10 September 2009

Daily Chat 10/09/09

The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh took place in 1547. Simón Bolívar became President of Peru in 1823 and the Large Hadron Collilder at CERN was powered up one year ago today.

Born today: Henry Purcell (1659-1695), Yma Súmac (1922-2008), Jose Feliciano (1945), Judy Geeson (1948) and Guy Ritchie (1968). It is National Day in Gibraltar.


  1. Put at the end of yesterday's thread after most of you were in bed:

    Guess who... said...

    Sorry folks to burden you with the whole thread but the post on there from DuDuDuDuNathanTyson at 02.19 will be deleted soon by the mods, and I wanted to save it for posterity.

    Sick and fucking tired of the hypocrisy of the Cif editorial staff and the small-minded vindictiveness of the mods.
    10 September, 2009 02:28

    Incredible! It was there just 3 minutes ago. I stupidly hadn't opened a new tab to come back here and when I opened a new one to retrieve the post from the WDYWTTA thread, it had been deleted! It's 4 am over there, FFS! A comment that he left @ 15 minutes ago has already been deleted, too.

  2. Intriguing... Mods never sleep.

    Too much caffeine, not enough sleep... explains some of the behaviour :)

  3. 'Mods never sleep.' Ach I believe they are well paid for what they do.

    Happy Birthday Henry Purcell - the Processional from the Funeral Music for Queen Mary is the most astounding music written for drums.

  4. So what was it all about, Montana?

    Or to put it another way WWWDYWTTAA (What was what do you want to talk about about) ?

  5. Yes, do tell us! Who is DuDuDuDuNathanTyson and what did he say that defies the stupor induced by his name?

  6. Speaking of mods, they seem a little trigger-happy on the paedo-paranoia thread.

  7. "Ach I believe they are well paid for what they do."

    I wish.

  8. Return of the Lurker from the Deeps! ;-)

  9. If that's a Cif Mod my real name is Jessica Reed

  10. Speaking of mods, they seem a little trigger-happy on the paedo-paranoia thread.

    Well, they've probably got to be a bit careful of libel there. That and the ever present threat of Cath raising a paedo-destroying army and marching on the Worthing Lido ;-)

  11. 'raising a paedo-destroying army and marching on the Worthing Lido ;-)'

    Where of course they will burn all the pedalos.

  12. Where of course they will burn all the pedalos.

    That rates a genuine LOL ;-)

  13. Hi Montana

    I tried to email you last night (with matchsticks under the eyes) but my computer decided to update itself in mid-mail and kick me out. (I swear that damned thing is becoming human.)

    Anyway sorry to hear about your sniffles. I've been fighting a gastric bug for a week something going round the office. More or less OK now and the event went well. I'll send you more details.

    Thanks guys for thinking about me and the FT but we get it at work and I always pinch the How to Spend It section before anyone else gets a chance to look at it.

    Actually I think the FT is in denial. The jewellery business has taken a hammering during the recession. The diamond dealers will be busking in the streets of Antwerp soon (honestly they are always moaning - never known it any different).

    Ah yes - the Hadron Collider - I believe when they do get it going, it will only be at half capacity. It's not that I've got anything against it per se, it's just that it's becoming the Titanic of the scientific world.

    Got to go know - anyone know when Annetan's article is coming up?

  14. Of course not being witches, they can't spell very well.

  15. That should be now not know.....bad day in Brussels.

  16. Quick pop in -- got ready for work faster than normal this morning (?!)

    I don't think he'll mind me telling you that DuDuDuDuNathanTyson was Hank -- he'd posted about the hypocrisy of the Graun banning people for mentioning certain regions in Italy, yet allowing Graun staffers to make BTL comments that certain posters ought to get their faces smashed in.

    Feeling halfway human today -- not yet fantasising about having holes drilled in my head, at least, so I'm off to the salt mines now...

  17. Thanks Montana - I take it 'certain regions in Italy' means the Tuscan holiday homes of Polly Toynbee and others??


    'allowing Graun staffers to make BTL comments that certain posters ought to get their faces smashed in.'

