25 October 2010


Life can make you do many things, even kiss a man with a runny nose.
-Mikhail Kalashnikov


  1. Morning all.

    Can I just add to @PeterJ's excellent advice RE Chekhov's PC? It could be that there is something (EG a mass storage device not a mouse) in a USB port and if the BIOS is set to look there first then you could get that same message.

    Hat tip to @PeterJ, for the insightful article by Martin Rowson. I was about to post something along the lines of the theory that we are being led a merry dance. In other words the government know full well all the side effects of these policies but have something up their sleeve that will come to us from left field and catch us unawares. However after reading that Tribune piece I am not so sure.

    Maybe it is a case of: what you see is what you get!

  2. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/oct/24/lauren-booth-converts-to-islam

    Old Tony's going to love this..

  3. morning all!
    more on freche here
    key line:
    il n’├ętait «que» maire de Montpellier.
    (He wasn't just mayor of MTP)

    Anyway - am mid pack and this will probably be it for a while - will be able to pop in to check for any issues re Thursday - see you then! (will instal self in corner with the G crossword - CIF pic probably not too much help, so, tallish, brown hair, glasses, will probably be wearing a red jumper...)

    Looking forward to it!
    Have a good week, all...

  4. "Life can make you do many things, even kiss a man with a runny nose...or, when life's getting to you and you figure..what's the fuckin point of it all?..you can sit down and design a semi-automatic assault rifle"

    -Mikhail Kalashnikov

  5. We really need a like/recommend button (for monkeyfish's 09:32 comment) and a dislike/not recommended button (for Atomboy's 09:05 comment)!

  6. I like AB's comment - succint, pithy !

    Lauren Booth eh ? Meanwhile the rest of us get the same old shot of spiritual doghsit...

    How many days of CiF articles will Booth's dasmascene moment inspire I wonder... 10... 20... ?

  7. Morning everyone.

    Chekhov - echoing IanG, make sure you don't have a CD/DVD in the drive either - it may be trying to boot off that first.

  8. Just parking a comment here...and I've just found out that I'm making a similar point to moonwave last night..sorry..hadn't read it

    "Read thishard hitting expose of the issues surrounding long term unemployment over the weekend; penned by the wife of the Old Etonian, one-time merchant banker and Tory MP for Orpington, Jo Johnson, brother of Boris; naturally it was just the sort of empathic piece we have come to expect from the Guardian's team of socially aware young radicals.

    It certainly touched on the area's problems and gave a hint at the pointlessness and bleakness which characterise the lives of many inhabitants of South Bank...although if anything, it didn't go far enough in highlighting the drug and drink problems, the crime, the sheer insanity of Friday and Saturday nights, the pathologically low expectations and the difficulties of trying to keep some children from SouthBank or Grangetown in education. For instance, Ms Gentleman failed to pick on the local school which is trying to achieve academy status, solely to avoid having to accommodate them and, having been to adjudication and having failed in its elitist endeavours, simply waited until after the election to give it another crack under the 'Big Community' banner.

    Surely, to any reasonable and disinterested reader, the message came through: these people need jobs; not half-cocked, demeaning 'back to work' programmes, not threats and benefit cuts and certainly not another Oxbridge journo with no feeling for experience of such lives to come waltzing in and making pre-decided pronouncements. The thread Ms Gentleman managed to tease out was a fairly specious point on generational attitudes to worklessness; her thesis seeming to built around a notion that the fatalism and disaffection caused by long-term unemployment is handed down from generation to generation; presumably genetically.

    I can assure her that if you take away any prospect of employment from an area for a couple of decades, there is no need to posit weird evolutionary explanations for the consequent despair...it happens all by itself. Now, given Ms Gentleman's political and familial milieu, I don't think I'd be so very far off the mark in supposing there was an agenda to this piece: "We've tried everything else, they've had long enough to sort themselves out, now they're getting a kick up the backside". Maybe while she was there, she should have put the question: "And so what do you think will happen if we take your benefits away?"...I'm sure the answers would have been most enlightening...or even better: "And so what do you think will happen if we take your benefits away-the way my ex Etonian, Merchant-Banker politician husband plans to?"

    The simple fact is that these people don't work because there is no work and there hasn't been for decades. What did she expect to find?"

    Strangely..the moderators wiped it..no doubt for its high octane abusive misogyny, racist overtones and the death threat to Alan Rushbridger...all of which are implicit to the discerning reader

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Dotterel

    We really need a like/recommend button (for monkeyfish's 09:32 comment) and a dislike/not recommended button (for Atomboy's 09:05 comment)!

    Yes, up to a point, Lord Copper.

    Or, perhaps, we could just skip that stage altogether and jump straight into the WADDYA system, which seems to work pretty well.

    It certainly allows smug little arseholes like MartynInEurope to report people like monkeyfish to the moderators and then crow and wank over the achievement to his virtual mates.

    It also permits blatherskites like EnglishHalfwit to claim that he does not want his computer, his home or his life to be polluted and infected with, er, other people's opinions, all of which his self-proclaimed vast brain idiotically imagine are coming from one GIYUS, under various guises, using CIA techniques to subvert the otherwise pure paradise of WADDYA.

    They can then band together and pretend that they are abused by saboteurs, fifth columnists and wreckers, as they quiver and panic and give each other clumsy high-fives and back-slaps.

    I think you are onto something and no doubt others will agree.

    It works like a dream over there.

    Ask Montana to set it up.

    PS Nice one monkeyfish.

  11. According to GoKrauts on the Charlie Booker thread

    People who said "I agree with Nick": where are they now?

    They're not reading the Guardian as much as they once did; the Comments in particular have been taken over by an embittered, self-righteous rump of lefties who deny everything except their own brilliance and the alleged appallingness of the current government.
    I never hear a decent argument from them, just vitriol.

  12. Neeooowww. Dagga. Dagga. Dagga. Dagga. Screeeeech. Pilot Officer Hermit here, looking for somewhere to have a good crap, Sah!

    Oooh look. A giant cesspit. Just the place. And just look at all the sheeple that Giyus the sheepdog has rounded up for sheering. There's Atomboy, a sheep in wolf's clothing, thinks he's a sheepdog. Baaaa. Baaaa.

    It's surely not the same Atomboy that hails from the infamous Draper family of Molland, the inbred retards who have been winning the North Devon Village Idiot Of The Year competition for thirty years now; not the twittering one who spends his time sulking about being booted off Cif, watching mediaeval gore movies and masturbating over Katy Perry videos?

    It's wunnerful to be here, in America, the land of the distrusted where you can say whatever you like, where free speech is guaranteed under the constitution.

    Oooh. Heave. That's better. It's so good to be able to dump a few noxious vices occasionally. Can't do that on Cif. Just not the done thing you know.

