolled their virtues, urged us to vote for them. What does this say about your judgement?Indeed -

    "...there are some mistakes just too big to apologise for...".

    recc 277

  26. hi sheff
    could this be it???!!

    cheb khaled is great seen him live a few times in UK and is really worth going to see fantastic

  27. sheff if you're interested this is the list of soundtracks from the film, I'm sure you'll be able to find some on youtube!
    "I Put a Spell on You" by Natacha Atlas
    "Ana Oual Azab" by Mohammed Abdel Wahab
    "Fingers" by Joi
    "Easy Muffin" by Amon Tobin
    "Wala Ala Baloh" by Amr Diab
    "Les Kid Nappeurs Main Theme" by Marc Collin
    "Tango El Amal" by Nour el Houda
    "Mumbai Theme Tune" by A.R. Rahman
    "Definitive beat" by Mirwais
    "Tango" by Soapkills
    "Dub4me" by Soapkills

  28. gandolfo - you absolute star! thanks for finding all that.

  29. This guy Brian Moore is an absolute hero for speaking out.

  30. Evening all
    hi mschin!!

    sheff as we say in this neck of the woods.."prego"

    found this surprising number was pretty impressed by noel and I'm not talking edmonds........IMO one of THE best lurve songs.....

  31. Evening all

    Cheb Khaled is brilliant!

  32. Evening all -only just made it back snowing like heck here.

  33. Went off shopping to Crawley this afternoon and was surprised to see snow on the ground. We have nothing here and we are less than 10 miles away. Weird.

  34. Chin - your link is a fascinating one.

    "...Moore is currently best known for his out-spoken, no-nonsense commentary on rugby for the BBC, but he is also a qualified solicitor and manicurist...

    By any standard an exceptional multi-skilled guy who I'd not wish to tangle with! God he looks mean.

  35. Hi deano how's it going mate?

    BB not creepy crawley...tell me it's not true!!

  36. My dad lives around 10 miles from creepy...are you in sussex??

  37. I ain't often attracted to tv talent shows - but the new one about dancing, showcases some awesome dancers.

    The young black guy from Brazil is ..... I wish, I wish I could do that.... fucking double awesome just like the ballet guy from Cuba

  38. Going great gandolfo - have had to take a breather from xmas though.

    My holiday, from being on holiday (retired), started with "The Vikings" sometime before Christmas eve and went non stop until I finally blanked several days after boxing day. It was fun all the way. Hope yours was great too.

  39. Survived deano I survived! It was New year that done me in....personally i try to avoid all the christmas thing this year the Italian partner's family thing was unavoidable and involves food, food and more food washed down with copious amounts of wine..so at least that numbed the experience!!
    New year at home with the dog because of the fireworks feels like a combat zone here...but bless the beast he made it through without any panic attacks...he actually seemed to enjoy it!

  40. gandolpho

    The very same. Surrey-Sussex borders, me.

  41. Oh dear - the outstanding male dancer (Hugo from Brazil) can't progress in the competition cos of work visa requirements!

    Still a lot a class dancers in the show but for me it will always lack the star. Pity, great pity, he was potentially in the Carlos Acosta class.

  42. Hell I'm doubly boring when I'm sober so I'm taking to my bed, with an early supper of an especially good Blue Stilton, on Bath Olivers, with a side of red and green grapes, and the radio and a book.

    Night all.

  43. Deano don't go.....or at least share your stilton mate...!
    here you are BB made me larf be careful the next time you go to crawley!

  44. That is brilliant, gandolpho! :O)

  45. Love this, from the polygamy thread:

    Women aren't men

    No we're not that unambitious

  46. Deano! How can you have Stilton without port???? That's just not right.

  47. @thaum he has got a plate of grapes...doesn't that count?

    @BB crawley oh crawley whenever i think of crawley the smell of stale urine comes to mind.....
    @mschin that soss is a nut case on that polygamy thread...

  48. Crawley ... Crawley ... which Victorian novel does that remind me of? Is it Eliot?

  49. MsChin - Andes, Macchu Pichu, you reckon? Yeah, I can believe that! Thought it was a bit tooo mountainous and raiforesty for Mexico.

  50. gandolfo

    soss is a newbie to CiF and has much to learn about the bear pit. AllyF was very patient with him t'other day, explaining how statistics work.

    I've just begged princessc & Clunie for mercy on his behalf. I must be going soft(er).

