06 October 2010


It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it.
-Steven Wright


  1. "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to have to paint it."

    Me neither Steven Wright!

    Made me smile Montana - a good way to start the day. Thanks.

  2. Woohoo!

    Pippi Longstocking meerkats!

    Have not read all the last thread but the egg business - I was told several times, including once by a man who actually grew them - is because they are too fresh and not due to being too old.

    OK, that's my brainz emptied for today.

  3. AB Ha Ha HA

    Those Meerkats/RTL sure do look like Raccoons to me. Pippi Raccoons with ponytails !

    As a once grower of eggs, I can confirm the fresh synopsis. I do hope again in the future that I will be growing them once again. I need to get a fence up - they spread like wildfire, and stop next doors pooch coming over and taking them away for play things.

  4. I think those are ring-tailed lemurs.

  5. My real names are indefinable in 'regular' English but as near a translation as I can muster is: "rainbow rising across a glorious socialist dawn when the enlightened proletariat rise up and recognise the capitalist and his poodle spam followers for the vicious tyrants they are"...sorta catchy isn't it?


  6. Is that MonkeyFish posing as MeatAndPotatoPie, thauma?

  7. Can I put on record that the Socialist candidate for the 9th District of Detroit in the US mid term elections is called D'Artagnan Collier.

    What a brilliant name. Is anyone else getting images of a foppish, moustachioed swordsman swashbuckling his way into the hustings wearing a miners helmet and davy lamp shouting:

    "My father was a musketeer, a King's bodyguard and I will not take a mere knave's insolence...Boyo!!"

  8. Peter - I couldn't possibly hazard a guess.

    Duke - Brilliant!

    Just run across this pearl of a comment on Yahoo!:

    Both bushs'; Skull and Bones...Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, LBJ, Gerald Ford, as well as so many other American President throughout history were freemasons just like that clown (h)obama! Bill Clinton was (is) a devout practioner of black magick There's even televangelist with millions of followers who are freemasons teaching the doctrine of demons to millions! Hell, FDR consulted the literiture of Aleister Crowley(AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS SATANIST AS WELL AS THE FATHER OF BARBARA BUSH) in making key decisions pertaining to the U.S during WW2.Who's eye do you think is in the top of the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill?....ALEISTER CROWLEYS!!!! Oh, by the way, notice how the one dollar bill is the ONLY bill design that hasn't been change in years; why is THAT? This ALEISTER CROWLEY is the same "Mr. Crowley" that Ozzy Osbourne sings about in his song from Black Sabbath! This isn't speculation, these are facts! So, with all THAT being said, SBK , learn some things b4u open your mouth and and step out in your bozo suit.....CLOWN!

    Why hasn't Giyus told us all these facts?

  9. Golem XIV's book - "The Debt Generation" is out later this month .

    I'd stick it up at the G, but can't do proper linkies there .

    His site, , tho I think most of you know it by now !

    Criticisms like Golem's are well into the mainstream now; see Chu yesterday in the Indie, and there are many others, but G was there with those few others, many of them bloggers, years ago. Some of the mainstreamers were pointing the way, such as Gillian Tett at the FT, Ambrose and Edmund at the DT, but their stuff never got the banner headline ; no boat-rocking please :)

    Also of course there are the problems of timing and certainty .

    You tell people "it's going straight into the wall" ( 2006) , but you cannot say exactly when and you're also constrained by honesty, an uncertainty principle, that just perhaps , maybe, the System will muddle through --- or even , miracle of miracles, be reformed .

    Things are getting warmer .

  10. Giyus interesting last night on a bank's charging people for custody of their hoards of silver ... Silver which did not physically exist ...

    sun here, out !

  11. Meerkats


    As Thauma has so correctly pointed out, what you've got up above is a cluster of ring-tailed lemurs.

  12. Folks here might be interested in the CiF article about agency workers and their rights (lack of!).

    Let agency workers be unionised

  13. Ta, Ian, I'll have to have a look at that!

  14. thauma,

    that's a great post from yahoo. Still doesn't beat my favourite of the year from that Indian bloke on CiF claiming to be integral to India's nuclear programme and threatening nuclear annihilation on everyone.

  15. Apropos Golem's book, I too read that blog and others commentators who seem to be telling the true story. Frightening stuff.

    What adds to this whole financial mess is the fact that natural disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, the Pakistan floods and anything else that may take us by surprise, the present system is totally unable to help. I know that Neo-Con economics make a killing out of disasters such as the New Orleans hurricane effects but we really need a world wide support agency that accounts for the bad times. Oh yes and then there is the finite natural resources we are using up (but there is at least 100 more years of oil they say - yes but what happens after 100 years?)

  16. Lord Shiva's cleansing flames. Sounds like as good an option as any.

  17. @turminder:

    ”…Lord Shiva's cleansing flames…”

    Amen. Burn the whole rotten fucking thing to the ground and start again from scratch…

    Clearly, I’m not having the best of days.

  18. Ach, it's shite all over Swifty. Nil Carbonundrum...

  19. Jez, I despair, a quick comment before I get back to work just looking at the majority of comments on that agency thread. Those responses show why I very rarely bother to comment anymore on CiF, you get flooded with Right wing trolls.

    Do the general public in the UK actually have that attitude?

  20. In

    The most voluble certainly do - it is as though they have been lurng under stones awaiting the opportunity of a Tory gvt. to unleash and legitimise all their hatred.

    You see it in Israel and Italy - other places too - where the right rules. It is frightening

  21. GRR - That was to Ian and I wrote lurking - what happens to the missing letters?

  22. Afternoon all,


    "what happens to the missing letters?"

    Austerity measures, innit!?

  23. Hello James

    I think my puta needs its innards steam cleaning - it can't keep pace with my typing speed .

  24. It's all well and good you making excuses for them Leni, but sometimes computer keys just don't want to work, no matter what - it's a lifestyle choice!!

    We've created a culture of lazy, chavified computer keys, and it's what's holding Britain back.

    Or something...


  25. Hi all

    Just thought it was worth posting this message from the mods at the Guardian.... apparently my remarks are considered 'homophobic'!!!!

    CiF is swimming with right wing loons making the most outrageous comments/personal attacks to ATL and BLT commentators and my comments, made with my tongue firmly in my cheek are deemed 'homophobic' - it makes no sense whatsoever. My partner's brother is a gay man and I've just sung at my lesbian cousin's civil partnership/wedding - how on earth could I be considered 'homophobic'.