    Well, chocks away, tally-ho and all that, motherfuckers. Neeowwww. Loopity loop. Flies off into the sunset.

  13. Gah, a person makes one light-hearted comment, in response to what they thought was another light-hearted comment, and gets two tonnes of sarcasm heaped down upon them, t'is enough to make one give up on t'internet and gambol in the sun for a while........

  14. Monkeyfish

    Great 12.44pm post and thanks for the link.Some parts of inner London also have high levels of structural long term unemployment with the inevitable accompanying high levels of poor mental and physical health,alcohol and drug abuse,crime and anti social behaviour,broken families,domestic violence and child abuse,kids out of control etc.But to insult to injury their's plenty of work in those Inner East London boroughs bordering the Olympic sites.However rather than investing in good quality education and training to equip the local workforce to do the jobs they've brought in large numbers of migrant workers.So cheek by jowl with the large scale development of the Olympic sites and the affluence of docklands and other gentrifying parts of East London you've got some of the worst levels of unemployment poverty and social deprivation in the country.And the middle class Oxbridge educated Liberals who work for the Guardian and who may even live in some of these neighbourhoods cos they think it's cutting edge have yet to work out what has caused these problems to fester and grow in the first place.And if they have worked it out they haven't got the guts to publicly say so for fear of the effect it will have on their long term careers..

  15. Dotterel

    I took your comment as lighthearted, with perhaps a small pinch of pale malice and extended its scope, however sarcastically, to illustrate the way things have gone on CiF.

    You are entitled to say and think what you choose, how you choose and have your own likes and dislikes, as is everyone else.


    You also have those choices and entitlements.

    Well done for showing the use you make of them.

  16. Ooooo look, thread on moderation up!

  17. Quick impression...

    Hi Jess *waves*


    I just wanted to say I was a close personal friend of Pablo Neruda and I still recall a night long ago in a little bar in Havana when I was drinking Absinthe with Pablo, Albert Einstein, Sophocles, Picasso and The Green Lantern when the topic strayed onto the use of dialectic in determining social policy in developing post-hegemonic syndicalist cooperatives...blah blah...more bullshit...blah...sultry temptress...revolutionary kinda guy...Gramsci...bit of entirely inappropriate Spanish poetry I just nabbed off google....Hasta la Vista...Trotsky...poetic soul....of course I'm not a fat little blurt with a superiority complex....humbly yours...IMHO...FWIW...Ave MariaJess

    btw Jess...you've got mail...Jess..come on sweetheart...I'm on my fuckin kness...please let me write something...anything...

    Jess...I'm begging you...please...anything


    PS...I think someone's takin the piss out of me Jess...please get it deleted

  18. Atomboy

    If you had been on WADDYA this morning, then you might have noticed the activities of UriahTheHittite.

    BTW, this the second time you referred to me as EnglishHalfwit. I let it go the first time, but not the second.

  19. EnglishHermit? Surely not the same EnglishHermit who's so protective of everyone's delicate sensibilities on WDYWTTA, heroically defending the weak from the foul-mouthed? using phrases such as 'inbred retards'? - such phenomenal double standards couldn't exist, could they?

  20. EnglishHermit

    What a complete tit you are...a fuckin big boring waste of space...why exactly do you bother?

    I thought you'd left CIF btw?...although you'd hardly have known it from the complete absence of "don't go Hermit..you're appreciated around here"...you weren't exactly inundated with pleas to stick around were you?

    That's because you're a bit of an embarrassment over there too...a stale, pointless poster of drivel who's well past his sell-by date

    Dagga dagga...you think this stuff gets a laugh?...it's not exactly the height of wit and it doesn't even qualify as an irritant...it's just bland beige gray vanilla filler...that's you matey...nobody gives a shit...they didn't when you left..and they don't now you're back..

    how does that feel?

    PS..keep posting..prove me wrong...show me that with a bit of effort you can post something even vaguely interesting or arousing...I won't hold my breath...oh...not about vegetables though..that's a seam you've mined too much already

  21. "I let it go the first time, but not the second."

    be afraid Atomboy..be very afraid

    "If you had been on WADDYA this morning, then you might have noticed the activities of UriahTheHittite."

    I noticed...it kinda went downhill when he left...normal business resumed..yawn...you big halfwit

  22. Surely that English hermit post is a spoof.

  23. Yes and 'Fuck the moderators' is really helpful and constructive isn't it?

  24. shazthewombat

    This is not Cif. I haven't agreed to abide any any community standards here.

  25. "Surely that English hermit post is a spoof."

    I think the phrase you're looking for is 'self-parody'...for example

    "looking for somewhere to have a good crap, Sah!"

    EnglishHalfwit still thinks disappearing to hit the abuse button and waiting for the moderators to wipe all the evidence that he's had his arse well and truly kicked yet again is 'a good scrap'...mind you he thought he was appreciated over there as a faithful guard dog till he announced his departure to a cacophony of silence, "OK see ya then" and..well..nothing really..just plain disinterest.

  26. monkeyfish said

    I thought you'd left CIF btw?...although you'd hardly have known it from the complete absence of "don't go Hermit..you're appreciated around here"...you weren't exactly inundated with pleas to stick around were you?

    No, yet several posters welcomed me back!!

  27. "This is not Cif. I haven't agreed to abide any any community standards here."

    Didn't you get asked to tick the box which says: "I agree that I will refrain from posting boring shite or anything that a petulant teenager could have managed"

    ...the registration system must be playing up...get it sorted eh Montana

  28. "No, yet several posters welcomed me back!!"

    so that'd be Martyn and the rest of the Muppet Orchestra woodwind section...who else?

    ...anyone who wasn't another big fuckin boring embarrassment?

  29. Right..I'm off

    Love to stay and insult you a bit more EnglishMuppet, but you're not worth the effort...not what you might call 'meaningful opposition' are you?..not without moderators and IP whatevers and all the other heroic little gobshites who stick their heads above the parapet shout "troll" then slink off to play with the abuse button..

    but feel free to do your worst...my response will be..as ever..."yawn"

  30. monkeyfish

    Ah, diddums. Did you get banned from Cif too? What a crying shame.

  31. This is not Cif. I haven't agreed to abide any any community standards here.

    So your only motivation for getting comments deleted on CiF is to uphold a set of community standards which you don't even believe are sufficiently valid to inform your behaviour on another site?

  32. However, as I observed last week, I, and I suspect many others, have had comments removed, especially on WDYWTTA, that could not conceivably have broken any rule and this can only be ascribed to malicious use of the report abuse facility and the pressure of work that the moderators are under which meant that they did not check them properly.

    H'm. Guess who, on the moderation thread...

