06 September 2009

Daily Chat 06/09/09

One of the surviving ships in Magellan's fleet, the Victoria, arrived in SanlĂșcar de Barrameda in 1522, making it the first ship to successfully circumnavigate the world. In 1888, Charles Turner became the first bowler to take 250 wickets in one season and in 1995, Cal Ripken Jr., played his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's 56 year old record.

Celebrating birthdays today: Roger Waters, Dolores O'Riordan and Tim Henman. It is Father's Day in Australia and New Zealand.

More important than any of this, however, is the fact that in 1999, the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful boy ever born came into this world at Providence Hospital in Seattle, Washington.


  1. Happy birthday to a special boy!

  2. Seconded MsChin, and all the best to a special mum, too.

    John Lennon - Beautiful Boy

  3. Happy Birthday to your boy Montana, and in celebration of 6 Sep 99 and for all babies everywhere -


  4. #Police are investigating claims an alien peed on a German man's sun lounger while being chased by German fighter planes.#


  5. Happy birthday young wildhack.


  6. Happy birthday beautiful boy, you have a great mum.

  7. Happy birthday young wildhack !

    Happy birthday too to Roger Waters, (the much maligned, Floydster who made some of the best music ever heard imho)

  8. MF
    Thanks for that update ! LOL
    Great site ;-)

  9. Happy Birthday to young Mr. Wildhack and a hello to his mother.
    andysays -that song always makes me tearful.

  10. Great another thread on Cif about 'big' models and another load of idiots crawling out of the woodwork to comment on it - like the lovely guy who says he 'loves size zero and their bones' 'cause it gives him a break from horrible normal women and their depressing curves. Freaks - where do these people come from?

    Sorry for the rant.

  11. PrincessCC

    I must say your responses on the last big girl thread were class. You had me laughing as well as agreeing.


  12. Happy Birthday to Montana's son.

    I stuck my nose into the Big (!) Models thread and ducked straight out again. Being a tad overly plump meself, I find it really depressing.

  13. Oh come BB - it is what is between the ears that counts. And in your case that is pure class and a total delight.

    A secret fan.

  14. *blushes*

    Thank you, anonymous fan! :o)

  15. Seconded - BB is a class act.

  16. Ah deano. I have to disappoint you. I went to the petshop and ordered two baby male rats and a cage that looks like The Rat Hilton yesterday - they won't sell them singly as apparently they get very miserable on their own.

    No amount of persuasion would work on the dog front, sadly, either with lad or husband. Still, it's a start...

  17. Happy Birthday to Son of Montana - did you bake him a special cake? Americans are really good at cakes.

    Haven't seen the Big Model thread yet. Will suss it out. The chick-lit thread has had all the usual suspects out already.

  18. BB

    If the pet shop tries to sell you rat pyjamas tell em to bugger off. A nice smoking jacket is quite acceptable though.

    Ah well the battle is never completely lost as you say it's a start. I wont reduce your star rating because of this one small failure.

    (But do remember to remind the lad should he ever complain at his strike rate with ladies that all would have been so different with a red setter)

    I asked Bru and everyone yesterday if Annetan42 was going to get an ATL slot (since she seemed to imply that she had) but she didn't notice my enquiry and thus failed to reply - Do you know and if so when?

    I am a great fan of hers and would not wish to miss it if/when.


  19. Ah there you are Bru - what news of annetan42 article or did I misunderstand your post yesterday?

  20. I would like to second any compliment paid to BB.

    Another secret fan.

  21. Looks like the BeautifulBurnout fan club is out in force today, though of course which of us isn’t a fan?

    deano: Glad to see your connection is working properly.

    I think you (and maybe Bru, too) have got the wrong end of the stick. There’s been a spate of suggestions on WDYWTTA? for annetan to be given a chance to write something, but the powers that be don’t seem to be paying any attention.

    Now you’re here, what about sharing the story of Mungo and the poppies?

  22. Well that's at least four of us. And no doubt that stoat chap will be joining us when he next calls by.

    Yet another secret BB fan.

  23. Awww... thanks people. I am getting all shy now.

    Yes, deano - we need the poppies story. You did promise. :o)

  24. Hehehe

    Rats in smoking jackets!

    The ones I was looking at are known as "Dumbo" rats because they have the sticking-out ears. The only reason I didn't actually buy them yesterday was because she would only sell them in pairs, and only one pair of males and one pair of females, both pairs containing an albino - which was the only "no-no" on my son's wish list. He doesn't like the eyes.

    That and having to order a double-decker cage, as I thought they would be happier with room to run about a bit.

  25. Andy - thanks for putting me right.

    What a disappointment - What brain dead tossers they are to ignore the obvious, sadly it seems to par for the twots.

    I always enjoy Anne's contributions and actively look out for them. Her CiF profile, along with a number of other posters here, is bookmarked on my machine. I routinely check her (and my other stars') contributions to see what they find worth commenting on and what they have to say.

    It saves a lot of time wading through crap.

