16 May 2010


A 27 year-old Edgar Allen Poe married a 13 year-old Virginia Clemm, who just happened to be his first cousin, in 1836.  In 1975, India annexed Sikkim and Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mt. Everest.

Born today:  Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980), Henry Fonda (1905-1982), Studs Terkel (1912-2008), Nicky Chinn (1945), Robert Fripp (1946), Pierce Brosnan (1953), Olga Korbut (1955), Hazel O'Connor (1955) and Krist Novoselic (1965).

It is the feast day of Peregrine of Auxerre.


  1. Hello turminder. Been busy this morning & only just dropped in.

    And BW - thanks for this morning's tune!

  2. Re Edgar Allen Poe, I have a friend whose 27 year old daughter is engaged to a 60 year old man...

    60 - 100 years ago this would be much more normal, today it raises eyebrows and suspicions...

  3. That kind of age gap doesn't sound too good to me, turminder. I'd be most put out if it involved one of my family, even though at 27, someone is old enough to know their own mind.

  4. Tis a concern to the parents who are nearer the fiance's age than the daughter.. I had a pal who at 58 was dating a 22 year old.. Everyone thought she'd dump him after 6 weeks, it lasted 2 years and he ended up ditching her...

  5. One wonders about the motives of both parties tbh. This kind of gap usually occurs when the man is wealthy. The man may be just after sex or late parenthood. But again love is a funny thing and sometimes its for real I am sure.

    I don't know how men feel but I find that at my age (67) I'd want to be with someone of my own age as I have noticed I seem to reminisce more and a younger man wouldn't be able to relate so well perhaps?

    Of course older women just get left on their own :-(

  6. Perhaps a strong father figure (or lack thereof) leads to an attraction to older men? The £ is not an issue here, but can see that.

    Get on the graun dating site Anne, plenty fish in the sea! ; )

  7. Afternoon all

    Have house full of small children and one very hung over, but unrepentant son who was effectively expelled from Brighton last night for getting piss arsed drunk and calling everyone in sight, self absorbed bourgeois c***ts. Including the father of his oldest friend who had driven him down there for the footy and had to drive him all the way back in disgrace last night.

  8. Afternoon all - BB here with a different login.

    A few stolen moments on the lad's PC while he is off out. Mwahahahaha!

    I find the Edgar Allan Poe marriage to a 13yr old quite vile. Having said that, my husband is 14 yrs older than I am, which has never proved to be a problem (although we did meet when I was thirty-something, so I guess we were all grown up by then).

    I do sometimes feel like I have three children in the house, though, even with him the age he is...

  9. Oh dear Shef! Must be something in the air! Daughter's partner is in the dog house today because he did something silly (and illegal) last night in their house.

    His behaviour could wreck her career he knows this too!


  10. Blimey. Sounds like you two need to start a "Just say no" campaign. :o)

    I've got all this to come, haven't I?

  11. Anne

    Families indeed! Although son was right in many respects, he can become very sweary and argumentative when drunk - especially when surrounded by the self satisfied, arty middle classes to which his old mates family and their friends definitely belong.

    Anyway, hope your daughter's partner is suitably contrite!

  12. @Sheff - Oh, that was who it was! Wish I hadn't started telling him about my new second home in the Dordogne now... (A Brighton resident writes.)


  13. Well now that Brighton is all Green and tofu-knitting, Peter.... :p

  14. @BB - Yessssss, for now at least. Looking at the voting figures in the constituency, I doubt that Ms Lucas will survive the next election. It's a classic four-way marginal now, and it would only take a twitch in the LibDem vote, say, to knock her out. I have a feeling she'll have to concentrate rather more on constituency work than has been evident during her parachuted-in performance to date.

  15. PeterJ

    Are you in Brighton? I used to love going down there when I was a kid - my grandparents lived there.

  16. @Sheff - yes, I'm here. Near the top of Muesli Mountain, by the Pepper Pot.

