19 May 2010


Anne Boleyn was beheaded in 1536.  Thick smoke and heavy clouds plunged eastern Canada and much of New England into complete darkness at around 10:00 a.m. in 1780.  The darkness stayed for more than 24 hours.  Oscar Wilde was released from Reading gaol in 1897.

Born today:  Nellie Melba (1861-1931), James Fox (1939), Nora Ephron (1941), Pete Townshend (1945), Grace Jones (1948), Joey Ramone (1951-2001), Victoria Wood (1953) and Manuel Almunia (1977).

It is World Hepatitis Day.


  1. Who could not love Oscar. He wears a flower so well.

  2. Once again, thanks for all the kind words. Makes the sh*t worthwhile.

    Really happy to see martillo here yesterday and to see that he realised I wasn't calling him a troll the other night. :-)

    @Thauma & Sheff: laugh all you want. Just remember, I have to live amongst those fuckwits.

    I'm especially happy to have a new label. Monsterette. I like it!

    Now, I really need to get to bed.

    Good morning, folks!

  3. 'Only connect' possibly the greatest two word sentence ever written.

  4. Sleep well my loved young miss.

  5. Morning all!

    Andysays first thanks for the nice comment.

    But maybe not swearing at people, if it’s the right thing to do, is a counter-revolutionary act…

    Depends on who you are swearing at. My point was really that when someone expresses right wing views swearing at them shouldn't be the first option, we should instead explain what Marx meant by the proletariat, (ecconomic dependance on work because unless you have the capital to generate a decent incme you are dependant on working to live). Point out that if even a fraction of the billions recently given to bankers was invested in our shattered communities the problems now so common in our inner cities could be solved. After all the vast majority of todays long term unemployed had antecedants in the 50's and 60's who were proud working class people.

    In the last 30 years the ruling class has spewed out a lot of nonsense about the demise of the working class and labour's insistence ofn talking about 'hard working families' has excluded the workless poor and labelled them all as undeserving 'chavs' (its also excluded 'hard working singles' btw!). Sadly, but understandably, given the nature of most of our media, many decent working class people have absorbed these views. This is the source of at least some of the right wing views seen on Cif (not all of course there a lot of 'capitalist lackeys' and neocons on there!).

    In face to face conversations its easier you soon see who is a waste of time. Personally don't have the energy(or the time!) to swear at these people but be my guest!

    Online its different, sweary rants are read by many who don't post on here and probably thousands on Cif. this means that some people will associate Socialism with sweary ranters.

    Online, swearing can itself be counter-revolutionary because it plays into the hands of those who are against us. In fact some of the more outrageous Cif posters are probably aiming for such a response.

    Thats why I say don't give it to them.

  6. As ever a class act A42 - I sometimes wish I did not have the disordered pallet that I do

    Happily my swearing mouth does not prevent me reading wisdom - I always enjoy yours, fine lady..

  7. You adorable woman - what a fine link for the day.

  8. Because I love you so much you may call me D30.

  9. my eyesight fails me .............d30

  10. Montana & A42 et al - fact be known I love you so much I would share my shilling with yous

  11. To help (or confuse) the avoidance of doubt do d30 think of himself as a latter-day OW..........................

    FFS the kid is a tramp in a field in Yorkshire and Mungo has just farted in his face.,

  12. Morning all!

    Had a bit of a nasty moment on the plane yesterday - was reading the Times, turned to the obituaries, to check what they were saying about Ronnie James Dio (RIP) and saw on the facing page that my old economics tutor had died. Bit of a shock to get news like that from the paper...

    But it did help to explain how my college developed as one of the 'more even' ones - ol' Roger was behind the 'pioneering' admissions policy that opened the college up to state school pupils, and the decision in 1974 to be one of the first five men's colleges to go co-ed.

    Can't link to the obit as the Times website isn't working (I even, somehow, have a subscription!), but it summed up his dry humour and quiet generosity as well as his planet-sized brain...

