03 May 2009

New Thread

Whoops - we hit that 200 thread, extra mouse-click threshhold.  Here we go:


  1. First on the thread! First on the thread! :o)

  2. BB glad to see I'm not the only child round here...

  3. Hello all,

    As your resident crazed reactionary, I'd just like to let you know that the banning bloodbath is being noted (disapprovingly) on right-leaning blogs like Laban Tall et al.

    CIF is finished as far as I'm concerned. SwiftyBoy's resignation put some kind of tin hat on it for me (don't go mate!)

    Also, it seems that even making reference to bans, this site and the ongoing mayhem is enough to get you modded. When "houses" was looking for Hank my post directing him/her here was deleted post haste, while even my saying hello to UndergroundMan/Szekely Karl and mentioning Olching got a whole raft of posts deleted.

    Boozerwards anyway.

    Oh, MUJOKAN'S been banned? WTF?

  4. hi there starbryte... interesting info... have several for me... and a pie after..

  5. Hank, reposting - don't want this one overlooked. Of interest to Bitterweed too.

    Couldn't find that version of Nancy Spain on YouTube either. The song is on 'the Christy Moore collection 81-91'. He's an Irish socialist/communist 'folkie' and has played live with Emmy Lou a few times. He also did very good stuff with a band called Moving Hearts - check them out, great stuff. Very uncompromising politically and a tremendous musician. Here's "No Time For Love" - as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. Progress, eh?


  6. Is integrity4time (is that the name?) BiteThe Nuts or just a fellow cohort? Are we getting a few lurkers round here? Well... as far as I'm concerned, they're perfectly welcome to pitch in their twopenneth worth, if they fancy it?

  7. kizbot: totally. Comment is, after all free. :o)

  8. Yeah - I just saw that comment and was just getting ready to reply over there to the effect that anyone is welcome here.

  9. Do it wildhack, you should... i don't actually want the refugees to be all of one ilk...

  10. Top post by Frank... and he's one, whether it bugs Hank or not, that I would like to see round here... and that's precisely because i rarely agree with him...

  11. Guys, the point of this place is surely that it's always open to anyone. They don't need no fuckin' invite. Anyone can read and/or post here. If that dipstick wants to stand outside and laugh and point, so what?

    And can I just recommend you look at that link I posted - bit of old-fashioned no-holds-barred socialist solidarity. And super guitar.

  12. scherfig - just listened to the song - beautiful. And it lead me to one about James Larkin - my grandfather was named for him, though I doubt we're actually related.

  13. Montana, here's one about Irish immigrants to the US.


  14. shelaghnagig03 May, 2009 23:14

    Hello humans! Shelaghnagig here, just popping in to say hello. I do hope you allow cats to comment as well?

  15. Are you a rad-cat or a pol-lesb-cat?

  16. Pikeys a nutcase. I have tears of laughter streaming down my face at this bit:

    "Something no one seems to have mentioned is that these waves of bannings appear to mirror downturns in t'labour party, nationally. By which I mean when it appears labour are on the ropes, everyone at the Guardian starts bayonetting prisoners - or come as close to it as they can."


  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-j3XypNdmA

    Kizbot my love, enjoy this on my account.

    Lord knows I miss the days of my Lefty certainty...

    Fan-feckintatic tune anyway...

  18. shelaghnagig03 May, 2009 23:26

    I wasnot aware it was an either or choice scherfig, sir? I leave you to postulate further on my affinities. But I will say this. This kitty does not like to be bagged!

  19. staybryte - did you read the comments on YouTube? Half of Stefan Cush's family turned up!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. scherfig

    I am as drunk as a skunk who's been on the all-dayer down the working skunks' social club. I'll have a butcher's in the effort to know what you and they are on about out.

  22. Ah, yeah, I get you now. But when it really comes to it Sean South's yer man...

    But then again

    "The last shall be first and the first shall be last, may the Lord in his Mercy be kind to Belfast."

  23. One for shelaghnagig. Appropriate name (and he's half Greek).


  24. Surely, as with most cats, Shelaghnagig is above mere human categorising? Cats being our intellectual and moral superiors, I think they find our penchant for trying to (if you'll excuse the expression, Shelagh) pigeon-hole everyone into neat little categories.

    Enjoying the Christy Moore, btw. I shall have to listen to more of it later. I tend to avoid things Irish to some extent out of fear of seeming to have what I call 'Shamrock & Shelaliegh Syndrome'. That's the tendency Americans with Irish ancestry have of romanticising everything to do with Ireland and assuming that one's ancestors were staunch republicans, etc. Travelling in England in the mid-80s with a sometimes-Irish surname (Larkin is my mother's maiden name) was difficult on a few occasions. I was refused a bed for the night at a couple of youth hostels on the basis of my last name and treated to proper little rants about Americans giving money to the IRA on several occasions. I suspect that the tendency (S&S Syndrome) comes from the hatred and discrimination the Irish faced when they came here. NINA signs on factory gates, unable to find landlords willing to rent to them, etc. Remember the scene in 'Blazing Saddles' where they're trying to find help to make the fake Rock Ridge and they go out to the railroad camp. There's a line, "Okay. We'll take the niggers and the chinks, but we don't want the Irish." As my son would say, "It's funny because it's true." In the 19thC, that really was the pecking order.

  25. Montana, if you want a less "romantic" view of Ireland, I'll post the Moving Hearts more politicised version of 'No Time for Love' in the phonebooth.

  26. Montana

    I'm Fenian royalty. Really. I've asked my Dad about this, and he told me in all sincerity that the "No blacks, dogs or Irish" schtick never actually existed in any widespread fashion.

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZngXlJkinE

    It's a great tune anyway. Go raibh maile maith agat.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Staybryte - royalty in a republican movement? Okay. I can't speak to how widespread it really was, but I've no doubt at all that there was enough of it to be a problem for large numbers of immigrants. I think there was a strong whiff of anti-Catholicism to it, too. I've seen photographs of factories with NINA signs and I used to own a book that I found in a used book shop that was published in Chicago in the 1890s that was about the problem of 'civilising' the Irish Catholic immigrant.

  30. Scherfig - I didn't say it didn't exist - apparently Staybryte's dad did.

  31. Correction - staybryte. Sorry, folks.
    He should try and tell that to my uncle. He was a trainee teacher in London for a while in the 50's and shared lodgings with three African guys. They didn't have a dog though.

  32. Montana,

    Earlier today I was reading the memoirs of Brendan Behan's Mother (Kathleen Behan). She (unsurprisingly) was a Fenian of colossal proportions. The key quote was that "They'd crown DeValera King of Ireland."

    As she admitted, an odd ambition given the stated aims of Republicans.

  33. Right, I really have to go now..

    Regards to you all.

  34. Damn, new thread, was wondering where you'd all gone.

    Hey Kiz, I like Pikey, sort of. He'd be a welcome addition to this site. Don't think I ever said he wouldn't be welcome here, and anyhoo, it's not for me to dictate terms.

    Whitt can fukc off though as far as I'm concerned, quisling bastard.

