09 August 2009


40,000 died instantly
80,000 died by the end of 1945


  1. I don't see that any comments are necessary. This photo just leads to deep reflection.

  2. Iowa. Weird name. Population 2.8 million in 56k square miles. Capital Des Moines. And that's pretty much all I know about the place, thanks to my Times Atlas. What do you do for fun in Iowa, Montana?

  3. Which is about the same size as England with one sixteenth of the population...

  4. Very moving picture, again, Montana. If - and that's a big "if" - Hiroshima was deemed "necessary to bring about the end of the war" and they had no idea of the actual devastation that would be wreaked, one certainly cannot say the same of Nagasaki. It was just blind terrorism, imo.

  5. Quite right, BB, very moving picture of a horrible crime. All countries have been guilty of terrorism at one time or another.
    And Jose is right.

  6. Hello CIF Lefties.

    I noticed that MrPikeBishop posted here a while back and didn't seem to attract any or much abuse.

    As I doubt that I would be considered to be much more evil than MrPikeBishop (maybe I'm wrong) I wondered if I may ask a question regarding the inner workings of CIF?

    I've been on premoderation for over a week now and it really is beginning to irritate.

    How long does pre-moderation go on for?

    Is there a way of getting rid of it?

    I would email them but I can't remember the password to the email address I used to create my account.

    Not that I think anything I have to say is hugely important, but spouting off on CIF can be qute an entertaining and amusing waste of time.

  7. Aye Aye, Captain

    Nah, we are a bunch of softies round here for the most part. Certainly wouldn't duff over Mr PB, that's for sure :o)

    I've never been in pre-mod, but from what I understand it is a "how long is a piece of string" type question. It seems to be that they will take you out of pre-mod once they decide that your posts have toned down. I don't know if there is anyone else round here at the moment that can comment more authoritatively than I can.

  8. Fuck those pseudo lefty Guardian arseholes, CaptainZlog, they aint worth a week old turd. Unless, of course, you need advice about peeing in the shower...
    You DO? Oh, well then...

  9. The cif mods lurk on here (along with some creepy obsessives looking for ammo in their petty feuds), so there is some chance that you can engage them here.

  10. BB - softies, wouldn't duff over pikey? arf! I've just posted a corrective *BB* on yesterday's post. enjoy your ...ummm ... disrespect :)

  11. I have absolutely no idea what that means Dan.

    Thanks BB for your (as always) courteous response.

  12. I'm going out now, but I'll pop back later.

  13. Yeah, thanks for that, parallax.

    What's your grudge? You came - you left of your own free will as far as I can tell. You don't like what's said, that's up to you. But lurking in the wings, in anticipation of the opportunity to land what you see to be a "killer blow" on someone like me, who has never dissed you or had any axe to grind with you, is kinda lame, darling. Really.


  14. darling, sweetie ... mwah :*

    so, apart from the greetings, do you disassociate yourself from the bearhunt?

  15. I reiterate - what's your grudge? Nobody is forcing you to hang around here reading stuff you don't want to read. Nobody is preventing you posting on here if you want to post. I have no quarrel with you, parallax - or I didn't, but I am beginning to get a bit crotchety with you now.

    If you don't like it, bugger off. If you want to hang around throwing hand-grenades at people here from your trench, that is entirely up to you. Just don't expect people to reply if that is all you are here to do. End of.

  16. I riterate:) (fuck - you sound like my auntie)

    so - that's your response - fuck off? Where's your authority? Isn't this an open thread? I remember Montana devoting a whole post telling billp to fuck off in loud highercase expletives.

    Guess what? - that post has disappeared - typical revisionist - story of most autocrat/Stalinists/Nixonites.

    Hey, tell me, the icepick's in the post.(falls about laughing)

    Hmmm so, you're upset and say: "parallax do not be part of this public arena", rather than answer the charge of mob bear-baiting?

    ah shit, I forgot, you have the behind-the-bikeshed support - bummer - you are so cool ;)

  17. Ere, BB, you want me to sort this parallax geezer out for you?
    Yoof today show no respect...

  18. 'Honey Trap of the Chozen Few?'

    ''Very intertesting comment....parallax view''

    posed the cynic

    'We can all remember how the 'trusted' dealt with Billplasterer...........frozen out by the chozen few?'