    Saw him two years back when he had taken on a fundraising role after retiring in 2006 - he was a dreadful gossip, which was hidden nicely behind his geeky academic persona. Learned a lot about the internal workings of the ol' alma mater. heh heh. but never knew he was so key in forming the ethos of the college - not perfect, obviously, but a damn sight better than a lot of the other ones. So largely responsible for me being able to stick it out - I wouldn't have lasted five minutes at one of the other places...

    He was a lovely man.

    Damnit, am getting tearful again (this scared the hell out of the women sitting next to me on the plane...)

  13. @Philippa - Nice tribute... The link is here for those who'd like it.

  14. What fun

    what magical fun

    that you and I should find ourselves in the same sentence

  15. I don't tell lies young

    PJ if my kidney will help - it is yours.

  16. Peter - thanks for that, am fighting sporadic power-outs which is no doubt affecting all sorts of stuff...

  17. @Deano - ta for the offer. We're not quite at that point yet, although perhaps I should have a list of volunteers to go alongside my theoretical Burke and Hare list of unwilling enemy donors...

  18. It was only 31 and I had so all my life wished it was 32.

    It was only 31 girls that had opened their legs and allowed me to penetrate them. There was not one of them that I can't recall.

  19. Dearie me, deano.

    You've had sex with a lot more women than me - at least I should say I think so, I've never bothered totting up the "final score", seemed a bit demeaning somehow, like they were just pieces of meat to be counted up, or bragged about.

    All water under the bridge now, of course.

  20. Young Swifty - I would never brag about ladies .I should have been so licky.

    It is good to see you,young sir, around here again.

  21. deano, you can be terribly crass, sometimes. Reign it in, dear fellow...

    A very good day to all of you.

    (Back in a bit, deano, should you wish to give me the living nightmare that relates to my faults)


  22. Well, deano, I have a bit of time on my hands as it happens, having lately been made redundant from my job, and currently in chassis waiting to hear whether I've been successful in applying for a very similar one which they've created and which no one else but me can, as yet, apply for.

  23. Damn! When it reigns it really reins. Manchester for you.

  24. Ah, I'm far sluttier than d30 then, but it was acceptable in the eighties..

    As to the 'riots in the streets' - Poll Tax, Brixton,St Pauls, Handsworth.
    The Miners. That all worked out didn't it?

    And more recently Make Poverty History, and the Peace marches. No one gives a monkeys, it's just an excuse for draconian police powers. The window smashers want a flat screen, not political change. No one is hunger striking or jumping under the queens horse.

    Every day the news just gives us the latest horror, fewer CCTV, that means the police can break heads with impunity. Workfare? Slavery for dole. We can all see it, but are paralysed with, justified, fear for the mite we have left, for our kids, for our friends and families, and where the victory is complete, for ourselves, the atomisation os society is complete.

    The inta-webz? it's checkovs distraction, Nap's soapbox, the ranters bile duct. It isn't, here, a tool for radicals and the concerned, rather a net to catch them and a glass in which they can be spied, amber in which all our ramblings are stored to be filtered by bitey and sent to the stazi, expect the (no) knocks on the door, the bag on the head, the disappeared.

  25. Heyhabib,

    Methinks deano needs to rein in his reigning ;-)

  26. Best wishes young Swifty

    Sorry habib - I do from time to time loose the plot.

    I 'll get off and throw me dongle now.


  27. It did'nt feel like a boast - more a happystance.

    It never the once occurred to me that I was other than fortunate.

  28. For the absolute avoidance of doubt - my cock is tiny, it only just fits in my hand.

  29. Fine, very fine, post turm hard to disagree.

  30. My cock is my cock I have on occasion wished it were some others, but, by and bye, I have been well pleased with that me mam gave me.

    I honestly wish I could find grounds for complaint but in truth I can't.

  31. can't and can not an apostrophe acn make the sentence read all so differential.

  32. Deano,

    Have you taken up chicken keeping? You'll need some hens too.....

  33. Oh my dear Dott - the comb of the cock is such a fine sight.

    I'm away to the off shop, and this be my last post of the day, for the thought that I could bore for Yorkshire would hurt me a lot.

