04 June 2009

Daily Chat 04/06/09

On this day in 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh established a colony on Roanoke Island, off the coast of what is now the state of North Carolina.  In 1792, Captain George Vancouver claimed the Puget Sound area for Great Britain.  Celebrating birthdays:  Geoffrey Palmer, Michelle Phillips, Sean Pertwee, Russell Brand, Angelina Jolie, Emmanuel Eboué and Lukas Podolski.  It is Emancipation Day in Tonga.


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  2. Ah, Sir Walter.

    Great man; I’ll be smoking a potato later in his honour.

    Doohnibor: Just read your final comment of last night re Mandelson.

    Scary thought – it’s put me off my breakfast.

    I’ve just had my Labour Party Electoral Communication. The message is

    “Vote Thursday, or wake up with the BNP on Friday”

    Scaremongering arseholes is the appropriate phrase, I believe.

  3. Jay - 74-10 - we have a team!

    Really not sure about Jones at fly-half though. His kicking's not brilliant although he does make himself useful in the field.

    Can't wait to vote later on - Greens for Europe and Lib Dem for coun!

  4. thauma: I’m off out to do it now.

    Living in London, we’ve only got the Europeans today – I’m voting the same as you.

    Where in the country are you, anyway?

  5. Hello all, who are you voting for?
    My new favourite poster is Susashini. Any chance of getting her to write an article for us?

  6. Hi Andy - in W Mids, near Leam/Warwick.

  7. Thaum - i cant stand the hunchback Jones, Mr Mediocrity. Prefer Hook myself. But other than that, pretty impressive all round. Forwards were brutally brilliant and the backs cut them to pieces, was a pretty complete display that might just have put a few doubts in Bok minds. Croft has to start, i think Croft, Heaslip and Williams - that is a slick back row. Gethin Jenkins had a good'n too in the front row, im not a big Mears fan though, despite his good perfomance yesterday.

    Martillo! Hows things?? You've missed out on all sorts.

    Isnt suhasini the lunatic?

  8. Isnt suhasini the lunatic?...

    One of them, anyway. I figure, you get Suhasini, Halgeel, Ultimathule and BTH together in one room, you've got yourself a party.

  9. Suhasini, Halgeel, Ultimathule and BTH together in one room? More an orgy of self-righteousness than a party.

    Things are great here, Jay. I hear your reprieve has been followed by pre-modding - how long, do you know?

  10. Tommy Bowe was bloody good too. And I like Ugo Monye (for an Englishman). :-p

    Obviously I think O'Gara is the first-choice fly half.

  11. martillo, that was a bad question to ask....

  12. Do you think they would get competitive and out-fem each other?

  13. My money's on halgeel to win by a length, she can trump them with her skin colour. Sad brownoser bth would come last, but may get a sympathy fuck out of it.

    Bad question?

  14. Green for the Locals, may absatin from the Euro; being as Ii can't stand the utter institutional inadequacy (putting it mildly) of the whole set-up, and no-one seems to want to reform it...

  15. Martillo - I think that loud bang might have been Jay's head exploding....

  16. Just read that last night Doohnibor said
    "He could be the next leader of the country, make no mistake." (mandy)


    I am having a really good day, and will file that with yesterday's thoughts.

    BTW I can't post from work any more so will be just around some evenings.

  17. Well, although that would be one party I would remain in the kitchen at, I might be tempted to venture into the thick of it to see Ultima's face upon being outfemmed......

    BTH wouldn't get a sympathy fuck on principle, but he wouldn't mind because he'd get a lifetimes worth of wank fodder just being in the same room

  18. I truly believe it. Brown's on borrowed time and there's no shortage of odious cretins ready to scrap for the privilege of filling his size tens.

    And lets face it, Nulab aren't going to put it to any sort of democratic vote, the winner will be whoever can fight the dirtiest.

  19. Job done.

    Doohnibor: “Do you think they would get competitive and out-fem each other?”

    WTF. Don’t you know it’s only MEN who are competitive? Feminists are are all cooperative and ALWAYS supportive of their sisters. You’re obviously just accepting the lies of the patriarchy.

    Bloody self-hating misogynist!

    Bitterweed: Can’t post from work?

