10 November 2010


Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.
-Barbara Jordan


  1. Yet another Moonwave post rescued from the spam folder to paste here for you. As frustrating as this is for me, I can only imagine that it's doubly so for Moonwave & I'd hate to see him stop posting in sheer frustration, so I'll ask the other admins to please try to check the spam folder from time to time.

    Here's Moonwave:

    moonwave said...

    La Rit

    Just a test

    I was getting rather despondent about posting, yet somehow found myself having another go at it. It shut me out again, so I expected to see only a gap when I looked back - but it got through! - or someone let it through. It's really difficult to join in a conversation when the comment doesn't appear until a few hours later (or another day) - and can make it look rather weird.

    Heyhabib, Turminder, Paul, Deano, Sheff, Thaum

    That's very kind. Definitely not to do with glory - just someone trying his honest best to provide for his family - one an infant who I haven't met as yet.

    Of course, it doesn't mean anything terrible has to happen - it's that extra worry. You know how it is - a parent sees all of the dangers - while the 'child' is sure they're going to be just fine - and at present he still has the bravado of the young adult - nothing's going to happen to him.

    At present he's signed up for the minimum time, and hopes to get himself as much training and extra experience as he can manage while he's there - that he can't afford himself (every time it's costs) - so that he can move forward afterwards.

    I admit that I really hope the Afghanistan thing winds down - not just for selfish reasons, or meaning a lack of concern for its citizens - only that I can't see that it's doing anything of much use, and too many of our young people are loosing their lives and futures for - what?. The government we're supporting there are just as corrupt as whatever.


    Also do I know naff all about it.

    Because of the recession, whereas before they were looking for people, now they've got them queuing up and can be very choosy. So he's going into the infantry - which doesn't sound like the best option, but it seems it's now the quickest way in, and it means he can start early next year. At least he'll have the mid-winter holidays with his young family first. His wife has got used to the idea - she has the same worries as myself, but they need more security of income and soforth (and I'm afraid I can't help much - much as I wish I could).

    I'm proud of him for keep on doing his best - he's sure not a quitter - however much it all keeps getting stacked against him. And it's really not fair for the youngsters now - when I left school we could walk into most anything.

    It's a government who knowingly create despondency and desperation of which I despise.

    Now for some more good news

    Atos Origin with the Shaw Trust and Pinnacle People have joined forces to bid for DWP employment services contracts - with the aim of providing the compulsory and work-related interviews for getting the disabled back into work - into all of those wonderful jobs just waiting for them.

    A strong new team has come together to help deliver the government’s Work Programme.

    Atos Origin, Pinnacle People and Shaw Trust are working in partnership to win positions on all 11 lots of the Framework for the Provision of Employment Related Support Services.

    That means that Atos are after more juicy contracts - no problem finding money for those of course - to bully further the sick, disabled and confused. Making sure these people fail their medicals isn't enough for them - they want to be carry on kicking them - for the right price.

    That really isn't decent.

    I'm proud to say that in times past I had posts deleted on the same threads as Rednorth.
    09 November, 2010 21:52

  2. Now, a comment of my own:


    Sweet, silly, lovely hevers. You don't seem to understand that Kizbot is Queen of Cif. You must obey the queen and respect her authoritah.

    She gets to say whatever she wants, to whomever she wants, in as scolding or petulant a tone as she wants. Everyone else is supposed to tailor their tone to please the queen and they must, must be nice to her friends. Failure to do so will cause her to fix her most vexed stare on you and stamp her feet.

  3. @MW:

    ...Failure to do so will cause her to fix her most vexed stare on you and stamp her feet..."


  4. Montana Wildhack said...


    Sweet, silly, lovely hevers. You don't seem to understand that Kizbot is Queen of Cif. You must obey the queen and respect her authoritah.

    Haha, now why didn't anyone tell me that a few months ago when she first started having a pop???

    Seriously though, I don't mind the odd spat, but I'd much prefer to be making some insidious right-winger's brain melt than having to deal on Waddya with whether I'm being "narky" or not when it's a Friday evening and my partner's going to arrive shortly.

