13 September 2009

Daily Chat 13/09/09

Hadrian's Wall was begun in 122. Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner in 1812. The temperature in Al Aziziyah, Libya, hit 57.8°, the highest ever recorded, in 1922.

Born today: Claudette Colbert (1903-1996), Bill Monroe (1911-1996), Roald Dahl (1916-1990), Mel Tormé (1925-1999), Oscar Arias (1940), Shane Warne (1969) and Goran Ivanisevic (1971).

It is Grandparents' Day in the United States.


  1. Note to Edwin: the incorrect score in yesterday's post must have been a typo -- 36-0 is what I wrote on my notes. The only score that mattered to me yesterday was Bolton Wanderers 3 - Portsmouth 2.

  2. Although, I did watch Liverpool beat Burnley. Fernando Torres didn't get nearly enough camera time for my liking.

  3. *Francis Scott Key wrote The Star Spangled Banner in 1812*

    And here’s what Jimi did with it in 1969

    Hendrix plays National Anthem

  4. My hero!
    I love Jimi!

  5. There's a really moving story in the Graun today, by an adoptive mum who believes that 2 of her children's difficult behaviours are associated with their birth mother's drinking in pregnancy.

  6. Ach my life has been plagued by typos Montana!

    Great pic of Hadrian's wall.

  7. For Bitterweed & music fans everywhere:
    Check the bbc iplayer for Don Letts' show on 8th September - The Other Notting Hill. How things have changed, eh?

  8. what about the difficult behaviour of spoiled kids of parents who betrayed to spirit of liberty once for a bit of carrerism? TYS(Think your self)

  9. Embryonic impact of alcohol can be often seen at later thin upper lips!(this is not even a sad joke!)

  10. TYS

    #what about the difficult behaviour of spoiled kids of parents who betrayed to spirit of liberty once for a bit of carrerism?#

    Yeah...those kids are a problem too. But they usually pull through...once mummy or daddy have secured them a job at the Guardian or NuLabour fix them up with a safe seat.

  11. Mschin
    Thanks for that, will check it out. Shame we can't see monkeyfish's 37-0 victory again, heh.

  12. Nice link andysays

    I'm breaking sall the rules here, but this fellow does make me chuckle...


  13. I'm having a good morning!
    The Observer has an article 'Women at War: campaigning on the front lines'which, with a good thread on feminism on CiF t'other day, has made my week.

    BW - enjoy.

    The kids' problem behaviour relates to nurture, not nature? Or, in some cases, perhaps a combination of both?
    I just felt for the adoptive mother who was searching for answers to difficult questions, and for her children who face the real difficulties on a daily basis. And you have to respect the elder daughter, who managed to study and get on with her life with all this happening in her family life.

  14. In my experience..those "who go on with their life"in difficult situation...might be those in deep trouble later, for having to face what jumps back from behind the closed door inside,even worse...those who build up a wall of coolness,they impact on other.But...who knows..they is something like the effect of resilience,whatsoever...mostly by having been "recognized" in his/her integrity...sometimes just for an instant,by someone not playing the game.Much courage and acceptance of "unfitting paradox "emotions to all.tys

  15. What a fabulous photo! It captures the light of the area so well.

    My mother's family are all from the other side of that wall (which was of course built because the Romans found us all so scary). The landscape almost begs for troubled weather, like in this image. The dark brooding sky with that bizarre lighting you only seem to find in this country, where the sun seems to somehow slip out underneath the clouds.


  16. And for my finale - have places to go, family things to do - the drugs thread is getting livelier with some great posts.

    Go Batz!

    @ WhatTheThundersaid
    "If you aren't intellectually continent enough to stop yourself comparing child sex slavery to someone smoking a joint then do us all a favour and ask your carer to proof read your posts first. Who exactly is the victim when I grow a plant, dry it out and smoke it? Is a kitten killed? Does the baby Jebus cry?"

