05 May 2009

Who was this poster?

Someone please help me, i have forgotten the name of a hilarious poster and its bugging me somethign chronic. My memory is really awful but he might have been a Yank, he was comically right wing, lots of his posts sounded like wind ups, in the end everyone just laughed at him and seemed to find him good sport, he seemed to post for a little burst of a couple of months, either last summer or early this year, he was the most absurd and humorous right winger i have ever seen on CiF, rather than being particularly nasty he was just completely absurd.

Anyone, anyone at all, remember who im thinking of????


  1. PresidentD ?

  2. Nah not him, he wasnt really a regular, he was here a lot but only for a few weeks, maybe a month, something like that, i think maybe he left when everyone just started laughing at him.

  3. Skigolfer or somesuch?

  4. Skiergolfer. That's possible. I don't remember him exactly, but he was like the other jokers like StrifeZ or EarlofNoShags.

    I'm sure you don't mean RogerHicks....

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  6. Jay, you mentioned Brian? Was it BrianCT? I don't remember what he said or stood for (he may well have been sound), but the name rings a bell.

  7. Skiergolfer I reckon....

    "In my 25 years of being a divorce lawyer.." and then he'd apply that to practicaly any subject you could name. He was a laugh though.

  8. No not skiergolfer, he had quite a dull name as i remember, maybe BrianCT, it was some typically boring name, i think, maybe BrianCT but i dont think so, but sounded similar i think, that sort of name, it wasnt anything exotic, he was a real loon, so much so that his posts were comedy gold and after a while of people being disgusted and arguing with him, by the end people just thought he was a real jester and worthy entertainment. I think he stopped posting shortly after that point was reached.

  9. Didn't @skiergolfer used to be @happyamerican?

  10. Oh, I don't know mish. I always tended to not bother with them. I vaguely remember HappyAmerican. Did he say something to that effect?

  11. Wasnt happyamerican, i think it was quite a plain moniker, like a first name with something else, Brian something maybe.

  12. PresidentD was only here for a month? Seemed longer ... much longer. Much, much longer.

    (Summerisle here by the way)

  13. yeah it wasnt prezd, it was a bit of an extended hit n run, he was either banned after a month or so or left when everyone stopped taking him seriously, he was more rightwing than just about any right wing poster i can think of, complete loon.

  14. Yep. skiergolfer and happyamerican one and the same. Which one is the furniture salesman, him, or is that PresidentD (in one of his previous incarnations)?

  15. @Jay:

    It wasn't good old Phibbsy was it (ho ho)?

    Anyway, oh dear. Our dear PM's delivering his no doubt VERY IMPORTANT "respect my authorit-ay" comeback speech in Lewisham on education (big one, this!), and we have Sky News leading with Joanna Lumley giving fruity evidence to Keith Vaz re. the Gurkhas as the main video feed. Seems you have to disappear into 'red button land' to hear the words of the PM. At least he's not grinning and doing the impersonation of a twin-barreled AA gun with his arms...

  16. Not even in the same ballpark, and i thought you'd remember him too, i have a feeling that you, maybe dot and scherfig, kiz and ally may have been involved in a thread he was kicking off on.

    Every speech our leader gives is important, Swifty, just like the other cabinet ministers, because say what you will - they speak from the heart....

    I just watched the Blearsd vs Monbiot interview - he shafted her. When she was reduced to saying she had never diagreed with a single policy of either Blair or Brown the game was up - an MP who has never voted against the government is a worthless one.

  17. @jay:

    My memory for right-wing American nutjobs is terrible, I'll happily admit. The only one I remember was some dude banging on about peak oil and living in Mexico - but that was a couple of years ago and I bet he's not quite so happy with his decision to relocate there now. That thread ended up with discussion of the forthcoming zombie apocalypse and specifically Mexican zombies, as in "if you think normal zombies are slow..."

  18. Zombies not ringing any bells, Swifty, nor Mexico... this really is bugging me now, he was comedy gold.

  19. While you're having a think - here's some background music from MoverOver - posting at the time as RoversRainbowGypsys

    09 Apr 09, 11:45pm

    right now, we'd like to dedicate this song to mR dismAL (and his guitar TWAnggGGGgg-WAilllLLwAilllLL), mr tomlinson (he's up here right now, too), and everyone here. . . everyone with any kind of hearts and ears.

    a little thing by mr bob dylan.
    thing called, KnOCkin' oN heAVEn's DooR. . .

    (thank you very much. . .)


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    CRaSH! !!

    (ladies and gentlemen, thank you so vERy much. . . :)

  20. It wasn't truckdrivinman was it? If I've insulted this person I apologise - the comments have been wiped so I can't confirm a vague memory of his having been outspoken in a right wing kind of way.

  21. No, you're right, @truckdrivinagain was the monicker, I'm pretty sure--yer bog-standard, chest-beating USA numba one knuckle-dragger...

