27 June 2010


View of Mt. Fuji by Hiroshige

The sweetest of all sounds is praise.


  1. We have two new additions this morning. Last night, Gandolfo suggested a blog where we could share book recommendations, so I put one together. Sheff then suggested that it would be great to have one for films, as well. So, if you'll look over in the right-hand column, you will see links to Untrusted reads and Untrusted films.

    In putting together Untrusted reads, I discovered that you can add up to ten "pages" on a blog. This will allow us to have a page for several genres. Unfortunately, as I played around, I figured out that each genre page is just going to be one long thread. I think the way around that will be that, if a particular genre's page starts getting unwieldy, I can figure out a way of archiving them on the home page of each blog. That means that, in the "Blog Archive" column you would see something like:

    Drama Jun-July 2010
    Documentary June 2010

    and those lists would appear on the home page as new posts.

    Before I realised that the genre pages would just be one long comment thread, I e-mailed author invitations for Untrusted reads to everyone for whom I have e-mail addresses. However, because the genre pages are going to be one long thread, it doesn't seem to be important that everyone has authorship permission. For that reason, I haven't sent out any authorship invitations for the film blog. I'll be happy to send you one if you want -- just let me know.

  2. Great idea - thank you Montana "Busy Bee" Wildhack!

  3. Monatana:

    I love the picture - and great ideas about the UT books n flims ;)

    Just a brief visit.... going to work ;(

    Will be back later....

  4. Like a bit of the old Japanese art. Tentacle porn anyone?


    Incidentally, this picture hangs on Bert Cooper's wall in Mad Men. The old perv.

  5. Getting later train....

    Hokusai is quoted as saying that when he was in his 90's he asked god to grant him a few more years so he could continue to 'perfect his art'!


    The link doesn't work ;(

  6. Ewww. That picture is bloody horrible, SK.

    This would be more my cup of tea...

    I love the HSBC advert with the fishermen. My lad didn't believe it was real.

  7. Morning LaRit,

    How are things looking today? Hope you're feeling a bit better

  8. Just been out. The guy two houses down is out in his back yard lighting the barbecue. He's on his second can of Stella and Fat Les, the Dambuster theme and 3 lions seem to be playing on a loop...I fuckin love it..I know I shouldn't but, what the fuck?. The tabloid shit gets right on my nerves but apparently the Germans are at it too..heard on the radio there's a German tabloid which has announced they'll win because they're better lovers and more focussed..which might even be true..but tbh..they just aren't sexy as a nation...and I can't think of a single German ever who you could could describe as remotely 'cool'..even the potentially cool ones: the Franz Beckenbauers, the Herzogs, Kinskis, the Jurgen Klinsmans, Gunter Grasses, the Bertolt Brechts...all seem to try too hard and the others..Lotte Lenyas..Marlene Dietriches..either aren't actually German or became American, or both..which just leaves Hasselhoff...QED..Engerland to win cos the opposition just aint cool enough.

    So I was gonna nip down the bookies then I remembered "Cool Britannia" and changed my mind. What a fuckin embarrassment that was..in fact a "Cool Germania" would probably have been far cooler in retrospect..so basically..it's a draw with the Germans winning on penalties which probably indicates they are just much cooler when it comes down to it...you want to know the real legacy of Tony Blair?

    We're not even as cool as the Germans...give it 10 years and we'll be more fuckin boring than Belgium and we'll be looking forward to a certain Belgian Lifestyles guru's self-loving drivel to liven up our drab little existences. What has happened to this country?...he types as the Dambuster March chimes up yet again

  9. working linky

    Don't say you haven't been warned (Ewww. That picture is bloody horrible, SK. (c)BB )

  10. Morning all - another beautiful morning, could get used to this.

    Thanks so much for the books 'n films pages Montana, really good idea.

    Great day yesterday. Will post pic of some of us old farts in the gallery - together with a couple of our young apprentices in subversion.


    That picture is revolting...

  11. Guys, give us a break. Must we have octopus porn this early on a Sunday morning? I haven't had breakfast yet.

  12. @ monkeyfish: Germany to win on penalties,eh? Best odds are a tasty 9/1 for that. Honestly can't call the game with any degree of certainty, but am looking for a price on how quickly a commentator invokes either the Second World War or 1966.Obviously it'll be within the first 2 minutes...
    Cool Britannia was such a load of shite: the whole point of coolness being that the cool do their own thing,plough their own furrow,regardless of bullshit vogueish commercial fashion and ephemeral trends defined by what you sodding buy (which is why Shoereditch twats and Eurotrash alike aren't cool).Oh and not suck on Govt or corporate teats.

  13. monkeyfish
    "guy two houses down is out in his back yard lighting the barbecue. He's on his second can of Stella and Fat Les, the Dambuster theme and 3 lions seem to be playing on a loop..."
    christ - what time zone are you in? sun over the yard-arm and all that...

    but i love it too. and hate it at the same time (the nerves, the feeling of impending doom). and love hating it. and hate loving it. etc.

    boy, will be a basket-case today. have dressed in my most patriotically coloured clothing (red knickers, too!) and have warned DB not to expect any sensible conversation out of me at any point....

  14. Morning all!

    Sheff glad the day went well glad to see you have some young apprentices in subversion. There is hope!

    I've had breakfast! managed not to part company with it just!

    If you know as mush about the anatomy of an Octopus as I do... OOOOOO nasty!

  15. Even I'm getting in the mood for the footy - I will be watching it round my dad's after a big family lunch this afternoon - and I am not really a huge footy fan.

    It is exciting. I hate the jingoism and the anti-German sentiment that is all over the place, but I am still quietly grinning in anticipation of a good afternoon.