  17. PeterJ

    Oh, Queens Park...I have vague memories of it from childhood, (I think). I lived in Queen's Park in Glasgow for a few years - bit different from the Brighton one!

    Last time I was in Brighton was for my nieces civil partnership celebrations. Much posher now than I remember it from being a kid, when the grandeur was distinctly faded.

    I heard CL on Any Questions a couple of days ago - be interesting to see how she fares. In fact the next few months/couple of years is going to be fascinating - if you're not one of those being punished by the cuts.

  18. Hello

    twenty years since I saw Brighton Sheff. Used to like it - always something going going on albeit sometimes rather odd things. But odd is good.

    CL and other singles in parliament - can they make a difference.

    Plaid talk about being 'a voice for Wales ' - they obviously don't shout loud enough !

    My view is that both Wales and sScotland need to unite with the northern post industrial towns to fight for more economic equality - jobs and investment. You can't have social justice without some redistribution of economic wealth leading to the creation of genuine jobs.

    Wales neds investment in infrastructure - current arragements confine development to narrow strip along M4 corridor here in south - poor road links and public transport. We have very few hi-tech jobs here - aspiring youngsters leave and the kind of jobs on offer - very few - require minimal education so depress the educational aspirations of both kids and local authorities. Stagnation.

  19. Leni I agree totally that Wales & Scotland should join forces with the North of England (and Cornwall of course! lets not forget our Celtic cousins across the bristol Channel).

    This isn't about 'the celtic fringe' v England, its about more support for the poorer areas of the UK. The people in all of these areas worked in mining and heavy industry and contributed to the wealth of the UK as a whole. Most of that wealth went to the SE of England they are all owed a great deal.

    But lets not forget that there are areas of the SE that also need help - Hackney and Dagenham come to mind.

    The problem with regionalism is that it gives opponents of economic liberation an opportunity to divide and rule.

    All working class communities need jobs at a decent wage, I think we can assume that this will not be the priority of the new government.

  20. Anne

    divide and rule indeed. I get so exasperated by politicians who fall into this trap - weakening themselves and more importantly the people.

    The areas of poverty and neglect are spread across Britain - Cornwall is desperatley poor in many places. Traditional industries and ways of life have been destroyed everywhere.

    I worry about new, ideological ideas about 'community' - communities evolve and develop around core activities and values - there is no one way fits all. Straightjacketing people into conformity is simply another form of social control.

  21. Anne

    All working class communities need jobs at a decent wage, I think we can assume that this will not be the priority of the new government.

    I think that assumption is pretty accurate. The ruling elites and those aspiring to join them are only interested in preserving their entitlements and exercising their power largely to suit themselves.

    Much easier for them since working class solidarity has been blown to smithereens and seems lost for good, thanks to the rise of identity politics which keeps the hoi polloi divided and invested in concepts of victimhood

  22. Leni:" I get so exasperated by politicians who fall into this trap-weakening themselves and more importantly the people"

    Maybe I have mis-understood the concept of "divide and rule" but I was under the impression that the politicians laid the trap thereby giving themselves more power whilst the hoi polloi squaballed amongst themselves.

  23. Chekhov

    You're right of course - but in this case there have been influential politicians - claiming Left wing credentials who have split - taking the gullible with them.

    The Left , as such, no longer exists either at a 'leadership' level or among the people. Small competing factions - no overall vision.

    I know a lot of Plaid people - all supposedly Left wing but on a very big power kick - many very anti English in private.

  24. Regarding the discussion above, this is a fascinating if sobering report into the changing developments of poverty, wealth and place in Britain 1968-2005.

    Inequality in 21st century UK society has become the accepted norm. To put forward the suggestion that inequality has been caused by the Economic policies of neo-liberalism wholeheartedly pursued by Administration after Administration with the full backing of their Business donors, is to be denounced as a Stalinist.