    It's Jessica's board anyway, no matter how many recipes get posted.

  5. By the way, interesting stuff about the Forces yesterday, just caught up with it.

    Re. young Rfn Thatcher’s letters home – yes, soldiers prepare the “if I don’t come back” letter before going on ops. His section commander will have prepared letters for each of his lads as well, if he’s on his game. Sobering stuff.

    Re. reasons for joining up – I had this discussion with some offensive wanker over on CiF yonks ago, he was banging on about “cannon fodder”, “thick kids off sink estates” etc. It’s true some sign on because “there’s nothing else to do round here” but to be honest, they’re not in the majority by a long chalk and a lot of them get weeded out in Phase 1 – it’s fair to say you’ve really got to want to be a soldier to get through all the CIC Catterick bullshit.

    Makes sense really - the fighting Army has no use for "unwilling warriors".

  6. morning all. am currently trying to find a new flatmate so am struggling to keep up with the messages pinging in from appartager.com. one chap wants to agree to share by mail, and then just rock up at the weekend with his suitcase - can't have that, really, have to meet face to face to feel ok with things. having to make a judgment call on whether or not you'd be Ok living with someone (and it would just be the two of us in the flat) is bloody hard, am finding it quite stressful, grrrrrrr.

  7. La Rit - about Camilla B - agree totally charity is never the answer, sadly its the only show in time at the moment.

    BUT what she does is needed and it works, I would like to see properly state funded organisations like hers in every major population centre in the country.

    Kids co get £10 pm of my pension simply because no-one else is doing what she does and kids can't wait until the revolution.

    But charity always makes me uncomfortable, I get reports from them a few times a year and I would rather that money went to the kids. They don't need to thank me I am a member of this society and I believe I owe every child in it a chance of a decent life.

    Because there are too many gits like those on Cif who refuse to 'pay taxes to support these kids their parents should be doing it/shouldn't have had them' there is no political will to do this.

  8. redminer on the clegg thread
    here (hopefully)
    last para starts, "I lost my father today..."

  9. PhilB - take plenty of time young miss, not a decision to be rushed.Good luck.

    Swifty thanks for the inside knowledge on the "letter home in the event...". I was hoping you'd provide the answer.

    Tough job being the officer in those circumstances and it must be hard delivering the letter to the family too.

  10. quite, deano - have someone coming round this evening, he seems nice. will have to tidy up the empties beforehand (heheheheh).

  11. margaret attwood on woman's hour talking about the handmaid's tale, well worth a listen. skewering some of the female proponents of 'family values' - "if you think women belong in the home, why aren't you in it?"

  12. @deano:

    Most families are glad of the visit, gives some small comfort to hear about the (albeit expurgated) final moments from someone who knew their lad well – of course, it goes without saying that it’s immeasurably easier on the bearer than it is on the family.

  13. PhillB thanks for the heads up on Redminer I dropped a brief condolence too.

    There are some of the older generation who are genuinely heart broken at the contemporary political scene. I know a few.

    Glad that your back with us A42 - I hope you have a long and very happy time in your new flat.

  14. moonwave - Swiftyboy is an informed ex soldier who I'd ask if I needed some info/insight on the 'technicalities' of modern army life and the probable best routes through it.

    I hope that the spam experience doesn't put you off UT. I guess the best advice is to copy your post before hitting the post button. If it goes into spam.... try dividing your longer posts into two parts and then try a paste of part 1 followed by part 2.......I've noticed that it's usually the longer posts of mine that go into spam. That said if blogger has 'got one on' then it don't always work...

    If it continues to spam you try a separate note to to say your probably in spam - then when Montana can't be around, 'cos of the time difference, a UK based person with admin access will try to get you out. Your contributions here on UT are interesting and welcome.

  15. Interesting......

    UT's readership continues to grow!........fame at last.

    how do you read the stats PhillB?

