20 October 2010


Sacred cows make the best hamburger.
-Mark Twain


  1. Saw the doggie pic Montana...want to squish that schnozz....awwww....Boxers, the depressives of the doggie world.

    3 things this morning.

    Want to re-iterate my apology to PeterB (and vow never to jump into another's feud on theUT EVER AGAIN)

    Thank Paul for the congrats and the Steely Dan.

    Thank Thauma for making me LOL with that link.

    There, that feels a bit better ;0)

    Lots of protests planned around Parliament this afternoon. This is a portentious day methinks.

  2. At ten past eight tonight, it will be:

    Portentuous day indeed...

  3. PS Anyone else got a variation on "portentous"? La Rit's had a crack, I've had a go, there must be at least one other misspelling out there?

  4. SwiftyBoy

    Sometimes I'm really shite at spelling.

  5. @La Rit:

    ”… Sometimes I'm really shite at spelling…”

    Heh, I'm not. But today, Matthew, the evidence is up there for all to see.

    Anyway, “big cock day” today on the work front beckons… so beidh mé ag caint leat ar ball, folks.

  6. Bitterweed from yesterday evening -

    No problem at all. That is what they are there for, so feel free to print out or email or link or whatever seems like a good idea.

    Print them out and leave them lying in the office or stuff them into a stranger's pocket as you pass them or leave them on the seat of the train or bus or fold them around a brick and throw them at someone...

    Ideally, people could print them out, stick them to a politician or banker and set light to them.

    That would be portentuitioustastic!




  7. Sarko sending in the SAS (=) to break the fuel blockades...

    this could get nasty.

  8. Liberation's rolling news blog on it here

  9. CRS has already cleared depots at Mans, La Rochelle, Donge.

    Response at Donge - to deflate the tyres of the waiting lorries so it's blocked again.

    airports and stations now being blocked.

  10. reactions from their readers panning out a bit like CIF

    790 recommends for 'well done sarko'
    followed by 1651 (yes, 1651) for this beauty:
    Sarkozy gouverne contre la large majorité des Français. Il ne préside que dans l'intérêt d'une minorité. Il abîme violemment notre République et blesse sérieusement notre Démocratie. Ce Président et ce gouvern'ment ne sont plus légitimes.
    Sarkozy governs against the large majority of the French. He acts only int he interests of a minority. He is violently despoiling our republic and seriously injuring our democracy. This president and government are illegitimate.

  11. SwiftyBoy

    Didn't know you were so pedantic about it.

    Must try harder in future ;)

  12. then 3667 for (trans only)

    But who are these people lecturing us?

    Why are all these MPs, senators, ministers and other UMP mouth-pieces saying nothing about:

    - most of them get their pension benefits under an entirely different systeem that has absolutely nothing to do with the conditions for workers
    - on of the concerns of Eric Woerth, before leaving the Finance ministry to 'reform' retirement was...to ensure the maintenance of the special retirement provisions of local government councillors in Picardie (E. Woerth is a member of this council)
    - the national assembly rejected on 3/9/10 an amendment to their own pension rules which currently give them €1550 a month after ... 5 years of contributions!
    - and one final point I don't understand: De l’argent il y en a pour financer nos retraites et revenir sur les contre-réformes de 2007, 2003 et 1993 (bouclier fiscal, exonérations fiscales, 212 milliards de bénéfices pour les entreprises du CAC 40 en 3 ans, …)

    Pour gagner : amplifions la grève !

  13. PhilippaB

    There will be deaths before the week is out in France.

  14. noticeably the Mans 'deblockage' was achieved 'sans incident' (having taken place at dawn) but they have stopped putting that in the updates. now the protestors are stopping planes taking off, i have the same fears...

  15. There’s been some discussion lately on the comparisons and contrasts between the CSR and the the 1920’s Geddes axe, the last time the UK economy faced the cuts that Osborne is pronouncing today, so I thought it apposite to compare the two in terms of effects.

    Like the CSR, the Geddes axe focused on a Liberal-Conservative coalition attempt to reduce public debt in the midst of an economic crisis by a large reduction in public expenditure.

    These figures showing the macroeconomic effects of the Geddes axe are fascinating. Within the first year of public expenditure cuts, not only had the economy contracted by 8.7% but public debt actually increased from 114% of GDP to 136%.

    Public debt continues to increase all through the period of the axe whilst public expenditure continues to decrease. Public debt reaches a high of 180% of GDP by 1923 whilst public expenditure is at its lowest. And of course, all through the period unemployment rises and rises.

    Now, we cannot make a 100% direct link between the Geddes axe and today’s CSR, for instance the millions of men being de-mobbed in the post war years led to a huge shortfall in employment opportunities for one. However, the deep cuts in public expenditure not only hit Public sector hard, it also had an enormous detrimental effect on the private sector. The Public sector is the private sector’s biggest customer.

    A contraction in public spending leads to a contraction in private sector employment increasing unemployment and reducing tax receipts, making recovery even more difficult.
    RH Tawney, following the bill in parliament wrote an excellent sketch on the debate about education cuts.

    The Govt defended cutting education spending for the poorest children on the basis that 'children whose mental capabilities do not justify higher education are receiving it'.

    Today’s language may have changed and moderated but when we look at the Browne reports denial of tertiary education to those on median-low incomes as well as cancelling the ‘building schools for the future’ programme which was focused predominantly on poorer areas, can we really say that political attitudes to education and the poor have progressed that much?

    And one last question for the Conservatives. When was the last point in British economic history, that public sector cuts led to private sector job creation, whilst the domestic private sector is de-leveraging and export growth slowing amongst our key trading partners?

  16. ...and it's all kicking off in Lyon.

    (after street battles yesterday, the CRS are going in hard)

  17. Vive la France!
    Liberté, égalité, fraternité! Just hope the boys and girls keep their heads down when les flics come in with les truncheons.

  18. more likely to be les Mac-9s, Habib, plus le tear-gas and possibly les dragging along le floor...

  19. Wybourne

    Yes, quite true. Have you seen Professor Twiglitz on CiF? He argues much the same.

    Of course, what we are actually seeing is a heist from the public purse to the private back-pocket and policies pursued purely for ideological reasons.

    The question will soon be very simple: when does the war start?

    Since I have had some previous errors pointed out to me when I have translated from English to, er, English from some of Philippa's links, I am going to give both the original and the translated texts here.

    The French, from a placard at one of the demonstrations:

    Regarde bien ta Rolex, c'est l'heure de la revolte


    Osborne, you cunt.