    Glover's articles are full of homoerotic language - like a gushing shcoolboy in a room full of powerful men - why is it, I wonder, unacceptable to point this out when it is common knowledge that he is gay and in a relationship with Matthew Parris???

    "Dear LaRitournelle,

    Your account has recently been placed under premoderation as a result of homophobic remarks directed towards a Guardian staff memberm, EG

    All because he does not prostrate himself before the Holy Altar of Social Democracy?

    But quite happy to do so under Matthew Parrish.

    I know which I'd prefer ;)


    His borderline homoerotic eulogies to the Tories and the Coalition are regularly published in this very paper and I'm not permitted to comment on how distasteful and repugnant I find it?

    Please note that this is a serious breach of our community standards, and we would expect better of a long term member of the Cif community such as yourself. Further infractions of the community standards may result in your posting rights being permanently withdrawn."

  26. Ridiculous, LaRit, but consider yourself honoured to have even got a response. I queried a deletion about 7.30 this morning and still not a word...

  27. Had to laugh at that banned post, La Rit. But the mods do have a point. You're making a sardonic but wholly gratuitous reference to the gayness of a contributor.

    It's not on, really.

  28. Afternoon all

    While we are on the subject of lemurs, This is still one of my fave vids

    The look on its little face when she stops! Too cute.

    Haven't had a look at the intarwebz for a day or two, so I shall go and catch up now.... biab.

    LaRit - the mods are being really harsh if they put you on the naughty step for that, ffs. When you get other posters who are explicitly homophobic, rude, insulting, racist, etc. etc... Sucks.

  29. Over on the agency thread Abolished is giving the trolls a good kicking by de constructing the silly arguments they put forward.

  30. " homoerotic eulogies", etc, -- lolled too, but have to agree with Peter !

  31. Hello Jay - I'm in pre-mod again. Sorry you've had no reply to your query. I've given up trying to work out how these things work. I'm surprised to have had an explaination again.

    I am going to write back though as my comments were a bit cheeky (fnarr, fnarr) but were meant jovially - if Guardian staff members write provocative guff and can't cope with having the piss taken out of them from time-to-time, then they should find alternative employment.

    This is about protecting Glover, who I fail to understand why is writing for the paper.

  32. "This is about protecting Glover, who I fail to understand why is writing for the paper".

    It's a box-ticky thing, La Rit!

    And clearly, some boxes are bigger than others....

  33. On that note, anybody know what the conclusion of the latest 'help us to help you' thread was??

  34. PeterB

    Sardonic - yes - gratuitous references to his homosexuality? Yes - guilty I suppose, but what's in the public domain, shouldn't be off limits. If it's public knowledge he's gay and in a relationship with Parris and he persistently writes borederline homoerotic paens to the Tories..... then the Guardian has to expect some ribbing from posters.

    Anyway, as BB points out, CiF is flooded with vicious K-nids spouting racist, real homophobic vitriol and they get away with it. Guess the problem is as they see it, the personalisation of it. Anyway, quite glad to have a reminder of what I'd written - I thought it was funny as fuck even though I knew I was sailing close to the wind!!!

  35. I have noticed that pretty much anything that mentions Mathew Parrish on Glover threads is deleted, insulting or not.

    I'm not sure how I feel about it because bringing someones partner into an argument is generally wrong but because of who Glovers partner is the comments are sometimes relevant, ie the TV programmes Parrish did where he failed to live on benefits etc

    Also you have got to wonder if Glover would be employed at all if it were not for his connections, he certainly didn't get this job on writing skill.

  36. JamesD

    How goes it up Brazil????

    clearly, some boxes are bigger than others....

    Yes, to fit the gargantuan egos of some of the staff ;-)

  37. >

    "I'm not sure how I feel about it because bringing someones partner into an argument is generally wrong"

    Thing is you are right too. It irks me when people are judged by their partner and even if I was making a joke - I guess I'd have to hold my hand up and say if I saw, say someone I really admire being ribbed because of who their partner was, then I guess I would get my knickers in a twist too.

    However, it wasn't imbued with venom - I generally save that stuff for demolishing Glover's lamentable writing skills!!!

    (must remember to stick to the rules in future)

  38. Sorry Jen - I managed to lose your name off that post above ;(

  39. LaRit

    Not too bad, thanks.
    (We had a bit of excitement in the form of an election last week, but it's back to normal again now!!)

    "Yes, to fit the gargantuan egos of some of the staff ;-)"

    Yup, some people would argue that a paper should employ those with above average intellects, ethics, standards, but the new GMG model's gone with boxes and egos instead!!

    Still, each to their own and whatnot....

    (Also, for the record, I didn't know who Matthew Parris was, let alone who he was dating, when I first decided that Julian Glover was an absolute f@cking c*ck...!!)

  40. I know what you mean La Rit but I think in Glovers case it is slightly different, it is like a football managers partner writing about football but the comments not being able to mention said partner, the temptation is hard to resist. ;)

  41. Is it Parris not Parrish?

    Hide my blushing face, imagine if we had been at the same dinner party and I had got his name wrong. ;)

  42. Jen

    I think it's Parris, but not sure to be honest!

    (You could always blame the wine at said dinner party)


  43. Poor old LaRit - put on the naughty step for repeated homophobic abuse of a Guardian writer. But all is not lost! She is defended by some 'liberals' here on the basis of (1) it was funny (2) other commenters sometimes get away with worse behaviour (3) Glover is a right-wing fuckwit.

    Have I got that right? Glad to see that doublethink is still alive and well. Is the same leeway afforded to 'fnar fnar' homophobic abuse of eg. Julie Bindel or 'amusing' racist, miscegenist abuse of Sarfraz Mansoor? Or is it just hypocrisy masquerading as misplaced solidarity?

    I am disappointed.

  44. Awww gaylurker. Don't be disappointed. You don't have to read this blog if you don't want to. I don't know about where you are, but the sun is shining here now. Maybe you can cheer yourself up by switching off your 'puter and going out and enjoying the sunshine instead?

  45. "My wife often complains that I'm harder on my son than my daughters. It's not true; I just know what the scheming reprobate's thinking."

    Bracken, you really do make it difficult for a piss-taker to stay within the bounds of decency.

  46. gaylurker

    Not sure if anyone is defending (or needs to defend) La Rit, she has admitted that the comments did not come across as she thought they would, and now we are having a chat about it.

    If she did feel the need to defend herself you would know, as a lurker, that she is perfectly capable of doing so herself.

    Now stop being a lurker and join in.

