20 June 2009

Daily Chat 20/06/09

Oxford University received its charter on this day in 1214. That's 795 years of churning out pompous gits - amazing. In 1631, the Irish village of Baltimore was sacked by Algerian pirates - or is that Arrrish village? Queen Victoria ascended the throne on this day in 1837. We were not amused. And the 'Red Phone' was established between the Soviet Union and the United States in 1963. Celebrating birthdays today: Olympia Dukakis, Martin Landau, Stephen Frears, Brian Wilson, Anne Murray - the Canadian songbird, Lionel Richie, John Goodman, Vikram Seth, John Taylor - the prettiest Durannie, Nicole Kidman (no word if she'll be wearing a turquoise tasseled bikini today), and Frank Lampard, who we can only hope will not be wearing a turquoise tasseled bikini today. It is World Refugee Day.


  1. Oh dear young lass.

    Not poss to have an other about Oxford with you. But my love for you diminishes daily on account of your childish passion for English footballers.

    Their balls and mouths can not be disentangled - despite their cash.

    Montana you have more class than their tits eyebrows.

    I know about these things I am deano30

  2. Oh I know That we all need to consider what next - but what when.

    Grow up kids but when - get ready to call out.

  3. Hi Anne.

    Never had you down as a Manics fan, you Generation Terrorist, you

  4. Oh annetan42

    Please to forgive me for been a twat.

    At the call out - I shall be there. deano30

  5. I adore the manics! The first really political stuff to get into the charts for ages from my point of view!

    They still make me weep! For me they were the first time I had heard people of that generation with any political consciousness. Gave me hope! Daughter was going through her 'its just how it is' phase. she has improved since! Working in the NHS has helped.

    Try this

    It was the first thing of theirs I heard! The spanish civil war! Fuckin' amazing. Made me start listening to the words again

    More of an intergenerational revolutionary really but still!

  6. @ annntsn532

    db I ha

  7. Design For Life is easily in my top five best albums of the nineties, along with Pulp's marvelous offering of that rather splendid "Brit Pop" era Different Class. (Jarvis C = Sheffield's finest ever, well, after Joe anyway.)

    Different gravy, all of it, and Blur and Oasis come a rather shoddy third and fourth I'm afraid.

  8. Po course I am young sod.

    Thetinre was never a pause tween my breaths when I did not want to puut my