17 October 2010


The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.
-Marcel Proust


  1. Woohoo!

    Jaffa Cake Mountain!

  2. Mornin' all, it's a beautiful blue sky day here in Manchester. Just drinking a coffee and reading the front pages of newspapers from around the world (dontcha just love the internet?)

    Funniest thing so far, from "Jang" in Pakistan:

    "LAHORE: A petition has been received by Supreme Court Lahore Registry, proposing to use services of eunuchs for recovering debts from politicians and other influential people.

    In his fresh petition, Zafarullah Khan has said that services of eunuchs can be very effective in recovering debts influential people. Eunuchs would visit the defaulters’ places and clap, dance and make them feel ashamed in their neighborhood, the petition said."

  3. Great call there Atomboy!

    Watched La Mome / La Vie en Rose / that Piaf biopic last night (subtitled, thankfully). Really very very good. Tragic, but good...

  4. "Le Monde" seem to think that Angela Merkel is bending to German racist tendencies, regarding outside groups:

    (the policy of)"We live side by side and we are delighted" - failed, she said. "This approach has failed, completely failed", insisted the Chancellor.

  5. "Sydney Times", bless 'em:
    AUSTRALIA'S James Bond George Lazenby is planning to return to Australia and settle in Mosman when his high-profile divorce from US tennis star Pam Shriver is settled.

  6. Wiki on Eunuch

    Perhaps the most interesting observation was the ancients recognition that the desire to start a dynasty could be the root of a lot of evil which was sensibly avoided by castrating those near to power.

    "..It is said that the justification of the employment of eunuchs as high-ranking civil servants was that, since they were incapable of having children, they would not be tempted to seize power and start a dynasty. In many cases, eunuchs were considered more reliable than the scholar officials. A similar system existed in Vietnam..".

    This is plainly where we are going wrong, we should insist on castration as a precondition for a Cabinet post.

    Bring the the Bullingdon Bullies, and followers, on - I'll sharpen me scissors

    We can't even promote a reasonable inheritance tax, so invavisve and dominant is the dynastic tradition in the UK.

    My kids will die as they were born efffectively in debt sevitutude to the likes of the Duke of Westminister. We live in a meritocracy my arse.

  7. Hi Gandolfo - good to see you again.

    Blue sky in Yorks too Habib. Mungo needs a stretch and so do I.

  8. Regards to the both of you, deano!

  9. I forgot to mention the latest dynastic scam...

    When me son recently started to buy a modest terrace house recently he was advised to take out an unusual insurance.....

    It seems that the land his place was built on had some very old but enforceable covenant such that if the local Church burnt/fell down he would have to sell/forfeit his home to rebuild the Church. Would he like to take insurance out to cover for the possibility....

    Right I'm away for the joy of the sun.

  10. @deano

    It's a real risk in some places, as a result of this case a couple of years ago...

  11. @Deano

    Apparently that 'Church' clause is quite common in England. Don't recall it being so in Wales. Don't know about Scotland and Ireland. The church also has a clause here to administer it own 'taxes' with the village !

    Visitors here in the early hours - well 7.30 ish, one from the Maldives, and one from Hong Kong ! Welcome.

    I think they are here to listen to Bitterweed and Pauls choon choices in the early morn. Good tunes.
    Bitters - Bouncing a few skinheads bonce's 'offa' the pavement is a novel way of relieving the stress of the last week ! If I had been there, I would have probably waded in as well !!

  12. @ Bitterweed

    What ever you do, don't damage them pinkies of yours !, although that was probably furthest from your mind at the time.

    Right off to do the shopping !

  13. A rare treat from The Observer: an interview with the great Elvis Costello.

    Ah well, back to work.

  14. glebeland oddities.

    if the existing church is on a sufficiently appropriate space then they would rebuild on the previous site - if they were dying to get rid of the existing building to upscale or (more likely) downsize, but couldn't (listing etc), then they might invoke the clause. that's how i understand it. so tell him to watch out for the local vicar sneaking around after dark with a petrol can. *cough*

  15. Der Spiegel

    "In western Germany, 53.9 percent thought Muslim religious practice should be restricted, while in the east, 75.7 percent felt it should be -- even though there are far fewer Muslims living in the states of the former East Germany.

    What is particularly pertinent is that 55.5 percent of respondents who tended to otherwise reject right-wing extremist statements agreed with the statement on the practice of Islam. The study's authors characterized this as a "modern racism," which is based on cultural differences rather than on supposed genetic differences."