  20. meanwhile, over at the always reliable Midi Libre, newspaper of Montpellier and environs, the lead stories are:
    - champion diver takes drugs
    - member of Laurent Blanc's management team bitching about the press
    - monkeys escape from wildlife reserve, visitors evacuated...

    hmmm....nothing happening here, then?
    those whistles I can hear must just be a group of passing referees on a daytrip...

  21. Atomboy - saw that one, great sign!

  22. @Duke

    I thought the name Geddes was familiar - he was brought in by Lloyd George during WW1 to sort out military railway transport, and was a conspicuous success. He literally made the trains run on time.

    However, this did not make him an economic or political genius.

    In passing, he also spawned the 'squeeze them till the pips squeak' quote, talking about the Germans after Versailles.

  23. @Phil

    Be very wary of Libération, it's the equivalent of pure Blairite and positions itself as a "centre" newspaper.

    Check out l'Huma's coverage too.

    Re the "riots" in Nanterre and other places, it's an old, old problem. The students and especially secondary-school pupils virtually never organise proper security for their events, so the most marginalised kids from the estates (and there's a particularly deprived one about ten minutes walk from the Lycée in Nanterre where the fighting took place) come in droves, tooled-up to fight the police.

    Sarko's authorities let it happen, then step in with tear gas and batons, and make arrests. The idea is to ensure violence will occur so that parents of ordinary kids will get worried and forbid their children to take part in demos and pickets.

  24. Since I do not use the Ubuntu Debian/Linux distro, this had escaped my notice, but deserves to be brought to the attention of everyone who has ever declared "Woohoo! ..."

    Ubuntu always gives each new release both a number and a two-word name, such as Jaunty Jackalope.

  25. Atomboy, am working a pdf - "Osborne, no you c@nt"

  26. spike - i know, but it's free, and if press like that start criticising the state then you know that things are getting bad.

    huma must be overrun, can't get the site to open...

  27. 13thDukeofWybourne
    Great post - but we wil be dealing with the "Demobbed" from Iraq and Afghanistan in the next few years... the Army will have no use nor funding for many of those lads.

  28. "Thousands of good luck messages sent to Lady Thatcher's infection"

    - newsarse.com

  29. @Phil

    It is a bit slow. Have you got a slow connection?

  30. @La Rit:

    ”…Didn't know you were so pedantic about it…”

    Nah, only messing about – funny thing though, spelling… I have a blind spot when it comes to the word “guard”, I always want to spell it “gaurd” for some reason. A sub-ed’s job at the Graun awaits, no doubt… anyway, my daughter’s getting to grips with English spelling at the minute, as it happens, interesting to see how she’s slowly moving away from her own phonetic attempts at it, to a more “rules-based” approach based on extrapolation from known words.


    Nice one, I’m having that. Cheers mate.

  31. Excellent post Duke.

    Ringing in my ears is Oikbourne's voice - forcing myself to listen to it.

  32. SwiftyB:

    Ah, thanks for the reply.

    I took your comment in the wrong way ;(

    My sister is always complaining about it (she reads my comments on CiF!) and tells me off... I think, like you with the example above, I have blind spots with words.

  33. @La Rit:

    No worries, easy done with me, it’s my fault really… if it helps, imagine me writing with a big daft grin on my face – because I normally am.

  34. spike - my wifi occasionally decides to just take a day off or something, so the fact that i can log on at all is a bonus.

    am also listening to Georgey Boy, sounding like he's coming second in the lower 6th debating society finals...

    mr speaker also a patronising git, from his most recent interjection...

  35. "it is today that abstract figures turn into people's futures"

    that's a good line from AJ. this needs to be good.

  36. "more likely to be les Mac-9s, Habib, plus le tear-gas and possibly les dragging along le floor..."

    There seems to be a bit of a news blackout where the real stuff is going down. Telegraph and this are the most realistic I can find.

  37. "Blah..blah...blah
    *cough, splutter, cough*

    'Ave it!!!"

    Well, that's me convinced!!!

  38. Just watching the cuts special, anything Parliamentary depresses the life out of me, they come across as total morons.

    Alan Johnson seems to be doing well but god those people would laugh at anything, easiest comedy gig in the world.

  39. ...and with that, all connection was lost.

    bloody computer.

    about 1500 arrests so far and they've already starting finding people guilty for stuff that happened on Monday, which is not a good sign...

  40. "easiest comedy gig in the world"

    Nah, Jen post something stupid on waddya and you'll get 20 recommends in no time.

  41. And now let's see what side of the fence the BBC's Mr Hugh Pym Esquire comes down on.....


  42. on, off, on, off, my wifi's like a footballer's marriage right now...

    Police in Rennes in slight own goal - teargas protestors at a bus depot, miss protestors, hit drivers, drivers now on strike.

    well done Rennes polis. the more the merrier.

  43. Thanks for the Rennes polis update. Have just FB'd it. I had to snigger.

  44. Some Conservative cunt's just called these 'Robin Hood measures'....

    Laugh, or cry???

    Answers on a stamped, addressed molotov cocktail please!!

  45. JD,

    As in "measures likely to incite someone to become the new Robin Hood"?

  46. Dott,


    Or maybe '[everyone's going to have to go and live in a forrest, and eat berries and that, like] Robin Hood' measures....??

  47. if georgey-boy comes out in tights and a codpiece i'm boycotting the news for ever...

  48. On the plus side, my archery skills may once again come in useful....

  49. Ah "measures likely to incite James Dixon to be the new Robin Hood"

    Can we be in your band of merry men?*

    *and women, and unidentifieds...

  50. You certainly can!!!

    The more the, erm, merrier....

  51. Or perhaps Robin Hood measures in that they'll drag England back to the early 13th century?

  52. Excellent, does anyone know how well archery skills on the Wii translate to RL?

  53. PeterBraken - I'll get back to you in due course, have to attend to a number of pressing things in meantime.

  54. Police in Rennes in slight own goal - teargas protestors at a bus depot, miss protestors, hit drivers, drivers now on strike.


    Well done those flics!

  55. Dott,

    Haha - In my limited experience, if you can figure out how to do something on the wii, you're probably world class at it IRL!


    13th?? - check your optimism...

  56. Swifty:

    if it helps, imagine me writing with a big daft grin on my face – because I normally am

    I will - and I'm too oversensitive at times ;)

  57. Don't know if she's around but a hearty thanks to BB for the intervention on the JImmy Mubenga thread. I was proper mobbed on that one. ;)

  58. God, the fucking Oikbourne Supremacy......

  59. Prove you have either qualification or experience to be chancellor, or jump down a canvas tube lined with fish hooks into a skip full of salt.

