26 June 2009

Daily Chat 26/06/09

Legend has it that the Pied Piper led 130 children from the village of Hamelin on this day in 1284. Richard III was crowned on this day in 1483 and on this day in 1976, two FBI agents and one member of the American Indian Movement were killed on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Celebrating birthdays today: Mick Jones, Chris Isaak, Terri Nunn, Andy O'Brien, and Samir Nasri. It is Independence Day in Madagascar.


  1. Cue the book by Bea Campbell:

    "Michael: the Peoples' Diva. How Princess Jackson Single-Handedly Took on Racism in the Music Industry and Beat It"

    (Can I have my OBE Now ?)

  2. Morning,

    Looks like Michael Jackson day, week? month?
    Got to go feed daughters cats, see you later.

  3. Hi Everyone: Can we perhaps attempt to make this a Jackson-free zone?

    I’m sure CiF will be providing many opportunities for endless sessions of organised Community Mourning. I for one would rather avoid it.

    colin: I’ve just read your comments on yesterday’s thread.

    I was put in pre-mod about a week ago for re-posting a slightly altered version of a previously deleted comment. I e-mailed Matt and Georgina to tender my resignation as andysays (said a bit more than that, but let’s not go into that here). Here’s part of Matt’s reply:

    “It sounds from your conclusion that you will be back posting another moniker; fine with us. Just abide by the rules please.”

    That’s what I’ve done. No reason why you shouldn’t do the same, if you want.

    Have you got the first issue of your PE subscription yet?

    All I got from my daughter was a phone call (welcome though that was). I’ll have to drop a few hints for next year...

  4. Andy,
    Yes I'm back. The oddest thing though, as the stoat I was a carefree twattish sort of chap but my new monicker is more serious so I seem nastier.
    I am now working on how to show my contempt for some Guardian writers and get it past the mods.
    P.E. subscription kicks in July. Glad you got a phone call.

  5. A jacko free zone is a truly superb idea, folks, lets implement it.

  6. Those fegging mods - they make my otherwise agreeable life tedious on occassion. It takes valuable time trying to work out who you guys have reincarnated yourselves as. I'm not at all sure that I get it right on every occasion.

    That's what the unexplained room100 stuff was about.

    Like I am room101 you ban me.- OK so be it then I am room101a fuck you etc. Tit head I am now room101b. Cut off my balls and I'll grow some more you Oxford half bake.

    Perhaps it would be easier if we learned from the ladies - they say things worth saying in attractive ways but don't get stuffed with such regularity.

    A little less testo and a tiny bit more oestro might do it.

    I agree with Andy no MJ here please.



    @ BW if that wasn't you who coined the ".....gold plated tractors....." on yesterdays thread about the EEC and Eire then it must have been your cousin. A clever and informed piece whoever.

  7. I'll second/third that freeze. Bored with jacko already.

    Now I'm now double premodded... hell hounds on my trail !

    It was indeed me. I know a few things about a few things, but there's much I know nowt about.
    I happened to have studied European Politics and got offered an MPhil place in the strength of my under grad work, so I get f'ed off when people talk bolix about the EU, which they do in spades ATL and BTL on CiF... Thanks, your comment is appreciated.

  8. elementary_watson26 June, 2009 10:36

    I'm afraid this thread is in danger of having dozens of comments about how this should be a Jackson-free zone ... which wouldn't really help making it such.

  9. Deano: Like your idea, though you didn’t make it very clear when you first came out with it.

    After I’d set up a new ID, I thought about the idea of using andystillsays or andysaysagain or something similar.

    Maybe I’ll register those now for the future...

    elementary_watson: Good point, well made.

    (Welcome to The Untrusted, BTW)

  10. Hooray - I'm on holiday until Tuesday! But then again...

    Hooroo - I've got a list as long as your bloody arm of "jobs" to do today while MrsSB is out at work. Faffing around here does NOT figure on that list, unfortunately.

  11. Swifty; haven’t you heard of “multi-tasking”?

    Ask MrsSB about it when she gets home.

  12. @andy:

    Obviously only women can multi-task, I'm constantly reminded of it. Whereas I like to start one job and finish it before embarking on another lengthy project, MrsSB can leave many jobs half done all at the same time, for me to single-mindedly finish them one at a time later.

  13. Anyway, this making the beds/hoovering/dusting/filing/writing up receipts/going to the tip ain't gonna do itself, so I'd better crack on (after a quick fag and quick watch of the telly, obviously).


  14. @ andy

    True I didn't make it clear or try to develop the idea. Some saw part of the potential immediately I seem to recall room101.bw. and maybe one or more other.

    It was an idea that was also about having both a unique and a collective identity that could rattle and outpace the mods - if you see what I mean

    I did under various guises post and ask Montana if she would open a room101 thread so anybody interested could discuss/develop the idea ( without boring the tits of everbody else) The lady is very busy and missed my request or decided against.