    'Feels VERY like elsewhere.....'

    said the memory man

    'beneath the veneer of 'right on liberalism'

    'Funny how this site seemed to grow up as a 'cifugee' blogspot, but then seemed to deviate from its apparent blog-description so to speak..... '

    said conspiracy Grandma

    'before becoming a haven for ... not so much the oppositional as the......... 'positional'?'

    'Not that redirecting genuine dissent through to a vacuous conversational honey trap populated by favoured queen bees, so to speak, was ever intentional'

    posed the waspish fool


  19. parallax

    I haven't told you to fuck off.

    I haven't even said "parallax, do not be part of this public arena"

    I have said that if you don't like it, bugger off then. I think that's fair.

    I have also said if you want to lob grenades, fine. That's up to you.

    As for BillP, he himself said that if people told him to fuck off, he would. Eventually he got to be so bloody irritating and offensive to people that they did tell him to fuck off. He wasn't banned. He wasn't blocked. As far as I know he might even be reading this now and might even decide to post.

    Now, haven't you got anything better to do than to pick fights with someone who has personally done you absolutely no harm whatsoever?

    Like i said earlier. Lame.

  20. vacuous conversational honey trap populated by favoured queen bees,

    Dear me...I see the misanthrope drones have emerged this afternoon.

    Waspish fools sums them up rather well.

  21. Sounds like some of you need a holiday! I've just come back from touring Northern Spain and it's left me in a lovely mood. Anything worth a look on Cif today?

  22. Well BB didn't say it but I don't mind, if this website and the people who post on it antagonise you so much, why don't you just fuck off Parallax,although its more a question than a suggestion, if you like?

    Anyway, on a totally unrelated subject, I see that they have published the Observer today....

  23. yep, yep, yep - heard all that BB

    so, back to the point which is why are you (I'm using this in the collective sense but you acted as spokesperson) lying about being softies that wouldn't duff pikey?

  24. jay, I've responded on the other thread

  25. Yo martillo - long time no see. Now I know why! :o)

    Hi, sheff and vari too.

    Lots of interesting stuff in the Graun. Cohen, McShame and Slaughter are interesting.

    Good news that the Observer hasn't gone up the swanny. I, for one, would pay for the online edition of the Graun for a reasonable annual subscription if it meant we could keep the papers running.

  26. Ah vari, hello - that's helpful - you with the slimy turd expletives and apparently not much more to add

    BB - still silent on the Frank Fisher untruths?

    yo, hey martillo :)

  27. parallax

    As far as I recall, there was only one person out of more than a dozen who was "duffing up" Frank, and the rest of us told him we didn't agree with him. There was some to-ing and fro-ing but that was the sum of it.

    Not that it is any business of yours anyway, or are you on some kind of mission?

    Now, if you want to accuse me of "duffing up" BTH, I stand guilty as charged. Thing is, he shouldn't pick personal fights with people based on misrepresentation, innuendo and smear and expect them to bend over and drop their trousers when he does.

    I have been done over like a kipper by him in the past and know that other people who post on here have too. I reserve the right to point out when he is talking shite on any forum of my choosing.

    Again, not that that is any of your business at all.

    Anything else? Or have you finished your little crusade now, Sir Lancelot?

  28. nope, nothing else for the time being BB, except I reserve the right for *it* to be the business of everyone ... unless of course you decree otherwise

    :>>>> kippered. yep, sorry, out of order for laughing %/

  29. parallax

    I sadly haven't got the authority to decree jack shit.

    And as for the *it* - is that the big spider thingy in the Stephen King book?

    Anyway, isn't it past your bedtime now? Must be past 4am where you are.

    Aunty BB x

  30. fucking ada, aunie B, shit is that the time! gotta go :)

  31. Hi BB, hi parallax. Should I bang your heads together?;o)

    What did MAM say to get deleted on the Dylan thread? People seemed to like it...

  32. Oooh!

    I can't believe his post got deleted!! It is the only one I have ever recommended in my life. Ever.

    He did a rewrite of All Along The Watchtower that was really funny, although it did quote the first two verses verbatim. Maybe it was a copyright issue?

    Yes, you may bang our heads together v e r y - g e n t l y


  33. I've recommended one or two of his, since I think he's quite witty. I'm not sure he's as 'fascist' as some people seem to think either.

    Maybe I'll just rub your noses together instead...

  34. He's a definite wind-up merchant, of that there is no doubt. I rarely find anything of his I can agree with at all tbh. Drives me nuts most of the time. But he does have a good sense of humour, and can even be quite self-deprecating at times with it.