    The Oikbourne Ultimatum.

  60. BB here in disguise

    You're welcome, LaRit. I wonder if the numpty has gone off to read all 83 pages of it?

    HOnestly, how can Waltz saying "blah blah legal correspondent" to me and little else of any import garner in excess of 35 recommends in the space of about 10 minutes?

    The place is swarming with vicious types.

    LOL at the French police in Rennes - Clouseau eat your heart out! :o)

  61. And now, just to cheer me up, Ann Fucking Coulter's now on BBC World...

    Happy Days!!

  62. 850 secondary schools 'mobilised' including 550 blockaded.

    that's 1 in 5, God love 'em.

  63. Why on earth would they let that bag of wind on BBC World, James, ffs?!

    What on earth?

    Excellent news that the lyceens are coming out in force too, Philibee!

    God I miss France, I really do.

  64. I don't know, BB, but she's just said that here in the UK we're overrun with socialists and liberals, so she obviously knows what she's fucking on about!!

  65. afternoon all

    Haven't had a chance to catch up on the review yet (Gawd, do I really want to?), though gather from comments above that the Sheriff of Oikborne (good one that La Rit), is shitting on all and sundry. I did hear at work that the HO will need to shed around 6500 jobs, 5200 from the UKBA - over the next 4 years, so a lot of worried people about..

    If we do decide play Robin Hood in the woods I build a mean bender - can also do a decent sweat lodge too, so reasonable comfort guaranteed.

    Noam chomsky has just given a good lecture on freedom of speech at a conference in Turkey - sticking his neck out for Ismail Besikci - good for him! He talks about "intentional ignorance" amongst other things and the

    "suppression of unpopular ideas in free societies, by voluntary subordination to power."

  66. ...and i have a spare room going begging if the resistance wants to regroup at a safe distance from everything.

  67. Sheff

    "I did hear at work that the HO will need to shed around 6500 jobs, 5200 from the UKBA - over the next 4 years, so a lot of worried people about.."

    Hilarious. So on the one hand we have to remove all these illegals and deport all these foreign criminals, but on the other hand you actually need 5000 fewer people to be able to do it...

  68. I couldn't sleep last night and was watching BBC News in the early hours, Ann Coulter got a whole hour interview on the laughable Hard Talk program.

    I had heard of her but had never seen her live and I was flabberghasted, if I hadn't already heard of her I would have thought it was a spoof.

  69. seeking more info on what looks likely to be something of a busy night for french law enforcement, guessed right on twitter - sounds like the CRS is pouring into Lyon.

  70. Phillipa

    i have a spare room going begging if the resistance wants to regroup at a safe distance from everything

    Will we all fit in? Do you have a balcony for the overspill?

    LoveFilm have just sent me Une hirondelle a fait le printemps to watch - its supposed to be a wonderously beautiful evocation of life on a small farm in the French Alps so think I might ignore the scything of our public services just for this evening and indulge myself. It also includes a scene on pig slaughtering which might be useful! I'll take notes.

  71. oops sorry Phillipa I forgot you are a veggie.

  72. I know BB - bonkers but never mind, perhaps they'll start killing them before they actually get them on the planes - that should solve the problem.

  73. @Philippa/BB

    Interesting take on the lycéens on Good Old Auntie's website...


    Nice middle class kids playing at sans-culottes? Or the usual media exercise in discrediting protestors with a legitimate grievance?

    ...posed the cynic.

  74. there's a small courtyard, and quite a lot of cupboard space.

    and i'm not a veggie - just weirded out by boudin blanc.

    thought - teatime.

    (UMP loudmouth saying that any demonstrators 'not from round here' will be deported. ummmmmmm.....)

  75. best story on twitter seems to be the #manif tag - lots of pictures, links to videos.

  76. "PeterBracken - I'll get back to you in due course, have to attend to a number of pressing things in meantime."

    Well you press on, deano, but know this: if you're not civil, expect fireworks.

  77. Hello Peter. Been out on the barricades yet?

  78. Jen

    It was hardtalk what I was watching her on.

    She certainly seems like a spoof, but unfortunately she's very real, and, bizarrely, extremely influential.

    (I do wonder how much of that is down to the quite hypnotic qualities of her humongous Adam's apple* though.....)

    *No offence intended to anyone except Ann Fucking Coulter!!

  79. Hi Sheff; the French, eh? 35 hour week and bellyaching about working to 62. They know how to self destruct.

  80. danny alexander on PM

    "the best thing to do to avoid the impact of spending cuts is to get a job"

    sometimes I wonder how people manage to live with themselves.

  81. "sometimes I wonder how people manage to live with themselves"

    I think it helps if you're a total cunt!!

  82. Just been listening to that Phillipa - the moral maze later this evening is on the 'morality' of the way the welfare state works - ie it's universality. Question - if it was only for the poor would wider community still support it?

  83. Peter

    the French, eh? 35 hour week and bellyaching about working to 62.

    So thats a no, then. Perhaps if you were doing manual labour rather than sitting on your derriere punting on the markets you might feel differently.

  84. Paul

    Excellent post on Waddya!!

  85. Hi all. Quick question - does anyone know when the changes to single people under 35 being able to claim housing benefit for a one bed flat will come in? for example if someone is 35 in March will the new rules come in after April 2011 or will they come in now and they lose their flat with just months to go?

    Any help appreciated. Cheers.

  86. PCC

    According to The Indy:

    "The Government announced further plans to cut housing benefit payments, by increasing the age threshold for the so-called shared room rate in housing benefit from 25 to 35.

    From 2012, single people under 35 will be paid a shared room rate rather than a rate for a full flat."


    Have you got a cif gig??

  87. Ann Coulter on the BBC? Aircraft carriers with no aircraft? This country's going completely mad.

  88. indeed - good post Paul!

    (and some good points from Sipech upthread about what hasn't been factored into the axe-wielding...)

  89. Ann Coulter on the BBC???

    Fuck THAT bastard.

  90. Sheff

    Question - if it was only for the poor would wider community still support it?

    Well, I would. I don't see why someone like me, who earns a decent income, should be eligible for benefits like CB (which isn't really universal anyway, as it's only available to parents).

    And if I ever manage to retire with a decent income (much less likely as my retirement pot is exactly 0), I don't see why I should get a free bus pass or winter fuel allowance.

