14 October 2009

Daily Chat 14/10/09

Well, I still can't find my copy of 1066 and All That, but I do know that today is the 943rd anniversary of one of the two Genuine Dates.  I just don't remember if Messrs. Sellar & Yeatman declared it to be a Good Thing or a Bad Thing.  Other things that have happened on this day in history:  Robert the Bruce defeated Edward II at Byland in 1322.  In 1789, George Washington declared this to be the first National Day of Thanksgiving.  It didn't become an annual holiday until the mid-19th Century.  The 265 year-long Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end in 1868.  The United Kingdom's worst mining disaster occurred in 1912, when an explosion at the Senghenydd Colliery killed 439 men.  And in 1943, prisoners at the Sobibor death camp revolted.  Nearly half of the camp's prisoners escaped and 50 survived the war.

Born today:  William Penn (1644-1718), Eamon de Valera (1882-1975), e.e. cummings (1894-1962), Hannah Arendt (1906-1975), Roger Moore (1927), Cliff Richard (1940) and Steve Coogan (1965).

It is Teacher Day in Poland.


  1. Re yesterday: When I encountered Breeze some time ago, I was told she was quite well known by Jay and, erm, someone else. (Sorry for not remembering. Maybe I should just delete this post and stay silent.) They wallowed in nostalgy and cricket (I guess) metaphors cryptic to me when writing about their first encounters.

    So Breeze seems not to be ultima (Jay would know otherwise, wouldn't he), although her/his mind seems to work in a similar vein.

    "Rejected by girls!
    And you're to blame -
    You gave feminism a bad name!"

  2. Ouch! Too early in the day for Bon Jovi, even as a spoof ;-)

  3. Lord Summerisle
    Your love is like bad feminism !

    Made I chuckle...

  4. Re: women and poetry

    Woah, your halfway there
    Woah, living on Pam Ayres

    I'll get me coat.

  5. On CiF did Bid-i-sha
    A pile of total shite decree
    Where MacShane, the king of bullshit ran
    through bollocks measureless to man
    While Seaton mods in glee

    Hmmm .. needs work. Or drugs.

  6. This pertry bollocks gets me down.
    So please don't do it chaps,
    I'm asking nice and quietly,

  7. To rant or not to rant - that is the question.
    Whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer
    The slings and arrows of outrageous patriarchy,
    Or to take arms against a sea of misogyny
    And by opposing it, look silly. To write, to rant ...

  8. Sorry, colin, saw your comment to late.
    I hope this doesn't fetch your hate.

  9. You young fools! your meddling has unleashed a monster.

    Seaton, Seaton what have you eaton?
    Farts flow from your finger tips,
    Seaton Seaton, you can't be beaten,
    If you could we'd bring the whips.

  10. LordS - genius. Get over to the Dan Brown thread and show those suckers some real poetry!

  11. Yesterday in the Cif-air
    I saw a post that wasn't there
    It wasn't there again today
    I swear that post has gone away

  12. I will arise and go now, and go to Comment is Free,
    And a small ideology build there, of straw and bullshit made,
    Nine rants will I have there, a platform just for me,
    And live alone in hate-loud shade.

    And I shall have some indignation there, for indignation comes dropping slow,
    Dropping rom the jaws of idiots to where the feminist sings,
    There misogyny's all a glimmer, and sexism a purple glow,
    And evening full of patriarchal things.

    I wil arise and go now, for always night and day,
    I hear teh menz foul frothing with vile growls by the shore,
    While I stand in righteousness, or professional victimhood gray,
    I hear it in the foul beast's core.

    (With apologies to Yeats, who was a fascist anyway.)

  13. I am disappointed in you all for getting through fourteen comments without some kind of feminist poetry/Bon Jovi's 'Back in the Summer of 69' pun.

    But more disapointed in myself for not quite being able to formulate that concept into an actual joke yet. Grrr.

  14. @elementary:

    Breeze, err, "breezed" into the collective consciousness a while ago, sent me and Jay off on one of our "dee you ell ell, dull" (apologies to Craig Revel Horwood) CiF Cricket jags, with her pugnacious display of aggressive hitting... oh never mind.

    She's not Ultima - she's really not angry or misguided enough. There is, thankfully, only room for one Frothing Finn in CiF-ville ...