    At least you got your temporary status made permanent. Swings and roundabouts, mate.

    Oh yeah, has Jay been put in pre-mod? He kept that quiet...

  20. Doohnibor
    Oh yes, I see...up to the next general election... may be... Feck how depressing...

    See youse all later.

  21. Andy
    indeed, fair point - I don't want to be risking any bad voodoo with my business manager...

    Speak later.

  22. "One of them, anyway. I figure, you get Suhasini, Halgeel, Ultimathule and BTH together in one room, you've got yourself a party."

    A party is one word for it, i spose.

    "Obviously I think O'Gara is the first-choice fly half."

    Thaum - sorry he's just too weak for the boks, they'll eat him.

    Martillo - no idea yet. Maybe a fortnight or a month would be my guess.

    ""He could be the next leader of the country, make no mistake." (mandy)"

    I wonder how the country would react if they did that? Shipped in Mandy to take over from Brown. There really would be rioting in the streets, he would be dragged from parliament.

  23. BW - actually the Greens aren't too keen on the EU set-up - check out their manifesto. They're not in the 'get out of Europe immediately' camp, but have serious reservations about the lack of transparency & democracy.

  24. There's nothing that they can do now to grasp a last little vestige of integrity. So they really could put anyone in No.10 and it wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference.

  25. Greens are quite good on the EU, thats one of the reasons i think i'll be giving them my X.

  26. Okay, so 'party' wasn't quite the right word. Feminism clusterfuck, perhaps?

    And did anybody know that BTH apparently lives in Asia? He says he's 5 hours ahead of the UK on the feminism waves thread.

  27. @montana:

    Oh ho ho ho, that opens up an entirely new front in the ongoing BTH discussion.

    Ladyboys, anyone?

  28. "And did anybody know that BTH apparently lives in Asia?"

    Really? I thought the whole point of these mail order brides is that they come to you?

  29. I’m not sure what time zone BTH is in, but I do know that he’s YEARS ahead of us in terms of feminist philosophy.

    At some point in the future we’ll suddenly realise how right he was, and how wrong we all were too.

  30. Maybe he lives in the TARDIS.

  31. You can buy BTH dolls apparently:


    If you pull the string the doll chirps out some gushingly sycophantic waffle about the genius of McKinnon or the ultimate BTHism - "My, i wish i had your erudition."

    $9.99 folks, roll up ($3.99 for ladies discount).

  32. BW - what did you say that got deleted on the fat thread?

  33. There's a whole set you can collect, this is the Ultima doll;


    This one says 'I am crying with happiness that you are here, BTH'.

  34. @D'nibor:

    "Like a little baby", I remember reading it and feeling embarrassed for her.

    Here's a thought - Ultima and BTH are the same person, writing under two noms-de-guerres-de-gender.

  35. I know, I think I actually cringed. And then was put in the strange position of agreeing with Len Firewood.

    Next time, she's going to say 'I got a little bit damp just knowing you are here'....

    But to Jay, not BTH.

  36. @D'nibor:

    Yuk. Funny, but yuk. I truly have no interest in speculating about what goes on in that woman's knickers. Except that now I am. Thanks a bunch.

  37. Well I'm still humming JG so fairs fair.

    Although I do actually wish I hadn't said that.

  38. @D'nibor:

    Good enough. I wasn't being entirely serious, obviously, but I know you know that, again obviously.

    And it was funny.

  39. Interesting, on the CCTV/Classrooms thread written by Leia and Sam, they've only put up a photo of an attractive young girl.

    I think this is one for BTH.

  40. She's nice, yeah, very nice, and a brain. Not bad at all.

  41. Well, they were certainly engaging in some mutual masturbation on the Pollitt thread earlier...

  42. She's nice, yeah, very nice, and a brain. Not bad at all.

    Yeah, its the CiF equivalent of page 3.

    And you don't even have to go to the sandwich shop to ogle.

  43. "Yeah, its the CiF equivalent of page 3.

    And you don't even have to go to the sandwich shop to ogle."

    I'll give you that one....

  44. You lot are a gang of perverts.

  45. Im within an acceptable age distance of the young lady, so im allowed to say whatever crude obscenities i fancy, surely.