  33. Legal mumbo jumbo shazthewombat. Haven't you heard of relativism ?!!

  34. Bitterweed

    When i think of MIE and EH taking on MF i keep having this vision of two donkeys in a Baghdad Zoo totally unawares of what is about to happen to them.Now if only i could find that clip again.....

  35. shazthewombat

    So your only motivation for getting comments deleted on CiF is to uphold a set of community standards which you don't even believe are sufficiently valid to inform your behaviour on another site?

    Yes, this is also a bit like the Nuremberg Defence, isn't it?

    I will not employ my own judgement or moral code or wonder whether what I am doing is right or wrong, but simply offload all that responsibility onto some makeshift, rickety anonymous bureaucracy.

    Basically, the ideal fodder for vacuous and meretricious media operations and corrupt government.

    Not a moral agent, not a credible or inquisitive person, not a citizen pondering his place in the world, but just a whirligig plaything to be buffeted by tumbled by the vicissitudes and enticements of any idiot giving him a pat on the head and telling him how brilliantly funny living in an episode of some forgotten sitcom of yesteryear really is when your life is utterly meaningless and with no credible value.

  36. RapideEddie makes a good pitch at 2:24PM.

  37. Paul
    Heh, stop it ya badass !!!

    Right, damn it - got to get on with some work. See youse later.

  38. Yeah, quick look at the moderation propaganda fiasco and maybe sign up again later in order to bring civilisation to a shuddering halt by undermining the community standards of CiF and WADDYA.

  39. Just so that noone is in any doubt about the type of 'person' that the halfwit is, he boasted a while back on waddya about some of his first ever posts on Cif - he was delighted to find that there was a complete archive available (which only demonstrates his stupidity). But apparently these early comments were intelligent and prescient, and prove that even then he was a man who knows what he's talking about.

    Here's a couple of early ones from 2007 which foreshadow the many tolerant and wise gems which he has since produced (when he's not making airplane noises and pretending to be a soldier):

    These multicultural morons are undermining this country's resilience when we are at war. There is only one culture in this country and that is British culture which is INCLUSIVE. They are traitors and should be snubbed and shunned at every opportunity.

    Yes, I would extend this to Muslims. Not because of the alleged delusional nature of their faith but because National security depends upon it. Catholics and Muslims both recognise an authority outside this country. In the event of any conflict, they cannot be trusted to put this country's interest first.

    I sure that he has expressed similarly enlightened views on blacks, pakistanis, Jews, and one-legged dwarfs, but I'm fucked if I'm going to wade through 6000 comments of infantile drivel and raw sewage to find them. A couple of pages was quite enough.

    Welcome to the land of free speech, halfwit - although the last racist fucker here ran crying back to his Kate Bush videos because the people here were so nasty. Better strap those goggles on tight, pilot officer!

  40. Aghh, can't let that one go.

    "1. One of the types of posts particularly prone to deletion is the passionately argued, cogent and effective response to an ATL contributor. The more effective the demolition of the article, the greater the chance of deletion..."

    "I really doubt that. I would point out the dangers of confusing abuse with demolishing a position. I've often seem people making the mistake of confusing the two things."

    TS then adds
    "I'm not accusing you of making that conflation, I'm merely pointing out the conflation often exists"

    That's a cop out. Yes you are - otherwise why counter RE's initial claim in such an off-hand manner "I really doubt that"?

    Is this guy considered some kind of heavyweight ?

  41. Hello All

    dagga - dagging at you all from sheep powered goat cart struggling across Offa's Dyke.


    Further to 'get on the bus' - and poor ,fatally damaged Merthyr.
    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said last week that Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales was an example of a place where people had become "static" and did not know that if they got on the bus they would be in Cardiff an hour later and could look for work there.

    "We need to recognise the jobs often don't come to you. Sometimes you need to go to the jobs," said the minister, who was criticised by union leaders for being "insulting" to the unemployed.

    Research by the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) showed there were 15,000 people in Cardiff chasing 1,700 jobs, while in Merthyr there were 1,670 unemployed people and 39 job vacancies, all temporary and part-time.


    This area is just one of many across country suffering in this way - all areas (full of families) to be most effected by benefits and services cuts. Cif should be publishing these figures when trumpetting benefits cuts to counter 'scrounging scum' rhetoric.

    Our last bus leaves the village at 6.30 pm - taxi back from town is about £20 pounds - before midnight.

  42. Bitters,

    Indeed he is.

    Ye shall know them by their hats....

  43. Bitterweed

    Yes, it seems that the Skellet character has now found a job as the adjudicator of all the internet's questions and problems by simple virtue of moderating a couple of forums of which nobody has heard.

    So, the only voice from outside the sticky, incestuous embrace of CiF and WADDYA-land was actually JayReilly.

    No doubt Hanman will do her usual trick of selecting one of the most grovelling apologists of CiF and asking them to just outline why they think CiF is utterly perfect and beyond reproach and then use this to tell everyone else that they must be wrong.

    Neither politicians nor the media seem to have noticed that we can all see the evidence of their lies.

    Everyone knows that CiF moderation is a joke and destroying the site.

    The numbskulls go into a huddle, give each other a hug, tell each other how much they hate all the rude and nasty people beyond their little lopsided group and then declare that everything is perfect, as they knew it to be all along, to the belief of nobody except the WADDYA set.

  44. Afternoon all

    I see we have visitors....

    So Lauren Booth has converted to Shia Islam - interesting decision. I think she has been charmed by the Iranian people - they can be incredibly seductive in my experience.

  45. Afternoon sheeples ;)


    What a charmer and an unreconstructed racist to boot.


  46. MonkeyFish:

    Really top banana post that one at 12:44.

    Fucking pathetic that it got moderated.

  47. MIE, 3.02:
    So, all in all, I think the Moderators are doing a great job, and far from the system being broken, it works very well.

    EH, 3.07:
    MartynInEurope Well said.

    Ha ha! Do you think those guys got married and moved in together? Perhaps if their incessant begging letters to get another excruciatingly boring ATL piece are answered, they could write a joint article. How about one on how retired English slugs are moving to the Costa Brava and eating all the Spanish cabbages? That's a huge fucking problem which is rarely discussed in the mainstream media.

  48. "I think occasionally it's an accident. Having looked at the moderators' software, the two buttons (for regular remove, and remove entirely) are close together and with the sheer volume the mods have to get through, it's not surprising such mistakes do happen."

    So, there you have; the moderation on CIF is not arbitrary censorship just the mods inability to to distinguish between two buttons!

  49. Mr Chekhov:

    So, there you have; the moderation on CIF is not arbitrary censorship just the mods inability to to distinguish between two buttons!

    Good grief!