    If these 'universal' benefits are cut for high earners, then won't there be more available for those who really need it?

    Health care and education, however, should be free to all to keep the quality of the service provision up, and also to keep selfish rich bastards on-side, believing that they actually do get something for the tax they (hopefully) pay.

  91. Oh, and BB

    So on the one hand we have to remove all these illegals and deport all these foreign criminals, but on the other hand you actually need 5000 fewer people to be able to do it...

    Come now, you don't think the Tories really want to cut off the supply of cheap labour, do you? ;-)

  92. Tricky one on universal benefits. Its of course true that higher earners dont need the benefits, and it would save important cash which could be used elsewhere, but i think there is some advantage in a universal benefit in that everyone gets something from it. People's attitudes are probably better towards welfare in general if they're getting a piece of the pie, whether they need it or not.

  93. "Come now, you don't think the Tories really want to cut off the supply of cheap labour, do you?"

    I cant think of many things more unlikely. Not only are they Tories, they're virtually all wealthy businessmen as well. They know whats good for them.

  94. Jay

    People's attitudes are probably better towards welfare in general if they're getting a piece of the pie, whether they need it or not.

    But (and this is a genuine question) do you think they're actually thick enough not to realise that they already get the benefits of the NHS, schools, roads, etc.? Even fat-cat businesscunts should see the value in these things; even if they themselves opt for private health and schooling, surely they need healthy and literate/numerate drones to slave away for them?

    Oh right, they'll just import them cheaper from somewhere else that is stupid enough to pay for these things for all.

  95. off to watch news, see what else is on fire.

    see you tomorrow...

  96. I'll have the news from La 2 at 7.30 on TV5...

  97. Thaum, yeah all fair enough, but am talking about benefits that people get paid, rather than services used. I probably come down on the side of no CB for high earners, but i think there are some valid arguments for the counter view.

  98. PCC been about lately or anyone got her email? Jess Reed is trying to get in touch with her, wants her to do an article.

  99. Jay, yeah, I have her e-mail, but I expect it's the same one Jessica's already used.

    She was about an hour ago....

  100. Jay

    I have the princess' phone number, but I'm not getting any answer. Will try ringing her again later.

  101. Just spoke to the princess ...

    I think I can safely say that neither of us is happy about the budget.

  102. Well that was good news.

    Latest from hospital is that the probability of cock canker for deano is now reduced to next to nowt for the time being. For the technically minded PSA now down to 2.7. from 17+. Begs a number of questions on the efficacy of the PSA testing for older men though.

    Equally pleasing is the news that the prospect of a cock reaming is moved down the road too.

    In keeping with the learning/sharing role of UT comrades......

    WTF is PSA Test?

    For my younger male comrades ....getting older has been great fun but there are some fucking tedious bits too and the slowing down of the piss works is one of them.

    Hopefully by the time my sons and some you get to my age more money will have been spent on this neglected area of male health. Most blokes (me included) know fuck all about the problems till they bite and too many men don't talk about it or share knowledge.

    Ignorance here can be costly comrades.

    Truth is not everyone has the stomach to contemplate a DIY solution with a knitting needle if the prostate closes down all of a sudden. The calculus of pain and alternative in this area can be taxing. We should all be prepared and personally I never leave home without a knitting needle....

    Forewarned is forearmed - knowledge is power etc.

    PCC Hope to see you ATL if it pleases you. If you do I hope you can insist on a fee even if you give to a charity.

  103. Good news about the potential downstairs outrage Deano

    And indeed a killer post on the other channel, Paul... hope it reaches some ears.

  104. Hi all,

    james thanks very much for that reply. That is a bit re-assuring for my friend but horrendous for anyone else who happens to be in a flat and will now have to move to a shared house (which may cost a lot more anyway as it probably won't be council stock!).

    I have replied to Jess after MsChin gave me the heads up. I have been out most of the day and won't really be around much tonight. It is the anniversary of my fathers death today and so have my sister around for a meal.

    I am extremely unhappy with the spending review but a bit shellshocked by it all at the moment. Cannot believe how little anger there seems to be amongst those who are asked about it on the beeb etc - unless of course they are just not showing anyone too off message.

    By the way just checked out that Ann Coulter - bonkers!!

    Have a good nite UT'ers.

  105. Deano - good news, mate.


    Just spoke to the princess ...

    I think I can safely say that neither of us is happy about the budget.

    Hehe, would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation.

    Princess - loads of people would love to see you ATL, so I hope you can do it. Think of your public. ;-)

  106. P.s. Deano - Good news about the 'downstairs situation'.

    Thauma and others - thanks. I need to run everything I do by my consultant however and can't get into see him till december - he only works in Leeds once a fortnight.

    Anyway have to go and sit with the family. I will look forward to reading further dissections of the spending review on the UT tomorrow!

  107. Princess - sweet memories to you and your sister.

    House sharing is really a bit crap once you're past your early twenties. I mean, at some point you need a bit of privacy.

    I was sharing a couple of years ago and that was actually really good ... but only cos it was a fucking huge manor house and the landlord was seldom at home, and I got on really well with the third sharer. We had plenty of private space too.

    I read Ann Coulter regularly just to find out what the enemy are up to. She occasionally has something witty, but mostly it's just a complete distortion of actual facts and hate-filled bile.
    And privilege.

  108. @deano

    Good to hear your news. As an unwilling expert on all aspects of tubing in those regions (that's my regions, not yours), I sympathise.

  109. @TurminderX:

    The Oikbourne Ultimatum - like it!!! ;)

  110. Would be reading down - will do so ina minute, but am having a ball watching the Young Voter's Question Time on BBC3 - Richard Bacon - great MC -

    Really refreshing and much freer debate than anything I've seen in years on the BBC!

  111. @BB

    This little gem from Waltz made me laugh.... sort of sums it all up really....

    And perhaps the main lesson to be learned from this is that deportees should be sedated and restrained in straitjackets or similar on their flights home, thus rendering restraint by their escorts unnecessary

    Fucking hell it sounds like someone from Death Row being 'prepared' to meet their maker....

  112. FFS: these turds have no shame do they?

    Start the cutting from the top down and get "Her Madge" to take a hit just to prove "we all in this together".

    Beneath contempt, the lot of them.

    Nauseating doesn't even come close.

  113. "Here's the song for when we all flee to Philippa's place."

    Its looking increasingly attractive. Was busy all day at work but just saw the video at the Graun: Osborne's pats on the back. Utterly repugnant and so shameless. The pats and hugs were like he'd just bravely faced some inner demon - in reality he's having the bloody time of his life! Smirking little fucker...