  17. Sorry to be a bit pedantic, but "The Star Spangled Banner" was actually written in 1814, during the bombardment of Fort McKinley. This took place following the burning of Washington DC; a response to the American burning of York, now Toronto, the previous year (used to visit, the restored, Fort York, as a kid).

  18. MsChin

    I looked at the drugs thread, got annoyed with MAM, started writing a reply to him, then realised I might just as well stick needles in my eyes for all the good it would do.

    So I didn't..

    But his bollocks about drug abuse not leading to criminality in poorer people is too stupid for words.

  19. MsChin:

    While I agree with the general thrust of the post you quote, I have to say I’m getting a little tired of the tendency of many to bring allusions to mental illness or incapacity into their criticisms of those they disagree with.

    I’m not personally offended by it, though I know that some people are. It’s just that it’s thoughtless, pointless and about as sensible as dismissing someone’s point of view because they’re “different” in some other way (no need for a list, is there?).

    I see that someone called traneroundthebanned is making a similar point on WDYWTTA?

    He’s obviously just a nutter though. Maybe his carer should have a word with him.

  20. Afternoon all, just a little postscript to MF's thoughts on the Bingo thread. I posted on there as JohnnyDansak, new id, no posts deleted. Not one.

    However, I find that JD's profile is no longer available. Maybe because the mods have been sneaking a peek on here, took a look at my comments about fraternising with the enemy and worked it all out for themselves, bless 'em.

    It does kinda reinforce what MF is saying about the games they're playing at the moment. They're still fundamentally draconian and illiberal in their modding policies, not to mention anally vindictive.

    FWIW, I've no position either way on Bella and other staffers posting on here. I assume that we can believe what Georgina has told us in the past about CiF eds having no influence over the mods. Plus it's nothing to do with me anyway.

    But it might be nice if they dropped the "like to buy the world a Coke" front when it's clear that they are just another heartless, faceless corporation.

    I was getting fond of JohnnyDansak. Bastards have ruined my Sunday )-:

  21. Hank

    I thought JohnnyDansak was fine. I really don't see what their problem was with him. Unless they have been able to trace it to you and have banned it on principle. That sucks big fat hairy stinky donkey's balls if that is the only reason. Jeez.

    And "anally vindictive" sounds bloody painful if you ask me....

  22. Hank
    Sorry to hear that. Been no-where near that thread. Bidisha is such a cencorious little busy-body, I just had to have a pop at her. And just how thick is ultima ? Jesus.

  23. Hi Hank,

    I made JohnnyDansak pretty quick, so it’s no surprise that others did too, but banning you with none of your posts having being deleted marks a new low in Cif moderation.

    Just another example of the Games People Play

    Don’t let it spoil your weekend – tell us the story you were mentioning yesterday...

  24. Yep, that's pretty much what's happened, BB. I emailed the mods a couple of months ago about this and just got the pat "user names are not banned, it's the users themselves" so basically it doesn't matter how many new ids I come back with, as soon as they check my ip address, they ban me again.

    Sort of used to it when I get posts deleted. That would be the obvious time to check a user's ip, but the novel twist this time was that JD didn't have a single post deleted!

    Ah, used to it now, BW. Was very disturbed to read your email this morning. Giving up? Very disappointed in you, mate (-;

  25. Story? Just that JD had been fraternising, I think, Andy...

  26. Gonna repeat this...I don't give a shit who posts anything anywhere....ever

    Still, I can't help but detect a very cynical ploy in operation over there. I'm not as ready as you might suppose to always seek out the baser motives at play. But in this case the inference is clear...having failed to convince a majority of posters that all is not sweetness, light and fairy dust up at Meerkat Manor,they settle instead on the tactic of trying to paint objections to their dilettante, self-regarding ways as passé, hackneyed...a bit of a bore... not at all 'cool'...actually.

    Now how the fuck did they ever expect to be able to play the cool card? Every time they venture an opinion they reveal themselves as living breathing parodies of the worst imaginable middle-class stereotype...but they lack the self awareness to grasp that basic fact.