  51. lots of hi-brow LOTR on Andrew Browns thread at present,,

  52. Hey MsChin - I will try to play nice! I remember how scary I found Cif as a newbie type so shall pull in the claws. Anyway it is the season of goodwill and all that too.
    In fact I shouldn't post - it is that time of the month when I go a little bit loopy and aggressive - him indoors told the dog today it was 'walking on eggshells time again mate'.

    Gandolfo - I too have noticed the increase in fireworks on New Years Eve. It makes going out when you have pets nigh on impossible.

    Montana - hope you are bearing up with the incessant cold! Oh that pic - how could you?

    To all the rest I sincerely hope hangovers are fading.

  53. mschin he/she have been posting for quite a while (since october). IMO if you're old enough to post you're old enough to take responsibility for what you write. The fact is he/she has written some pretty outrageous stuff and can't be bothered to back up their ideas when challenged, instead blames others for misinterpreting them...!

    @thaum here in vatican city (or near) by we can't see that youtube link! Far too outrageous for our delicate selves!!!

  54. Oooh, really, 3p4? Almost enough to overcome my aversion to Cif at the mo ... 'cept it's Andrew Brown, and I can't quite go that far!

    Let's have a paean to gratuitous but lovely Tolkein-worshipping.

  55. Gandolfo - bloody pagans in VC!

  56. "tell Hank to behave himself..."

    Yeh, right, like that's gonna happen.


    @martillo - am watching Barca atm, can't believe Puyol got away with that penalty shout in the first half!

    However, having watched Forest miss what would have been a decisive penalty (again) this afternoon, maybe it wouldn't have made any difference.

  57. This comment has been removed by the author.

  58. Hangover well and truly gone. Day two of giving my liver a holiday after the hammering it has taken over the past fortnight nearly. Sat here with orange juice and tonic. On a Saturday night.


  59. pcc should see the reply to your post... :)

  60. Just have - bleeping hell! Like the fact that h/she accuses me of having 'multiple partners every night' love it. I have tried to be suitably gentle in my reply MsChin though it was hard!

    I am off to feed the dogs now as realised they have not had their supper and it is really late! So Soss can carry on with their mad rantings. Bless em.

  61. these guys are great....

    nice ella Hank
    thaum nice...

  62. princessc & gandolfo

    I'm sure soss will be hoist by his own petard in due course. I was considering posting something along the lines of the princessc being a famous radical lesbian feminist who has multiple sexual partners on a regular basis (5x a night) but who has never, but never, had penetrative sex with a male. Decided aginst it, as I didn't want to offend her delicate sensibilities without permission, and went for being soppy instead. Stooopid of me, I admit.

  63. Lovely choon, Hank, but surely you don't expect us to believe the song title.

    Gandolfo - re your second link: I wish he did!

    And re your latest post: that bloke in the middle of the back row would make an excellent prop forward. And it's OK to wear pink in rugby these days, apparently.

  64. - am watching Barca atm

    the Vanc atm are dead boring,,we just take the cash and leave

  65. @thaum LOL maybe he does manicures as well! (ref: deano 17.35)

  66. Gandolfo - I'd be too scared to have a manicure off Brian Moore, wouldn't you?

  67. gandolfo, dunno what the point of your 'pope smokes dope' link was, but linking to a youtuber whose tags are UVF, UDA, no surrender, 1690 etc etc and who says 'so this is all for my prodi brothers out there if your a catholic take your shit else where' is not funny to me.

  68. since you chattin about soss i took a look,, thats a long time wind up merchant in a new dress

  69. I'd have a pint with him...but if he insisted....put it this way.... i don't think i'd be in a position to refuse...

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. sherfig it was a joke from a previous post

  72. no offence intended tbh i didn't see the first bit of the video

  73. Fair enough, gandolfo, but linking to a site that says WE R THE PEOPLE FUCK THE POPE - LET ALL TIMS DIE is not what I expect from this place. Still, if you had a laugh, carry on.

  74. Soss really is a winner, isn't he? Spouted quite a bit of codswollop on my last ATL. He, underclass and thfc1967 seem to be in a 3-way battle to make LenFirewood look enlightened on sex/gender threads.

  75. sherfig it didn't show what you have highlighted in your post on the link that i have, and I had no intention to offend

  76. Song from the heart, thauma. If some choose to see me as someone who needs to be told to behave, they might be right. I might need to find another little online community. Or they might. It depends on the consensus of that community in the end.