  46. I just went and voted for the first time, strangely satisfying, greens for me.

  47. That fat threads cracking me up, there really some funny folk out there.


    Fat people eat the same as thin people too apparently.

  48. Fat people do eat the same as thin people - just twenty times as much.

  49. Fat people may well eat less volume than thin people. I lost 5 stone once eating masses of fruit and veg small amounts of meat and carbs.

    You put on weight by eating biscuits, cakes, chocolate, toast and butter, ice cream, cream, etc cheese, ready meals, chips and sugar/fat laden puddings. and you don't need much to gain weghteither

    Concentrated calories in other words.

    Its what you eat not how much.

    I should know, am expert at loosing weight - and regaining it.

    I had a bad winter so now living on salads - fortunately i like salad!

  50. The Pollitt article was just one big fat straw-woman... And the other thing that bugged me (and she's a looong way from being the only fem who does it)is her going on about how well a particular book does on the campus circuit.. (because feminism is only for academics yeah.. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with yr normal run of the mill perhaps not brilliantly educated woman... Lord but we don't want those in feminism do we now dear... Lets just call them self-hating misogynists and we're rid of the bags!)

  51. God - annetan - my sympathies. But then I'm a salad-dodger. (Not a veg-dodger, I just think of salad as rabbit food and not fit for sustenance.)

    But you are, as usual, right. I've never been fat, except for a couple of years in my teens (so I can and do sympathise), but recently I've been having to work at keeping my weight up to a normal level. What's changed? I've almost entirely stopped eating anything I don't cook myself.

    And my preferred types of meals involve lots of carbs and heavy cream sauces, so it really makes you wonder what's in the food you eat when out.

  52. Kiz - I'm about to turn in my feminist badge. I've pretty much had it with the rubbish spouted and don't want to be associated with it.

    I did a master's degree programme in English Lit. at a (very minor) US university and the professorial staff was riddled with so-called feminists. What this meant was that they were completely incapable of teaching anything of substance. They were excellent at moaning, evidence-less, about how evil men are and have always been.

    One of the required courses (probably put in the programme by a now retired and reviled former academic) was Literary Theory. I actually took this course twice, with two different faculty members, because I had to drop out of the first one toward the end for personal reasons.

    Neither of these geniuses was capable of explaining any literary theory whatsoever except for Feminism. (And I'm not sure they really had a thorough grasp of a lot of that theory either.)

    Structuralism? Post-structuralism? Semiotics? Waaaaay out of their depth. Faint grasp on reader-response because it didn't really involve any proper academic discipline - at least not according to their interpretation.

    In other words, they were disgustingly incompetent but had managed to get their positions through being self-proclaimed Feminists.

    One was male and one was female. Very little to choose between them, although the male one (could he have been BTH?) did draw a very interesting diagramme one day to prove that Grendel's escape from the submerged cave was all about escaping the womb and the Eternal Feminine. Or something like that.

  53. depends what you mean by salad Thauma... it's hot here in Greece now... and I've gone right off heavy foods... No pies til autumn! For lunch I had a salad of kidney beans, sweetcorn, tomatoes, green peppers, onion, and parsley dressed with lemon, olive oil and tobasco... For tea I made a bruschetta topped with garlic mushrooms and a salad of rocket,strips of serano ham, sundried toms and parmesan flakes with olive oil and balsamic vinegar... lovely

  54. Kiz - sounds like a nice appetiser but not enough to keep a flea going! ;-)

  55. Thauma- I did a course on 'women, feminism and writing' as part of my degree (English, Royal Holloway) and my tutor was actually spot on... she slammed you for coming out with any trite shite.. So I know there are some cool feminist academics about... But it's this general idea, oft lauded ATL on cif, that unless you've read this that and the other fem theory yr not a fem... and it's bollocks.. I can enjoy a spot of academic stuff as much as the next fem but THAT is NOT what feminism is about as far as I'm concerned... feminism is about the ordinary women of this world (and the men in their lives...) So don't throw the towel in babes because it needs all the good women (and men) it can get...

  56. Like I said... It's feckin hot here...

  57. Kiz - you are right again of course. I think we need to find a new name, though, cos 'feminism', as well as having been hijacked by extremists, does tend to exclude the blokes a bit. Yet 'gender equality' is just cringe-inducing.