    I just hope it doesn't pay off. If, when Pandora Bunting or Tristan Seaton or whoever get to regale us with their impressions of a first trip to the launderette or visit to Netto and try to come over all demotic and "man of the people" then if...even for the merest second, there's a scintilla of doubt in a poster's mind when it comes to shouting "nepotism" and "drivel" for fear of a cry of Bingo…they've achieved something...one small but significant step on the road to undeserved 'rehabilitation'. CIF is like that...won’t accept there's a need for substantive change...they’d rather go down the NuLabour (sorry ZanuLieBore) road...(surprise, surprise)... favouring a PR makeover...the relentless promotion of style above substance.

    ...judging by today's performance they figure (media savvy Oxbridge creatives that they are) they can carry it off. They can't...they’re thick…lack humility, indeed seem inspired by a terminal hubris.

    These are the people remember who regard the Observer as a subversive threat and major irritant...that's "the" Observer I'm talking about...not the "Red Army Observer" or the "Venezuelan Anarcho-Syndicalist Monthly Newsletter and Observer". Why'd you suppose they're ever gonna listen to a bunch of gobby posters or do anything but condescend to them?


    Just caught your comment on Cohen...you've never read Stieg Larrson?...you fuckin illerate..go and get The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo...tomorrow. Kick ass Scandinavian avenging heroine who's none the less always up for a bit of casual double-backed beast making...Ultimatefool's worst nightmare...a Nordic feminist godess who likes fucking men...and the author's a Trotskyist...died the day after dropping off the last of the trilogy at the publishers..brilliant books though...outstanding!

  27. WTF has happened to Anne's piece? It was in the most commented & has disappeared to be replaced by three articles with less than half the comments.

    Guess the old Cif selectiveness about what they draw attention to has come into play again. Bastard!

  28. Hank: I’m disappointed.

    Thought you were going to confess to having a frappuccino chez Seaton.

    Next time I’m having a tete a tete with Bella, I’ll see if I can swing you an invite to Trudie’s. Would that help?


    Not only have I never read him, I’ve never even heard of him. Shameful...

    I seem to have opened a can of worms on that thread regarding the relative responsibility of Trotsky, Stalin and Lenin for mass murder in the Soviet Union.

    Great to see that our right-wing friends are so concerned about the fate of ordinary Russians, though I wonder if they’re just using that as the excuse for some leftie-bashing.

    I’m in two minds about responding – anyone else fancy outflanking them while I mount a frontal attack?

  29. soz andy

    I am only allowed to argue with MaM once a day, in small doses. My doctor advised me that it was bad for my health.

  30. monkeyswedishcrimethrillerfish13 September, 2009 15:17

    Oh shit...BTH likes Stieg Larrson too..mind you, looks like everyone likes him

  31. Gorgeous picture.

    Hank I liked JohnnyDansak, just keep making new ones up - repeatedly. Thats what I would do but then I have got far too much time on my hands!

    I loved this comment on the Bingo thread about workhouse Purnell "Fuck off, Purnell, you heroically unpleasant little shitdribble".

    It is nice to see someone else hates him as much as I do. I think my intense dislike of the man is bordering on the pathological.

  32. MaM is quite comical. A mate of my brothers is a well published neocon journalist in Washington used to live in Brussels, and I went to his house once for a drinks party. He was a fantastic host, greta malt wiskey and havana cigars, stayed up talking til 5 in the morning, and every now and then he dropped a grenade into the discussion along the lines of " white minority rule worked better for South Africa and Rhodesia.

    Apart from his mental, rampant neoconnnery he was a rather splendid fellow. But fuck me I really didn't know people with brains had *such* right wing views on the US right. MAM fits that mold to be honest. I doubt if he has such a good drinks cabinet as my brother's pal did though. That would take some beating...

  33. GP01

    The most commented turn over automatically every week, it's not selective. It starts afresh every Sunday.