    Heheh - rubbing noses. When I was a kid, my mum used to give me "Eskimo kisses" and "Butterfly kisses" (with her eyelashes on my cheek) when she tucked me up in bed at night. I won't allow anyone else to do it...

  35. Hey, martillo! Good to see you. Did you pass through La Coruña, perchance?

    Dan -- we don't have fun in Iowa. We till the fields, we milk the cows, we harvest the crops. We let any two people who love each other get married. We protest when INS raids factories and breaks up families. But fun? We don't do fun.

  36. I've never agreed with Pikey in my life, but his posts can be pretty good rants / polemics. Completely bat-shit wrong, but pretty entertaining. Probably be a good laugh over a pint or three too. I'm that shallow that's how I judge people often ;-)

  37. "We let any two people who love each other get married."

    Even atheists? Or aren't they classed as people?


    #Gov. Chet Culver weighed in on the controversial Des Moines bus ad that has been yanked after multiple complaints.

    “I was disturbed, personally, by the advertisement and I can understand why other Iowans were also disturbed by the message that it sent,” Culver said.

    The question will likely become a legal battle, Culver said. He deferred questions of whether the group deserves the same free speech rights as Christian organizations to advertise on the buses to the Iowa Attorney General.

    Culver also declined to answer if he would also have gotten off the bus had he been a rider, but noted that he would have been offended by the ad’s message.

    The Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority, better known, as DART, began running the ad on the side of some buses this week. It read, “Don’t believe in God? You are not alone,” and was sponsored by the Iowa Atheists & Freethinkers group.

    DART Advertising Director Kirsten Baer-Harding said the agency’s board never approved the signs and that they were put up by mistake.

    The ads were removed Tuesday.#

    brutal..sounds like a real renaissance guy, your gov. Chet.

    I can't read about America too much without assigning Simpons characters to the names. Can't decide if Chet's Ned Flanders or Mayor Quimby..

  38. That is incredible.

    Remember all the fuss about the "There is probably no God..." bus posters here? Just the other day I saw a bus go by telling me I was, effectively, an idiot for not believing in Jesus.

    I am usually very tolerant of other people's faiths or lack of them. But I cannot abide the kind of evangelical nutcase who tells me I will be going to hell and that my life is decadent because I don't have Jesus in my soul. Arrogant fuckers. I hope they are re-born as atheists in the next life-time to get a taste of their own medicine :p

  39. Dan the Buddhist09 August, 2009 20:13

    Spare a thought for our host, Montana- she has to LIVE there. We have the privilege of sniggering from the sidelines. But the signs are the tide is turning- God bless Bill Maher!

  40. Hi Montana. I didn't pass through A Coruña this time, only the province to see the house I've bought there. Do you know it?

    Some of us snigger from the sidelines at Britain, Dan. We all have to live somewhere.

  41. True dat, Dan.

    I can remember a few years ago on the political page of a music forum I belong to having this flaming match with one of the guys who is an atheist in the States, telling him he should be a tad more tolerant, and him telling me that I didn't have a fucken clue what it was like to be an atheist in the States.

    Over recent years I have come to realise that it is a very very different experience indeed from being an atheist in this country. You are vilified, even hated for not loving God, accused of being un-American, a Satanist, all kinds of shit.

    And they accuse Muslims of being extremists....

  42. "a Satanist"
    This is no joke. I saw some dumb as fuck US tv programme once about cops and bullshit supernatural stuff and the kids in a 'cult' were described as atheists. Not an atom of irony. One of the kids wound up dead of course.

    Damned satanist atheists!

    You're damn right about extremism there BB.

  43. Speaking of Muslims, did anyone know the Muslim religion was originally founded to bring equal rights for women. My mate Rodrigo Dorfman (son of Ariel Dorfman, Chilean human rights activist, novelist, playwright) who knows more than ANYONE and has recently converted to Sufism says it's so. Extraordinary, don't you think?
    And what about that brave woman journalist in the Sudan who's on trial for wearing trousers and faces 100 lashes...

  44. Yes, Martillo, I snigger at Britain too. And Italy. Tell me a country I don't snigger at.
    All right then- Canada.
    And Uruguay.
    Possibly Sweden.
    That's enough.

  45. '12 million schoolchildren in the UK to have HINI vaccinations in autumn.... BEFORE safety test results are done?'

    posed the troll

    'And the vaccine makers are perhaps to be given a blanket immunity perhaps?'

