12 June 2010

12/06/2010 - a typical UT reunion ;-)

469 comments - what an epic UT day, harsh words, misunderstandings, baseless insults, great tunes, new faces, old faces, what more could you need?

"So long as I remain alive and well I shall continue to feel strongly about prose style, to love the surface of the Earth, and to take pleasure in solid objects and scraps of useless information."

If its good enough for Georgey...

England game today, too, I know Duke's ordered himself a Rooney shirt and a couple of St George's flags for the car.

"England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during God save the King than of stealing from a poor box."


  1. I'm away most of weekend so Thaum or Martillo will have to do the new post tomorrow.

  2. a call for His Grace and MEdve to weigh in on the leader article on the Dutch elections...it would be nice to understand what's going on, rather than just watching Wilders Good! Wilders Bad! Wilders Good! Wilders Bad! all day...

  3. Misogynist as well as ageist, Jay? Where's the women in the UT reunion picture then?

    Have a good weeekend - are you going back home?

  4. I've just spent 30 minutes trying to put up a post but blocker won't allow the links on my wiki cut and paste. Have a good weekend Jay.

    Mschin: you can't see the women 'cos they're watching admiringly from behind the bar saying things like 'Go on Hank, nut the bugger!'

  5. MOrning MsChin, I thought a bit of early morning misogyny was in order, yes, keep people on their toes.

    Yeah going home, meal at sisters - she's 5 months pregnant so presume she'll have some sort of bump now, and pre-natal psychosis, but not entirely sure as this is the first baby in the family since me, so im exceptionally ignorant on all things baby related. And soon i'll be some poor sods uncle.

    Anyways, gotta run, have a nice weekend all.

  6. 'She likes the peterBs of the world that fit into her nice white, (preferably) male, middle class liberal view...'

    gandolfo: Jessica is not a fan of mine by any stretch. I've commented critically on a couple of her pieces and she's been caustic in her response. But it's not her job to like the people she commissions. And she's been wholly professional in my email dealings with her.

    It's plain that my views aren't mainstream CiF. Perhaps I'm the token concession to BTL wankers. Doesn't bother me.

    Someone said I 'fancy' melissadarley. Where did that come from? I said I'd take her on a date. But if she is a he, then I'd buy him a pint - and chew the cud.

  7. Morning all,

    If anyone's interested I put the results of the UK election as it would have been using the Dutch method (which sounds like a method used for a completely different activity...) on UT2. Makes for interesting reading.

    Whoah. what the hell is that? I've got voices in my head, singing, singing...............singing.....

    Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
    O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
    Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave...............

  8. Pre-natal psychosis, Jay? Bah. You do realise you'll love the little bugger when s/he arrives, don't you.

  9. Oh, Jay,

    LOL at the painting above.

    Just thinking if the UT was a pub, what would the name be?

    I'll start us off with

    The Old CiF and Hammer

  10. Dunciffin?

    More of a house name, that...

  11. Morning / noon all

    Philippa: What a dilemma! go to the market or answer your call to duty, when i haven't even finished my poldering on Duke's essay of yesterday!

  12. If the UT were a heavy metal band it would have to be Twisted Cifster

  13. Just caught up on last night, sorry you had such a bad day yesterday Bitterweed that grief just never seems to completely go does it.

    On the other hand, don't you ever sleep man, that is some stamina you have got. :)

  14. Philippa: I've read the editorial and comments so far, will leave it to stew for a while and maybe wade in this afternoon.

  15. Ms Chin you beat me to it!

    Jay you need an 'anti ageism/sexism refresher course' ;D

  16. BW - as the sole survivor of a family of four I can only say I am often in a similar place.

  17. Some interesting (?) choons last night - do you guys ever SLEEP?

  18. Philippa: have posted this on Graun's Dutch train wreck editorial.

  19. annetan
    Thanks. Great meeting you last Saturday too.

  20. Morning all. Hi, La Rit (if you pass by again). How's it going?

    Have just emerged. Am staring at my first cup of PG Tips and waiting for the ibuprofene to kick in.

    Match and party tonight. Good grief.

  21. Morning all - or is afternoon?

    Bloody hell...you lot were busy last night.

    Am feeling a bit wobbly. Had great time but am stiff from all the laughing - my lot are a bunch of comedians, unfortunately most of it was so rude and un-pc I daren't repeat it, even here. My son still takes great pleasure in winding me up but is incredibly funny with it, egged on by his bloody father.

    Right, must try and get organised. What time is the England match? Would be good time to do the shopping as nobody will be about.

  22. Sheff - "Good time to do the shopping..."

    Now thats a thought! :)

  23. How do I register directly on UT without going through a Google account?

  24. Kick-off at 7.30, Sheff, so as long as your shops open late...

  25. Anne

    Afternoon dear one! I have been drunk dry and every scrap of anything edible disappeared in the early hours, so urgently need to stock up, but can't face the hordes. This is two weekends on the trot I've been legless. I don't know whether I can stand the pace!

    Welcome to Bedlam Spike!

  26. Cheers, Sheff. My place is drunk dry too and I intend to keep it that way. The party's at someone else's tonight and tomorrow, it's work and wagon.

