16 September 2009

Daily Chat 16/09/09

Owain Glyndwr was declared Prince of Wales in 1400. Homesteaders poured into the Cherokee Strip in what is now Oklahoma as part of the largest land rush in US history in 1893. The Wall Street Bombing of 1920 killed 38 people. Juan Perón was deposed in 1955. Between 2500-3500 Palestinian and Lebanese civilians were killed in the Sabra and Shatila Massacre of 1982.

Born today: Jean Arp (1886-1966), H.A. Rey (1898-1977), Lauren Bacall (1924) and B.B. King (1925). It is Independence Day in Mexico and Papua New Guinea.


  1. Where is everyone?

    Don’t tell me you’ve all gone round to Julie’s for Sushi In The Raw

  2. They're still recovering from taking on Ultima yesterday.....

  3. LordS, yesterday:

    Mind you, that's just what I meant about Ultima's masculine behaviour. The utter refusal to back down under any circumstances. Blokey, blokey, blokey.

    I was absolutely gobsmacked the other day when a bloke admitted to me that, when asked for directions to somewhere he'd no idea how to get to, would make them up rather than admit to not knowing.

  4. Ah bollox - grammar fail. Never mind.

  5. Morning all, busy getting ready to drive up to Glasgow this afternoon, so only checking things out between ironing (one of these days I'll meet the person who inventend this pointless task & congratulate them on their ingenuity by shaking them warmly by the throat).

    Now, now, Thauma, I have to do that just about every day, as I spend so much of my time working away that I hardly ever know my way to anywhere other than the hotel & the specific site I'm working at.

    Actually, it looks like the Ultima-BTH Axis is back in full swing today on PT's records check thread. Incredibly, she's accused everyone of supporting child prostitution & rape, whilst he's backed her up by claiming that it was everyone else who sidetracked the thread with discussions of Asperger's & mysogenistic attacks.

    You really couldn't make up that pairing & be believed.

  6. I see BTH is now falling back on his old trick of digging up old posts from different threads and twisting them in an attempt to discredit other posters. Always a sure sign that he can't deal with the argument at hand. He really is an unpleasant little person.

  7. Afternoon chaps

    Ooh. Looks like I need to look at PT's thread then... back in a bit...

  8. Deary me oh lore.

    BTH doesn't really get it at all, does he?

    GP01, your list of points was very good, because that is precisely what she has done on that thread. Her vitriolic attacks against anyone who disagrees with her, and the nation as a whole, are indefensible. Yet there he is, beavering away at protecting her honour... it's risible, frankly.

  9. BB:

    *there he is, beavering away at protecting her*

    I’m sure BTH would never use such a crude term to refer to ultima’s most vital part

    *it's risible, frankly*

    But is it feasible...

  10. Thanks BB,

    It's actually hillarious in a way, to have seen BTH initially posting comments that were in disagreement with the ISA checks suddenly do a volte-face when he realised that this put him at odds with his much beloved.

    Says it all really. A thoroughly vile, unprincipled little toady of a man, who's sole motivation for posting seems to be an attempt to garner brownie points with the more extreme RadFems; perhaps he reckons this will stop him being stood up against a wall with the rest of us, come the glorious day. Either that, or he's just hoping for a shag, if he ever meets Ultima in the flesh :)

  11. Well I think it's all very romantic. I'm looking forward to their online wedding.

  12. LOL Bru!!

    Maid of honour? :o)

    Andy - must have been a freudian slip. Feasible? Not 'arf.

    And now for some Bachmann Turner Overdrive....

  13. Kizbot's offering her services as a plate on the suschi thread....

  14. thauma:

    I see you’ve diagnosed BTH as a satirist.

    Takes one to know one!

  15. Sushi thread?!

    I've missed that one... hang on...brb

  16. My stomach is churning at the lovefest on Polly's paedo thread.

    BTH and Ultima
    Sitting in a tree
    K, I, double S, I, N, G

  17. I swear I didn't spell sushi like that....

    Andy - moi, a satirist?

    LordS - with ultima eating a bit of sashimi of BTH's unmentionable parts....

  18. That's an utterly obscene image Thauma. Even if I wasn't planning on having to skip lunch, I think I will now.

  19. For some reason I picture her having very sharp teeth. -v-v-

    Sorry about the lunch.

  20. thauma:

    *I believe she's Russian, but I'm not sure*

    Light blue touch paper and retire to a safe distance...

