21 June 2009

Daily Chat 21/06/09

On this day in 524, the Burgundians defeated the Franks in the Battle of Vézeronce. The Franks have never forgiven those bastard Burgundians. Ten Irish immigrants who belonged to the secret society known as the Molly Maguires were executed in Pennsylvania. And in 1964, three young men from New York; Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner and James Chaney, were murdered in Neshoba County, Mississippi. Celebrating birthdays today: Jane Russell, Lalo Schifrin, Ray Davies, Steven AND Elyse Keaton (aka Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter), Nils Lofgren, Michel Platini and Prince William. Today is Solstice Day. It is also Fathers' Day, so a big "Happy Fathers' Day" to all the dads.


  1. "And in 1964, three young men from New York; Andrew Goodman, Mickey Schwerner and James Chaney, were murdered in Neshoba County, Mississippi."

    "What's got three eyes and can't see?"

    Lalo Schifrin has written some truly great film music. A legend.

    I miss my dad.

  2. god only knows why

    I think my kids wil mis me 2


  3. there is no arg
    sometimes life imitates art

    it really is sureal

    and I was awake for the solistice again

    but stil pissed and in dry knickers

    dear god why do u treat me so kind?

  4. any soull wi a tit ner his gob21 June, 2009 07:21

    As th e hours pass I am remined its dads day I am

    a dad I ought to make a statment....................

    I do not just wish fuck her ..................I wish to fuck her from here to next thursday

  5. annetan
    Q&A this morning with the venerable Dennis Skinner in the Observer mag's 'This much I know' bit. Why aren't there more MPs like him, who actually turn up every day at the Commons and who aren't milking the expenses system?

  6. The beast of Bolsover is just about the only MP ever who has always stuck to his principles... I can't think of one other... can anyone else?

  7. Neither of my children want to have children of their own which is why I don't worry too much about global warming.
    I got a subsciption to Private Eye, anybody else get something good?

  8. Kiz I will love you forever and I can choose who I love.

    I'm bit fond of taht qa42 lass from Wales. She construes a mean sententence.

    @ colin

    mine will breed 4 yours and love u all the more.But only a g'girl at the min.

  9. K it's Skinner or revolutiion.

    John Hancock's lad.

  10. Oh shit I just reread my rambles...........

    I would never want to fuck my girl child or her hers. Pissed Y . Perv N.

    I am deano 30.

  11. Or my boy children.

    Their mother is quite enuf 4me.

  12. I too have experienced the horrors of blogging while pissed. The waking up next morning thinking,
    'Oh no, what did I say?' The relief you have when you discover that it is no sillier than the stuff you post while sober.

  13. "The relief you have when you discover that it is no sillier than the stuff you post while sober."

    Colin, that is quite worryingly true...

  14. The worst is when you have 3 or 4 moderated in a row and you can't remember what you said.

  15. a big "Happy Fathers' Day" to all the dads

    I’ll echo that.

    colinthestoat: I’ve yet to receive anything from my daughter, though I’m still hoping for at least a phone call later.

    A subscription to Private Eye sounds like a blinding present, on this or any other day.

    Best wishes to all fathers, and to all their daughters and sons too (I think that covers just about everyone).

  16. Andy,
    Thanks for best wishes, hope you get that phone call. My daughter and her bloke are coming round later but my son, who gave me the subscription, is a lecturer oop north so we don't see much of him.

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  18. Ah yes Deano - Tony Benn. A constituency neighbour of Skinner's & also, so I'm told, a bloody good MP.

  19. Cheers Chin

    Skinner was the only MP that Tahtcher loved/feared.

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  21. Anne: glad, if a little surprised, to hear you adore the Manics. The surprise obviously relates to my unfounded assumption about people maybe mellowing with age. I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

    There used to be loads of great Manics videos on youtube, most are now sadly gone, replaced by live stuff and TV shows, which often don’t quite capture their thing, for me.

    This one is great, though: their first single from 1991. I saw this when it was first on TV, and it certainly grabbed my attention.

    “Motown junk, a lifetime of slavery,
    Songs of love echo underclass betrayal”

    (The calls for “Revolution, Revolution, Revolution...” at the beginning are a sample from Public Enemy)

    Don’t remember them making Top of the Pops, though!

    “Intergenerational Revolutionary” is great. Suggest it to the boys as their next album title.

  22. "The URL contained a malformed video ID."

    Whatever that means.

    google "motown junk manics".

    That's how I found it.

  23. Montana mentioned yesterday the pillaging of Baltimore by Algerine pirates in the 17th century.

    Now, as the poem "The Sack of Baltimore" has long been a passion of mine, I thought I'd share its contents with you benighted heathens.


  24. In reggae mood and chillin nicely here:

    Two Spliff Tails

    and a classic from Peter Tosh

    Now going to find the thread where 'how to put links in' was so patiently explained to me before!

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  26. you siily old man.

    If its 8 of wine then at least 16 of water to approach to make u sensible.

    thats not a small dog its a donkey