    I see pensioner-fiddler Catherine Zeta Jones is getting a gong on Brenda's birthday list. What does being a CBE entitle you to command these days, now that the British Empire's a bit thin on the ground? Can you go and lord it over the Falkland Islanders or Gibraltarians?

  27. Well my weekend seems a little flat after the last one! Glad you had a good birthday sheff.

  28. Hello - have been checking the french press, and the verdict on last night's match is as expected:
    Match nul? Equipe de nul...
    Les Bleus en panne...
    ...sans saveur...


    hope we do better...

    glad it was a good birthday, sheff! remember, take things easy...

  29. "pensioner-fiddler"


    Off out to a fiftieth birthday bash in the woods (some of my mates are total hippies you know) then footy later.

    Might be beer invloved.

  30. "Just thinking if the UT was a pub, what would the name be?"

    The Hop Inn.......
    coat getting my.......

    don't worry too much you're perfect for CiF you serve one of their purposes...actually you write well, don't agree with it though!!! and I'm sure Jessica Reed is super professional....

    Blimey you lot had a bit of a sessh last night.........

  31. I couldn't sleep last night - think I had a pea in my bed or something - so I popped in about half four - and was rightly shocked by the language going on in here. Had to have my footman administer the smelling salts.

    On a serious note - Bitterweed - sorry it was such a bad day. As Jen says that grief never really goes does it?

    Sheff - belated happy birthday!

    MsChin - got your email thanks very much - sent a reply.

    Duke off to read your UT2 piece.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. My place is drunk dry too and I intend to keep it that way.

    Wise man Spike. Problem is, I have to pass an off licence with some rather good offers on, so will probably fail the test.

    Talking of pub names - I passed one called The Moody Cow on my travels last week. Suitable watering hole for me I thought.

  34. Hi All,

    following the demise of whaddya this weekend, i thought I'd come say hello here.

    on pubs... there used to be one in Portsmouth called The Fawcett Inn.

  35. A party in the woods?

    Sounds like a good starting point for a horror film, if you don't make it back we will know you have been sacrificed to the devil or eaten by cannibals.

  36. Sheff - I like that for a pub name. The Moody Cow - lovely.

    MsChn - Be interested to know a bit more what your friend thinks the mood on the street is right now? I got the feeling that there is some real anger simmering away but then met an old colleague of mine the other day and he doesn't think there will be unrest. He thinks people will just take it all - the unions are very weakened and young people are just too de-politicised to do anything about it. He asked me if I could imagine any of our previous students getting out there and I had to admit I couldn't. I hope he is wrong and people don't just take it lying down.

    (He also gave me a brilliant insight as to exactly why Friedman was wrong - involving his equation on money supply and prices and transactins so it wasn't all doom and gloom!)

  37. princess

    Like you i don,t see either the students or
    unions providing much support for ordinary
    working class people.However i do see things
    spontaneously kicking off in communities
    already blighted by poverty and likely to
    bear the brunt of the public sector cuts
    as well as ever increasingly draconian
    DWP benefit regimes.

    My concern as i,ve said before is that the
    faultlines in many working class communities
    may result in different factions fighting
    each other rather than presenting a united
    front.And that in some ways will make it
    easier for the forces of the State to
    contain and control.Plus the media of course
    will seek to demonise the people involved.
    And middle class Britain will just look on
    in horror as they did in the 80,s.There will
    be little or no understanding from them as
    to the root causes.Sorry to sound so
    depressing but that,s how i see it.

    @Sheff-how you had a good birthday.

  38. Hi Numbed I've be in the Fawcett inn a few times (long ago) it was on the corner of Fawcett St but they didn't half play on it, lots of liquour in the front, poker in the back signs.

    I can't remember if it was any good so it probably wasn't. ;)

  39. Hello & welcome, numbed.

    princess - by and large, I have to agree with Paul. Any unrest will be in areas where there are already tensions. And no-one will care about the root causes, it'll be the same as it ever was.

  40. Hi Paul and MsChin - how depressing! I just hope if they do really go after the public sector the unions get their act together. You never know though I still have vague hope that something - some spark - could kick it all off. After all look at the poll tax riots. It could happen - depends how bad it gets I suppose.

    Sheff - just wanted to say I am sorry about your work situation. It sounds bloody awful and stressful!

  41. Yes! Another correct forecast giving me 7 points in the sweepstake and no jokers played yet. A bit doubtful for this evening, though, I predicted 3-0 for England before Ferdinand was ruled out. I'd probably go for 3-1 now.

    Fawcett Inn, eh? Traditional Pompey subtlety. :-) The Moody Cow sounds interesting to me too. You'll have to give us a write-up, Sheff.

  42. Well this is new...I've got the comment box back..when did the 'new look' arrive? Just flicked through last night's debate...fuckin quality! Internet feuding; the latest big deal; the only thing that brings in the punters...I may be wrong but I figure that ramming the hypocrisy right back down the throats of sham liberals is the new porn..seems CIF can't grasp that fundamental truth..like all those A&R men who've dined out for years on having knocked back the Beatles. CIF needs shutting down...end of..it's a fuckin embarassment; the last gasp of a faux-liberal orthodoxy that pollutes the political classes; it's morally, intellectually and stylistically debased. It wouldn't be missed.

    The media in the country runs the gamut of political affiliation from outright economic libertarian lunacy right through to freemarket corporate cronyism; only the latter is coated with a veneer of progressive relativism..no real loss; presided over as it is by well-padded Oxbridge hypocrites..people's panel my arse.