  114. I was working with a guy today who got a call from an agency this afternoon. They wanted him to drive from Chester-Le-Street to Alnwick and back at his own expense for £8 an hour.
    That's nearly half the going rate a skilled carpenter was getting paid about three years ago.

    Natch, their attitude was; "well it's a job"!

    So, now we know, (as if we didn't already) we are just going to be held to ransom.

    BTW: he told them to shove it!

  115. That's the spirit, Chekhov. If everyone holds out for decent wages it's stalemate and the bastards have got to give.

  116. ... until they import cheap labour from elsewhere, of course. :-(

  117. @Thauma: aye, there's the rub!

  118. They are all in it together all right. Bullingdon boys united.


  119. It's like fucking Christmas for the worlds cuntyish cunts today.

    Not only did they get to watch their chosen ones fuck everything up for everyone else and line their pockets for the next four years, they also got official endorsement for their 'punch a poor/sick/disabled person in the face' type crusade, and now, on top of that they all get to indulge their racist urges in the direction of the French too...

    For me, that's pretty much the existence of god question sorted!!

  120. James - this god, as he's conceived in the Abrahamic sort of way, reminds me of a boss I once had (not my direct boss, the big boss). He loved to play factions off each other for his own amusement and would give different people directly antagonistic orders, then sit back to see what would happen.

    He wanted to see the in-fighting, and who would win, and how they'd do it.

  121. So, the best that you could say about them then, is that they're a fucking cunt too??

  122. And on that note, I'm out.

    Goodnight, and good luck folks...

  123. @Chekhov:

    "Start the cutting from the top down and get "Her Madge" to take a hit just to prove "we all in this together""

    Yeah, but we've apparently got to stump up a Million quid for her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee 'celebrations' which (according to the Oik) 'we ALL want to celebrate'.

    Speak for yourself Oikbourne you fucker - pay for it out of your own tax-dodging purse.

    I want the Royals removed and their revenues and assets divvied up, not pay for their ridiculous fancy parties, celebrating themselves.

  124. wrt the spending review, my only consolation is that local government in England, which seems to be taking the biggest hit (28.4% over 4 years), is mostly under Tory control ...

  125. I am feeling so fucking pissed off I just don't know what to do anymore...

  126. I can't believe it. Boris Johnson is sounding horrified at his own party's cuts to HB....

  127. Thauma & MsChin

    I'll say it again.... BASTARDS.... with big fucking brass knobs on.

  128. That'll be big brassed knobed fucking bastards with Bullingdon bells then.

  129. Aye, it's been a truly depressing day with worse to come, as the detail below the headlines becomes clearer.

    I'm assuming there is some detail to follow. Most of the decision making seems to have been done in the last couple of weeks and with a growing sense of panic as the deadline approached and they still hadn't got any ideas.


  130. The crass indifference of the twats is breathtaking - do they really think the poor are going to eat their toes.

    I'm thinking of starting a private security firm - deal for the affluent is simple.

    It's a variant of.........."I'll look after yer car for a tanner mister........cheaper than a respray mister."

    They really are soft in the head, they will sacrifice so much for so little. Anything rather than confront entrenched wealth and power. A pox on their toast and a plague of the dispossessed on their lawns.

    Fucking animals. Greed was never an attractive trait.

  131. Just catching up with events - Bastards - shittin fucking bastards.

  132. Listening to Danny Alexander on Newsnight justifying this is breathtaking.

  133. I think he's more scary than Oikbourne tbh.... wonder how many lines of his own supply he's been sniffing today.... cocky little fuck

  134. He was on Channel 4 news earlier, LaRit, and it was almost unbearable to witness. Bastard.

  135. I'm watching the twat squirm too LaRit

  136. LaRit

    I am watching too - I have just abandoned a life long belief in nonviolence. Right now I could become a strangler.

  137. Deano

    Watching him - he doesn't blink. That means the little shyster believes every word he says...not to mention the racing speech, gulping water, wouldn't be out of place in a shitty Shoreditch Twat watering hole...

  138. Leni & MsChin:

    Makes you wanna throw up... I mean, how old is he? Fucking 5?

  139. I was at my sisters this afternoon and we watched a re hash of Osbourne speech, I have got to admit (being a bit self obsessed) that I hadn't realised quite how worried she was about it all.

    Luckily it seems as is her job is safe for now, it isn't a brilliantly paid job, being just under £20,000 a year but in this area it puts her on a relatively good footing, especially since she was lucky enough to get a council house after 9 months of her and her daughter sleeping on a relatives floor.

    She is worried for her daughter, for her friends and her friends children and she is right to worry.

    Her daughter is an incredibly bright girl, tagged as gifted and talented (when the feck did that nonsence start, my other neice is also tagged as gifted and talented and she has just turned seven, it's a vile label to put on small children) but today it hit me that it doesn't actually matter how bright she is, she is going to need a big helping of luck as well as brains to succeed in this shithole of a country.

    She is one of the lucky ones, she is bright and healthy (and beautiful, which lets face it never hurts) and has a parent who would suffer any kind of hardship to see her happy and her success still relies on the whims of a government that doesn't give a shit about her welfare.

    What about those kids who aren't as lucky?

    It is so wrong that so many people are living in fear, yes people get on with life but I know from experience that it is not really living.

  140. Agreed about Danny Alexander. Squirming ratshit of a man.

    But: are Lib Dems so boned ? Or will this now become the "coalition of choice" for the next fifty years... ?

  141. Can I just say, bastards yet again? In fact fucking shitty arsed fuck wittering cunts and tossers with a bit of twats and a slug of wankers just to top off the cocktail.

    Not that I'm steaming with rage or owt like!

  142. Now there's a bunch of uber OK-Fucking Yah's on Newsnight (I've NO FUCKING IDEA who these people are) banging on about how nehcesahry the 'cuts' are.

  143. True a blinkless tosser - but I'm glad I don't have to wash his underwear.

    I wish Paxo had asked him why they didn't use the £200bn QE to help fund the defecit or pay for the welfare budget....He wouldn't have had a fucking clue

    A man whose body language conveyed nasty and indifferent intent. A plague of warts on his nethers.

  144. A plague on all their houses.

    Oh well, it could be worse: at least we're all in this together!

    Thank you & goodnight.

    *ducks and runs for cover*

  145. I read earlier, on one of the Cif threads that those on benefits will have to pay a proportion of the Council Tax, can anyone confirm that?