    I think I'd better get back in bed.

  16. El Pais:

    "Pope Benedict XVI canonized this morning, Australia's first saint. Helen Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), was a founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart. About eight thousand Australians have attended the proclamation of Mackillop nun who came to confront the Catholic hierarchy to report a pederast priest."

    Far be it for me to mock religion...

  17. Jerusalem Post:

    "Thousands march in Tel Aviv against loyalty oath"

    "One marcher said on Saturday it brought up memories of her past protesting fascism in the UK, before she immigrated to Israel in the 1960s.

    “I remember standing in Trafalgar Square to protest fascism 40 years ago. And now here I am doing the same in Israel,” she said.

    Watching what is happening in Israel gives “me a terrible, sad feeling. I’m crying on the inside,” she said"

  18. Hi habib

    blimey australia's first saint......and one that scuppered a pederast........now why do I feel a tad cynical about that?????

  19. Who said work training courses were crap??

    "BELLEVUE, Wash. — A 19-year-old woman was charged with second-degree assault after allegedly stabbing another woman during an anger-management class, the Seattle Times reported.
    The incident occurred Saturday while a video on anger management was being shown, the Times said. Police said Faribah Maradiaga walked into a classroom at Bellevue College and started complaining about the video. The victim told her "to give it a chance," according to charging documents."

    After words were exchanged, Maradiaga pulled out a knife with a 3-inch blade and stabbed the other woman, police and prosecutors said. Maradiaga also is accused of threatening to kill the other woman's family, the Times said.

    Maradiaga told police that the other woman threatened her first. She was being held on $50,000 bail."

  20. Read it and weep.

  21. Hi chekhov, weep I do.

    "Apologists for the system defend it in the wider business world by saying that it can promote economies of scale."

    Now who do we know that would be such an apologist...?

  22. Here is the footie and I fear for my Liverpool. On the other hand Monkeyfish will be happy, if we lose.

  23. thinking positive thoughts in your direction, heyhabib (football-wise).

    (and otherwise, too, natch)

    (but mainly football-wise at this precise moment in time)

  24. the stream i'm watching is clearly on a bit of a delay, so the MBM coverage is taking on mystic-meg-esque qualities, which confused me a bit at first...

  25. Afternoon all

    I see CIF have an article about the demise of the Welfare State.Better late than never i suppose.

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  27. Everybody off having a late Sunday afternoon nap? Who's going to keep me company while I eat my breakfast?

  28. Hey Montana!

    I am here watching NCIS and browsing CiF. How are you doing? And what ya got for Sunday breakfast?

    I've just had a late lunch of home-made shepherd's pie made for me by my beloved, which is always an added bonus...

  29. heyhabib
    Love the news from round the world posts, good stuff.

    Hi MF
    Can we not talk about football for a bit ?

  30. Managed to get enough petrol at the fourth station I tried to get me to England next weekend. Had to queue for a while though.

  31. Paul

    n the welfare State RIP thread people are getting very rattled.

    I have been called both Mao and Stalin so far.

    People seeing reds under the bed at every turn.

    May their nightmares increase.

  32. Breakfast is coffee and these vaguely crumpet-like things we have over here that we refer to as "English" muffins.

    Haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up on the football, but just had a look. Sorry, BW, BB & Habib. Really, really sorry. Even if my boys are doing rather well, considering.


    Pardon my stupidity, but why was it so hard?

  33. Strikes in France, Montana, so people are panic-buying petrol at the moment.

  34. Continuing strikes at the refineries in France, Montana, and everyone's panic-buying petrol. Millions out on the streets in demos. I think Sarkozy's beginning to regret his pension "reform". :-)

  35. Not talking about footy.

    In fact, the way things are going, that is probably going to be my default position for the rest of the season now...

  36. Looks like the linesmen have decided to give the match to City. Blackpool had a disallowed goal that was apparently onside and City have now been given a goal that was apparently offside.

  37. Ah, I was guessing it was something like that, but wasn't sure. Must be nice to live in a country where people care enough to get out and do something.

    And where there are enough people smart enough to see that things like tax cuts for the richest people in the world are going to do fuck all for those of us way down here.

    We have a crumbling infrastructure and high unemployment. Why can't people see that something like the New Deal would do much more to jumpstart the economy than allowing the already obscenely wealthy to keep even more money to themselves ever will?