  15. The thought of Ultima grappling with the subtleties of the great game is comedy gold.

  16. zanz3
    "I don't hate women, but I'm sure as hell contemptuous of them, and Bidisha's correct that misogyny is a subtle art - mine is a nuanced, cheery pet to cuddle up with tight at night and ease away some of the stresses of living."

    "It wasn't always so. I used to feel guilty about being a misogynist (thanks a bunch, guilt manufacturing rad-fems) and desperately wanted shot of the affliction. Yet every effort to puzzle away the contempt proved a failure. There's a certain way women sometimes do or say things that never fails to curl my lip. Evidenced in this article in many ways, funnily enough."

    And he claims thats not mysogeny? It was chilling frankly.

  17. @Jay:

    It would have its moments, mate, that's for sure. Let's see...

    The bat - phallic tool of the patriarchy.
    The ball - ovum-like symbol of oppressed women everywhere.
    The England team - paedophiles. Obviously.

  18. Don't forget

    The stump - men's fear of impotence.

  19. Did I mean stump?

    *cricket ignorance strikes again*

  20. @thauma:

    Indeed. Also:

    The crease - the safe, welcoming area which all men (playing cricket or otherwise) are desperately trying to get back into.

  21. googly - a patriarchal cricket search- engine , named after the male reproductive organs, and forbidden to women (who wouldn't understand it anyway).

  22. A century - the standard unit in which to measure patriarchal oppression.

  23. The bails - symbolic of man's fear of castration by a strong woman.
    Fine leg - a sexist field placing.

  24. misogyny!!!!

    I should at least be able to spell the flippin word.

    The trouble with Bisha threads is that attract some real misogynists who seem to prove her point.

    Of course the article encourages them so the sample is skewed!

    Ho Hum!

  25. Your earlier comment made me laugh, Thaum,

    ...I like my new avatar, it gives me that hand-on-hips-let-me-tell-you-something-matey feeling every time i post...

    I hope there's some finger wagging involved as well, with the unhipped hand ;)

  26. Bouncer - singular of a sexist phrase for a short-pitched delivery. Usage: "Nice bouncers, Miss Heyhoe-Flint".

  27. Not that I understand all those allusions, but they make me laugh, anyway ...

  28. caught behind - a thinly-veiled homophobic reference to perfectly normal sexual preferences.

  29. The declaration - All men are bastards.
    Duckworth-Lewis method - See caught behind

  30. Jay - there often is, of course, although in more serious cases a tool of flagellation may be employed.

  31. Just out of pure curiosity, thauma, what would one have to say to be at the receiving end of the tool of flagellation, if one were into such things?

    My, it's getting hot in here for October, don't you all think?

  32. The beauty of it is that one doesn't know until one has transgressed.

  33. I have to agree, Watson, i may have to start badmouthing the weakling O'Gara...

    A flipper - a previously on-message member of the sisterhood who has since "flipped" sides and now seeks cookies from teh menz.

    A Wrong'n - dismissive patriarchal smear for the members of the sisterhood (often used in conjunction with "dungareed")

  34. The full toss - one element of the Duckworth-Lewis method.
    No ball - a slightly less patriarchal version of a real man.
    Pad up - enviromentally unsound cricketing practice. In Finnish feminist cricketing circles, padding up is outlawed and replaced by mooncupping up.

  35. Cricketing brilliance, although I fear I may be viewed a 'flipper' (and that's not just a name-based gag).

    economy rate - proportion of women condemned to poverty due to masculinist approach to finances
    leg spin - rationalising pornification to the detriment of teh womenz

    damnit, can't think of anything as good as declaration...

  36. FlipperB..... not a bad moniker actually.

  37. A Geoffrey Boycott - a man who feels compelled to defend every absurdity of radical feminism at the expense of all logic and common sense, a self-hating closet patriarch who unceasingly denigrates all men and all their evil works, and who pursues vicious personal vendettas against those who disagree with him.

    Oh, hang on .... I'm thinking of someone else! Sorry, Geoff. Sir Geoffrey, of course, is a paragon of virtue in comparison. (Boycott, 25 not out, 492 balls, 964 mins - terminal boredom finally stopped play.)

  38. Dolly - radical smear for 'flippers'.

  39. Sledging - what passes for debate in Finnish feminist cricket circles.
    Tail-ender - user of the Duckworth-Lewis Method.