    I pay roughly 10% of my rent and council tax because I am on Incapacity rather than JSA, it is just over a tenner a week.

    Not a lot of money to most people but to me it makes a huge difference.

    When I get paid I go out and pay out my bills which leaves me with approx £30 per week to live on, that has to pay for food, household crap like washing powder, shampoo and the rest.

    When I get put onto JSA I will lose just under £60 a fortnight which will basically mean that in order to survive those bills will just not get paid.

    As you can imagine I just don't know how I will get by.

    As for getting a job, I will really impress those potential employers when I turn up with my uncut hair and shabby clothes.

    Off topic but until recently I was also paying for my own prescriptions because nobody told me that I could apply for a HC2 form, that is £6.70 a month I was paying over the odds because no one ever tells you what you are fully entitled to.

  146. jen

    Not sure how all this is going to work out, not enough detail on what's being changed wrt benefits, but keep tabs on sites like the CAB, RADAR and such as they will no doubt be good sources of information. If I hear anything through at work on the subject, I'll post it here for you.

    I truly feel for you. Hang on in there, jen.

  147. Paxman is fucking useless. He's part of the Establishment anyway.

    Get "Princess Chip Chops" asking the questions on "Newsnight" and we might get somewhere!

  148. Nodding off at the keyboard here, way past me bedtime.

    Night all.

  149. MsChin

    I am ok at the moment, I am lucky because I get £90 odd a week, which if you are careful is enough to live on, I even splashed out on an £8 haircut last week, I am living it large. ;)

    It is getting put onto £60 odd a week that is the worry.

  150. Jen

    £8 haircut?

    Is it too late to change my mind about that date??


    (and a big hug too!!)

    PS-should probably say though, in the interests of full disclosure, that I cut my own hair. And, to be honest, it ain't pretty....

  151. On the plus side, medusa's in hospital til next week!!

    I'd make a joke about cutting the NHS funding immediately, but I don't suppose she'll be slumming it in a public hospital will she!?

  152. Jen:

    If you need a helping hand - count on me - please ;) I mean it.

    It sounds a ridiculous thing to focus on, but I've had no money for a decent haircut for over 2 years, I've only managed it in the last month (courtesy of cut-price salon in France!) I can tell you, it restored a bit of my dignity and self-esteem ;)

  153. James

    I would cut my own hair, I did it once before, but the pointing and laughing hurts. ;)

    I even spend 89p a month on hair dye, us bloody scroungers, we never stop wasting the tax of good hard working people.

  154. James

    On the plus side, medusa's in hospital til next week!!

    I think she hung on for the Tories to be back in power and take up where she left off and now, happy the country is back in the hands of the Devil's henchmen.... she's going to die.

    Unfortunately her evil 'seed' has metamorphosed into Oikbourne, CallMeDave and the rest of that shower of shite - even more evil than she was....

  155. Bloody Hell, it's so grim even Leni is swearing!
    Still, on the plus side non of us will get "modded" for our "potty mouthed" outbursts!

  156. Hang on in Jen

    A depressing and worrying day for many. FT headline probably sums it up best - its all" a gamble" (but not one the rich intend to loose)

    Night all.

  157. Well I bailed out of following all the cuts shite tonight. Watched a lovely French film, (relaxing), followed by A Very British Coup, to remind myself what a real socialist PM from Sheffield might sound like and what s/he'd be up against. And Ray McAnally played Perkins with wonderful conviction. Great actor, sadly missed. Feel almost cheerful now.

    Will face the truly horrible actualite tomorrow.

  158. I'm joking about it La Rit but I totally know what you mean, simple things like that can make all the difference to how you feel about yourself.

    I have been losing a bit of weight lately and I am so close to fitting into all the clothes in my wardrobe that I haven't been able to wear for ages, it is going to make me feel so great when I can wear something half decent.

  159. Just been sent this punctuationless rant but it's worth a read

    Some Tasty Word Salad From Mr Alan Moore, Magician

    Off in the unpacked suitcase of the night there’s Doppler sirens skittering like beads of panicked mercury through dark and distant plasterboarded streets, maybe a hammering an overdose a tower-block fire, electric curlew voices shrilling at the gloom pretending that there’s something to be done meanwhile somewhere a disembodied twelve-year old romantic courts that wafer-thin girl in his year by sending links to sites that specialise in anal object-rape as touching as a single rose ah bless, bless all the land-ice and the holiday chalets as they go slithering in a quaint avalanche down to the pirate-haunted seas bless all the City bonus-monkeys on their island fenced by gold barbed wire shrieking and wiping their distended purple baboon arses with your repossession notice bless every star-studded spearmint-breathing AIDS evangelist in Africa for handing out engagement rings instead of condoms bless all genocidal former victims of attempted genocide when after all it’s only fair that they should get a turn bless every last Creationist and Jihad-jockey for making their deities appear to be such likeable intelligent and reasonable blokes and while you’re at it bless the Hitler Youth for giving us a Pope with warm and kindly eyes bless all the climate-change deniers on the Exxon payroll and the jazz trombone born on a sewage-torrent through downtown New Orleans bless the toxic mortgage property tycoons of Baltimore for leaving us all stranded in a subplot of The Wire and oh yeah bless reality TV for making round-the-clock surveillance seem like something normal seem like such a sexy proposition bless the government who based our target-oriented health and education systems on the Charlie-don’t-surf gook-kill policies that served America so well during that war in Viet Nam where they came second bless us all for letting culture slip so far around the S-bend before anybody thought to make a grab for it bless us for not making a fuss at the dismantling of the Working Class bless everyone who thought it was a good idea to bring up the next generation in a pastel-tinted Tellytubby abattoir bless the torn unintelligible map we stand on because seriously how the fuck are we supposed to live like this how are we meant to sleep on mattresses stuffed with discarded pensioners how is it that we have to chose electorally between a smirking cartoon toff or a bipolar cyclops and whoever said we had to go along with spending our one go-round on the painted horses of this world in doing something that we don’t like and we don’t find meaningful in order to secure a comfortable and happy future which looks more unlikely to arrive with each new headline every passing moment I mean frankly if our all-but unelected leaders are entitled to bail out white collar bank-robbers by crippling us and our unborn kids with debt for generations then I don’t know maybe I’ve completely misconstrued the situation but I would have thought they should be doing something really lovely for us in return like giving us all personalised hovercrafts made out of diamonds isn’t that the give-and-take way these things usually work unless you’re trying to negotiate a give-and-take relationship with tapeworms but I see I’ve answered my own question yeah okay so I suppose that if we really don’t have anything resembling a useful government then we should work at governing ourselves and personally taking care of all the things we care about as its becoming painfully apparent that neither the Smurfs or Iron Man will come along to take care of them for us who knows we might even find we’re having fun and it’s hard to imagine how we could do a worse job or even how a Petri dish of syphilis could do a worse job for that matter so wake up and smell the fairground ozone have a candyfloss and hook a duck welcome to Dodgem Logic.