    My final split came recently when a Guardian staffer rather slyly accused me of hating Muslims. I got a partial half-mocking withdrawal (posted very late at night) instead of a full withdrawal so that's me out for good.

  18. Edwin,
    Judging by the creeps that seem infest it, Tuscany must be a pretty dreadful place.

  19. ... yet allowing Graun staffers to make BTL comments that certain posters ought to get their faces smashed in.

    Oh, that. Well, Jessica's not alone. BellaM has been accusing posters of being 'mental' on another thread. A moderatable offence for anyone without a blue G I would have thought.

    Not that either of those posts caused me to bat an eyelid in terms of their content and to be perfectly fair the recipients deserved all they got.

    But it is hypocrisy and Hank is perfectly correct. Especially from Jessica who was rather insistent that such things really ought not to be allowed on the recent etiquette thread. As I recall, she lasted about ten words before breaking her own community guidelines there too.

    You gotta love her though ;-)

  20. LordS

    I've just attracted an unwanted bit of attention from my colleagues. Not many people laugh around here.

    Thanks for that.

    (Re your latest on the paedo thread, of course.)

  21. Lord Summerisle,

    I'm sorry but I don't see why that's moddable. People say stuff like that all the time. It's not one rule for us and another for everyone else. I've been modded before. In fact, I was modded on that very thread. And the comment thinkyourself wrote was ridiculous.


  22. Bella - I'm just impressed you could work out what the comment was about!

  23. thaumaturge

    Very true, it took me a while, but his follow up comments were even worse! I can't figure out if he's slightly eccentric or completely unhinged. Maybe that's part of the fun of some posters...


  24. Hi Bella.

    I was under the impression calling someone mental (or retarded) was considered demeaning to the mentally ill on CiF threads. Apologies if it isn't. I'm not the most politically correct of people myself but even I feel uncomfortable using the term these days.

    Everything thinkforyourself wrote was ridiculous, there's no need explain.

  25. Present company excepted, of course....

  26. Not many people laugh around here.

    Please tell me you don't work in a funeral home! I promise never to make you laugh again.

  27. It's worse than that. I'm in Engineering IT.

  28. Actually, I'm in Insurance IT. I think that puts me one rung lower than you.

  29. Hm, that is very possible. I least I get to play with robotics simulation software and stuff.

  30. Would you swap that for a used set of Actuarial Tables?

    Hmm, thought not.

  31. Er - no thanks!

    Also I've just been informed that the 3GB of memory on my desktop is getting upgraded so I'm quite happy about that. Having only 8 CPUs and a mere 3GHz processor, it was all starting to get me down.

  32. I was under the impression calling someone mental (or retarded) was considered demeaning to the mentally ill on CiF threads.

    Yeah you're probably right and it was a flippant comment. I probably could've used a better word, but unfortunately my brain didn't engage until after I'd posted. That happens when I speak too, it's a real problem.


  33. My computer occupies an old aircraft hanger outside Michigan.

  34. That happens when I speak too, it's a real problem.

    We've all been there. Nobody more so than me.

  35. outside Michigan

    What, Ohio? ;-)

  36. D'oh! Meant to say outside Lansing, Michigan.

  37. Ah, at least you know your US state capitals!

  38. Lord Summerisle said...

    "That and the ever present threat of Cath raising a paedo-destroying army and marching on the Worthing Lido ;-)"

    Yes, she was starting to sound like the Paedofinder General.


  39. Ah, Monkey Dust. Great show.

    "By the powers invested in me by the hysterical uneducated masses" indeed!

  40. Evening ciffers

    Edwin, that pedalos joke made me choke on my tea!

    It is all getting a bit over-hysterical now, I fear.

  41. Bella - "It's not one rule for us and one for everyone else. I've been modded before."

    What do you mean by modded? That your comment was removed or that you were placed in pre-mod or that you were banned?

    Threatening to smash a fellow poster's face in is a flagrant breach of the talk policy and seems to warrant at least a spell in pre-mod, if not a total ban. If the average punter had made a comment like that, there's no question that they would be pre-modded so unless your colleague is now serving time in one of your holding cells, I'd say that there clearly is one rule for us and another for you.