    Cool Britannia worked for a few months, as it was more about how we were being perceived overseas in the Blair honeymoon period, and boosted our image. But like all fashions, it was a flash in the pan that added nothing at all to normal people's lives.

  16. It's art innit? Cunnilingualising cephalopods are quite mainstream in the Land of the Rising Sun.


  17. BB - my uncle and aunt (who is german) live in berlin, and were mightily confused by the world cup happening there last time, as they don't really 'do sport' (my aunt thinks it's a patriarchal and militaristic throwback, or something - she'd probably think julie bindel doesn't go half far enough, bless 'er).

    so i was asking for updates from them, what's happening, what's the mood like, etc etc, and I was just getting baffled emails along the lines of
    "there's a lot of people about wearing yellow - what's that all about?"
    "what do the numbers on their backs mean?"
    "we've been given free tickets to see somebody playing croatia, for some reason, don't really know what to do with them"


  18. monkeyfish:

    "We're not even as cool as the Germans...give it 10 years and we'll be more fuckin boring than Belgium and we'll be looking forward to a certain Belgian Lifestyles guru's self-loving drivel to liven up our drab little existences. What has happened to this country?...he types as the Dambuster March chimes up yet again"

    I disagree. The British and German cultural lives are the envy of the world. What isn't cool is when governments try to co-opt it for their own propaganda uses. Whatever cachet we had in 1997 had fuck all to do with Tony Blair and it certainly isn't the case in 2010. Take Rinse FM for example - New Labour spent five years trying to close them down before they recently got their licence (not that I'm saying that had anything to do with Cameron, obviously - I daresay 'grime' is something that accumulates under his Range Rover).

  19. They are pretty weird with their erotica, the Japanese. I won't go into detail, but some of their "kinks" are stomach-heaving at the best of times.

    Philippa - couldn't you have taken a little holiday in Germany for a couple of weeks?! :o)

  20. @ speedkermit "What isn't cool is when governments try to co-opt it for their own propaganda uses." Spot on, and look at all those only too willing to be co-opted.

  21. Gives a new angle on 'Keep yer beak outta there!' I'll confess to having a book of those prints in my library, A gift you'll understand, from a woman no less...

    Not into football. When's it all happening?

    Cool Britannia, god I hope the Condems don't try anything as nauseous. Why are all the libs getting hit with the sleaze stick? Is it to distract us from the horrors their true blue buddies are up to?

  22. Turm - the Libs getting hit with the sleaze stick is to keep them in their place.

    The "coalition" is all for show. Looking at the policies that have come out, there is nary a smidgen of Lib influence in there. The Tories are in control and if anyone from the Libs starts kicking up, one of theirs will get outed and trashed.

    IMO. (I wouldn't want Scherfig accusing me of always thinking I'm right :p)

  23. The time is passing so slowly this morning, I'm not feeling the impending sense of doom Philippa which is a new experience for a boro fan. ;)

    I normally get very stressed when I am watching a match that really matters, when the boro won the Carling Cup I had to go and sit in the toilets for the last ten minutes because I just couldn't stand it, good job they don't win things very often.

  24. fortunately broadband is currently not working well enough to enable me to listen to tony adams on desert island discs, or i'd come over all historical...

  25. Phillipa

    Re Tony Adams. He is being remarkably candid about his drinking problems and sounds like a decent bloke. But his music selections are execrable.

  26. Desert Island Discs is a weird idea, I wonder if anyone has gone on and been honest about their choices, making no effort to look either insanely cultured or cool.

    I want to know what Tony has chosen now.

  27. Breastfeeding is creepy article on Cif!
    Apparently we are either baby hating hags or breastfeding nazis!

    Oh dear, do think a lot of us are seriously fucked about our bodies (and our relationship with babies for that matter).

    For me breastfeeding was a wonderful experience - for some mothers it isn't, formula feeding need not deprive the baby of emotional comfort if it is cuddled. matter of choice really - I think the fact that she thinks its creepy is a bit sad though.

  28. jenn - ooh, ooh, something to pass the time while the nerves / boredom mount (have just cleaned the bloody flat am so desperate to distract self) - what would our desert island discs be?

    (if everyone posts, we could maybe have a 'UT Eight' - and that would have to be the pick of any one of us who somehow ends up on the show)

    will have think - come on, anybody already got their list sorted?

  29. annetan - oh dearie me.

    fun bags?

    sounds like a woman you wouldn't want to meet at a party - she'd start telling you right off about her sexlife and having absolutely no sense of boundaries.

    would probably have a loud honking laugh, too, so everyone would turn round and start listening and then they'd think that you started the conversation...

  30. speedkermit

    OK then..name a cool German.

    and...I've previous experience of this 'debate'.. before you even think about trying Kraftwerk, you'd be giving away your age and admitting to the huge nerd factor which polluted your adolescence...a lad I knew who was into them became a copper...just sayin' like

  31. Dunno about 8, the One that i would save from the waves..

    Keith Jarret - Koln Concert.

    Prob V True BB, 'do as we say not as we do..'

  32. I'm not going to read the breastfeeding article, I am sick to death of women generalising about other women and making us all look daft.

    You know what I think about breastfeeding, revealing clothes, make up etc bloody nothing that's what.

  33. anne - didn't get past the 'fun bags' paragraph. If anything's 'creepy' it's her attitude.

  34. OK - here's mine

    Elgar - Cello Concerto E minor (1st movement)
    Cream - White Room
    Grateful Dead - Franklin's Tower
    PJ Harvey - Sheela-na-gig
    Breeders - No Aloha
    Broken Social Scene - Ibi dreams of Pavement
    Arthur Lee - Everybody's Gotta Live
    Sisters of Mercy - On the Wire

    Book - Gaudy Night, Dorothy L Sayers
    Lxury - my guitar

    Anyone else?