    I wanna wreck the fuckin place...saw a mate of mine online in the early hours a few months back blasting virtual body parts all over a nightmarish simulation of a future East End...little feral ninja-hoodies getting their entrails festooned all over park railings for trying to cut in on my mate's virtual crack monopoly. Couldn't actually watch for that long. It was all a bit predictable..but he loved it..told me it vented his existential rage and frustration or some such..and "nobody gets hurt"..then he ventured that anyone who took anything so seriously on the internet that they actually suffered emotional distress deserves all they get...and having thought about it..I can't honestly disagree.

    So I've taken to ripping into anyone who clearly gets riled by it ie. gives off a spluttering and embarrassing response about integrity and decency or calls for deletions, all the time playing up the fact that they're unmoved, unaffected and aloof..and only responding to save those less stoical and well-grounded from similar treatment; those who shouldn't have to suffer foul-mouthed abuse from the likes of me...generally, a post or two later, they tell me I'm a deluded "sad little fuckin wanker". Then they get deleted and start moaning that my posts get to stay put. All they ever have to do to avoid it is this though: fuck off or even better..don't reply to me!!!

    (strangely..I get this all this 'little' and 'sad' thing chucked at me all the time, when I'm actually pretty big, outgoing, opinionated and widely considered to be fairly good company etc..I have no trouble telling anyone what I think and am generally much more confrontational face to face..when I read back my posts they seem to reflect this...can anyone tell me where the small, social-inadequate meme comes from? I figured it was just a case of posters projecting their own problems and frustrations onto me but that just seems too convenient and pat.)

  43. continued...

    They fail to notice that very few of my posts are abusive..just extremely personal and designed to target the precise spot that triggers their red-mist...I think it also helps that Jessica Reed obviously fancies me. Still, they keep queuing up to tell me what a disgrace I am. Why the fuck they do it, I don't know. It is surely clear that..

    a) they're no fuckin good at it
    b) I don't take any notice
    c) they generally end up getting more of the same and then get even more upset.
    d) since it's become clear that CIF serves no purpose, claims that I derail threads are increasingly ridiculous; there's nothing to derail.

    I'll just qualify a)..Fencewalker isn't bad. He's tenacious, consistent, can state a case and defend it. I'm certain he will be unimpressed with my assessment of him, and know he'd munch his own Hushpuppies rather than return the compliment. The rest of the useless fuckers on CIF who give it a go are cack-handed amateurs. Travesty wasn't bad either..I assumed that was Hank, though.

    Anyway..now my intention is clear; to break CIF then destroy the whole internet...I'll nip down the shops to stock up for tonight. I'm supporting Argentina. So pissed off at my lad's take on the whole thing (doesn't have the decades of experience in following England's World Cup fiascos that I do and he seriously thinks they've got a chance..when I told him the 'golden rule' about England and World Cups he actually got hostile about it...I reckon it's one of those generational things..some things you never accept until you've got kids of your own or you've years of disappointment, disgust, embarrassment and hangovers notched up in the cause of watching the useless fuckers)

  44. Afternoon, monkeyfish. Nice to see you again.

    The 'small social inadequate' thing is the ony thing they can think of to chuck at you, afraid as they are to look in the mirror of reality which you would force them to gaze upon.

  45. Monkeyfish

    The sad little insult sometimes comes from experience (and a bit of projection maybe).

    I have been to a few internet meetups where the most apparently 'big' people online have turned out to be a bit wussy in person.

    Not saying thay about you, obviously I don't know you, although I have heard a bit about you (mostly good).

  46. Are you Mavis then Monkeyfish?

  47. "I have been to a few internet meetups where the most apparently 'big' people online have turned out to be a bit wussy in person."

    Nah..that's not it..I don't think I'm wussy in person..at least nobody's ever told me so. They're probably too wussy.

  48. Hi all, I'm gonna be in Glasgow this evening. Any recomendations for pubs, resturants, things to do? On the hoof, so prolly check back 6ish...

  49. "Are you Mavis then Monkeyfish?"

    Well..I'll put it like this. At least half of all the names people have accused me of being aren't me..and a few who were me have never been picked up on and I'm not really bothered about having a personna at all. Reason being: at least the best 200 posts I've ever written were deleted. Why the fuck would I want to be 'anyone' when all my best stuff gets wiped? I'd fuckin hate it if anyone bothered to look at anything I ever wrote since it's by default, the second division stuff..and it's not like I'm the only one.

  50. Glad to see you, monkeyfish. Re: anyone who took anything so seriously on the internet that they actually suffered emotional distress deserves all they get...and having thought about it..I can't honestly disagree.
    It's a bit like this

  51. Go and meet up with Nap turm, take him to a 'dive bar' as he calls them and get him wasted. ;)

  52. I promise you, MF is no wuss, jen! He's one of the best writers around on the net. Although he is fond of the occasional female persona on CiF, sherbetfandango was on of my favourites.

    Going out for a bit, catch ya later.

  53. BW - "Might be beer involved"

    Just Beer? ;)

    have a good time!

  54. Ms Chin I didn't think for a second he was a wuss, like I say I have heard good things about him.

    I just meant that if you meet up with someone from the net and they are the exact opposite of what you expect you sometimes think that will always be the case.