  34. Never boring Deano, sometimes filthy but never boring. x

  35. deano, you could be accused of many things, being boring is not one of them!

  36. Told you we had a lot in common jennifer!

  37. Dotterel

    Great minds and all that. ;)

  38. I know another version, but let's stick with "great minds"!

  39. Hello all
    thanks for the nice comments about the photos-I shall look for some others soon

    Phillippa blimey i was looking at the obit of your tutor and saw that Michel Foot died in March didn't know that..I remember him wondering around Camden town catching the bus for the Houses of parliament..always had a soft spot for him, a man of principles and convictions certainly not much of that around in the Labour party today.......

  40. Beautiful photos gandolfo you have a really good eye.

  41. Hi All

    The questions around social and political process have engaged my mind for several years now.

    Riots and demos have failed - look at anti war and anti globalisation'capital movements.

    There are many questions to be examined but if we look at the plight of the dispossessed - several catagories - we have to face up to the fact that they are powerless. Their only weapon is riot seems to be a common opoinion. Yes - they can do this and probably achieve little more than a crack over the head with a truncheon.

    Who will support them - not the majority who will see no benefit for themselves. How many recognise the moral urge to create a fairer society?

    Who will lead them ? Spontaneous outbursts at flash points may eventully produce genuine leaders with a coherent policy and long term aims. In the short term ?

    Where is the political experience - the know how to engage with those agencies with the power to bring about change ?

    Communication networks - the net can do this to some extent - can call people together but there is no guarantee that those responding will have shared aims.

    a sense of collective responsibilty and determination to pursue medium - long term aims. Does this still exist in sufficient strength to galvanise a meaningful movement? Where are the financial resources to fund a movement - meetings, literature etc ?

    And finally - how many who may benefit from social/economic change will join in - how many will sit back and let others take the risk ?

  42. swifty what did you say get deleted on the Sadie Slater thread?

  43. That Slater thread is awful - full of people who haven't read the article and just assume she supported the policies of New Labour! FFS thats why she left.

    She now realises, rightly in my view, that the only way to turn the party back into the party it was founded to be is to join it!

    The question of electability is a mtter of making a case for social justice. Showing some leadership and working to change society into one that actually cares for the vulnerable.

    No-one says its easy - in fact its damned hard but its our only real choice.

    'Spurn the dust to win the prize'

  44. Anne

    Do you really believe that by rejoining we could turn the tide ? Obviously by staying on the outside we have no influence - like shouting into an empty cave and hoping to find social justice there.

    I am yet to be convinced the party can be turned around from within - perhaps we need to mount a credible and strong counter movement - at least to start with.

  45. Here in Germany, disappointed social democrats left the SPD and a) formed the list Wahlalternative Soziales und Gerechtigkeit (Election Alternative for Social ... stuff and Justice) before b) uniting with the PDS, successor to the SED of the GDR, which wasn't unproblematic (MSM are extremely critical of the resulting party The Left), but pretty much established a five party system in Germany now.

    So, forming a really left party seems not to be the most absurd way to go if one is annoyed by Labour's treason against the working (and unemployed) classes - that is, if FPTP gets abolished (or modified - we here give half the seats in parliament to directly elected candidates via a "first vote" and the other half goes to the parties according to the percentage of "second votes" that party got.)

  46. Anne

    Oh, nothing too seditious - just a joke about biting the hand that feeds - for all her inveighing against Oxbridge-educated m/c whities ruling the world, her Graun profile is possibly a little coy - she actually works at the The Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford, where she holds the position of Faculty Accountant/Finance Administrator.

    But hey! when it comes to changing the Establishment from within, who knows, maybe she's doing the double - first she takes Oxford... and then she takes Millbank?

  47. elementary

    The FPTP system here is a huge stumbling block if we want socialist representation in parliament to challenge the Blairite types.

    Labour will be more than anxious to re-establish themselves as a political force - a coherent challenge from the Left will give them something to think about.

    current party machinery can stifle internal debate - that has been my experience here.

  48. Afternoon all!

    Leni, Anne, anyone else...

