06 June 2010


Lots of things happened on this day and lots of people were born or died, some of the famous. I've gone for this...


  1. Whoops sorry. Thought I'd get something up and had problems with the embedding. Feel free to change it...

  2. Hello everyone, Sheff will be posting some pics from last nights shindig which was an epic piss up by any standards. What a lovely bunch of people, it was great to meet you all. Hope everyone got home ok.

    BTW this message is from Chekhov. I'm typing this on Sheff's laptop.
    That should set a few tongues wagging!

  3. No gossip folks! - I'm old enough to be his mother and anyway you can't kick amiably pissed chaps out into the rain.

    These UT gigs are very good fun and it's remarkable how well we all get on and we're agreed that we'll plan another one soon.

  4. You sly old fox, Chekhov...

    Good work martillo - i completely forgot it was June 6th.

  5. Oh my head! And my stomach! Sorry missed dancing at Sheffs but as it is will be spending next few days recovering!

    Just to say an absolute pleasure to meet you all - what a fantastic bunch of people.

    P.s. Sorry to those poor sober souls I rabbited on at non stop!

  6. A most agreeable event in Sheffield, in fact a cracking do.

    I second Chekhov's comment - a great bunch of civilised comrades whose company I enjoyed very much. I look forward to the next get together

    So it's thanks to Sheff/Chin for locating a pub that sold a cracking (new to me) bitter. Fucking nectar.

    An extra thanks to Sheff for providing fine food back at her place (that St Agur cheese is always a favourite).

    Hoping that PCC is not ill for too long after her heroic wine consumption.

    I hope the travelling members of the UT tribe A42/BW/Thauma/Chekhov all have safe journeys back home.

    Remember you bastards - what happened in Sheffield stays in Sheffield.

    Regards all and many thanks for the enjoyable meeting/memory

  7. Thanks Jay. Why would you remember? What does your generation know about honour and sacrifice?

  8. Afternoon all - made it back home! Bit rough this morning ... no sign of BW at hotel....

  9. Hey Deano - You were one of the poor sober people I talked at so apologies! In ones defence I haven't had a drink like that in over a year! Cant actually remember last hour or so or going to the shops for me ma. Drunk shopping fantastic.

    Loved the pic of mungo - very handsome canine.

    Thauma - Glad you are back safe and sound - hope BW is ok.

  10. Sounds like it was a good one - take things gently, there, princess!

  11. It was brilliant meeting some again and some new faces too! Many thanks to Sheff for arranging it and for her sublime hospitality.

  12. Afternoon, folks.

    Had a great time yesterday - thanks everyone. Special thanks to sheff, too.

    BW had 'things to do / places to go' today so assume he's off doing that, and will surface later.

    And message for hank: no soul music played, all night *sob*

  13. Peter

    ok I look for your post later.........


    Remember you bastards - what happened in Sheffield stays in Sheffield.

    nice photos....! I've guessed who you are D...!

  14. Thauma

    right ok so you're the beard so deano is really the blonde then......or maybe it's BW....

  15. Having plied chekhov with gallons (and I do mean gallons, never met anyone who can down so much), of good Yorkshire tea he should now be bowling up the A1, a little fragile but honour intact.

    It was a great day and its wonderful to be around people who know how to laugh!

    Surprisingly little wreckage considering how well oiled we were. Hope eveyone had safe journeys home.

  16. Morning all,

    Sounds like it was quite the part-ay.
    Hope all involved had a good time.

    (I was promised pictures of people enjoying cheese though....)


    did you see the article about Rome in the Graun?
    Wondered what your thoughts on it were!?

  17. James
    no i'll check it out..thanks

  18. Gandolfo - Chekhov is the blonde.

    Sheff - too right, a good laugh makes up for weeks of mind-numbing drudgery.

    James - Deano posted a verbal cheese paean.

  19. Awesome piss-up, well done everyone, nice to meet some new faces too. A more genial bunch of total gents and charming wimmin you'd be hard pushed to meet.

    Sheff, - not too much damage ? Phew. Thanks ever so for splendid hospitality after the pub, but I did rather fear you might need a hand sorting a new carpet.