    Then by foul chance the billp affair blew up and Hank was rattled and................I thought fuck it thanks but no thanks.

    There was nothing sacred about room101 although it had some attraction - it could just have been coop101.

    I know you all have the fonebox as a solution but that was never going to be 4me.

  15. Now. About this language / testosterone thing.
    If someone starts being a lippy prune, I am quite happy to trade insult with insult. It works for me.
    It is cathartic, and furthermore, I think, unhealthy to bottle up resentment when treated shoddily, or given short shrift.
    Intellectually, CiF editors frequently publish specious articles that, beyond question, insult the intelligence of the reader.
    As our good mate Monkeyfish has pointed out frequently, the "Community Standards", even when applied meticulously, effectively ban dissenting voices who are rightly annoyed, and make it clear they are annoyed specifically by this unfair abuse of writer privilege.
    And it is a deep abuse of privilege when an international renowned publishes unfounded air-headed crap, and then posits is as a heavyweight think piece; worse, the writer frequently using the clichéd old canard of daring the reader to change their “lazy assumptions” about whatever the issues is.
    If ATL standards are so low that they get someone's back up, they have a right to reply, and in my experience writing a long, well thought out complaint gets you absolutely nowhere. It's intercepted and ignored. Or even modded by a prissy prep school intern who doesn’t get it because they’re just doing what the Sunday School rules notice says.
    So WTF. Let them have both barels. Even if it's only up for ten minutes, at least they might get the message. And it’s a whole lot less of a frustrating waste of time.

  16. Swifty: sounds like you have a busy day in prospect.

    One going-to-the-tip tip:

    Don’t leave it too late, especially on a Friday (POETS, and all that). You won’t be popular...

  17. Bitterweed, been premodded again eh? hooligan!

  18. colin
    indeed... they just don't buy into the reducation we can offer, and *they're* the key stakeholders too...

  19. "re-education"
    Stupid fingers !!!

  20. "Bitterweed, been premodded again eh? hooligan!"

    Hooligan - I like it.

    BW - i had a post removed for calling Harker "one of the most pernicious of identity bandits".

    I dont know whats more comical, them deeming "pernicious" to be abusive or "bandit" - a particularly silly word. And bear in mind, in Harkers article he said people raising the free speech issue on BNP debates were "useful idiots" - one rule for them, one for us...

  21. Swifty - make sure you get that dusting done before we see you back here.

    Glasto looks a washout again, so dismal when its like that, its trench conditions for a week. I could handle it all ecept getting into a tent and sleeping bag being soaking wet and covered in mud, there's something about mud in your general bed area that is just so wrong. Bed is a sanctuary. So after 2 glasto washouts, 2 sunny ones and one half and half, i pretty much gave up, the risk of washout too high. European festivals for me - sun, no mud, and no England (other than the sunburnt hordes of St George).

  22. "Identity Bandit"
    That is quite supremely dismissive.
    Top work Agent Reilly !

  23. Jay
    also - wierdly not modded: my description of Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday as "a nasty Thatcherite dwarf with the libido of a cognac-soaked stevedore."

  24. Jay
    also - wierdly not modded: my description of Nicolas Sarkozy yesterday as "a nasty Thatcherite dwarf with the libido of a cognac-soaked stevedore."

  25. ""a nasty Thatcherite dwarf with the libido of a cognac-soaked stevedore.""

    I saw that one - the modding really is so hit and miss, some real quality abuse gets left up and lots of meaningless patter gets taken down, you just never know these days.

  26. I think "........with the libido of a cognac-soaked stevedore" has it at the minute. Class pure class.

    Perhaps ....just perhaps

    ......that concorded nosed bonaparte who is a nasty Thatcherite dwarf with the libido of a cognac-soaked stevedore..

    Avoids legal complications for the Guardian and....

    ah fuck em - cock the size of a prune it is.

  27. Right, done. That wasn't so bad. Don't know what she's moaning about...

    So where were we? Inconsistent modding. Mods are like High Court judges, seems to me. Some can be relied on to get it some of the time, some are cyberspace's equivalent of arch-twat Justice David Eady.

    Glasto? Pah. The whole of Brighton, Islington, and Hills Primrose and Muswell decamp for the weekend with their flowery wellies for "some well gear weed and top bangin' tunes yar?", Kate Moss does her "world's best mum" bit again and leaves the sprog with nanny (the kid must wonder who this glamorous pisshead is, who wafts in and out of her life every couple of weeks, surely?) and 5,000 locals curse Michael Eavis up and down Glastonbury Tor yet again.

  28. BitTheDustWeed26 June, 2009 13:22

    "cock the size of a prune it is."

    Now THAT's what I'm talking about !
    And the Guardian and the BBC tripping over themselves to let us know how groovey everything is. Yech.

    By the way... HeavyMetalBjorn has is born...

  29. @BW:

    Fantastic. HeavyMetalBjorn (or Björn?) sounds like just my kinda guy.

