22 August 2009

Daily Chat 22/08/09

Wow, chockablock with interesting events today! St. Columba reported seeing a monster in Loch Ness in 565. Richard III died in the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. Charles I called Parliament 'traitors' in 1642. Jacob Barsimson, the first known Jewish immigrant in North America, arrived in New Amsterdam in 1654. George III declared the American colonies to be in open rebellion in 1775. The Red Cross was formed in Geneva in 1864. Michael Collins was assasinated in 1922. Gold was discovered near Johannesburg in 1926. The BBC conducted its first experiments in television broadcasting in 1932. Althea Gibson became the first black woman to compete in international tennis in 1950 and the Devil's Island penal colony was closed in 1952.

Celebrating birthdays today: Ray Bradbury, Honor Blackman, Roland Orzabal, Lee Camp and Kiko Macheda. Today is the first full day of Ramadan.


  1. Twenty-four years ago today, I was at the battlefield, watching the quincentenary reenactments. Amazing stuff.

    Also, I normally restrict myself to birthdays of living people, but today would have been this guy's birthday, too.

  2. Ach have to be pedantic Montana, the beast Columba encountered was in the river not the loch - it is also the only known case of Nessie attacking anyone, she has been a peaceable old thing for 1500 years, after Columba ordered her to leave people alone.

  3. Morning all, hope you all had an enjoyable Friday eve.

    Thanks Bitterweed - I'm looking forward to reading it.


  4. 'Taking the Trane to Pettiquette place?'

    posed the cynic

    'NOT that it's starting to feel more like a subsidiary of the mother ship than a refuge?'

    'Respect. Moderation in moderation...'

  5. Jay, here’s someone who seems to agree with you:


    22 Aug 09, 11:45am (10 minutes ago)
    This is going to get mod'ed but fuck it, it needs to be said

  6. But that Freedum4all6sheeple is a boring one trick pony, isn’t he?

    Give it a rest, mate, you’re just Chasin the Trane...

  7. Hope it's not another 24 years before you get a revisit Montana.

  8. Yawn. Just back from holiday in deepest France. Haven't read a paper or been online for a fortnight - anything happened I should know about? I see CiF is rocketing up its own arse again.

  9. Hi Frank: hope you had a good one.

    I think you, with your libertarian credentials, might find a certain irony in the current Cif ploy to turn a discussion on etiquette into further restrictions on what we can say and how we can say it.

    Here’s where it started

    And here’s where it’s currently happening

    Just one suggestion – get your unpacking done and put the kids to bed before you check it out, and then make yourself some strong coffee.

    Even though we disagree on a great deal, I’m willing to bet you’ll be as unimpressed with the whole thing as I am. Have fun...

  10. What I want to know is are we in with a chance of winning the Ashes - or will we fuck it up (as per) at the least minute.

  11. Sheff - we shall win the Ashes and we shall win the Nation to a left perspective...

    Well perhaps one day.

    Hope you enjoy(ed) the drive home as much as the drive down. I worked in Shropshire for many years and both my sons were born there. I liked it and all the western border counties a lot.

  12. Deano

    The country looked so beautiful - those border counties are a rural idyll - at least to look at. The difficulties and poverty are hidden.

  13. Sheff

    There is a lot in what you say - but there is also an extensive 'alternative' economy in such places too.

    What is true is that if you are fortunate enough to be a professional on a national salary scale (as I was before I became a tramp) the west borders are a fabulous place to live.

    They are something of a hidden/secret paradise. In the 1970-80's your pound went a long way - so much further than it ever could if you were within 100 miles of M25.

    If you have to be poor - so much better there on the west boder, or here in E Yorks, than in the cities. Both areas are off the beaten track and life is lived at an altogether different pace.

    My daughter has taken to cycling in her 39th year - we are going to have a few days cycling around Wenlock in Salop in early Sept. I can't wait I cycled all over Shrop when I was younger - I loved it!

  14. Deano: I admire your optimism about the Ashes and the Nation, though I’m not sure I can quite share it for either of them.

    In the more immediate case, I reckon it’ll be a nail-biter on Monday...

    My Dad and his wife moved out to the Wye valley on their retirements a year or so ago, and they’re really happy there.

    Enjoy your cycling holiday.

