10 August 2009

Daily Chat 10/08/09

In 610, Mohammed began receiving the first verses of the Koran. Twenty minutes into its maiden voyage, the HMS Vasa sinks in Stockhom harbor in 1628. The foundation stone of the Royal Greenwich Observatory is set in 1675. A 5 kg meteorite breaks into seven pieces which land near the town of Archie, in Cass County, Missouri (less than 20 miles from my great-grandfather's farm), in 1932. In 2003, the temperature hits 38.5°C in Kent. It is the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK. Celebrating birthdays today: Eddie Fisher, Ronnie Spector, Ian Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, Jon Farriss and Roy Keane. It is Independence Day in Ecuador.


  1. CaptainZlog,, question from yesterday re moderation vexation duration anticipation

    i was on the naughty step on CiF for a couple of weeks,,it seems to have ended today,,i didnt post much during that time,,but i didnt whine or grind on about it when i did post,, i was a bad boy and i did own up,,it really is a drag having that time delay in posting isn't it
    the andrew brown threads might be of particular interest for a while as the regulars there had a get-together yesterday,,the subsequent thread chatter has a very interesting flavour,,

  2. One question that occurs to me is: if Mohammed was illiterate, how possibly could he check the verses coincided with his preachings?

    Navigation in the world in past times was not so safe as it is now. That ship sinking in Stockholm Harbour and other naval accidents, may not be thought of these days. Just small ferries over loaded, or mistakes in the stowage plan of a vessel might cause a catastrophe, but not the vessel, her hull or engines, which are perfectly checked before being launched. The radar and other navigational systems are paramount today.

  3. Good to see Martillo back.

    Parallax, I dont really understand what you're getting so agitated about. If people get wound up by another ciffer they often mention it here, an open blog, that poster if they like can come here and carry on the debate. On the subject of BTH, there was no mob attack on him, out of nowhere he decided to start attributing false quotes to me, so people responded to him. He was the aggressor. I dont think anyone has abused him on that exchange either, its not adhoms, people have pointed out where he's talking rubbish. Roundthings and damageddoor also entered the fray, neither of those two are part of our satanic cult, they just thought BTH was talkking crap.

    Pikey was welcomed here by most, but not all. People largely dont agree with his politics but like him as a poster, or i do in any case.

  4. Jay,

    "neither of those two are part of our satanic cult"

    Is it your turn to supply the chickens this week or mine?


  5. danpearcecomix.com10 August, 2009 10:43

    Yeah, me too, Captain and it pissed me off something rotten. Eventually I wrote them really creepy letter and said I'd be a good boy and please could I be allowed back and they wrote me a very finger waggy letter back listing my various misdemeanors and told me to write again in a couple of weeks and they'd think about it...
    And I thought FUCK EM, I don't need the Guardian and their arse licking self important so called journalists and have barely looked at the rag since. And the quality of my life has improved out of all recognition.
    It's crap. They're all crap. You get more proper news and info by following blogs and stuff. We live in very interesting times and the conventional media is being left far behind. (Mind you, we are in the middle of August and nothing much is happening...)
    So my advice to you, CaptainZlog is to stick the once great Guardian newspaper where the sun don't shine and LIVE! You have nothing to lose but your sanity...

  6. Montana

    Have you ever come across this guy - he can be very funny and sounds to me like an authentic American voice. He's a Vietnam vet and has a wonderfully scurrilous world view

    Check out this Fred On Everything Column

  7. 3p4

    One of the annoying things about this is that I don't think I was a particularly bad boy.

    I had a comment deleted on Naomi Klein's recent piece were I made a point about her bitching about Sarah Palin. It wasn't deleted immediately and it picked up a lot of recommends, but it all started from there.

    It was a hurried and poorly written post, and I guess someone who had a quite poor command of English might have interpreted it as me calling Naomi Klein a bitch.

    Actually, the funny thing is, I am more in tune with Naomi Klein's world view that I am with Sarah Palin's, but criticism of Sarah Palin so often seems to me to have very strong overtones of class bigotry which gets up my nose.

    I have had this user name for 6 - 7 years and used to use it on GUT before CIF was invented.

    I think that is testament to my mild manneredness, politeness and tendency to walk away from flame wars.

  8. Danpearcecomix

    Yes I do think we live in interesting times and that is something to be concerned about.

    The great thing about CIF is that it is a generalist easy to use blog that attracts a wide variety of opinion.

    I often recommend posts of users who on other topics I am diametrically opposed to.

    I am happy to admit to being not particularly attached to my opinions and welcoming opposing opinions as it helps me refine my views.

    I lack convictions? Sure I do. I think that is a good thing.

    I read various blogs, but I (like most people I would imagine) tend to be attracted to blogs that reflect my opinion on whatever it is that that blog specialises in.

    Most posters on these blogs agree on the fundamental position of the blogs and are a spectrum of opinion in that particular topic. So argument tends to be about the finer details of the fundamental position which IMHO overall, results in a drift away from the mainstream towards extremism and polarisation of wider debate.