    I for instance am a very intellectual, non whinging supermodel in real life. ;)

  55. Hi Monkeyfish - hope things are wellfor yuou on the job front.

    A while ago Atomboy posted a link that took us into the Guardian archive where there were several hundred of Hank's old posts.

    There were still a lot of yours there too.Sadly I can't get the link easy, it was bookmarked on me old computer which then went dead on me but someone else may have saved the link if you missed it ????

    Glad you had a great birthday Sheff

    Hello and welcome numbed

  56. Is last night typical of what's been happening here btw? I haven't been able to post on here so I stopped looking...I've never really regarded the internet as a spectator sport; if I can't post, I'm not really gonna bother lookin...although, if last night is any indicator, much as love the visceral stuff...I don't think any blame can be laid at my door. Just one of nature's natural conciliators I suppose.

    This next bit is to whom it may concern...anyone offended by it needs offending...

    I reckon what this place needs is to focus a bit more on Belgium. From what I hear the forthcoming election may well be the last. Not only are half the country raving xenophobes, the whole fuckin place seems set to rip itself apart. How can such a cultured and civilised oasis have been transformed into the sickman of Europe despite a populace noted for its attractiveness and breeding. How is it that they can't even guarantee the continuation of statehood or civilised politics?

    I've read countless comparisons of Belgium with the UK; the latter always faring poorly in the process. Does anyone know of anyone resident in Belgium who actually knows what the fuck they're talking about? Likewise Greece.


    Fuck you and your little knitting circle..seems when push came to shove, you're all helpless little children waiting for teacher to sort out your problems..."make him stand in the corner miss"..I'll be back to piss in the sandpit soon enough.

  57. Found a reference to it on Atomboys so here it is

    Monkefish archive

  58. deano

    No problem..last few months have been good. Had more work than I could cope with..not sure for how much longer but I can hardly complain given the state of play. There's a lot of people who'd gladly swap places with me so moaning about a bit of uncertainty would be a bit pointless and churlish.

  59. There has been a trend on CiF to condense and compress comments into tiny one-liners or less, perhaps in the hope that this will contort and disguise imbecility into the shape of a concise insight: an incisive bon mot.

    This is not what I am attempting here lately. I only have time for quick, drive-by postings when something catches my eye.

    In this case:

    Good to see you Monkeyfish.

    You have been missed.

    PS Will we be treated to the delights of the international set in the shape of Kiz and Bru, now that their tiny, artificial social world has been pulled apart by the wicked, spiteful witch formerly known as JessicaReed?

    Or can we, like America with the St Louis, simply refuse entry to refugees?

  60. "PS Will we be treated to the delights of the international set in the shape of Kiz and Bru, now that their tiny, artificial social world has been pulled apart by the wicked, spiteful witch formerly known as JessicaReed?"

    I fuckin hope so...then I can start a campaign to get them banned..pair of scum-sucking trolls that they are.

  61. Hi Monkeyfish.
    Hank: sorry, had a few too many "sherberts" last night/this morning,(I don't think I was the only one!)so I'll have to admit I lost the plot a bit towards the end.
    Anyway just to clarify a couple of points:

    "like a few on here, you seem to have bought into the prevailing right-wing idea that public sector workers are second class citizens,a drain on the resources of the entrepreneurs who will set us free."

    No, I'm not having that, not a bit of it. I don't think of anyone as a second class citizen regardless of which sector they work or don't work in.

    What I was trying to (obviously not very well) was that people (public or private) who know that their "wedge" will get paid into their bank account at the end of every week/month have a different outlook to others who don't know where the next crust is coming from.

    "I don't know what you do for a living, but I doubt that it's as socially worthwhile as what I do or what 90% of public sector workers do"

    Well, I'm a carpenter. I don't where such an occupation stands in your hierarchy of socially worthwhile activities but if it weren't for people like me you'd all be living in tents.

    Hope that makes sense.

  62. "monkeyfish archive"?

    Yeah but like I said, all the good stuff hit the cutting room floor...bit like Scorcese finishing a film and then letting Michael Winner do the editing..

    took me back though, cheers. I thought they'd wiped out all of it.

  63. What interests me is exactly what proportion of people swallow the idea that because private-sector greed has put countries massively into debt, the logical solution is to cut the public sector?
    And if enough people don't swallow this Murdoch approach, exactly what strategies can they adopt in different countries to prevent it and make those responsible for the crisis pay?

    In other words, what strategy can/should the left now adopt to counter neoliberal capitalism?

  64. Monkeyfish

    I think the problem you,ll have trying to
    get Kiz and Bru banned is that they are,in
    Cif terms,a protected species.Both extremely
    adept at planting little poison droplets
    and making veiled barbed comments.But when
    the targets of their venom respond they both
    instinctively go into 'victim' mode and most
    of WADDYA seem to leap to their defence.Plus
    the mods also seem to turn a blind eye to them.

    Have come to the conclusion that the best way
    to treat those two bints is to either ignore
    them or play them at their own game.Although
    kudos to 'mavis and melissa' for giving them
    a run for their money.

  65. What did Kiz and Bru do to become so hated?

    I have had spats with Bru and not that much to do with Kiz but I can't believe it is purely down to Cif, there are lots like them, or worse, on there.