    You only have to take the most cursory look at CiF to realise that the UK has become utterly indoctrinated that inequality is good- it encourages competition and growth and anyone who isn't as 'equal' as us are therefore workshy, idle scum who deserve all the ills that are coming to them.

    You ask the average CiF dimwit why this astonishing amount of inequality exists in certain areas ie North of England, Wales and Scotland, they'll tell you it's because they are subsidy junkie Socialists- having absolutely no concept that Socialism does not preach benefit fraud or or reliance but working together for the common good.

    They are so utterly indoctrinated that inequality is good that anyone unequal is undeserving. And this is where it gets Victorian- undeserving has all types of horrible connotations with the Malthusian 19th Century.

    But if inequality is good then why does the UK and USA have the most dysfunctional societies within the OECD? If inequality is good, why do the same dimwits then rage at the Social effects of this inequality? Because they do not have a clue.

    The political class of the UK don't see inequality as problematic in the sense that they don't believe it is unjust. They see inequality as an opportunity to show the rich electorate that they are treating those not 'equal' as harshly as possible. It's a vote winner from the ignorant rich.

    "Have those not 'equal' to us not had the same life chances as us? Of course they have, it's a 'free' society" they cry. "They have freely chosen not to be as equal as us and have therefore given up any rights to be treated as an equal citizen." Workfare or benefit cuts is the outcome.

    Something has to give sometime. Knowing the UK it'll be in the longer than the shorter term, but something has to give. The only question is when it will give.

  25. "Leni I agree totally that Wales & Scotland should join forces with the North of England (and Cornwall of course! lets not forget our Celtic cousins across the bristol Channel)."

    Ever heard of the Tees-Exe line.

    It is really fascinating how Geography can mirror Politics. Roughly speaking this line (with a few enclaves on either side) reflects the Socialist/Conservative oreitnation in Britain.

    In short, areas with fertile soil, milder temperature and low lying lands are more conservative. Areas with poorer soil, (altothouh rich in minerals etc), higher lands and worse temperature tend to be more socially orientated.

  26. Duke amazing post.

    One aspect of this phenomenon that is not often discussed is the effect this has on people (like me) who have ended up on the wrong side of this equality gap.

    We have believe it ourselves.

    Not everyone, there are some who never give it a second thought and those who rail against it, but there are many of us who take this idea that we are lazy scum to heart.

    Objectively I know it isn't so (well not totally) but this 'pulling yourself up by your bootstraps' if you work hard enough ideology has worked on more than the middle classes.

  27. Duke, yes and no.

    Agian, I don't mean to sound like a right winger.

    I have been in Russia for a period. There there is almost no welfare state. The level of poverty can be worse, in most places it is. Saying 'subsidy junkies' will get us nowhere but it is an unfortunate truth that in society there is a very inactive group who live recklessly. In most countries you can tell the poor people by their skinnyness. Here we can tell them by their obesity.

    And besides, why is it left/liberal to let them rot on subsidy. Those flatscreen TVs and computers are assembeled by wage slaves in China. Shouldn't we be concerned about them, the real 'working classes'?

    Perspective is generally the best thing IMO. If they could realise that they are living a life better (in material terms) than most people on this planet, they might become less wasteful.

    Fianlly the east end of Glasgow, and all of Glasgow in fact, has been solidly socialist for over 50 years. Has that improved the conditions? Yes, largely. But then it went too far. Welfare has become a lifestyle for many. Again, I don't mean to sound like a Daily Mail reader, but the amount of teenage pregancies is not good- (although not universally).
    People have no concept of their duties as citizens. Do they not realise their irresponsibility? Especially as a sizeable number have no stable partner.

    I also believe the collapse in working class intellectualism by the advent of crass culture also to be a factor. The only way out is intellectualism. For that, individual responsibility and consciousness is nessesary. As I have been saying on regard to the looming Huxleyan dystopia, it is the pleasure that is enslaving us.

