01 May 2009

Should We Reconsider Moving?

Not trying to move discussion away from the news of Jay's banishment, but I'm wondering if it isn't time to reconsider moving to a threaded board?  I know that when we discussed it earlier, we decided that we were at home here.  However, with the rising disaffection with Cif and increasing participation here, a threaded board might make more sense.  To that end, I've started another poll.  Yep - I'm a poll happy fool now!

I've gone ahead and signed up for one here, if you want to see what it would look like before deciding.


  1. Tbh, Montana, I'm not sure a threaded board is the priority so much as a members only one. I've said it before, and now seems as good a time to say it again, but the illiberals over at Cif seem to be keeping a close eye on us here and it surely can't be coincidental that three of us regulars have been banned since this site started to impinge on their lebensraum.

    And, speaking for myself, and I'm happy to admit that I'm an old-fashioned leftie with no pretensions to free speech for class-traitors, I'd tell Whitt to piss off the next time he slimes over here with his Quislingisms.

    Anyway, that's just my opinion. Seeing as you're in a "poll happy" mood, you might want to ask whether the rest of the regulars want to see Whitt thrown to the lions in revenge for for the decimation of our legions..

  2. But darling, we have a members only one. Have you forgotten?

  3. I want to stay here where more people can find us... The site is becoming known... And I couldn't give a shit if graun cunts spy on us... We've always got t'other place if we wanna gossip behind their back...

  4. Indeed Kizbot
    I think I prefer this free form kind of deal...

  5. I'm against moving. One of the main criticisms I had of CiF was its obsession with revamping the site (the 2.0 revolution). This place is known, and it's easy to use. The most current thread is at the top, you click on it and read the comments. You can check older threads by scrolling down and seeing if any comments have been added.

  6. This site's fine at the moment, but what if people start writing articles? Jay for example. They'll soon be difficult to find as they're pushed down the page. How about linking to a wiki or a series of themed blogs?

  7. Hi guys,

    I wouldn't strike back out of spite (but I am no wuss I will fight)

    I will try and post a bit more here soonish (oh those gaps)

    I gave up fighting against the info flow, just go with it :)


    (ps a problem for me re just signing on again under another moniker is that I can't really speak and disguise my 'voice' can I?)

    Being Kizbot

  8. Oh and re its openness, kinda whatevs, as you say you have the tardis.

    Dr Pen

  9. I'm a lurker at CIF, did post comments for one day but got swiftly banned (a record?) after getting hot and bothered over a few comments from the usual suspects.

    I should never have taken the piss out of Cath's 'mswoman' username or accused some of the posters of projecting daddy issues.

    Does this qualify for a profile?


  10. DanR

    "Does this qualify for a profile?"

    No, having a google account qualifies you for a profile: we're not anti-fem (or whatever you want to call it) here. We're a broad church, it's just compared to some of the Feminists (capital F) on CIF some of us LOOK like anti-fems...............

  11. I'm not anti-fem either, although I am anti-rad-fem if you get my meaning (if this gets anymore convoluted it should have it's own strip in Viz). I'm well aware of who everyone is here, I've been reading CiF for years, as a fan of intellectual masochism. It's always a pleasure to see the likes of JR et al giving voice to my own frustrations with some of the ATL articles.

    With regard to profiles, is it necessary to have been a regular CiF poster? That's why I asked.


  12. AS to being anti fem, if that means being anti ultima msvirago & co count this woman in.

    But as people on here know I count myself as a feminist in that I am against discrimination against me ( a woman)on the grounds of gender.

    But I am also against discrimination against men for exactly the same reason.

    I've been trying get stuck in on Cif today and just can't.

    I don't feel at home there any more. :-(

  13. Ditto, Annetan.

    I am an egalitarian, and posters such as Ultima and MsVirago kind of do my noggin in, really.

    I have been sticking to the BNP thread today - I see that as a mission - but I am really not interested in anything else, tbh. It has lost its shine now with so many good posters exiled.