    What did they do on here?

  66. Jenn - Bru viciously abused the confidence of Montana and openly sought to humilate her here on UT - she failed (Montana was more than up to the task), but her spiteful actions (still there in the archive) and repeated over on WDYWTTA left a very naste taste for me.

    She is a poster I don't like at all, but others may have deifferent vviews.

    Kiz failed to distance herself from the vileness and thus in my estimation lost credibilty big time..

  67. jennifer, it's a long story but what bru did to montana and monkeyfish both here and on Cif (two different things btw) was absolutely despicable. She is a total hypocrite and a repulsive human being. Kiz is just an idiot with no sense of common decency who lied her arse off to defend her fucked-up mate.

  68. Ah I see Deano, thanks for that, I don't want to know the details but I can well imagine Bru turning nasty and Kiz never seems to be willing to condemn her whatever she says, so that has cleared a lot up for me.

  69. hey up monkeyfish - good to see you back, you have been missed. As far as what's been going on since you've been away, Jay described it well up at the top.

    harsh words, misunderstandings, baseless insults, great tunes, new faces, old faces, what more could you need?

    ...plus some excellent rants from various people and some good pieces posted up on UT2.

    Oh, and the Sheffield meet up was very entertaining. We all got on rather well.

  70. Hello Chekhov, how's it going?


    "I think the problem you,ll have trying to
    get Kiz and Bru banned is that they are,in
    Cif terms,a protected species.Both extremely
    adept at planting little poison droplets
    and making veiled barbed comments."

    Actually..I've always thought they were a bit thick..especially the stupid one. I must admit, I can't resist having a pop sometimes; she turns right into the straight-man, sets you up with any number of comebacks; most of them open goals.

  71. Monkeyfish

    Fair comment.Although their lack of brain
    matter still doesn,t detract from the fact
    they are protected.And therefore get away
    with a lot.

    btw good to 'meet' you.Have heard a lot about

  72. Turminder, good you are coming to Glasgow.

    A) I have no money for going out on the town.
    B) In my two months here I have not been to a single pub.

    If you wanna meet up and me and go for a walk in a park or the banks of the Clyde or something, I would have no problem with that.

  73. Hi All

    Better game with Argentina-Nigeria. Argentina don't exactly look a lock to go far, but they have a fine group of players. Nigeria a bit disjointed and gave the ball away far too easily. Keeper was excellent and deserving of Man of theMatch. US-England--I'm picking England 2-1. Looks like David James getting the nod, never gives a feeling of security, but will pull off great saves too.

    Hi Spike-Did you get the 2nd game correct? Keep it going. I like Spain to win it all. You?

    Big thread yesterday, good tunes in the late hours. Even Tony Bennet! Not as bad as C. Dion, but close.

    Mavis and Melissa gave me some good chuckles. Won't be the same without them. Too bad.

  74. Have had an offer for the house! Asking price! Sadly the lovely flat I had an offer on has been sold but just have to do some serious flat hinting!

  75. Or even flat hUnting! LoL!

  76. That is brilliant news Anne.

  77. Oooh, hello Monkeyfish! Nice to see ya.

    Haven't looked at yesterday's since mid-afternoon yet, but it sounds as though belated birthday wishes are due to Sheff and some commiserations to BW, so big kisses to both. *Mwah!*

    Everyone else seems to be talking about the World Cup even though it isn't until next year, but was gutted at Ireland v New Zealand this morning. Heaslip sent off with a red card at about 10 mins, ROG followed to sin bin, many tries by the evil All-Blacks. Second half plucky Ireland fights back and manages to score 4 tries with 14 men (1 in first half) - actually 5 but video ref blind. Score still cricket-like. *weeps*

    Understand there's a footie thing going on - may have a look.

    Spike - are you bttp? Nice to see Numbed too.

  78. Thanks jen and thauma - it is good news but after last time I'm not holding my breath.

  79. evenin' all

    welcome also numbed.....

    well done anne now the stress starts of the dreaded chain!!!!

    3 del bel paese.......chi siete???!!! come on show ya faces!!!!

  80. You seem to have scared them off, Gandolfo! Perhaps one might have been usini?

  81. Thauma

    no sooner had I hit the button they disappeared.....blimey...could well be me or could be the thought police....

    come on usini...i know it's you!!!

  82. God the ITV coverage is already shite and the game hasn't even started.

    Adrian Childes is a git, 'America know your place' offensive and not even funny, I can cope with fuckwittery as long as it is amusing.

  83. jenn

    is that adrian childes that did that early evening programme on the beeb and the lunchtime business thang?

    sounds like an aspirant jeremy clarkson.....

  84. It is gandolfo he moved to ITV recently to take over their football coverage.

    I can't think of a worse career move.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Right - this fitba thing - seems there's only one way to score and they're not very good at it.

  87. Hi thauma

    I think the guys are all glued to their flatscreens tonight, so it should be quiet round here for a few hours.

  88. Hi MsC, the match is on in the room I am currently inhabiting, but my attention is wandering, frankly.

  89. The poor lad is going to be dreaming about that for the rest of his life. :(

  90. Jen, you mean the hapless goalie?

  91. Yeah his face when he walked off was a picture, all clenched jaw and I am not going to cry.

  92. Shocking, must be deflating too. He will be roasted in the papers. Should set up a good 2nd half.

  93. Nah, I'm not going to cry either.

    Think about poor Jamie Heaslip.