    Anyway, I'm off for an early night. Had a bleak start to the day and it's got no better.

    Maybe tomorrow.

  77. Re: soss, I lost my cool with him anyway on the polygamy thread. And I'm beginning to see the light after reading 3p4s post above.

  78. Ah no, Hank, I was only joking like. Sorry you've had a shit day and hope it does get better. :-(

    Scherfig - I caught a whiff or two of what you're on about on Gandolfo's link (without scrolling down or right at all), but I'm sure that s/he didn't mean to link to that sort of thing, and merely thought that the idea that the pope smokes dope was humourous.

    Our noses might be a bit more finely attuned to that sort of thing....

  79. No problem, gandolfo, forget it. Personally speaking, I think it's a bit too easy to link to youtube instead of actually saying something. Lately it seems to have replaced the discussions we used to have. Perhaps it's just a phase. We'll see.

  80. Hank -- pretty sure Leni was saying it with tongue in cheek. Sorry you've had a bad day -- neither she nor I would've wanted to add to that.

  81. Sherfig my mistake for not checking enough I shall be more careful in the future...
    Maybe the link thing is, as you say, a festive phase.....

  82. hope my acronymic pun give you a smile Hank :)

  83. Awww, everyone, I'm feeling far too festively relaxed to get in any fights.

    We can't go on with suspicious minds.

    Has anyone ever noticed how much Gavin Henson looks like Elvis?

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Yes he does thaum...!! (didn't know who he was :0)
    Italy's in the 6 nations...they don't do very well though (hehehehe!)

  86. Here's a song for disunited lovers. Got mine back today. :-))))

  87. They don't, gandolfo, but they get better every year.... Still, I'm not seeing them as a threat this year. ;-)

  88. thaum
    well done! (where were they? if you don't mind me asking?:)

    no threat that's for sure..my dad's always happy when they play scotland cos scotland wins!

  89. Evenin' all.
    Elvis how he might have looked if he'd stayed off the burgers and lived a little longer.

    Sorry about too many youtube links, scherf, I'm as guilty as anyone. I really should try and make an interesting point at some stage.

    Thinking cap dusted off and put on.

  90. Gandolfo - "they"? I should be so lucky. "He" had gone to sunny Caribbean climes for the holidays. I did miss him, but don't tell him so. ;-)

    Erm ... Scotland have taken the wooden spoon off Italy once or twice in recent years.

  91. Hey Habib,

    When I clicked on the link "Brand New Friend", I expected a version of this.

  92. Thauma, "Very interesting video. Femininsts disucss."
    Dis does not suc.

    I liked it a lot. Sometimes I switch the genders in songs, to see if they still work - it's not an acid test, but generally can provide some kind of insight.

    If a man sang this to me about my girlfriend, I would be absolutely livid. For that reason, I like it. A lot. I think art works best when it inspires emotion.

  93. sorry thaum slip of the keyboard!!! mum's the word!
    scotland only once or twice?? well doesn't take much for my dad to be happy, that and a dramm or 2 of whiskey!

    hi habib!

  94. So far away really sucks. :-(

    (the state of being -- not the song)

  95. salaam, shalom, ciao and watcha, gandolfo!

  96. Habib, you pedant, you. (I'd missed my typo until you pointed it out!)

    Try switching sexes on this one by the same woman and see where you get!

    Me, I just get to human misery.

  97. Well, Montana, sometimes, to me it feels like you're sitting just across the desk. Here, have a biscuit. Your turn to get the coffees in.

  98. thauma, I swear I'm not being contrary. Honestly, I'm not, but probably the most important relationship of my life was with a woman who was gay before I met her and avowedly gay after we broke up. (I'd make a cheap joke about the affect I have on women, but I'm smart enough to know that being gay is not a "lifestyle" choice, you just either are, or you aren't.)

    It was a pretty miserable human time when we broke up, but only for me.

  99. Here's something to cheer Hank up:

    Football chants in Cloughie's day

    The whole series is bloody funny.

  100. BB!
    That was like Norm walking into the Cheers bar...

  101. Didn't mean to be flippant, Habib, I think your sex-flipping tool is useful. It's just that NdégeOcello is bi, so you never know whether she's addressing her song to a man or a woman.

    "Who is he, and what is he to you?"