  47. Not quite sure why LaRit is on the naughty step when Polly and the rest of the overpaid pillocks habitually refer to Cameron and Clegg as lovers/smoochers/flirting etc.

    It's probably a subtle distinction that my uneducated mind is unable to grasp. You might have thought that given their erudition and sophistication - and so much material of actual substance to work with - that the average Guardian contributor might be able to come with a more trenchant criticism of the coalition's leadership than an Oxbridge version of "What a pair o' faahhking arsebandits!" Apparently not.

  48. The weather is awful here, but I'm not sure that I want to join in anyway. jennifer30, "that the comments did not come across as she thought they would" - this annoys me. How did she think they would come across? As a joke rather than blatant homophobia? I've heard too much of this 'take it easy, pal, it's only us a having a laugh at the faggots' in my life to think that you people 'having a chat about it' would make any difference to me.
    You really should think about what being liberal really means.

  49. Hey, gaylurker, I'm not one to preach, but you're right. Bang to rights.

    Indeed, when I had the homophobic temerity to describe someone here as 'limp wristed' I was understandably hauled over the coals.

    UTers: you have to be consistent. Just because the target of La Rit's homophobic comment is right wing doesn't make it OK, does it?

  50. gaylurker

    I probably wouldn't have made those comments (although god knows I've said enough stupid unthinking things in my life to fill a small book (suitable for reading on the loo)).

    Since I am not an unthinking bigot despite the things I may have said (or thought) I tend to think that others aren't either.

    A misjudged joke is simply a misjudged joke.

    If someone makes those kinds of jokes and comments all the time then I will start to think they have a problem, at that point I will hopefully ask the question.

    Also, I don't actually know what liberal either really means or is meant to mean.

    Do I think La Rit is homophobic? No I don't.

    Do I think the comments were dodgy? Yes I do.

  51. GayLurker - Bosbefok is it?

    All opinions are welcome here, yours included.

    I've had all sorts of accusations flung at me by anonymoue people like you online, who think they are mind readers and can somehow determine the minutae of my thoughts, beliefs and motivations by reading a few comments I've made on CiF .... 'homophobic' is just one of those tedious, one-dimensional tags that is, in this context, utterly meaningless.

    I couldn't give a monkey's whether you, oh anonymous one, think I'm 'homophobic' - it's completely irrelevant. I'm not on here or CiF to make you feel better.

  52. "Hey, gaylurker, I'm not one to preach"
    No, stop! You're really hurting me.

  53. Gaylurker:

    How did she think they would come across? As a joke rather than blatant homophobia?

    I've been offended by many things in my life, some things which were deliberately and cruelly intended as such and other things which were said mischieviously and I saw the funny side, you think you've got it bad, try being a woman.

    But what are you complaining about really? Is it the fact that I seem insensitive to your sexuality or the fact that you just want to feel vindicated in your (mistaken) belief that I am 'homophobic'?

    You see, what really irks me about many aspects of identity politics is that there is no fucking politics in it, it's all about 'me,me,me' - 'what's in it for me'?. We are all supposed to have Equality in law, but the law is meaningless if in practice, there is no real equality, when 95% of the population are being supressed by a super elite who have all the money, land and power. Glover, I'm certain, sees himself as on his way to being in that top tiny percentage - his sexuality hasn't been a barr to that - but his membership of that exclusive power club is defined by his background and his connections and that has ensured his place at the high table.

    Similarly, Glover's sexuality is not relevant, but what is, is the fact he is in a long-term relationship with a much older, very powerful male right wing media personality.

    I would have made exactly the same kind of joke/observation if it was a young female writer in a relationship with a much older, powerful male or female media personality, at liberty to use their position and privilege to constantly pontificate in a National Newspaper in badly written prose, about the short-comings of the lower orders, whilst writing gushing, flattering prose about our leaders.

    Surely, you must know that the history of the world is littered with 'gay (not gay) young things' who court relationships in high places?

  54. PB:

    It wasn't a 'homophobic comment' get over it.

  55. Afternoon all

    Nowt to say so here's a tune from Al Jarreau instead.

  56. peterbracken
    6 October 2010 4:58PM

    Actually, Martyn, BTTP's tenacious pursuit of you for your inexcusable use of nigger is as full of tinsel moral indignation as the gulags were of dissenters. And what's more, notwithstanding your wretched comment, his detailed exhumation of it is of a piece with the jackboot mentality that executes apostates whilst lauding card-carrying genocidal purists.

    If there's one feature of the dogmatic, totalitarian Left that really winds me up it's this: its ability to sublimate genuine atrocity in the cause of Utopia, whilst screaming 'kill' at any individual who steps across the line.

    6 October 2010 5:15PM

    backtothepoint does not reply to peterbracken. This is why.

    6 October 2010 5:38PM

    backtothepoint does not reply to peterbracken because gulag-like incarceration is no longer an option

    And you lot who met him say he's OK in person? What does he do, take some sort of Jeckyll & Hyde potion before posting?

    Ah well, I'd better get off and shoot some dissidents. :-)

  57. PS - RapidEddie - bloody top post that above! Almost forgot to say!

  58. Have just spat wine on keyboard.

    2 kids playing down the street ... boy and girl ... apparently have just got a punching thingy that you stick onto the pavement. Set it up, boy goes in, punches bag (which is on a flexible stick), bag rebounds, smacks him in the face and knocks him backwards.

    (No children were actually harmed in the recounting of this incident.)

    Duke - forgot about that Indian nuclear bloke; you are right, that must have been comment of the year!

  59. PS - one more thing - but looks like Gaylurker has vanished which is a bit sad. Nevermind.

    Does anyone really think Julian Glover reads all the comments BTL - and does he really give a rats arse whether some anonymous person on CiF called 'La Rit' makes an inappropriate joke about him and his partner?

    I think not.

  60. Thauma:

    Did you get it on film? You could send it to You've been Framed ;)

  61. Speaking of Glover, his deeply thought out and critical conclusions on Davey-Dave-Daverson's speech can be read here....

  62. Nice comment La Rit, the Glover - Parris situation is an unusual one however.

    I can't imagine that if Parris was straight that his younger partner (if it were a woman) would get the same opportunities and if an powerful older woman had a younger partner who wrote about politics (either male or female) they would just basically be laughed out of the building.

    Mark it up to the fact that posh white blokes get all the breaks.

    I know Julian is laughed out of the building on here but some people obviously take him seriously.