  35. Just in case Cath's reading and has for some reason put any faith in the words of the seriously troubling Ultima, the incident she refers to which was deleted involving coolhandluke was when someone was rude to cath, and included in their abuse (and it was abuse) was the phrase, "this isnt fucking dibley, and you're not the fucking vicar". I posted some amusement at the phrase cos it made me laugh. Ultima asked me at the time to apologise for this, i refused, though perhaps i shouldnt have done, but regardless, i didnt abuse cath.

    Pikey popped over here couple of months back i think, he knows where it is and would of course be welcome, he's a character and he's often bloody funny.

    I see Sarka popped up, she'd be another welcome figure over here.

    No news on the modding thread i see...

  36. Kid Ramos


    Fuck yes.

  37. scherfig

    Christy Moor fucking rocks. Some great links up there... It's 4.39, just got in from having it large, after a gig playing some old robert johnson and elmore james tunes. And got drunken afta, oops. No hope fo I.

  38. staybrite, love it !
    scherfig, how absolutely bizarre, - Accross The Universe - was thinking of that very same parable of infantile genius. (Lennon had been up for forty hours and was on an acid comedown when he wrote that. And is shows. Personally, one of mye all time faves.

    English folk at its best:


    Turn it RIGHT up. It's where a lot of ex labour voters are at...

  39. Oh fuck it's a good song !

  40. Christy at his goldenest:


  41. You lot really actually have gone to bed haven't you.


    Here's Buddy Guy anyway.

    Hell Yes. There really is none better in the world...


  42. Cat Stevens in Great Performance Shock!

  43. Probably time I hit the bed of nails...

    Here's some classic bittersweet fun:


    (Courtesy of Martillo circa last June I believe)
    One for the ladies nonetheless.


    Meantime, check this: for the sad boys...

    This is really fucking sad. ....


    Tien Jef, tien...!

  44. vien even...

    Here's some lovely morning music xxxxxxx


  45. Actualy... this is a much much better way to wake ...



  46. Or maybe its too early for that... look at what can happen in the early hours still !!!!



    Jes us fucking christ what a fucking funny short film...

  47. anyone else ?

  48. Ok: a plea to anyone now.

    The funniest short film you will see today is contained in my above post at 6:12

    Please, watch it ... it WILL make your day better.

  49. Me being 2 hrs later than blighty is a problem.. It was half one here when I tootled off.. but only half 11 yr end...

  50. doesnotexist04 May, 2009 08:25

    kizbot, a mere 2 hours! You should try 9 - or 11 October to March.

    To anyone who knows: is it true about Mujokan? One of the least vulgar or abusive posters on Cif? If that Baby Jesus had anything to do with it ...

  51. Bitterweed - good one. I've heard some Show of Hands before.

  52. A look at www.guardian.co.uk/users/mujokan shows it to be still there but there are no posts after Nov last year.

  53. It seems as though Jay has turned up on the WDDWTTA thread in the guise of a middle-aged woman. Now, there's a first. No prizes for guessing who thinks that.

    Although, come to think of it, that Reilly can be fiendishly clever (in a low down animal cunning sort of way, of course).

  54. Morning all!

    Yeah, I noticed that too, scherfig. Quite bizarre. And not a little paranoid, too. I wasn't joking in my post the other day when I said it sounded like "internet sickness". I feel a bit sorry for her, because she is clearly reading stuff into things that just isn't there. Time to step away from the computer for a few days and go out and play, imo.

  55. Why can't I always copy paste from this board? - copying the links manually is a real pain - some good music there when I finally got to it!

    Some thoughts on the Union Jack - its my flag and I want it back.

    I agree with that - enough working class people fucking died for it!

    Just one problem - its not really MY flag there's no cross of St David on it. So I'll stick to Y Ddraig Goch thanks.(The Welsh Dragon)

    But the point is identity IS important, knowing where and who you came from IS important. WE need to know so when some silly islamist comes on and tells me mu culture is getting drunk and throwing up all night and sleeping around I can reply that no its not that, its about the diggers and the chartists the Tolpuddle martyrs the early unions and WHAT THE LABOUR PARTY WAS FOUNDED FOR!

    We all need to be reminded about that at the moment BECAUSE IT'S MY PARTY AND I WANT THAT BACK TOO!!!

    I liked the country life one too, a real issue in rural Wales (where they call the wealthy English who buy cottages 'white settlers' btw!). Lots of songs about that too but the trouble is they are in my own language and I don't speak it. There is also a tendency to characterise it as a uiquely Welsh problem, which it isn't. But thats the trouble with political nationalism.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. "Why can't I always copy paste from this board? - copying the links manually is a real pain - some good music there when I finally got to it"

    I used the Edit button on the Firfox toolbar to copy and paste the above. But who knows if it work next time. I've only just found out how to post on here so I'm very much a new boy.

    I can't get it in italics or bold and have no idea how to post a link - if these things are at all possible on here.

    Kind Regrads to all those so foolishly banished from CiF.

  58. "internet sickness"

    Good point, BB. I think I'm going to take a holiday from cif while I still can.

    Great post on that thread, pikey!

  59. Glad to read that it's only the author who can remove his/her/herm comments on this thread.

  60. "pandora; jay is here right now.need i say more? i know his style."

    Oh dear, the poor old thing is genuinely losing it.

  61. 'fess up, Jay. You are in reality a 48 yr-old transgendered woman from Swansea. Your carefully cultivated internet persona is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  62. annetan - want to come and help me fight the fash on the (yet another bloody) BNP thread? o/

    "I didn't realise that you wrote poetry
    "I didn't realise you wrote such bloody awful poetry
    "Mr Shankley"


  63. @scherfig - cheers for the Christy Moore tip, just ordered the 81-91 cd. (zavvi have got a sale on today btw, 2005 Ashes boxset for £2.95 amongst other gems, if anyone's in the mood for stimulating the economic recovery.)

    @Kiz - thinking about it, you might be right about me and Pikey. It was probably one of those days when he was waging a "Kill the Poor" campaign, but as we are now officially "friends" I take it all back (-; Sorry to hear you've got to work btw!!

    @Bitterweed - top effort again, mate. You must have the constitution of a Bulgarian hammer thrower.

    @Jay - saw your post over at Heresy, thanks for that. And yes, I agree, your mate is losing it. Sad to see really. I thought Cath's post would have settled the issue but it seems to be developing into an obsession for her and her number 2.

  64. Hi- danpearceitaly here- just to add my name to the list of pariah commenters. Not sure why I was banned- probably to do with my persistent 911 truth stuff and also questioning 7/7 bombings. I was also very rude about Israel. Irritating but not sure I give a fuck and glad to find myself among such exalted company.
    Incidentally, I've just started a blog which features my comic strip about depression- see it on danpearcecomix.com
    It's very much in its infancy and I'm still working on it tho it's causing me much difficulty. Would appreciate any comments but if you call me a cunt I shall delete you...

  65. Sorry to hear that, dan. Always read your posts. Did you get pre-modded at all or were you straight out the door?

  66. No worries, Hank. I'd also recommend Moving Hearts' first album. Real folk-rock - electric guitar, uilleann pipes etc - a potent mix.