    Hi BB, hope you're well and thanks for the compliment on Simon Jenkins' blog the other day.


  42. Hank, you git! :o)

    How are you?

    It wasn't a compliment, it was fair comment.

    Hope you are keeping well. xx

  43. I’ve just read the first few pages of comments on that *Paranoia over paedophilia* thread.

    MsWoman has demonstrated just what we’re up against.

    Anyone who takes pictures which happen to have children in them must be a paedophile, and therefore deserves to have his face smashed in, mob “justice” style.

    She really is a piece of fucking work (but not a Fascist, Frank, otherwise she would have been demanding that the State was doing the smashing in of faces; it's an important distinction).

    Talking about one rule for Cif contributors and another for the rest of us, as I see some were, do you think if I were to post a comment suggesting that I wanted to smash someone’s face in because I was unable to see that what they were doing was a perfectly legal and innocuous activity, my comment would survive?

    Is Bella still reading this?

  44. BB and scherfig - generally fine thanks, specifically, ie today, not so chipper. Have Don Fabio to thank for a helluva hangover and a none too productive day at work.

    BTW, your post on Seumas's thread was a peach, BB. So good that even the mods recognised it.

    Keep fighting the good fight! x

  45. Hank

    Come the revolution, up against the wall the lot of em! ;o)

    Seriously, though. What IS it with all this rehabilitation of the Right and Nazis at the moment?

  46. Hi Hank, how’s the market in dodgy Cif IDs these days?

    Could someone clarify for me who it was who threatened to smash another poster’s face in? Are you talking about MsWoman, as in my previous post, or is this another example of those gentle Cif contributors losing their rag?

    BB, in answer to your question:

    All over, people changing their votes
    Along with their overcoats
    If Adolf Hitler flew in today
    They’d send a limousine anyway

  47. andy: *MsWoman has demonstrated just what we’re up against.

    Anyone who takes pictures which happen to have children in them must be a paedophile, and therefore deserves to have his face smashed in, mob “justice” style.*

    Yes, it's depressing business. The only good thing is that she's getting a pretty negative response to that shite.

    I did fear for a moment that the rest of the thread would be Have Your Say material...


  48. Excellent link, andy. Ta for that!

    Someone on Seumas's thread quoted Brecht from 1945:

    Don't rejoice in his defeat, you men.
    For though the world stood up and stopped the Bastard,
    The Bitch that bore him is in heat again.

  49. Hank, I meant I have had comments removed if they've been a bit intemperate. Nothing enough to untrust me i hope!

    Are you talking about mswoman's comment?

    She said: "If however I discovered that some perv had his own secret stash of pics featuring my children at the beach, I'd want to kick the living shit out of him."

    That's not a threat, that's just a description of how she'd feel, not what she'd actually do. A bit emotive, but I don't see what's really wrong with it.


  50. hi andy, it's a buoyant market, no shortage of demand.

    Just to clarify, my "smash your face in" quote is from Jessica Reed to a poster on a thread yesterday. Not to be confused with MsWoman's hypothetical pugilism.

    See y'all soon. Play nice (-;

  51. Thanks for the response, Bella. Crossed posts.

  52. Hank

    Oh ok! Well she did apologise straight away, and she reported her own comment for deletion.


  53. Hank: thanks for that.

    Maybe I’m showing my age, but it reminds me of the line from the song Jilted John (by Jilted John) where he says how he feels about Gordon who’s got off with Julie, his former girlfriend.

    I’d like to smash his face in...

    Maybe they played that at the Cif contributors' party recently and it’s given a few of them ideas...

  54. “Smash your face in”, “Kick the living shit out of him” – has someone been putting something in the water supply to make all those placid and gentle Guardian types kick off this way?

    Whatever next – Martin Kettle on how he’d like to disembowel David Cameron with a bread knife? (although now you mention it...)

  55. Bella

    Oh ok! Well she did apologise straight away, and she reported her own comment for deletion.

    Well ...

    First, she apologised after at least three posters complained about it to her. That's hardly straight away.

    Secondly, the 'apology' consisted of saying if we didn't like it we could report it but at the same time we should report the original post too.