  15. Oh by way everybody - Alan Rushbridger [?spelling?}( Guardian Editor) doubles up as a disc jockey on Sat night on Classic FM. His show is broadcasting at the minute.

    (It's on the Internet radio Montana) If you tune in you can actually hear exactly how super middle class public schoolboy/oxbridge he really is!!

    I can't stand the tosser but I like/share some of his musical taste...

  16. Hi Andy - good to hear from you.

    Took a a decent crop from a late planting (in a large black plastic sack) of second earlies ( Charlottes)

    My computer is working astonishingly well tonight - the best for a month! (touches wood etc).

    I haven't forgotten that I promised a brief report on our family weekend in July.

    And I have a couple of outrageous Mungo stories to tell as well - the bastard continues to win every time in our encounters.

  17. Deano:

    Glad to hear about the potatoes. I’ve just harvested the second lot of my onions. Should last me until the New Year at least. Still got my main crop potatoes to lift, but plenty of the earlies still waiting to be eaten. And leeks and chard are both waiting to be planted out. Hopefully I’ll get them in tomorrow while listening to the cricket.

    All stories regarding the family do and Mungo’s latest outrages would be most welcome.

    I’ve passed on your suggestion of an evening with Alan Rusbridger, and I’m grooving along to Faust this evening. I think that was the name of a dog my GF’s stepdad once owned. Don’t know if he was named after the band or the Goethe character.

  18. Andy.

    You missed nowt with Rusbridger tonight.

    Evidently he played two instruments at Public School - the clarennete and the piano.

    Last Sat was his claranette favourites and this week his piano ones. Last Sturday's show was better this weeks was crap.

    Sounds like a class GF stepdad - dog called Faust and a reading list to include the Wobblies.

  19. How the fuck did that get posted with claranette for clarinet??

  20. Ah somebody remind me of that Acker Bilk clarinet classic?

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jzx664u5DA&feature=related

    Composed for his daughter Jenny.

  22. Deano: I didn’t realise you’ve been making notes on my GF’s stepdad.

    I’ll have to be more careful what seemingly throwaway comments I make in future. Apparently he was a right bastard – a violent alcoholic – but for some reason he left her his huge book collection when he died.

    Then my comment was going to say:

    *So, did Rusbridger play any Acker Bilk?*

    But when I went to post it, I saw you’d mentioned him first.

    Is this what you had in mind? Stranger on the Shore

  23. Andy

    I don't keep notes my friend - but I do have a decent memory for narrative especially from folk who I have come to like.

    I hope if the bastard was unkind to your GF that his dog bit him.

    It was indeed Stranger, the tune Acker composed for his daughter Jenny. It was also the reason for me buying my very first LP way back. I luvs it man.

    By chance you found the same link I did above. I've bookmarked it 'cos one of the pictures of the Palm trees by the shore is almost identical to where my son got married in Fiji.

    Colection of class memories flood my head.

  24. Oh feg I have language problems - our son.

  25. Deano: you certainly do have a good memory, and I’ll take the second part of that as a compliment.

    Don’t know anything more about the dog, other than that it once found its way back from somewhere in south London to Camden or Kentish Town where it lived. It took about three days apparently, but made it in the end.

    I have to confess I’m not an Acker Bilk fan.

    Here’s one of My Favorite Things

    That’s a soprano sax, not a clarinet, obviously.

    Goodnight everyone.

  26. I seem to be down as a follower now Montana and thought that meant I could comment but it looks all weird - there are loads of letters and stuff after my name. And I still cant sign in under my user name to comment. Seriously I need to go to IT school for major dummies. And despite following PhillipaB's trials and tribulations I still cant post a link either! Downhearted Princesscc.

  27. Deano30,
    You speak of potatoes in bags. I got some and harvested about 2 pounds of potatoes. I worked out that it cost me a quid per spud. What am I doing wrong?

  28. If you have all passed out by now I will ask again tomorrow.

  29. Princesscc. There should be a link at the top of your page that says 'Dashboard'. Click on that then go to 'Edit profile' scroll to 'Display Name'. Hope that's some help.

  30. Navro -thanks for the help. I think I may have worked it out but in the process (Before reading your advice) I have set up a yahoo account a google account and now apparently I have my own blog called Princesscc and I dont even know how that happened! I have also developed a migraine.

    Lets see if this works.

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