  67. Hank

    "2005 Ashes boxset for £2.95"

    This already takes pride of place on my rack, best test series in history by a mile.

    I reckon we'll get the amnesty, Hank, i really do, but it might require you and monkeyfish to do some Jay'esque type grovelling - meet them halfway and all that.

    Old ultima has certainly lost it, and she will def go through with her threat to "flag" every single comment of mine if i post again. Lunatic.

  68. "But when the same person always miquotes you and even starts to quote things that were never in your post...."

    Its stuff like this that really gets me, she takes her own traits, to a T, and then accuses others of them. This is such a perfect description of what she does to me (proved numerous times by going back over the quotes) that i genuinely believe she has some sort of mental condition, a mild one albeit. This is just isnt normal.

  69. Jay, the only solution is to ignore her completely (BTH too). Do not respond to their comments, do not refer to their comments. That whole thread has been an entertaining soap-opera, but it's getting very tired. She has exposed herself now, time to forget it, and let her rant and rave into a vacuum. Noone takes her seriously.

  70. Yeh my copy's well-worn, Jay. Am planning to use most of my leave this year sitting in front of the tv and watching us try to repeat the dose. Not overly confident atm though. Would make a hell of a difference if Tresco could be tempted back into the fold.

    Re the amnesty, I see Seaton's surfaced on the thread. I shall be following the debate with interest.

  71. kizbot
    Ah, I see, thought you were on more or less the same timeline.

    Show of Hands - saw them last July at Llanngollen festival. F@cking blinding

    Thanks Hank. No, I just have no shame...

    welcome dude. All c words are used in the best possible taste here. Do you know what happened to tinfoilhoodie ? Major CiF poster last year, a campaigning troofer, and also, occasionally funny as fuck.

  72. JayReilly

    It's called projection. In the face of something that is unpalatable, people PROD - project, rationalise, opt-out and deny. Classic case.

    scherfig - yeah I think you are right, tbh. I have other fish (fash) to fry.

  73. Bitterweed - have you seen the rest of 'Night on Earth'? It's all good, but Benigni is something else.

  74. The ashes victory? Was that this century ? Seems a very long time ago now...

    Had a text from a mate who overdid things very badly recently: Of the day after he said

    "Issues with daylight and motion. Apart from that o.k."

  75. Scherfig - yep think will have to ignore her, nothing gained by engaging, she isnt sane.

    Hank - i havent got high hopes for an Ashes repeat in all honesty, i think we'll get a drubbing.

    "In the face of something that is unpalatable, people PROD - project, rationalise, opt-out and deny. Classic case."

    Textbook i should say, bloody loon....

  76. scherfig
    Yes, it's such a sad collection I found, ponly watched it once... and then Benigni kept me in stitches for several years. A comedy tour de force.

  77. Jay
    she's fucking mental. walk away.

  78. Hi guys

    Of course I'd ban none, am being modded.

    Oh I live in fear of those purges. (not really a joke)


  79. Thee way Benigni describes his love for the sheep - surely a Cif 'gender' article there for animal-fuckers. (I won't mention pumpkins.)

  80. Bitterweed, i will do (thats the plan anyway, sometimes she riles me too much but i will certainly be at least trying to ignore her)

    You got any more quality Derek Trucks????

  81. Jay
    Derek Trucks is a moveable feast, I think his label is one of those ones that has lawyers watching the freebie downloading and streaming sites.

    This is great: with Warrne Haynes from the Allmans...


    Talk later, going out now

  82. Might be academic, Jay, I reckon she's heading for a spell on the sidelines herself. Painful to watch really.

    Cracking text, Bitterweed. Think I'll save it as a template on my phone.

    Don't look like Matt's coming back does it?

  83. I just been watching that one BW, this Trucks is a new hero of mine, i'd never heard him.

    Hank - she seems pretty much immune from sanction on these boards so i wont be holding my breath, but certainly is a bit painful to watch, but no one believes a word she says so i shouldnt worry too much i spose...

  84. ""I love being a part of CiF (most of the time), I only wish more feminist women would comment on there. No, I'm just trying to show that despite the blinkers JayReilly and other recent commenters here seem to be wearing, abuse and misogyny (and homophobia) are rife on the Internet, including on well-moderated popular newspaper sites like the Guardians Comment is Free.""

    The point Cath ignores is that the unpleasant personal vitriol on her blog comes from regulars, that isnt the case on CIF.

  85. And another bloody BNP thread ffs. Whatever happened to No Platform? OK, it isn't the BNP writing ATL, but they attract all the random white supremacist nutters holed up in their garden sheds with their guns and a pic of Enoch on the wall.

    I think I should just make a word document of stock answers and keep cutting and pasting them as required, cos I am tired of having to craft a post to rebut all their nonsense all the time.

    Also, does anyone else here smell a rat? I am really convinced now, especially following Kinnock's piece that was briefly on the front page last night about not supporting Gordon creating votes for the BNP, that New Labour are trying to scare the bejasus out of us to make us vote for them at the European's. If You Don't Vote Labour You Get Nazis seems to be the current slogan. I find that worrying, because they are allowing the BNP the oxygen of publicity.

    No pasaran.

  86. Yeah, a total blitzkrieg of articles about the BNP. Bizarre, and extremely stupid, imo.

    One last comment on the soap-opera - I couldn't resist the double irony in this one. Shock news! BTH declared sane by the most sensible person on the thread!

    "Now look what you've done - you've gone and upset Ultimathule - to whom, thanks for the testimony to my sanity."

  87. BB
    No platform ? I don't agree.

    It's a trend accross Europe currently. Look at Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland Poland, Germany too. Nazi ideas are back in fashion among the thickocracy and on the terraces.

    If you try to put a lid on it; it *will* back fire, there are literally far too many millions of people pissed off with blue socialism's failure to deliver on many, many issues. They have every right to be fucked off to the core. They also will smell a rat very quickly if they see anyone trying to cut off an avenue for that anger - dissent.

    A venue where I play occasionally, there are three or four Oi! bands coming soon, all with very dodgy black red and white motifs, all with angry skins looking "well ard" in the posters.
    Oi music attracts kids who never voted before. Are you suggesting they shouldn't be playing these gigs ?

    So where do you draw the line ?

    You can't.

    Let the fuckers come and then argue with people on the sidelines. Beat thenm with logic, not gagging orders.

  88. scherfig: heheh. Bless her. The bizarre thing is that I tend to avoid getting into any kind of dispute with her, no matter how much I disagree with what she has posted, because she has always come across to me as the "go for the jugular" type in her interactions with anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with her. It's unfortunate that she appears to equate disagreement with attack/bullying/harassment/stalking/what you will. She will eventually find herself all on her own talking to herself if she continues to alienate, bully and threaten people with "flagging". Very short-sighted and not conducive to a happy CiF atmosphere at all really.

    Ah well - I am finishing off a bottle of Fitou from last night - drinking in the afternoon is allowed when it's a bank holiday, right? Where's Montana's sprog? I need to know if I am in breach of the code... ;)

  89. By the way, for info I haven't looked at CiF since I resigned (or stropped off like a tart), so I'm not commenting on the nature of their coverage, but making a wider observation.