    Thirdly, I sincerely doubt if she reported her own post as there is no sign of it. She probably reported the original post which got deleted and as any that refer to it get deleted without trace, hers and my response to hers disappeared completely.

    To be perfectly honest, I couldn't give a toss about what Jessica says to who. I only bring the above up in the interests of accuracy and because I enjoy being an awkward git ;-)

  56. andy, you may disagree with mswoman's comment, but she did not suggest attacking 'anyone evil enough to point a camera in the general direction of a child', as you are inferring on the thread.

    Her actual statement was: "If however I discovered that some perv had his own secret stash of pics featuring my children at the beach, I'd want to kick the living shit out of him."

    I think you'll agree that there is a huge difference between these two scenarios. You may dislike the sentiment, but fair's fair. Criticise her for what she actually said, not what she didn't say.

  57. LordSummerisle,

    I think it was a spur of the moment comment, that she quickly realised she hadn't thought through. I know she reported it herself because I was with her when she did it. And yes you are being awkward! But I came on here specifically to answer you, so it's perfectly welcome :)


  58. Fair 'nuff, Bella.

    Being awkward is in my genes, I can't help it.

  59. Neither can I and thanks for being nice and letting me on this site, I know I'm not part of the untrusted roll call...


  60. Bella, this does not explain why there is no record of the comment being deleted. If Jessica reported her own comment, and it was then deleted (and not deleted automatically as a response to a previously deleted comment), then the thread and her profile should show that there was a deletion. However there is no evidence it ever existed. Perk of the job, perhaps?

  61. I'm sure the regulars would agree with me when I say that everyone's welcome here, Bella.

    Except for that twerp who ends everything with the words 'posed the cynic' ... it's always pineapple time when he's here.

  62. Apropos of nothing ...

    I've just been making onion and potato bhajis and very nice the were too, but does anyone know the best way to get that 'fried' smell of corn oil out of a kitchen?

  63. scherfig:

    You’re obviously free to disagree with me, but I think that is the clear implication of her comments, and I’m about to argue that very point in my next post...

  64. Fair enough, andy. But remember your advice about digging..... Good luck!

  65. Bella

    You don't need to be on the roll of honour to post here! This place started out just as a blog for continuing/changing the direction of discussions on threads that interest people. A "CiF +"

    I am sure you are welcome any time you want to pop in and have chat/expand on an idea/share your fave youtube links/complain about the weather :o)

  66. Ugh, posed the cynic! Giyusandtrolls. Does he come here too? He makes me want to put a fork through my hand. He's awful. And unbanishable apparently.


  67. LordS

    Hmm. One trick for getting the smell out of the toilet when someone has been for a dump is to light a match and blow it out, then let the smoke "clear the air" as it were. Dunno if it would work in the kitchen, and it would depend on the size of the room too I guess...

    Tune in tomorrow for more of Auntie BB's Useful Household Hints.

  68. Bella

    Couldn't you put a fork through his hand instead? Might stop him typing for a day or two.... :o)

  69. LordS

    I've found that smoking gets rid of pretty much any smell, or if it doesn't, it certainly prevents you from being able to smell anything....

  70. I'm glad Cath got called on her sexism on that thread (not just by me).

    FFS, for someone who claims to be enlightened about sexism... she isn't.

    As for what she said, she did prefix it with "and if I discovered etc etc" but it definitely introduced a tabloid tone and most importantly, there's no way she'll ever discover anything like that so it seems she's just assuming it's the case. So we're back to man with camera = evil

    So man with camera is the target face smashing- sorry, of the kicking.

    The stories by a lot of blokes on that thread are quite sad, but she won't give a f*ck.


  71. PrincessCC, you still on that thread - I was gonna reply to you over there but you said you were splitting. Let me know if you're still interested in chatting about it.


  72. And not that I am wantonly jumping to Jessica's defence, but I know what it is like to live and work and communicate in a country where I am not using my native language at all, and how easy it is to misjudge the power of the words I am using in a foreign language - or rather, misjudge the appropriateness or otherwise of the context.

    I used to go about saying things were "degueulasse" in polite company/work circles because I genuinely thought it meant disgusting, when it means "puke-making". No wonder I got some strange looks at times, until I cottoned on...