    Machine seems to function bit better at weekends - suspect volume of traffic is an issue. But have got to think of a new machiune soon in any event.

    If I can find the time (after I've eaten) I'll write the poppy yarn up - it's just another silly Mungo episode, had me in stiches though.

  26. Thanks Deano.

    BB I would not worry - they are literally freaks on there. I actually think the thread has been deluged by some sad (meant in the genuine meaning of the word) souls from those pro-anorexia sites. In fact now I come to think of it some of those 'men' i was getting so angry with on the earlier Lizzie Miller thread were probably pro-ana women.

    Check this out for seriously wrong:
    " Although I am not a size zero myself, I like to remain as thin as possible without comprimising my health... indeed, my daughter (15 years old) is a size zero and I support her entirely by assisting her in diet and exercise program to remain roughly around the 6 1/2 stone mark."

    If that person is not a troll someone should call child services! Anyway I am done with 'em they are all barking.

    Those dumbo rats look cute with their ears sticking out - but I have a bit of a thing about their tales. So couldn't keep one myself.

    Deano what dogs have you got?

  27. PCC

    That just makes me cringe! Reminds me of Violet Beauregard and her mother in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

  28. PrincessCC:

    I’ve just been reading that thread, and some of the comments on there are beyond weird.

    I suspect that a great deal of fashion promotion is about attracting attention, by whatever means, so there’s a tendency to go for extremes and shock value but it amazes me that things have gone to the extremes they’re at now.

    Those pictures you linked to are just unbelievable. Obviously different women have different body shapes, but no one looks like that unless they’ve literally starved themselves.

    The contrast between the ideal and the reality of body shape/size, for both women and men (though far more for women), gets greater and greater. And it’s killing people.

  29. It's really sad. My lad started all his vegetarian/vegan stuff because he thought he was fat. True, he has lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years, but I seem to spend half my time making sure he has eaten enough - especially protein cos of the vegan shenanigans.

    If he eats somethng like a packet of crisps, he will then do 20 press-ups to counter-act it. It isn't healthy to think like that, if you ask me

    (Says Mumsy BB who looks more and more like the Michelin Man every day...)

  30. Hey everybody! Thanks on behalf of my son for the b-day wishes. He shall watch the videos after the excitement of the party is gone. It's supposed to start in @ 10 minutes. A boy called @ 11:00 am to see if he could come "a bit early". When asked what he meant by "a bit early", he said "about 11:30". He was politely told that it would be 1:00 pm before we'd be ready to have anyone arrive. He got here at 1:05. I think it's the first time the poor boy's ever been invited to a birthday party.

    Put in a comment on the fat models thread while I was eating my breakfast. Princess -- you were doing a great job. Those fruitcakes still at it?

  31. Guys, TheLastJackStraw is a liberal-baiting spoof. I checked his profile straight away - and there are some comedy gems - he/she is a right wing American who supports torture, a feminist, a lesbian, a mother, a big 'The Wire' fan...you name it. Gets a few recommendations too. :0)

  32. It's truly distressing that this crap attitude is spreading to boys/men. I mean, I still think men are given a lot more "wiggle room" than women, as far as what's acceptable (at least over here), but why do we have to be so damned hung up about it?

    And one of the commenters (I think it was the idiot who says he finds the size 0s attractive) compared it to bodybuilders, as far as an unattainable body type. But I don't know any women who find that attractive. I certainly don't. I see that and all I can think is that the poor guy is seriously fucked up in the head.

  33. "A boy called @ 11:00 am to see if he could come "a bit early". When asked what he meant by "a bit early", he said "about 11:30". He was politely told that it would be 1:00 pm before we'd be ready to have anyone arrive. He got here at 1:05. I think it's the first time the poor boy's ever been invited to a birthday party."

    That brought a lump to my throat. Poor mite.

  34. PPC

    Diesel (Daisy on Sundays and high days) is a 14 year old 90% plus bearded collie. She is a special love in my life. She has survived being run over and totally paralyzed for 12 days.

    She cost me over £2k in vets bills but was more than worth it 'cos she eventually got up and walked again and then a liitle time later she started to run again.

    Three years later (this Feb) she had a stroke (fell 15 feet into a canal lock - I nearly met my maker getting her out) and was reduced to staggering around in circles but again she wasn't ready to leave. And bit by bit she learned to walk and then run again in a straight line.

    She is now a little deaf and visually impaired but we still walk for about 45 minutes twice a day. She's a class act.

    I have had her since her birth. Her late mum Zipthedog (Matilda wagtail of Bransholme to give her Sunday name) was a special and very clever dog that we got from the local dogs home.

    Mungo is...................certainly a 57 varieties dog ..........He's a very lovable beast but one with identity issues.

    There is no doubt that he has time/spatial awareness problems. Mungo is either asleep or it is Christmas day. There is no other day or time in his universe. There is no such thing as food in Mungo's life, ever bit of sustenance that comes his way is devoured as though it were Christmas dinner.

    In short the bastard is over endowed with the Joie de vie (can't spell it - french for joy of life) gene. He thinks he is a person.