  63. Unfortunately not, LaRit ... could I have retired on the proceeds? I could get the phone out and pay them to do it again.

  64. Spike:

    Off to shoot some dissidents? Hang on, I'll get me gun ;)

  65. I thought you hung them with wire coat hangers Spike? ; )

    As I said in a deleted post on cif, I think it's a form of tourette's.

    heyhabib said...
    "Hey, gaylurker, I'm not one to preach"
    No, stop! You're really hurting me.

    I think that's also the aim, he cant resist the ratcheted up response, the gulag, or the x-ist barb. Like a schoolboy pulling the legs and wings off insects...

    Anyway, i'm with spike I ain't engaging with the twunt any more.

    Join me and nearly 18m folk, n check this vid : - D

  66. If you got an answer you should follow it up, LaRit, the exchanges with mods can be very funny and illuminating on the rare occasions they respond.

  67. OMG I think PeterB and I are soulmates because if one feature of the totalitarian, dogmatic left really gets my goat it is that they are able to sublimate genuine atrocity in the cause of Utopia.

    So, in English you are claiming that the left say that the ends are more important than the means.

    Why don't you just say that then you wordy pillock

  68. Damn Jay you made a fantastic post on one of the benefit articles yesterday (or the day before, time has ceased to mean anything to me) and I really wanted to congratule you, I wrote down all the bits that I thought were great.

    Sadly my revision is going really badly and it has all become like a dream.

    It was a great comment though, I think you had about 60 recommends when I read it.

    Now get back to revising. ;)

  69. Habib

    Why have i got this nagging feeling of deja vu?

  70. Jen:

    You're right. Rich,elitist white men get all the best jobs and that is the problem, not who they sleep with.


    Dont' tempt me ;) But I've noticed the embarrassing, gushing language is toned down a bit in his latest opining.


    I've just sent them a jovial message - see what I get in repsonse ;)


    Pay them! Kid's'll do anything stupid for a fiver and an alcopop hehehehehehehe....

  71. I dunno Psycho Paauul (ref "Ideal" - brilliant - "You can't expect me to throw thirty grand in a bin - I'm not Salford Arts Council").

    Maybe deja vu is a Murdoch funded way of convincing us that we only think we've seen the same shit before...?

  72. For those who like yoof music, I love the new M.I.A., It Takes a Muscle , which is surprising really, because Vocoder normally makes me want to go on a killing spree.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. LaRit - well, I reckon the kid was around 8 so hopefully the alcopop alone will be enough.

    Seems to be a reasonably clever little bugger, though, because he learnt to avoid the rebound after the initial mistake and then worked out that he could pick the whole thing up and use it to swipe the other kids that had by then gathered around.

  75. I like that MIA, spike, here's another one from some young 'uns - Caro Emerald.

  76. Ah come on, Paul, BB has as much right to express an opinion as anyone else.

    I say this as someone who has agreed with what you've said today and who thinks that the fighting is tremendously more interesting than the insipid and interminable Jaffa cakes and tea argument.

    (I don't even bloody like Jaffa cakes.)

  77. Do I have to read waddya? Or can someone do a synopsis?

  78. Where's John Crace when you need him?

    Sorry, I'm not up to it. Brain-dead after shit day at work.

  79. ... but wouldn't it be fucking brilliant if he signed up to the UT and did a Waddya digested every day?

  80. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  81. @habib

    Not bad. Bit of a Rain Dogs arrangement going on at times in the background. I'd have upped the tuba (it is tuba, isn't it?) in the mix.

  82. Just wathcing the C4 news and heard CallmeDave say the words "let's come together" in his conference speech- Sam didn't look too pleased ..... who would be when your uber...ahem...virile hubby is suggesting he metaphorically Fuck the Nation?

    Well, we can be rest assured he'll be doing that anyway - literally.

  83. Thauma

    I,ve deleted that post as i should practice what i preach and not bring waddya stuff over here after telling the 'coven' they shouldn't take UT stuff over there.Am getting better at this tact and diplomacy bollox:-)

  84. Do I have to read waddya? Or can someone do a synopsis?

    I really wouldn't, habib. Brusselsexpat is on an utterly nauseating self-righteous roll which is enough to send anyone screaming away from the computer.

  85. @habib

    It was all my fault. I was having this pleasant discussion with eldorado about dairy production in New Zealand, and I suddenly became terminally irritated by a repetitive yapping noise. My attempt to deal with it then seemed to escalate, with some nasty barracking from the cheap seats.

    Sorry about that.

  86. @La Rit

    Well, we can be rest assured he'll be doing that anyway - literally

    I do hope you actually meant "figuratively". :-o

  87. Right I'm off to the pub quiz, check the vid I linked at 18.08, I think it's a good song, and a stonkin' vid : )

    L8rs p x

  88. Spike:

    My brain's clearly gone down the drain! ;)


    Enjoy the quiz and will check out ze vid!

  89. I think I can guess what the gist of your post was, Paul, and I wasn't getting at you - or not you in particular, for sure - but it just keeps going on and on and bloody on over there. And unless someone, somewhere, decides to take the moral high ground, change the chemical reaction and stop responding to bait, it will never stop.

    Now if you like it, that's up to you. I can't make you, or anyone, do anything at all. Hell, I can't even get my clients to tell the bloody truth half the time. But I think I am allowed my own little hissy-fit now and again, eh?

    I have a lot of affection and respect for you, Paul, so I hope I didn't upset you. But the whole lot of it cheesed me off tonight.

    Peace xx

  90. @turm

    The song's OK but the vid is amazing! Must have taken a hell of a lot of effort to make!

  91. Spike:

    He better not come anywhere near me with that 'thing'!!

    As Mary-Hen said to Rab - " ....get that thing oot ma body...!"

  92. @bb

    You must admit, it's very difficult not to rise to the bait of bru's hypocrisy, opportunism, vanity, boasting and whining, invariably defended by the usual suspect - fuck knows why, because she never seemed that bad a person to me. And I finally said what I felt I had to say to MIE, which I'd been putting off in a rather cowardly way.

    Anyway, it all makes me feel revoltingly preachy and slightly soiled.

  93. Oh bollox, I'm going to have to read waddya. PeterJ if it was your fault, we're going to have words.

    Anybody else, this could be your last chance to shout at anybody you want to, you have about half an hour.

  94. Spike

    Like I said - it's difficult, but not impossible. And believe me there is one person who still posts on there who, from time to time, I have to almost literally bite my fingers to stop arguing with. But I know that if I do start, it will degenerate into something horrible, and I won't be feeling any the better for it, no matter how much I think or know I am right and he isn't.