    Understand the hot bit - I am no good at hot and wilt like the proverbial Victorian maiden. But it still won't make me consider 'salad' a meal. I'd rather not eat at all!

  58. kizbot

    English, Royal Holloway

    Fuckin hell...when? You might have been a contemporary of the Fishwife. (she does swear a lot incidentally)

  59. did draw a very interesting diagramme one day to prove that Grendel's escape from the submerged cave was all about escaping the womb and the Eternal Feminine. Or something like that.

    Gawd, that was one of the things I hated while I was doing my degree! Why can't Grendel escape from the submerged cave just because it's a fucking submerged cave?

    Do you mind me asking what minor university it was?

  60. You're making me hungry, ladies!

  61. Montana - I know: I don't think they had feminist theory too much at the time of Grendel!

    Will mention uni in t'other place....

  62. Purnell resigns - tough titty Brown!

  63. And tells Brown to go!!!

    And So It Begins

  64. I started my Gordon deathclock two days ago with 30 days on the clock. I bet £100 with a bookie on Tuesday just gone at odds of 25-1 that Brown would be gone within 30 days of that day.


  65. Bloody hell, they were good odds. Think James Purnell must have had the same bookie, slimy Blairite twat.

  66. Kizbot @ 21.32: Hmm, sounds delicious.

    All washed down with a bottle or three of chilled white wine, I bet.

    Regarding feminism: I’ve never felt the name to exclude me, just the attitude of some of its more, er, strident exponents, but they are generally a tiny, if vocal, minority.

    I guess I’d call myself a feminist, if that’s allowed.

    All of you here, annetan; kizbot; thauma; Montana; anyone else I’ve missed out, have every right to claim the word back from the fundies who have hijacked it, rather like we need to reclaim the idea of British values back from the BNfuckingP.

    Regarding Beowulf; I thought it was pretty obvious that Grendel’s escape from the cave was symbolic of an escape from the feminine – did you really need a professor to tell you that?

    That Angelina Jolie was a bit of all right as his mum, wasn’t she? Wouldn’t mind an epic battle with her...

  67. @andysays:

    Angelina Jolie, eh? Brad Pitt can have her, as far as I'm concerned. She doesn't do anything for me at all. I'm always having to rebuff her pouty-faced advances, it's getting embarrassing. I can't afford to look after 12 kids for a start off.

  68. Damned right about the bottle or three andy... usually just the one though.. unless it's party time..
    Course you can call yrself a feminist.. I hope you do! And damned right about reclaiming the word from fundies too..

  69. Swifty again: “I’m always having to rebuff her pouty faced advances”

    Yeah mate, of course you are; me too!

    Happy Birthday, Angie.

    Great, clip, God bless.

    Guess we’re all just waitin’ round to die, more or less.

    kizbot: sounds like we’re in pretty much total agreement then; damned right!

  70. @andy:

    Yes, yes, this "I'm a feminist too" stuff might be getting the girls all giddy but I'm looking right through you, you sly old fox. Why not tell La Jolie you're a feminist as well, you never know...

  71. Nah... swifty... you've got to do more than just flag yrself as a fem.. or bth would have more than one fan...

  72. Ah, thanks kiz, well that's me bolloxed then.

    All well with you and yours?

  73. TBH, Swifty, I’ve never felt the need to big up my feminist credentials to impress the ladies, as it were.

    Sorry, hang on a minute...

    “What’s that Angelina? Time for bed? Just coming love.”

    Where was I?

    Oh yeah, goodnight all.

  74. Don't get scratched by her frickin' heels

  75. angelinasboyfriendsays05 June, 2009 09:32

    It’s not just her heels, it’s her nails.

    And her teeth.

    My back looks like a butcher’s shop window...

  76. Hank - Purnell's after the leadership, betcha!


  77. andy- Yup Those 'ladies' don't have ownership on the name.

    And as far as I am concerned as feminism means 'someone who believes that men and women are equal ' you are welcome to call yourself feminist. Its most of the ATL graun fems that are not feminists (perhaps not all though I don;t think Cath is really a supremacist)