  34. BB: That’s OK.

    I’ve self-proscribed abstinence from MAM for the foreseeable future as well.

    MF: Yeah, I noticed that.

    It’s enough to put you right off, isn’t it?

    PCC: Yeah, I noticed that too.

    Is it still there?

    JaneBasingstoke has tried to co-opt me into her campaign on WDY..? to have all words which might possibly offend those with mental health issues banned from Cif. Talk about spectacularly missing the point.

    Fucking nutter ;-)

  35. You can still find a link to Anne's thread in the You Said It section so it hasn't entirely disappeared from the front page.

  36. Hank

    I think you may be mistaken re JD my friend - If I remember it right when I read your archive material as JD I seem to recall that you had already had two posts deleted.

    Think they were on Poly's thread but couldn't swear to it?

    As Andy noted you have a very distinctive style, which I enjoy and usually recognise but then so do others.

    You also effectively announced your new ID on here on Fri night/Sat morn. Didn't need brain of brit to work out it was you!

    As the Notts hero, from Sat night Sun morn, said "don't let the bastards grind you down".

    Keep posting Bro

  37. Bella:

    If you’re going to keep dropping in (which we’re all agreed you’re welcome to do), you really should sort yourself out a google talk account.

    While you’re here, I’ve got a few questions.

    1. Can you remind us (me at least) of your role at Cif?

    2. Do you know anything about the disappearance of JohnnyDansak?

    3. Have you seen the suggestion disordered made on WDY..? last night and the comments following it?

    I think there’s a great idea in there, and if you're looking for someone to write it up who has considerable personal experience of the issues and is also an opinionated bugger, I might be able to make a recommendation...

  38. monkeyfish, don't know if you're aware of this, but 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' has been released as a Swedish film called 'Män som hatar kvinnor'. The second film (The Girl who Plays with Fire) premieres here next week and the third is apparently in the pipeline. Not actually seen the first movie, but it got excellent reviews.

    film link

  39. Bella,

    Thanks for the reply, but it actually diappeared at about 2300 last night, once Polly's piece had overtaken it in the Most Commented.

    There again, there have been many instances where very interesting debates, in which the BTL comments haven't toed the author's line that have been way up there, with several hundred comments, that have never made the most commented list; even when less commented peices have.

    More personal frustration in that I often have problems accessing Cif; since I was forced to change to the latest version of Internet Explorer, & many of the threads I follow just happen to be amongst the most commented, so it saves multi-page hunts for them when I can get in again.

  40. I see the Islamophobes are out in force on the Osama Diab (wonder if he's any relation to Khaled) thread.

  41. Hi Deano, how's tricks?

    Are you sure about the deleted posts? Well, in that case I take it all back. To be honest, I didn't check Friday night's posts on Saturday, was in too much of a rush to start playing bingo.

    Andy - cheers mate, but no need to lobby on my behalf. Looks like I've been falsely maligning the good folk at Moderation Central.

    Anyhow, there will be no meeting of minds between me and the Cif folk until there's an amnesty. Until then, I shall keep on irritating them, and they will keep on returning the favour.

  42. GP01

    No change there, then.

    Hank - keep up the good work! :o)

  43. Bitterweed

    Hello shipmates - I probably know your brother's journalist friend. Or have at least spoken to him on the phone.

    Talking about a great drinks cabinet, I saw yesterday in Bruges a new shop that sells exclusively Belgian Beer (almost as famous as Belgian chocs). And up a little alley leading from the shop to the tasting area was this (very) long glass case with every make of beer brewed in Belgium together with its traditional glass, mug or tankard.

    Completely useless bit of information but I'm suprised it's still standing and hasn't been broken into.

    Aida was great - unusual production updated to the days of the British Empire - but a stunning spectacle against the backdrop of Bruges town hall. Weather held and the city looked so romantic by night with all the candle-lit windows in the old buildings. Nearly got run over by a 'orse (they take the tourists round in carriages) but I must say in spite of the fact that the city was packed to the rafters, there was none of this "alley-rage" which seems to be afflicting Venice.