  21. Naughty Thauma! :)

    By her book that's tantamount to accusing her of being a paedophile, physically abusing children & small animals, connections to organised crime & any other horrific crimes you choose to mention.

    Hope you've got a nuclear bunker tucked away in your garden.

  22. lol at the russian thing thaumaturge :)


  23. I pray she won't see that until the thread is closed...


  24. Excuse me thauma, while I go and bash my head repeatedly against a wall while shouting "please make my brain stop seeing it".

  25. I thought ultima was gonna go ballistic when someone mentioned Finnish collaboration with the nazis on the Hitler aids ad thread.

    I don't think she ever did though. Most disappointing.


  26. elementary_watson16 September, 2009 16:33

    thauma, teeth: So do I. Ahem, do you picture those sharp teeth in the same orifice I imagine them in?
    (Sorry if this means "there goes dinner" for anyone ...)

  27. watson - no, actually, that hadn't occurred to me!

  28. elementary_watson16 September, 2009 17:18

    Is it just me or has the daily chat of The Untrusted (hearing music from "The magnificent Seven" in my head) moved over to Poly's thread?

    Shouldn't we first discuss *here* whether we are a clique, a psse, a cabal, a cult, an NGO or a coffee party before we contradict each other in the public eye?

  29. elementary watson (and anyone else with ridiculous ideas of "discussion"):

    I can only suggest you consult Montana’s Cif profile

    She’s busy in her secret volcano base ATM, so is unable to comment herself, but she’s given me her authority to quash any dissenting talk of cliques, posses, cults, NGOs or coffee parties.

    LordS has already disgraced himself, and incurred our glorious leader’s displeasure. I hope no one else is about to do the same...

  30. Oh shit. I've just read the Jenni Russell article. This is getting too much...I'm at the point where I no longer worry about the Tories...hate to say it but the hope that they roll back this intrusive database bullshit now outweighs the inevitable public sector cutbacks. There will be mass unemployment, granted, but we might still be part of a society with a soul.

    NuLabour could have used its remaining months in a shit or bust campaign to tax high earners, shut down tax avoidance and put a few measures in place to cushion the blow. Instead they've opted for the technocratic Fabian option of mechanised control masquerading as "thinking of the children". Fuckin mindblowing.

    Databases tell you nothing...well nothing except there's a fat contract out there somewhere and an IT consultant who's sold the government a pup and is now sunning himself on a beach while his shitty, half-baked, tinpot system sucks any remaining humanity out of the world...oh yeah... and gangs of paedophiles who can search at their leisure for vulnerable, impressionable kids looking for 'support', then access all their details...all this stuff leaks like a fuckin sieve.

    This bunch of wankstains seem to have one supporter only...step forward..Polly Toynbee...preaching at the mirror...nobody's listening, nobody wants it, everyone sees the problems in advance...and yet...it just keeps spewing out...what is the point of that woman?...and why do NuLabour keep coming out with this stuff?

    The Tories have only got to promise to repeal all this shite to completely clean up...have they seen the comments under PT's thread? And why hasn't the Graun invested in a piece of software to write her crap for her...how hard would it be? Then they could put the clapped-out, knee-jerk ignoramus out to grass.

  31. elementary_watson16 September, 2009 17:35

    andysays: So, we're a cabal. Yay! End of discussion.

    Now, let me look up what that means in my native tongue ...

  32. monkeyfish:

    *I no longer worry about the Tories...hate to say it but the hope that they roll back this intrusive database bullshit now outweighs the inevitable public sector cutbacks*

    Only two problems with that line of argument, tempting though it is.

    1. Who’s to say the Tories actually will roll it back?

    2. Who’s to say Labour won’t make massive public sector cutbacks, in the unlikely event they win the next election?

    I can’t see any reason to trust either of them one little bit.

    elementary: glad to see you’re falling in to line.

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but just what is your native tongue?

    I’m not asking for myself, you understand, I’ve just been given the task of compiling a database of all those posting on Untrusted so that you can all be given greater protection from those who would seek to undermine our democratic freedoms.

    And if you don’t provide me with all the information I’m asking for, you’ll be locked up and your children will be taken into care...

  33. She’s busy in her secret volcano base ATM, so is unable to comment herself

    What's with secret volcano bases? The insurance must be prohibitive for all but the most successful of super-villains. OK, so there's never any shortage of hot running water but haven't these people heard of boilers?