  38. Spike
    I beliive it was PhillipaB who recently reported that on one of the Paris demos against Romany deportations, someone had a placard which said, in fairly straighforward translation:

    "Sarkozy, No You Cunt!"

    Can you corroborate this ?

  39. Check out shrubmonkey


  40. I just realised it was from Spike's own link !
    And Atomboy's comment.
    Sorry Spike. Sorry AB.

    It has a wider application though....

    "Osbourne! No you cunt !"


  41. afternoon all, have been watching the footy, so, commiz to the liverpool contingent, and a lot of coughing about city at blackpool - was actually laughing by the end, it was so chaotic. could quite see them coming back and equalising, which they probably would have deserved.

    how the mbm could call city 'the stuff of champions' is beyond me, given the inability of the city backline to stop adam et al particularly in the first half.


    spike - so the barricade is having an effect? the news stories from the port at marseille have footage that looks like a carpark for supertankers, bobbing gently around while unable to dock. plus a lot of cruise ship passengers looking bewildered at being dumped actually in the carpark with all their belongings having been sent to shore in a dinghy.

    am selfishly hoping that the ongoing wildcatting and fuel shortages don't scupper holiday.

    bitterweed - in fairness, i think it said 'no you cant' but the handwriting wasn't brilliant and i misread it...

  42. Hi Leni

    Am steering clear of cif today.However IMO it's absolutely essential that those of us on the Left don't abandon it altogether.And why i think it would be great if CIF had a one off Amnesty so that the ranks of the Left BTL can be replenished.I think we all knew things would get pretty bad for the forseable future but at some stage something would have to give.It is nevertheless depressing that the majority of the British population are seemingly indifferent at least to the dismantling of the post WW2 settlement-ie the creation of a Welfare State underpinned and paid for by what increasingly seems to be an obsolete notion of the 'common good'.The British people may however be strirred out of their inertia and apathy once the reality of these cuts start kicking in.


    For me the most important news re football is that Spurs beat Fulham and West Ham are languishing at the bottom of the Premier League.


    Ain't seen you around for a while.Hope alls well with you and your wife.

  43. @Philippa

    After 40-odd years of City hurt, I'll take lucky at this stage thanks.

    And thinking about it... hmmm.... I prefer BW's version. On the whole.

  44. peter - oh god yes, i just think it was funny that the commentary swung from "ooh dear, they really aren't defending solidly, their lines aren't great, they just aren't penetrating the blackppol defence etc etc etc, they'll have to do better to be in with a shot at the title" (first half) to "ah, they're bossing it now, lovely stuff, stuff of champions, in with a real shout now etc etc etc" (second half).

    yes, they can play very very well (viz: 2nd half). but they can also play really really badly (viz: 1st half). and it's a mug's bet which way is going to prevail in any given match, really, and Blackpool, while lovely and orange and all, were clearly knackered in the second half.

    fun game though. still think david silva looks like the singer from the monkees.

  45. not sure i shoudl risk this but it's bloody funny.
    FORZA77 on the merseyside derby thread:

    The John Lennon statue at Liverpool airport says 'Above us only sky'. Underneath someone has written 'Below us only Wolves'.

  46. Philippa - am confused about this 'no, you cunt' thing. Assumed at first it was 'non, t'es con', but I don't see how you can confuse that with 'non, tu ne peux pas'.

  47. it was in english, think. now not at all sure. when was this? brain not working properly...

  48. Pah - Football !

    Was absolutely fucking disgusted to see Shrek asking for £160,000 for a week's work. What absolute fucking bollocks. Is he thinking his up and coming divorce is going to wipe him out ?. The pay of these fucking wankers is diabolical.

    He's not worth the skin on me shit. I'd give him a £10 for turning up, and he can have the use of me cortina if he feels he needs it !

  49. tascia - best check you've got wipe-clean seats before giving him the keys...

  50. Philippa

    it was in english, think.

    Ah, that'd explain it! Duh.

  51. OK, I'll try to come clean.

    I think Spike posted some pictures, amongst which was a handwritten placard on the bottom of a cardboard box, in English, which said something like:

    Sarkozy - No you can't!

    I just helped give it the propaganda edge I thought the protesters probably pussyfooted around too politely.

    (This is from memory and I could be completely wrong).