  40. JayReilly - it'd be easier for everyone to spell, there'd be that to be said for it...

  41. Corridor of uncertainty - term currently not used in Finnish feminist cricket debating circles. Commentators should use corridor of absolute certainty instead.

  42. Over, as in leg, male dominance.
    Duck, as in out for, rhyming slang.

  43. Let us go then, you and I
    Where the Guardian is spread out against the sky
    Like a drunkard pissed and slouch'd upon a pavement.
    Let us go, through certain half-commented threads
    The chattering bone-heads
    Of restless minds in Camden coffee bars
    And Chelsea restaurants - all with four stars
    Threads that follow like a tedious argument
    Of insidious intent
    To lead you to an overwhelming question...
    Oh do not ask "What's the point?"
    Let us go and skin up a joint.

    In the room the posters come and go
    Talking of Bindel's latest show...

    Anyhoo - Brum and back in a day is too tiring. I need a beer and it isn't even 5 o'the clock yet!

  44. Ah BB, you should have stuck around and come to visit!

  45. Imogen rocks on the abortion thread:

    "That women choose abortion, and in great numbers, is a reflection on the capacity of the average woman to make responsible choices."

    MalcolmY you ignorant nasty little sexist fucker, what about the FUCKING MEN envolved in the conception????

    What about accidents or rape? What about medical conditions that mean chilbirth=death???

    When did you (a wombless arsehole) get the right to decide what another person does with thier body???

    Go back to your nasty fetid little hole of filth and stay there.

    I care not for the modding or even the banning, you are a fucking chump.

  46. Yup, Imogen, having been very very good throughout, in the face of great provocation, finally broke - and I have to say, she does it very, very well.

    "wombless arsehole" is definitely going in the book of 'brilliant insults'

  47. Philippa - yes indeed! Beat that, you cricketing types!

  48. Thaum - I had no idea you were in the Midlands. I was in Sheldon, in fact, at the immigration tribunal.

  49. That comment from Imogen is bloody brilliant. I will take a look at the thread.

  50. Nice one, BB. TS Eliot - another fascist!

    Then how should I begin
    To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways?

    Not on fucking Cif, that's for sure - and that's why I'm a 'quitter'.

  51. Half an hour sarf of the airport, which would appear to be next to Sheldon.... Pop in next time!

  52. heh heh - troll's been modded and imogen is still up there!

  53. I will thaum! I don't go up there more than 3 or 4 times a year, but I will let you know! Cool! :o)

    Scherf - didn't know Eliot was a fash.

  54. Theres a breathless hush on cif tonight
    Ten posts to go and the point to win
    A finnish bitch with a blinding slight
    Is flattened by Jay, the last man in
    And its not for the sake of a recommend
    Or the selfish hope of a posters fame
    But Untrusted hands on his shoulder smote
    Plat Jay! Play Jay! Play the game.

    apols to Sir Henry Newbolt

  55. Well, that's fascists for you: great poets, but lousy painters ...

  56. I'm so tired I think I am going to have to turn in for the night.

    Nighty night y'all x

  57. Quick! Somebody's defending Blair! This one's going to be a bloodbath...

  58. Nice one, Scheff!

    BB - I'll be looking for you.

    Still laughing at 'wombless arsehole'.

    And now to bed! 'Night all.

  59. OK, I'm not long back from the pub after watching a pedestrian England performance justify their billing as 4th favourites to win the World Cup, ha ha, so the lager and testosterone might be getting the better of me, but I''ve read the paeans of praise above to Imogen and I really don't get it.

    Her post, cited by Thauma, is a flagrant breach of the talk policy but because it's pro-abortion, feminist and ballsy, it's still there, 7 hours later.

    Seriously, she should be in pre-mod for that, if not banned. How is it that the Cif mods allow such double standards?

    I would say it's bollocks, but the truth is it's just the opposite.

  60. And "wombless arsehole"...? If keysie, or LenFirewood had used the phrase "dickless man-hater", they would have been modded, and castigated on here, and rightly so.

    So how come she gets to dish out mindless sexist abuse and get feted for it?

    Classic example of how the post-1968 Left lost its way.

    I'll be around tomorrow evening if anyone wants to discuss this. I think it's a debate worth having...