  90. Bitterweed

    Yeah I suppose you're right. I just get RSI trying to reply to all the threads at the moment. Maybe I am just being lazy ;)

    Oi! bands - blimey. I thought they had all disappeared. Turned up jeans with braces, docs and skinheads. It is all coming flooding back now. Time for an RAR gig \o/

    Actually, there is a bloke who has started up something called Rave Against Racism, which is far more up my street - they have a festival in Sheffield this month, but too far for me to travel really. Hope they have some events down here.

    Old ravers never die - the glow just fades from our sticks :D

  91. The problem with the Guardian articles on the BNP is that it simply lets dozens of BNP supporters post rubbish on the threads. I read one thread where one brand-new poster posted 30 posts, spewing bile and hate and nonsense. He wasn't there to debate or to be beaten by logic - he was laughing his arse off because he was spreading his message to thousands of people (world-wide too) at absolutely NO cost to himself. The Guardian was footing the bill. If they want to convince people of the righteousness of their cause they should at least have to work at it fucking pay for it themselves.

    Not writing dozens of articles on the BNP is not the same as gagging them. It is merely not faciliating their agenda.

  92. Oh! I just realised! It's Star Wars day!

    May the Fourth be with you!

  93. I think i tend more to bitterweeds views on BNP, i dont think they can be suppressed so would prefer them to come along to CIF where people can actually debate with them. The likes of endogame are such a poor, poor advert for the BNP that i honestly feel it damaging to the BNP to engage publicly, its them hiding in the shadows playing the martyrs that helps them.

    BB - its best not to bother with her, it really isnt, she's not all there, her latest threats to flag posts shows her true colours when it comes to debate, she would rather posts and people she disagrees with were banned/deleted.

    I havent seen Montana all day i dont think - she made me an admin for this site though, which is quite an honour, but im pretty ignorant when it comes to this stuff, i was going to ask if we have any hardcore techies amongst our ranks or at least someone good with webpages (though i think Montana has done a pretty good job so far).

  94. Oh! I just realised! It's Star Wars day!

    eh? I didnt even know such a thing existed?

  95. OI! Fuckin' watch this, mate! Or else!


  96. OK Guys, click on my handle and you'll see a new blog I've set up to getb going soon - for anyone to post at.
    It's an idea I've had a for a few years

    "The England Party"

    On a wider level, it's about Recovering England, the flag, the idea, the culture - the country - from the filthy, greasy and bloody hands that have taken it away from the people and abused it over the years.

    For the time being, it should ideally be a forum for taking the piss out of nazi fuckwads.

    With a forty inch catheter.

  97. endogame aka forusalone aka thomassilken (current nick) keeps changing his nick because I think he keeps getting banned. I have to confess he is the only person I have ever flagged, when he got really nasty with a poster once.

    He is Majority Rights, which is waaaay worse than the BNP. They are complete nutters. Take a deep breath before going on their site. It's a doozie.

  98. Star Wars ??
    For BB, in case you didn't catch this the other day...


    You funny fucker - top stuff !

  99. Excellent, Bitterweed

    I should tell my boy about this. One of his fave sports when he is bored is trolling youtube BNP posters and mocking them. They really are numpties.

  100. BB
    Hah, cool.
    It's just a fashion thing really, but it shows you where things are pointing. Wait til wev'e had five years of high unemployment. The shit will get nasty.

    I went to the one in the East End with me dad when I was a kid. Victoria Park. Clash, Steel Pulse, X Ray Specs. Great day out. On the way home we grabbed a take away and watched Dark Star in an independent cinema. How fucking right on is that, ha ha ;-)

    I fucking hate nazis, they're so laughable... yet so not fucking funny.

    Like the ravers idea, but the reason why football hooligans chilled in the 80s was because e became fashionable.

    It isn't now.

    Cheap coke, illegal steroids, stella. They're the new lifestyle choice for the young and skint.

    We'll see then...

  101. Superb vids, both of those

    One of my faves is Brokeback To The Future...


  102. Hi Hank!
    I just opened up my profile and found it unobtainable- that was it. Mind you, I'd had my comments pre-moderated a couple of times before so I wasn't really surprised. But I assumed I'd be taken off for a few days as a slap on the wrist.
    So what is this thread all about- music? I'm a Beefheart fan myself...

  103. Dan

    The joy about the threads in here is that they are all over the place. Footie, music and fascists seem to be the main themes in this one :)

    My bloke is a big Beefheart and Zappa fan - I like some of it.

  104. Hi Bitterweed!
    No, don't know about tinfoilhat, sorry...
    This is good, I feel I'm among friends here and not the paranoid fool I sometimes feel...
    Also great fan of the Fall but can't understand what's happened to Mark Smith's face. I suppose it's the booze...

  105. BB, Dan
    Yes, one of the big irritations for me on CiF was the moderators' insistance, to the letter of the law, on deleting any off topic asides between posters, no matter how amusing or off-beat. Here, it's anything goes. It suits me.

    Beefheart's just great by the way.

  106. Upthread I asked people why it is I can't copy/paste on this board and if there is something I could do about it?

    My lousy eyesight makes it difficult to copy a web address accurately :-)

    Sometimes its works - don't know why.

    If you can access the post window on Cif you can enter the address and then copy it over here.

    I know some can't do that


  107. So good to hear from you, BeautifulBurnout! And all of you! It's really weird on Cif now cos most of the familiar names have obviously been taken out. I think MaM been moderated, too. A nutter, of course, but it makes no sense to take him or anyone else out. And racist remarks are hardly likely to gain support for racist organisations, are they?
    If Cif continues this course it's just going to be too boring to bother reading.
    Also I LOVE John Hiatt.
    And Dylan and Van Morrison (Listen to the Lion)

  108. Dan
    I don't give a shit who posts here or from what political view point as long as they have something cogent to say and aren't boring.

    On CiF, it seemed that a lot of, although by no means all, of the really angry ones getting banned are on the left, and it says something of how that brand and its management have changed.

    I like the idea of here, because tories to troofers, lefties to single issue firebrands are welcome.

  109. Absolutely, for this place to really take off we would actually need more people from across the spectrum so we can have some blazing cif'esque rows and tantrums over here. And, anyone can write an article here, and there is already a sort of community cos everyone knows each other from CIF. More ciffers really should come over here, even Ultima is welcome - perhaps someone would give her an invite, then me and her can "talk" without bothering everyone else.

  110. Bringing together the musical themes of the weekend...

    Captain Beefheart with Ry Cooder on slideAwesome.

  111. Jay
    Yep, we need to get writing. Stir some emotions.

  112. 'even ultima is welcome'? My views on this in the phonebooth.

  113. btw - she's just posted again on the open thread.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. She wouldn't last five minutes if she did post here, poor thing. She would accuse us all of bullying her into being vile to us, then flounce off warning us not to stalk her or she will report us to the Innernetz Police. Or something. She just can't hack anyone with an opinion other than hers, can she?