    Ta, para...I loved that @moveoverrover. He (she?) even used to do requests. I once asked for Long Hot Summer Night and fuck me if S/He didn't oblige with a blinder. The bastards kept deleting him and when I complained, the humourless gobshites deleted me too. Typical..

  22. Thats a moving rendition, parallax, quite angelic...

    Wasnt truckdrivinman, he had a boring name as i remember, a really boring moniker.

  23. @parallax:

    Actually, I think his bottom E was out of tune. Totally ruined it for me.

    @jay: drawing blanks here mate on the mystery poster, soz. Don't suppose you can remember some of the context? The topics he was all fussed up about or similar?

  24. It wasnt you, Olching, no, he wasnt THAT right wing...

    Swifty - im really really struggling to remember this clown, virtually every regular i saw had a pop at him, he piped up over abortion i think, Iraq, benefits, a Zoe Williams article is slightly ringing a bell... he didnt seem to stick to just one type of article, he floated about making ridiculous rants - initially people got angry with him and found him offensive, but this just turned to laughter, he had a couple of complete loony proposals, if there was a right most edge to the political spectrum, this guy was it.

    he had aboring moniker, really boring, he was around quite a while ago, maybe even last summer, and ended up as the court jester, much to his annoyance. He was probably a right wing fundy from Alabama or something, a complete nut.

    Im trying to think who had rows with him, i reckon Kiz might remember... Or Dot, Dot has a good memory, or AllyF maybe, im almost tempted to email the mods and ask them if they remember him, now that i cant remember him i cant stop thinking about it, i gotta find the little gits name...

  25. Never mind, Jay...(assumes smokey Bogart voice while Dooley Wilson plays As Time Goes By): we'll always have...erm...PresidentD...".

  26. He made PresD look pretty sane and decent...

  27. I think in particular he had one especially outrageous idea, like sterilising everyone on benefits or something.

  28. ...and EarlofSuave. He strikes me as such a frustrated little soul.

  29. Kiz dear have you got any idea what im on about? I have a feeling you were there with this clown.

  30. "I think in particular he had one especially outrageous idea, like sterilising everyone on benefits or something."

    It probably was the Phibbster then.

  31. I can't create a new topic Jay? For some reason I don't have the 'create new topic' button at the top right hand side of my screen? But if someone could do it on my behalf much appreciated...

    "Setting the tone...

    Following on from the mod debate, I'd wouldn't mind knowing what experiences folk on here, have had with what they consider to be 'unacceptable posts'? Was it the the language they found to be unacceptable or anything otherwise? The problem for me is that I've no real experience of feeling intimidated or threatened on the CiF; I've certainly seen Cath, Julie and more get abuse for simply how they look and obv I think that's unacceptable.
    However, that's quite cut and dried as a mod issue - what I would like to know is what else helps to qualify an 'unsafe' and 'safe' webspace?"

  32. Mendoz - you havent got the "new post" button at top right? If you have signed in, which looks like you have, it should be there i think, unless montana needs to invite you or something, anyone know? Be a good thread though, you should def do it.

    K wait a sec i post it for you.

  33. JohnQ? Who seems to be the new incarnation of skiergolfer happyamerican?

  34. I always suspected, maybe wrongly, that President D was paid by someone to put his view. A number of US posters seemed to fade away on various sites after the republican/democrat switch; just as a number vanished after the Blair/Brown switch.

  35. No wasnt JohnQ, maybe he wasnt an American, i dont know, im beginning to lose hope here...

    Marzgirl is on the other thread looking for you though.

  36. jon, I always thought that the Prez was paid as well. I folowed the US elections on Cif closely, and he was everywhere - first post on so many threads. It was serious disinformation too, not just bollox. He's still around sporadically, but took such a kicking then that I think he's a broken man.

  37. Just in: This is really beginning to bug JayReilly now.

    Next week: Up a bit, now over to the left, yes, no left a bit more, and down a bit, there, what do I have there, a pimple?

  38. was it stan? is he still posting?

    I'm so happy to have found the singing dude, I'm lovin it!

  39. Aerith here, I haven't posted on cif since bill stickers got banned

    lurk occasionally and read the mod thread over there. that same argument has been going on for years

    I suggested Reddit, you can create your own sub reddit and use threaded discussions. My post got deleted :(

  40. billstickers? That's going back a bit. Even I've posted since he got banned.

  41. Not Stan no...

    Im never going to recall him, i may have to give up the chase soon...

  42. SteveEdwards?

    The guy was a repressed right-wing gay-hating nutter:

    "The point of Christianity is truth and freedom and hope.Churches should be helping people out of the slavery and bondage of the homosexual lifestyle, not entrenching them in it."

    Hasn't been around for a year or so.

    Also, hello all.

  43. Gonna close this thread. Go on up to "Yeah, I know" or the Daily Chat thread, okay? There's a good poster!