31 October 2009

Daily Chat 31/10/09

Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in 1517.  A cyclone devastated India, killing more than 200,000 in 1876.  The Lincoln Highway, the first national highway to be built for automobiles in the United States, was dedicated in 1913.  It was 5454 kilometres long and stretched from Times Square in New York to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.  The Battle of Britain ended in 1940.  Stalin's body was removed from Lenin's Tomb in 1961 and Louise Woodward was convicted of second degree manslaughter in 1997.

Born today:  Johannes/Jan Vermeer (1632-1675), John Keats (1795-1821), Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), Dale Evans (1912-2001), Jimmy Savile (1926), Kinky Friedman (1944), Michael Kitchen (1948), Larry Mullen, Jr. (1961), Johnny Marr (1963) and Marco van Basten (1964).

It is Halloween, Samhain or (if you're Cornish) Calan Gwaf.


  1. Was that the beginning of the revolution I witnessed last night, or two angry old drunks staggering around having a swearing competition?

    I understand the attraction of posting after a few drinks, but is there any way you could stop being so damned nasty about Hermione, kizbot etcetera?

  2. Swearing competition by the looks of it....think they gave up on the revolution in favour of the swally, pity really.

  3. Well, I am not going to look at the late-on stuff but can imagine ('As soon as this pub closes, the Revolution starts').

    One of the reasons I gave up on Cif as OldBagpuss was because I found myself becoming overly aggressive, the same reason i chucked Illiberal Agreement after a quick dip in Sunny's tepid and bacteria-ridden waters.

    The other reasons were boredom, huffiness and the shock at discovering that after making breakfast I was actually going back to a thread to see what BeatingHisDonis had said during the night - time to get out, I realised.

    Heresy Corner is my cyber cornershop, but I was delighted to discover Untrusted and find a whole bar of fellow sympatico gabbers such as Kiz, Bru, martillo and scherfig, and even a few of the Cif ABLs I liked eg Cath, Frank, and also a couple of the ranch hands such as Jessica.

    As a newcomer, I think if Untrusted is going to survive it's going to need a bit more tolerance. I doubt if anyone here distrusts the Guardian management as much as I do, but for goodness sake that doesn't make the staff evil - I used to work for Rupert Murdoch and I got fed up with the righteous telling me I lived on the dark side.

    Lighten up fellas!

    Closing down now to earn some money, will drop in later.

    Kizbot and Bru donlt seem to come her any more

  4. Ok, sorry peeps, didn't think anyone was up. It was fun while it lasted. Gone now.

    Lightening up as requested.

  5. Actually, it was a lot less angry and a lot more gigglesome than it looks... obviously lost something in translation. Still, sorry about offending anyone's feelings, that wasn't necessary...

  6. sheff & fellow sheffielders

    Just caught part of the radio 4 prog at 10.30, 'Now wash your hands', about Izal toilet paper which was made in Chapeltown. Really fascinating bit of local history.

  7. The background to this is the Whaddya thread last night, where Hank appeared as DonnyOsman. As usual, since it was past dinner time he was pissed and looking for someone inoffensive to slap around. If you want to see it, it's still up, surprisingly. He's since demanded I come here so he can give me a royal dressing down, so I'm making a quick appearance, and I hope it doesn't add to the bad odour too much. I'll then fuck off.

    As always, I enjoyed our time together yesterday.
    I told you a few times yesterday that I'd recently seen why some people liked you. You can post funny and incisive comments. But I've also seen, again, why we have our little spats. LAst night, for example, you came reeling in to CiF looking for a scrap and picking on inoffensive targets like CordeliaM and, of course me, since I seem for some reason to be your bugbear (for all your 'you ain't important' stuff, you do seem to notice when I'm not here). So for me the story is basically this: man gets drunk and comes looking for someone to slap around. Heroic. This is the great HankScorpio I'd been told so much about? Frankly, I imagined you'd be taller.

    You have a little narrative you've constructed for yourself, with a little help from others, which goes like this:
    * There was once a heroic commentator called HankScorpio who posted brilliantly and in a 'distinctive voice' (your words) on CiF.
    * Then one day, The Man banned him because his opinions were too controversial and the mediocre Middle Class Twats [tm] who run CiF found him too hot.
    * Since then it's been taken over by Middle Class Mediocrities who don't talk about Anything Important. And they get bloody recommends (you do go on about that).
    * So, under cover of darkness, HankScorpio donned a disguise just to remind them that the Truth was still out there.