    I surfaced at eleven, checked out and proceded to make *three* services breaks on the way home. Didn't feel ill as such, just felt compelled to buy some cheap sunglasses...

    Going to cook a paella now. Mmm paella...

  20. MsChin
    That music *is* soul music though really... just made in Zaire, Senegal and Cuba, that's all ;-)

    Thanks for the lift btw, I think I'd have probably confused the crap out of a cab driver by that stage...

  21. James
    seems to have it covered.yep it's pretty much like that here in rome.....I don't go much to the center but from my experience working in peripheral areas of rome it's pretty much like that....graffiti of neo facists daubed on walls almost in every quarter of rome be they working class or middle class areas....the posh areas always get cleaned up quickly! Alemano the mayor of rome "ex fascist" got loads of support and was welcomed by hoards of people giving him the roman salute....
    the homophobic assaults are also very much a product of the macho italian society, visibility of gays or lesbians is minimal in mainstream TV (and life generally people don't often declared their sexuality here) and what there is is the stereotypical super camp gay male or super butch lesbian the former being the more dominant presence lesbianism isn't really acknowledged. This and the former left wing government failed and basically refused to introduce civil union for gay couples. Italy regarding gay lesbian rights is way way behind the rest of europe and this obviously reinforces the homophobic attitudes of many people especially the young. Also the catholic church here is stongly anti gay especially regarding the recent scandals of peadophilia when the Vatican spokesman stated that the perpertrators were gay. The law on homophobia was rejected by both the left and right recently.
    Racism is further validate by political parties such as the Lega Nord who are outwardly racist.

  22. James

    Your cheese pic is now up!


    Thanks for the great music - Ochestre Baobab rules!!

  23. Yes indeed, excellent music by BW. Oh, and said poster did absolutely no dancing whatsoever.

  24. Gandolpho,

    I have to say, Italy's really worrying me at the moment, generally, but I didn't really visit Rome, so I didn't know how accurate the article was.

    The underlying machismo thing is always potentially problematic, in my opinion, but throw in a more general shift to the right, and a sense of political legitimacy, and things can get ugly very quickly.

    Unfortunately, I can only see things getting worse....

  25. Sheff,

    Much appreciated. You've made my day

    (which is sad, I know, but what can you do.....??)

  26. @Sheff et al - sounds like a great evening. Am jealous on the south coast.

    @gandolfo - my post is up now on the Cohen thread, if you'd like a look. It could do with some more work, but I wanted to get something up quickly given the hate-fest that's going on there.

  27. james

    it's worrying me too! i think the swing to the right in the younger population is the most worrying thing...there really are no jobs for them....they have no sense of future so they kick out at those that they don't identify with rather than the shits that run this country for their own benefit...the dumbing down and control of the media really is showing how powerful the state can be in the hands of one man.....I hate that fucker so much...

  28. peterj

    The Cohen thread is appalling - a real hate fest as you say. I put up one post but don't think I can face it again - but will have a look at yours before i abandon the place.

  29. Hi All

    Seems everyone enjoyed the gathering. Glad to hear it. thauma, you look good in a beard. deano, that left hand of yours looks very protective of that pint. I'm a bit envious, but pleased you all had a great time.

  30. Nice photos, the cheese one made me peckish though.

    Glad everyone had a good time yesterday, seems like you got the last good day for a while to enjoy.

  31. 'Twas pissing itself down rightly when I awoke (far too early) this morning, with a bit of thunder and all. First 20 minutes of drive were a bit dodgy but it cleared up after that.

    Unfortunately the rain has followed me down here.

  32. Gandolpho,

    when age finally catches up with said fucker, do you think it'll be a catalyst for change, or do you think there's enough people being groomed to continue his 'legacy'??

  33. Afternoon all

    Sounds like the 'Sheffield Crew'had a great time last
    night.Descriptions of Sheff,s after pub hospitality got me salivating a bit.Think you lot could have made up
    some doggy bags for those of us who couldn,t make it!