  73. BeautifulBurnout

    I kind of always imagined him being a robot not a real person, he comments so often that he must be a cynic posing machine.


  74. I've found that smoking gets rid of pretty much any smell, or if it doesn't, it certainly prevents you from being able to smell anything....

    LOL, but sadly, or happily (depending on how you look at it) I've had to give up the Old Holborn due to a perforated stomach ulcer.

    I've been the best part of three months without a smoke and all that's changed is that now I realise how horrible my cooking actually tastes.

  75. LordS, perhaps you could try adding Old Holborn to your recipes.

  76. ... and having given up smoking, BB, I find I no longer have any matches in the house. So that suggestion's not possible tonight, but I'll give it a try tomorrow.

    Come on everyone, there must be something involving stuff I've actually got. You know, stick fifty cloves in half an onion and burn it in a saucer of milk .. that sort of thing?

  77. Bella

    The general consensus seems to be that he is a Belgian student - although I have no idea where that information came from. He is clearly obsessed with NWO/Bilderberg/Lizard People conspiracy theories... bless.

    In other news... how much is the whole set of the Beatles Remastered gonna cost me.... waaaaaaaaaahhhhh! No fair!

  78. LordS
    Just getting rid of the smell of fried breadfruit from 2 days ago round my house.
    And we smoke!

  79. Well done, LordS

    I gave up smoking about two and a half years ago now by using Niquitin lozenges.

    Now I need to find something to help me give up the Niquitin lozenges....

  80. Ah andy, many thanks for the Jilted John - For those who don't know his great contribution to the perennial cake/biscuit argument-


  81. ... He's awful. And unbanishable apparently.

    Well ...

    I'm pretty sure Pluck could be configured to 'lose' any post that contained the words 'posed the cynic'. It probably has a naughty word filer which would do the trick. It wouldn't banish him but it'd reduce his effectiveness by about 90% and I really can't imagine anyone else using those words and getting caught up in it.

  82. Google is my friend!

    "A wide assortment of air fresheners can be found hiding in your kitchen cabinets. Many of the herbs and spices we cook with also make wonderful air fresheners (such as cinnamon, clove, ginger, rosemary, basil, etc.). Try boiling your favorites alone or combined. Scented extracts (such as vanilla, almond, etc.) can also be used. Try dabbing some onto cotton balls and then placing the cotton balls throughout your home. Another kitchen staple renowned for removing odors is baking soda. An open box of baking soda placed in a room will help eliminate odors, especially musty mildew odors. A cup of vinegar can also be used in the same fashion to help remove smells. Simply fill several small bowls with vinegar and place in the area of the offensive smell."

    You can see why I did so well in Research in my Bar Exams can't you? ;o)

  83. Now I need to find something to help me give up the Niquitin lozenges....

    I hear fags are quite effective ;-)

    I went for the 'stuck in an NHS hospital for a week clutching my stomach in pain with a catheter up my willy, two tubes in each arm and on a diet of water' method. Much more effective than lozenges/gum/patches.

  84. You can see why I did so well in Research in my Bar Exams can't you? ;o)

    Yes, indeedy! And I have a Sainsburys Basics 14p bottle of non-brewed condiment somewhere in the house. I'll give it a try.

  85. BB/LordS: I found smoking opium was a good way to kick the Niquitin.

    Mind you, I had to switch to proper heroin to get over the opium, and now I’m on methadone to come off the heroin.

    It’s just like the old lady who swallowed the fly, innit?

    Edwin: that is FUCKING GENIUS!

    Is Ally’s biscuit thread still open?

  86. Hmm... unless of course people start talking about how the Italians invaded Albania and deposed the cynical King Zog...

  87. Such Sweeties!!!!!!!!!!

    'Nice to see the grandinutsas being welcomed so amicably by the liberal cifugees'

    posed the cynic

    'Not so much a 'refuge' as a parallel subsidiary of the mother ship?'

    chuckled the wise fool

    'NOT that it's was ............ coincidentally of course.......a virtual honey pot to funnel dissent into during the Grate Kull of course?'

    posed conspiracy Grandma

    'Clever.............. but transparent'

    said the glazier inspecting the see-through portable loo

  88. Change of subject, but just reading the Michael Moore thread and I never cease to be amazed by the number of American posters who sound just like Otto from A Fish Called WandaA Fish Called Wanda.

