20 August 2009

Hello Princesschipchops!

Everyone else, just move along down there to the Daily Chat thread. Nothing for you to see up here!

Most of this conversation should probably take place via e-mail. You can get to me at: thewildhack@gmail.com

The short version is just that I've always wanted to live there -- from as soon as I knew that the place existed. I blame Petula Clark, really. I felt so at home from the first day I was ever there. See, for all the noise we Americans make about individual rights, we're really pretty bad at allowing people to be individuals. Conformity is the name of the game -- especially in a place like Iowa. It's not that I'm some great eccentric, I'm not. But I've just never fit in. Combine that with the fact that my political views, while relatively mainstream by European standards, put me on the fringe left in the US.

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Hey Montana,

    This site is great! I will drop you a line on email. It is funny because ever since being little I wanted to live over there! I do not like the right wing politics in the US but I love the place.

    I loved California the most - and San Fransisco would be my dream home. I cried all the way back to Blighty on the plane.

    I love the openness and space you get there but I do get the conformity thing. Totally. You can be a bit bonkers over here (not that I am suggesting you are but I am) and still pretty much fit in!

    I am out and about at the moment but will drop you a line on email this evening.
    Take care. Princesscc (havent figured out how to sign in yet - total incompetent with technology!)

  2. . Princesscc (havent figured out how to sign in yet - total incompetent with technology!)

    just in case you are having the same puzzlement i had when first trying to post here:

    chose name/url from the dropdown menu (select profile)
    enter princesschipchops and ignore the url option

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    ignore "sorry that dont fly" message and click Post Comment button a 2nd time,,this time it should work and post with your name,,

  3. Frankly, I expect a little more professionalism from our matriarchal webmaster. You know how confused we get when there's more than one thread.

  4. Fingers & toes crossed, MW.

  5. Cruella deVille21 August, 2009 04:39

    So that's how it works!

  6. Miss Anne Dryst21 August, 2009 04:40

    Six months of doing this thing and I've only just worked that out.

  7. LOL I love you guys! (whoever you are!!!!)