  34. There's still some cheese left Paul - but am right out of booze - we drank the place dry!

    Still - there's always the next time - which I hope you'll be able to come to.

  35. @Sheff

    Energy levels permitting, can I come next time too?

  36. peterj

    I shall be mortified if you don't - if ypu can - if you know what I mean.

  37. peter
    i think the problem is that whenever there is a debate, article or discussion on I/P it becomes immediately polarised because often the one writing is coming from one side...such is the case of Cohen...he comes from the side that labels all in the arab world as evil and all those that support the cause of the Palestinian people as anti semitic, antizionist and apologists for all evils committed in the Arab world.
    Cohen's article to me was not coherant and seemed to focus on his hatred of the liberal left rather than honestly stating the wrongs carried out by both sides in the I/P conflict.
    Re the blockade I can understand Israels anxiety about the trafficking of arms into the west bank but and this is the big but it is depriving people of essential supplies such as medicine, food, building materials etc...I'm sure with all the means that it has Israel is capable of controlling the traffic of arms without making palestinians suffer so much.
    I dislike Hamas and think that their politics perpetuate the dire situation in Gaza and do nothing for the people there, but any previous attempts by other Palestinian groups at compromise have literally and metaphorically been met with a "brick wall" by the Israeli government.

  38. Hi Sheff, got back about 3pm but had to have a lie down! Many thanks for your hospitality. That was a seriously top notch bash. Knew the good people of Sheffield wood deliver the goods!Cheers.

  39. james
    I hedge my bets on his daughter marina berlusconi...she isn't in the world of politics but basically runs mediaset. She staunchly supports her father. In the current PDL I don't see anyone....a relief in some ways. The problem is that the left is so completely lost here anyone with an ounce of charisma (that seems to be all necessary here to get political approval) will carry on his politics. What is interesting is the split between Berlusconi and Fini.....maybe Fini will be his predecessor.....

  40. Hello all,

    Yet another person jaloux to have missed a rockin' get-together..... beer, lovely peeeps and Bitterweed's musique :(

    just a quick couple of words re: Cohen....

    He's a fucking arsehole re: i/p .... backward stupidity of the higest order, can't even bear to look at the thread.

  41. @gandolfo

    On the overall position, we agree pretty much completely. When I wrote my post, I was trying to lay out my reading of Cohen's piece as I had actually read it, rather than trying to find ways to back up his argument. And I really didn't see there the 'all supporters of Palestinians are anti-semites' stuff that others seemed to.

    I rarely post on I/P threads because of the wild polarisation, but in this case I wanted to explore if possible why my reading of the piece seemed to differ so markedly from others' readings.

    Anyway, I felt better for writing it.

  42. PS

    Well, I've just read his piece and I'm really in complete agreement with the indomitable Exiled.

  43. LaRit

    cohen is truely one of those people that i really quite despise he's an arrogant twat and unable to string a coherant article together no doubt paid a wack by the GMG.....
    here's one for you LaRit and anyone who wants to see cohen make a true arse of himself....not difficult even leaves peter Hitchens looking "good"....

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. whoops.....
    I think this was it really:

    "Israel has become the main source of mystification for modern liberals. It twists them into ever-uglier contortions. It allows them to ignore secular tyranny and radical religious reaction and to revive with more relish than is seemly Europe's oldest antisemitic tropes while they are about it."

  46. @gandolfo

    Ah yes. I can't help but think he had his earlier piece on Jenny Tonge in mind when he wrote that. It's a sweeping generalisation, true, but I don't think it's quite 'all pro-Palestinians are anti-semites'.

  47. Gandolfo:

    Thanks for that! A sort of Nick Cohen does Tracey Emin perhaps?? ;)

    I used to live very close to Columbia Rd. Flower Market (beloved of stuck-up meedyah Islingtonians et al) and used to see Nick Cohen around there from time to time....

    Should have kicked the idiot in the shins when I had the chance.

    I think his biggest problem is that he swapped middle class youthful (fake/trendy) 'radicalism' for the high life and Establishment acceptability - his anger is about his inablilty to be anything other than a bland, champagne-supping over-paid tosser who has no moral compass.