    There was a whole flurry of them pre-US Election, and they mostly disappeared after that, but you still get the odd one here and there. They are great fun!

  89. LordS

    That's the fate that awaits me next week. I'm figuring that if I don't manage to give up after being bedridden with drips and drains (and not to mention the obligatory catheter) poking out of me I may as well accept it's never going to happen.

  90. Cath
    Grim being deprived of a cig when you need it most. But you will be getting the proper hard stuff for a few days so maybe won't notice the nicotine cravings!

  91. 'September the 10th is followed by September the .....................................................

    11th? '

    posed the rocket scientist

    'And that's when we the press will definitely look again at the speech by George Bush!!!!!!!!!!!!???????'

    'Wasn't he imitating a wounded monkey?'

    posed the dysfunctional youth

    'NOT little Georgie..... George H Bush and his (in)famous speech introducing the concept of a






    posed the wise fool

    'They'll all be covering that tomorrow in the 'liberal mudia' dontcha think?'

    said the easily impressed wildebeest impersonator

  92. LordS

    Ouchie! Still. Good you managed to keep off em. I gave up for as long as 10 years once, then started again. I was back on 30 a day quicker than you could say "addictive personality". St00pid really, but what can I say?

    Now I am on the "methodone of fags" and probably will be for ever.... sigh...but at least they won't give me lung cancer and all the other shitty stuff associated with smokes.

  93. This comment has been removed by the author.

  94. Someone mention New World Order????????

    1939 -- New World Order by H. G. Wells proposes a collectivist one-world state"' or "new world order" comprised of "socialist democracies." He advocates "universal conscription for service" and declares that "nationalist individualism...is the world's disease."

    He continues:

    "The manifest necessity for some collective world control to eliminate warfare and the less generally admitted necessity for a collective control of the economic and biological life of mankind, are aspects of one and the same process." He proposes that this be accomplished through "universal law" and propaganda (or education)."

    source: www.threeworldwars.com

  95. Oh, yes. I remember you mentioning your health issues on your blog, Cath. I hope it all goes well - and that you kick the weed into the bargain.

    The way I looked at it was that as the nicotine is out of your body after two to four days, any cravings after that aren't real and must all be in the head.

    So far so good!

  96. LordS, I believe onions are used against evil spirits rather than cooking odours. It apparently sucks up all the evil emanations and then you burn it on a open fire. Apparently in Yorkshire and some other counties, if a 'bad' person was going to visit your house, you put an onion on a saucer in the room, and burnt it afterwards.

    The clove and milk thing sounds a bit nouvelle cuisine to me, but surely your cooking can't be that bad?

  97. NWO

    David Rockefeller Sept. 23, 1994

    "This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long - We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order''

    Sweet guy, Huh?

  98. NWO........... Oh here's that H bush again......'

    posed the cynic

    ''What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea - a new world order...to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind...based on shared principles and the rule of law...The illumination of a thousand points of light...The winds of change are with us now.?''

    'Very ILLUMINATING dontcha think?'

    posed the men congratulating and shaking hands with themselves..

  99. NWO and Rhodes Milner Round Table Group

    "The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American Branch of a society which originated in England ... (and) ... believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one-world rule

    Professor of History Carroll Quigley, Georgetown University, in his book "Tragedy and Hope".

    'And who was the an important mentor of Milner?'

    posed the cynic

    'Not a ............Toynbee by any chance?'

    Surely NOT

  100. Variable, scherfig.

    Lady S is still alive after a weekend of my traditional spaghetti bolognese and my dosas with curried black lentils.

    She wasn't so impressed with my carrot, lentil and coriander soup though, which is a shame because I've still got ten pints of it.

    Oh, my kitchen now smells like a chip shop. But the vinegar is far preferable to the corn oil.