    The culling of opposing opinion on CIF is not a good sign, or in my view, a smart move.

    Maybe that is paranoid of me, but I read on some other blog somewhere that there has been a it of a cull going on.

    On the last post I made, most of the links were messed up. Does that mean anything? Spitefulness? Or was it just that I was pissed?

  9. CaptainZlog
    I've been in premod for three months and they only hung me up the right way last week...

  10. Bitterweed:

    You lucky B*stard!

  11. Ha ha, like it centurion, like it !

    By the way, I have to add - CaptainZlog - I was probably far ruder to them than you were.

  12. I was extremely polite for ages but those mods could try the patience of a motherfucking saint.

    Hi Jay, if you see Kizbot around, tell her there's a blog on laziness on Cif - if she can be bothered.

  13. martillo
    Heh - you used to be the epitome of charm and restraint !

    Kizbot has gone away for a while I think, holidaying ? Corfu ?? Anyone ???

  14. In 610, Mohammed began receiving the first verses of the Koran

    Was that from De Agostini in one of those 'in 72 weekly parts you too can build your own copy of the Koran. Get verse two free with verse one at your news agent today' type of things?

    I say it here because it'd be down quicker than Jude Law's underpants if I posted it on CiF.

  15. Are you sure, Lord S? As long as you didn't say anything about paedophilia or bombs, you'll probably get away with it...

  16. hi bitterweed, you too. Any pre-mods recently?

  17. Yes, and quite a few, dif IDs. Got totally fucked off after the local and euro elections, what with the unusually - even for CiF - low-calibre drivel CiF were chucking at us ATL, and kind of lost it for a couple of weeks.

    Thank god its only a game eh ?


  18. LOL LordS

    A bit like the Buddha and all his sutras - except he was more like: "Well, you know that one I told you about last month? Well, this one is the real one now, not that one..."

    For 40 or more years... hehehehe.


    I have to say I can't ever remember any of your posts being vile. I can recall not necessarily agreeing with them, but you have always seemed to be polite and to the point. Who knows the mysteries of the mods? Not I.

  19. As long as you didn't say anything about paedophilia or bombs, you'll probably get away with it...

    Sounds like there's a story behind that. What have I missed? I've not been CiFing too much over the last couple of days due to business in the real world.

    Apropos of little else .... I read the copy of today's Daily Mail that I found in the hospital waiting room today. Bloody Tanya Gold's there too! This time she was eating chillies and phoning in a thousand words on the experience. Is there nothing she won't tackle?

  20. Nothing specific, Lord S; just the kind of comment that comes up and is deleted when the Koran is under discussion.

  21. Why that cheeky Andrew Brown!!

    First MF posts about Gog, Magog and Bush on here on Saturday, then we are chatting about it again and I post about it on Inayat's thread, and now here's Andrew nicking the idea!

    I've posted my surprise on his thread - although I have absolutely no doubt it will be zapped quicker than you can say "knife".

    Cheek, though eh?

  22. Well it just goes to show what a lazy bunch of tossers most of the contributors to cif are. The quality of journalism in the Guardian has sunk to a new low. There are a few (Simon Jenkins, for instance) who have authority but there are a shrinking minority. Most of them either regurgitate the press releases they're handed or trawl the blogs for inspiration like Andrew Brown.
    It was a good story and you deserve the credit BB but you won't get it...

  23. Dan

    Monkeyfish deserves the credit - he was the one who found it in the first place. :o)

  24. It's all so fucking predictable...

    It's almost enough to turn you to this.

  25. Hehehehe...

    I am on the Old Speckled Hen again BW. Cheers!

  26. Dab nabbit BB!!! I'm supposed to be having a night off the pop ! (it's my Sunday night and Monday night rule)

    But the co-op just round the corner sells Speckled Hen. Chilled. And I have to go their anyways.

    Oh bollocks bollocks bollocks. Oh fuck it, go on then.

  27. Six pound thirty six for four. Can't be bad.

    Mmmm... beer...

    So much more than breakfast drink !

  28. Hiya Martillo!

    BB - a question for you that almost ties in with some of the discussion here.

    Am reading a Le Carré which features a supposed Chechen Muslim who has escaped (via a Turkish prison) to Germany and who is working to extract money from a Scottish banker based in Hamburg via a young, female alleged human rights lawyer. (Sorry for all the qualifications, but it is Le Carré.)

    He has asked her (the lawyer) to wear a headscarf whenever he meets with her.

    Would you do it?

  29. Careful BB, you've had a beer now.

  30. Thaum

    Would I bollocks. :o)

    Take me as you find me or not at all. No matter how much money you want to pay me....


    I think.... ;o)

    BW - soz to be such a bad influence. Old Speck is the canine's testacles though.

  31. Yes it is. Had to scrub the kitchen pronto just now, Mrs BW's home soon and I want to savour this !

    No mashed potato tonight.