    This is the bit that really got me riled;

    "Advances for radical Islam are always disasters for women"

    Advances in radical neo-liberal ideology and economic structures are ALWAYS disasters for women, the 'disaster' is not confined to bloody radical Islam! We are now at the stage where we have "vaginas-to-go" for women with enough money to pay for 'fashionable' genital mutilation in a fancy clinic in bloody Harley St. as opposed to a rusty razor blade in a back street in Egpyt. Wow, ain't we in the 'West' sophisticated with our equal rights!??!

  48. Gandolfo/PeterJ:

    The trouble is, the contortions the uber right-wing and the uber pro-Israel crowd twist themselves into is unsurpassable.

    I really have no idea what Cohen's agenda is.

  49. Got home about 6:00pm Luckily M&S food in Cardiff station was open and am now eating spinach 7 riccotta Canneloni.

    Wonderfull weekend from start to finish - yesterday was fab - especally the evening!

    Was a real thrill to meet all of you! You are an amazing bunch of people!

    Must do it again soon!

    Sheff great food and your flat is gorgeous - especially the balcony! BW great music even got me moving! (and I don't mind admitting it!)

    princess - no worries it pleases me to see people enjoying themselves ;)

    Nice to see Sheffield after 20 years away - totally unrecognisable though!

  50. LaRit
    colombia road eh ?!? I spent my student days in a co-op off kingsland rd! you really should have kicked him notin the shins but elsewhere;)

    "I really have no idea what Cohen's agenda is."
    nor do I, does he? apart from being an arse that is.....
    quite right about the ol' line Islam is bad for women...god what a bore.....

  51. Glad to hear folk have all returned home safely form Sheffield.

    Just enjoying half an hour's peace after the usual Sunday family invasion. With chocolate, strawberries & a nice cup of coffee.

  52. Gandolfo;

    Lived on Dalston Junction for 5 years in the mid-90's.... spent about 13 years altogether around there... an old boyfriend and his crazy band recorded a single in Toe Rag studios... it's horrible now.... full of Ok-Yah's and drunks... that's probably why Nick Cohen feels so at home there!

    even Brick Lane on a Sunday used to be a real treat, me and my sister used to schlepp down there regularly around 7.00 in the morning... now you can't move for tourists and 'twendies' grrrrrrrr......

  53. MsChin:

    Hope you're enjoying your chocs, strawberries and coffee ;)

  54. LaRit small world..I was between London Fields and queensbridge road from 1990 til 95ish basically an authorised squat....the BBC filmed our neighbour's rat problem.....can't imagine what it's like now...they started blowing up tower blocks just as I was leaving....the best was the chippy and the bagels from Ridley road market.......

  55. LaRit/Gandolfo - I worked at Ridley Road market for a time in my youth - lived behind Hackney Town Hall. Great days... great bagels... mmm

  56. La Rit

    Oh yes, enjoyed it muchly! English strawberries are in a class of their own.

    All this gentrification has changed so many places. As anne says, Sheffield's changed a lot in in 20 years, but if I'd taken her for a tour of the inner city & outlying estates she'd see that they haven't changed that much. The modernisation programmes like the 'decent homes standard' have improved things, but there's still a lot of people out there for whom the cafe culture means fuck all.

  57. on an open thread calling for questions to Clegg at the Hay festival I asked:
    "In december 2009 you said in an article in the Guardian regarding Gaza:

    "It is a scandal that the international community has sat on its hands in the face of this unfolding crisis."

    Do you still believe this?

    and as deputy PM

    What is your opinion to the international reaction to the attack on the boats carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza by the Israeli IDF?

    What is the ConDem position on Gaza and the blockade, and will you as deputy PM be as actively outspoken against the blockade as you were as an oppostion leader or will you be following the government line?"

    They put I guess some of the question to him he replied: "in response to a question from Gandolfosreturn, Israel may be subject to increased pressures, Clegg said, including possible economic measures, to end the Gaza blockade on humanitarian relief."

    so nothing really...no surprises there nick I guess the conservative friends of israel are more powerful than you!!