  116. Decided not to quote!

    She is unravelling she is having another go at Jay now she's obsessed with you Jay!

  117. Hi everyone!

    I've wandered over here as well. Now that've been variously accused by you know who of being a member of "Jay's Gang" or being Jay's long lost soul twin by you know who or have been corrupted by the evil people, or assimiliated Borg-Style and can no longer think for myself or all of the above I might as well join the "group think"....

    This seems to be a much nicer party over here than over there. I am rapidly becoming more disenchanted with CiF's policy. It really is becoming more obvious by the day that some people are allowed to rant ad infinitum flinging about ad hominems and personal abuse left right and centre while others are vanished at a whim.

    Meh... I'm all for a lively and robust debate - and it's nice to see so many familiar names around here.

    Oh.... and having read all of the posts on this thread and the previous one (waves at Kizbot - I've lived in Athens for a year, paidi mou!) there's something I've noticed about ultima's latest self-destruction on CiF - what a coincidence that she should come up with the notion of "projection" shortly after it's been discussed here - If anyone still needed proof, she's reading this.

  118. BeautifulBurnout: I'm playing catch-up on the Amnesty for IIs thread at the moment.

    You (and others whose names I don't recognise from over here) are fighting valiantly, and I'm hoping to pitch in and join you when I've caught up properly.

    I've come up against this thomassilken creature before, though under another name. It was in responding to him that my posts got "disappeared", so I'm keen to have a bit of a go at him in particular.

    He came out with his magic date of 22nd June 1948 on that occasion too. It caught my attension because although my Dad was born in London in 1942, he was in Canada on that particular day.

    Does this day have any special significance I'm unaware of, or is it just some random date (his birthday perhaps?)

    Anyone any ideas?

  119. I prob will do much more writing with my month off, i was going to do something today but i am still suffering from an ugly encounter with a bottle of whisky on Saturday night/Sunday morning, the hangover has followed through till today... But i will try and do some bits, hopefulyl we can get a few more ciffers over.

    Hi Pandora, welcome to the refuge. They have gone from "Allys gang" to "Jays gang", it seems to have a rotating policy on leadership. But back to reality, quite a few of those objecting to my ban are people who i know full well havent got an awful lot of time for my opinions, but unlike ultimaphule and her buddies they actually have a concept of principles, they dislike bans full stop, regardless of who it is.

    BTH, Ultima etc dont understand this mentality because they havent got a principle between them. So to them, everyone that has stood up for a principle is actually some paid up member of my imaginary gang, or allys, depending on which day of the week it is.

  120. "Does this day have any special significance I'm unaware of"

    Windrush docks at Tilbury, according to google

    Sorry to intrude...

  121. BB - there must be hundreds of 'Brokeback' movie trailers on YouTube. Some are really funny.

    btw has every watched bitterweed's posted link from Jim Jarmusch's 'Night on Earth' with Roberto Benigni?

    That should be made fucking compulsory for everyone here. Might lighten things up a bit on Cif postings too.

  122. scherfig - I will scroll back up and take a look

    pandora - nice to see you here - I have only been here for a short while myself, and largely for the same reasons - I missed the likes of Hank, Monkeyfish and now Jay, amongst others.

    Anonymous and Andy - yes, tis the same nutter as always and the date he quotes is actually wrong - I caught him out on that last night - it's 22nd June 48 and the MV Empire Windrush docking at Tilbury, not the 23rd at Southampton as he seems to believe. He is from an organisation called Majority Rights and, under another nick, described himself as further to the right than the BNP. His website is full of holocaust denying white supremicists of the Stormfront ilk - Icky to say the least.

    As to disappearing posts, if you post something in reply to a poster who is then banned and modded, they often "disappear" your replies at the same time too. Not sinister, just expedient I think.

  123. Anonymous: Thanks for that.

    I thought that might be it.

    I'm still trying to catch up, but I think from his comments page he shut up shop hours ago.

    Late to the party again...

    BB: That explains the disappearances. Guessed it might be that.

    Is he an “English” nutter rather than a “British” nutter then?

    That’ll make me with my Scottish ancestry a right thorn in his flesh – I’m practically a Paki (sic).

    Is he still on, or has he shut up for now?

  124. Andy - he seems to have gone now. Even Skimmer, our fave pet BNPer has no time for him at all. Which reminds me - we haven't heard from him on CiF for ages either

  125. Jay - whisky binge on Saturday night? Have you scrolled back to see what you posted here around 6am yesterday morning? Funny as fuck. Probably just as well you didn't have access to CiF at the time..

    Dan, MAM's not been moderated if by that you mean banned. His profile is still up and he posted summat today. Not that I saw it. Am not interested at all in reading the blogs apart from the "Whaddya Want" one. Not if I'm not allowed to join in )-:

    Anyway, time for a sing-song...


  126. Cooder was a smart kid, that's fer sher.

  127. One of Christy's old mates (Planxty)


  128. Yeractual has just injected a note of levity - oo- er Ffthorg !!!!

    We've had it.

  129. Ok, I’ve reached the end of it now. Let’s see if I’ve got this straight?

    He’s using the (UN?) Convention (on Genocide?) and the Declaration (of Human Rights?) to try and provide a legal basis for his little England trip? You’ve almost got to admire his imagination and his front; but in the end, not.

    I think you landed some good punches BB (and someone called logos00 put in a pretty good performance too, whoever HE is), but I’m sure he’ll be back for a re-match.

    It’s a shame he has to rely on an American lawyer though, isn’t it. Don’t we have any decent English lawyers who love their country anymore? Obviously not if BB is anything to go by.

    If he is an “English” nutter, the next time he gets out his calendar, someone might want to mention 1 May 1707.

    On this date, as I’m sure you know, the Scots Parliament and the English Parliament united to form the Parliament of Great Britain. In other words, this is the day when England ceased to exist as a nation.

    It’s all been downhill for thomassilken ever since, hasn’t it?

    By the way, can you do italics and bold and stuff over here? If so how, 'cause if not I might just piss off back to Cif. At least their pages look pretty, even if they're increasing full of nonsense ;-)

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going next door to talk to my new friend Bitethehand...

  130. Hank - oh dear..

    "UI', far t oos wataes to pst, its gone six on th etnorniing here ad i nedd bec.be."

    Oh dear oh dear... It was indeed a nasty binge, had people over and did a big bottle to myself, worst hangover i've had for a long time, nasty 2 day jobby, still suffering...

  131. Nice one Hank

    Guys, this is great. Just found it looking for info on a town on the Black Sea.

    Read the guy's info
    Nicely done, quite touching.


    BTW: Planxty good. But you can not, repeat can NOT beat the Chieftans.

  132. andy - he is using the UN Convention on Indigenous Peoples together with the UN Convention on Genocide to try and convince us that the English are being wiped out! Wiped out, I tells ya! And slaughtered!

    I really pissed him off the other day by telling him I really didn't care if in a 100 years time we were all a homogenous shade of beige. He was not a happy bunny. :)

  133. "UI', far t oos wataes to pst, its gone six on th etnorniing here ad i nedd bec.be."