  52. Well, I know it's not my team, but you've gotta laugh. Don't you?

  53. And anyway, I bet Shrek and Coleen are claiming child benefits.

    Anyone here earn £640,000 a month for kicking a helium filled ball about ?

    Fucking Prima donnas.

    Not that it winds me up or anything !

  54. see that brussels-splat is doing a goodwin on the bunting thread in other words you can only complain if

    a) you've been through Auschwitz
    b) you've been raped in congo
    c) you're a refugee from "a war torn corner of the globe"

    *gandolfo slowly losing the will to live*

  55. @tascia:

    It does seem like something ought to be done to take some of the money out of it, doesn't it? I think the cities that host these clubs ought to be able to "municipalise" them.

  56. Aha, so it's Atomboy's fault.

    (All day today I've been laughing at 'Jaffa Cake meerkats' then just re-read it and realised I didn't quite get it right. Still funny as fuck though. I needed a larf.)

    Saw a photo of some good placards today, in the Observer I think. The normal traffic sign for elderly people crossing with the caption (in French) something like "Danger! XXX Employees Crossing!"

  57. Buck up, gandolfo. You're talking about a woman who has the self-awareness of a goldfish.

  58. montana

    don't insult goldfish ;)

  59. Montana
    "I think the cities that host these clubs ought to be able to "municipalise" them. "
    Ha! Was just thinking the other day that they shoudl all be nationalised and given over the local council to manage.

    which would clearly greatly increase how efficiently football is run...

    but would have a lot of benefits. agree with you there.

  60. Gawd blimey Cliff Richard has just appeared on me wide screen promoting his zillionth album.He must be at least 97 now.I remember hundreds of years ago when Blur and Oasis ruled the world reading that Cliff genuinely felt he was still a rival to these much younger musicians.Bless!And apparently he still has his own hair and teeth .

  61. I really can't see how football can keep paying these extortionate amounts. I mean £7,680,000 for a years works !!! Plleeeeeaaaase..

    Even if he scores a goal to win the Champions league, that would mean the club get's nothing back in the coffers to promote players coming through. And this in a club which is £750,000,000 in debt.

    How the hell does it keep going ?, any other business would have gone to the wall a long time ago.

  62. I say, that's an insult to goldfish. I would say 'lima bean' - fucking foul things.

  63. "The John Lennon statue at Liverpool airport says 'Above us only sky'. Underneath someone has written 'Below us only Wolves'."

    PhilB - Thanks for that - pissed mesen. The scouse humour is simply brilliant, so often in a class of its own

  64. thauma
    wtf is a lima bean? second thoughts do i NEED to know???

  65. Gandolfo. You lucky sod. Lima beans.

    If you're lucky, they taste like chalk.

    The mister is currently my hero. He has just fed me some gorgeous chocolatey-creamy pudding thingy. And claims to have some chocolate orange kicking about the place. Mmmmmmmm.

  66. thauma you really needn't have posted a link ......they look like rotten kidneys.......yuk...
    chocolate oranges my favs vit c and choc together...wot a combo.....

    BTW has anyone seen this site it's bit sick but it made me larf........

  67. "Below us only Wolves"

    Is actually fuck-off funny.


  68. Just looking at the Bunting thread now. I thought people were supposed to mellow with age, but I seem to be going in the opposite direction. I read comments like those from this piece of shit calling him/herself Avendesorra and all I can think is that I would quite happily shoot someone like that, come the revolution.

  69. @Goldfish:

    I would like to apologise profusely for the grave slander I brought upon your species. You are, of course, lovely creatures that contribute to the joy of the world.

    Please forgive me.

  70. I've given up arguing with the bastard now, Montana. I am pretty sure it's my brother in disguise. I get the same shite from him too, despite the fact that he benefitted from state schooling and worked for a public utility for the first 10 years of his life where they gave him free day-release to get his free qualifications to enable him to climb the greasy pole to success.


    Not a word I use frequently, but the only one that fits in the circs.

  71. Thauma

    Yuck ! Those beans look like something a heavy smoker would cough up of a morning.

  72. Ta for that, Paul. I now know I have been suffering from Lima Bean on the Lung!


  73. Evening all.


    Shooting would be too good for that odious commenter you mentioned.

    Mind you, princesschipchops has been giving him a run for his money on the 'welfare state' thread, as has wishface.