  30. They don't care for people insulting their 'writers'
    Perhaps a code? 'nice article' could mean:
    'You are a slimy cretin with shit for brains.'
    Think I'll give it a go.

  31. HeavyMetalBjorn26 June, 2009 14:44

    Cath Elliot's at it again...

  32. HeavyMetalBjorn26 June, 2009 14:44

    Cath Elliot's at it again...

  33. HeavyMetalBjorn26 June, 2009 14:44

    Cath Elliot's at it again...

  34. HeavyMetalBjorn26 June, 2009 14:45

    Fecking server

  35. HeavyMetalBjorn's at it again...

  36. Bindels got a sneaky one on the lifestyle section:


  37. @ stoat

    "..........I recognise the clarity and eloquence of Frank Harris when I read it...."

    Translates in some quarters as you filthy pornographer and in others as wit of Oscar Wilde on a bad day and for me...??

    You *****45??

  38. Deano,
    Mr stoat to you mush if you want to be formal.


  39. "Perhaps it would be easier if we learned from the ladies - they say things worth saying in attractive ways but don't get stuffed with such regularity.

    A little less testo and a tiny bit more oestro might do it."

    Oh, don't say that, what do you think us old feminazis lurk about here for?

  40. sheffpixie,
    didn't know you was a bird.

  41. stoaty

    How many blokes do you know with 'pixie' as a monicker stoaty? I'm an 'ageing' bird too - bit of an old rock 'n roller.

    I come over here when I need a bit of relief from cif, it's like eavesdropping on blokes conversations in the pub. don't usually post though.

  42. Tweet! tweet!

    Its the patriarchy didn't you know? Makes us more conformist or something!


    I must fly!

  43. sheffpixie,
    Just thought I'd give you reminder of 'the good old days' no offence intended.

  44. not offended at all stoaty - I remember the 'good old days' with affection - some truly great times were had - and a few of the others!.

  45. I'm a bird, doesn't mean I'm necessarily female though!

  46. sheffpixie,
    I am actually a dedicated feminist myself but I would never tell a lady that in the real world. They seem to resent it, you know? almost as if it's an exclusively girly thing.

  47. stoaty

    a 'dedicated feminist' huh - well good for you. At my age resentment is a waste of the time I can otherwise spend enjoying myself, except for working hours that is.

    Us old fems have been around the block a bit and don't go in much for the uber girly stuff. We wear our raddled haggery with pride.

  48. Cath and Bindel on the same day??? Good god, LenFirewood's head will explode, if they're not careful.

  49. Stoaty -- any woman who'd resent you saying that you're a feminist is no lady. She's a bitch with serious man-hating issues.

  50. Cath, Bindel and Bidisha if im not mistaken, Montana. This is clearly a dry run for the BiBuBiBu debut, Cath is stepping in for Bu and Bu, or just BuBu to friends.

    Regarding the female knack for avoiding raging rows, i have to agree actually. If things need calming down it is always Kiz and co most suitable, us misogynists get in a row at the drop of a hat (not me, obviously, others).

  51. Montana,
    Knew you'd understand petal.

    I'm going to stop this now ok?

  52. @ Sheffpixie

    How the Orgreave do go ? Ok I hope

    Regards Deano.

  53. @ Montana - class high class my girl.

    Dogs to walk food to prepare etc. Enjoy the evening and the banter.

  54. So we've got BiBiCa priming the pump for the debut of BiBuBiBu, huh? Has anyone checked on Len? Is the poor man okay?

    (Me, I haven't worked up the courage to look and any of it, yet. Might run across the road to get some cider for the occasion.)

  55. Biddy is in non-confrontational mode today. Another of her quite decent literary pieces. It seems she prefers Iris Murdoch to Skakespeare and Lenny Henry though, so she'll probably cop a mild bit of flak for that. Next week's piece should be a humdinger, I'll wager.

  56. Deano

    Never made it -last minute family crisis intervened but am told there was a small but dedicated turnout and all went well.

  57. Ok, I have to ask now. I know Bunting is one Bu, who's the other?

  58. @Cath

    Bushell. Bidisha and Bindel are the others. The bubibubi thing, Cath, relates to the betrayal of old school social democracy by special interest groups who left the working class behind, funded BTL empires on the back of their lucrative little radfem/gayrights/Islamist coteries, and let the BNP in through the back door as a result.

    Feel free to use this as a basis for another column about the internet being a vehicle for persecuting powerless minorities.

    Better yet, read Kenan Malik's 'From Fatwa to Jihad' and try to grasp, if it doesn't hurt to much, to realise how much you and yours have sold out the Left and the ordinary people in this country in pursuit of your selfish little agendas.

  59. ..er..anyone fancy a pint?

  60. Anon,
    thank God for the voice of reason. What the hell is the matter with cif? one cannot post.

  61. Never really bother with cif colin. Just too depressing.Trust in the Unstrusted.