    The trouble is, it isn't quite like that.
    * You didn't get banned for being Right or Controversial. There are still people there who think like you. You got banned because you treat people like shit, and act like a cock.
    * This distinctive voice you think you have. I didn't spot you because of some voice, I spotted you because you said EXACTLY what you always say, using the same words. You're a tired old one-trick pony masquerading as something better. You have this self-image of the Brilliant But Denied genius and that just burns you up, it comes over again and again in what you write, and your constant complaints about the reccommends all the 'banalities' get. You deridee CiF, but constantly slink back there for nothing more than a swipe at the twats who've unseated you. You Could Have Been A Contender. Well look at last night, most people just thought you were a Troll.
    * You have a go at people for discussing what you see as trivialities. Yet you do the same here. And should your conversation with Bitterweed count as the sort of thing that should be there, "cunts and kizzywizzy"? Brilliant.

  8. * You say people don't have opinions. They do. Mine are there, for all you say that I don't have any. The reason you think they aren't is you're not interested. You ignore anything that doesn't fit your construct.
    * You think people are scared of arguing with you (nice one about the moral cowardice, ta). They're not - what they don't want is to face an aggressive drunk who isn't really interested in what they think and who's only there for a fight (your comment about your need for scraps to avoid banality was a pretty good confession of trolling, btw). Forgive me, but this isn't my life, I go there for fun, and I don't fancy playing Monkeyfish for you. If you want to get someone to call you a cunt and have a row so that you can finally get a hard-on, get someone else. You probably tell yourself you're just blunt and plain speaking. No. Like I said last night, when you go on about politeness being so Middle-Class, that was just what I said - a wanker's charter. It's a rationalisation for your own thuggishness. So much easier to make your own nastiness another dig at Them. You're no different to the radfems you criticise, you just use different hate figures.

    This is just what you do. I know you particularly dislike me, partly because of the false memories you seem to have of our first encounter, but you've picked fights with a shit-load of people and driven them away, so I'm not going to feel too special. You say you can have fights with people and talk to them next day, but that's just lip-service. You have some serious grudges, for one; for the rest it's just part of your Digby Chicken-Caesarness to fight and forget - and expect everyone else to then remember your Inner Brilliance.

    Now you're going to tell me I'm flouncing off , because that's what you accused me of before (though ironically it was you who said they left when I turned up here, in your last unprovoked rant). Again you mistake not wanting to talk to a deeply unpleasant individual as some kind of moral cowardice, but I seen no point in debating with you. We might agree - I thought all your suggestions were good ones. You might win, or I might lose but whatever happens you'll quickly descend into personal comments ('tewwibly' - oh how brilliant) or your usual stock rants. What does that all gain me apart from a nasty taste for me and the poor sods who have to have UT ruined for them? So I'll be off. Well done, there's one fewer person to have around. That seems to be your aim in poisoning wherever you go, and slowly it works.

    Anyway, I'll be off. Sorry to Montana for bringing stuff here, but he made it an issue.

  9. Yep. Funny how a few posts between a couple iof mates here have become national news ! Some sort of back handed complement I guess, but I'm surprised the five or six people making comments lacked the spunk to come over here and talk about it, insetad of complaining to teacher.

    I've taken down the personal stuff because it's not my blog. I had no idea the whole world and her pet chihuahua were peering though the window while we were having our late night chat ! I might even have changed my approach.

    The issues of people being banned are of course, as ever, entirely glossed over, as if people are only ever banned for being rude sweary and uncouth. As if.

    The duplicity is stunning. As ever.

  10. "but I'm surprised the five or six people making comments lacked the spunk to come over here and talk about it, insetad of complaining to teacher."

    Does that maybe sound a little childish, BW? Complaining to teacher? I think you should spend some time on self-criticism. Works wonders and has a good Socialist pedigree.

    Did you ever try to confront two stroppy drunks? I did on here once before and just got carried away by the moment. It doesn't take much 'spunk' to write angry words on a blog. Maybe you and Hank should take the holy cleansing fire of righteous anger out onto the streets rather than here, show the world what you're made of.