  74. I'm assuming that some delicate flower reported OdourofSanctity's post from 6.43 on Waddya,because for the life of me I can't remember it saying anything that a mod could object to.

  75. I'm so glad that you all share my hatred of lima beans. Some sick fuckers like them. A good way to recognise a sick fucker, if you ask me.

  76. Bru being a muppet on the Oltermann thread:

    Multiculturalism, when it concerns wealthy countries like Japan, is never targeted or considered a problem.

    Yes, Japan. That hotbed of multicultural harmony...

  77. Just caught up on that thread about The welfare State RIP. The attitude of some of these well words literally do fail me. I think one answer used some time back is to invite these guys to go and live in Somalia if they want minimum government interference and low taxes! See how they like dealing with warlords and what passes for the local Mafia.

    Princess gave really good returns, I would run out of stamina and quite honestly you will never convert them. Themuse also I can identify with being of a similar age I know only too well the ageism that exists in the job market from top to bottom. I've met and worked with these folk like Avendesorra who go by the slogan 'you make your own luck'. They think that as they are paid quite well and secretly know in their deep selves that they are really not that clever, then those who earn less must be pretty thick. But they reckon that their position is due to being 'smart', not luck.

  78. As a gaijin visiting and working in Japan, I can honestly say their take on Multiculturalism is very dependant on which part of the country you find yourself.

    Tokyo - ok... Anywhere in the sticks.. forget it. Any Gaijin is seen as a third class citizen.

  79. @Shaz:

    I can't remember what he said at all, so it couldn't have been too bad.

  80. Another from the useful links service; Christopher Hitchens has just edited a collection of the Best American Essays 2010, and thanks to the magic of the Internet most of them are online in the archives of their original publications. Here they are.

  81. Hey MsChin - hope all is well

    That thread is really out there where the buses don't run.

    There are some seriously selfish short-sighted shit-heads in the world

  82. 'Below us only Wolves'.

    Ha ha ha, philibee, :-)

    Here's one for the team and us suffering fans... tomorrow is either a promise to no one, or just another day.

  83. BB

    The attitudes some people have - dire isn't it?

    Any of that chocolate orange left, thauma? Could do with something nice and chocolatey ..

    Also wouldn't mind getting rid of some predictive text thingy that's happening when I write a post with your name. Each time I type 'thauma' it decides that I want to write 'thumb'.

  84. james

    if you're lurking there is a pathetically poor article by preston on chile.......looking pretty much as if he's justifying pinochet......

  85. @tascia:

    I knew an Indian guy who'd lived in Japan for a couple of years. He spoke fluent Japanese, but said he was reminded every day that he was looked down upon, as most Japanese assumed he didn't speak Japanese and would say really nasty things about him, not realising he would understand.

  86. MsChin

    Half a chocolate orange coming your way down the cybertubes. Now being mixed with a nice 12-y-o Glenmorangie.

    - thumbelina

  87. Amazing what you find if you google "Sarkozy" and a few choice expletives:

    French president insults passerby at national agriculture convention

  88. @ Montana

    I worked for a Japanese company for 9 years.

    The best insight into how the Japanese perceive gaijin can be found in the book 'Working for a Japanese Company' by Robert M.March (American).

    It was when I read his book that things fell into place..

    He reach the higher echelons within a Japanese company.

  89. Montana/Gandolfo

    Have just read your earlier comments about Sprout's comments on the Bunting thread.Glad i'm not the only one.I've read quite a lot about the Holocaust and many of the survivors were blighted by wrecked mental and physical health for however long they had left to live.And for some of them it wasn't that long.For instance 50% of survivors from Theresienstadt who were over 60 were dead within two years of their liberation.

    The suicide rate amongst survivors was also high.Yet Scunthorpes finest still insists on wittering on about those survivors who were able to rebuild a successful life for thmeselves as if they were the norm..

    I think the instinct to survive is strong in all of us.Yet we all have our breaking points.For some its the trauma resulting from an event like the Holocaust.For Sprouts i reckon it would be the loss of her favourite gucci handbag that would drive her over the edge.Stupid cow!

  90. Casse-toi, alors, pauvre con.

    I'm going to remember that for my next enouncter at work. In fact it could quite likely be necessary for my arsenal before 8 tomorrow morning, even though I'm not supposed to start until 8.30.

    Tu m'emmerdes could work too.