  14. Haha, they moderated a post of mine on the poetry thread, god knows why. It was slightly surreal given the context.

  15. Since I have nothing better to do and this is a sub-channel let me continue. This is for all the fallen and the forgotten, for all the disappeared and departed. Shades of the past and dreams of the future, for those that are not rather than for those who are. To all the occupants of the land called 'reality' Puck and Pan, send greetings. Tis Mayday and all much march around the pole.

    First post

    The work song of comrade ivana penosovitich or a may day parade.

    The means of poetic production have been seized. All symbols are now =.
    The peoplesproletarianpress crushes all. Ink no longer holds its hegemony.

    clack clack clack

    I had a show trial once. A trial, it showed. A tribune of the people, the judge a dwarf made big by clothes, his chambers were well worked by young clerks. Respecting the need for the sacrifice of self for the social I too did my work, laid down my life for the higher cause. Shot by clowns, I was exiled. Ah Siberia of you I can only dream, a canada of the mind, quiet flows the Ob and calm the Yennessy, I wipe a tear, but no, suffering is for the people and not for the person.

    Pressing on

    Hermeneutic hegemony is overthrown, now rage the Dons, unseated mortarboards flapping, send them to the fields. (And in the black soil do green shoots show?)

    Superstition and religion vanish with the rising of the soviet sun. The east is red this dawning morn. Solidarity, liberty, fraternity.

    The revolution eats its children and spits them out again, remade with industrial precision.

    Colours :- red for the people's blood
    green for the people's land
    blue for the people's dreams
    yellow for the running dogs of reaction

    POST 2 (Itself one of the fallen, such sweet irony)



    SUPREME SOVIET AUTHORITY. COMMAND DEMAND. (a dead hand grasps 'firmly' the tiller, the 'great' helmsman steers us certainly to disaster). ATTENTION ATTENTION.




    pssst 3

    Ivana recalls.

    Diktat diction, all is fiction, I'm tired. But for the worker as for the wicked there is no emd to labor. And, as an enemy of the people, called traitor to my face, I am both. But as I said, so what, words distract me from my work.

    The construction of poetry is a mechanical task and its engines need constant oiling. The machinery is the means and not the product of production. The symbols link to lived life need to be maintained in case our quotas fail.

    They have recently been increased, by both demand (the consumer) and command (the party).

    We, the underpeople, are badly served by both. No matter. I am not even apart of the machine. Not cogwheel nor cog nor even discard, I am the kerf.





    Post 2

    Ivana here, must be short, there's a purge on.

    They'd break the butterfly on the wheel if it was a class enemy.

    The part poem.




    Hi Ivana here one last time, nice to be back in the basement. I don't know why the celebrate this day everyday is labor day when you have to work but whatever.

    For all the purged and those whose purges are merely waiting.


  16. Ivana again can see one or two mistypes (Ah i'll let them live I dont care what the chair man leader thinks) and I did tighten up the stuff, used my spanner. I've got a multidimensional one don't you know. More of a time serf I am than lord.

    For the social and the collective and the continuum!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray.

  17. Subvert 1 Ivana penosovitch speaks her mind

    an enemy of the people I ask you I was only ever an enemy of the state. Guys you have to try to understand, how can I argue 'theory' with you? You are, no offence, so wide of the mark you are not even wrong, mostly, with qualifications.

    I've fallen so often so many deaths, I try to remember all the comrades in the fields of production, in the factories of creation, Ivana died too.. and she was just an engineer. Still am, just an engineer of human souls. Uncle Joe is just a front, and all the other party bosses, gangsters, money, old power, call them what you will are bloody scroungers.

    The after life is not so bad, you meet all sorts and its kinda roomy yet cosy. Ndimensional.

    Anyhow, time to pick up bucket and mop, those damn poets spilt there ink and guess who has to clean it up. Next job it might be cooking, someone somewhere needs a chop. Sure its most likely my neck for the block.