  101. False Flag Flu Dot Com??

    'All looking forward to having your children... and your good selves of course.... be guinea pigs in the coming mass (compulsory) vaccination for swine flu?'

    posed the cynic

    'Amazing isn't it..... 60 deaths and its a pandemic, but 200,000 abortions per year in the UK doesn't even elicit even concern from some quarters does it......its simply a question of CHOICE isn't it....'

    posed the dysfunctional youth

    'best ignore the worries about the flu jab..... the state has your best interests at heart and can be trusted implicitly .... they CARE'

    'But don't ask about Squalene..... gets the others worried'

  102. 'THe REAL enemy is HUManity itself??????'

    “In searching for the new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about which we have already warned, namely mistaking symptoms for cause. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changing attitudes and behaviors that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”


    Thus ends the first half of a report written in 1991, by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, for the Club of Rome, titled: “The First Global Revolution.”

    Sweeties, Huh?

    'If you can't build a bible, you can always build-a-borg Huh?'

    chuckled the cynic

    'don't think these people have a concern with the numbers of people on the planet being a little too great perhaps?'

    'Nothing like a Grate kull'

    chuckled the grate wite seal hunter

    'makes the species stronger in the long run....'

  103. Luuuv your posts, anonymous! Not at all repetitive or boring, like so many on this thread. Please don't ever stop!

    LordS, I'll take two quarts of the soup. Have you got any garlic croutons?

  104. Is the anonymous cynic just a very good parody??


  105. 'Does Swine flu have adjuvants that impair fertility?

    posed the cynic

    'that would be surprising?'

    'Check out birdflu666'

    clucked the funky chicken

  106. I was just about to say that I would have the soup! Damn!

    Curried black lentils sounds good for my vegan brat too. Recipe would be good, LordS, please?

  107. Quarts, scherfig? Pints, LordS? Thought we were metric round here!

    I'd take some too, LordS, but I can't stand coriander.

  108. take 2

    'Does the swine flu vaccine have adjuvants that.........'

    posed the cynic

    'getting so confused between the contents of viruses and vaccines.....'

    'Mind you............ seems we're not the only ones...'

    posed the free radical

    'heard about Baxter International? You NEED to'


    'You can go back comparing the smell of vinegar and corn oil..........with Lord Summerpiles.... must be the pineapples'

  109. ANDYSAYS!
    A veggie growing thread from Maddie for you.

  110. 'and to the conversation of ................



    garlic croutons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    the vampire departed'

    posed the cynic

    'did someone mention the word parody intentionally?'


    ******sleep tight

    ******don't let the ****jabs *****bite'

    posed the dysfuntional youth

    'all you need is TRUST'

  111. Neither can Lady S, MsChin. Thing is, I can't stand carrots but I had spare carrots and coriander and it seemed an obvious way of using them up.

  112. Just read that thread, MsChin.

    Michelle Obama growing veggies on the White House Lawn is a snippet of info that had hitherto escaped my notice. Blimey!

  113. mschin, I couldn't have ordered my soup in litres. His Lordship wouldn't have understood, and I would have ended up with motor oil or something.

  114. scherfig
    I guess I just wondered how big a 2 quart soup bowl was ..

  115. I think he's got a point. For instance how the fuckin hell does Toynbee stay employed unless there's a secret cabal of shadowy powerbrokers pulling a few strings. The stupid cow's away with the fairies and everybody knows it. I can't even be bothered to chuck shit at her any more...yet she's on more committees, think tanks and advisory groups than I've had hangovers.

    The Guardian's a friggin self-appreciation society for hypocritical bullshitting liberal tossers who couldn't get a job shovelling shit otherwise. They're cynically and secretively culling dissent while allowing right-wing tossers to stick around as comical Aunt Sally figures...comment is tightly controlled and conducted in sterile, bourgeois clichés with the odd fuck and cunt thrown in for an air of demotic ambiance.

    You can't tell them anything they don't like...cos they don't like it...and they haven't got an answer. Well there was always the odd outburst from Seaton... flailing about like a drunk in a carpark after a few pints too many...but where the fuck's he these days? Replaced with a few staffers sent undercover BTL to spread the odd liberal platitude and present a human face...bleurrgh!