  16. Morning all,


    Depending on what you're referring to, that wanker may have been me.
    (The day before I 'flounced' off from Waddya, we were having a wee discussion on forces recruitment...)


    Best of luck for this evenings 'classico'.

    Everybody else,

    I shall be saving the rest of the thread, and relying on it to stave off boredom during the eleventy-nine hours I shall be crammed into an airline seat tonight, so please, feel free to be exceptionally interesting and witty and that....

  17. Perhaps I should get my cognitive faculties checked. I just realised I'd left my keys in the front door lock outside since yesterday afternoon.

  18. Killing time (the activity not the childrens author)in Gala library while I wait for the brew interview, will be afk til tmra after that. Was a bit pissed when I wrote that review of EH's ouvre last nite, had I been sober, I would have been less kind. l8rs mateys : )

  19. Hello

    Pen mentioned Lysenko on waddya.

    Oddly I have been thinking about him recently. The inheritance of aquired characteristics - not in a physical/bios way but in terms of social behaviour and expectation.

    take an impoverished, under educated community. Move in with resources and education. New expectations, hope and believe aquired, encouraged/passed on to children. New status - also inherited by children.

    Conversely - deprive community of advantages, half starve, instrumentalise children thru education/training and generally instill fear and gratitude for a bare crust - nudge them out of mainstream. Again these characteristics forcibly aquired can be inherited along with parental status.

    the creation of a new , permanent underclass.

    How do we resists this ?

  20. Deano,

    (touchwood) Back to the motherland....

  21. Leni,


    (I am sort of expecting that one of these days I'm going to arrive back home to a scene from a zombie movie).

  22. James - holiday, or permanent move?

  23. (PS - for the record, I'm extremely happy that you're still 'here', Leni.
    Your humanity and compassion give me hope and confidence in equal measure...)

  24. James - I'd be delighted to buy you a beer if you can fit in.

    Leni - good to see you. :)

    back later - Mungo is hinting by going at me toe....

  25. @James:

    No, I'm pretty sure it wasn't you, mate. I don’t remember the name, and anyway, if I had known it was you, I wouldn’t have used the “wanker” epithet, I'm sure.

  26. Thaum,

    quick visit to see my mum and gran.

  27. Swifty,

    thinking about it, I think the timeline's wrong anyway.

    (Our discussion was quite brief, and started from the 'advertising' thing, and I then got distracted with moderation anyways....)

  28. Deano,

    I was wondering if maybe I'd get chance to visit you and Mungo!?
    I expect my mum's filled most of my schedule already, but hopefully there'll be an evening free somewhere.

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. SusanBradley

    Kizbot is a lady, unlike trailer trash like you.

  31. I had this discussion with some offensive wanker over on CiF yonks ago, he was banging on about “cannon fodder”

    SwiftyBoy, as noble as the intentions may be, in Afghanistan, cannon fodder is all that British troops are. It's a war that can never be won - your friends are your enemies the next hour. You can't find anyone to fight, because they hide. All that happens is, you stand there, waiting for a bullet, or a bomb.

    Ask the Russians.

  32. Wow - Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, Stephen Biko, step aside.

    EnglishHermit's in da house!!

  33. duck

    I know I should ignore you. I know you will just quack at me but - you are on course to win the nastiest poster of the year award.

  34. Leni, he's not the nastiest, just the one most likely to go on a killing spree. I hope he has someone to give him comfort.

  35. Leni

    Yes please. Nastiest poster on the nastiest website of the year award. Gimmee. I look forward to the award ceremony so I can spray you all with fresh pig's dung.

  36. Habib

    Have you seen his latest on waddya ?

  37. I hate looking there, but I will.

  38. On WADDYA:

    10 November 2010 12:40PM


    I smell meerkat scat stinky.

    Indeed. New account, uncanny familiarity with the regulars, written in a style very similar to one monkeyfish, who was banned six months ago and is still in a right sulk about it, and accompanied by a most generous number of recommendations.

    The good lady certainly fits the pattern of many others, like that sausage on a stick a few days back.