  91. But perhaps I should just go straight for va te faire foutre, espèce de sale con.

  92. Were you planning on keeping that contract at all, Thumbelina?

    Just wondering, like....


  93. thaumaturge - why not the best of both -

    Casse-toi, alors, espèce de sale con.

  94. Cheers for the heads up Gandolfo

    Just read and commented.

    (Unbe-fucking-lievable - am going for a fag to calm down!!)

  95. Peter preston is a sick fuck.....

    "and the dictators who move in (from Greece's colonels to Portugal's Salazar) are an often appalling but, equally often, a source of cleansing and rescue and, for Chile, congratulations and hope."

  96. Shaz - nice variation. Like it.

    BB - luckily I don't think they speak French.

  97. Francophiles

    Can you correct/affirm this translation:
    "He saved my life"

    "il a sauvé ma vie"

    It was in the film Ronin, uttered quietly in French by De Niro character.

    It's trivial shit like this that absolutely makes my life worth living !



  98. james

    preston is a sick fuck.........he's trolling above and below the line and the graun publishes sick fuckers like this and keep him on their staff........unbelievable fag and grappa......

  99. Bitterweed: My French is spectacularly rusty, but I'd hazard 'Il m'a sauvé la vie'.

  100. Putain de merde! Qu'est-ce que c'est que ce connerie?

    I could have fun with this.

  101. Gandolfo,

    I seem to be saying this alot these days, but The Guardian really has crossed the line this time.

    Fucking disgusting!!

  102. shaz
    that's possibly closer to what he says... thank you !

  103. Thaumaturge... where did you get that one? it's fantastic!

  104. BW - think Shaz is right; the French are less possessive, as it were.

  105. Shaz - putain de merde is a favourite expression of a French mate of mine. The rest just follows naturally on work.

  106. Of course it's now "Below us only West Ham", which doesn't parse so well.

  107. Tu me fais chier could work too.

  108. Tu me fais chier was always one of my favourites. :o)

  109. I shall go to bed happy tonight armed with my arsenal of French insults. Soon. ;-)

  110. Avendesorra is an anagram of arse vendor!
    BTW: Bitters, great cover of "FM"
    Big fan of Steely Dan.

  111. james

    he's going from fucking bad to bloody fucking despicable....

  112. Hi Chin - good to see you around girl.

  113. Anybody any news on Annetan42? Seems a while since we saw her here.

  114. Read the Preston piece. Unfuckingbelievable.

    Quite a few threads that are really stomach-churning at the moment.

  115. Gandolfo/Montana,

    He's just digging now.

    With any luck, he'll hit a fucking gas pocket soon......

  116. James

    next article by preston:

    "why the genocide in rwanda was good women's rights"

  117. BB - tu me fais chier

    Invaluable... especially at work! :o)

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  121. Gandolfo,

    haha - To be honest, I wouldn't put anything past that lot these days!!

  122. Paul, you've got a really bad stutter there mate...


  123. It does make me larf to see Bru getting a kicking on here from those who think that hermione has anything of value to add.

    "Heathers" was a good film.

  124. Shaz

    I seem to remember reading about that somewhere before.
    It's the top of a very steep, very slippery slope......

  125. @Montana: "Unfuckingbeliveable"
    The alternative on this side of the "pond" is:
    My French is a bit rusty but "Je m'en fou" was regarded as a classic insult back in the day!
    Don't really know why but the girls I met at university used to equate "fou" with "cunt".

  126. Fine and dandy, thanks, gandolfo. Still kicking against the pricks.

    How's yourself?

  127. so you're pretty busy then hank.....

    i'm fine, just wading through the shit like we all are......

  128. I think the Sarko placard was probably just a play on "Obama, yes we can"

  129. now bloody seaton's at it paralleling his life with that of a chilean miner........

  130. Hank

    It does make me larf to see Bru getting a kicking on here from those who think that hermione has anything of value to add.

    Hermione is Funny,Bru is vacuous and you Hank Scorpio are getting boring and predictable.Change the record eh!

  131. gandolfo

    Just read the Preston piece - weird or what? He seems to be saying an evil interregnum is a neccessary precursor to democracy, or am I going mad?

    "cleansing and rescue"? What the fuck is that all about?

  132. Gandolfo,

    The Seaton thing is brilliant.

    You really couldn't make this shit up!!

    The Guardian is Private Eye, and I claim my free teatowel!!

