14 June 2009

Daily Chat 14/06/09

Two things special to me in todays events and birthdays. First, the Battle of Naseby took place on this day in 1645, just over the hill from my 'home' in Leicestershire. Also occuring on this day, in 1839, the first Royal Regatta was held at Henley and in 1938, Action Comics published its first issue and introduced Superman to the world. Today's birthdays: Rowan Williams, Boy George, Steffi Graf and (this is the special one) Steffen Brandt, lead singer of Danish band TV-2. It's Liberation Day in the Falkland Islands. Here's some TV-2 for you:


  1. Fuck me there was no need for that

  2. Have this then. The best Europop

  3. You are being coy Montana - which side were the 'folks' on at Naseby?

  4. BW...you're mad...best europop ever...


    Someone should run a 'link tutorial' on here...there's a two tier system operating. I'm starting to feel like a fuckin luddite.

  5. MF
    Excellent ! And sorry I was drunk and in that special place we call horny-lonely. Bad Bitterweed. Sad Bitterweed. Horny Bitterweed.

    Here's all you need to know


  6. Is this turning into a porno thread, BW?
    Posted by a fellow fuckin luddite ...

  7. !

    Check out the wiki link above. (Use an old thread to test it. I did.)

    Off out now to put up stair rail for Mother in law. Happy days.

  8. I will look at the hyperlink thing later, honest, but meantime here's one for BW, when he returns from doing his good deed for the day -

  9. monkeyfish: Someone already has.

    Here’s what Montana told me just over a week ago:

    “to put a link into a comment here, use this, substituting < and > for { and } :

    {a href="URL to be linked to"}text to appear as a link{/a}”

    And about the “content” of your link – What the FUCK was that?

    MsChin: better, but not quite Europop.

    Does this count?

  10. Just in case my previous post was ambiguous, here’s what I put in to get my link, substituting < and > for { and } obviously:

    Does {a href=http://www.last.fm/music/David+Bowie/_/Heroes}this{/a} count?

  11. Cheers, andysays. Not Europop I agree, but I like it! Also love Bowie ...

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  13. Let's try again

    this isn’t Europop either, but I like it, like it, yes I do.

  14. Okay, look everybody, TV-2 aren't Europop. They're good, solid pop/rock music that happens to not be sung in English. Steffen Brandt is 2nd only to Terry Hall in my affections, so I will brook no slating of him or TV-2 here, geddit? Here's one of their earlier ones. Nothing visually on that clip, but it's a great song. Now, if it's Europop you want, this is always a treat.

  15. Oh, and anonymous: As I recall, the good folk of Naseby tended to be royalists. If you look at this picture from the Wikipedia entry -- the hill that you see in the distance on the right-hand side is the southern slope of the hill that I used to live just north of.

  16. MW
    Who knew ? that's just ten miles up the road from me ! Come on you Saints !

    Oh and thanks Mschin, liking that muchly...

    Andysays. Bowie's great.