  160. We should open a savings pot here - pay in as 'savings' against which members in desperation can take out to pay urgent bills.

    I am all for the one for all and all for one approach.

  161. Jen

    Someone once said to me, something like:

    "As if I'm going to listen to you, with your £5 haircut"

    to which I replied

    "It was free, actually"!!

    I'm pretty sure that told 'em!!



    there is a hint of 'ahh, now my work is done, I can safely depart'' to it isn't there?

    Still, every cloud and all that....

  162. Well family still here but just having a quick ganders. Not watched the news tonight but I am soooo happy that i am not the only one who hates, hates hates the Alexander. I detest him even more than the freakish Cameroon and the Oikbourne (brilliant moniker btw) I really hate Danny boy because he is their stupid, niave, useless little fag (in the boarding school sense of the word and not the other nasty sense) who gets wheeled out to do their dirty work.

    I don't believe for one second he 'accidentally' leaked the spending review shite, he was told to do it. And he is always being wheeled out like some sort of talisman against their evil. God I could punch him so hard in the face.

    My sis had a good suggestion for their punishment (after we had gone through every sort of death they could suffer) carry them all around the country in stocks, then with their pants down, stop at every run down area and let them be pelted by the ''commoners''. Still so angry though cannot catch my breath.

    Fucking bastard fuckers!

    Deano - the media are so complicit in all of this it is breathtaking. Only person I have seen talking about what is really going on is John Stewart in the US on the daily show who does at least talk about how we have had the biggest transfer of wealth from (well all of us) to the very few - in living history, no other news channel has even touched on it!

    No one is even questioning how we can be cutting all of this and yet STILL talking about more QE. It is breathtaking.

  163. Leni - the savings pot is a good idea. In all seriousness it is great, as is boycotting (where a person can) any of the firms who have written in support of these cuts and supporting of local businesses and most of all co-operatives instead.

    Small things to do but eventually they could become part of a much bigger movement.

  164. That was a good read Sheff, I don't think I would call it word salad, it made sense, well it did to me anyway.

  165. Maggie is like a dried up toadstool - past her best but spreading her spores in all directions. She leaves bitter, bitter growth in her wake.


    It is a long time since I have felt such visceral anger. The cuts, the attack on the poor and the sick are bad enough - watching all these people lying in defense of them is really more than I can stomach. They are still pretending that millions of jobs will be created.

    Attempts to force wages down are succeeding in some areas - as people become more desperate they will fall further. there is no defence for these cuts and even less for the spinoff effects. there are so many lies - and far too many willing to believe them .

    A lot of these people yah-yahing in support will find they have sold their own futures and those of their children. They are allowing their own dispossession.

  166. Leni,

    I think you can probably do it with a paypal account.

    If nobody else knows for definite, I'll look into it tomorrow!!

  167. Love Alan Moore. Magic spells. We all weave magic here, wether we spell well or no. Grimoires = grammars. Our words live in each others minds, andif they bring to you the solacve they bring to me, well, we are all truly blessed.

    I used to be an atheist, I don't have that much faith any more. After the 31st my income shall be the JSA poor house and £10 for doing the pub quiz (please no lurkers to grass me to the brew).

    Good luck my friends, we're gonna need it.

    Love & light,



  168. Sheff: I had a go at Ulysses but to be honest I couldn't get the hang of prose without punctuation.
    I might have a crack at it tommorrow!

  169. James

    even a fiver a week from 10 of us is 200 permonth. paypal sounds good - can you check it out ?

    Has anybody else noticed food prices going up very rapidly ?

  170. I remember somebody once saying that they attended a Dinner at Maggies gaff, and when they'd all sat down, she insisted on waiting for Dennis (who was long since gone at that point) before the realisation eventually hit her.

    Apparently, she then did the same thing at pudding!

    As awful and shameful as it sounds, I couldn't help but smile. For an hour.

  171. Leni,

    will do!!


    hugs to you too, mate!!

  172. turm

    My Dad, who was unemployed for most of my growing up, made sure he and my Mam had a half decent social life by either setting or winning pub quizzes, he spent a lot of time on them and I am sure all the free beer he got bought had nothing to do with how much he enjoyed it. ;)

    He knew so much useless trivia, the Guinness Book of Hit Records was his bed time reading and I just wish he had been around for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

    He grew up in the Fifties and got no real education apart from learning to read and write, working class lads just left school as soon as they could and went to work, in his case it was British Steel.

    I would say deja vu but these days there are no jobs for those lads to go to.

  173. Turminder

    i hope you can get more than a quiz each week.

    i am trying to come up with an idea for us all to run an online cooperative - all ideas welcome.

  174. After a quick google, paypal seems to allow you to 'store' money, and then send to a bank account whenever, and for free!

    I'll check in more detail tomorrow when I have a proper computer!!

  175. Leni: you are quite right. I knew fine well I was being taken for a ride and took the measures necessary to safe guard myself.

    I now have a daughter, so my I'm not only responsible for myself, I'm also responsible for her and I take that responsiblity very highly.

    It's an old cliche but children really are our future and we owe it to them to tell them the mistakes we made!

  176. Leni,

    In theory, we already do, it's just knowledge based at the moment.

    Given that I don't have much of that to offer though, unlike others, I'd be more than happy to contribute in other ways.

    (On that note, Chekhov, it is possible that I'll be asking you some carpentry type questions in the next few days.

    (Turns out that building a closet ain't that easy...who knew!?))

  177. That above means others have knowledge, not that they're not happy to contribute.

    Just to be clear.

    (although, I did just quite nicely prove my own point though, I feel..)

  178. Cheers guys. ; )

    Re magggie, I heard a story when I was a barman at the pub nearest the Embra Queen st BBC. Jim Naughtie goes to interview Maggie at No 10, 9am, she has a large tumbler of gin with a sniff of tonic in front of her and says,

    'Ah James, you're a Scotsman, you'll have a Dram!!' and pours him three stiff fingers of malt. He starts the interview and forces the dram down, she polishes off two more gins and pours him another ridiculous whisky, whilst the interview goes on. He's steaming, she falls asleep.