  58. shaz

    mmmm those bagels after a night in the student bar were fffing brill...

  59. Gandolfo - used to have them for breakfast - arrive at work, stuff face...

  60. Glad to read all home and recovering.

    It's a rarity for me to be arsed to attend social events these days and even rarer from me to enjoy the company of everybody there when I do. The Sheffield weekend was a delightful exception, for unusually (for one with a low threshold) not a single soul I met bored me or made me question my sanity (for even being in the same room as them).

    PCC - you certainly didn't bore me, or anyone that I could see for that matter.

    My only regret was that I did not have a bit more time to chat to Sheff or thauma but that can, and will, be remedied at the next do. My only excuse is that everyone I spent time talking with, before I got a chance to talk with you two, was so interesting that the time, just flew - and then before I knew it it was time to go.

    In any event you were always fully engrossed with other conservations so it might have been difficult to intrude - if you know what I mean.

    A great get together. As Sheff says what a great pleasure to be with folk who know how to laugh. (and I would add were, to person, of generous spirit)

    Cheers everbody I'm going to relax with a nice bottle of red. And then try to explain to Mungo that I was in a rush when I left for Sheffield and thus my random choice of radio station that I left playing for him was a mistake.....he can be a tad touchy to the point of arrogant insensitivity.......fucking hound.

  61. Gandolpho,

    Still, at least we now know that it takes only four weeks for 'power to corrupt', both message and principle....

    I thought it'd at least take a couple of months, but there you go...

  62. james

    ol' nick seems to be a fast worker....

    i could kill a bagel right now but here they ain't got 'em 'ere.....

  63. Glad a good time was had by all and everyone is home safe.

    Gandalfo - re Gaza. Our Nick is going to find many of his previous positions queried - I doubt he will have any problems with fudged replies. He is a politician.

    Jewish Voices for Peace ( German branch) are planning to break Gaza seige by sailing there sometime in July.

    This is a make or break time for Gaza - time to take in international force, end seige and start talking.

    Extremists on both sides need to be told to back off or be ignored - anyone committing violence arrested.

  64. Oi, stop making me jealous about bagels! One of the very few things I miss about the US: fresh bagels with lox or sable, cream cheese, capers, onion and tomato, yummmmmmm.

    Deano, likewise my only regret is that I didn't have much of a chat with you. I said as much to BW yesterday and he told me it was well worth having (as I suspected).

  65. Hi leni

    infact it was a surprise they actually asked the question but no surprise that he's towing the ConDem line....

  66. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves. Yes, Sheffield, my father is from there. Lots of his relatives on his side still live there. I have not been for years, I was a child then anyway, so I don't remember much.

  67. Julian Glover piece on how the govt should honour the loan promised by Mandy to Sheffield Forgemasters has gone up, if anyone local has the energy to get involved.

    I don't, so goodnight from me!

  68. Evening all

    Lots of discussions about the Israeli/Palestinian
    problem.But what about solutions?Obviously any
    solution has to be acceptable to both Israel and
    the Palestinians.And the neighbouring Arab states as
    well as the Great Powers-notably the USA-would
    have to act as guarantors.

    The West Bank problem is clearly intractible.Would
    a solution therefore be for it to become a UN
    protectorate?And if so what would the UN mandate
    be and for how long?Also from which countries would
    the troops come to police and protect it.

    Gaza needs to be a totally independant Palestinian
    state.Could a solution be for it to be declared
    a strictly neutral state-a bit like a Middle East
    Switzerland.And have the Great Powers as well as
    neighbouring Arab states as guarantors of that
    neutrality.The people of Gaza would obviously have
    to agree to that by referendum.

    Israel would have to agree to withdraw to it,s 1948
    borders.It,s right to exist needs to be given
    cast iron guarantees by it,s Arab neighbours as well
    as the Great Powers.Am not sure what the solution
    would be in South Lebanon though,The Lebanese government is weak and can,t control Hezbollah.
    However any solution would have to involve Syria
    who wield a lot of influence there and without
    them on-side any agreement could soon fall apart.