  94. Thaumaturge - isn't he facing a possible 2 match ban too?

  95. oh dear.....knew it couldn't last.......!

    what's this mean from the graun blog---: "It's like an end-of-season game in Italy"....buggered if i do........

  96. Shaz - heard a rumour about that - not quite sure of the regs. Horrid, but better than playing with no No. 8 at all!

  97. No idea gandolfo!

  98. is everybody crying and letting off fireworks and smoke bombs...? if they are that'll be it.......

  99. Gandolfo, v. quiet around here, but then again am on extreme outskirts of village....

  100. so what will the final score be ?

    I'll go for 2-2 england score as they come out from half time and hold it until around the last 5mins........then the yanks pop one in

  101. Demerit has a yellow card! Hahahahaha

  102. thauma

    heard my neighbours cheering..nobody cheers here apart from when there's footie..... turned the TV on and england had scored....thought maybe they might have english friends round....no baby's first birthday.......what kinda neighbours are they???!!!??? at least a bit of solidarity considering capello is meant to lead us to victory and world domination......

  103. i must say Maradona is looking good.. the beard suits him...how can someone consume so much cocaine and still be on his feet let alone alive...his nose looks intact as well....

  104. Fuck me, it's monkeyfish (-;

  105. The fucking horns are really annoying.

  106. Can't see Maradona in this match, Gandolfo. ;-)

    Have a sneaking liking for the bloke - he clearly loves the game, if not all its rules....

  107. no it was a distraction thauma i'm coming over all football commentatorish......you know idle "controversial" chatter whilst ingerland sink....

    hi hank.......

  108. Gandolfo, having troubles with my loyalties in this match. As a Celt, it's very difficult to support Engerland ( ;-) ) but absolutely cannot go for Yanks.

  109. ... also, I keep thinking "that was a forward pass!"

  110. thauma, yeah i have scots genes...about a legs worth...yanks no....but if it's between ingerland and italy it has to be.... ingerland....
    so normally i don't have much fun here! (apart from dare i say man united hammering roma AC on more than one occassion!!)

  111. A bit of motivation for all the England supporters here!

    we're going to win the fucking world cup

  112. thauma

    here's a pic of the man with the golden hand

  113. scherfig
    they missed out "we'll fuck it up"

  114. Like it Gandolfo - thank fook, I thought it was going to be Thierry Henri!

  115. "A bit of motivation for all the England supporters here!"


  116. SPAM!!!!!!!! Close down the thread!

  117. Oh well, that's that.

    I see the English players are all in "Look, I've waxed my back" mode.

  118. I dreamed I was dead for a little while there...

  119. Last night I dreamt I was in Manderley again.

  120. Hi melissa. You're dead to some at CiF, but here you can live in infamy.

    Good game to watch, England slightly better but US had good chances too. Onyewu was the difference for me.

  121. oh well could have been worse.....

    "I have a dream that one day this blog will rise up and live out the true meaning of its existence........"

  122. Brill, Scherf - I only got 13, which strikes me as very poor.

  123. Melissa lives! Her throat was cut by a Cif apparatchik in the dead of night, but now she's back on the Untrusted! She lives again! I wonder if she has retained her sense of humour? I guess we'll see. And can she do linkywinkies?

  124. Well shall I watch James Cordens World Cup Party or James Corden in Dr Who now?

    Nah it's Alien again for me, I never get bored of that film.

    Melissa I thought you were dead too, glad I am wrong.

  125. "Hi melissa. You're dead to some at CiF, but here you can live in infamy."

    Infamy? Infamy? Oh, to hell with it... I'm not dead, but somebody tried to put me in the ground.

  126. My top score is 67, thauma. If you want to be really good at cheating, you have to practice.

  127. This comment has been removed by the author.

  128. Not counting, Gandolfo ... more than 1 glarssawine. Less than, er, 100. S4C rebroadcasting this morning's fiasco. Second half coming up luckily.

    Melissa: Zombie Queen, I take it?

  129. "They'll grab it by the bull of the horns"

    Is that some weird English expression I've never heard before or did the idiot post-match analyst misspeak?

  130. "I wonder if she has retained her sense of humour?"

    Did I ever have one? I thought I was just a construct for pricking egos. Prick, prick, prick...

    Now I feel like pricking some more.


  131. Montana hi
    i thinks it's "grab it by the horns (of a bull)"

  132. Well, we say "grab the bull by the horns" over here, but the guy definitely said, "They'll grab it by the bull of the horns"

  133. Hi Montana, definite mis-speak, I think!

  134. you're right montana
    wine was talking...well that's my excuse

    maybe the guy had too many beers......;)

  135. Hi Montana

    Whatever he said he was obviously talking

    (Right i,ll go off and shoot myself now.)

  136. I hope so, Thaum. Sure doesn't make any sense to me.

  137. Funny, Paul.

    Feel so sorry for Green.

  138. What was the score then? Are we rejoicing in success or was it a fuck up?

  139. sheff
    put it this way they ain't dancing in the streets.........

  140. Montana

    If England don,t qualify for the next stage
    Rob Green will become the most hated man in
    England.Sad but true.