    To be fair, not all the aggravation comes from the Untrusted. Yet, even this morning, one of our regulars was being laid into by Susan Bradley, reported to be a class room assistant from the State of Iowa in the G a couple of years back. I don't know if she is still practicing, but is seems to me to be a bad career move to run a blog site devoted to anti American sentiment, godlessness, the destruction of the family and Muslim extremism where in a state where the vast majority of parents would be outraged if their children were to exposed to such philosophies by their teachers. Not to mention the bad language.

    My advice to those who are feeling besieged, for what it's worth, is not to respond here to provocation. This is what the Untrusted want to you to do - to clog up this thread with disputes. It's their main strategy.

    Instead, go over to the Untrusted site, set up an account, and flood the site with Quacks. It's bouncing quackbomb, inspired by the Dambusters. There will be ack ack. You will be the subject of hysterical name calling (especially when they are drunk), attempts at defamation and a tirade of abuse. Take no notice of them because the bomb works.

    First of all and most importantly, it keeps the slag fest away from WDYWTTA. Secondly, you will find that you are not powerless, you are not helpless, you don't have to be a victim. You can fight back. You can create havoc, total disruption. Don't hold back or bottle it up. Let it all out. It's most therapeutic.

    The Guardian is one of the world's most respected newspapers. It has led the world in showing how a really good interactive news blogsite can be run. Many of us have played a very small part in that and it is something that we ought to be proud of and celebrate. It really is the best of British.

    Yet there are regulars on this very thread, who support those who want to destroy the Guardian's achievement. It's no secret. They have openly boasted about it.

    History has shown us that we have to stand up to bullies. Appeasement doesn't work, they only come for more.

    You are free to choose. Chamberlain or Churchill.

  39. Oh dear. I hope you have razor blades rather than a shotgun.

  40. Anti American, godless, family hating, muslim extremist?

    Really, and you are so proud of your little melt down that you have posted it here so we can all enjoy it.

    Outing someone by name, insulting their job and calling for a spam bomb over here and you are proud of yourself.

    Seriously, you need some help man.

  41. @heyhabib

    All I remember about that spat was:

    1. the person was very sure that every squaddie joins up out of economic desperation, and not for other reasons; and
    2. he/she was equally sure that “thick kids from sink estates” suit the Army’s purpose well, because the Army needs “cannon fodder” to go and get blown up in the ‘Stan.

    He/she was clearly talking out of his/her arse.

    On the broader point, however – basically agreed. I personally doubt we can “win” in Afghanistan. And we cannot “win” because, as far as I can see, no politician or general has ever articulated precisely what “win” means in that context. What “win” certainly doesn’t mean is the military defeat of a soveriegn government, the imposition of “Western values”, and the eventual recovery and growth of a nation state and ally. Because that makes no fucking sense at all in Afghanistan.

    So, by “winning”, does that mean, can we kill more of “them” than they can “us”? Yep, you betcha, and that can continue for a long old time, but the era of using bodycount as a metric for success is, like, so-o-o over.

    Afghanistan is just a proxy battleground, frankly, and while we’re sinking blood and treasure into the sands of Helmand, there are no doubt other, more powerful baddies in other countries and on other continents planning to do us harm. The ‘Stan is just one of those places where those baddies can actually get to kick some Western arse once in a while, and then stick the videos up of them doing it on You Tube.

  42. For bootlicking, arse-kissing, creeping, fawning, sycophantic toadying above and beyond the call of the most craven lickspittle, the award--the much-coveted Winged Cat Turd of Bethnal Green Road--goes to English Hermit.

    Congratulations, sunshine: you've given a generation of soiled doormats something to aspire to...

  43. Ms. Wildhack, Members of the UT Senate, and of the House of Representatives:

    Two weeks, around October (I can't remember) 2010- dates which will live in infamy the UT was suddenly and deliberately attacked by Quack bombs and the quack ack ack attacks of the Tolkein Empire of Hermit.