    But he tends not to attack me personally now, so I am happy with that. Let em get on with it, I say. :o)

  95. @bb

    I asked the mods to have a word with bitey and tell him to stop the personal abuse with me. It seems to have worked without him getting banned, which is all to the good (for me at least, since I can now ignore him).

    Bracken's become such a joke that I don't much care any more.

  96. Still, time for dinner and Waterloo Road. Yes, I know, my tastes are sometimes disgustingly lowbrow. Visual valium.

  97. Habib

    Since you're offering, I just came up with this little ditty in the shower:

    There once was a journo named Glover
    Who was quite the Conservative lover*
    He liked to wax lyrical
    (forgoing the empirical)
    But at the end of the day, he was just a talentless, sycophantic, craven, idiotic, pathetic, ridiculously overrated, funny-faced Tory Boy c*nt!^

    * -(as in he loves the Conservative party)

    ^ - That last line might need 'tightening up' a bit, obviously.....

    Cheers for that, Habib!!

  98. Spike you should never have to apologise for what you like to watch on TV.

    I watch a fair bit of TV and I am sick of having to apologise for it (not on here).

    I read a lot and I study a lot but I shouldn't have to justify what I do with my spare time.

    When I have spare time (not studying) I either like to watch tv or I like to go on the net.

    Anyone who uses a forum to tell those using forums to do something useful (to society) needs too basically get lost.

    Having said all that, Waterloo Rd is a shitty program, :)

  99. "I asked the mods to have a word with bitey and tell him to stop the personal abuse with me. It seems to have worked without him getting banned, which is all to the good."

    What a fuckin' precious dick you are, Spike.

    Because, as anyone remotely alive to their own shitty shortcomings knows, no one but a dick has a word with 'the mods'.

    Who the fuck do you think you are?

  100. Nice poem James.

    My go

    Julian Glover got a job through his lover.

  101. Jen


    That's more of a haiku though, innit!?
    (A bit too classy for me...)


  102. Loving the limerick, James :o)

    P-Brax - Spike having a word is a much better way to deal with it than just reporting abuse. He has had more nicks than Frank Abagnale Jnr and invariably allows his slip to show by resorting to personal attack and abuse rather than comment on comment. Both of these are no-nos in terms of CiF Ts & Cs and, generally speaking, if they cotton on that a banned poster is re-posting under a different nick, they will be zapped instantly.

    So - who does Spike think he is? I imagine, like me, he thinks he is a reasonable sort of chap who doesn't want to get anyone banned but wants the nasty personal attacks to cease, and approaches it in a mature, reasoned way by emailing the mods rather than reporting abuse.

    Which seems an intelligent approach to me.

  103. Not a haiku James but I found after that after I laid down the first line there was nothing else to say.

    I will try again

    Paris lover, sounds like Glover.

    Cameron says welcome home.

  104. I don't think I could do a haiku if my life depended on it.

  105. Thanks to google, apparently:

    Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 moras (or on), in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively.[1] Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables,[2] this is inaccurate as syllables and moras are not the same.


    Glover is a c*ck
    Who nepotism his job got
    and always talks shite

  106. Arghh I am all mixed up.

    The only kind of foreign verse I know about is haiku but being british I keep trying to either get it to rhyme or be part of a limerick.

  107. Spike's approach is neither mature nor intelligent, BB; it's a symbol of the kind of prissy, brittle egos that run around pretending to be communists whilst shouting for better service, which I recall was the me me me whine of his glorious outing ATL.

  108. Jen

    Yeah, mine looks like an extract from a limerick.

    Haiku's are s'posed to be all existential and that, but wotever....

  109. Spike you are a precious dick, according to the dickfinder general. Use it carefully, my son, for a precious dick should only be brought to bear when the time is right.

  110. Julian Glover -
    A mere neo-lib stooge.
    Flowers wilt nearby.

    Ah yes, I am seriously rubbish at haikus. Or any other kind of poetry. And many, many others things, actually.

  111. Anyone got a semi-precious dick? Don't think I can afford a full one.

  112. "Spike's approach is neither mature nor intelligent"
    It is if you compare it to singing "Bracken is a dickhead, Bracken is a dickhead, na na na na, na na na na!"

  113. Hahaha Habib

    I didn't think you'd do it!!



    That's actually pretty good!!

  114. Funny you should peek above the parapet, heyabib, at the mention of a dick. Alas, on this occasion, I wasn't referring to you.

  115. "Funny you should peek above the parapet, heyabib, at the mention of a dick."

    Ouh yes, Peter, big boy, I do like talking about you, something we have in common.

  116. Why is it that when I read "semi-precious dick" I had this vision of something rude made of jade?

    *gives dirty mind a quick wash and rinse*

    Haikus are so cool
    But I never can work out
    If I've got them right

  117. Indeed - must be shift change....

  118. (above to Habib).

    Ahhh, BB, well played young padawan!!

  119. BB - you'd better give your mind a double rinse because obviously I had no intention whatsoever of creating a double-entendre (not that I understand what that is anyway).

  120. Jenni -- this Wiki article on Haiku scared me right off :)

    Peter -- do you actually know any members of the PCF who are active in Local Government or the Unions in france ? From Spike's article and the comments it was obvious that the PCF is part of society here in a way which is unknown to many in US/UK .

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. Laritournelle, I haven't 'vanished', I was just busy. Do you expect me to be available all the time just to respond to your inane comments? I won't be commenting here again, but I'll answer one point.

    try being a woman.

    I have tried that, and am continuing to try. I am a woman, albeit a gay one. I don't expect you to approve, but you could at least try to understand. Fuck you and your homophobic hypocritical mates. Seems like everybody here now is having a laugh at Parris and Glover and talking about dicks. You sad pathetic hypocritical fucks.

  123. @Jenn

    Having said all that, Waterloo Rd is a shitty program

    Oh, very definitely. Especially tonight's episode. Just bullying. No suicide pacts, psycho estranged parents taking their children hostage or teachers having illicit affairs with knowing sixth-formers. Very disappointing.

    But I certainly wasn't apologising. Enders, Casualty, Holby, etc. are how I relax. Each to their own.

    I'll up the level later on and watch the final episode of Red Riding. Bloody brilliant! The West Yorks police - legendary for all the wrong reasons.


