05 September 2009

Daily Chat 05/09/09

Only two historical events of any importance today - in 1698 Russia's Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards and in 1960, Cassius Clay captured Olympic light heavyweight gold medal.

Famous birthdays: 1187 - Louis VIII, [Coeur-de-Lion] king of France (1223-26); 1826 - John Wisden, England cricketer (d. 1884); 1847 - Jesse James, Missouri, bank/train robber, son of a clergyman; 1940 - Raquel Welch; 1946 - Freddie Mercury (picture).


  1. Just put this up to keep the continuity going. I think if we miss a day, we have to go right back to he start again. Which would mean this for anyone who might be nostalgic.

  2. I see in Private Eye that the Satanic abuse industry is making a bit of a comeback. Bea will be pleased.

  3. sorry about the above anon post. don't quite know what happened.
    Colin the stoat.

  4. Well done scherfig I was hoping someone with access rights would take the initiative and open a new day pending Montana's return.

    I guess we should all simply assume/hope that the lady is delayed because of a hot date and or a little too much cider.

  5. OOOPS! Nothing to blame but tiredness, I'm afraid. Had some errands after work, so we got home later than normal, then had some unexpected guests.

    Two kids from school have moved into the same apartment complex over the summer. One, a girl who's in the cohort that I'm with this year, figured out the other day that I live here and which apartment I'm in. She apparently told the boy, who is in the cohort that I was with last year. They knocked on my door about 5 minutes after we got home and the boy was here for nearly 3 hours, telling me about high school, filling me in on some gossip, etc.

    Watched Mock the Week on YouTube while I ate supper, fell asleep on my big, green comfy chair and woke up @ 2 am with enough consciousness to get to bed but not enough to remember that I hadn't put a daily thread up.

    Thanks, Scherfig!

  6. Just as a follow-up to the above picture...

    The Millionaire Waltz.

  7. Nice one, scherfig.

    Good shout on Cassius Clay, as he then was.

    I remember seeing Muhammad Ali, as he was by then, on This Is Your Life (can’t imagine why, as I didn’t normally watch it). Not sure if it was after he’d hung up his gloves.

    Anyway, I was hugely impressed with his intelligence, his humour and his sheer human love of life – great man.

    Song for Jesse, No 1

    Song for Jesse, No 2

    Montana: and what sort of time do you call this, young lady?

    Coming in here at all hours with excuses about expected guests and falling asleep on the sofa.

    Have you been drinking? There’s no point in denying it, we were young ourselves once.

    I think you’d better just go to your room for the rest of the day ;-)

  8. Glad to read all well at Chez Wildhack.

  9. Afternoon, possums!

    Actually, forget the possums...

    I want a lemur!

  10. As they used to say in the Wrens:
    "You stand there with your knickers in your hand saying you've found a shilling?" ;)

  11. Ah knickers - it's DJ Laundry Day in Antwerp. People hang up their laundry and have a rave under the knickers. No I don't know why either but it sure is popular.

  12. Montana

    That is so sweet of those students to come round and gossip with you. It shows you are popular with them even if you were drumming your fingers pointedly and looking at your watch.

    That's worth an article - how to get rid of unwanted guests. An uncle of mine used to disappear suddenly then come down in his pyjamas. It didn't always work.

    Off to rest a bit now - next week is going to be a madhouse and I may not be able to make it to CiF for a few days. I'll look out for Annetan's article though. Perhaps if she could give a shout when it's due to be published.

    PS: My new hairdresser is a revelation. She did a fantastic job. First time with her today.

  13. Antwerp sounds the place to be tonight.

    "The DJ Laundry day/festival" has a site that can be googled. But it's an odd site - the structure/map of the site is in English eg history/FAQ/..... but the information provided is in Dutch?

    It's been going since at least 1998...

    Looks cool but guess it could be draughty.