  35. Afternoon all...

    Jenn - you can see Tony's record choices here.

    Oh dear oh dear.

  36. Thanks Peter :)

    No Luther Vandross?

  37. christ.

    suppose monty python was a given.

  38. monkeyfish:

    "OK then..name a cool German."

    I can name plenty, mostly artists and musicians, but most people will have never heard of them. The Germans have the most thriving electronic music and contemporary art scenes in Europe. You're getting coolness mixed up with fame, and for many people they are the total antithesis. Is Katie Price cool? George Michael?

  39. ...and Kraftwerk are boring as fuck.

  40. You know I know nothing about European culture in fact (shameful confession) I have never been abroad.

    Something to aim for before I turn fourty, first step, get a passport. ;)

  41. Some of the more famous German bands who drip cool from every pore are those that rose to prominence during the 'Kosmiche' period of the 70s and now get kind of lumped with the sobriquet 'Krautrock'. I'm talking about Can, Neu!, Harmonia, Popul Vuh and Cluster.

    Get the recent Soul Jazz compilation 'Deutsche Elektonische Musik' if you need any convincing. Not famous but undoubtedly 'cool' in an objective sense.

  42. Phillipa

    That got me thinking...

    Music in no particular order:

    Jimi Hendrix - All along the watchtower
    Tom Waits - Postcard from a hooker in Minneapolis
    Bob Dylan - Simple Twist of Fate
    Mozart - Requiem
    Bach - Cello suite No 1
    Billy Holiday - Stormy Weather
    Beethoven - Piano Concerto No 3
    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood

    Book - Complete works of Flann O'Brien

    Luxury - Endless supply of golden virginia, papers, tips (and matches)

  43. nice picks, sheff - was thinking of hendrix but my first exposure to guitar music was clapton (actually, layla) so went with cream instead.

    each of mine representative of various life-moments and types of music (in my head, not genre-wise). have clearly spent far too long thinking about this...

    jen - UT sofa-surfing network is clearly the next step - lots of places to stay so you only have to shell out for the travel!

    (have sporadically inflated inflatable mattress here, happy to put up anyone fancying seeing a nit of le sud)

  44. The key to a successful Desert Island Discs selection is probably not to freak out the listeners too much! Consequently, my top ten isn't necessarily my favourite music...

    Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations
    Wake Up Boo - The Boo Radleys
    Alphabet St (extended 'Cat Rap')- Prince
    Yekermo Sew - Mulatu Astatke
    Paint It Black - Rolling Stones
    Laser Beam - Low
    Barber's Adagio
    The Lancashire Toreador - The Oldham Tinkers
    Up With People - Lambchop
    White Lines - Grandmaster Melle Mel

    Book - The Big Pink Stiff One (Viz Annual)

    Luxury - A branch of Waitrose

  45. I've been told a few times that Lambchop are worth a listen SpeedKermit, I might have to ahem 'get' a few of their albumns.

  46. Phillipa

    They're all the anthems of my younger years and couldn't live without them. But a nightmare only having eight tunes and one book.

    OK you do get the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare too. I wouldn't mind the Shakespeare, but are you allowed to swop the Bible for something else I wonder? The Origin of Species perhaps?

  47. I always assumed the Bible was to be used for papers or lighting fires Sheff, nice thin pages.

  48. Speedkermit

    You're only allowed eight, you greedy bugger - so you'll have to kick two of those out.

    A branch of waitrose?? You'll give Hank a seizure.

  49. sheff - they allow you to go for another faith-book, have heard that. but am not sure how they'd deal with anything else!

    speedy - that's cheating, it's eight tracks....

    jen - lambchop even do a version of this corrosion by the sisters of mercy, so I like them!

  50. True Jenn - i hadn't thought of that - would be useful as lav paper too. But not the King James bible as it's rather a beautiful version. That hideous Gideon thing they stick in hotel rooms.

  51. Just watched the first part of 'A century of fatherhood' - lovely positive view of fatherhood - about f**king time!

    Got quite weepy about my own dad at times.

    Its still on BBC i-player.

  52. I would argue the Origin is a faith book - at least I have faith in it.

  53. sheff - have heard someone check that the version they get is the KJ!

    the gideon one is so 'ulterior motivey' it's crazy, a bit like the out-there's choosing to print up only one gospel. or the happy-clappy good news, which manages to be both patronising and cruel at the same time. NRSV good for a lefty wimpish libbo gayer like me, but the KJ is the real deal...

  54. right, this is getting ridiculous.


    am going to have to repair to pub soon


  55. Here's a first run-up at it:

    Talking Heads - Houses in Motion
    Freda Payne - Band of Gold
    Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter
    Michael Nyman/Balanescu Quartet - String Quartets
    Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up (long version
    Joni Mitchell - Shades of Scarlett Conquering
    Santana/McLaughlin - Naima
    Peter Hammill - Lost and Found

    Book: Burnham's Celestial Handbook

    Luxury: Huge, solar-powered, computer-guided, astronomical telescope.

  56. Phillipa

    The old Book of Common Prayer wouldn't be bad. I like this bit in the Magnificat:

    "He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.
    He has put down the mighty from their thrones,
    and exalted those of low degree.
    He has filled the hungry with good things;
    and the rich He has sent empty away."

    Except s/he hasn't of course.

  57. Peter

    Good list - I want all those too and at least 500 others. I left out Randy Newman too, I can't believe I did that.

  58. Peter, Band of Gold, along with Womack and Womacks Footsteps on the Dancefloor take me back to when I was 16 and sneaking into my first nightclubs.

    I know people go on about smells taking you back but for me music does it just as well.