    Anyway back now and half-unpacked. I do need an early night though - been one hell of a hectic week.

    Have a good evening all....

  44. Sounds like you had a great time, Bru, horses notwithstanding!

    Mmmm... belgian beer!

  45. Hank:

    *Looks like I've been falsely maligning the good folk at Moderation Central*

    No need to resort to sarcasm; lowest form of wit and all that.

    I don’t think the Cif people understand the word amnesty, or even negotiation, they’re more interested in unconditional surrender.

    There’s no shame in being an irritant though:

    Wire – I Am The Fly

  46. And here’s another old favourite which seems appropriate after yesterday’s Cif nadir:

    The Fall - Bingo Master’s Break-Out

  47. BB - yes it was pretty idyllic. What amazes me is how clean the city is kept despite it heaving with tourists. Probably the next time I'll visit is when they have the Christmas market.

    Hell - did I mention Christmas? It comes earlier here with St Niklaas on 6th December.

    But first there is Halloween and I intend doing something special for that (no not getting dressed up in a pointy hat and broomstick). the Castle of Gaasbeek is hosting a fright-evening with ghosts and the undead wandering round the candlelit grounds and a drink afterwards (probably a glass of blood) in the castle.

    I'm getting in touch with my inner ten-year-old.

    Have a good evening.


  48. Hank

    Tricks are fine here. I'm in a contemplative phase at the minute, recharging for winter after a great summer of fun.

    I can't be 100% about the deletes but if you posted twice, fairly early, on Toynbee then it would seem to fit. I recall thinking something like the " the Cow's probably got an intern assigned to her to log and delete the disagreeables"

    I was especially looking for your posts in the political/economics areas Some posts on the MG Rover debacle were well put and I have it in my mind that I credited them to you.

    I did think that during JD's short life, to that time, that he had been fucking prolific. (How long was JD's life 48-72 hrs?)

    At the time I read the archive/profile you had two complete pages of lively commenting to your account. What seemed to stand out were two deletes from Comrade Toynbee. Given the nice red I was drinking at the time I could never be absolutely sure!

    I can imagine her adopting a vindictive approach for her old enemy. I seem to recall that a long time ago she made a direct enquiry as to the occupation/qualifications of Scorpio?

    She may well have a special 'Hank watch' in place on her threads. I wouldn't be surprised if she were allowed to have the IP details of those who object to her - you have special status my man!!

    In your next reincarnation keep off Toynbee for a while or run two ID's simultanously and keep one especially for her. Be interesting to see if that would keep an ID longer.

    Regards and Best W

    @ Andy - hope the potatoe crop was good.

  49. @ BB

    "...you only seem to find in this country, where the sun seems to somehow slip out underneath the clouds. "

    You are so right.

    The other night as the sun moved towards the western horizon, in the late evening, the rays came horizontally out from beneath one a layer of clouds - they painted the underside of another layer of clouds in the eastern sky completely pink.

    Sadly I didn't have a camera with me but it was a memorable and rare sight.

    Hope the rats are well.

  50. Just checked my inbox for the regn email from CiF, deano. JD's posting career lasted from 7pm Friday to 1pm Saturday, and some sleep was taken along with the drink.

    But you're right now you mention it, I did post some stuff on the Rover scandal.

    Not sure that Pol's actually addressed me directly, unless I missed her regal address. She certainly took issue with MF on one glorious occasion I remember. Don't think she's mixed with the proles since then!

    Glad to hear you've had a good summer and nice advice earlier. Keep em peeled for ArthurSeaton. (That'll keep the more gullible mods on their toes for a few days.)

    All the best


    @princess - "just keep making new ones up" - I have been. I've got too much time on my hands too!

    Did think JohnnyDansak was a cracking name though.