    I've reached the point where my disgust and unwillingness to keep making new email accounts and thinking up new names has finally combined with their determination to keep me out to render the whole thing a fuckin major wankathon in my eyes.

    The fact that my last incarnation had every post wiped from every thread, despite the fact that they were originally deemed respectable was the final straw. WTF was all that about? The only word that comes to mind is Stalinist. That place is getting spookier by the day...just look about and count how much genuine left-wing opinion is aired...not the anti-BNP, "shout fascist alot", call Blair a war criminal, identity variety...how much that would once have been deemed socialist.

    I'd have anonymous stick around...no doubt they only tolerate him cos he's viewed as a loon (you could make the odd adjustment to lend your posts a veneer of sanity mate) but even so..he might soon be the only permitted dissenting voice at all. Anyway you'd miss him when he'd gone. I remember seeing a guy with a sandwich board with "the End is Nigh" etc outside the match for years taking abuse from everyone...the day he didn't show...we all realised something special had gone. You've gotta hand it too him anyway...perseverance is a dying art.

  116. Dal Bhukara (from Pat Chapman's 250 Favourite Curries and Accompaniments)

    6oz urud dal (black lentils) whole with skin on
    2oz masoor dal (red lentils) split & polished
    3 tablespoons of ghee
    3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
    4 tablespoons of onion puree
    2 teaspoons of ground coriander
    1 teaspoon of ground cumin
    1 teaspoon of ground black cumin
    2 brown/black cardamoms (ground)
    2 inch piece of cassia bark (ground)
    6 cloves (ground)
    Fresh mint

  117. 1. Wash and rinse lentils, soak in water for approx four hours. Drain and rinse again.

    2. Boil some water, approx twice the volume of the lentils, simmer lentils in it for 45 mins, stirring until most of the water is absorbed. What is left should be pourable.

    3. Heat ghee, stir fry onion puree and garlic for about 10 mins. Add all the ground spices and fry for another 5 mins. When ready, mix this in with the lentils.

    4. Puree or mash part of the mix to create a creamy texture. Add salt if required.

    5. Serve with mint and a dollop of cream. Rice of your choice as a side dish is fine, but I think it goes best with dosa. Most Indian grocers will carry dosa mix. They're relatively easy to make once you get the hang of them but I'd recommend a bit of practice first.

    Use clarified butter if you can't get ghee though to be honest, most cooking oils will be fine, whatever you have to hand. If you can't get cassia bark, cinnamon is fine.

    The onion puree is made by blanching onion in boiling water and then pureeing it in a food processor. You can make this in advance and freeze it.

    The spices are best roasted and fresh ground but let's face it, there are only so many hours in a day. Use ready ground unless you really have to be authentic.

  118. I'm happy to work in litres or pints, scherfig. But as a life member of CAMRA, pints tend to spring naturally to everything I do ... that and the fact that I freeze excess soup in old milk containers.

    Righty ho, I'm off to bed.

    Good luck to anyone who has a go with that recipe!

  119. Thx for the recipe LordS. I'm a Madhur Jaffrey man myself, but I'll maybe have a go at that next week.
    I'll probably sell it by the kilo, though.

  120. Ta, LordS

    MF - there is much truth in what you say. I dunno what's going on. The vilification of the Left is doing my head in.

    Anyhoo, time I was in bed. School tomorrow.

    Night night all x

  121. Hey guys,

    Sorry, a bit late on this one. I just want to point out that I didn't actually want to "smash anyone's face in" (I'm not that brave). The commenter said:

    "men are watching them not for the sporting aspect but to admire the female form (notable exception for Venus & Serena Williams who both resemble Mike Tyson in drag"

    To which I replied:

    "Reading that makes me hope that if you were to ever meet them, that they would punch you in the face. You know, "Tyson style"."

    Which, I will admit, was NOT my finest hour. I then apologised and asked people to report the comment as abusive:

    "Right - it was distasteful and I'm sorry. Please report it, but also note that comparing two female tennis player to "Tyson in drag" should also be deleted."

    So - that's the whole story. I was really rude,but the moronic comment really did get on my nerve, and I overreacted.