  59. Sheff - still think 'with my body, I thee worship' is actually a bloody good pledge for those getting hitched!

  60. @jenn

    That's why Freda's in there - it's a memory of cricket club discos and my first underage drinking when I was 15. Could have been the Four Tops' I'll Be There or Smokey Robinson's The Tracks of my Tears in the same context, but Freda won. Not often you get Motown songs about impotence.

  61. Philippa you are still in the first flush of love, give it time and it will be 'with my body I thee sometimes worship but not tonight because I want to watch Luther'. ;)

  62. Talking of Randy Newman, here's a RN choon for you Speedy.

    It's only a cover and not a brilliant one - but couldn't find RN doing it on you tube. But you'll get the idea.

    Jolly Coppers on Parade

  63. @speedkermit

    Good call on Build Me Up Buttercup...

  64. am now genning self up with andrea bocelli...

  65. Right. Off to the pub for a couple before coming back for the match with some gin for the now-traditional slings.

    Fingers crossed.

  66. Jen - hehehehe - still, nice idea, innit?

    (she says she'll bring a book if she joins me in the pub later. so i'll be being accompanied by a welshman who really only likes rugby, and a frenchwoman who will be reading the second sex. am sure will get lots of moral support...)

  67. Ha Philippa I thought I was badly off watching at home on my own.

    You can convert her if you really try, the Welshman may be a lost cause.

    Have fun, you too Peter, I wasn't going to drink but I think it would be rude of me not to.

  68. jen - would be much easier to stay in with a bottle of wine and just swear a lot, but i fear that would show a defeatist spirit.

    hence, when spin cycle finishes, will be risking the pub.

    possibly after buying comfort food to take with me.

  69. Some poor bloke has just accidently set off the fire alarm in my building -

    if it's not switched off before the match starts I think he's at risk of being murdered, judging by the teeth grinding going on. Fortunately people still seem to be sober.

  70. right - risking it.

    good luck everybody...

  71. afternoon all

    great... reads and film blog thankyou! (again)

    that was a gross picture gives a second meaning to octopus....or was it meant to?

    eight songs..mmmm

    Burt Bacharach: This Guy's in love with you
    Jam: Start!
    Billy Bragg: Great Leap Forward
    Cheb Khaled: Didi
    Francesco de Gregorio: La Storia siamo noi
    Louis Armstrong: Wonderful World
    Ian Drury: Sex& Drugs&Rock & Roll
    Aretha Franklin: Rescue me......

    Book: Desert Island survivors handbook

    Luxury: Enough tobacco and ciggie papers to last the duration!!!

    not necessarily favorites but I think I could listen again again and

  72. Peter J

    i 'discovered' Joni Mitchell a few years ago after hearing some of the work she did with Kyle Eastwood-(son of Clint).Have since heard some of the stuff she did in the 70,s and the song 'BLUE' really does it for me.

  73. Paul

    I spent my yooth listening to Jonie in a kinda seedy bedsit in sarf london...Blue nearly went on my list but maybe could be a bit depressing after a while....

  74. Joni
    it's the "ie" "ei" thang again..

  75. gandolfo

    From what i,ve heard of it Joni,s music is certainly reflective late night music.Another track i like is 'Fury sings the Blues.'May sound a weird thing to say but you can almost 'feel'what she,s singing about.A bit too 'deep' for this time of day methinks!

  76. Well, that's that then.

    (World Cup's shit anyway. Didn't even want it....)

  77. Not yet James it could still happen. :(

  78. guys it not over .........yet....

    but james world "cup" is pretty ugly and it's not even a cup for gawds sake....

  79. where were/ are the centre backs? doing a "shearer" in the townships or what?

  80. Ok now it's over.

  81. Gandolfo

    Psychic, no. Conditioned, yes.

  82. Woo hoo !

    How fickle am I. ;)

  83. That was so in.

  84. it was in on replay.......unbelievable........

  85. Well that figures.

    Ghost of '66 and all that!!

  86. Stay positive guys.

    Remember the show,s not over until the fat lady sings!

  87. Yeah the vuvuzales are drowned out by cries of the referees a wanker.

  88. If Capello can't whip up an inspirational half time talk from that then he deserves to be sacked.

    What is wrong with Rooney by the way he has barely been in it again.

    Let's not mention the defense.

  89. Should have gone to Specsavers!

  90. Well, Heskey's on now.

    That'll help!!


  91. How bad does your team/manager have to be to think Heskey is your best option.

  92. To be honest, I don't know why we bother.

    Next time, we should just stay at home and let FIFA/the match officials decide how far we get.

    It'll save us a fortune!!

  93. Jen

    I agree with you about Heskey.Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.But let,e be honest here the way we,ve been playing we,re lucky to have made it to the last 16.

  94. Absolutely Paul, hoping for a win tonight was kind of hoping for a miracle.

    They could have played decent on the way out thought. ;)

    They were shit.

  95. Evening all!

    Phew, just in from a days bike riding, it's scorching.

    Just sitting now with an ice cold warsteiner. What's everyone been up to today then?

  96. Ah Duke you are a teaser. :p

  97. They think it's all over.

    It was before it started!

  98. I'd tread carefully if I were you Yr Grace. :-) The city round me is a dead zone.

  99. That was a terrible miss by the ref and his assistants though, the ball was well over.

    It wouldn't have made a difference but is it time for goal line technology?

  100. Duke

    Read in todays ST that they,ve discovered another substantial oil field in the North Sea of the east coast of Scotland.Perhaps a double celebration will be in order north of the border tonight.

  101. Well, all I can say is, Go, Ghana!!!

    (Poor McManaman -- he's disgusted beyond words.)

  102. Since we're in the mood for lists - here are some England players who, because of their incompetence or bad attitude, should never play for the national team again.

    A. Cole

    The others might be recoverable. Although Gerrard's on a fucking knife-edge.