  28. Duke

    The mirage of all having similar life chances has been the basis of our politics for decades - it is like putting a one legged man in a race against 2 legs.

    It has a very strong psychological effect on those on both sides of the divide. People , like Jenni, buy into it and accept a blame which is not theirs and the comforatable middle classer and above are absolved from guilt.

    The ideas of upward mobility as a possibility hang around in mid air - they are in fact a major barrier to the truth. The great Blair lie that we live in a classless society was another weapon in the armoury of those who want to deny any responsibility for social inequality and the results of it. They can actually look at a family evicted from their home and say ' It was all their own fault - those forced to take out mortgages they couldn't afford are accused of greed.

    People love the system and avert their eyes from the system's victim.


    The geographical differences - flatland/hilly - helped to form not only the type of industry which developed but also the community links and ways of life. Wipe out the major income earning activity and you destroy the way of life too. This has much deeper ramifications - communal and personal - than many realise. You have to try to understand the sense of loss, betrayal and anger.

    The popular culture you descibe is a sticking plaster on these wounds. Don't think they stop festering in one generation.

  29. Oh Nap you may not want to come across as a right wing mail reader but sometimes you really do.

    I am not having a go at you, you obviously have come by your views honestly and hold them deeply but to use a lovely phrase that is often seen on feminist and progressive blogs you need to unpack some of your privilege.

  30. it is an unfortunate truth that in society there is a very inactive group who live recklessly. In most countries you can tell the poor people by their skinnyness. Here we can tell them by their obesity.

    Why are they inactive? Why do they live recklessly? Fucking hell, Napoleon, the economies of the communities in the north of England, in Scotland, and in Wales have been devastated since before you were born. They were being devastated -- deliberately -- when I lived there in the mid 1980s and they've never seen much, if any, recovery. The economic upturn of the 90s never reached most of those areas.

    Think on that a bit. Anyone born in the most impoverished communities since the early-mid 80s has been born into a world where there is little, if any, hope of getting a decent-paying job within their own community. What do they have to feel ambition for? These people aren't choosing to be idle. Idleness has been thrust upon them. They aren't obese because they eat too much, they are obese because what they do eat is high-fat content and of little nutritional value.

    And besides, why is it left/liberal to let them rot on subsidy. Those flatscreen TVs and computers are assembeled by wage slaves in China. Shouldn't we be concerned about them, the real 'working classes'?

    The only people who are wanting to leave these people rotting on subsidy are the ruling elites who don't give a shit about them and the middle class who want to believe that they are better off because they are more deserving. The true left wants to give these people hope and meaningful, productive lives.

    Shouldn't we be concerned about them, the real 'working classes'?

    'Real' working class??? So you don't think anyone in Britain is 'real' working class? This comment, in particular, shows you for the little right-wing fuck that you are. No one in Britain is working class as long as there are people in the world who are worse off, eh? What makes you think that the left isn't concerned with the working/living conditions of people in China and what makes you think that the British left shouldn't be trying to improve the lives of people in Britain as long as there are people in China who are working in poor conditions? That's just more right-wing tosh designed to absolve yourself of concern for people in your own neighbourhood.

    But, of course, your answer to the poverty in Britain is to get everyone reading fucking Dostoevsky, isn't it? How, exactly, does that work?

    Agian, I don't mean to sound like a right winger.

    Again, I don't mean to sound like a Daily Mail reader, but

    But, you are, Napoleon. You are.

  31. Nap

    I'm not here to bash you but there are some things you seem to misunderstand.

    I'm going to ask you a question and I would like you think about it please before you answer.

    You told us you have some capital and so can't sign on. Try to imagine your current situation - in a new city, unemployed and in rented accomodation. Now imagine you do not have the backstop of several thousands in the bank - tell me what your situation looks like without that money.