    The UT was at peace with that nation and, at the solicitation of THE, was still in conversation with its government and its Hermit looking toward the maintenance of peace in the blogosphere.

    It will be recorded that the distance of the UT from WADYYA makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many weeks or even months ago. During the intervening time, the Hermit government has deliberately sought to bore the fucking arse off the UT by bullshit statements and some of the most ridiculous wartime hyperbole and imagery this side of a commando comic.

    The attack these last three weeks has caused severe hilarity to UT representatives and their lurkers. I regret to tell you that very many UT appendixes have burst as a result of this hilarity along with serious shoulder injuries from cringing.

    Hermit has, therefore, undertaken a boring yet heroically unaware offensive extending throughout the UT blogosphere area. The facts of the last three weeks and today speak for themselves. The people of the UT, WADYYA and the rest of the Internet have already formed their opinions and well understand the laughable nature of these “attacks”.

    As commander in chief of the UT, I have directed that all measures be taken for our defense if anyone can be arsed. But always will our whole blog remember the pathetic character of the onslaught against us.

    No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the UT people in their righteous might will laugh, take the piss and then get bored and ignore it.

    Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our blog, are in grave danger of yawning, scratching our arses and then talking about something else. With confidence in our ennui and sense of humour, with the unbounding determination of our posters, we will gain the inevitable triumph so help us God.

    I ask that the UT declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Hermit a while ago (when was it again?), a state of catatonia bordering on mild amusement has existed between the UT and the Hermit empire.

  44. Your Grace

    ROTFLMAO, Sir! (Salutes)

  45. Well said, SwiftyBoy.
    "there are no doubt other, more powerful baddies in other countries and on other continents planning to do us harm."
    There are, now, so we need our soldiers to be more than shooting practice.

  46. They say all is fair in love and war and clearly, EnglishHelmet is under the impression that a state of war exists between the mighty bastions of the Empire of the Guardian and the runaway terrrrsts of UT-land.

    Strange that nobody else on WADDYA seems to want to put their hands up and declare that they occupy the same, er, mental territory.


    10 November 2010 12:47PM

    englishhermit -

    For flip's sake give it a rest.


    10 November 2010 12:49PM

    A fine speech, englishhermit, although I can't say I advocate trolling anyone's threads. Anyone doing it to me gets sarcasm.

    And which Churchill do you mean?


    10 November 2010 1:05PM

    And you're hardly out of short trous yourself JYD..
    EH Why are you mentioning people by their name? Everyone is entitled to their anonymity... even if you don't like them. I think you should ask for that post to be removed..


    10 November 2010 1:19PM

    EH Why are you mentioning people by their name? Everyone is entitled to their anonymity... even if you don't like them. I think you should ask for that post to be removed..

    I agree. Calling for spambombs is a dick move.

  47. Oh dear, the Graun have closed WDYWTTA and there doesn't appear to be a new one!

    I suggest we call a truce in this non existent war, stick to one or both sites as we please, but not drag daft feuds across both, and leave ducky out in no-mans land playing with the unexploded sarcasm bombs..............

  48. Dotterel

    Have they closed it?

    Just went and picked up this "Recommendation" from the wreckage:

    10 November 2010 1:45PM

    EH, really, stop. just stop. I can cringe no more...

  49. Duke

    Will the date in October 2010 that Duck Wars started go down in history as either -

    1)'A Date that will live in infamy'


    2)A date summed up by that timeless Carry On saying- 'Infamy,infamy.they all got it in for me'.

  50. If EnglishHelmet has broken WADDYA, the regulars will be after his blood.

    Remember what happened when JezzaBella threatened to open up a separate chat thread?

    Bru wandered off, staggering, dazed and confused into the larger theatre of war and was missing, presumed dead for days until she lurched back into WADDYA-land, as unnoticed as a master-spy.

  51. Haha, Brilliant......

    And the award for the most spectacular own goal in the history of the interwebular giant goes to EnglishHermit!!

    In defending the hallowed ground of waddya, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, he manages to alienate his comrades, and possibly close down HQ.