  103. I only watch 1 football game a year, so England's worst ever world cup defeat will do for 2010.

  104. You missed out Terry Peter.

  105. Whoops - I take it 'our boys' are coming home early then ?

    Going to be a lot of unhappy people.

  106. Oh well - back to the dignity in defeat scenario we all know so well. I'm told we were completely out classed and its amazing we got as far as we did.


    Re the new oil find in Nth Sea. Don't think HMG will let the Scots hang on to that, do you? They'll be piping it across the border as fast as the Germans can run.

  107. Oh Peter you also missed Mr' I am a world beater but only if you supply me with easy balls' Rooney.

    When did he get too important to hussle?

  108. just in from walking the dog......suppose it could've been worse...puts on optimistic tone.....

    well at least I'm half scottish.....so that half don't care......

  109. @jenn

    I think Terry and Rooney might be recoverable, although Terry needs a better player next to him.

    And David James is 40, FFS! We'd have been better off playing the Under-21s in toto, although they've had their ropey games too.

  110. Paul,

    I know this discussion will rage for the next couple of weeks but English football is Scottish football with extra bling.

    Grassroots coaching and development is deeply dysfunctional in both countries, England gets away with it more being a much larger country with more money in the national game.

    But it's the same old story, piss poor technique and inability to use a ball. And with the rise of premiership wages, you don't even have that old English trait that masked deficiencies- heart and grit. You don't deserve these superannuated twunts who represent you at the highest level.

    However, just as in Scotland where we navel gaze for two weeks and moan after not qualifying for a major tournament, the same will happen south of the border. There will be vilification, blame and soul searching. For two weeks.

    And then nothing long term will be implemented at grassroots level. And so the cycle continues.

  111. so capello's "coming home" then?!?!?

  112. Peter sorry but I think it is too late for Terry and as for Rooney, unless he gets over this idea that balls should be played at his feet so he can demonstrate his skill, he is lost.

    He made his name for his skill and his never say die nature, he now doesn't seem to even wake up unless he is in the box.

  113. I've been pretty critical of the team so far, but I really don't think we played terribly today.

    We didn't play brilliantly, don't get me wrong, but England V Germany tends to be a bit cagey at the best of times, and I do think that the scoreline flatters Germany, and (*putting tin foil hat on, and being all bitter like), if we'd gone it at half time level, we probably wouldn't have conceded those two goals in the manner in which we did.

    Still, them's the breaks....

  114. Duke it is the same with tennis, we are happy enough with those freakish gifted people who come along, as long as we are still mentioned in the ratings we don't have to set up any kind of proper training.

    At some point we will have no world class sportspeople and wonder why.

  115. What song did they play to the obligatory slow-mo montage of our fallen heroes in action this time?

  116. Oh I have just turned over to find Ray Davies leading a sing song, why wasn't that in the Radio Times?

  117. Duke

    Good points.But the same could be said across a wide range of sports.And as you say whilst the look for scapegoats for todays English defeat goes on few will be addressing the fundamental problems.So the cycle will continue.


    Hopefully the people of Aberdeen and the surrounding area will reap some benefit.But i take your point.With things the way they are you can seriously imagine Cameron and Co plotting to have the oil piped ashore somewhere in Northumberland.Suspect 'English ears' will be well and truly burning tonight!!!

  118. been down to village shop - lots of happy Welshmen !

  119. My ears are burning Paul, but that is sunburn, what do you mean by English ears will be burning?

  120. Paul + Jenni

    Re oil of Scotland. The revenue could be enough - perhaps - to support Scottish independence.

    Some Welsh nats would like to see Wales selling water to Brum and L'pool. Their water is sourced here.

    My view is that available resources should be shared.

    Just something else to fight about whilst all regions here are going to the dogs. We need solidarity.

  121. Leni

    This country (as a whole) has more than enough water to go around, the fact that some places have drought warnings whilst others have floods is a disgrace.

    I hope we will all get it together one day but I doubt it.

  122. Leni

    Agree - but shared equitably with the Scots getting fair dibs - which is not the way HMG will do it. Think of all that revenue!

  123. What does anybody think abot IDS's idea of incentives for council house dwellers to move to areas where there are jobs ?

    No suggestion I note of bringing jobs to deprived areas - just what I suspect will become forced movement of population - highland clearances spring to mind.

    Or am I just getting neurotic ?

  124. After

    what will be The Star's headline tomorrow morning ?

  125. Exactly Leni, what happens to the town you leave.

  126. @frog


  127. Sheff

    Agreed - Oil revenue has not benefitted the poorer regions of Scotland - overall interms of social improvement they were wasted.


    I am a supporter of a water grid - the cheapest option is to channel rivers into each other - this would cause problems for the ecology of rivers. Each river, water quality and characteristics are different and support unique wild life as well as beasties common to all.

    During the Cockermouth floods earlier I remember sayin , as the water rushed seaward, that water conservation in this country is shameful. Now they have a hose pipe ban there. We need a system of lakes which take excess rain water - to help prevent flooding and to save water.

    Planning rules need changing and victorian infrastructure has to be upgraded. Infrastructure across Britain is collapsing - but we must find money for trident and to repair several royal palaces.

  128. frog2

    ''what will be The Star's headline tomorrow morning ? ''

    I reckon it will be something along the lines of-

    England :HUNned Drawn and Quartered by Germany!

  129. I don't know much about ecological science but I do know that water flow is about as complicated as it can get.

    We should give thanks ever day that we are lucky enough to have water all over the place.

    Too much water is deadly (see Cumbria) but lack of water would be so much worse.

    Sorry for ranting but I can't decide if I want to work with lack of water or microbes.

  130. Hi All

    Great idea for the book section.