  50. EnglishHalfMuppet


    Ah, diddums. Did you get banned from Cif too? What a crying shame."

    ouch!!..you fiend!

    yes..I am banned...but I always consoled myself with the fact that people noticed...what happened when you left again?

    oh yeah..I remember

  51. Is this the five minute argument or the full half hour?

  52. May as well just accept the inevitable and stick this one right on here now...


    People who call for zero moderation are either naive, high-minded individuals or hypocritical bullies. At some point or another, in the race to the bottom, either a forum will melt down from abuse, or become a very small clique.

    "Race to the bottom?"..hardly mate..not a fair race anyway...not when you live right next to the finish line

  53. Just sen this from Bluetopia on the moderation thread...

    "....I have noticed a bias in favour of right wing opinions......"

  54. "....I have noticed a bias in favour of right wing opinions....and that bears like trees around when they shit"

  55. and that the pope has a penchant for funny hats and dresses........

  56. Just had a quick skim of the CIF moderation thread.Good post from you Jay and nice to see you thauma setting the tone at the top of the thread.(i think thats the first time i've seen someone from the UT heading a thread).

    I'm gobsmacked by the hypocrisy of the posts from MIE and Sprouts.Doubt they've considered that given their respective track records over here moderation is perhaps needed over there to keep the likes of them in check.

    On a lighter note i've just heard this old classic from ACE

  57. MsC/Princess

    Apparently Look North have a piece on Sheffield's gun culture at 6.30 tonight.

  58. An excellent day's work methinks. I had no idea that there was going to be a thread on moderation today, but I've posted a link on that thread so that readers can see how ghastly an unmoderated Cif would be.

    Thanks to all for making my job so much easier.

  59. EnglishHermit has just linked to this thread as an example of what CiF would look like with no moderation.

    0/ Hi, EH...

  60. Evening folks.

    sheff - thanks. Let's see if the BBC report bears any resemblance to reality.


    I haven't been involved in your spat, but thanks for tarring all of us on the UT with the same brush. May I respectfully point out that we're all different, some use different tactics from others etc. Much like commenters over on CiF.

  61. EH - two things:
    Firstly, does that mean you were trolling? (In which case this unmoderated site demonstrates how easily a troll can be brought down).

    Secondly - another own goal, really - you've just made yourself look a bit of a tit to a lot more people.

  62. Flying visit, back later, hope all are well...

  63. There are about 350 comments on the moderation thread, again mostly with at least some element of dissatisfaction or complaint, apart from those who are abasing themselves to slug level in order to curry favour with those who might commission some splatterings from their brainz.

    We have this:

    25 October 2010 4:14PM

    The only problem with moderation I have ever noticed is the endless complaining about it from about 6 people who all know each other.

    I know EnglishHalfwit is under the delusion that everyone he doesn't like is GIYUS masquerading as, er, GIYUS under another name, but have those of us here who have an issue with moderation seriously squeezed everyone else out of that thread and taken it over under various established names from CiF?

    Blimey, I thought CiF was supposed to have millions of users.

    Apparently, it's just us under different names.

    Montana - do you want to merge UT with CiF or CiF with UT?

    Now we are in control of both sites, it hardly seems worth keeping two running when clearly just one would do.

  64. EnglishHermit,

    Well, now you've done that, why don't you stick around and engage us in debate.

    Then, we could compare your performance here with those on waddya, and draw conclusions about which works best!?

    You know, in the interests of fairness and all that....

  65. "Thanks to all for making my job so much easier."

    No probs, but just leave the crayons in the box when you go home. Cheers.

  66. Englishhermit

    but I've posted a link on that thread so that readers can see how ghastly an unmoderated Cif would be.

    Like many others who frequent the UT I have stayed away from your interventions because they seem rather pathetic, not to say fruitless. But have to say I hope this means that you will now be taking yourself off and no longer boring us with your wailings and faux outrage..

  67. hello anybody from Cif who has not previously visited.

    please take a seat and join in the conversation.

  68. heyhabib

    I was responding initially to the second derogatory comment this week about me by Atomboy. I thought I would give him a taste of his own medicine. It sort of escalated from there. On Cif I would have been moderated and quite right too.

    To me it demonstrates how quickly an unmoderated site can sink into a cess pit. Is this what you all want for Cif? Really?

    Now can you see why moderation is necessary?

  69. Evening all

    MF needs to write comedy for a living. That was brilliant. :o)

    Re moderation: one of the things I nearly said but didn't in the thread was that people who post chunks of - or links to - posts by regulars posted on completely different websites need to have their arses kicked. I should have said it, shouldn't I?

    Sheff and MsChin - I doubt very much the Beeb report will have anything to do with reality at all. Yes, there is a bit of gun crime about, but frankly compared to what it used to be like it is on the wane. Still, I am sure they will find the only 3 blokes in Sheffield with a hand-gun and have their pixelated mushes spouting gangsta crap for our viewing pleasure.

  70. hermit

    don't you condider referring to a site as a cess pit rather immoderate - it suggests that the posters here are less than shit eating bacteria.

  71. EH - you are being very childish now and you need to stop it, if only for your own sanity.

  72. Paul - the funny part is that I have no doubt that MIE and Sprouts have had far more posts deleted than I have.

    What I object to in the modding is that other posters who are interesting - even if I completely disagree with what they're saying - get banned.

    Some people seem to think it's all about them.

  73. Just looked at Cameron's 'Growth Plan' - huh!

    Rumours of his having enjoyed any kind of education beyond kindergarten are obviously exaggerated.

  74. EnglishHermit

    I thought I would give him a taste of his own medicine. It sort of escalated from there. On Cif I would have been moderated and quite right too. To me it demonstrates how quickly an unmoderated site can sink into a cess pit. Is this what you all want for Cif? Really?

    We periodically get visits from people who don't like us and various trolls who hurl abuse then clear off. Wer'e still here, still sane and if you take the trouble to trawl through our back numbers you will find its generally only a cesspit when the above visitors drop in to give us a bashing.

  75. Thauma

    some very good posters - some I disagreed with, some I didn't - have been banned.

    he 'ya-boo' types have remained and proliferated.

    i cn't be bothered to join the mod thread - these constant discussions stroke some egos but never result in any changes.

  76. Leni

    I heard Will Hutton at some ungodly hour on Today this morning, pointing out quite rightly that

    a) we will be losing half a million civil service jobs

    b) we are likely to lose as many private sector jobs that depend on contracts from the public sector for their bread and butter

    c) the government needs to create 2.5 million jobs over the next 5 years for their plans to work

    d) after the last recession, between 1992 and 1999, 1.5 million jobs were created, but of those 900K of them were in the finance and credit sectors and 400K of them in the public sector...