    These are just a few ideas.However looking at solutions may just help the debate along.After
    all we can talk about the problem itself until the cows come home.The irony of course is that any
    solution may closely resemble the UN proposals
    of 1947.Something the Israelis accepted but the
    Palestinians rejected.And those proposals were
    basically for Palestine to be divided into a
    Jewish state,an Arab state and a UN West Bank

  69. Paul: Your suggestions do make sense, but i fear not too much will come of it in the near future.

  70. medve

    I fear you may well be right.There are sadly no
    solutions on the horizon.Apart from the odd verbal
    rebuke the Americans won,t reign in the Israelis
    whilst the position in Iraq and Iran is 'volatile'.
    Although i,m sure they are working overtime behind
    the scenes to improve relations between Israel and
    Turkey-both key allies of theirs in that region.

    The position of Syria is interesting because some
    commentators have detected a 'softening' in their
    attitude.However the position in Lebanon could
    'kick off' again at any time.

    Am not sure of the logistics of a Palestinian state
    consisting of both Gaza and the West Bank Palestinian territories.Which is why i suggested that Gaza goes
    it alone as an independant neutral state whilst the
    whole of the West Bank becomes a UN protectorate.

    What is so fcuking depressing with the debate about
    this problem is that it,s just going round in
    circles and isn,t going anywhere.At some point
    this impasse has got to be broken.Although like
    you i,m not holding my breath.

  71. Paul

    Agree with you about the circular narrative.

    Gaza as an indepensent state - it is effectively a seperate statelet with no autonomy or independence except in a very limited internal way. As to it becoming neutral - I doubt that with Hamas in charge.

    There was a suggestion for a road tunnel linking WB and Gaza, Ideas around a road link are not enthusiastically supported as Israel demands air and ground control - in fact it demands this in any peaceful outcome. I,m not in favour of armed states but don't think it reasonable for Israel to remain militarised state with Palestinians refused same status.

    My solution is to link WB with Gaza (tunnel or road) linked to Jordan across Allenby Bridge.

    Gaza port to be recreational and fishing port with ferry access.

    Road link to Egyptian hub port (via Gaza ) for inport/export and development of offshore gas fields with Egypt - linked also to E hub port. In exchange for increased commercial traffic through Port Egypt to donate part of N Egypt - very sparsely populated to Gaza. Residents having choice of nationality - or dual - many there are related to Gazans.

    Of course - I am ignoring Hams/Muslim Brotherhood links, the dictatorship in Egypt and the yet to come fight over the Shabba Farms, the Golan Heights and the proposed Turkey/ Israel water link currently on hold.

    Then there are the refugees, the fact that Jordan is curently removing Citizenship from Palestinians (all WBankers held Jordanian citizenship until some time in the 80s).

    International Force with clear and sensible rules of engagement will need to be first mve.

  72. Bitterweed: I'm flattered do be described as a "gent". My Dad was frequently described as the archetypal "gentleman". I don't have his sartorial elegance(that much you know from yesterday) but I still aspire to his wisdom on social etiquette which must maintain after the the point of inebriaton! Rightly or wrongly my Dad worked out that I would start drinking beer and he taught me how to deal with that.
    Anyway, hope that makes sense and it was a delight to meet you yesterday. It was a delight to meet all the people in Sheffield. Thanks everyone: there is much more to unite us than divide us!

  73. Sorry for interrupting the I/p discussion but I'm not clued up enough to comment!

  74. chekhov

    you are a gent - always come across that way. Your dad did a good job.

    Tell me about Bitter's dancing please. I have a mental picture - quite enjoying it.

    The I/P thing - far too complicated. I always speak up for the refugees - they are never on the agenda.

  75. Anyone know if it is illegal to grow commercial hemp?

    i have it all over the garden - from birdseed- along with oats and sunflowers.

  76. Leni: I know they grow hemp commercially in the Netherlands, for rope, sail cloth, paper, and other fibrous matter. This hemp is no good for pot though.