    There! Now I sound angry.

  11. BW

    It wasn't what you were up to on the UT last night, Fence was talking about what was going on on the waddya thread. Have to say Hank must have been on a spectacular swally fest and he was definitely out of order on waddya. Its a waste of real talent and Fencewalker has a point.

    I heard it...was wonderful. I remember that terrible slippery san izal stuff - lovely to hear the women talking - especially the bit about sandpapering the bog paper and measuring the rolls.

  12. Martillo, mate, as far as I was concerend last night, everyone else was safely tucked up in bed while I stayed up, played a few tunes and got intos some pretty ammusing self-righteous indignation with old Hank. I didn't even realise he was single handedly starting a spectacular pub brawl over on wadya. As far as I knew, it was just a couple of old gits letting rip in a semi darkened room, most of the time toungue firmly in cheek. . Not intended for wider consumption. If I really want to say something to someone I have the means and the ability to do it pretty directly. Apologies for those peering in if feelings were hurt. As I've said, I've removed offending remarks, but if anyone wants to take issue with me, stone cold sober, I'll be in and out all day. I think I said before, I don't come here for a scrap. 1) no point and 2) Not my blog.

  13. Sheffpixie
    Yes, that has become a bit clearer now... Personally whaddya's normally a no-go for me.
    Oh dear. Hank, you bad lad.

    Anyone got any jokes ?

  14. Fair enough, BW, but whether most of us were in bed is a little beside the point on a blog. Just like rude words scrawled on a toilet wall, they're still there next morning (still, at least you've scrubbed yours off;0)).

    Haven't you got some chat program for when you're feeling like that? I mean I get into conversations like that myself, but try not to share them with the whole world.

    Take care.

  15. Bitterweed,

    from a literary point of view, can I just say that the last 15 posts between you and Hank last night were the best non-Glaswegian interpretation of James Kelman's 'How late it was, how late' I have ever read?


  16. 13th Duke

    I thought it rather resembled this:

    "My candle was nearly burnt out, when, by the glimmer of the half-extinguished light, I saw the dull yellow eye of the creature open..." – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein


  17. 13. Hmmm I'd forgotten about that !
    ... It was a pretty good thread until about 12.30, then someone opened the pumpkin vodka and it all went wrong... hadn't had a drop for a fortnight either...

    Again, genuine apologies to any regulars who got offended.

  18. Right, off out to start a new life and make the world a better place, lol.


  19. Sometimes I just love the internet..someone ought to make a film of this place..or at least write a novel..maybe blog it in instalments.

    Wasn't aware of the DonnyO "parallel narrative" til I looked this morning..mental. Seriously Hank, you are a bad man sometimes..;)_

    Was gonna suggest you stop posting when drunk but..y'know

    ..the odd spliff might be an idea though specially after 10 o' clock on a Friday.

  20. I didn't see what was said about me on the UT but if anyone has anything to say to me or wants to call me a cunt you can email me at kizzybizbot@yahoo.com. The remarks about Hermione were bang out of order and any crap about not meaning to offend or just having a laugh is just that. CRAP!

  21. Kiz
    The remark I made about that person was made here, late at night when as far as I was aware no one else was around, certainly not the person in question, who had never visited this place to my knowledge, and who happens to just make rather effete, annoying pointless remarks at the top of just about every thread purely for attention, as far as I can make out.

    CiF could be a great site, and occasionally has very good articles on it, but usually has poorly written, unresearched, intelligence-insulting crap - but my dissappointment with that and the mods' incessant, zealous deletions of critical posts it is well documented and I don't need to rehearse, yet again, its failings here. But those failings are the source of any frustration coming from this quarter.

    I never have, nor ever will think that of you, just for the record.

  22. You're such a scold, kiz, but it's not really your job to pontificate on other people's behaviour on a thread to which you don't contribute. Any insulting of people should be by private Email and behind their backs, right?

  23. Montana, Bolton - Chelsea game on TVU Player now.

  24. I'd assumed the later posts last night were a follow up to this..

    #Bitterweed said...

    Here it is MF... fucking beautiful !


    ...a la Malcolm Tucker No?