    I then heard some chappie from the CBI muttering and mumbling with the usual "I have confidence" garbage, and later caught Vince the Mince on t'telly avoiding answering directly.

    What. The. Fuck?

  77. Oh, and the Duke has posted a funtilicious one at 6:06 ... wonder if it stays up!

  78. BB - quite a good article by ManchePaul on Cif today on the impossibility of the private sector providing the jobs required. Slightly undermined by his insinuation that public sector workers just aren't up to private sector jobs.

  79. BB

    Jobs created are recorded as just that - they are never matched against job losses in an area.

    Jobs created are often jobs replaced but requiring skills other than those possessed by the recently sacked. There is never investment to provide necessary training.

  80. Invoice in the post to monkeyfish...

    25 October 2010 6:29PM


    If anyone wants to see what Cif would look like with no moderation, then click here.

    That's really quite good. And whoever made the comment "so that'd be [X] and the rest of the Muppet Orchestra woodwind section" owes me a new keyboard as there is coffee all over mine.

  81. BB

    In the interests of fairness and balance why don't you ask AtomBoy very politely to stop referring to me as EnglishHalfwit? It isn't very nice.



    Anyway, I'm off. I really don't want to become the subject of this thread. I think I've made my point and if you lot can't see it, well, that's how it is.

    So, it's chocks away and tally ho. Neooow. Loopityloop. Back to civilisation.

  82. Thauma

    The reverse is sometimes true. Here, and in other industrial areas, when everything closed we had a hard working workforce , trained in manual skills who were expected to go into call centres etc.

    It was not that they lacked the skills or were capable of learning them - it was to do with the fact that they were seen as 'unionised' and bolshy.

    mployers wanted obedient workers.

    Going from public to private sector - when skills suit or are transferable should not be a problem. the jobs will not be there - many SMEs will crash quite quickly.

  83. Atomboy - oops, own goal perhaps?

  84. Should have been INcapable of learning them.

  85. Does anyone here think Vince "Cousin Vinnie" Cable looks remotely convincing - or even convinced, himself ? I think they're putting on a brave face, but it's only a matter of time...

    "Slightly undermined by his insinuation that public sector workers just aren't up to private sector jobs."

    I know. Where does this prejudice come from ? I've met useless people all over - public, private, third sector.

  86. I don't give the Graun credit for much but starting the week off with a thread on moderation was a stroke of genius.

    It's going to run and run and not just over there by the looks of posts above.....

  87. Exactly, Leni. I've worked in a few large multinationals and believe me, there is plenty of skiving and jobsworthiness.

    I've also worked in a couple of small businesses and, while everyone has to pull their weight, the salaries and benefits were far better than the big companies'.

    Generally speaking, the big companies want sheep - and their management are threatened by anyone who cares to engage their critical thinking skills - and the small ones want rebels.

  88. EH - the thing is, on here people get called all sorts of things, especially on a Friday night when we have been drinking.

    But everybody has the right to reply. And if they are upset by it, they should come and say so on here, just as you have. But expect to take the flak - to keep in the airforce theme - and come back fighting.

    Now, I have in the past been stalked by a particularly unpleasant character who will remain nameless - largely because he has had more usernames on CiF than I have had hot dinner this year - who snoops on here, follows bits of conversation I have with the people I "know" on here, copies and pastes them into some kind of archive then traduces them into nasty accusations of alcoholism, being an unfit mother etc etc. on CiF if I post something with which he disagrees.

    That is where I draw the line. Moan and have a go on here by all means. But taking it over to CiF - even linking to this site - is not only pathetic but also mean spirited, because most of the people on here will not start a fight on CiF over it.

    Keep it here.

  89. In the interests of fairness and balance why don't you ask AtomBoy very politely to stop referring to me as EnglishHalfwit? It isn't very nice.

    Don't want to prolong anything un-necessarily, but referring to people as inbred retards isn't very nice either.

  90. thauma

    Atomboy - oops, own goal perhaps?

    It would be a pity if it was, as it was meant a bit like fondling a cat or dog behind their ears - a sign of affection.

    Obviously, the result was a bit more like when you tickle the funny bit behind the dog's front leg and the back one goes spastic - in this case, EnglishHalfwit's "cesspit" post.

    The problem with the WADDYA contingent is that they show themselves to be far worse than the thing they complain about and from which they want to be protected by special, partial treatment at the same time as never having enough insight to see themselves for what they are.

    Have any studies been done into an online version of Stockholm Syndrome?

  91. Bitterweed,

    if there's one lib dem that's going to have an emotional breakdown live on TV when outlining another Tory plan he's had stuffed up his arse sideways, it'll be Saint Vince. Put a fiver on it.

  92. Leni and Thaum

    All this bollocks about SMEs shoring up the employement market. When we bailed out the banks I seem to remember one of the conditions was that they would release funds to finance SMEs, yet I have heard story after story about small companies with plenty of work on the books being refused loans, which has ultimately led to them having to lay people off.

    And the banks say "well, we just haven't been able to reach our goals".

    Yeah, but they have been able to pay themselves more bonuses based on investments with our cash...

    Bastards just doesn't seem to go far enough really.

  93. Dude called tickledonion just posted a good one

  94. BW:
    "Does anyone here think Vince "Cousin Vinnie" Cable looks remotely convincing - or even convinced, himself ? I think they're putting on a brave face, but it's only a matter of time..."

    This morning, standing outside in the cold on the Beeb, trying to justify this bollocks, I did wonder if he was going to just collapse at one stage and shout "Nooo! It's all wrong!" He looked distinctly uncomfortable with what he was saying. Gone the confident smile and the twinkle in his eye.

  95. Duke
    I'm not betting against that.

    "he's had stuffed up his arse sideways,"

    Literally looks like it today. Makes you want to shout "Jesus man, save yourself - pack it in - now !"

  96. @BeautifulBurnout
    Ditto my reply to 13D ... I actually... almost... felt sorry for him.

  97. Englishhermit:

    Now everyone who doesn't know you can see what a wanker you are! Hahaha!

    Namely the person who comes and metaphorically defecates on another site and thinks it's 'cool'.

    You know, if that's what you have to do to get some attention, you must have a mental age of about 6.

  98. Well, the infighting is starting. Simon Hughes has started it and he's deputy leader of the party. I wonder how long the coalition will last. And I wonder if Millipede minor is up to scratch if a general election is called next year...

  99. Likewise BB... "how long..." ?

  100. EnglishHermit: bad form of you to link to this site as an example of an unmoderated forum.

    I've said it before and will say it again now, UT is a form of private correspondence; not in the strict sense, obviously, but in the manner of Chatham House rules.

    Think of the place as a dinner table conversation between Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill: not for public consumption but pertinent, brutal and genuine nonetheless.