  14. Bru:

    *Ah knickers - it's DJ Laundry Day in Antwerp*

    The mind boggles (while the Antwerpians bogle?)

    I had my haircut today too, BTW.

    I’ve had the same barber for about ten years and he’s getting on a bit now. Might have to find a new one if and when he retires.

  15. Now that really was cool - a swallow just flew into my van through the open door, turned on a sixpence and flew out again.

    They must have bat like radar.

  16. I've only had my hair cut by a barber once in the last 40 years. It's always been cut by our lass.

    In fact hair cutting ability is on my check list of the defining characteristics of the perfect woman.

    We all know the samson/delia yarn ...

  17. "....Back in the day, women hung laundry out on the street to dry, a perfect opportunity to chat and gossip. Laundry Day aims to recreate this congeniality with up to 50,000 people dancing on the streets of Antwerp's Ledeganckkaai.
    Due to the sheer number of people attending, it may seem far-fetched, but Laundry Day is first and foremost a social event. Over 150 (mostly Belgian) DJs fill the 13 stages for one-hour slots in Antwerp's trendy and recently refurbished Nieuw Zuid neighbourhood where you'll find the crowds raving to the outdoor beats, with laundry lines full of colourful clothes stretched overhead."...???

    Sounds like my kinda day out.

  18. That sounds like fun! Rave with free underwear! :o)

  19. Request for further information -

    Am I reading Bru correctly - has annetan42 got an ATL slot?? I must have missed the news if so. If I got it wrong then she ought to have a slot.

  20. Andysays

    Yes I had the problem that my hairdresser decided to retire early and live off the proceeds of his buy to let rentals. He will come to the home but not on a Saturday which is the only day I can really make it.

    Still this young girl was great and so fast.

    BB - There is a website for the DJ Laundry Day. It's a strange thing that evolved from an enthusiastic street party in some little corner of Antwerp and has now taken over the whole trendy South Area. I might take my old bras there next year....

    It's gone so cold all of a sudden, though they say the weather will improve next week.

    Had a blanket on the bed for the first time in months last night. Less than three weeks ago I was basking in the sun.

    Have a good evening all.


  21. Oh that was a fine tramp's supper ....all courtesy of the compensation culture.

    Home grown Charlotte potatoes sliced like thick crisps and fried in pricey Toscano olive oil, salted with freshly ground sea salt and red, green and bitter black peppers.

    Accompanied by a local delicacy - a mix of free range pork sausages made special with red onion marmalade and alternatively sun dried plum tomatoes.

    All washed down with a modest but acceptable Chilean red made a little more exotic by Shostakovich on the radio.

    A snack of £30 reduced to about £3 because modern people don't feel secure in trusting their noses to tell them when food is rank.

    Tramps say thank god for sell by dates.

    And now to finish the bottle under a clear sky with a full(ish) moon and lots of stars.

    Night all.

  22. Oh thanks for the information I was seeking about annetan42 Bru - that was very helpful.

  23. @BB - Not exactly getting a lemur of your own, but there are several zoos & animal parks/rescue centres where it's now possible to walk through their lemur enclosure, with the animals wandering freely around you; Blackpool, South Lakes Wild Animal Park (Just outside Barrow, in Dalton, if you see rhinos & giraffes at the side of the A66 you've gone past the turning) & Monkey World Near Dorset.

  24. I have found that the Whyte and McKaye trick in the IPA works just as well in Fosters.

  25. Good on you. Have to try that myself some time.

  26. Deano,
    I worry about you son.
    BTW, for the last 20 years I've cut my own hair with a machine I bought in Argos.
    If you have more hair than that then your balls haven't dropped. No offencee.

  27. Thats a good thing to with a digger Stoaty - five fingewrs up em!

  28. Thank God, I thought it was just me, good night.

  29. Morning Stoaty

    What the worry Bro? -

    Paid too much for me supper?

    No taste in olive oil?

    Allowed a lass to cut me hair?