    The how to proceed thing's a tough one, isn't it!?
    On the one hand, the system's f@cked, and it's hard to imagine getting anywhere within it, yet on the other, stepping outside the 'system' too soon opens the very real possibility of being discounted as illegitimate (Or, more than likely nowadays, terroristic).

    Therefore, for me, it's a question of walking a tightrope between making ourselves heard, forcefully, but without abandoning all available 'processes' first, before resorting to anything too radical.

    That said however, if, as I suspect, it becomes clear that 'due process' will fail, then there needs to be a preparedness/willingness/desire to not fold, withdraw or back-down when the 'legitimate process' are exhausted...

  49. (processes are exhausted...)

  50. Ha Ha


    Friend of mine got his entry in!

  51. God I do post some trivial rubbish - sorry about that folks.

    Thankfully others here post some interesting things.

  52. and others also post trivial rubbish ;-)

  53. deano

    Life is like that - we can all happily bounce between wrestling with deep thoughts and delighting in the tiny - or great - joys of life.

    Is it more profound to consider the great political questions of the age or to wonder at the beautiful mechanics of a spider ?

  54. Dott - for Gods sake don't encourage the lunatic.

  55. Leni as ever you are a kind and delightful friend to read.

    Hello friend in the United Arab Emirate

  56. Afternoon all,

    The Dutch General Election takes place on 9th June and I’m going to write something about it on UT2 in terms of the comparisons and contrasts with the UK election after it takes place.

    Now I know reading about the Dutch General Election ain’t everyone’s kopje thee but there’s some striking contrasts between these two Western democracies systems in terms of voting, participation and party policies which I think bear some discussion.

    However, just now I would like to bring to your attention a couple of clauses in the constitution of the PvDA (the Dutch equivalent of the UK Labour party):

    a mixed economic order-Private enterprise is a principal motor of innovation, prosperity and employment. It works well to provide opportunities, but fails to provide security. Economic power can inflict damage when it is concentrated, if there is a lack of accountability and control, or if opposition forces are weak. Civilised capitalism requires a mixed economic order in which the market mechanism is curtailed and embedded in laws and rules. Over the years, this has been shown to be one of the main strengths of social democracy. A tax system based on the ability to pay, a vital public sector, equilibrium between social and economic goals, and protective, activating social security are characteristics of this type of social market economy.

    Responsibilities of individuals and society- People should have an opportunity to make something of their own lives, without feeling insecure. They deserve the security that essential services are available for everyone, irrespective of success or misfortune. People are more apt to take risks if they know that they will not be left to fend for themselves if something goes wrong. Those who utilise their knowledge and efforts to increase the prosperity of all therefore deserve latitude; those who are successful but wish to insure themselves against bad luck or misfortune deserve security; those who have the will but not the means deserve protection; and those who need a helping hand from us to get back on their feet are entitled to prospects.

    Remember this Labour??


    The PvDA did to an extent take the same route as mainstream European Social Democrat parties (ie a lurch to the right) but have stayed closer to their original principles more than most. The General election was triggered when the PvDA refused to agree to an extension of the Dutch mission in Afghanistan.

    And the third largest part in the Tweede Kamer is a genuine Socialist party- the SP.

  57. deano,

    don't ever stop posting your thoughts. Your jottings read at times like a Proustian stream of consciousness. With extra dirty bits. Which only enhances them.

  58. Leni
    Do you really believe that by rejoining we could turn the tide ?

    Arguably not but I might have entertained the idea if someone like Cruddas was leader but that's not going to happen.

    As to organising alternative groups that could have any real clout - that would be for the long term and given the atomised and alienated conditions in so many of our communities, it would be the very long term.

    In the meantime - what do we do? Sit back and watch whilst millions of people are thrown to the wolves? written off through unemployment, poverty, lack of training and education oportunities and services to support them? And thats in the rich world. In the poorer nations....well it doesn't bear thinking about.

  59. deano, which lunatic? No lunatics around here...

    ...well apart from you, me, him, her, them and the rest of us....

  60. Look forward to your article on the Dutch elections Duke.

    What leapt out at me from what you posted was the use of the word security.