  51. Hank/ MF

    On reflection I think you are right Hank - the credit for getting the queen-bee off her throne and engaging with proles BTL properly belongs to Comrade MF.

    Sorry to have misaligned the very special status that properly belongs to monkeyfish.

    As ever MF I enjoy your posts here.

    Talking of Arthur - that Sally Anne Fields with the many petticoats beneath skirts!! bliss

    Why ever did women stop wearing petticoats? (and don't tell me it was 'cos the miniskirt PrincessCC.)

    By the way PCC I saw you were not at work 'cos of an illness - I hope it's not something serious/too tedious. (I have enjoyed a lot of your recent posts)

  52. Deano

    I love that kind of light - you get it most in spring and at this time of the year - where the sky is dark but the garden is lit golden. So beautiful.

    The rats are wonderful! Getting tamer by the minute, although the lad is worrying that the big brother is picking on the little brother a fair bit... I suppose rats, like everything else, have a pecking order as it were.

    Hank - no good posting on here what your new nick is silly! They'll 'ave ya!

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. deano - oh yeh, Sally Anne Field was the reason I moved to Nottm in the first place. Even though she was 50 and long since gone when I moved up here. The hill on which her and Finney are blissfully happy enjoying a view of the city is part of a council-run pitch and putt course now.

    BB - throwing them off the scent. Would be nice though if Bella or the mods could be persuaded to have an open debate on here about the modding policy and the possibility of an amnesty. As things stand, it seems like they can enjoy an open invitation while they still get to choose which of the neighbours get snubbed.

    "Blacks, Irish and dogs welcome. We are enlightened liberals. But we draw the line at chippy types who show us up as hypocrites."

    Bad day to be banned tbh. Been some cracking stuff on Cif today, ranging from the very good (Gray on liberalising drug laws) to the ridiculous (Barbara Ellen, who I used to like but is now become a parody of a Graun rad-fem, arguing that Capello's policy on WAGs is misogynistic - sub-par 6th form shit).

  55. LOL about Barbara Ellen there - Capello's policy on WAGs seemed to pay off the other night against Croatia though, didn't it?

    I cannot believe she is supporting them, tbh.

  56. Delete Comment From: The Untrusted

    Blogger monkeyfish said...

    Ah well...since we're getting all confessional these days I've got something to tell...

    Bless me Georgina for I have sinned..it's been 35 years since my last confession...and I'll gladly take on the 100 rosaries and 200 Hail Mary's...I'll even chuck in couple of Holy Queens to vouchsafe my contrition..

    For some time now, I've been operating under multiple aliases...as well as monkeyfish and the others I've already admitted to, I'm also: Bitethehand, MoveAnyMountain and Polly Toynbee.

    You must do what you must do Georgina...please wipe every filthy trace of my duplicitous deceit from your site and never let me defile the place again. I have sinned, I have most grievously sinned.

  57. Sorry spelling thing..and oh fuck it

  58. BeautifulBurnout
    Barbara Ellen is not a feminist is she ? She thinks she is, but that piece today proves she knows nothing about it really. Nor football.


  59. And how the fuck did she string such abanal idea it into such a long piece ? Jesus.

  60. Barbara Ellen's WAG defence is one of the daftest articles CiF has ever produced. In fact it's a strong contender for the Mike Read award for daftness.

    Babs should look to history. Never mind wives and girlfriends, the 1966 squad had to get Sir Alf Ramsey's permission to leave their training camp. They didn't have cars either so if they wanted to sneak out for a beer they had to walk to the main road and thumb a lift to the pub.

  61. Shit. I just finally looked at their CiF bingo thing.

    Fucking hilarious those kids, they kill me, they really do. Not in the same planet as this from SirDaphne though:

    "Fuck off, Purnell, you heroically unpleasant little shitdribble".

    Made me bellow.

  62. BW and LordS - yep, can imagine Cath reading that over her free-range, locally sourced muesli and thinking "WTF, Barbie! You've gone too far this time."