  77. Leni: you would love to have been in Sheffield last night. I deliberately didn't make plans to be accommodated for the night in spite of the fact that I have relatives living in Sheffield because I knew, fine well that some one in Sheffield would put me up for the night regardless of what happenned on the CIF "bunfight".
    As you know I'm exiled in Newcastle Upon Tyne but Sheffield is my "spiritual" home and I know I will always be welcomed there!

  78. medve

    I wasn't thinking about smoking it - the plants are attractive in themselves. we have a very officious - but useless - community support guy. i think he is an escapee from the third reich.


    I don't really know Sheffield - I have been but only on visits to a cousin - his wife bakes a mean parkin which sadly I can no longer eat.

  79. Evening Leni and Chekhov

    Chekhov-what we really want to know is who copped off
    with who?Somebody had to ask FFS.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. @Leni

    Sorry about deleting that - I suddenly realised I'd been over-confident about the legality of hemp growing, and that I'd better do a bit of checking before offering any advice.

  82. peter

    thanks for that. don't want to pull them out - I generally leave bird seed plants to reach seed stage - for parrot and wild birds. I believe you can eat the young leaves in salad and that the seeds are human friendly and nutritious.

    I/ve had interesting plants from birdseed - this is the first year hemp has appeared.

  83. Paul: sorry to disappoint you but as as far as I am aware no one "copped off" with anyone. I did spend the night at "Sheffpixies" but we both parted with our honour intact! That is not to say that she is not a drop dead gorgeous sexy woman with an intellect on top but you must aspire to the highest decorum!

  84. chekhov

    quite right too - seemliness is all.


    Please don't descend to common gossip - it'll be all over waddya!

  85. Leni

    Gossip? Moi? I,m the soul of discretion i,ll have
    you know.Although i did hear that Bru was caught
    bonking Giyus in the luggage compartment of the
    Eurostar.And that afterwards they enjoyed a crepe

    @Chekhov-They do say discretion is the better part
    of valour.

  86. Leni: I couldn't give a flying fuck if people want to gossip on "waddya" about what did or didn't happen in Sheffield.
    BTW: I had a chat with Hank on the phone last night. I was a bit pissed obviously but I think we made some sort of a pact. I hope so anyway!

  87. chekhov

    waddya is an odd place. I don't often go there . Giyus amuses me - he used to contribute to I'P threads but no longer bothers.

    The waddya 'flouncess off to right' episodes are a common feature and some of the long running feuds are almost Albanian. I am trying to incorporate the waddya characters in my story - like a black and white film running behind the action.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Leni

    When you write your book about waddya go easy on Hermione.I,ve got a bit of a cyber soft spot for her.Can,t understand why some people here have taken against her so strongly.She makes me laugh anyway.

  90. Paul

    All will be anonymous. I think Hermione is a guy by the way. I haven't got anything about hermione bit arch sometimes but sometimes funny.

  91. Should read "... anything *against* hermione..."

  92. Leni

    I think you,re probably right but the on-line
    personnae s/he adopts is pretty harmless and
    often very funny.Some people think Bru is a
    bloke as well.All very confusing.Your posts
    are laced with oestrogen so i,m 100% you,re
    a woman .But if it does turn out that you
    are Len instead of Leni i,m cool with that:-)

  93. Paul

    laced with oestrogen? Explain sir.

  94. The general consensus, last night, was that "Hermione" is a bloke but I'm with Paul on this one: it's pretty harmless and often quite amusing. Sorry Hank!

  95. Leni

    Well madam your posts have a distinctive female
    vibe to them -as far as i can deduce anyway.
    Although for all i know i may well have been
    conversing with a load of drag queens over the last
    6 months.That,s the thing about cyber you can never
    be sure who you,re conversing with.

  96. Paul

    As it happens I am a woman but I agree - we engage here more with opinions and areas of interest. Gender matters little.

    The use of avatars makes for interesting speculation - are they wish fulfillment- identification - admiration- trying to appear cuddly and attractive or something to hide real self behind ? Who knows.

    I'm off to bed - so nightnight x

  97. Leni: if you have a mental picture of Bitterweed dancing that you enjoy then probably best stick with that! No offence Nick!