    It is all I have ever wanted, I have lost count of the opportunities I haven't take because it might leave me worse off than I already am.

    The uncertainty I live with day to day has ground me down, if I had a secure safety net who knows what I could do.

  61. Exactly my reaction Jenn the word security leapt from the page.

    I've been thinking a lot about the effects of insecurity for people of late.

  62. read at times like a Proustian stream of consciousness. With extra dirty bits.

    Your Grace

    heh..heh..I thought his John Thomas had got the better of him this morning..perhaps the sun and warmth have roused him from his slumbers - we could be in for a salacious summer!

    Good stuff from the PvDA - pity Labour gave up on those principles a generation ago.

  63. Sheff

    Tere is nquick fix - is there any way of avoiding the inevitable ? Therein lies the problem.


    What we might dare if only we felt confident enought to risk failure.

    Poverty and insecurity shrink worlds and lives. Insecurity is probably the most weakening of all situations. People will hang on to the little they have in self preservation and very often lose themseles while so doing.

  64. Sheff
    A salacious summer ? Sounds diverting.

  65. Indeed, security is key.

    But I would also add dignity.

    Security and/with dignity!

  66. sheff/jennifer/Leni,

    like any party in a permanent coalition, it has to temper it's policies to work with the centre right but at least it has these published principles as its core values and aims.

  67. Damn, Duke, I'd vote for that. Too bad we weren't offered it.

    Re supporting Labour: I'll take a wait-and-see approach to that too. If one of the Milibands or Balls is elected leader, there is no way I will support them.

  68. Just back from the evening walk and on reflection habib was right it was a crass comment.

    I should have made it plain that when I thought about the 31 ladies I did so with affection and gratitude. It was not my wish to give any suggestion or impression of triumph.

    That they chose to share a little of themselves with me was a privilege and not to say so was indeed crass.

    Am looking forward to your next piece on UT2 Duke

  69. Listen up Uters

    MsC and I have had a conflab and finally come up with a date and venue for the meet up.

    It will be Saturday 5th June at the The Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield S1 2BS. tel: 0114 272 9003

    We aim to meet at the pub between 3 - 4pm and take it from there. The pub is close to the bus and train stations - about 4/5 minutes walk.

  70. ps:

    If anyone needs to contact MsC or me, Montana has our emails.

  71. Anne

    Here's a link to the Premier Inn in the city centre about 10 minutes walk from bus/train stations.

  72. Hooray Sheff - so far that one is free! Barring any work-related disasters, I should be there....

  73. thauma

    make sure you bloody well are!!

  74. I can't be there, obviously, but I will expect to see photographs.....

  75. duke
    look forward to the article will no doubt be interesting shame I can't write one on an up and coming Italian election.... Well I guess I can always hope!!!
    Oh, looks like CiF will be running an article by Zizek on violence......should be interesting!

    Talking of violence/ uprisings Reuters released this: "Thailand's ex-PM Thaksin predicts guerrilla war" mind you I think there has been insurgency in the south of Thailand for some time but from islamic fundamentalists....

  76. Sheff and all potential pub goers in Sheffield on June 5th

    ditto what James said....

  77. gandolpho/james

    I promise you shall have photos!

  78. (is one of somebody really enjoying a cheese sandwich too much to ask...?)

  79. james don't start that again mate....!!
    come to think of it someone eating a ploughman's and proper cheese and onion crisps......

  80. James

    You are beginning to sound like Ben Gunn . Had I your address I would send you some strong cheddar.

  81. Haha - exactly.

    And a proper bloody beer!!

  82. Leni,

    Haha - I guess I am a bit.

    One can become obsessed with these things...

    (For some reason, apparently, cheese isn't allowed to enter the country. I did smuggle some in with me last time, but I don't fancy it's chances in the mail!!)

  83. La la la la la!

    I've got my netbook back!

    I would like to start as I mean to go on by saying two things:

    1. Montana, you're a bloody star - I have really missed this place and love posting here, so ignore all the mardy arses. Hugs

    2. Piss off Bitey.

  84. But thanks for the offer though!!

  85. Oh deano! You make us sound like this. I'd like to be the cool one in that pairing, but I strongly suspect that I am not.

