25 June 2009

Daily Chat 25/06/09

Elena Cornaro Piscopio became the first woman to receive a PhD on this day in 1678. The Battle of Little Big Horn, also known as Custer's Last Stand, took place on this day in 1876 and Kim Campbell became Canada's first female Prime Minister on this day in 1993. Celebrating birthdays today: Eric Carle, Carly Simon, Ricky Gervais, Phil Jupitus and George Michael. It's Independence Day in Mozambique.


  1. Heh. Just took Timothy Garton Ash to the f@cking cleaners.

    That was satisfying, if vain of me.

  2. Oh my flipping god, Ilana Bet-El has really sh1t the bed today.

    In her sneering opening comments she asserts the Council of Ministers originate EU policy.

    The Commission does. Even a frigging schoolkid should get that right. How the f@ck did she, as a so called EU "expert" get this so badly wrong and the CiF editor let it through ???

    Show them the pigs !!!!

  3. I don't beleive in reincarnation, but if I did I'd want to come back as Warren Beatty's fingertips.
    - Woody Allen

  4. BitterLonelyWeed25 June, 2009 16:00

    Jesus there's some low grade krell on CiF today. And the one day my boss is actually out all day everyone's sloped off to do some work !
    Pah !

  5. Yeah im one of those been forced to actually do work, BW, its been a very steep lerning curve, completely alien to me in all honesty.

  6. Well Jay, this is the first day in several weeks a I've been able to have a good scan, and f@ck me, standards are NOT improving are they ?

    Hank's right. the amount od neo n@zi trolls on ther ist staggering. And stifling.

    Also, WhoTF is Damntheral ? The twat just laid into me for having ago at his apparent s@x fetish Nicolas Sarkozy on a particulalry senile piece about the Burqa in France. I had to jolly well give him what for back.

  7. It’s not ALL doom and gloom, Bitterweed.

    I had a dig at the first poster on the Harker thread last night, saying if he wanted to fight for Englishness he should learn to use the language properly.

    Now his post has been deleted – the power of pedantry!

    I've noticed Damntheral before, but can't really remember anything much about him.

    Have you checked out his archive? It's amazing the shit you can dig up on people if you're prepared to look.

    "I notice that back in September 07 you argued so and so; why should we take anything you say now seriously?"

    Just depends how personal you want to get.

    My new guy is taking it a bit easy until he gets his feet under the table, as it were.

  8. So sveinhund, I work for Mossad do I? My somewhat overly patriotic toot has been removed by some halfwit so I have repeated it. The fat schoolgirls on work experience who who do the modding don't like this sort of thing so I may be put on the naughty step. In which case I will do as you do and come back as someone else.

  9. Yep, I'm on the naughty step.

  10. LOL

    Reminds me of Don't Mess with the Zohan!

  11. Are the guys having a 'who can get sent to the CiF naughty step today' competition?
    It's never the women, we're far too nice & polite!!!

  12. Yep colin, me too.
    Some chippy twat was holding all English people personally responsible for the Empire
    Got myself premodded. Oh well.

  13. The fat school girls? call em thick.. call em daft.. I care not.. But I really don't see where size comes into it? And its a road you really don't want to go down lads... hmmm?
    And Michael Jackson is dead so says MonkeyFish....

  14. Well just think on.. colin love... :-)

  15. I'm having a spot of bother posting on this, Jackson, didn't look well did he? been on the thread?

  16. They don't like you to repeat the offence do they?
    I remember one time on a thing about Ringo where it said something to the effect that he wouldn't sign autographs. I just said 'Fuck 'im' and when it was modded I tried 'far kim' took 'em a while to spot it but when they did....
    Bloody childish eh?