  63. Feel free to try again with that post at any time, btw, Mr Fish....

  64. It's in the broadsheet too. It's actually got a pretty funny standfirst, (Fabio turned our wags to witches.)

    It then nosedives into a minging little kitten fart of an article. It doesn't even have any real bitchiness to it. Just a huffy stale repetetive winge.

    We're all doomed you know ?

  65. - Perhaps now Montana's place here has been given an accolade we could (with her consent) use its new status to start/further a campaign...

    If all the regulars here were on a selected date to post (or include something akin) the following (or other some-such agreed message) on CiF

    " Amnesty now - HankScorpio/Monkeyfish are innocent"

    - t shirts for sale - see Guardian recommended website at "The Untrusted" [link details]- fire-sale/debate with invited mods starts 9am Sept ?? 2009 "

  66. Monsieur Singe-Poisson

    Good post. I always knew you were BTH. I didn't think for a minute he could be real. Or MAM for that matter.

    The whole Footballer's Wives thing really does my head in, tbh. It started with Posh n Becks I suppose.

    One of my claims to fame is that Lesley Ash and Lee Chapman were neighbours of mine for a few months in France and we kind of got to know one another, (although I was a tad shy at pushing it too much in case they thought I was only being friendly because of who they were as opposed to just being a nice person). She would never have put up with all that WAG shit though.

    It was when Lee went out to play for the local team Niort just when they were relegated to french div 2, which was a disaster. It was Cloughie who eventually just phoned them up one night, cos they were so pissed off and in a rubbish block of flats and hadn't been paid, and hauled them out of there. I ended up selling their telly and washing machine for them.

  67. "Minging little kitten fart of an article"

    DON'T post things like that when I have a glass in my hand! I have just snorted pastis, and it isn't funny!!

  68. #On reflection I think you are right Hank - the credit for getting the queen-bee off her throne and engaging with proles BTL properly belongs to Comrade MF.#

    Yeah cheers, just saw that..my finest cif hour...fancy banning the only one Polly deigned to respond to?...I should still be on there...immune from deletions with a big blue PT.

  69. Great story, BB. Chappo was a bit of a carthorse but he did a good job for Forest for a couple of years before going on to Leeds and winning the League with them.

    Chappo and Leslie actually play a key role in modern footie history and the unstoppable rise of ManUre if the gossips are to be believed.

    @deano - love the T-shirt idea. Not sure MF is innocent though, having met him. A bad influence in every way.

  70. Hank

    What's the ManU gossip? I have to say I am not a very good footy supporter at all, unless it's Liverpool.

  71. Nice wpork team. BB dropped you an email ealier. Sorry about the pastis thing.

    I have a buddy staying from Cairo, so will be in and out this week.

    How about

    "Free the Fish and Re-rank the Hank !" ?

  72. BB
    Having fun with the nazis then ?
    Heh, keep it up.

    Right, I'm off all.

  73. Leeds won the league in 92 with Chappo and Cantona up front, BB. Early the following season, Cantona was sold to ManU for a pittance in a shock move. ManU never looked back, and neither did Leeds...

    The gossip was that Eric got on better with his striking partner's striking partner than with his striking partner...

    Sleep tight, BW. Speak soon.

  74. Night BW x

    Hehehe - didn't know that bit of goss at all, Hank.

  75. Brussels - Ah Bruges. I bloody love the place. Have only been twice but fell in love with it the first time then went back a couple of years ago over Xmas. It snowed too so was perfect. Spent our afternoons taking long walks or snuggled in a bar drinking beer - it was just perfect (run out of adjectives).

    Deano - I dont know why the ladies stopped wearing petticoats. I think they are divine and if they came back into fashion would wear one in a heartbeat - not a corset though - one needs to breath! Re the illness I have been off work for over a year - a mixture of illness and work place stress (the public sector under new labour did me in - it messed with my brainbox.) I am hoping to start doing some voluntary work by Christmas so fingers crossed.