  86. james/gandolpho

    I promise you pix of:

    a variety of hand pulled beers
    cheese and pickle sandwiches
    ham & English mustard sandwiches
    pork pies
    Yorkshire puds and gravy
    pork scratchings
    any variety of crisps you prefer...

    And if I get myself over to the Barnsley Trades & labour club - beef dripping on breadcakes.

  87. Thanks James! Good to be back, even if I am dog tired and haven't even looked at anything yet...

    Aw man!

    I wish I could make it up to Sheffield, but unfortunately I shall prolly be sitting in a restaurant in France thinking about how quickly my week's holiday has disappeared and getting ready to come home on the Sunday.

  88. Hi BB

    Your absence has left me with serious withdrawal
    symptoms.Hope you,re well and still kicking ass!

  89. Hey Paul

    Well, I have been a busy little bee over the past few weeks, but scrounging internet time on my son's puter was too much of an effort while my netbook was being fixed. And his room is always a tip and I would end up tidying it instead of browsing...

  90. Leni - if there's anything you think I can do re your school appeal, please get in touch - Montana has my email address, if she doesn't mind passing it on -

    - and on the subject, I know I'm a little late, but I'd like to add thanks to Montana for running the UT. I don't think I've ever been here without reading something informative, interesting, challenging, amusing, or all four at once.

    Hello, BB. Nice to see you again.

  91. Hi All

    Sheff, unfortunately, I shall not be attending the meetup, but do have a blast. And pictures please, incriminating iniquitous ones.

    Welcome back BB, you've been missed.

    James, no cheese in Brazil? Well, you did win the double, and as we're often told, can't have it all.

  92. Boudican,

    I can get something claiming to be cheese, but I aint convinced!

    -But yes, the double does help the pain somewhat!!


  93. June 5th. Sounds promising...

  94. James

    I understand there is a delicious Brazilian cheese
    made from the milk of the Hoary Fox.Apparently the
    only UK outlet that sells it is Harvey Nichols.

  95. Sheff - where do the National Express coaches stop in Sheffield city centre?

    Can't do the train (no cheap fares on Sundays).

  96. BW

    Oh good! Wouldn't be the same without you.


    Don't suppose you could nip back from France a bit early?

  97. anne

    The bus station's right next to the train station.

    And no-one can afford the train, it's ludicrously expensive.

  98. Paul,

    I've never come across that, but it sounds interesting.
    Expect it'll be a bit out of my price range though, by the sounds of it!!
    (there is a posh supermarket not too far away though, so I might have a gander next time I'm in the area, just out of interest!!)

  99. Anne

    National Express stops at Pond Street bus station which is five minutes walk from pub and about ten minutes from the Premier Inn.

  100. MsChin

    Already all booked with the ferry I'm afraid :(

    And boy do I need a holiday! :o)

    Paul - hoary fox cheese? Are you making that up?!! :p

  101. There's only one thing worse than not being talked about, and that's being talked about, as Oscar Wilde might have said.

    I'm obviously not a regular here anymore, but I popped in on Sunday night because me and PCC, one of the finer posters on Cif and on here, crossed paths over there.

    I then posted a comment on here in response to PCC which was clearly drink-fuelled but wasn't particularly critical of this place so much as it was a plea for this place to be what us originals on here thought it was gonna be, ie a place where we could attack the idiocy of Cif, whether it was the modding policy, the editorial policy or just the policy of allowing Bru and Kiz a voice.

    Montana's response was frankly unhinged and over the top.

    Like many others on here, I think this is a good site and I think she's done a great job in keeping it going. It can be more interesting at times than Cif, and she deserves a lot of credit for it.

    As for calling me a hate-driven troll - I think, I really can't be arsed to scroll back - well, that's called projection, darling. You'll know as well as I do why you over react hysterically to my posts on here.

    That will no doubt fuel even more fanmail for you from those who used to carry a plaster saint around of Hank instead before.