    I've never really used it carefully in my life, except as a brain substitute in my younger days, and I don't have that much opportunity to start now at my age. ;-)

  124. @gaylurker

    I think you'll find that talking about dicks isn't actually homophobic per se. But I agree with you that Parris and Glover's homosexuality is totally immaterial. They're foul little shits whatever their sexual identity.

  125. Spike - took the words right out of my mouth.

  126. Gaylurker

    I've been talking about Glover because he's a cock.
    And I despise him.
    And because he's a fucking apologist for what is likely to be one of the most appalling and barbaric governments in living memory.

    Who he sleeps with has absolutely no bearing on my opinion of him, so how exactly am I being a hypocrite?

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Parris is alright, I think, liked his work from an early age.

    gaylurker, if you feel uncomfortable here, I feel bad about that. You have to do what you think is right, of course.

    I would rather you stuck around and saw that people here do actually care about each other. Hell, I'd even try to save Bracken's life if push came to shove.

  129. Oh dear.

    We really musn't talk about dicks.

    Who started it?


    In the naughty corner with you!

    Paul - deleting that poem... good call. ;o)

  130. Thauma

    If my ditty was about a man and woman it probably wouldn't have been an issue with you.Puerile maybe but nothing more serious than that.For instance i've heard many a joke about Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel or Tony and Cherie Blair.Doubt you'd bat an eyelid over that.I despise Parris and Glover just as i despise the Blairs et al.Any reference to sexuality is purely incidental.

  131. La Ritournelle

    Just watching the C4 news and heard CallmeDave say the words "let's come together" in his conference speech

    ‘Together in the National Interest’

    There must be some healthy-and-safety regulation about inflicting such puke-making stuff upon the nation – I was an innocent victim – just happened to be sitting there – A Party Political Broadcast by the Conservative Party - cat curled up on knee – seemed unkind suddenly to jump up – although soon realised that putting any life form through that experience was an act of hideous cruelty – shouted thoughtful comments at the screen – along the lines of – no way.

    No mention at all of the banksters’ roll in crashing the economy.

    So - they’re going to help us ‘come together’ (this is bringing horrible images into my mind) – to support them in finding more and better ways of bringing about our own mutual further impoverishment, as less jobs, income and benefits (unless for those with a high wage, whose child-benefit loss we are urgently looking for ways to compensate) are the way to our mutual increase in wealth.

    “When you think of a wealth creator, don’t think of the tycoon in the glass tower. Think of the man who gets up and leaves the house before dawn to go out and clean windows.”

    “For too long, we have measured success in tackling poverty by the size of the cheque we give people. We say: let’s measure our success by the chances we give.”

    So - size of income doesn’t matter– it’s what you do with – all the opportunites you are being given to work more for less, when the Jobless and Community Paybacks are sent out to do - all of those jobs which were once someone’s livelihood – sometimes even their own former livelihood.

  132. Hi moonwave

    I think what sickens me more than anything is the number of fairly ordinary people who are in relatively average jobs who bloody support this!

    "Oh he's absolutely right, you know, all those dole scroungers... they need to go and get a job..."

    I hear someone going on about it today, and I just said "Fair enough - but how do you get 5 million people to work when there are only half a million jobs to go round?"

    It was like I had just revealed the Holy Grail to them - they just don't think!

    The message needs to be shouted from the roof-tops. Loud and clear.

    Everyone is going to be royally shafted for years to come to the benefit of the mega-rich. End of.

  133. Moonwave

    My deepest sympathies.

    So far, I've been spared having to actually watch the crap drip out of his mouth, and just reading them has been bad enough.

    The man really does turn the vomit factor up to 11!!

  134. Paul - I despise Tony and Cherie Blair but their bedroom habits don't come into it.

    Glad you took that post down. x

  135. Leni

    So many seem to find it easier to blame the poor - not apparently realising they could soon be joining them.

    This is because the average citizen appears to be as dumb as a rock, as well as entirely self absorbed.

    Has this generation of politicos been cloned from a faulty rubber mould ? I have never seen such a collection of featureless faces - lacking definition and any trace of personality.

    It is rather frightening.

    Very frightening! – just what I’ve been saying of late.

    And what can Rory Bremner do now? No individual characteristics to impersonate – might as well get out a line of mannequins – all the same – all wealthy and self satisfied and of a certain look, and knowing what’s best for those who have problems that are never likely to affect them.

    Another lookalike now put in place as Labour leader. Why bother to have separate parties? Each one only sets it up for the next one to do something even worse than the last dared do – look how much they’re enjoying the need to make cuts – really enjoying this opportunity to put in the boot where they’ve been wanting to put it in anyway – nearly always in the wrong place of course, because they haven’t got the sense of a squashed pea.

    They detest ‘poor people’ really, but need their backs upon which to continue their own upward mobility.

    down grading of pay and conditions will excellerate and spread across many sectors.

    Quite how this fits into the 'making work pay' mantra is worrying.

    It’s because, of course, it is just a mantra, and most of them always knew that.
    It’s because – they don’t always tell the truth.
    That’s why there are all of those now in government eagerly pushing through drastic cuts which will make the not-so-well-off even worse off – with policies they promised they wouldn’t be involved with before they were in office.
    But they will still say it’s to assist everyone to become better off!

    It’s all right though - no worries – because IDS has given reassurance -

    “I say to those… who are genuinely sick, disabled or are retired: you have nothing to fear. We will crack down on fraud and help able people off welfare. This means we will have enough resources to provide peace of mind to the very vulnerable.”

    Who can all create their own jobs, with the New Enterprise Allowance, so – it’s your choice – and there are now no excuses for staying poor, or incapacitated.

    Or not all coming together.

  136. Someone just posted this over at the Indie, which made me laugh:

    "The ideology that we should all stop and give away some of our time for free, but at the same time start our own business, invent something everyone wants out of old egg boxes and spent coffee pods then employ ex public sector workers thrown onto the dole, who of course will have to be on flexi time to run the pub or post office for nothing out of the massive redundancy package they didn't get but at the same time be chair of the home watch and then the after school club, before they do a vocational course in public service, then do couple of hours as a special constable, then return home, bake bread to sell at the farmers market and then have an hours sleep and then pick up the kids of those poor people who smoke, then take them to the free school, you have set up out of the money left over from tooth fairy. I think David Cameron is drinking more than Tony!!!"