    (With enemies like these, who needs friends, eh....)

    Well played young padawan. Well played!!

  52. AB

    "Comments on this page are now closed."

    You can still read it though.

  53. Paul,

    undoubtedly no.2. The reason I'm so annoyed with the whole thing is the pejorative use of 'duck'.

    The sainted GIYUS **blesses himself and genuflects** always calls me 13th Duck, so if anyone is going to be the duck round here it's me. GIYUS said so.

  54. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  55. Ahh, there is a new one but they're not linking it to the old one (and the previous one on the new one is from the 7th) methinks they're trying to bury the old one...............

    Your Grace,

    Let's reclaim the avian monikers for good and refer to it as EnglishKermit, and variations!

  56. "Trailer trash"


    Hi johncade by the way.

    Thanks to thauma & bb for nice comments earlier this week; things going well so far. Birmingham today, Sussex tomorrow, Beds saturday. Will not be in much til Sunday at least...

    Be cool everyone, lol


  57. Duck hunters may be aware of the use of a 'lure'. An artificial quacking duck is placed in the duck hunting area. The noise attracts other ducks who reveal themselves and can then be blasted by the hunters.

    When the Guardian decide to come down heavily on those who are abusing their facilities or supporting those who do so, which they will, there is now a nice long list of those to be considered for termination.

    Quack. Quack. Motherfuckers.

  58. Good luck to PhilippaB's team tonight! (Sorry, Spike!)

  59. Oh go on then EH you can have Bitey's comedy troll award, is that what you wanted?

    BTW decoys don't work when the hunters only have those comedy guns that shoot out a little "BANG" flag........

  60. But Dott, EH's got the full ACME arsenal.

    If the gun doesn't work, there's always the giant magnet, rocket powered rollerskates, and my personal favourite, the fake hole in the mountainside....

  61. Dot

    You can still read it though.

    Not the Kermit's comments, however which have been deleted.

  62. When the Guardian decide to come down heavily on those who are abusing their facilities or supporting those who do so, which they will, there is now a nice long list of those to be considered for termination.

    The problem, though, you poor little puddle-duck, is that you may find yourself at the top of that list.

    None of the WADDYA regulars seemed to support you, did they?

    You were never really a significant player there. You know, not up at the stellar level of Marvin.

    They would probably be very glad to get, er, shot of you.

    I know JessicaReed said it would be better if you were not there.

    You are just a poor little refugee now.

    War's a bitch, isn't it?

  63. You're right JD!

    Ooooh EH go on: flatten me under the 10 Tonne weight, please, please?

    Meep meep!

  64. EH

    Are you saying that you chose to post something horribly abusive about Montana so that everyone from the UT would rush over to Waddya, get all sweary at you and then be banned?

    Not only is that a plan that the average 7 year old would judge to be a bit limited but it backfired in a very satisfactory way, the only people calling out your idiocy are your 'pals' from Waddya.

    Also, a note for future schemes, if you actually make a point of telling people that you are trolling they probably won't fall for it.

    Lol at Dott.

  65. Not the Kermit's comments, however which have been deleted.

    So, Helmet, did you request your own comments be deleted, as suggested by la Kiz - or did your mates over there dob you in?

    Either way, it looks like you may be getting on the wrong side of the mods.

    Slippery slope...

    It would be nice to say something about the mighty falling, but there seems to be no equivalent in the duck world.

    Your goose is cooked?

    Sorry, it seems you have placed yourself beyond even ridicule.

  66. The London Evening Standard has reported that Nick Clegg's deputy Simon Hughes is to lead the revolt against plans to reduce HB for the long term unemployed by 10%.

    It's obviously far too early to tell but i wonder whether this first crack in the Coalition will be seen as the beginning of the end for the ConDems.We can only hope.

    @RedMiner announced on the Clegg thread that his Dad died today.Thought i'd let people know in case they want to leave their condolences on that thread.

  67. Just caught sight, on the news, that the student demo has turned a bit serious, smashed windows and a bonfire, it isn't exactly at French levels but I have got to say it is more than I expected.