    Having said all that, I still think this is a worthwhile place, and fair play to you, Montana, for your efforts.

    It's not what it was, but then nothing ever is. If you still enjoy it, and the regulars do, then I hope you continue to keep it running.

    Whatever you may think of me, MW, I still wish you and the UT well.

    Hank (-:

  102. Hey BB how's things?

    Hey Hank nice to see you around mate........

  103. Hey Gandolfo, hope you're keeping well.

  104. Welcome back BB! o/

    Hank - you twat - are you coming to the Sheffield do or not?

  105. Hank
    Yeah good------apart from getting delhi belly that lasted 2 weeks (not bad had it 3 months once)won't go into details ....think i'm cured though.....

  106. I shall preface this with the usual "flying visit" epithet simply to give the impression that I lead a glamorous, hectic, jet-set lifestyle, like the Martini adverts, rather than daubing bits of mouldy cheese onto stale bread with my fingers, which was actually the case mere moments ago.

    I wanted to say that we should see arguments here - that is, as distinct from whatever passes for formalised debate - as a healthy thing.

    Hank and MonkeyFish and others were people who made CiF a good place to go because they would challenge your opinions vigorously and robustly, telling it straight, whether you were being brilliant or an imbecile.

    We all need to be challenged and have our opinions tested, not just glazed indiscriminately with anodyne praise.

    I must have told the story of John Betjeman, found blubbering because a workman had sworn at him.

    We are not so thin-skinned that we are really affronted by some shouty, sweary drunkenness and cannot quite manage to forgive it, are we?

    I have tried to learn from Hank and others and employ their methods.

    Only yesterday evening, I called Atomgirl a cunt.

    She then tried to smash a bottle over my head and I ended up sleeping in the car.

    You see, we all have to keep working at our theories and testing them.

  107. Gandolfo! Back from your travels! Excellent. Did you have a fab time?

    Hank - you know a lot of people have a lot of respect for you round these 'ere parts, but when you have had a skinful you can be a complete wassock. It is good to have you posting here, but when the rants start I walk away cos I can't be doing with it. Life is too short and too precious to spend it rowing on t'internets. Don't leave, though.

  108. Hi hank.

    You're right about princess, sheff & I are really hoping to meet up with her at the Sheffield bash. Looking forward to meeting anne and some more familiar faces too ;)

  109. LOL at atomboy! :o)

    Hey Thaum! Being able to post here properly again is like coming home...

  110. Atomboy - glad to hear your experiments are working out so well.

    Off for the night ... back mañana....

  111. Night thauma. Will be away myself shortly, absolutely knackered here!


    Assume you're kipping on the sofa tonight?

  112. Hank

    FFS stick around.For what it,s worth i like your
    online personnae.More importantly i ,m interested
    in what you have to say.There i,ve said it!!!!

  113. BB and Thaum - the expression we had at school was, "Don't mock the afflicted."

    MsChin - Yeah, same place as usual.

    PS Turminder and Chekhov (I think) had an interesting exchange earlier (or yesterday).

    If you look at the way the BA strike has been consistently reported, there is little hope until there is more control of the news by the people involved in events.

  114. atomboy....LOL... before testing out your theories at home make sure all potential weapons are out of the way.... ;)

    BB great it twas...i posted a few pics yesterday there's some buddhist flags and wheels for you---om mani padme om.......

  115. Ah sweet, gandolpho. Will take a look.

  116. Time I was in bed too, which is a shame cos Sons of Anarchy is on in a minute, but I can't keep me eyes open. Sopranos with bikes. Brilliant.

    Night night all xx

  117. It's night from me too.

    Have a good evening folks!

  118. All over then in Thailand - at the end of a gun.

    Gone underground perhaps.

    The militia - armed - will maybe turn the conflict in another direction.

  119. BeautifulBurnout - "Piss off Bitey"

    Fourteen CiF posts in a month?

    Sure you're telling the truth about that Netbook and the booking on the ferry MrsB?

  120. Dunno what u mean AB, don't think i've had an exchange all week?

  121. Hiya, Bitey, how's it working out with you and Gary Glitter?

    You still banned from Cif and orphanages?