  34. #1. Who’s to say the Tories actually will roll it back?#

    Nobody..except there is a libertarian rump in the Tory party which leads them to be more temperamentally disposed to do just that...and they will certainly be cutting back...and it will be unpopular, so where better to start than the one cutback that would win them approval?

    #2. Who’s to say Labour won’t make massive public sector cutbacks, in the unlikely event they win the next election?#

    Nobody...but they're hardly likely to start with their latest 'toy'. And just think of the grief they'd get from Toynbee if they did...and they aint winning any fuckin election anyway...so you've gotta look on the bright side, eh?

    Tories win.. scrap the databases etc...Labour reforms into 'Labour'...Harman gets the boot and decides to take her 'talents' to the private sector-Tesco gets a new shelf stacker...Cameron lasts just one term after reaping the economic meltdown...a traditional Labour Party returns to power. That's pretty much a best case scenario as far as I can see...best I'm hoping for anyway.

  35. From Cif 'you said it':

    In Those who blamed the state for Baby P now cry freedom, constellation says the new vetting scheme will be welcomed by charities who rely on volunteers

    It got 4 recommends. Nearly 700 comments, and Cif managed to pick one of the handful that supported Polly's article.

    How fucking stupid do they think people are?

  36. Scherf

    "How fucking stupid do they think people are?"

    Come on, you know the answer to that one as well... :o)

  37. MF

    Damn right. All NuLab are doing is rolling out lots of lovely bits of legislation to ensure that they get lots of lovely lucrative board seats/consultancies when they all lose their seats next year.


  38. monkeyfish:

    I hope your best case scenario turns out to be correct, but I don’t hold out much hope.


    *How fucking stupid do they think people are?*

    Almost as stupid as they are themselves, perhaps.

  39. They think we're very stupid, scherfig.

    Andy, I have a suspicion that AlrightAlready is a cunning troll. Four posts so far but the contents make me suspicious, they seem especially designed to provoke.

    I might be wrong, but my sock puppet radar is showing a little blip.

  40. Completely O/T, but...

    Best bit of news I've had all day..

    So, on the basis of a girl grassing them up, on the basis of their making silly plans and notes about how they would "blow up the school", but with no evidence of any weapons, any access to weapons, any bomb-making material, any access to any information on how to make bombs, these lads were charged with terrorist offences and remanded for 6 months before being acquitted by a jury after 45 minutes of deliberation...

    What the fuck is wrong with this country, though? Seriously. We are frightened of our own fucking shadows these days.

  41. LordS: good spot.

    I’ve just checked out Alright’s profile and I think you could be right.

    Looks like I may have been the one to be pwned (is that right, BB?) today :-(

  42. Fuck me, I've finally figured it out!

    Ultima is the Super Villain, bent on world domination & BTH is her Minime.

  43. LOL GO01

    Where is this AlrightAlready person posting, chaps?

    (pwned is right, andy, btw)

  44. BB: so what does it mean?

    *Where is this AlrightAlready person posting?*

    On the sushi thread, amongst other places.

    And they’ve just come back, calling me a * misogynist scumbucket*!

    Shall I play along for a while, I wonder...

  45. God, I've got to go & eat before they close the hotel restaurant but I just can't get the picture of out of my head; it just gets more & more developed.

    I now have this picture of Jay as Austin Powers.

  46. "pwned" = webspeak "owned" i.e. to be had/dominated

  47. MF - the fucking Tories do seem to be working on a commitment to roll back a lot of the surveillance stuff, and on that basis I could almost ... almost ... be convinced to vote for them.

    Fuck, did I just say that?

  48. That's a hell of a case, BB. I was aware of it but wasn't following it. Now that the verdict is in and full details are emerging ... well, basically I'm horrified.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. Notlabour has my vote, Thauma.

    If the Notlabour party is the Tories then, until Labour see sense on civil liberties, so be it.

  51. "pwned" is alleged to have originated from someone on t'intarwebz mis-typing "owned" as in "you've been owned", and somehow spread like wildfire.

    Urban dictionary can't really make up its mind on the actual origination of it though.

  52. Lord S:

    Apparently the CPS is already being lined up for roasting, after having decided to go ahead with the case.

    Apparently the jury only took about 15 minutes to return the "Not Guilty" verdict (they onlyy gave proper details in one of the news bulletins I heard onn the way up here).