  32. Jenfiera, I am unsure about getting into a long conversation with you after last time's 'incident' but I will bite.

    No I am neither right wing nor left wing, these are outdated hangovers from the French revolution. My politics can be summed up as being Lib Dem, but with my own personal views as well.

    Would you still think I am a right winger if I told you I am in favour of the renationilisation of the railways, with comprehensive slasing of ticket price, in favour of renationalisation of utilites, and a withdrawl from Afghanistan and withdrawl from NATO. A total end to the neoliberal project, no more privatisation in the NHS, fair working conditions and wages for all.

    On social issues, I may be termed what is called 'right wing', but ironically it is my Yorkshire socialist values installed into me that have made me a 'right winger'. Namely the self discipline. My family would never see welfare as a lifestyle, they would be horrified that the decades of struggle for things like the 8 hour day, fair wage and yes, benefits could be abused like this. It is the lack of discipline and the 'shameless society' which makes me a 'right winger'. Perhaps yes, there is a hint of Christian values of equality in me, although I do not practice a religion.

    I believe in man, his capacity for good, evil and redemption. Dostoevsky saw this. He believed in man's capacity for resurrection, but first you have to admit your guilt, to be honest. The right wing lock up the key brigade is abhorrent to me. Dostoevksy believed in individual repsonsibility, as do I. This is completely different to the 'responsibility' touted by Neoliberals, free marketeers and people like MAM on cif. There, everything is an economic transaction, the failures/poor are such because of their own fault and the wealthy are sucessful becuase they are 'better people'.

    My individual responsibility is tied to morality (not in a religious dimension). We are responsible to each other and ourselves. We have to think of our conscience and community.Fundamentally, I believe man (and women of course) is answerable to his conscience, and that is what keeps us sane and civilised. When we abandon our conscience bad things happen.

    This is not everything I believe, not my completed 'personal manifesto'. But generally this is what I believe, I have some aspects of being 'left' and being 'right' but I consider myself neither

  33. Nap I think Montana just said everything that needs to be said.

    I apologised for swearing at you before and I am not going to apologise again.

    Probably best for everyone if we don't engage again.

  34. Leni
    I would not be in a worse situation. I live very frugally. Obviously the dole money would be poor, but remember there are things like housing allowance. I can't get on to training schemes because I do not claim benefits.

    Montana, your site is not for people of only on political view, I presume? Besides I said I do not believe in 'left' and 'right'.

    Well done for telepathically predating me, re Dostoevsky. Yes, if everyone read Dostoevsky, or Plato, or anything intellectual for that matter, we would have a much cleverer popualtion. I come from a tradition of working class intellectualism. This has been destroyed by Rupert Murdoch and the other neoliberal ideologues who fear and eduacted populace.

    I think Rupert Murdoch is scum who wants to keep his 'consumers' stupid so he can influence them, bombarding them with vulgar crass.
    Does that make me a right winger?

  35. Nap

    I was thinking more about your psychological response to the loss of independence - your disempowerment.

  36. Yes, I agree with that Leni. The welfare system has to be reformed. with much more skills training, adult education etc. Job centres are hellish places and very demeaning.

    Besides, they would not be empowered even if they did find a job, thanks to the erosion in labour conditions in the past few years.

    Montana, saying things like 'for the little right-wing fuck that you are' is not very nice.

  37. @Nap:I'm not sure what to make of the political status quo right now but you never came across as a "right winger" to me. For what it's worth IMHO the left/ right arguement is a spent force. I could be wrong but I sense a new species of politics from now on!

  38. Well, I've never claimed to be a very nice person, Napoleon. I don't go around swearing at people just to be abusive, but when I read right-wing bullshit, I have no problem with the odd epithet. It's cathartic.

    I've tried telling myself that you're as judgemental and arrogant as you are because you're young. I've bitten my tongue and tried to ignore it. But I've had my limit. There are only so many times that I can read the words, "I don't mean to sound like a right-winger but..." followed by a load of right-wing bullshit before I explode. Well, we reached that point tonight.