  122. Hi BB, Atomboy, MsChin, Paul and others xx

    Did send you a fuller response but it got swallowed up somewhere )-:

  123. Thanks Shaz

    Will be in touch.

  124. Paul: I wasn't having a dig at you, honest. I'm aware that my sense of humour is not everyone's cup of tea and doesn't translate well in this medium.
    Seriously, though, I'm as pissed off as anyone about being stitched up and held to ransom by a bunch of snake oil selling charltans but what do you want me to do, short of start making Molotov cocktails?
    We all know what's bloody wrong: God knows there's been enough analysis.
    We all know our so called "democracy" is a sham and that the whole system is rigged.
    I don't know all the answers, if any, but I do know that if I couldn't have a laugh about it I might as well stick my head in the oven!

  125. habib......listen to thisand get ya chakras sorted mate!!!!!

    yep thailand is in a mess....I really don't know much about what is going on but the violence seems to have been exacerbated by the government. But if elections were called and the Thaksim red shirt supporters were to get in the yellow shirts would no doubt resort to the same tactics with the same results.. a vicious circle where nobody is willing to compromise....and people die.....

  126. hey, habib, are we deleting posts now on the UT?

  127. Nah it's no good, the self reflection thing doesn't work right now - I have to say, Hank, you are a complete and utter shit for attacking someone who once held you in the highest of regard.

    Even in this most recent of posts, you have shifted blame for your actions onto others, or being pissed. Asshole!

  128. Oh yes, gandolfo, back where it's best.

  129. Archiving problems ? Data Mining resource pressures ?

    Fuck. Who SHOULD I call ??

  130. So habib's the gatekeeper now then? !!!

  131. There must be someone round here can find any snippet of info quickly, without the time consuming hassle of cross referencing and open-criteria searching. Can also put together condemnatory opinion off a thumbnail sketch with the merest tiniest sliver of an insight... Like an old pervert or obsessive busybody peering through the crack of his neighbour's curtains each day. Just can't think of his name... Was it Bunty ? Shitehawk ? Nah..

    It's gone.


  132. Any chance anyone can explain to me where my post about Bitey, Gary Glitter and the Boy Scouts went?

    Seriously, though, habib, who died and decided that you had the right to delete posts on here, whether they suited you, Montana, or both of you?

    Fuck off, you self-important little twat.

    If Montana says this is a place for open expression, then it's a place for open expression.

    You don't then get to delete posts as and when it suits you.

    I don't get to delete posts which paint me in a bad light. So, on the same basis neither does she. And neither do you get to delete posts on the off chance you might get a shag.

    Grow up and get a fucking backbone, habib.

  133. Bitterweed: I hate it when that happens... have you tried listing all the options alphabetically?

  134. Oh I know, hang on... hang on...

  135. Shaz
    Jesus, no, what a great idea. Thanks.

    I will be a great data administrator one day.

    I swear I will... I shall be...

    "FILEY" !

    Filing-clerk Kent to his mates...

  136. Life is like a bowl of All-Bran


    Gotta go...

  137. @Habib - you're a sad little man.

    In what way did I "attack someone who once held me in the highest regard?"

    I didn't attack her. She attacked me. The attack is there on this thread 4 or 5 days ago.

    Why did she attack me? I don't know. She had no right to. There were no grounds for her to do so.

    Other than the tired old trope of a woman scorned.

  138. @Habib - man, you really need a fuck.

  139. Oh, just in time, I hope. Hi Hank!
    Piss off bitey!

  140. Heh, meh, anyone else here pissed off that Habib deleted half a dozen posts he didn't like?

  141. Nah, you can't do this, habib.

  142. So, Montana uses this place to work off her issues and Habib uses it to woo his transatlantic belle xxx

    Not what it used to be here for though, was it?

  143. Habib doesn't have admin privileges here, Hank. He can't delete anyone's comments but his own.

  144. Thank you, for such a clear and comprehensive post. Since I’ve been reading you, I feel I have begun to understand more about this topic. Please keep writing. I just hope people are listening to you and reading you.