  32. BB - glad to hear you say that! I could never do it either, but I started thinking, "Well, you know, if you're dealing with refugees from a different culture ... naaah, not a chance."

    The interesting twist in the book is that the persons who have given him refuge don't think he's a real Muslim!

    Old Speckled tastes fine but makes piss smell funny. Or is that just me?

  33. I've never noticed that effect of Old Speck. Although if it catches your tongue in the wrong way it can have a distinct aftertaste of ear wax. Dunno why that is.

    The only time I would done any kind of strange clothing was if I was in their country if the law required it, or going into a church or mosque or something.

  34. Thanks for the Katt Williams piece, Bitterweed- LOL...

  35. BB - not sure what ear wax tastes like. Only went on the Old S once because I was so disgusted by the after-effects. Maybe it was a coincidence and I should try it again.

    Agree - if I were going to a country that generally required that sort of thing, I would do it, although I can't see myself going to such a country precisely for that reason. Nor can I see any reason to enter a church or mosque, except for touristy gawking purposes.

  36. Oh dear.

    I wonder how that could have happened?

  37. 'Here's another one to ignore'

    posed the troll

    'what happens to foetal tissue after abortion?'

    'NOT a commodity by any chance?'

    posed troll 2

    'Not that we're talking an abortion INDUSTRY here'

    'Coming to a therapy near you sometime soon?'

    said the doctored comment

  38. The ex-communities secretary said she did not think her car had been targeted because of who she was ...

    (Fingers in ears) La-la-la ... I'm not listening.

  39. Is it just me or does anyone else wish they could delete other people's posts as well as their own?

  40. The thought had crossed my mind, LordS. ;o)

  41. Delete ? Yeh, especially BBs ones about drinking really nice beer on one of my nights OFF.

    Oh well, here comes number three.

    Dan P
    My pleasure ! He's a funny guy.

  42. 'Wotcha thaurmatauge'
    greeted the cockney

    'Have you thought of changing your commenting style?'

    posered Anonymous to itself.

    'No fucking chance'

    Old Speckled Hen, earwax and smelly piss? Do you mind, you're putting me off my foie grâs and Albariño.

  43. 'Marie Stopes was an alleged Nazi sympathizer and eugenicist?'

    posed the cynic

    'now there's someone to trust an unborn child with'

    'It's CHOICE'

    shouted the lobby

  44. Ere, did you know the way to get an elephant really angry is to to get it to eat human ear wax? Wonder how they found that out...

  45. martillo

    Foie gras. The devil's food! Mmmmmmm....

    Sorry everyone. I know I am a hypocrite but I bloody love it.

  46. 'Best ignore this one:

    foetal tissue and commodification'

    posed the cynic

    ''The cadaver of a single aborted fetus isn't worth very much if sold whole ($600 if more than eight weeks old) but worth thousands if rendered into various components, of which the brain commands the highest price, $999 (30% discount if significantly fragmented), and with the skin of an aborted baby of more than 12 weeks gestation bringing in a mere $100, and a single eye no more than $50.''


    'NOT that they'd use such tissues, for example, in vaccines?'

    posed the pro-life foetus


    'Ah.......... we can trust vaccines......'

    said the easily impressed man

    'especially when they make them compulsory .... and without adequate testing'

  47. Oh dear indeed, the former Communities Secretary doesn't seem to be connecting very well with the, er, communities.

    Now I'm not by any means advocating violent attacks on government ministers (nor ex-~) but no-one seems to have been hurt.

    Oyé como va Martillo

  48. martillo
    Interestingly, I ate so much this weekend I almost foie-grased my own liver.

  49. 'this one goes out to you'


    bored the boring bore.

  50. Oh, and thanks for the links Sealion.

    That one was particularly arsey.

    Baboom ching !

  51. 'Eugenics??? That'll never find support in the Halls of Power'

    posed the cynic

    'Check out John Holdren... Oh bummer's science CZAR;; and his book published in 1977 allegedly supporting the call for MASS STERILISATIONS and FORCED ABORTIONS?'

    'Not important.... Better talk about elephants'

    said Dumbo

  52. Yesterday upon the stair
    I met a man who wasn't there
    He wasn't there again today
    I wish that man would go away

    And that's my benedictory poem for the evening. Sleep tight.

  53. Great vid, Sealion.

    Night thaum x

  54. Fab, thauma - hadn't heard that for ages.

    What do you think of this?

    Hypocrite, BB? You're not a veggie, are you?

    Like the geese, I bet you loved it it BW.

  55. martillo

    Not a veggie, no, but I am supposed to be a buddhist, which means I am supposed to avoid suffering for all living creatures. Except geese, it seems....

  56. Martillo

    What a splendid link for this end of the evening !

    10/10 old chap.

    Evening all.

  57. If I weren't such a militant agnostic, I think I'd choose Buddhism, BB. My favourite religion. And don't worry: the Geese love it.

    Glad you enjoyed it, BW. Piano and lyrics by Lorca.

  58. Time I was in bed too really

    Night night x