    James, agree the score flattered Germany, but England looked a bit slow and lacked intensity and fire. And I speak as one of the finest armchair managers in the world.(-:

    Interesting bit about the new oil find. With older north sea oil only Aberdeen and areas of coastline nearby were economically improved. Not so much of the rest of Scotland.

  131. Boudican

    "And I speak as one of the finest armchair managers in the world.(-:"


    I think there'll be a fair few of them about tomorrow. And probably a few more armchair linesmen too.

    More generally, I can't help but feel sorry for Stuart Pearce. Poor Fella must be getting a wee bit of a complex re 'the Germans' now.

  132. @Duke - great post at 17.13.

    What baffles me is how we can employ an Italian coach on £6m a year and still not even get basic defensive organisation in return.

    Don't think John Terry touched the ball until he decided to lumber upfield for a free kick, leaving Ashley Cole to mind the shop. 3-1 and all over.

    Very poor show all round. The Germans, to be fair, were quite bright and inventive, lots of great passing triangles in the last 30 yards, but they weren't Barcelona. No excuse for that performance.

    Stevie G's been exposed for what he is, three wayward, Hollywood, shots in the space of five minutes. Each time, there was a player in a better position to pass to.

    The only consolation is that scherfig will be in a better mood today.

  133. Capello has just been interviewed.

    He was asked if he'll be going 4-4-2 tonight but he replied he'll be going 7-4-7 as it's bigger and has more legroom.

  134. Anyway, I'm not that bothered.

    I've been supporting Brazil from the start, innit!!

  135. Pah. What a bloody show.

    Ah well.

    Hank - spot on about Stevie G ("Stevie ME ME ME") - waste of space.

    Gonna drink some more beer and watch t'telly, I think.

  136. This should probably go in the new book section, but since it relates directly to the discussion of the other night, I’ll put it here.

    Anyone who still thinks that prostitution is really a meaningful and positive choice should read “The Prostitution Papers” by Kate Millett, first published in 1971 (those of you with an interest in feminism have heard of her, I guess).

    Women who have worked as prostitutes tell their own stories, which don’t make very comfortable reading for those still willing to believe the myth that women do it because they enjoy it.

    “...describes the brutalising indifference of business relations, prostitution as a consequence of monogamy and the purchase of power rather than sex. Prostitution is not just a commercial transaction: the customer buys the prostitute’s loss of free speech and humiliation – the whole human being is the commodity”

    “...talks frankly about life on the street and the emotional role of pimps, exposing the vicious circle linking prostitution, theft and drug addiction”

    Of course, Spike already knows everything there is to know about the experience of prostitution, on account of he once carried a Maltese prostitute’s bag to the bank for her, so he needn’t bother, but those of you with halfway open minds might find it interesting...

  137. Hank,

    when a football daft nation like England's national team consistently embarass themselves on the international stage by lacking basic technique then fundamental questions have to be asked.

    For me, it's coaching. There's no way that the natural talent has dried up, there is something wrong with the coaching and grassroots development of the game. A comparison with Holland is apposite, which has less than a third of the population of England and a much weaker domestic league but continues to produce a conveyor belt of world class talent and a higher achieving national side year after year after year.

    Every village upwards here has absolutely top class footballing facilities for kids-fully astroturfed and stocked with equipment. All lads join the local football side and the girls the hockey club. Both clubs also act as youth clubs as well putting on activities etc. Facilities are provided for by Central and local Govt.

    Lads are coached with very small footballs and are taught technique first before competition. Compare this with your average kids game in the UK where lads are hitting a full size ball in on shitty pitches.

    The Dutch use the Coerver method (formulated by a Dutchman Weil Coerver). This method believes that basic footballing skills can be taught and that not naturally gifted players can improve immensely. It's not until lads are 13-14 that they start to play competitively. By that time, players have complete command of the ball, comfortable with it and sharp technique. All traits that Dutch footballers are famous for

    Now the Netherlands has a similar climate to the UK, so the excuse that weather inhibits footballing activity at grassroots is out.

    There is no excuse for both England and Scotland to be as poor as they are. It's a matter of the proper implementation of coaching, facilities and opportunities for boys to develop into players at ease with the ball and able to at least work the basics.

    However, the FA and SFA are so incompetent I can never see a proper grassroots coaching network ever being implemented. Additionally, grassroots funding needs central govt funding (or the Chelsea squads wages for one week) and that is never going to happen.

    60% of the players that played in the last game of the premiership last season were not English. Ludicrous. Today's disaster is just going to repeat itself in an endless cycle unless something fundamental is done at grassroots. And it won't.

  138. Hello All,

    The heat is intense, the 'Englischers' fucked up big time.... I spent 2 and a half hours trying to get to work this morning (advice from the eternally mis-informed weekend staff on South West Trains at Clap'm Junction..."yes do change trains at Weybridge to get to Chertsey" even though for the last SIX YEARS there hasn't been a service between Weybridge n Chertsey and it will take you 3 times longer to reach your destination )... walked into the morgue and 2 hours later, walked out again, to cycle and train it home in 31 degrees....

  139. In fact, next time, let's just stick the linesmen in a conference room somewhere and let them decide it all!

  140. My Desert Island choice:

    The Jam - Tube Station
    The Clash - Train in Vain
    The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant
    Gram Parsons - Return of the Grievous Angel
    Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me
    Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone
    Jackson Five - I Want You Back
    Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove

    Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine

    Billy Wilder - Ace in the Hole

    Luxury - the right of free speech when dealing with mealy-mouthed hypocritical liberal bourgeois twats on Cif.

  141. Duke:

    "But it's the same old story, piss poor technique and inability to use a ball. And with the rise of premiership wages, you don't even have that old English trait that masked deficiencies- heart and grit. You don't deserve these superannuated twunts who represent you at the highest level"

    I'd agree with you about this. It has not changed since the 70's. They never, ever, eaxmine their defending technique, it's all about buying the suppporters off with the lastest 'Striker'- at the momnet it's Rooney - it's not a 'team sport' it's an ego and over-paid fashion parade with the likes of Frank Lampard being left to make a desparate, fanal and fantastic attempt at a goal when all else had failed.