  133. @Sheff: if it's any comfort, you arent't the only one to question your sanity!

  134. sheff

    preston is trolling how he could ever have been editor is beyond me......he's validating torture and mass murder......


    teatowel on its way seaton's a fucking twat

    "How the others coped, what inner sources of strength they drew on to endure their ordeal, I can only guess at. But Edison Peña I feel I know a little. He's one of us. Thank you for your example, Edison. And many a mile may you run in your new-found freedom."

    what's this shite? I could roll that out from my loft in NYC no prob but so could my dog....

  135. "hermione is funny..."

    Hermione's a blank, Paul. She's not funny, she's an attention-seeking drone. She hasn't got an original thought in her head, like most of her gang on waddya.

    She was a fan of the coalition when she thought it might garner her some recommendations.

    Now that the coalition's getting some grief, she's decided to pose as a critic of it.

    She's a waste of space.

    Like you and too many others on Cif, she nails her colours to the weathervane.

  136. Just parking Jay's comment from the seaton thread........

    "But Edison Peña I feel I know a little. He's one of us."

    My memory's a little hazy, were you one of the trapped miners, Matt? What a bizarre article, revelling in how you would cope had it been you.

    He is "one of you"? Christ this story is going to run for months, "rescued miner turns out to be alfafa munching Islingtonian cyclist, sandal wearer and high ranking Guardianista!".

    Next week, Matt tells us how he would have got down the mountain if he'd been Joe Simpson (Joe is, also, one of us).

    America really does do terrible things to a man's mind, you've gone completely off your rocker old boy.

  137. @gandolfo, @Jay

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Stretcher for Seaton!

  138. I was making some cheese on toast, this was on the radio, made me giggle and didn't remind of anybody we know in Spain, at all.

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  141. @Hank

    I like Hermione too. A quick wit. I don't remember her being a fan of the coalition, so point me to a post or two if you want. Do you perhaps mean she was taken in by the Lib Dems? Again I don't remember - but if she was, she certainly wasn't the only one, FFS. There's a difference between being a weather vane and changing your mind for good reason.

    Anyway, I'm off to bed. Goodnight all!

  142. Fwitw: I'm a big fan of Hermione. Her one liners frequently make me laugh and her sense of humour is sublime.
    I love people who can make fun out the absurdity of our existence!

  143. Here's some mellow music for Leni,chekhov and any other UT nightshifters.

  144. @spike - her archive's open. Read it for yourself.

    "There's a difference between being a weather vane and changing your mind for good reason."

    Thing is, spike, she's never given a reason for believing in what she believed in back before the weather changed, nor did she give a reason for changing her mind, such as it is, when the wind changed.

    And you like hermione because she's " a quick wit", yeh?

    There's a helluva lot of shallow people on Waddya.

  145. 'Quick wit'? I suppose so, if your idea of quick wit is to leap into any thread with some one-line reference to a shit TV programme or Hylda Baker.

  146. Well, PeterJ, you don't get anything for two in a bed, not in this game - she knows, you know?

  147. @PeterJ - yup, glad I'm not the only one.

    The Cult of Hermione represents all that's wrong with Cif: banal one-liners getting recommended by like-minded losers who have no wit, no clue and no convictions.

  148. Leni

    If you're around i thought you might be interested in THIS REPORT.In many ways it states the bleedin' obvious but it highlights some of the variations in spatial/regional changes in family structure that are taking place in this country.We often talk about social,cultural ethnic differences etc but don't often acknowledge how that translates into geographical differences.

  149. Damned connection problems. Seem to be able to be here, but can't get back into Messenger.

  150. Hi All

    Paul - your link gives me a 404.

  151. "like-minded losers who have no wit, no clue and no convictions."

    Hello Hank! I'm quite happy to have no convictions, but you do have to be fairly clued up and use your wits to get away with it for as long as I have.

  152. Hey Habib - still waiting for the phone call about the drink last Thursday. Hope you're well.

    As for having no convictions, well, you obviously had a good lawyer.

    Off now, HH, look after yourself.

  153. Damn, my confusion, I was waiting for your call! Take care, Hank. Here's to meeting up soon. Best of health to yer!

  154. Paul, mate, come and spend a couple of days up north with me when you can, you're welcome here any time, too.

  155. Ha ha, me, Paul and Hank getting pissed up in the same place. Lock up your egos and give me a pigfoot and a bottle of beer.