    There's probably some German Shep (but not in his head features) in terms of colouring, hair type and strength and some sort of hound in there too. He has a fine nose and sense of scent. Given his love of water I wouldn't be surprised if some time back an otter hound was in the family.

    He came from the local dogs home at about 18mths of age. He arrived in my tramps abode sat down looked around and carried on as though he had been born there. He is now careful not to wander too far and never out of either visual or aural contact.

    I wear a full face beard, Diesel is bearded too but when he arrived hew wasn't - but he is now 'cos he grew one shortly after arriving.

    Remember Blyton's Famous Five - think the dog there was called Timmy or some such. I think Mungo read the book and decided to model himself on said dog.

    He is bastard but a delightful one.

    And your dog(s)?

  35. Something odd/new here.

    On my screen every posting above is not identified with the usual symbol colour of the posters chosen log in method. ie no red for google log in??

    Every posting above is appearing with a grey down sloping arrow and every posting, not just my own, is showing the delete dustbin??

    The monikers of those logging in via gmail are in blue whilst the anons are in grey but otherwise they appear to have the same staus and all have the dustbin

    Anybody know what is going on?

  36. Back to sleep Deano - as soon as I posted the above it all went back to normal.

    I'll get me coat there's a bloke in a white coat at the door.

  37. LOL deano. :o)

    I still see Mary, Mungo and Midge in my mind when you talk about Mungo, with Midge the Mouse balanced on his nose, pushing the button for the lift.

  38. Mine all looks normal to me deano.

    Are you going to tell us the puppy-in-the-poppy story tonight?

    I only ask ‘cause I’m going to have to call it a night soon...

  39. Hello Deano


    Yes Annetan has been asked to write an article. I assumed it would be on education but maybe it isn't. I shall keep a lookout for it. Not sure what the lead time is on posting it up there.


  40. BB: Do you ever want to return to the carefree days of childhood with Mary, Mungo and Midge?

    Things were certainly much more simple then, weren’t they!

    That story will have to wait for another time, deano.

    Good night all...

  41. LastJackStraw is the type of poster I've always been wary of coming across on the internet - a complete Walter Mitty. I thought I'd seen things when he/she stated that she was 26 on one thread and had a 15-year-old daughter on the other. At first I thought there'd been a typo and she'd meant 36.

    Then I saw all the other discrepancies. It can be Nut County out there sometimes.

    PrincessChipChops - in my days of attending fashion shows in Paris and London (aeons ago I might add), the models were much smaller but especially the Parisian models were very thin (you could balance a cup and saucer on their collar bones). However they came over as petite rather than ravaged by hunger.

    The same is true of ballet dancers. Immensely thin but most of them are tiny so it's not as noticeable as a size zero on a very tall woman.

    Beddy byes now - have a good evening all.

  42. @ Andy - wilco

    Have made a start in a Word doc (following your advice which I all too oft forget)- but will save it till you/BB/BW/Sheff/Chin and any other Mungo fans` are on line or thereabouts.

    Sheff's on hol's and I had promised her too... so there's no problem in waiting to tell what is a silly dog tale.

    @ Bru thanks for good news.

    Hope it's right (see Andy above at 16.41 above). He thinks we may be confused. In any event I guess Anne will sort it out for us when she's next around. Regards.

  43. BB
    Way to go on CiF tonight with the BNP stuff !
    Catch you guys tomorrow

  44. @ Bru

    Your comment about petite reminds me not only of my love of dancing (including ballet) ladies but also of that gallon in a champagne flute Edith Piaf.

    Size (tiny by any measure) zeroish, but said lass rattled my cage.

    Double regards and a hope that you slept well.


  45. @ Montana

    I'm full of hope and a near certainty that you and your son had the day you both deserve.



    Night all.

  46. It is true BB and Montana that this stuff is spreading to boys too. More and more men are trying to be a certain type, my friends boy Jo is a lovely lad - thirteen and really sorted but he thinks he is fat. He is not. Anyway he is obssessed with it!

    And to me I agree, body builders are hideous as are men who are really 'cut' like Brad Pitt in fight club. In fact I read somewhere that Brad Pitt in that film is probably near anorexic too because the only way to get that kind of muscle def is loss of fat. I am gonna check out that crazy bird/blokes profile.

    Deano - your dogs sound lovely. I love bearded collies they are one of my favourites - along with golden retreivers old english sheepdogs and white german shepherds. But to be honest I just love dogs.

    Your bearded collie is a real survivor. We had a dog like that - Lady, she was a real mix - had three strokes and survived to a very old age. Now I have two dogs. A fox terrier, Jake - smooth haired and a nutter. Totally off his rocker but very loving too. He is a handful though. Then we have a lab cross golden retreiver who is just gorgeous - Holly. But she is 'full of beans' to say the least. So they are a real handful but also total loves. Don't think I could be without a dog. And now I am off work ill they are so nice and comforting. They also make you get up and get going. They should be on prescription.

    Anyway good night to all.