    That's going in the book that one. Fucking superb effort !!!

  134. "homogenous shade of beige."

    Wasn't that by Procul Harum ?


  135. "UI', far t oos wataes to pst, its gone six on th etnorniing here ad i nedd bec.be."

    A first: I hurt my neck laughing reading that one.

    Oh, and speaking as a hoverer rather than a bona fide Untrusted, welcome Andy. Some damned good posts at The Other Place.

  136. Fencewalker, genuine mistake, really didn't mean to call you Fencesitter, again.

  137. Andy - if you're still here...


  138. Have you? I wasn't reacting to anything: genuine humility. Don't worry about it.

  139. Hell, mebbe it could even be my new moniker if the (apparently inevitable) premodding starts.

  140. Fencewalker: Thanks for the welcome. It’s “The Other Place” is it?

    I don’t know if BTH will share your enthusiasm for my latest post.

    BB: I’ll make a note of that. Or maybe I should call you

    “Queen of Hypochondriacal Cod Psychology”

    from now on. Nice

    And is that thing about cleaning toilets in Piccadilly a roundabout way of telling them the whole thing’s gone down the pan?

    Check out the Pulp song Glory Days when you get a chance:

    “We were brought up on the space race, now they expect you to clean toilets.”

    I’m not providing a link, because you should ALL have it already.

    Might put that on in a bit, although as I’m up at 5.30 tomorrow I can’t stay up all night chatting, much as I’d love to

  141. I'm beginning to get a chip on my shoulder now about never having been in premod....

  142. Glory Days is a good'un. Has the Youtube battle with the music performance whatsit been resolved yet, btw, so we can see the actual vids?

  143. Other Place is just what I've started calling it, but it seems right for its dual spooky/parliamentary flavours. All this parallel reading and posting is opening up strange philosophical possibilities and potentialities for bullshit.
    By the way, at the risk of starting to sound like a stalker, I loved that post. We should frame it (and possibly shove it up Ultima's "most vital part"). [ps, I was pretty unaware of her existence until about a week ago. She is, as a friend of mine said otherwhere, "hard to warm to".]

    Ooh and if we're talking music, someone really ought to have mentioned Maggot Brain (Funkadelic) or Two Sisters of Mystery (Mandrill, or even the same's Fat City Strut or, ahem, Fencewalk) or Purple Image or Jackie Mittoo or Lefties Soul Connection or Mulatu Astatke or The Sahara All Stars of Jos or...no shut up.

  144. Well, well, 5 recs already. How did that happen so quick? I thought I explained to Montana
    I don't like nepotism ;-)

    BB: While we're talking funny symbols, I'm assuming :D:D:D:D:D:D is good in some way, but maybe you could explain it to me sometime.

  145. Andy, I hope that was a clean break. Don't go running back to him when you're feeling a bit low, and nobody else seems to value you or feign interest in your opinions. I don't want to seem harsh, but I did warn you! Anyway, you're much better off without him - his type are all the same, they only ever want one thing, no matter how much they pretend otherwise. Stick to your allotment and your friends, try to think of something else, keep busy. You'll get over him in time, I know you will. We've all been there. I, myself, am SO over him, yet sometimes....

  146. Fencewhatever04 May, 2009 21:00

    Ah Pinchy, just caught the bit (I hope checking your comments doesn't count as bullying!). Aye, I was mechty slow - had to go out with others [but, tragically, kept checking while feeding the kids and stuff].
    All praise indeed to Dobie Gray, but I prefer Ramsey Lewis' version.

  147. Bunch of nutters!! :D

    Oh, Andy, this :D is an emoticon for laughing, or a big grin.

  148. Not acquainted with Ramsey Lewis's version tbh, fencewalker, but Dobie will always be The Man for Out on the Floor.

    Posted this on here the other day in a different guise but I'll re-post it in case you missed it - my all-time fave dancefloor classic...


  149. I think I've been banned, after being in the Skinner Box of and on for six months, and continuously since February (although I stopped posting for a while.)

    Someone must have noticed my protest message on my profile page, as it was wiped yesterday. Now, although I can still sign in, I have no access to Post Buttons on the threads.

    Is it that they can't ban now, or that they prefer not to?

  150. That's billp lasterer to you.

  151. scherfig: Thanks for the advice. As I said to BTH, if only I’d listened to my mother’s advice, the whole thing would never have happened.

    And I’m sure I’ll get over him soon, especially with all my new friends to talk to. The question is, will he get over himself?

    BB: I’m not really doing Youtube at the moment because my speakers are fucked. I went looking for Germfree Adolescents the other day to post on the Now Wash your Hands thread, and all I could find was the audio track with some random Poly Styrene pics. Don’t know if they ever made a video for it anyway.

    Just thought – if you’re a raver and grew up in the second summer of love (87ish) rather than the first summer of hate (77ish) like me, you may not know what I’m talking about.

    As it says on my CiF profile, work it out for yourself.

    Oh yeah: :D:D:D:D:D:D right back at you

  152. @billp - if, when you sign in, you don't have post buttons you've been banned.

    So, what are you in here for?

  153. So, when does the "sleeping in beds" begin on this blog? If I get kicked off here, it won't be the first time I'll have been accused of being "too" free. Isn't that right Frank? Merkin?

    As Gandhi once remarked to me: "I could bloody well slap you for writing that."

  154. Hank, I'm in here for dissent. But honest, I was framed.

  155. Billp - I've always had a soft spot for you meself. Do you know what got you banned?

    I haven't posted that much on cif recently (I'm supposed to be doing college assignments, so of course I'm doing lots of housework, gardening and dog walking) but I'm wary of getting into a thread, having an argument and getting banned. There's too many idiots to tempt me.

  156. Yes, you've been banned, billp; your comments have been torn down. Hope you'll be plastering, sticking or posting again soon. Dissent? From what?

  157. "But honest, I was framed."

    The first step to rehabilitation, billp, is to confess your crime. Accept that what you did was wrong. The regime is not seeking to punish you but simply to understand you and to show you the error of your ways.

    Unless you are prepared to open your heart and mind to Matt Seaton, then you can never be truly happy. Or a useful citizen.

    I'll see you, when you're ready, underneath the spreading chestnut tree.

    Comment is Free. And Ignorance is Strength.

  158. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. BB - ditto about the chip on the shoulder about never having been in the sin bin. I did however once get Seth Freedman to propose to me onthread. Does that count for something? (I sliced one of his opponents to bits... metaphorically, that is) Hi Bill - I had no idea that you'd gotten the chop as well.

    Have just emptied the last bit of Laphroaig and there's no more alcohol in the house.... damn. Must go shopping tomorrow.

    Can't contribute much on the music front but I'm game for the football discussion. If you don't mind the German angle. Talking about which - perhaps we should compare notes on the treatment of Neonazis sometime. Bitterweed - I'll get back to you about this tomorrow.

  159. "I'll see you, when you're ready, underneath the spreading chestnut tree.

    Comment is Free. And Ignorance is Strength."


