04 September 2009

Daily Chat 04/09/09

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula was founded in 1781. Fortunately, as the place got bigger the name got shorter. We call it Los Angeles today. Britain ended its policy of penal deportation to New South Wales in 1884. After more than 25 years of fighting the US government, Apache chief Geronimo surrendered in 1886 and the Forth Road Bridge officially opened in 1964. Beyoncé celebrates a birthday today and it is Immigrants Day in Argentina.


  1. I'm not a huge believer in the "Sins of the Father", but it's hard not to feel guilty about the reprehensible way the indigenous people of this nation were treated.

  2. Here’s a couple of topical tunes for you:

    Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

    (Please excuse the fact that whoever created this can’t spell Immigrant – at least he helpfully points out that the song is about Vikings. Thanks, mate!)

    The Shadows - Apache

    Time for breakfast – I’m Hank Marvin...

  3. Early runner for Cretin of the Week.

    Vaitibi on the Jenkins thread is moaning that the government wont let him call black people niggers or gays 'poofs'.

  4. So I suppose calling him a bigotted moron is out of the question then?

    Ah, hang on, that'd breach Cif posting rules & get you modded, banned or both.

  5. andysays,
    how do you put youtube links on here?

  6. I fear the cretin of the week award is far more likely to go to someone on the Lubna Hussein thread. Very good post by thetrashheap though.

  7. Colin - excellent last post yesterday!

  8. Meanwhile, on the same thread, one pulman has clearly won cof batsman.

  9. Agree largely Montana but it's not all black and white (or red and white) - a group of German socialists founded a town called Bettina in Texas in the mid-19th century and got on really well with the Comanche, who discovered that the new whites would exchange operations for unwanted (usually dying) captives.

    About the same time, Ute slave traders discovered that squeamish Mormons would buy captive children from them to stop them cutting bits off the children in front of them.

    Of course the whites stole the land and were hypocritical and bloody about it, but most Indians in the southwest were glad to see the end of the Apacheria. Like the Highland clan system in the 18th century, it could all seem very romantic from a distance - a long distance!

  10. Colin:

    Here’s how you do hyper links:

    1. Insert the URL (web “address”) and the title you want to give it into this template.

    {a href= } {/a}

    2. It should look something like this

    {a href= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CO7FPU7a2g} Dread Zeppelin - Immigrant Song{/a}

    3. Then change { to < and } to > and paste it into the Post Comment box. When you click on preview, it will look like this

    Dread Zeppelin - Immigrant Song

    4. Post your comment

    5. Save the template somewhere, so you won’t have to keep bloody asking ;-)

  11. Thanks andy,
    How do I save the template?

    Thank you, I was so far gone I actually admitted voting Labour on Kettles thread.

  12. Copy & paste it into notepad & then ou can just edit it as required, before pasting it back into a post.

  13. Cretin of the Week goes to MoveAnyMountain, as it does every week. That bullshit artist is moer responsible than any other poster for the demise of CiF, though Jay, you throw in a strong contender with Vaitibi.

  14. olching - you wouldn't be referring to this comment, would you?

    To imagine for one second that science is a substitute for philosophy, logic, reason or religion, that it can do anything other than mechanistically explain the "hows" on the basis of unprovable assumptions is infinitely more dangerous than the religious who believe prayer can heal. Far, far more dangerous.

    Although I was astounded - he did post a good one on the Lubna Hussein thread.

  15. No, I'm referring to his bullshittery on the German election thread, and in general any other comments he lives behind like poisonous slime.

    I remember he first started posting in tandem with Zdenek about a year and a half ago. He was buffoon then as he is now. I never thought he'd last this long.

    Worse still: He's invited more and more right-wing know-nothings who have denigrated CiF to such a low standard as far as BTL comments are concerned. He's their ring leader, because unlike the qwertys, smellthecoffees, earlofsuaves,and presidentgasses (and all the other thickos), he has a vague idea of what he is doing. But only vague...his comments on German politics are risible as fuck.

  16. GPO1,
    Ta, will have a go later. Busy at moment.

  17. Colin: you’re welcome!

    I always compose my thoughts for Cif and Untrusted in a word doc before pasting them, so as GP01 says, I find it helps to save templates and suchlike there.

    So when are you going to start sharing with us?

    Jay, martillo, olching:

    I’ve had a look at vaitibi and pulman’s profiles, and they both seem possible contenders – a whole series of inane comments.

    I almost wonder if they’re real people at all, rather than some random cretinous response generator which someone is currently testing and has yet to fine tune. Only time will tell...

    I also wonder whether we might have a number of different categories, for instance the Jaw-Droppingly-Stupid-Comment category, the Bringing-Up-A-Completely-Irrelevant-or-Spurious-Argument category or the Most-Cretinous-Comments-In-A-Week category.

    And obviously if this is going to take off we’ll need to have an all-embracing name to call the awards by.

    I suggest the Biteys...

  18. Whoop freakin' ee!
    Just got a cheque for a picture. Forgot I had any down there.

    That thing you explain seems complicated andy and GPO1 will give it a whirl later.

  19. OH MY GOD

    Just checked my hotmail, one of the ads at the side was for a savings account, with a picture of a bride and the caption "cushion yourself for the day your daughters not your responsibility"

    Maybe the radfems have a point!!!!!

  20. elementary_watson04 September, 2009 15:45

    Of course the radfems have a point!

    Come to think of it, so did Robespierre ...

  21. I thought Robespierre had a blade, not a point?

    Thangyouverrmuch. I'm here all week.

    Evening guys and gals! It's teh weekendz!!!!

  22. Where is everyone?

    No comments since half five? That can't be right.

  23. andysays,
    I wondered about that.

  24. Could be they all went up to the Big Brother house for the final?

  25. Hi colin.

    I was starting to think the absence of any comments (and today's Daily Chat) was a problem with my computer not refreshing properly.

    Maybe everyone is just otherwise occupied, though I hope it's with something other than Big fucking Brother

  26. Hi MsChin

    Glad to see you're still with us...

  27. andysays,
    I accidently saw a couple of minutes while chanel hopping, looking for something educational and glimpsed some peanut waving a banner saying 'andy out' gave me quite a turn.

  28. Hi stoaty!

    Yes, still here, just been busy for the last few days!

  29. colin: I haven’t paid attention to BigBrother for years, and didn’t realise it was coming to its climax.

    Is there someone called Andy in there now? I’ll echo the calls for him to get out. Waste of time for all concerned...

    MsChin: What’s with this “busy” nonsense?

    We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your primary responsibility, which is to us here ;-)

  30. andysays,
    Jest a jest comrade. Bit worried about Montana though.
    MsChin seems to be unreliable.

  31. !!!
    Sometimes my paid work has to come first, stoaty. I agree that it's unfair, but there you go.

  32. MsChin,
    Crikey! our first tiff! Anyhoo I had to work myself yesterday, and again today a bit.

  33. Nah, we don't do tiffs, stoaty, we just banter nicely together. On work - the torture never stops, eh?

  34. I'm going to neglect my responsibility for a while.

    Things to do, people to see, etc.

    Catch you all later...

  35. Same here andysays, tons to do. And it's a nice day (ie not raining) so I ought to make the most of it!

  36. I too hope all well with Montana and her son.


  37. deano30,
    Alright? yeah, bit of a worry that.

  38. Where is the lady of the manor?!?!? Montana??? Hope all is well.

  39. I'm well stoaty - just hoping that Montana's delayed appearance is down to a technical hitch and that normal service will be resumed asap. Pesky things computers. I've been having lots of probs with mine of late

    I have to go out now but will be calling back later.