24 June 2009

Daily Chat 24/06/09

On this day in 1314, Scottish forces let by Robert the Bruce defeated the English in the Battle of Bannockburn. Eton College was founded on this day in 1441 and in 1916, Mary Pickford became the first actress to be signed to a $1 million contract. Celebrating birthdays today: Jeff Beck, Mick Fleetwood, Curt Smith, erstwhile Bolton Wanderers captain Kevin Nolan and Lionel Messi. It's St. Jean-Baptiste Day in Quebec. Hmmm... Which music legend to feature today?


  1. Eight of the clock and no andysays? hope all well Andy.

  2. Hey Deano:

    No work today (it’s only part time) hence no 5.30 rise, and no andysays until now.

    If I wanted to indulge in tribalism, I could make some comment about the Scots whipping the English arses, but I don’t, so I won’t.

    Instead, I’ll mention that Robert the Bruce used to have a Castle in what’s now Tottenham, which now lends its name to the area, Bruce Castle. He also used to own Hatfield Forest, where I’m not working today.

    Even though those ruling-class types argue amongst themselves about who should be top-top-dog, then and now they still had/have more in common with each other than with their “subjects”.

    Something Better Change

  3. Ah understand now. For me a rare working day I'm going to re pot some tomato plants and cut the grass around the van.

    Just as well the atmosphere's not too good for the "dongle" signal which I use for these posts. Gets so slow sometimes that the grass grows the faster.

    As far as 'something better change' - it did. When I were a lad there was only Izal (shiny) toilet paper and newspaper on the nail on the door for the likes of me and mine.

    Now you can have stuff so soft and impregnated with stuff from the far flung. And if you really want to splash out on conspicuous consumption you can make it a two stage affair with already moist pre wipes.

    Still as much crap as ever though.

    Regards enjoy the non working day.

  4. Hmm.

    I've been offering to do this with my very own "gadget" for years. With no takers so far, sadly.

    PS Sorry andy, that's possibly a frivolous use of the Untrusted's bandwidth. Let's see now...

    "Northern Ireland - racist hellhole or just plain misunderstood, so yer are. Discuss"

  5. "......The Kush is about to be launched in Britain by Joanne Darbost from Lincolnshire........"

    Priceless SB....


  6. Ah excuse me young miss I am a Kush mechanic my finals are coming up soon. My device is in need of urgent road testing..............

    If you get us banned SB I will not be amused.

  7. @deano:

    I "read" the Metro on the way into work every morning and I'm not sure they don't have a junior hack looking for "it must be April Fool's Day"-type articles to publish every day.

  8. Montana: Thanks for reminding me about Bannockburn.

    Someone (!) has just reminded Idopas about it on that BNP thread.

    Deano: Enjoy your gardening; I’m just off to the allotment.

    Swifty: I’m not against ALL frivolous comments on TU; just make sure you don’t exceed the statutory limit on frivolousness as set out in the Constitutional Guidelines drawn up by Commissar billp.

    Otherwise I’ll have to institute a special conference/show trial so that you can be banned from posting and airbrushed from history ;-)

  9. @andy:

    billp? Can't find any reference to him in my handy "Little Beige Book - a Child's Primer for The Untrusted".

    Anyway, maybe we can, I dunno, allocate Commissar-level roles instead? I'll be Commissar for Giving the Workers Something Else to Think About for Ten Minutes Other Than Potato Cultivation and Tractor Manufacturing Quotas.

    Not a role that would come naturally to a deep thinker like me, obviously, but I like to think I'd be up to the challenge.

  10. I could be Commissar for compulsory reading: - My Life and Loves Frank Harris.

    The handbook for the hormonally disturbed. Read by all those born circa 1947.

    Discuss how Frank came to develep a theory of seduction based on the Pareto Analysis.

  11. News from the allotment: raspberries and peas almost ready for picking; potatoes and onions also progresing well; weeds and grass growing rapidly and in need of serious attention.

    Another day there tomorrow, then.

  12. Raspberries! Lucky you.

    Ours have done nothing this year. We only have a couple of decent stems, to be honest, but I think they should have been cut right back in th4e autumn really.

    Scotland's the place for rasps though. Wild ones, growing in the hedgerows in August. Bloody lovely.

    I wish we had the time to convert part of the garden to a proper veg plot. seems such a waste.

  13. Get the nets ready for the raspberries else the birds may beat you to the best.