    Just read that Barbara Ellen article. I cannot believe it when she says that wags are 'pretty, lively and generally sweet and harmless.' No they are not! A lot of Wags are nasty self serving types who are giving young girls the impression that all they should do in life is try to bag a rich man and all will be well. I hate the Wags and what they stand for. But that is just me. And I suppose the press made the whole Wag thing up anyway but then so many of them play up to it.

  76. @ PCC - fingers crossed girl I'd back you to get back on the horse in due course.

    I take a simplistic view of Wags - they is tarts.

    You will know that you can usually do a cheap winter weekend crossings to Bruges during the winter months via the Hull ferry?

    The only problem is missing the bus back to the port after a day crawling around the wonderful bars. Last time the taxi fare cost me more than the return crossing with cabin.

    Hank - can I assume that your moving up to Nottingham means that you are not a Notts native? 1926 & 1984 etc etc ??

  77. If the mods are still looking in and thinking "Well, why the fuck does that little toerag still look at/contribute to Cif if he hates it so much?" My answer is this post by Vultan on Mitchell's blog:

    "Put lipstick on Cameron and he'd look like that girl we're all ashamed of."

    deano - moved to Notts in 84, mate. Nowt to do with me. Got caught in the middle and knew people on both sides but never doubted which side I was on. I still think that the energy crisis could have been averted if Roy Lynk had been melted down and used as crude oil.

  78. ""Put lipstick on Cameron and he'd look like that girl we're all ashamed of."


    I was tempted to put on that thread "Nobody could be that stupid...."

    But I didn't cos I assumed someone else has done it.

  79. Fuck the self styled ' conscience of the left'.
    Drunk or nearly sober he is a fucking pain in the arse.


  80. Good of you to drop in, Matt.

  81. See you later Hank, I'm on a promise, are you?


  82. Animals can't genuinely give consent, Rex. Leave the poor dog alone.

  83. LMFAO!

    Ho hum. In theory I am not supposed to be working tomorrow, although in practice I know there is a strong probability that I will get a call at 8.30 saying "You couldn't just nip over to Horseferry Road could you? It won't take long...."

    Which means it is past my bedtime really and I ought to be off.

    Have a good night everyone


  84. Night BB, and if you do get an early morning call on a bestiality charge, I'd suggest you tell Rex to plead guilty x

  85. Deano, they have set women back bleeding years. It beggars belief what some of them put up with for money and an easy life. I have no problem at all with women being tartish (is that a word?) if they pay their own way etc.
    Although I draw the line at Jordan - but you know someone like Kate Moss - good on her. And especially as she doesn't give a crap and is drinking and smoking and getting all wrinkled and such - love it. But women who are tartish (if it isn't a word it should be) purely in order to live off some bloke - who treats them like crap?? Well it gets my goat because then loads of little girls in school are all wanting to be wags. I mean what the fuck? Not scientists or lawyers or even actresses or models - no just wags. It makes me weep.

    They are like big brother contestants - just vacuous nothings. And they have no style and I am not being a snob but last night I watched Now Voyager and I just thought - wow, what style Bette Davis had. They don't make em like that anymore.

    Anyway I have had half a bottle of vino and feel mightily drunk so best be off. I will regret posting in this state in the morning.
    Nite all.

  86. princess - Now Voyager was a good film but all the style was up on screen. Have you ever read Hollywood Babylon? Great book. The screen goddesses would have left the WAGs in their dust.

    Except for Katherine Hepburn of course, who was a goddess on screen and both feminist trailblazer and a great human being off screen. Although Mrs Spencer Tracy might beg to differ.

  87. Night PCC - wish I could still get mightily drunk on half a vino.

    Oh please to bring back the days of two pint madness - although I have heard that it does return in the latter stages of cirrhosis.

    Bette Davis always scared the crap out of me - always glad I wasn't one of her kids.

    Night all.

  88. Hank - I see that there is a RexMundie who moonlights over on the Telegraph.