    And trust me: I've learnt the hard way.

  101. Heh. Chatham House rules.

    Or "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas". :o)

    Although that has always left me wondering. If Chatham House rules really do work, how come the Chatham House think-tank is always on the radio talking about things they've talked about?

  102. Actually, BW, there was something of the look on Vince's face this morning that reminded me of the look on Obama's face the day he was inaugurated. It wasn't just extreme tiredness I don't think, but more the look of a man haunted by all the gub'mint secrets he had suddenly been made privy to - like he found out that the world really was run by a conspiracy of Illuminati or something.

  103. Atomboy - I meant an own goal by EnglishKermit, of course!

    Have any studies been done into an online version of Stockholm Syndrome?


    I would like to believe in Saint Vince resuming his halo, but he has been spouting as much neoliberal bollocks as the rest of 'em lately. Bah.

    Off for some nosh.

  104. Halfwit

    "Anyway, I'm off. I really don't want to become the subject of this thread. I think I've made my point and if you lot can't see it, well, that's how it is."

    I think you've made yourself the subject though...and you've even brought in extra spectators

    "So, it's chocks away and tally ho. Neooow. Loopityloop. Back to civilisation."

    mission accomplished?..what was the mission...looking a complete fucknut? 10 out of 10.

    Don't go though...might make it look like you were forced out..or ran away (surely not the Intrepid EnglishHermit? Not a man capable of such masterful and stirring stuff as..

    " There is only one culture in this country and that is British culture which is INCLUSIVE. They are traitors and should be snubbed and shunned at every opportunity.

    Yes, I would extend this to Muslims. Not because of the alleged delusional nature of their faith but because National security depends upon it. Catholics and Muslims both recognise an authority outside this country. In the event of any conflict, they cannot be trusted to put this country's interest first."

    (for as anon has so kindly pointed out this is our brave and principled tailgunner in action)...

    righteous stuff hermit...how's the credibility holding up? I can see why you and Martyn have such a special bond

    What was it you came for again? You seem to be suggesting you've accomplished something...was it showing us we were all 'traitors' too...or just too give us a piece of your mind? You'd better take it easy Muppetboy...you haven't got too many pieces left by the look of it.

  105. 13th D

    Just read it on the moderation thread...momentous mate...momentous

  106. thauma

    Yeah, but I knew you wouldn't mind my using even a constructed misunderstanding in order to piggyback another observation.

    Now, back to real life again - Corrie.

  107. @LaRit: beat me to it!
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

    If anyone was in any doubt about EH being a first rate plonker it has now surely been erased.

    The only time this place resembles a cess pit is when clowns like him come over here and take a dump.

    @Peter Bracken: not sure about Chatham House Rules but you do have a point.
    Christ knows we have our ding-dongs now and again but there is a certain level of decorum on here.
    As far as the moderation issue goes..well great since this site is un-moderated the day EH came over to make a complete arse of himself will be there for all to see for posterity.

  108. I think the credibility of the LibDems has been torn to shreds by their decision to prostitute themselves to the Tories.And imo they're an indelibly tainted party who will forever be associated with the class based ideological nightmare that is what the Tories represent.Getting into bed with the Tories may have given them a taste of power they wouldn't have been able to experience under their own steam-certainly not in the short term.But unless they experience a 'Night of the Long Knives'sooner rather than later and cleanse themselves of the 'coalitionists' they will become a spent force in British politics.And even if Simon Hughes and others do break away from the Coalition the mere fact they ever entered into Government with the Tories will have seriously set them back with the electorate imo.Political Historians here will no doubt correct me but other than in WW2 has Britain ever had a successful coalition Government.(And even thenlook what happened to that one in 1945.)

    Of course if the LibDems were able to secure PR as their reward for entering the Coalition then that would imo be a definite achievement.Trouble is i don't think the Tories ever intended to deliver on that promise.

  109. Chekhov:

    hehe ;) I like the 'first rate plonker' tag though ;)


    Well said matey.

  110. Can anyone copy the Duke's post onto here for me to read, please?

  111. Paul

    I think the coalition will break down before there is even the slightest whiff of a vote on AV in the offing. The tories are hoping that they will have made enough of a success of things within the first year or 18 months that they can call an election and win it outright next time round.

    Christ I hope not.

  112. BTW: top notch stuff on the "mod" thread, Duke.
    loved that.

  113. This comment has been removed by the author.

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Okay... I'll delete mine... :o)

  116. Hah! Great minds etc

    OK, I will zap the last two...

  117. Sheff missed Look North as only just read this. Wonder if you can get on i-player although might be better off not knowing how many of our fellow citizens are packing!

    My mum thought you and MsChin were 'great' btw.

    Peter - thanks to that link from the Tribune yesterday - most illuminating. I can't help but think he is spot on when he says they will be spending a lot of time saying 'we didn't expect that to happen'. After all Telegraph headline today is 'government suprise at fall in spending and rise in debts'. No shit sherlock.

    Reading a very worrying book called the Last Oil Shock - which predicts most scarily how when we reach a peak oil (pricewise at least) situation all of this will occur. Including the weird rise in petrol, food, and heating costs in what should be a deflationary environment.
    I have always thought the crash had to be linked to the high oil prices and he says this is how it will start - if he is right then it came three to eight years earlier than he thought it would. It also means we are doomed.

    Got to go now I have cheered you all up and make tea.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. James
    it's a corker...


    25 October 2010 6:06PM

    It was a cold October day and the clock had just struck thirteen. Duke Smith shivered as he walked the the streets of Bindel One, a small insignificant Island, part of the greater continent Guardianista.

    As he reached the entrance to his block of flats, he looked at the enormous poster of a dungaree clad individual of indeterminate gender peering into his very soul:

    Big Modder is watching you

    emblazoned underneath.

    Sitting in his dingy flat, the tinny telescreen burbled in the background with information from the Ministry of Tuscan Villas: ”98% production increase of Villas for inner party members” it proudly proclaimed. ”The Ministry of taramasalata and mung bean salad announces a 48% increase in production.....”. Smith typed into his iphone word app away from the prying eyes of the telescreen:

    If there is hope, it lies with GIYUS

    At that moment, a voice screamed from the telescreen- ”XY Chromosome Smith, remain exactly where you are!!!! as 6 ethnic nepalese garbed Shoreditch Twat troopers stormed into the room. “You are under arrest for questioning the authority of modding and identity politics as a socially progressive force” one of the twats shouted.................

    ...........”You cannot possibly mod opinions which fundamentally question the editorial stance of CiF and the ATL contributors forever!” spluttered Smith as he was force fed his sixth triple skinny Somalian latte in 10 minutes......