    And as for repeatedly heading the ball from a goal kick into the bloody ether and the opposing team's feet more often than not, well, ffs... remind me, why are they on a 100,000 a week????

    What's the point of talented players who can't make the mental leap to being a National Team?

  142. God, I really need to get my eyes tested - apols for the typos.... shocking ;(

  143. paul and peterJ - thanks for kicking off ... the flow was not with me .

    Woeful England Mullered by Germany is the latest Star internet offering, but this morning's efforts were rather lovely



    Might I suggest for tomorrow a deadly serious

    (then stealing the Duke's anaysis.)
    Unfortunately the match was on the private bastardly Sarko-loving TF1,so missed it. I did enjoy USA/Ghana last night on Fr2 free thru the net though .

    Forgetting affinities was it an unenjoyable match ?

  144. A word to Spike, you were absolutely right, I was out of order embellishing my argment with a personalised attack, your argument sucked, but I shouldn't have done that.... am really sorry :(

  145. frog2;

    Ghana/USA last night was great ;-)

  146. Couldn't agree more, Duke. I'm a big fan of the Dutch approach to football, always have been since falling in love with Johan Cruyff at a very impressionable age.

    When I played football as a kid, at a pretty decent standard (ie represented the county), the emphasis was always on energy, physique and tackling. Even as 12 year olds. we were playing on full size pitches, which overplayed the importance of big lads who could kick it a long way.

    But...but...we're told that the emphasis has changed in the last ten years or so, with the emergence of academies overseen by the titans of the English game. Wenger in particular has got involved with the Arsenal academy, but who has yet to emerge from that academy? Clichy. Fabregas. Diaby. Vela. Walcott hasn't prospered under Wenger's guidance and coaching. He's gone backwards.

    It's a mug's game trying to analyse the reasons for England's persistent ineptitude.

    I'll sit back now and enjoy the spectacle, and hope that the Argies trounce the Germans, and that the Dutch finally get what they deserve for their 40-year gift to the game.

  147. La Rit
    Yes a great watch even for the ignorant like me. Morgue ?

  148. Morgue? I may as well have been working in one today Frog2 and it would have been better paid!

  149. Mexico screwed by linesman and lose heads. Can't see a way back for them. Should be an open 2nd.

  150. Hank"The Germans, to be fair, were quite bright and inventive, lots of great passing triangles in the last 30 yards, but they weren't Barcelona"And bang on with that as well - they took full advantage of the holes in our defense, and finished well.  But if they hadn't been let in...

    One thing that struck me with the French thing was at least that their exit was so abject as to require immediate attention and actual change. The danger with England ambling out of the group was that, as one of the chaps on the podcast said, everyone forgets the first two games ever happened. They got through, so everything was fine - and if they then lost by 1 or 2 to Germany (or even Argentina) then it would be put down to bad luck / the old enemy or some other shit, and nothing would get done.

    Worst ever defeat. That could concentrate some minds. Bloody hope so.

    On the 'technology' front, I doubt Lampard's goal being allowed would have changed much, gven the state of the defence, but it could well have stopped Mexico being in such a peng at the moment. Way offside...

    Anyway. Grrrrr.

  151. Hank
    The only consolation is that scherfig will be in a better mood today.

    Well, I'd say thats quite a big consolation.

  152. Hank

    Hope you saw my post yesterday re your early morning post on sunday.I mis-read it and it was only when i re-read it in the cold light of day that i realized it actually made a lot of sense.So apologies for behaving like a cnut.

    ps For the record this ain,t brown-nosing.Not my style.

  153. @frog2 - I despise the Star and all it stands for. The Sun is little better. I'm sick and tired of feeling conflicted about supporting the England football team because some of the loudest voices who support the England football team are racist twats who haven't yet heard that the Second World War is over.

    I despise the tossers in the Bloemfontein stadium today who booed the German national anthem.

    I hate the fucking idiots who sing "No surrender to the IRA" when we play in Belfast.

    England's a big country. Fifty million people. Just because eleven amongst that fifty million are gutless millionaires with oblong feet, and a few thousand with the money to follow them have more money than sense or decency, doesn't mean that the rest of us have got what we deserved.

    Just like the financial crisis, we've been let down by overpaid experts, and we get to take the shit while they blithely rise above it.

  154. desperately seeking upsides #1 (a short series)

    it was a clean game. only two yellow cards, no nastiness.

  155. Paul - pretty sure I didn't post anything early morning on Sunday. And I haven't read back since I last popped in for a cuppa and a Jaffa cake.

    Didn't see it. Don't worry about it.

    @sheff - not to me. I'd have preferred it if england had won and scherfig had been in chippy mood.

  156. Just a word to BB and Jen too... feeling a bit better, thanks for asking after me ;)

  157. Hank

    It was actually early saturday morning.Anyway hope the cuppa and jaffa cake is more palatable tonight :-)

  158. Jaffa cakes?

    Jaffa cakes are the nourishment of the bourgeous yellow bellied neo-liberal running dogs.

    They are well tasty though.

    LaRit - good to hear it.

    Andysays - how's things? I apologies for being such a dork the other night.

  159. I know Hank - but the England team seem to represent what the country has become - a third rate little island with a cowed, disconsolate and socially atomised population.

    Glad you're perking up La Rit.

  160. feel v sorry for mexico re first goal, but that screamer from tevez was just gorgeous...

  161. glad to hear that, LaRit, hope it continues to get better.