    A sentiment most of us can relate to, damn the gender. That's irrelevant.

  102. I didn't take it that way, Thauma.

    Now there's got to be a crass joke in there, somewhere...

    The music on this thread is amazing, just working my way through today's stuff. Ndegeocello is a new one for me and has been added to favourites. Is anyone any good on youtube, maybe we could set up a UT playlist?

  103. Morning All, hope you all had lovely winter solstice/christmas/new years celebration.

    Can't remember who mentioned it before - possibly Gandolfi - but the release of the brit hostage after 2 ish years, the grauniad investigation, petraeus and all further info i have come across makes for interesting reading and leads me to wonder... what the hell is going on, something is not right here.

    Apologies for deliberate vagueness but i haven't even worked out what i think is going on....

    one thing is sure, the guys contracted for security definitely got the shit end of whatever deal went down. and moore only marginally better (given that he at least is alive and home, albeit being "debriefed" by the home office)

    And now, take tin foil hat office and adios amigos x

  104. Every time I hear the name Petraeus, I think of procurator, prefect, or tribune. All worthy titles in the days of the Roman Empire.

    Perhaps he's a nice guy, but I seriously doubt it. He's thinking of running for president. Can I have a lend of a tin foil hat, helen?

  105. I think I've overdone Leonard Cohen, lately, but in terms of the music posted here, all my friends have gone and my hair is grey. So here's to UT's tower of song.

  106. tin foil hat office what? meant off clearly, sorry..

  107. habib, if i may call you so, of course you can have a loan of a tin foil hat :-)


  108. I think you would be a worthy holder of the tin foil hat office, Helen and suspect would lend them out only according to need.
    Beautiful music, by the way.

  109. Anybody can call me Habib - or pillock, depending on quality of post.

  110. If anyone's still reading, sorry if I've been a bit off tonight. Scherf's right, we should be talking and not just posting links.

    Sometimes though, I wish I could just post a link in real life that says what you need to, instead of getting into a fight that nobody wins. I guess life doesn't go the way you want it to, sometimes.

  111. Dunno if you're still checking in, Habib. That was a beautiful song -- never heard it before. No need to apologise to anybody. I think the music sharing has been a nice little holiday for us. I know that NYE was really fun for me -- maybe a bit of a sad comment on my life, but it was one of the most enjoyable ones I've ever had.

    No, life doesn't always go the way you want it to -- but sometimes that's a good thing.

  112. BTW -- getting tomorrow's thread put together. Let me know if you're still here? I'll check back in a bit.

  113. Still here and I agree with you about New Years Eve, I felt like I was at the best party.

  114. When there's one worth heading to. Have a good day, you've made many of mine better.
    ps love yer.

  115. Morning you two. Is this a private party or can anyone join in!

  116. PS

    I should have brought you coffee & croissants, or something. But there you go, have a smiley instead :-)

  117. Morning Montana & Chin & habib

  118. I'm taking tea and toasted hot cross buns buttered to perfection.

  119. I'm up early to take Miss Diesel for an early walk. I'm meeting up with sons and their girls at 9.00 for a mornings walk. Sadly these days I have to leave the old dog behind when we go on long walks - she hates being left behind but she would walk herself to death rather than give in.

  120. Hi deano

    Noticed a blackbird breakfasting on a fat ball, so just slipped into me socks & the other half's wellies to top up the water & food for the wildlife round here (resident blackbirds & wood mice being the most visible regulars).


    Mmmm, toasted hot x buns - care to share?

  121. deano

    Hope it's a nice bright morning you. And Diesel is getting a special walk, so hopefully will be knackered & sleep through much of your absence?

  122. It's the way they are buttered Chin - thick and timely so that the sea salt crystals have risen to the top, but not yet dissolved, so they meet the teeth and tongue with delightful shock.

    Saves a fortune in toothpaste...

    Laters - must get Diesel out.

  123. Hey, you two! I think Habib's probably on his way home now & I finally got today's thread up. Sorry I was late. I'm off to bed soon.

  124. Chin - that's the plan but last time we did it she still did a bit of trashing of the place to register her protest before falling asleep!!

  125. deano

    That's dogs for ya! I think ours is naffed off because of the attention for the wildlife, esp the mice. Hence the old bugger has gone awol several times over the last week or so, just so we know he's pissed off.

  126. And goodnight, Montana & habib.