    Billp - thought I saw you posting something today? Or was I imagining it? Anyhoo... it sucks. You need to be added to the Roll of Honour when Montana gets back.

  160. Was that the clock striking thirteen? Must be bedtime. Big chess game tomorrow.

  161. Pandora

    Seth sounds so sweet! I heard him on the radio this morning, although I can't remember what it was about because I was just mesmerised by his cute voice :D

  162. BB - careful with that objectivization of men. The brothahs'll be onto you. And there's much more to real men than a cute voice, you know.

  163. Perhaps, I misunderstood Hank's "What are you in here for". I took it as "What are you in here FOR?", while it may actually have been "What are you in HERE for?" I'm too emotionally fragile, at the moment, to accept the latter. I've always relied on the kindness of strangers.

    {Stands up} Hi, my name's billp, and I'm a very naughty boy.

    [all: Hi, billp]

    I've been banned about four or five times; the first before Cif was invented. Back when you could just submit a "thread" of your own.

    I can't see how I can "legally" have been banned this time, given that I was in the Skinner Box at the time. That means that all my posts were being pre-moderated at the time (to what end, I know not, perhaps with a view to reconditioning me to opine properly). That means that I couldn't possibly have broken any rules or guidelines, or offended anyone, as nothing of the kind should have been able to make it onto the Cif page. Unless the moderators or Arienne's boyfriend himself took offence?

    Of course, my protest message on my profile may have broken some article of the Cif Archipelago penal code for those in solitary confinement. However, I don't remember seeing any guidelines for profile content.

    It was getting silly anyway. Only about half of even my most innocuous posts (oh, I've been known to make them) were making it through, and those sometimes many hours behind the discussion.


    Thanks to Biskieboo and martillo for your kind words in these very trying times. I will not rest in my fight for justice until I am known globally as the "Cif One".

  164. Well something has to change, Billp, because it is getting silly now, all these bannings. I wonder if we just have a rash of new mods (need to think of a good collective noun for them) who are anxious to go by the book.


    Anyhoo, I am off to bed, people, cos I've got school in the morning ;o)

    Night night.

  165. Ah, billp, long time no see...

  166. Last post of the night in "The Other Place"

    I like that one Fencewalker, I think I'll adopt it.

    Got to go to bed now so I can get up and play with woodpeckers and fallow deer and stuff tomorrow :-( now, :-) later I guess.

    See you all next time

  167. Hi Pandora. I'd have banned you for posting on a Seth Freedman and Partners Production. Does anyone still believe that SF isn't a team of writers?

    I don't know what got me banned, but suspect my post "I'm non-semitic, and nobody better be anti-non-semitic around me" on a thread claiming that "antisemitism" was about to become meaningless and die as a result of hackneyitis, may have caused a PC mlod to have a look at my profile and spot my 4 month-old prison wall scribbling.


    I didn't post today, BeautifulBurnout. Of course, some of my posts from last week may just be seeing the light of day now. I understand they were being sent to the laboratory at Langley for testing, and what with the Suey Boil outbreak...


    Hank, I'm not accepting anything until they bring out the rat mask. At which point, I'll turn you all in, and denounce you as the reprobates you are. Until then, please count on my undying love.

  168. @Billp

    We are organising a protest a thon on the thread that never ends for you. I am seeing if I can at the very least have a post deleted in the course of my protesting.

  169. Ner-night Andy. Did you say you worked at Hatfield Forest? Took the kids up there a coupla times. Very nice.
    I've got some marking to do, so will be up for a bit quaffing Innis & Guinn and eating too many pistachios.
    Reward system: mark 1 thing, refresh posts!

  170. Please add MoveOverRover to the banned list. Remember him/her? CCCCRRRRRASSSSSHHH!! BOOOOOOOOOM! KERRRRRRRANNNNNGGGG!!! Profile now gone as are all comments from profile.
    - SquirrelNutZipper

  171. Hi JayReilly. You appeared to be running along fine when that femme fatale just scythed in from nowhere.

    BB, it began to be silly as soon as they called it Cif.

    A swine flu of mods.

    1. You can't be sure if they actually exist as described or are an invention of the government.

    2. They very selectively attack individuals around the globe; wiping out a few, hobbling others.

    3. They make people wear masks.

    4. Some people appear to be immune.

    5. Government ministers use them to deflect performance criticism.

  172. And by the way: it's really spooky not having a "recommend" button. Anyone else feeling that? I can't register my approval now (even in a gentlemanly way).

  173. MuscleGuy, I liked the way that weak mother mod got totally ignored when stating that posts should stay on the topic of "What would you like to talk about?"

    I second the appointment of MoveOverRover as Musician Laureate in Exile. Never before, has one poster wound up so many Cif officials, in so short a time. I won't even mention his services to mankind in making Guitar Hero cheaply available to millions of poor Africans.

  174. 3potato4dropinbucket

    funny that,, i was thinking of Moveoverrover only an hour ago and now i see the name on two different sites ,,rover did morph into JimiHendrix but only lasted for one thread,,i think the problem was playing Voodoo chile on a Face to Faith thread,,

    another name for your GB&U list is ArthurBrown/DerekGrey etc

    and did you know three of the GB&U list are deceased ?

  175. Hey All!
    Feckin' time difference. I've just gotten up to speed and you're all going to bed...

    The GB&U list is for all Ciffers who are banned or deceased, so yep - we know a few of 'em are dead. The new names will be on there in a minute or two.

  176. Mr Pinchy - the Sandi Sheldon is fantastic.
    In a similar vein, I give you the Precisions:
    & the Parliaments:

  177. Staybryte, Mujokan hasn't been banned but announced retirement last summer following the site's makeover.

    MoveOverRover was fantastic. He posted perhaps 10 posts in total, and they were undoubtedly pieces of art.

  178. Just had a look on the Moderation thread. Thanks to the posters who said complimentary things. It's nice to know that you were got by some, even if it is revealed in eulogy.

    Good that JayReilly has been reinstated, although what, realistically, can be his future there? Biting his tongue? I realise that I could have no Cif future. I've already made it clear to the PTB at Cif that I'm not prepared to either change or limit my within-rules opining or tone to suit their personal sensibilities. If they reinstated me, I'd go right back to where I left off. Have you ever tried to catch a mosquito on a piece of paper and put it outside, so as to avoid killing it? That doesn't work either.


  179. Actually, Billp, it wasn't Moveoverrover, it was MoreoverRover, and s/he still exists!


    Scrap non-existent Moveoverrover from the list...

  180. ello.

    Just popped over again after seeing BillP getting the chop. (How do you people manage post so much in a day is beyond me. I can barely keep up with the reading.

    Shall stick my 2ps worth in for BillP - this carnage has to stop. Seaton's posting doesn't give a whole lot of hope - pig headed barsteward, isn't he? Or just completely out of his depth.

    Anyway, I suspect his 'name calling' comment might have been tossed partially in my direction for my Frappicino Matt postings (and thank you for whoever on here put that image in my mind).

  181. @billp - yep, I know exactly what you mean, which is why I've said that if, very big IF, I got reinstated, I would expect to be treated the same as any other poster and not be constrained from expressing my true feelings by the knowledge that the mods are keeping a very close eye on me.