    .....“Take him to Room Poppy Project”, Reed barked, “You will eventually submit”. Duke Smith was forcibly tied to chair with his face pushed into a hole in the wall. “You will now be forced to read Bidisha and articles bemoaning the plight of the middle classes faced with cutbacks to the opera and harp lessons for their children” an unidentified voice cackled.........


    Smith sat alone in the Okinawan Bonsai Tree cafe. A waiter poured him his second Austrian goat milk double-half-caf-half-decaf-soy milk cappuccino - extra hot - with a dash of Madagascar cinnamon-and half tablespoon of caramel-latte-frappa-mocha. The telescreen interrupted his beverage:

    ”There now follows an important announcement- Guardianista troops have broken through Class Consciousness lines and are currently routing any last vestiges of class consciousness by putting all enemy on an obligatory 2 week gender and identity paradigmatic structure course.”

    Duke Smith’s heart soared. He gazed longingly at the dungaree clad poster of individual of indeterminate gender. “O, cruel needless misunderstanding”, he thought, pretentious coffee stained tears rolling down his cheeks. “Never question the agenda, educational background or bourgeois progressive identity politics agenda of ATL authors.” But everything was alright. He loved Big Modder........

  120. Bugger!

    We've all deleted our own!

    Right, who is going to post it again? I will if nobody else has already...

  121. Cheers Shaz, BB, (and possibly) Bitters, much appreciated.

    And I agree, excellent post Duke!!

  122. Just flagging up the scandal of the Iraq wikileaks leaks has started on C4.

  123. His Grace the 13th Duke should also write comedy for a living.

    Hey - there's a good idea for a stocking-filler. If Alexandr Orlov can have his Meerkat book, maybe we should to the UT Book of Scathing Posts! :o)

  124. Has EnglishFuckwit gone? That's a shame; I was hoping for a chat about genocidal fantasies and AirAce Picture Library. Too late, alas.

    Still, good work Duke, AB, BW, and the rest of the UT groundcrew.

  125. Yr Grace

    Me to...am raising my glass to you old bean....glorious

    Interesting that EnglishHermits plea to 'click here' for the horrors of unmoderated sites comes right underneath!

  126. The Four Stages of Ciffing ...

    Hi !




  127. @Princess: this isn't the link I was looking for but it pretty much says the same thing.

    I've saved one somewhere that explains better the connection with exponential gowth.
    I'll try and dig it out and send later.


  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. bettystanton has a nice one:

    Absolutely right. It is possible to completely destroy one's opponent's argument and do it courteously. It is also far more effective.

    I agree totally, englishhermit. Is that why you linked to an unmoderated site which you described as a cesspit and where you yourself posted abusive comments calling people inbred retards and motherfuckers? Tut, tut! That's not the Cif way. If you can't exercise a bit of self-restraint, and you need to rely on the moderators to curb your own worst excesses by deleting your offensive comments, then perhaps you should just consider giving up posting comments altogether. Or perhaps you chould just report yourself for abuse and destroy the evidence of what seems to be hypocrisy? Or alternatively, report me - I'll let you figure out why this comment should be deleted.

  130. Thauma:

    Saw that excellent BettyStanton post.

    Duke's is pure class ;)

  131. Indeed. SweatyBantam is a good 'un.

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Right ... bed. Nov will be a long month.

  134. Some great reading today.

    Obviously Thauma, you set the moderators an impossible task - 'Do we delete the 1st post' ? must have had them running about like headless chickens shouting - 'Nat Nat whadayyawe do' ?

    Duke - brilliant.

    Nearly had to get nellie and the cart out again - thought another invasion was imminent. A sterling repulsion of the invaders by MF and AB

    BW I've lost me Night Nurse A choon that is always one of my Jukebox selection's down the pub. One that always gets oh no ****** is on the Jukey again. RIP Gregory.

  135. Very sad news about Gregory Isaacs ;( Only 59.

  136. EnglishKermit

    You really are a bit of a plonker aren't you?This site is probably more effectively policed than waddya yet you choose to antagonise us all by referring to us collectively as a cesspit that is only fit to be shat on.And then you have the audacity to complain when people here have a go at you.You ,MIE and Sprouts really are made for each other.

  137. This is my all time favourite Gregory Isaacs track.


  138. Hey - there's a good idea for a stocking-filler. If Alexandr Orlov can have his Meerkat book, maybe we should to the UT Book of Scathing Posts! :o)
    sssh BB; I've already written it. What are you trying to do me?
    I had it all planned. My publishers are wetting their knickers about the secret bombshell that will hit the market just in time for the Christmas bunfight and now you've gone and spoiled it all!

    I don't even get my moment of shaudenfaude where I get to tell all you losers what a bunch suckers you were for feeding me all my stuff for free when I bugger off in my Ferrari to Hollywood and sell my story to the next highest bidder.

    Seriously, though, you might have an idea that could "have legs"!
    If we could all collaborate to contribute to a book about blogging, I could understand how a lot of people might want to read it.

    Especially if it was marketed as from a blog that was and still is un-moderated.

    I think freedom of speech is going to be quite a big issue in the next few years.

    I've no idea why EH thinks this site is a cess pit.

    On the contrary it is a model of how an un-moderated site can function quite well without the influence of various "jobsworths" sticking their oar in.

  139. Happy memories of an old friend, who loved this
    Number One.

    RIP Gregory

  140. Hi folks, been having a look at the moderation thread - the expected repetitive merry-go-round of banality which will accomplish precisely nothing.

    Still, nice to see that thauma got the first comment in with her usual blend of sophisticated rhetoric and just a touch of Irish bluntness. :0) And 87 recommendations too, which seemed to annoy some luvvies - so when's the ATL gig being commissioned thaum? I'd suggest an in-depth discussion of fucking soda farls with a feminist twist.

    The other highlight for me was yet another namecheck and link for this cesspit - and by no lesser person than that doyen of fascism, 18th century patriotism, gibberish and mindless trivia, Englishhippyhalfwit. His posts on here were priceless.

    It did strike me seriously, though, regarding the moderation issue that the concept here of zero-moderation (as opposed to the Cif version of moderation) has one very important advantage. People who have posted here, and been allowed to say exactly what they think, expose themselves brutally in a way they simply cannot on Cif under current guidelines - I'm thinking particularly of eg. bitey, brussels, stevehill, martynineurope and now the hoimit (he's actually from Brooklyn). By their embracing the opportunity for no-holds-barred freedom of speech, and the way they use it, we can actually recognize them for the fuckwits that they are. Since they cannot (dare not) say these things on Cif, they manage to conceal their true nature from others and are consequently more acceptable to the other 'liberal' closet-everythingphobes and everybody can keep on pretending and air-kissing forever. So obviously that wouldn't work on Cif, but then, who really cares?