  53. LordS

    Given the bizarre cartoons my lad draws at times when he is disgruntled, that seem to be more inspired by Tarantino than Disney, I was following this one with great interest and not a little trepidation...

    I cannot begin to imagine how those kids' parents felt through all this. Not to mention the boys themselves, on remand. Hellish doesn't even begin to describe it.

  54. Hi guys. Haven't had much chance to be around today but I did love that Sushi thread.

    BB - yes I'm thinking of my bridesmaid's dress as I type.

    Has anyone else noticed that you don't hear from Ultima for ages then she hogs CiF for days?

    Wonder what she does for a living....

  55. GP01

    My hubby heard on R4 news that the jury were actually waiting on the steps outside the court to see the lads too...

  56. Ah, I had R2 on for the traffic reports. 7pm & still ended up sat in queues, on the M8, in Glasgow City Centre.

  57. Thanks Anonymous & BB.

    I thought it was something along those lines.

    thauma &LordS:

    I’d be little wary about believing anyone’s commitments, and I’d also remind you that there are a number of other NotLabour parties you might consider voting for, including the Greens and the LibDems.

    I’m not wildly enthusiastic about either, but vote Tory? No fucking way!

    No, if you’ll excuse me, I must respond to my new friend AlrightAlready...

  58. HALP! Dog is demanding mega-cuddles. Suspect she has been reading the sushi thread about sharing treats orally with dogs.

  59. Andy - oh yes, if either LibDems or Greens also embrace this stuff (and I know Vince at least has made some noises about it) then I will vote for them.

    Problem is, I don't see either of those parties actually winning. Now if we had PR....

  60. Haven't you sussed that dogs can actually read your mind, Thaum? :o)

  61. If anyone is in any doubt about AlrightAlready's credentials, the post on Melissa McEwan's "Dirty Dancing is a feminist masterpiece" (OK, that's my paraphrasing) just about nails it.

    Give him/her hell, andy. Let the combined might of the Untrusted Cabal rain down like a curtain of acid*

    * Eat your heart out, Dan Brown. That's how you mix a freakin' metaphor!

  62. The Sushi thread was fun - just lost my rag a bit on the Glenn Beck thread and said something not nice about the teadrinkers (sic). Has anyone watched the YouTube clips of that man? He is proper insane!

    LordS - dont do it. Dont vote tory - green or lib dem but not Tory. They wont roll it back anyway. The people who want them to do all this stuff the third sector jobbies and more importantly the big 4 consultancy firms - are already switching their funding to the Tories. A mate of mine is quite high up in that world and he says they are following a lot of Labour stuff - they have already had lots of meetings with womens groups on wage equality and met with the Muslim Council of Britain on faith and other such issues and they have pledged to give lots of business to consultancies from the public sector and will be setting up just as many quangoes etc. In fact they will be New Labour but even nastier to the poor and possibly economically more illiterate.

    George Osborne seems not to be able to add up anyway as someone pointed out on that thread yesterday.

  63. Ah yes, have just seen first AlrightAlready post. Suspect one of our old friends may be behind it.

  64. They’ve just deleted one of Alright’s comments on sushi, and the one on Dirty Dancing.

    The Mods have been pwned too.

    I think it's actually quality trolling, if that’s not a contradiction, and I’m curious to know who it is. Could well be someone we know, as thauma suggests...

  65. elementary_watson16 September, 2009 21:03

    andysagt: Meine native tongue ist German.

    Also, ich found out, dass the Wort "cabal" in the Sinn in which es ist used hier has kein really fitting translation; das most exakte would be "eine Gruppe von Leuten, die sich irgendwie ähnlich verhalten wie ein paar hohe Typen zur Zeit Karls des Zweiten", in Englisch: "a group of persons who behave quite a bitlike some top dogs in Charles the Second's time".

    Ich hope mein accent ist not showing.

  66. Andysays

    Incidentally...for an insight into the horror of a database dystopia, there's probably no better contemporary example than Stieg Larrson's trilogy (see Nick Cohen)...he says..although I haven't read the last one.

    Put me right off Sweden...dunno if the rest of Scandinavia's the same, but considering a major theme of the books is a kinda tacit attack on the blithe uncritical acceptance of the system by most Swedes, I think it might go some way to explain the attitudes of a certain infamous Scandinavian database cheerleader.

  67. Bru - sorry, completely missed your post about the bridesmaid's dress.

    Which designer do you think it ought to be in the circumstances?