    This blog is public. You can post here if you like. But if you spout right-wing bullshit, you'd better be prepared to be called a right-wing fuck.

  39. Hello, right-wing fuck fly-by-nighter dropping in!

    For what it's worth, Napoleon isn't really a right-winger; in part, he's just an intellectually-immature young fellow who thinks he knows it all because he's read a few books. That's fine - most of us have been there. The other part is more interesting - he's actually living a relatively down-and-out life trying to keep his sanity in one of the most welfare-dependent areas of the world, let alone the British Isles. Like it or not, he's there at the coalface getting shit kicked in his face every day, not looking back with the leisure of age and maturity. And he's finding that certain left-wing shibboleths - that benefits for life (for generations) are just and fair - are absolute bollocks from his point of view.

    What's really sad is how you round on someone like him, whose sympathies are so broadly in line with your own. The Right would never have attained the influence it has without unity and compromise - in the sense that it will be ruthlessly pragmatic in the pursuit of its goals, it is more "collectivist" than the traditional Left, which splinters at the drop of an ideological hat. Hence the glory and triumph of the present Coalition.

    Buggering off again now...

  40. Well, I'm sorry it has come to this.

    You are free to interpret my poltical worldview any way you want. However, I categorically would never define myself as a right winger, or a left winger, for that matter. I am a liberal and open minded person with some social conservative views.

    Quite where 'right wing bullshit' features, I don't know. Looking back on my post that caused this storm, a reply to 13th Duke... was it....

    1) I dared state that some people take advantage of the welfare system?
    2) That people have individual responsbility for their lives?
    3) That our material luxuries are produced by wage slaves?
    4) That I said I wasn't a right winger even though you perceive me to be 'spouting right wing bullshit'.
    5) That I critiscised the near total collapse of working class intellectualism?

    My own opinions are born out of what I perceive to be the best, and yes, I do perceive that the welfare state has created a welfare trap, and some people do exploit this. Of course at the same time, the neoliberal ideology is having a serious effect on social inequality and poverty, as Duke said in his post. So, the country may well be fucked, especially if you consider the education system has been seconded to the needs of big business, namely to churn out a compliant and unquestioinng future workforce, ideas about the joy of learning and culture of secondary importance.

    The best thing for everyone is if I simply do not post on here then. Feel free to remove the link to my blog from here.

    Take care, bon chance, mes amis.

  41. Nap: I'm a big fan of you. Keep posting!

  42. Oh dear - Nap , no need to go surely? I'm following your 'adventures' with interest and awaiting the good news of a job.

  43. Oh dear Nap. I will try not to be too aggressive here but - lord above! So real poverty is if you are hungry - not if you live in a one bedroom damp shithole and eat such crap food you get rickets?

    What do you want? The feckless scum to be made to boil down their boots for nourishment? If you don't think real poverty exists in this country then you are blinded by ideology.

    Some questions for you.

    Why is it okay for the well off in the UK to have flat screen tv's made by the 'real slaves' but not the poor in the UK or should flat screen tv's be banned?

    Why the mention of them at all - they really are the preserve of the Daily Mail reader - honestly they are!

    Do you really think a good thing for those out of work would be to go hungry?

    Do you disagree with the basic human right - that everyone has a right to participate in the social and cultural life of their country and has a right to do so with dignity?

    Because some countries let their poor starve should we go along with that in a ride to the bottom?

    You say it is not an issue of left and right yet you yourself accept that many in the world are nothing more than slaves. Please explain to me how liberalism will save them?

    Do you agree with workfare given that in the US it has been shown that once someone is made to work for their dole they are trapped into poverty much more strongly than someone who is paid welfare and supported in looking for work?

    If you do agree with workfare would you be personally happy to work for your dole?

    If you don't agree with workfare in what way would you 'discipline' these feckless wanton women popping kids out everywhere?