  137. Fucking hell. Just reading Waddaya. Emphasis added:


    6 October 2010 1:55PM

    I know herm, I'm almost... but not quite, perfect, and I'm not going anywhere. A rhino is a terribly thin-skinned creature in my opinion. Of course, I realise that there are many who aren't particularly fond of loud opinionated women who refuse to be cowed by anyone or anything. It's a bit scary... so some tend to resort to the snide when they see it... But I don't mind in the slightest, it just slides off my imperious milky but freckled back... and, you know, if it upsets them so.. they could always scroll past my posts!

    Kiz, honey, people don't hate you because you're an opinionated woman. They hate you because you're an arrogant, delusional bitch who seems to have appointed herself Queen of Cif. You really didn't have the first fucking clue what Peter's point was, did you?

    You and the Bitch from Brussels aren't intrepid web warriors bravely running a gauntlet of cyber-bullying -- you're a couple of hubristic cunts who couldn't bring yourselves to apologise for having fucked up big time, so you invented yourself a nice little victim narrative. Sadly, for you, very few people buy it because (most) of your arrogance and betrayals are still in the public record.

    You're pathetic, Kiz, not heroic.

  138. Thank you for your kind words heyhabib, but I won't be sticking around for obvious reasons. And I don't think I'll lurk any more either.

  139. Evening all

    Warm on here tonight.

    gaylurker - do get off your ginormous horse dear heart and develop a sense of humour. All that angst is bad for ones blood pressure. If we all (and probably including you too) had to be lashed for every unfortunate joke or turn of phrase we jotted down we'd all be flayed naked by now.

    Crap at haikus so won't attempt but agree with the general sentiments expressed on here that Glover is a class one grovelling twat and it would be my pleasure to string him up from the most convenient lamp post together with the rest of the shafting bastards.

    By the way PeterB - you asked earlier in the day whether Meat and potato thingy was monkeyfish. My guess is absolutely not - s/he's not nearly funny or articulate enough.

  140. James - lol! I think i could probably fit that in between my morning cuppa and putting the cat out - being superhuman and all that.

    Montana - I generally stay off waddya. MIE's ubiquity was doing serious damage to what remains of my sanity - never mind kiz and bru.

  141. sheffpixie, I'm now stepping off my high horse and having a good old chortle with MartynInEurope at the UT house nigger. See? I've developed a sense of humour now, haven't I? Or was that just an 'unfortunate joke or turn of phrase' that I happened to find quite hilarious? I heard a great joke the other day about how how all Yorkshire women are complete cunts - would you like to hear it? I've also got a good joke about how Pakis smell - I assume that's also acceptable to you? And then there's the one about the definition of a virgin being a twelve-year-old who can run faster than her uncle. Ho ho ho, there's so much to laugh at if we only got off our high horses.

  142. Hey
    Just checkng in. Thanks everyone for comments re@ weekend.

    And clearly, Montana's still rocking then.
    That is all. Off to watch King Dave's "speech" on Newsnight now.

    still catching up on some sleep...

  143. Ouch
    Lay Ghurka has the upper hand on everyone !
    ... I'm off under me duvet.

    Mmm... duvet...

  144. Montana - I generally stay off waddya. MIE's ubiquity was doing serious damage to what remains of my sanity - never mind kiz and bru.

    I know, Sheff. I probably ought to just give the whole damn thread a pass, myself. At the end of the day, neither of them is worth it. Not sure why I let it get to me.


    I thought you were leaving? Don't let the door hit you in the arse on your way out, will you?

  145. :-)

    Yes, BW. I think I'm still rocking. If only just barely.

  146. Hey there, James!

    Fasce sua cama, eh?

  147. Gaylurker

    Stick around a bit and get to know people here.Of course there's banter but i genuinely don't think anyone's homophobic.It's especially easy for misunderstandings to occur in the anonymous world of cyber.But until you find your feet here i think you should at least give people the benefit of the doubt.Anyways it's your call but i genuinely hope you become a regular poster here.You might find you'll get to enjoy it :-)

  148. Montana

    hehe - already is, honest....

  149. Montana

    Jeez our ying and yang are truly fucked !

    Hope all's well with you.

  150. I see that The Apprentice has started again. Which caused me to take another look at this. I trust you are all familiar with it?

  151. Result: have just been given a few minutes off duty, and am going to take the opportunity to go buy (and smoke) some (ridiculously cheap) cigarettes.

    Priorities, right!?

    Anyway, have a good night folks.

    Ate amanha!!

    Evening PeteJ

    (Good form today, btw!!!)

  152. gaylurker - i realise you don't know the people round here very well so will ignore your attempts at irony, was it?. You aren't the first to parachute into the UT to have a rant about what utter shits we all are, and you won't be the last.

    As Paul suggests - you could stick around, you might be surprised to find that we do resemble human beings - well occasionally, when the moon's in the right quadrant. alternatively as Montana suggests you could fuck off - I'm easy either way.

  153. Evening all

    son T (works for CAB) says that local firms have withdrawn their contributions - this includes Steel Works (Tata). Core funding still in place but no guarantees for future.

    The BS grows smaller and more distant. I see Dave failed to convince his conference. the whole amorphous idea - no, it's not even an idea - becomes more elusive the more he tries t articulate it.

    Have yet to look at Cif - apart from quick peek at waddya this afternoon. Lot of stressed people on there. The different 'tribes' are all drawing firmer boundaries between themselves. .

  154. Montana

    Meant to say your ying and my yang are truly fucked.Saw your post immediately after submitting mine.:-)

  155. Sure, James. I believe you.

    (Extent of my Portuguese, that. Long story.)

    I used to be able to sort of sing along with a lullabye called "Pro Nene Nanar" that was on a cd I had for my son when he was a baby, but I lent the cd to someone and never got it back, so I haven't heard it for years.

  156. "I think I'm still rocking. If only just barely."

    Well we got the juice, you got the engine.

    Definitely off now.

    Keep rocking Montana.

  157. Never watched the apprentice. I am not heavily into those kinds of show. Although I fell in love with the new-format "Masterchef" when I was in France, and as a result have been watching the Aussie version on cable over here.

    Love my food a bit too much really - as I once said on here before, as I have got older, I am less "Young and Svelte" and more "Vanessa Feltz", but I really enjoy cooking. And it would be a shame to chuck it in the bin afterwards, now, wouldn't it? :p

    Whoever the gaylurker is, she has sure been lurking a long time to know so much detail about people's lives, eh?

    Give me the creeps a bit when that happens. I will have to watch what I say from now on then.