  141. Right oh gandolpho, a fuck up then. Think I'll stay out of the pub tonight = I can do without the men crying into their beer.

  142. "..a construct for pricking egos.

    Prick, prick, prick."

    If ever there was a case to be made for a big prick, you've made it, scherf.

  143. Very true Paul, I am sure he is about as low as you can get so I hope they don't get the British newspapers tomorrow.

    Can I just say Americans have the best names, I feel like having a baby just so I can call it Edson Bubble.

  144. Well I thought they played Ok. Lennon looked sharp but why can't he ever get that final ball where it should be?..never been convinced by him myself but he deserved someone to get on the end of something tonight..you just knew it wasn't going to happen. Heskey was good, mind..till he gets through on goal himself..you just knew it wasn't going to happen. Rooney was good..just not Rooney. His timing was off..you just knew it wasn't going to happen.

    The goalkeeper thing bothers me...think it's cos I grew up with Banks, Shilton, Clements..even Seaman; safe pair of hands, automatic selection etc. I rate the three that they took but none inspire confidence. Three Stooges/ Three Graces...Ridiculous/Sublime..any way the wind blows..footballers are such fuckin flakes these days..AND don't tout Bonetti as proof I'm indulging in a Golden Age fantasy..he's the exception that proves the pudding.

    Any thoughts Kiz?..that's my big beef..whenever I looked at that couch, I thought "WTF is Keegan doing there?..should be the queen of cif..giving it "t'was ever thus, tis most assuredly.." and makin things 'bearable' in a Jane Austin kinda way. That's what the World needs more of: fucked up Elizabeth Bennett wannabes eking out their virtual fucked-up existence online.."I'd like to buy the World a Coke..."


    How's business? Have to get out for drink again soon before the cataclysm renders car travel and free association punishable by ritual public flogging.

    Off my face..btw

  145. Cheers Nap. we shall stroll in Sauchiehall st. Just not this week, got stuck in Embra, goin back to the Borders : (

  146. Green was obviously got at by the CIA.

    Fuck him, and the Yanks.

  147. Gandolfo First you guessed my new icon then you knew I was here. Who's gonna win the Mondiale? I am putting my money on your pick.

  148. Monkeyfish

    The Greek economy is unravelling,

    South Korea has beated Greece in the Cup,

    Waddya is closed for the weekend,

    Can it get any worse?

  149. Hank - word on da street is that Mossad had something to do with it too.

  150. Off my face too, MF. I've considered all other options and I really can't be arsed with the sober ones anymore.

    Fuck the lot of them. We're entering a world of shit. Alcoholic anger is the only rational response.

  151. "That's what the World needs more of: fucked up Elizabeth Bennett wannabes eking out their virtual fucked-up existence online.."

    I can see why mschin writes...

    "He's one of the best writers around on the net."

    Mavis, an opinion please. MavisCoulter, where are you?

  152. Meant to say beaten not beated.

  153. Hi usini good to see you i "felt" your presence earlier!

    but usini who was the "third" man or woman....?

    put your 1 euro on..........argentina....the ol' maverick maradona.... what a headline.....

  154. There are 7 here now. we must be cloning.

  155. "The Greek economy is unravelling"

    Well you can't say I'm not doing my bit. OK..I've got no spare cash to give the Greek treasury but economic recovery is won "one conversation at a time"..case of hearts and minds.

    I figure that if I can use my rare gift for hyperbolic ranting to persuade just one member of the Hellenic working class to get off the fuckin internet and do some friggin work, I'm makin a difference.

  156. "Waddya is closed for the weekend

    Can it get any worse?"

    yeh, I live for hermione.

    Mossad, eh, thauma? Who knows? Not sure what the angle is for them but let's be honest, those cunts and the CIA cunts have an interest in most things and tend to get their way.

  157. Usini

    bloody hell it's Sismi .....take cover....

  158. Hank, in case you haven't worked it out yet, this new melissa here is not me. Dunno who it is. But I'm still waiting for the funny bits.

  159. I agree Gandolfo. All I really want to see in this world cup is Messi turn it on. And how did you know the name of my favourite film?
    BTW Melissa even though I was only doing it to tease that jerk with the hamster icon I do enjoy your posts.

  160. Usini

    have they passed the law on defammation over the internet yet? If they have i'm in the shit....

  161. That was meant for you scherfig..

  162. Hank, the CIA think that they and Mossad are as one, but Mossad know that they have their own agenda that the CIA fit neatly into. Fools....

  163. Gandolfo/Usini

    You guys bought your families here tonight?

  164. Does Montana get paid for visitors or hits?

    If she does Waddya closing down might make her fortune.

    Get some adds on here Montana.

  165. blimey 10......usini are your kids mucking about on t'internet?


    I'm an orphan I have no family ;)

  166. Oooh, I think I've nearly qualified as Giyus on that last one.

  167. Anyway tomorrow must get the flags on the balcony. Italy Brazil and England for my family.

  168. Mavis RIP

    Her agent informs me she was a yahoo account..not sure that's any use on here..and anyway, you'd need a seance...she got buried today; an unmarked plot..next to a rowan tree; another victim of bourgeois petulance and philistinism. Present were family, friends and the cast of Top Gear.

    Do you get online seances?