    As he's leaving, pissed, still just gone 10am, he says to the branchman sitting by the door, "Well that's you for the day..."

    To which the plod replies, over his mirrored rayban's, "We've hardly started sir."

    Why should any of us think her 21st C scions behave any different?

    NN all. afk, trip to the comic shop tmra, last for 6 months probably.

    thanks for good wishes. P ; )

  179. I have decided to 'do up' my house over the next couple of years - sell it to raise capital. I have no mortgage - insurance paid it off when Dickon died.

    busy practising building skills such as re pointing - the simple bits. Haven't yet decided where I will go or what I will do.

    my ladder skills are very shaky - I just place faith in providence and visualisation. I imagine myself climbing and sort of move into the space .

  180. Leni

    Be careful, it may sound wussy but even short ladders (or a bloody footstool in my case) can cause serious injury.

  181. You go careful Leni.

    You sound like my Gran, who doesn't see any reason why not even having one working hip should be seen as any reason to not change roof tiles in the middle of January!!

    At 7.45 pm!!

    Anyways, I'm definitely off now.

    Night all!!

  182. I wondered when even dear Leni would get to -- "I have just abandoned a life long belief in nonviolence ".

    Well, I can't imagine Leni tearing policemens' ears off or throwing Molotov cocktails, but there are a number of intermediate possibilities .

    They range from simply embarrassing them,which they of course don't care about, to then really making life difficult, costly, and eventually impossible . Just a question of evil guerilla-warfare imagination.

    I've lost the link to the people in Edinburgh who closed down a WCA testing-centre for the day, but if that happens all over there just aren't enough cops , especially given the 'cuts' .

    If everybody who turns up for a ' Disability' hearing of some sort does so with 5 or 20 friends armed with 'digital recording devices' of some sort, the tables could be turned . Those fuckers will be swiftly on the defensive , and rightly so. A question of pressure .

    Nothing to lose , except the chains ?

  183. Hey, good luck wi that Leni. I'm not un-handy if you need any tips. We could have a UT house meet, all bring paint brushes and do a 24 hour make over on your pad... I'd be up for that, Checkov has the skills,as I'm sure many others do. Any hoo am off to bed. Sweet dreams peeps

    p : )

  184. @Leni
    Paul Mason finshed the extended Newsnight tonight in quite an obvious bait.

    You can check it on I-Player, but he was pretty much saying the following

    Balance sheet:

    We have
    -£113bn Demand
    +£200bn Quantative Easing
    but QE isn't working, hence we are increasing it.

    Also, if the US and EU positions change downward, the whole thing becomes immeasurable.

    Therefore, do the (realtively) "micro-economic" (his term) measures work - those about cutting benefits, increasing taxation?

    At best - BEST (See FT today) - it's an experiment.

  185. Leni - apart from having been a money-broker, and a few more, I've also been a roofer/slater . All human life at UT.

    NN to you and BW !

  186. Bitters

    What happens when the experiment fails ? Osbourne et al have a fume cupboard of several millions and a fall out shelter too.

    We need a human liberation movement to protest experiments on living humans.


    You're right - I.m not good on the violence front. Subversion is more my style.

  187. "We need a human liberation movement to protest experiments on living humans"

    Roger that Leni.

    Also - tactical engagement encompasses both visceral and psychological...

    Food for thought...

  188. It feels like the day after Fatcher got into power and me and my sisters went into school with black armbands on. When asked 'why the armbands' we said.... "we're in mourning for the country".

    I feel like that today. It's as if we've been in a kind of state of denial, truly knowing what's about to be unleashed and yet not wanting to believe it. These bastards mean business and it's up to us to do our best to fight them, even if our fellow citizens have yet to wake up and we have no chance.

    A contingency fund for those in need is a bloody good idea. Count me in. I won't be earning a huge wage but it is steady work.


    Paul Mason is indeed a subversive ;)

  189. btw: Princess Chip Chops: re your enquiry about foreclosures on American mortgates.
    I don't pretend to know fuck all about it but I did read an article from across the "pond" that suggested the banks had "sliced and diced" the the debt so much that the original paperwork couldn't be recovered. So the re-possessions weren't legally binding because the original documemts according to lien and real estate were effectively lost.

    As usual, I could be wrong!

  190. Chekhov/Princess;

    So the re-possessions weren't legally binding because the original documemts according to lien and real estate were effectively lost

    According to the 'rules' about loans etc. in this country - if a bank makes a loan and cannot produce the paperwork to prove it made the loan - they don't have a leg to stand on. The borrower is completely within their rights to tell the Bank to fuck off.

    I've used this twice in my life. Once for myself and once for getting fucking Barclay's off my Mum's back. Basically, if the banks can't prove they 'own' something, it isn't theirs.

    This would bear greater investigation - it may be one of the few loopholes left to the poor and dispossessed.

  191. Surely it is the right time to be entrepreneurial?

    Get insured and a month or two later, for the price of some green tights, I and some cohorts will visit your house, at a given date and time (please allow for traffic).

    We will break into your home, but instead of stealing, we will carry in expensive equipment; plasma TVs, laptops, PCs, stereos, DVD players, etc - photograph them and leave behind the photos and receipts. We'll take them away again and you can claim they were stolen.

    Victimless crime, don't you just love it? I wonder if I could set up a website where all the people getting fucked could learn how to fuck the bastards with all the money?

  192. Do crime when you're being criminally fucked. Just don't ever use violence.

  193. Habib

    coalition of the angry.

  194. Quick impression...

    Hi Jess *waves*


    I just wanted to say I was a close personal friend of Pablo Neruda and I still recall a night long ago in a little bar in Havana when I was drinking Absinthe with Pablo, Albert Einstein, Sophocles, Picasso and The Green Lantern when the topic strayed onto the use of dialectic in determining social policy in developing post-hegemonic syndicalist cooperatives...blah blah...more bullshit...blah...sultry temptress...revolutionary kinda guy...Gramsci...bit of entirely inappropriate Spanish poetry I just nabbed off google....Hasta la Vista...Trotsky...poetic soul....of course I'm not a fat little blurt with a superiority complex....humbly yours...IMHO...FWIW...Ave MariaJess

    btw Jess...you've got mail...Jess..come on sweetheart...I'm on my fuckin kness...please let me write something...anything...

    Jess...I'm begging you...please...anything


    PS...I think someone's takin the piss out of me Jess...please get it deleted