    I know feelings can often get hurt on here, and scraps can be tedious, but that's probably a price worth paying for a glimpse of the 'truth' behind what people really stand for, and an adult discussion with obscenity deemed acceptable by most (although not obligatory, I hasten to add). Cif is mostly just a dilettante circus, and an obvious need by many regulars to impress strangers and appear tolerant and enlightened to the cliques.

    As for Duke's tremendous 1984 parody, I wonder if MIE had already read it when he posted this:

    the problem might be you.

    Agreed. When I have been moderated the problem has been me, and that even includes quoting other people who have broken one or more of the 10 simple rules of use.

    Fucking Winston Smith in a nutshell! Thanks for the laughs, Dook, but if you're considering another one, please, - Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia, not me! Julia! I don't care what you do to her! It's Julia! Julia! Not me! Not me!

  141. Obviously Thauma, you set the moderators an impossible task - 'Do we delete the 1st post' ? must have had them running about like headless chickens shouting - 'Nat Nat whadayyawe do' ?

    @ tascia: yeah I loved that too and congrats to Thauma for the brilliant timing.

  142. @Sherfig; what is a "soda farl"?

  143. Hah Ha Checkov, I thought you went over to the green Isle earlier this year. Can't believe you never encountered a 'Soda Farl'.

    They are truly mystical beings - generally dripping in lard, and only met face to face in the early hours of the morning.

  144. 'ning all

    moderation thread....couldn't really be bothered to read the article properly skimmed read it, *great input* from the holier than thou CiF WDYWTWA chatterati obviously each hurdle surpassed elegantly by 2million light years by the fuckwits cooperative.....

  145. Don't wanna piss on the Duke's bonfire, it was a cracking post after all, but MrPinchy got there first way back in the May 2009 period Jay referred to.

    Might even be on the UT archive still. It was in response to Brian Whittaker popping in to say hello.

    Incidentally, has anyone noticed mona4's witless contributions to the news blogs? She was exposed by another poster today as Tory MP Nadine Dorries.

  146. Oh dear, chekhov. You were never really in Ireland at all, were you? Or did you just not have time to eat anything there?

    soda farls

    tascia, you don't need to fry the buggers (although that's great) - they're also lovely toasted with butter and jam or very fresh with soft-boiled eggs.

  147. Soda farls - yumm! - hot and dripping with butter Bliss!

  148. evening hank, MrPinchy's post was probably consigned to the memory hole in late September after it was revealed that Fat Tony had been working for Eastasia all along. The Party whacked Tony and then replaced all his pictures with Imogenblack.

  149. Sherf and Sheff

    You are right - lightly toasted and dripping with butter. Hmmm

    But the rest of the Irish breakfast must be dripping with grease - otherwise, as I have been castigated before - it's not a proper 'Irish'. Hmmmm... getting munchies !!

  150. schef & tascia

    Fried soda farls sound good to me ..


    Must remember to ask mona4 if her posts are 70% fantasy like her blog.

  151. Evening scherfig

    I've found the UT version here


    30 april 2009 at 15.53.

    Whatever happened to sealion and commanderkeen btw? CK, in particular, was one of CIF's finest...

  152. @Sherfig: you are quite right, I spent a week in Ireland and learn't bugger all about it since I went from one retail park to another which are no different to the retail parks over here!
    A truly depressing experience.

  153. However I must say that the hoteliers who put us up were most hospitable and gracious and went out of their way to make us welcome!

  154. Have just read the whole of that UT thread I linked to. Wow, was it really only 18 months ago? We were all so young and idealistic, and kiz was all set on walking away from Cif in protest.

    She was really angry.

    So angry in fact that she'd invited Bru on so that they could collaborate on a consciousness-raising blog about shopping.

  155. Past my bedtime so night from me.

  156. Hank

    just read it...kizbot was fuckin immense!!!

    "Right that's it...I"

    ...such intensity..such integrity...such loyalty...such unshakeable faith and rock-solid principles

    If only you hadn't started all that misogynistic abuse and stuff...and forced her away...you are a bad man.

    I'm off anyway..take it easy

  157. Yeah, hank, I've just read it too. Bit embarassing really - some of us even sounded like we gave a fuck about Cif, although that also seems to be the time when I got my profile deleted, so possibly not so much, or I'm just a cowardly quitter. Some interesting old names on there too, and also a couple of punters (MF and yourself) wanting speedkermit to post on UT, which he eventually did unprovoked more than a year later. What are the odds of that?
    And kiz was absolutely furious! So much so that even though things have only changed for the worse since then, she recently posted 80+ times in a single day. I think she was really, really cross and her boss was out of the office that day.
    And FatTony was there as well, before he was turned into imogenblack.

    plus ca change

  158. Ha, scherfig, I've got a proper stalker on that thread - "HankSkorpio" - who might that be?

    Fame at last.

    WinstonRed's not long for this world, I'd guess.

  159. According to tonight's Panorama private sector landlords renting out sub standard accomodation are raking in about £3.5billion per annum in Housing Benefit.And as more people become dependant on the private sector the situation is likely to get worse.Additionally cuts in local authority spending mean that the already ineffectual policing of Britain's private sector landlords will deteriorate even further.

    The programme exposed the growing numbers of low income families in this country who are renting accomodation from slum landlords which lack heat,hot water, are damp, have broken windows and window frames,are infested with vermin and which have wiring which is potentially lethal.And basically fuck all's been done about it.This country really is sliding further and further into the mire.

  160. Hmm. One of the few things that I will applaud the Tory Govt for is looking at the issue of housing benefit. If the state is paying the rent, or 80% or more of it, no questions asked, then the market's being rigged and middle class BTL landlords are getting rich on our tax money.

    Where the Tories have fallen down is in failing to reintroduce rent controls.

    They want it both ways, an unregulated rental sector with no subsidies.

    The landlords won't reduce the rents in Central London and the other big cities because they think there's plenty of young professionals who can afford to pay sky-high rents.

    It won't last much longer.

    FWIW, I'd hang a few BTL landlords together with a few bankers and one or two auditors to encourage the others.

  161. paul

    rents were forced up through a shortage of social housing provision and the rise in buy to let landlords. HB has paid - how many second motgages ?

    Problem is low paid workers and unemployed will have to find more money for rent or move.

    buy to let/private landlords will - I hope - soon feel the pinch too.

    there will be increase in families in B+B too - overcrowding is already high.

    So many problems which bull at a gate approach won't solve - will move around at best.

  162. Hello Hank

    so who is Hankskorpio/

  163. Hi Leni

    Haven't a clue. Not a fan of mine, I'm guessing. Probably one of the lurkers on here who report back to the milk monitors on waddya.