25 May 2009

Daily Chat 25/05/09

Happy Bank Holiday Monday to UK readers.  Here in the US, it's Memorial Day.  The Diet of Worms ended on this day in 1521 and Martin Luther was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.  In 1895, Oscar Wilde was convicted of committing gross acts of indecency with other male persons and sentenced to two years in prison.  The Battle of Dunkirk began on this day in 1940 and in 1977 a little sci fi flick called Star Wars was released.  Celebrating birthdays today:  Ian McKellan, Frank Oz, Paul Weller and Mike Myers.


  1. kizbot is the new subject on charlie brookers thread,,your adoring public calls,,

  2. I used to be a big fan of Oscar's. I'm still a fan but not so enthusiastic.
    I was commissioned to do a comic strip on Oscar by the editor of Punch during its final throes. He'd seen an unfinished strip about O's early life and said 'But can't you make Oscar more contemporary?' so i replied 'well, he could be abducted by aliens and returned to earth 100 years later' and he said 'Go for it'.
    So the next day I went to the offices to sign the contract (opposite Harrods- Punch was then owned by Al Fayhed) but on the way the editor's secretary rang me to tell me the editor had been sacked and all his projects were binned. Fuck- the worst day of my life. They'd agreed to pay 650 quid a week for 2/3 days work...
    Anyway, I thought it was a really good idea so I started it. That was 13 years ago. You can read it now on Oscholars.com in their colour section where it's serialised. It's really good!

  3. Afternoon all - grey day here today after yesterday's splitting sunshine. Just as well as I burnt my tummy yesterday; it was too hot for clothes so went looking for bikini top (!) but must have binned them years ago so sat outside in (luckily very private) garden in sports bra.

    In the evening, when it had cooled down to a reasonable temperature, took dog for lovely long walk over fields.

    Today I have coq au vin simmering away on the cooker and filling the house with delicious aromas.

    I love long weekends.

  4. I’ve been trying all day to think of a joke about being on a diet of worms, but it just won’t quite come together.

    Maybe I was distracted by the image of thaumaturge in her sports bra.

    I’ll probably wake up in the middle of night with something, but by then it will be too late.

    Maybe it will keep until this time next year...

  5. There are 5 David Cameron threads on CiF tonight. Is this a tactic to drive us all nuts?

  6. Well, what a quiet night. We've been sitting outside watching the fireflies...
    It's been a really hot day. The rabbits had a nibble at my cauliflower seedlings last night. I must learn how to set a snare.
    Yes, Andy, I've had the same (instantly suppressed) sports bra fantasies (thanks for that, Thaumaturge) and also failed to come up with an appropriate diet of worms comment.

  7. Diet of Worms does just beg for some sort of joke, doesn't it?

    Mschin - I think that, what with all the bumpf about the BNP and now Cameron, they're trying to scare you into voting Labour whether you want to or not.

  8. "Little Monk, you have chosen a difficult path", was the comment directed to Luther on the eve of his journey to the Diet of Worms. I don't know why but I've always found that a fascinating quote.

    General Schleicher taunted Von Papen with it when double-crossing him in the machinations which brought the Nazis to power. Goes to show that choosing the apparently easy path isn't always the best option.

  9. Sorry that second paragraph didn't make a huge amount of sense did it?

    It's just that I was reading about the death throes of Weimar Germany - including the reference to Luther - about ten minutes before I logged on and seeing reference to the Diet of Worms here struck me as a coincidence.

  10. Yep, first they frightened us with that thread by His Blairness, memorable only because JR was banned because of it, then cast us into despair with the BNP ones. And now Cameron's hogging the ATL limelight. Guaranteed to get the popular vote for Labour.

    The Diet of Worms sounds like something an MP might claim for ... you know, for the occupants of the duck house on the moat.

  11. whatandysaid26 May, 2009 00:08

    Maybe I was distracted by the image of thaumaturge in her sports bra.

    I’ll probably wake up in the middle of night with something

    well you are of the age

  12. andy'sgirlfriendsays26 May, 2009 00:14

    What’s all this about sports bras and waking up in the night with something?

  13. You know, it just occurred to me that back in the 40s women used to swallow tapeworms to lose weight. So, that was sort of a Diet of Worms, wasn't it?



    One good tuen deserves another - When about three years old i presented my mother with half a worm. Don't remember where the other half went! But I have a horrible suspicion!

    I actually like worms - but not to eat!! - a trifle gritty I should imagine!