    I was thinking of someone like Miyake... in grey.

  68. BB - although I am the last person you could call a cleaniness freak, orally swapping treats with the dog is beyond my powers.

    But if you just meant the cuddles - she's nearly as big as I am and her advances are difficult to resist, willing or no!

  69. I too was impressed by the quality of trolling. Who could fail to be impressed by ...

    Israel is the land of Jews as stated by God. If you went on holiday and some so-called 'palestinians' were in your house, you would be entitled to have them removed.


    Great article Lola, it's fantastic to see CiF at last feature a black journalist. Let's have some more please.

  70. elementary: I thought I remembered you saying something about a German connection.

    My dictionary defines a cabal as

    *a small party united for some secret design*

    Montana has decreed us a cabal; maybe one day she lets us know what her secret design is.

  71. "Montana has decreed us a cabal; maybe one day she lets us know what her secret design is."

    I hear it looks a bit like one of those paper doillies..


    I'll get me coat...

  72. Andy

    Montana has decreed us a cabal; maybe one day she lets us know what her secret design is.

    Ooh, er, you mean she hasn't told you? Erm - what cabal?

  73. monkey:

    So you’ve actually read some of Larrson's trilogy? Sorry, I thought you were taking the piss.

    (I do it so much myself I kind of assume everything other people say is the same. Not clever)

    I will actually have to seek it out, and I’ll let you know what I think. Got to be better than Dan Brown, who seems to be unfeasibly popular, for some reason...

  74. elementary_watson16 September, 2009 21:19

    andysays: Sounds like the same, only less circumlocutive than the sort-of definition I more or less jokily wrote. As I am an enormously big fan of conciseness, me always and at all times trying to be as concise as I can possibly be under the given circumstances, I am indeed very grateful for your shorter and more elegant definition, which I could possibly have looked up in a dictionary, albeit only an online dictionary, since I have no English dictionary at home, where I am right now, but didn't think of (instead I took a look at wikipedia).

    princess: Hey, tea-drinkers as such are an okay lot. It's only those sinister individuals who prefer using teabags who give the rest of us a bad name.

  75. #I thought you were taking the piss.#

    Nope...don't have to any more..I've given up cif...all that place is good for

  76. Night all - matchsticks aren't working any more!

  77. A cabal? Does that mean we don't all get to wear tin stars, walk bow-legged & talk plains gibberish then?

  78. I'm gonna have to throw in the towel like thaum... too tired. And up early again tomorrow

    Nighty night all x

  79. "Has anyone else noticed that you don't hear from Ultima for ages then she hogs CiF for days?

    Wonder what she does for a living...."

    Oil rig worker. Has to be.
    Probably a big burly geezer from Greenock, acting out a lonely fantasy of being a crazed Finnish radfam while pasting his slop all over the internet room of Charly Ten-Zero.

  80. radfam? Garn (as the Tough of the Track used to say).

  81. 'Cabal..................'

    posed the prima donna

    'has no connection with kabbalah of course'

  82. 'Fabianism..............'

    posed the wolf masquerading as a sheep

    'has no connection with free masonry of course'

  83. 'None of your elected leaders, leading bunkers or media mugnates'

    posed the wise fool

    'has any connection with any of the above'

  84. GP01:

    *Does that mean we don't all get to wear tin stars, walk bow-legged & talk plains gibberish?*

    You can certainly do that if you like, but we’re not all going to adopt it as a uniform (unless Montana likes the idea).

    I think it’s someone else’s turn to come up with links to songs with BORE in the title...

    Goodnight all.

  85. 'Mind you.............'

    posed the cynic

    'Lots of familiar faces at www.freemasonrywatch.org?'

    Surely not.

  86. Things with BORE in the title?

    'Al BORE'

    posed the cynic

    '.......an inconceivable proof?'

  87. Well, a bottle of Merlot down the neck with dinner & I couldn't resist poking at Dr, Evil & MiniMe on the PT thread again (actually considering the amount I've necked I thought I was quite restrained).

    Can't even look at the "Sushi" thread. Not anything against the author, just don't feel right commenting on anything involving fish when I can't eat mostt of it.

  88. Late post, just wanted to give a big patriarchal high-five to the voices of sanity on the Toynbee ultimathule-BTH vomitorium. I still can't quite get my head round the wrongness of the whole aspergers / britain as a nation of paedophiles malarkey.