  25. I think kiz is free to say what she wants scherf, specially if her names been taken in vain. Having said that, Bitterweed's apologised for any part he played and it would be good if things weren't stoked up a further notch.

    For what it's worth (not much, probably), I think unless its seriously libellous - its preferrable not to take other people's pissed up ranting personally.

  26. Yep, pissed up ranting is pretty much it. Like sex with a hamster, fun at the time, but a bit ugly to those looking on.

  27. BW
    Like sex with a hamster, fun at the time, but a bit ugly to those looking on.

    specially if you forget the masking tape...

  28. Sheff, it was nothing to do with kiz, it was some other poster was slagged off. Fair enough if kiz felt the need to jump in and defend her (God knows why), and she's got the right to do that. But Kiz has 'resigned' from this blog several times because of other people's 'bad behaviour' and says she doesn't want to be involved, yet she keeps coming back to tell people off.
    I didn't find last night's shenanigans particularly entertaining and wasn't even involved. But as far as I'm concerned, I can get by just fine without either personal abuse or sanctimonious claptrap. I'd prefer not to have a mummy-figure here to tell me or anyone else when certain posters have been naughty. And I don't like hypocrisy.

  29. Alright people, mea culpa, lets' drawn a line under it. Kiz/anybody can say what they want.

    Life's too short, even for wannabe Malcolm Tuckers....

  30. Suits me bitterweed. As far as I'm concerned, people here can say what they want. If I don't like it, I'll do something else instead.

  31. Cool bananas scherfig. I much prefer having a laugh: Lightweight really ;-)

  32. Forgot in all the excitement, Kinky Friedman. Great stuff.


  33. martillo

    Less said about that KF video the better! :-))

  34. How could you not love someone who calls his group Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, Sheff?

  35. Martillo

    I get where you're coming from and I've tried, really tried - but sadly i've failed. I suppose my kitsch threshold is low.

  36. scherf= it's a public blog innit? The reason I posted is coz I was under the impression from some of the posts early in this thread that the swear fest included me last night too, so it did concern me as well... no?. I didn't see it so I don't know what was said which is why I posted my email if anyone wants to tell me their opinion of me. Not that I'm really bothered tbh. I defended hermione coz I think its well harsh to refer to her in that manner. What's she done... got on a few people's nerves? Its not like she's BNP or anything... she doesn't deserve that kind of treatment on a public blog... that she doesn't even frequent.

  37. Fucking hell, I come here for a bit of casual escapism and this is what happens? Well, actually I'm not sure what's happened as most of last night's have been deleted.

    I'm now off to have a look at Waddya to see if anything survives. Car crash syndrome.

    MF - yes, Churchill was a drunken twat, but he was a *witty* drunken twat. Can appreciate the wit whilst in severe disagreement with his policies.

  38. That's fair enough, kiz. I think we can agree that you have just as much right to post your admonitions of what you consider 'bad' behaviour here as anybody else has to post rude things about other posters, (whether you consider they deserve it or not). I won't read either if I choose not to. It's a public blog, but it's not compulsory to read it, you know.

  39. Can someone please just shoot EllyMiranda? I mean, I don't generally like to slag off posters (much), but FFS....

    Seriously, people are complaining about inoffensive posters such as HermioneGingold while hymen-deniers are given a free ride?

  40. Watch out, people. Brown's got a super new plan to 'name and shame yobs'. Although I doubt that it will affect anyone here.

  41. thauma

    Apparently horse riding does for your hymen (or so i was told), so I would have been in big trouble in a culture that worried about such things being as I spent as much time as I could on horseback in my early teens.

  42. Hi - boy have I missed a wild party!! Busy doing bureaucratic stuff re house sale.

    Occurs to me that insulting words like cunt twat dick prick etc say a lot about our attitude to ourselves as human beings.

    They are after all parts of people's bodies as is the other common insult - arsehole.

    We all have one of those!

    Just a thought!

  43. Kitsch, Sheff? Did you watch it to the end? To the punchline?

    Now this is kitsch. I love it...

  44. martillo

    In fairness no, i didn't watch it to the end (the vision of the 'holy' family was enough) but I will go back and do so now.