  158. Good night, James. I believe I have surpassed my vicious bullying outburst quota for the day, so thanks.

  159. That's okay, Paul. Gaylurker can stay if she wants.

  160. Montana

    Actually got that totally wrong.Sheff's right in effect cos your ying and my yang did actually work in harmony there.

  161. The only Portuguese I know - or used to know - was the verse of Girl from Ipanema, which I used to sing - long ago, long story.

    And on that useless bit of information, which I am delighted to have shared with you all whether you like it or not, I am off to bed. Got a bit of a sore throat coming on, which is quite a handicap in my business, so it's lemsip, strepsil and bed.

    ciao for niao. xx

  162. Hehe.

    Which reminds me - why isn't Sean Bean called "Seen Been" or "Shawn Bawn"?

  163. Hello everyone, just popping in for my daily dose of enlightenment!
    I've sort of got a grip on how the economists are practicing the equivalence of alchemy. What I don't get is how we are letting these snake oil selling shits get away with it.


    err... can anyone explain the logic?
    Or did I miss something?

    In order to kickstart the economy we all have to buy more stuff and borrow more money to buy it with.

    So far so confused: where are all the friggin jobs?

    Was that the bit I missed?

  164. Harmony on the UT Paul, surely not? We wouldn't want to disappoint our lurkers by being civilised, now, would we?

  165. Montana

    Maybe there is an element of ying and yang(ie opposing forces) but as i said before i reckon you and me are quite similar in some ways-good ways as well i might add.

  166. Yeah we won the pub quiz! NN you homophobic bunch of sexist racist left wing tory communist paki nigger wop dago kraut yankee crapaud chinky nip pikey prize fuckwits. i love you all, p xxoxx

  167. Oh PS. Loved your work on waddya today Peter J. More of that please, "Isn't this thread getting a bit long now, and where's Stoaty, Montanna, e-mail him at once, & start the new thread, there's a good girl."

    NN all, sweet Dreams. :)

  168. "Harmony on the UT Paul, surely not? We wouldn't want to disappoint our lurkers by being civilised, now, would we?"

    Hello Sheff: well I don't expect harmony but this site was set up as an antidote to cif and more specifically "wadya" so I think it behoves all of us who post on UT to raise our game and not succumb to the "ad hominem" trading that goes on in the other place.

    FWIW: I believe the UT should be an exemplary standard of a blog that can function wihout moderation and by and large I think it does.

    By all means disagree with what other people have to say but let's be civilized about it.

    BTW: I'm not calling for an end to bad language and for everyone to be polite.
    I like a good ding dong as much as anyone else but if you are going to call someone a cunt, at least give a reasoned argument for doing so.
    BTW(again!) could anyone translate this sentence into English?
    "If there's one feature of the dogmatic, totalitarian Left that really winds me up it's this: its ability to sublimate genuine atrocity in the cause of Utopia, whilst screaming 'kill' at any individual who steps across the line."

  169. Sheff

    Lol! Let's hope gaylurker doesn't come back when things really kick off here.She'll have an apoplexy./Although in all seriousness i don't think anyone here is homophobic.It's one of the accusations against the UT the 'waddya coven' who lurk here regularly keep throwing up with the rest of their bile.btw hope your health problem is sorting itself out :-)

  170. "If there's one feature of the dogmatic, totalitarian Left that really winds me up it's this: its ability to sublimate genuine atrocity in the cause of Utopia, whilst screaming 'kill' at any individual who steps across the line."

    Where's that from chekhov and who said it? Whoever/wherever it was I missed it.

  171. @Sheff: scroll up to Peter Bracken!

  172. Let's hope gaylurker doesn't come back when things really kick off here.She'll have an apoplexy

    heh..heh..doesn't bear thinking about.

    I'm rubbing along quite well thanks Paul, although having to stay off the whisky, gin and one or two scrummy comestibles, sadly. Can manage red wine thank christ, as long as i don't over do it.

  173. Oh so it was PeterB...strange isn't it chekhov, he's pretty well house trained in the RW as we both know now, but give him a keyboard and he's off, spraying his territory like a demented polecat.

  174. @Paul: I've never come across anyone on here who seems remotely homophobic. In fact I didn't even know it was an issue!
    I know you can run the risk of making jokes that are "un-PC" but that's just daft.

  175. Paul:

    i reckon you and me are quite similar in some ways-good ways as well i might add.

    Well, you're obviously a nicer person than I am, but yeah. I'm sure we have our similarities.


    Montanna, e-mail him at once, & start the new thread, there's a good girl."

    Yeah? Go fuck yourself you anti-American, misogynist asshole.


    if you are going to call someone a cunt, at least give a reasoned argument for doing so.

    Even when their cuntishness is so painfully self-evident?

  176. Just had a peruse of cif - excellent piece from Ally on Emma Goldman, one of my all time heroines.

  177. @Montana:Even when their cuntishness is so painfully self-evident?

    Give them enough rope?

    I'm a big fan of your site, Montana and I wouldn't change a thing about it.

    My only point was that you could proudly demonstrate how true freedom of speech moderates itself.
    I hope that makes sense!

  178. Sheff -- No, I won't follow that lead to Emma G . Can't read everything in the wide world, and after an evening writing other stuff (while lurking quietly) , I wish you all a bonne nuit !

  179. chekhov -- I liked the bit in your NYT link where he said credit card debt was 10% down

    because the banks had written it off .

  180. This comment has been removed by the author.

  181. @ Paul:

    Read it. Thanks, I appreciate that.

  182. and @Chekhov:

    Yeah. I was just being facetious. I didn't really mean that stuff I said about Turm, either.

  183. This comment has been removed by the author.

  184. This comment has been removed by the author.

  185. Montana

    Glad you read my 1.11am post.I thought you'd gone offline which is why i deleted it.There was no need for later post so i deleted that as well.Am genuinely happy we've cleared the air.

    Nite x

  186. A touch of insomnia here, so tried to post on the frontpage article --

    White House blocked oil spill data

    but all commenting had disappeared from the site while I was writing .

    This story is correct , as far as it goes, but there is far more to be revealed .

    In fact you have to read it carefully to realise that the Administration understated the flows by sixty times, when the blogging world was already very close to the actual figure .

    What is more , huge quantities of the toxic dispersant Corexit were used to break up ( hide. . . ) what could be seen on the surface . Many scientists believe that the consequences of that will be far more damaging in the long term than the crude itself . We'll see .

    I can't do clickable links but two sites --



    There are a few similar reports in the mainstream Press too. Not many, but that's no surprise ?

  187. ( Comments re-appeared after 30 minutes or so. )