    Jay knows this, as well, of course, and I think that, glad as he is to be resurrected, he knows it will impinge on his freedom of expression.

    It's not quite a hollow victory but, well, it's not a cause for wholly unbridled celebration.

    Anyway, as Jay knows, I wish him well. If he steers clear of his nemesisses (?) he'll be fine.

    Have to say there's a new boy in town and I like the cut of his jib - go Pinchy!!

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. It’s no good. I’ve been to bed and I can’t sleep now. I’m too wound up.

    DanPearceItaly & billp: I’m very much a new arrival. I’ve only been here for 24 hours, and I’m sickened to hear what’s just happened. If my commiserations mean anything, they’re all yours.

    I’m not entirely sure why this whole issue has suddenly taken on the importance it has for me. A few weeks ago I was ready to walk away from CiF because I was bored with most of it, and interesting discussion seemed to be the last thing on so many posters minds.

    The dissatisfaction started with all the Jade Goody nonsense, when everyone (alright, almost everyone) either wanted to talk about how terrible it was or how she deserved to die. There seemed no interest in thinking about anything more deeply, which was what I was trying (maybe not very effectively) to do. And then we moved on to Susan Boyle a couple of weeks ago, and it was the same sheep-like mentality.

    I was talking to my girlfriend today about some of this (in between looking for parrots; it’s not all doom and gloom) and trying to get at what was important about it to me.

    She suggested that most people are sheep-like, or at least let’s say they can be, and so they had to be protected from the opinions of people like thomassilken, and so “heavy moderation” might sometimes have its place. I don’t want to accept that people are always sheep, I think that if they’re presented with sense they’re capable of appreciating it as such, and though they might sometimes need a kick up the arse (don’t we all) they can actually think for themselves.

    So I don’t want to walk away from CiF and the Guardian and leave them to the New Labour apparatchiks and the drive-by right-wing trolls (who came up with that one anyway? like it) even though on one level they’re welcome to each other. But they’re not welcome to the Guardian, which in spite of what it’s become recently, used to have some integrity and has to find it again if we’re all going to get through the next decade with some of our sanity and some of the society we maybe took for granted still intact.

    I for one am not prepared to resign or walk away, though I can understand why some are either threatening or seriously thinking of doing so.

    I’ve been trying to push mattseaton into coming up with his promised clarification and blog, not because I think he’ll be offering anything particularly encouraging, but because it will give everyone who’s concerned the chance to voice their opinion. And there’s LOTS of people who are concerned

    I think the point that MrPinchy (can’t be bothered to work out who that’s an alias for at the moment; doesn’t really matter) made over there:

    "I also think that most of those who've been "offed" recently have been the sceptical lefties and/or liberals, and their disappearance has opened the door to a hell of a lot of rabid Tories and, worse, BNP trolls"

    is an important one, as the question of how the “report abuse” function can be, well, abused (and not just by ultimathule, who seems to me an irrelevance in the bigger picture). Any and all of us who care have to get on that thread if and when it finally appears arguing this as strongly as possibly.

    I hope I’m not being presumptuous in coming out with all this now, me who was “having a pop” at Montana only 48 hours ago. I don’t know if you people have a party line, or a policy on collective action, but despite my long standing belief in the primacy of the individual and the freedom from imposition of a collective position, now might be the time to start considering it. If the trolls are getting co-ordinated maybe you, sorry, maybe WE, should think about it too.

    THAT’S my agenda, Hank (I’m a sceptical liberal leftie too, sort of)

    Hope it’s not too wordy at one o’clock in the morning

  184. Oh fuck, that is the time. Good bloody night.

    And Hank, technically it's nemeseis. But fuckit.

  185. Good stuff, andy, and you're a welcome addition to this site.

    If I could just mention a few things:

    1. Paragraph breaks, my eyes aren't as young as they used to be.

    2. There isn't a party line on here. Feel free to say what you want. We're all grown ups.

    3. MrPinchy has a similar agenda to Hank.

    Now stop worrying about things, go back to bed, kiss your long-suffering girlfriend goodnight and just be grateful that you've seen a woodpecker (-:

  186. @Fencewalker - I'm prepared to believe it might be "nemeses" but not "nemeseis". I'd like to think, given those involved, it should be "nemissus" but that would obviously sail right over the heads of the humourless bores.

    Hey, got your name right eventually (-: Stick around. This is the place to be. Or it will be if Seaton fucks up as royally as I expect him to do on the long-awaited moderation thread.

  187. And yes, it is that time, and I've got to go to work tomorrow, and it's my annual appraisal )-:

    Should I have another beer? Where the fuck's Bitterweed when you need some lifestyle tips?

  188. Hank: thanks for that

    1. Yeah, I realised that as soon as I’d posted it. They’re there now

    2. I know there isn’t a party line, and I’m glad that we’re all grown-ups. What I’m talking about is coordinated action on this blog/thread thing of seaton’s when it finally appears, and if there’s anyone left who hasn’t been banned.

    3. How do you know what MrPinchy’s agenda is? Did he tell you?

    Now I AM going to bed.

  189. Fencewalker!05 May, 2009 01:18

    "This is the place to be. Or it will be if Seaton fucks up as royally as I expect him to do on the long-awaited moderation thread."
    Definitely right there. COuld easily replace CiF.
    I suspected Pinchy and Hank were close friends. I was thinking arachnids...clever, no?
    Nemeseis is it, I tells ya. But Nemeses will do if you want to forget your classical heritage.

    And just in case you want to stay up, BTH has kicked off again...

  190. anonymous, actually it occurred to me that his name might be moreoverrover, but when I saw that moVeoverrover's profile page had been wiped, I didn't bother checking. I suspect MOREoverrover (note the 'MORE') is the sequel to the previously banned MOVEoverrover.

    Move over Rover, of course, is the first part of the lyric from Hendrix' "Fire" that ends with: ...and let Jimi take over.

    For breathtaking covers of Hey Joe and Purple Haze listen with your eyes here:



    Thanks MozP, but I'm basically a goner. Cif has run its course for my part. It's pleasant here, though. Like being released back into the sea, after flapping around gasping on a Cif deck for a while.


    Hank, Jay is RP McMurphy at the end. Best put a pillow over that.


    Thanks andy. Again, I'm well out of it.

  191. I'd heard donge passed away. Did he get the boot before the bucket?

  192. No, Donge didn't get the boot. The GB&U list was briefly called The Banned and the Dead, but it was decided that that was a bit insensitive.

  193. In 1968 she was invited to a White House luncheon and was asked by Lady Bird Johnson about the Vietnam War. She replied: 'You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed. No wonder the kids rebel and take pot. . . Publicly ostracized in the US, she devoted her energies to overseas performances.


  194. Pandora - Laphroaig! used to me my fave tipple (when I could drink!)

  195. BB wrote:

    "I wonder if we just have a rash of new mods (need to think of a good collective noun for them) who are anxious to go by the book."

    How about people just call them what they are: Censors?

    Moderators is far too fluffy a word for them these days.