  45. martillo

    have watched it to the end - I may be remarkably dim but if anything it was worse than I thought! :-))

  46. martillo that is truly horrendous!

  47. Sheff - that explains a lot for me too.... :-)

  48. Evening all. Thauma - I know! What was that all about. Interesting article but then just could not be bothered to sign in to comment once I read the thread below. She was getting quite beside herself at one point was Elly too.

    Sheff - I too loved horse riding. I used to go to these stables in Penistone. It must be a common thing amongst us south yorks lasses. I still love to go up to the stables up the road and have a stroke of the horses. Such magnificent creatures.

    My grandma and grandad lived in Grimethorpe right next to the park so we would walk out of their gate a second up the road and into the park. There was a field that bordered the park that had a lovely horse in it that we called Rossi (for some forgotten and probably mad reason). One day we noticed a big gap in the fence so using strong mints and carrots we enticed it out. Through the park, down the street, through my grandads gate and into their garden.

    We didn't even get into trouble my grandad just told us to take it back. We cried but to no avail.

  49. "MF - yes, Churchill was a drunken twat, but he was a *witty* drunken twat. Can appreciate the wit whilst in severe disagreement with his policies."

    Yeah but he also sent the troops into Tonypandy, sacrificed the Lusitania to bring the US into the war, sacrificed tens of thousands at Gallipoli out of injured pride and stupidity, was a racist cunt (sorry 'twat'), spent the entire war looking after his own class's interests by trying to preserve an empire which was well past its sell by date and was an out and out elitist and racist..and in the modern idiom a total fascist. As for his wit..Ok but is that enough..never worked for Bernard Manning.

    Still he's the top Briton of all time apparently...


    Weird list though. Probably just 4, 5 ,6, 10, 21,22, 30, 34, 35, 37,38 and 45 would remain in my top 50. Might pick 6 of them for the lottery next week.

    Anyway, he had no business calling Bessie Braddock ugly…she was a bit of a looker in her day…fat maybe but ugly was uncalled for specially as he was no oil painting himself. And she did more for the working classes than he ever did. His ideal state was a feudal oligarchy run on deference and patronage. Never understood where his rep came from.

  50. MF - as I said, "in severe disagrement with his policies". Now, I understand your point, and no matter how much wit Bush or Blair might have, I would hold no truck with them. But they don't, and Churchill is far enough removed for me to feel no personal animus in the same way I would do for a contemporary figure.

    Although I do hope there is a special place in a singularly-existing hell for Cromwell, who put the women and children of Ireland to the sword etc.

    Speaking of Gallipoli - have you seen the superb film by that name starring the racist and misogynist Mel Gibson?

  51. That *is* a weird list, MF! Obviously I disagree about Cromwell, but when you see Aleister Crowley just topping Bob Geldof, you know something is wrong....

  52. ... or Geldof, come to think of it? (Much as I mkight like to consign those two.)

  53. That is a weird list - but Thauma please don't foist Bono & Geldorf onto us. Appatently some of them, notably Thatcher and Blair also feature on the list of worst Britons - Blair 1st and Thatcher 3rd.

  54. Yeah fair point re Cromwell and Ireland but he gets a big plus in my book for his republican activities.

    Dunno why but I find Michael Crawford a particularly objectionable presence...nothing against the guy really but why? And Boy George?

  55. Er ... who is Michael Crawford?

    Sheff: sorry you're stuck with them. They're on your list.

  56. Cromwell - foul, mass-murdering, Puritanical piece of work. Worse than the decadent monarchs he sought to replace. A destroyer, not a reformer: witness the ruins dotting the countryside. Would probably be a BNP supporter (or the leader thereof) today.

    And he wasn't even witty.

  57. Cromwell.

    So bad that we wanted the monarchy back. That's the cheating, stealing, taxing, fornicating, degenerate monarchy we had in the seventeenth century, not the media friendly bunch inoffensive bunch of tree-huggers that we have today.

    He must have been really crap.

    Night all!

  58. Im still working my way through stuff but am slightly confused, help welcome - all i saw so far was Hank/Donny on the waddya thread and the big row that developed.

    What has BW got to do with it?
    And am i missing other rows that went on here, and which days etc??

    I feel like I've missed a chunk of this episode as comments arent making much sense.

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