    Oh and one little fact for you - in the UK less teenagers have children now than they did in the first half of the twentieth century.

    Sometimes it is a good idea not to take too much info from the right wing press or even what we see with our own eyes. For example a member of my family lives on one of the poorest council estates in Sheffield.
    There are always about ten men sat outside the shop all day drinking but they are the same men every time I go to the shop there and ten on one very big estate is not very many. Yet I am sure some would drive by - see them and assume the estate was full of men who sit around drinking all day.

    I find some of your views very right wng and it does seem to prove to me that many lib dems are ecnomically very right wing whilst being socially left wing. A position I find abhorrent.

  44. By the way Nap - me saying that doesn't mean I don't want you to post or to debate with you - I am just telling you how I interprate your views.

    Walter - there wouldn't be generations on benefits if the industries they worked in hadn't been decimated.

    God the right really are such fucking bastards - decimate whole areas and shut downt the factories and the steel works and the mines and then kick the poor fuckers because they haven't got any work.

    Walter what is your answer? Starvation? Mass murder? The gulag? Because those jobs sure as hell aint coming back while our neo liberal masters are in charge!

    Hank if you drop by that was a blinder of a post on that thread. I bet they had to provide emergency smelling salts in part of the home counties when that one was read!

  45. Hi PCC - that blinding post got deleted.

    If this site still stands for anything anymore, it should be standing up for free speech.

    I've always said that Cif is riddled through with hypocrisy, but never more so than tonight.

    I am sick and fucking tired of the hypocrisy of the modding policy on there. Cannot believe that almost all my posts on the MaddyBunting thread got wiped out.

    I'm convinced that my posts were deleted because Euan Gray didn't like being shown up as a right-wing LibDem, and the Guardian/Obs has got a vested interest in supporting Euan and his right-wing LibDem bollox.

    I'm in pre-mod. Again. Because I didn't accept the Cam-Clegg consensus.And we're told Comment is Free....?!Q

    What a bunch of middle class hypocritical wankers.

    It's a damned fucking shame that Montana's lost the plot. If she still cared, she could use this site to destroy the rightwing censorship at CiF.

  46. I've lost the plot? I'm a middle class hypocritical wanker now, am I -- simply because I told you that I was sick of you insulting anyone who doesn't live up to your standards of 'authenticity'?

    Just who the fuck do you think you are, anyway? What gives you the right to pass judgement on anyone else? How the hell are you any less of a middle class hypocrite than anyone else here? I happen to live on an income that places me well below the poverty line for my area. I struggle to make ends meet every fucking month and I will never be able to afford to send my son to Austria to study -- so where the hell do you get off calling me middle class, you pompous, arrogant, self-satisfied son of a bitch?

    And why is it my responsibility to use this site for any particular purpose? I've never made any claim to have any purpose to this place other than a place for people to communicate with each other away from Cif. You, scherfig, martillo, Monkeyfish, olching -- all of you who've walked away from this place because it wasn't what you wanted it to be -- why the hell is it my responsibility to make it what you want it to be? From day one, I have said that I didn't want this to be my blog -- I wanted it to be a shared venture. But no one else -- including you -- has ever been willing to take any responsibility for it.

    But you can come along and spout shit whenever you feel like it and accuse me of not being as authentic as you are. You are no better than Parallax or Bitey or Billp, Hank. You're nothing but a fucking troll anymore.

  47. Evening Montana, things could get messy. We have been warned.

  48. Hi Montana--Was never of the opinion that we had a 'plot' here. At least, I wasn't informed. This site is, for me, a place to converse with others in different parts of the world, a pretty good forum for many topics, a place to share a joke or a song. Even discussing the mundane between friends is fine with me. I like it for those reasons and more. Well done, and keep on fighting. Night All.

  49. Oh and good morning medve. Yeah, it could get messy, but the beat will go on.

  50. Evening Boudican. You are a bit older than me, but we seem to be of like minds on a number of issues.

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