    'Wouldn't worry........... just ignore it... troll speak'

    posed the second troll

    'don't see it as the coming militarisation of public health through the belnding of predatory corporate globalism and compulsion via the residual nation state'

  46. Right
    Talking of the US, going to watch Louis Theroux' prog on Chrystal Meth now... looks pretty depressing. Laters.

  47. @Monkeyfish -- I live in an Iowa news vacuum these days. The Graun is the only news site I ever look at -- didn't know about that. Obviously, gay Christians are higher up on the social acceptibility scale in this state than het atheists. Chet is a dickhead. That said, Iowa is still more progressive than most rural states. But no, I don't tell anyone at work that I'm an atheist.

  48. Damned satanist atheists!
    LOL! BW

    The annoying thing is with these fundie types is they'll die and never find out they were wrong...

  49. BW - found these on BBC iplayer - thought you might be interested (if you haven't already seen them

    Blues on the BEEB

    Bobby bland

  50. Well, my son is not having the H1N1 vaccine until I know it's safe. End of story. They can sue me if they like.

  51. monkeyfisherofmen09 August, 2009 22:25

    Oh Well if you enjoyed that one try...


    Iowa gets a big mention. Look at the other one...nobody wants to marry an atheist. Get down that church/chapel/synangogue/coven Montana. Even the satanists have more chance than you. It's an excellent site. I know BW looks at it. It's the first port of call for anyone who likes a laugh at the deity-inflicted.

  52. Sheff, great thanks for that.

    Yeh - Ophelia Benson she's great, and it cheers me up no end there's people in the States "fighting fashionable bullshit" so effectivey, and funnily. Well worth a look.

    She was on CiF recently, gave a pretty damn good account of herself (as opposed to Bunting who was just a perfect ass.)

    Anyway. I recommend anyone who missed Louis Theroux' doc just now on Chrystal Meth abuse in Fresno, California, they should I-player it. The man should be getting awards for this work. Clear-headed, unjudegmental approach to his subject, and got more candid and revealing interviews with users than I could believe. A heart breaking and worrying subject, his closing remarks were very sane and wise... Great, great tv.

  53. @martillo: Our very lovely young Spanish teacher is from A Coruña. Not been there myself.

    @MF: Am I being thick? I'm not finding anything that says no one wants to marry an atheist. Gratifying that most of the comments on the Register's site seem to be pro-atheist-ad, though.

  54. Bitterweed

    Funny, I am just reading on my Underworld forum about the gig that got cancelled last night due largely to under-aged whacked-out kids behaving like imbeciles. In the end it got closed down at about 10.30 and riot police were called in.

    Needless to say, the hardcore UW fans are pissed off about it, but glad no-one got injured (especially as UW were at the Ejekt festival in Greece a couple of years back when anarchists attacked the venue with baseball bats and tear gas)

    Like someone said "the times have changed, the drugs have changed". Crystal Meth is what sprang to mind immediately when I read about it.

  55. Gig in LA, btw. D'oh. Forgot that bit

  56. Louis Theroux used to be on Michael Moore's tv show (can't even remember what it was called -- it didn't last long). He was really good. Wish the Beeb would let everyone watch stuff on iPlayer -- I'd be willing to pay a nominal monthly fee, myself.

  57. BB
    Yes, I seriously hope that shit doesn't take off here. I can only assume it hasn't because coke's so cheap currently

    I do not want Chrystal Meth anywhere near my town beacuse there are thousands of pretty vulnerable/stupid/wretched people who would be hooked in weeks. This goes for much of the UK for the forseeable future, looking at how unemployment's going.

  58. MW
    You can't get it in the States ??
    Jesus the BBC are fucking stupid. Did ayone record it here ?

    I wish I could help. It is the best thing I've seen him do, much better than mocking retards and whackos - which he does well - but you could see this project really stretched him and he was pretty brave going into some of those ghetto drug dens, with the gangs even, to find out the truth about the Meth life.

    His closing comment was (paraphrasing, but more or less)

    "Whole communities already under a lot of strain, who take chrystal meth as a crude and shortlived way to ease the pain, but who then create a new pain which then gets passed on over generations"

    And he meant it; this you could see clearly. He was obviously quite affected by what he'd found. Award winning stuff I reckon.

    Anyway night, speak soon Montana

  59. BW

    Damn right. So far, like mescalin, it seems to have stayed over the pond. Let's hope it stays that way. If kids want to get off their faces, there are far safer ways of doing it - eccys, for example.

  60. ok guys - time for bed
    night night x