    Catch you another time.

    Ivana (revolution)

  18. I quite like this layout, the other style reminds me of tatty online forums about dishwashing technique or some piffle, it feels amateur, this feels like a home from home now.

    Perhaps we should have a "general chat" thread (like on the other style thread), which simply gets reposted once we get to over 200 comments and the annoying extra mouse click comes into play, and then people can also post specific articles - so we can divide general chat and article stuff. Im gonna be bored for a month so i may project my boredom onto you lot by showering you with shite articles and rants, but i do like this site now, people know the link, and there always seems a danger with websites that when you make major changes, it generally pisses off more people than it pleases; people are generally creatures of habit. I think we are just starting to get this site going and such a move would be a risk.

  19. 'I think we are just starting to get this site going and such a move would be a risk.'
    Yep... Gotta agree with you there Jay....

  20. Clocking off.

    One last task before I go to my socialist slumbers. Could correct the typos, tweak the text or add another line. Good communist writing is useful and must serve the people's needs. But people need dreams as well as bread or they are but machines.

    A day in the working death of ivana (go to bed soon)

  21. Dreadful article about Engels by Tristram Hunt! Comments just as bad - I don't mind Marxism being criticised on the basis of knowlege but I don't think many posters had read much Marx!

    I'm for my bed! Long day out tomorrow.

  22. Hi guys :)

    Do you like my ramblings?

  23. DanR - Everyone is welcome here. Cif readership has been the common thread, thus far, but it really doesn't matter. If you want your comments to have your name up top, you need a google account or LiveJournal, WordPress, and OpenID will work, too.

    Pen - love the ramblings. Even when they waft right over my head! :)

  24. I quite enjoyed the ramblings, more welcome.

  25. I like it here.

  26. I like it here too. Maybe instead of moving it all, we could just think of new features or whatever for this place, i dont know how customisable it is but there is prob quite a bit we could do to give the place a bit of a makeover.

  27. Thanks MW. I've bookmarked this site now, will get my googlewhatsitsface etc. sorted out in the near future. I see the protest movement's coming along nicely, perhaps if Seaton's feeling harassed enough he may volte face and reinstate the refugees.

    He'd have to be a stubborn fool not to.


  28. Please ignore. My comment is a testing - too see how this site works.

  29. Getting the hang of it now.

    Congrats to Montana for starting this site to which so many of the "missing" class acts from CiF have found themselves.

    To add to the record - my comments/complaints on CiF at the banishing of HankScorpio have been quickly deleted too!

    I must say that if at all possible it would be great to have a recommend/agree button to strike at - I feel lost without it since I tend to do more reading than commenting.

    Kind regards to all who have been so foolishly banished by CiF.

    ? how do I get my moniker deano30 associated with my comment (via my gmail account)

  30. Feg me still don't know how the deano30 got on the above.

    Sorry to all if it's tedious to read a "working it out" entry

  31. Hey Montana, nice work! Amazing to see the list of people who have been banned. CiF is about to wreck itself. Posted that bit yesterday but on something a few weeks old, first page that popped up on Google.Maybe a couple of extra threads would be a good idea if there are a lot of new people around. I only just found this place after reading Kizbots comment on 'what do you want to talk about'.

    Anyways, dont know if you decided about the name yet, but what about 'the other place'? That which may not be named! We dont talk about that here, that is a subject for the other place... etc etc.

    Again good on you for setting this up, it looks great.


  32. Fine work, MontanaWildhack and others.

  33. Hi there, it's nega9000 here... (shuffles nervously). Some of you may know me from CiF and I'd just like to know what the FUCK is going on over there? I've had 2 really quite innocuous posts deleted in the past 24 hours both of which were on topic and far less controversial than most of my other posts... (one was for suggesting that MoveAnyMountain goes and has a 'fucking spliff', which I consider to be a public service).
    Is this the new regime they were talking about a couple of weeks ago? I didn't pay much attention at the time...