    Why did I type that out loud? If it's yes, it's like 'course you do..you get online everything'..if it's a no..I should have set up a site and made a fuckin fortune...

    Is there anybody there?

  169. thauma......

    the wine it's the wine

    so usini

    how's sardinia?

  170. scherf - whatever. I'm bored of the mavis/melissa thing anyway. The bottom line is that kiz will remain the queen of Cif, although it is funny as fuck that waddya has been shut down for the weekend.

    @thauma - yeh, ha ha ha. Let's all trivialise serious issues. x

  171. By the way the Spanish employment thread is excellent. The guy just kept coming back and adding extra information and answering everybody's questions carefully and politely, including those from the the ineffable MaM (who of course knew nothing about Spain except Franco, just like on Italian articles he always drags in Benito).

  172. Too much football.

    Hi Usini

    What's happened to James - has he been swallowed up in football mania?

  173. Gandolfo Nice and not to hot yet. Went for my first swim yesterday at 8 as the water is warm enough now. Where are you?

  174. Hank

    There was at least a bit of originality with
    the Mavis/Melissa thing.Know what i mean?

  175. Hi Leni who the hell is James?

  176. MF, the rowan is a sacred tree and should not be invoked lightly. Its powers include wounding the pretentious. The well-bred and attractive are particularly susceptible, sadly.

  177. Someone should post obituaries on waddya for melissa and Mavis.

  178. Do you mean good old Dr John gris gris a mau mau?

  179. usini
    Roma roma ladrona....yes it's hotting up here don't go to the beach though the sea is disgustingly dirty ...so hang out in Appia antica next to where i live...

  180. "Present were family, friends and the cast of Top Gear."

    Clarkson made it? But of course he would, last respects to another douchebag of course.

    So, here we all are having a lovely cuddly chat after WADDYA's been closed down for everyone having a... lovely cuddly chat.

    The irony would kill me if scherfig hadn't done that already.

  181. "All I really want to see in this world cup is Messi turn it on."

    ...that's about the extent of my ambitions too..the guy's a total contender. Ali to Rooney's Tyson, Ronaldo's Lennox Lewis and Kaka's Floyd Patterson

    he's an artist..

    Goya to Gerrard's Rolf Harris

    and I love Argentina..last time they were a joy to behold...and I've got £30 on them.

  182. Sorry Usini - James question not directed at you ! He's a UT regular.

  183. Mavis slapped me down quite rightly the other day for making a ridiculous comparison between Attlee and Abbott. Sometimes one types without thinking and it is worth being told about it.

  184. I thought the England team acquitted itself rather well on the whole.Considering this was a match between the two strongest in the group, a point each wasn't a disaster.
    If they could keep the ball on the turf,stop giving away possession in midfield and feed the ball out to the wingers who caused the American defence a lot of bother there is no reason to be pessimistic about Englands progress in the tournament.
    It's early days yet. As for the poor goalie: hey shit happens, we all make mistakes, (admittedly not in front of millions of people) give the guy a break.
    If he saves a penalty in the final all will be forgiven no?

  185. Come on Chevhov it was the USA! They should be eaten for breakfast. I have never seen a good team make such a mess of defending dead ball situations either.

  186. Two strongest teams in a pretty weak group Chekhov, I don't blame Green but any half decent team would have ripped us to shreds.

    Still, as they mentioned 287 times, we started the 66 cup with a draw. ;)

  187. here you go monkeyfish and usini a treat------

    god it would be great if argentina win........messi and maradona.......if they get to the final i wouldn't put it past maradona to don a shirt and get out and play.....

  188. BTW My earlier post was to explain why I hope both Mavis and Melissa come back in other manifestations.

  189. from the desk of hermionegingold.

    well hellooooo. first (and last) post. just a quickie from 'me'. sherf, congratulations on md. knew you were a ut but beautifully realised. i shall genuinely miss her (and on the money about ilka, fascinating woman, thanks for pointing me in her direction beyond acting.)

    as this is my only chance to write entirely without fear of moderation..
    looking at the postings you made last night i have to say you have the worst case of 'messiah complex' i've seen since jim jones.

    what a sad sack of self righteous humanity you are. the fact that you are a public servant comes as no surprise, let me guess....tax inspector?

    as i said on the 'other' place. start your own religion dear and see how many follow you. you are a self hating bully & misogynist, i feel genuine pity for the people that have to live around you in real life if you display even a modicum of your online self.

    love to everyone else (even mavis, who like the plot of 'all about eve' has now exceeded his mentor in wit & style).



    pp. pilar pallabunda (deputy head: the britney spears psychiatric suite & villas, nantwich)

    pps. is it me or does this thread read EXACTLY like wdywtta without the moderation & minus giyus of course?

    as you were....

  190. melissadarley

    you've strayed beyond the bounds of decency once too often. Montana I demand you ban her forthwith before my head gets totally fucked with!!!!

    ..you sad, lonely little bedsit-dwelling freak...just go..no one likes your obnoxious schtick..I went out with an Italian prince once..and an Albanian archduke with a beard made out of carrots...if you don't go I'll thcream and thcream..polly wants a cracker

    go on shit for brains..bother me..

  191. "Someone should post obituaries on waddya for melissa and Mavis."

    Leni, sorry but reports of my death have been... and all that. As you can see I'm alive and, ah, kicking.