  162. Paul - I post in a void. I'm not looking for popularity on here or on Cif. I speak my mind and others can either agree or disagree. It doesn't matter much either way.

    None of us are going to change the world. We didn't go to the right schools.

  163. I fear the press reaction..if we pillory our boys too much they might get pissed off and move abroad...Real Madrid, Barca and any of the big Italian clubs would give their right arms for our pampered undeserving millionaires...they're masters of the universe..in demand everywhere...we've gotta keep paying them 50 grand a week and ignoring the fact that they fucked up and find someone else to scapegoat...lesbians in wheelchairs who wear hoodies..something like that...bin men who get a £200 full attendance bonus at Christmas..they're the problem..they're the reason why some fuckin lacky twat with no knees and the turning circle of the Amoco Cadiz managed to split two premiership centre backs like a pair of fuckin kippers..

    ...OK..the wrong pampered fuck-up millionaires..but surely the argument's 'transferable'?..makes just as much sense in regard to footballing incompetence..no?

    ..so leave our lads alone..and turn your attention on single mothers on mephadrone who didn't even bother to show up at SureStart to pick up their free fish oil..

    2 minute hate starting...now.

  164. I feel better already.

    was thinking about my desert island stuff, but I know for certain that I'd give in a different list tomorrow...but I reckon Lucky Old Son by Ray Charles would make any list of mine..the rest's a moveable feast but James Brown would feature and probably Prince plus Raging Bull.

  165. philippa

    So much for my prediction of a bloodbath!

  166. I said at half time that the ref would provide a useful scapegoat now, mf.

    We always need a scapegoat - Bonetti, Clough, Keegan, Maradona, Psycho/Waddle, Koeman, Phil Neal, Beckham, Simeone, Batty, Ronaldo, Seaman, Ulrika Jonsson.

    The crazy thing about liberal free market capitalism is that it always finds individuals to blame for the failure of the system.

    Fortunately, those individuals are usually either foreigners or working class chaps.

    Strange that.

    The useless fuckers deserve to bear the brunt of 25% cuts in public spending.

  167. (anybody else see Bindel's piece on Snoop Dogg @Glasto?


  168. Heh, Raging Bull is the most over-rated film of all time. Joe Pesci's not an actor, he's a fucking walking cliche. JFK was a good film because it remained so despite him. Goodfellas didn't quite make it. His best performance was in Home Alone.

    Joe Pesci is wank. I despise the squeaky homicidal scenery-chewer.

  169. good game, though, paul - argentina v germany, now....

    james - my christ - thanks for the tip, wouldn't have found it without!

    right - having imbibed several consolatory roses earlier, must get to bed.

    enjoy your evenings, tous...

  170. "Joe Pesci is wank."

    No he isn't.

  171. #Heh, Raging Bull is the most over-rated film of all time.#

    well..let me stop you right there...Miracle on 54th street vies with Psycho for the title I think you'll find..before we even start on your filmic appreciation deficiencies for your assessment of Raging Bull..and anyway,if it had a single shortcoming, it was probably that little Mexican guy's fault who swept up the set when everyone went home. He was shifty looking little fucker..probably an illegal and working for half minimum wage..greedy little commie bastard was always gonna fuck it up the world for the rest of us..

    and Pecsi's a fuckin mensch btw

  172. Make the case, then, martillo.

    I genuinely think that he's the worst actor I've ever seen. A screeching little psychopath, happy to be typecast as a sadistic little bully protected by the bigger guys.

    You know what you're gonna get when Joe Pesci turns up on screen. And you might as well fuck off to the foyer to buy some popcorn.

    Worst actor ever.

  173. Hank:

    Hokusai was an original working class hero - in the truest sense of the word.

    Like your list for Desert Island discs....

    Train in Vain was always one of my faves.... Mick Jones - love his skinny white ass to bits ;)

  174. #You know what you're gonna get when Joe Pesci turns up on screen.#

    exactly..like you know what's gonna happen when Messi runs on the field..a class act you can't take your eyes off

  175. @LaRit -glad you liked it. Should have included Radiohead, U2 and Coldplay if I was seeking approval.

    @monkeyfish - you know more about football than you do about film. And you don't know much about football, soft lad.

  176. He does the same thing every time he gets the ball.

    There, I said it!

  177. PS all, Have not read down all the lists for ye Discs..... saw Hank's 'cos it was the nearest one....

    Mine are (and this is just one variant of my myriad, interchangeable endless music that i love)

    Coz I luv U - Slade
    Time and Space - Francois Kevorkian
    Franck - Violin Sonata
    My Singing Bird - trad. Irish folk song
    Whose Gonna take the Weight? - Gangstarr (Guru RIP)
    Breathe n Stop - Q-Tip (with all those other people doing the other stuff!)
    Small Town Talk - Bobby Charles (RIP)
    Safe European Home - the Clash
    Strauss - 4 Last Songs (cheating I know)......
    So the Burundi Greeting Song if I can't cheat.

    Bonus track:
    Das Lied von der Erde - Mahler (the recording with Rene Kollo)

    Luxury: Solar- powered sound system, and a loaded i-pod or summat....

    I can survive! ;)

  178. Hank:

    "Radiohead, U2 and Coldplay if I was seeking approval"

    Radiohead - people are horrible about them, but I love them, but they are never on my record player these days. My mate who I've known since I was 11 used to work for McGee as an AnR bloke, and did loads of parties and all that vile music bizz stuff. When RH really hit the big time, my mate was at some do and Kate Moss was all over Thom Yorke like a rash at a back stage thing, he apprently said, "well, you weren't interested in me when I wasn't famous,so I'm not interested in you now" and turned his back on her. Good on him I thought.

    U2 - don't get me started, although I actually snogged Larry in 1982.

    ColdPlay - kiss of fucking death