    Much more interesting and important than EH paranoia.

  68. Students have broken into Conservative HQ.

    It started around 1.30(ish) when protesters deviated from the set route and headed for the location of the Conservative headquarters. A bunch got into the lobby of the building (though they may, it seems, have got the wrong tower) while the remainder began burning banners in the outside forecourt.


    Police have also drafted in their riot squad, the Territorial Support Group.

    Helmets and full riot gear are out. As are about a thousand iphones and digital cameras.

  69. From the BBC..

    "The National Union of Students is threatening to try to unseat Liberal Democrat MPs who go back on pre-election pledges they made to oppose any rise in tuition fees."

    Go NUS! If the LibDems were going to sell their souls to the devil, they could at least have got a fair price!

  70. Dot - yeah! Although actually there was an interesting article in the G (or Obs?) the other day about back-bench revolts: over 50% of back-bench LDs are actually in that category. Will see if I can find it.

  71. Here it is.

    The breadth of rebellion inside the Liberal Democrats is probably higher than publicly perceived. The Lib Dem parliamentary party currently comprises 57 MPs. Of these 22 (or 39%) are members of the payroll vote, either as ministers or parliamentary private secretaries, expected to remain loyal to the government not only in voice but also in vote. The Liberal Democrat backbench therefore consists of 35 MPs. The figure of 22 of those that have rebelled against the government means that a whopping 63% of the backbench party has defied the whip.

  72. Paul

    @RedMiner announced on the Clegg thread that his Dad died today.Thought i'd let people know in case they want to leave their condolences on that thread.

    I am very sorry to hear that.

    I am not posting on CiF but RedMiner is one of the few remaining consistently good and moral posters there.

    If anyone can pass on my sympathies, I would be grateful.

    If RedMiner ever visits here, my thoughts are with you and yours and you have my genuine sympathy and best wishes.

  73. Likewise, no longer posting on CiF sypmathies to RedMiner. Whoever could pass this on. Thank you.

  74. And me. The Clegg thread keeps crashing on my machine.

  75. Ooer, students on the roof of Fortress Millbank? Where were the police when this happened? Oh yes, that's right... there aren't any!

    Margaret Thatcher - bless her shrivelled, atrophied heart - was right all along... you can't prosecute the rape of the welfare state without a vast and well-paid array of floursecent attack dogs.

    I should expect the Coldstream will be out there tomorrow morning bayoneting any stragglers....

  76. PhillB posted a note of condolence on the thread for Redminer @ 9:52 this morning and I added another @ 10:13am.....you can always add a recommend to either/both if you can't post.

    I think there was at least one other up thread. I didn't read all the comments I just followed Phill's link to Redminer's comment - see UT 9:47 this morning.

    Hope we get together for a jar James

  77. "you can't prosecute the rape of the welfare state without a vast and well-paid array of floursecent attack dogs."


  78. Good comment from Gigolo on Waddya:

    Just hope the Tories forgot to renew their insurance.

  79. Afternoon

    Not much of a tactician then our EH is he. Text book example of how to do a monumental dump on your own doorstep and engage in friendly fire. Hilarious post btw, Yr Grace, fair cheered me up at lunchtime.

    Am going to have a rootle about on cif, so if I come across Redminer I'll pass on your sympathies.

    Lovely sunset here - the way the sun is at the moment it looks like Sheffield University is on fire - which given the doings in London, it may well be for all I know.

    I understand there are to be 'things' going on in and around Kleggs constituency at some point, will keep ear to ground. We have two large universities here so it could get hectic. A more widely loathed man would be hard to find in this city at the moment. Even some of my more sober and respectable colleagues were watching the demo with what actually resembled undisguised glee this afternoon - maybe, just maybe...well lets not tempt fate.

  80. This from the Press Association:

    The march ground to a halt when a group of students staged a sit-down protest outside Parliament. Dozens of police officers moved in to form a line outside one of the main entrances to the House of Commons, used by MPs. Up to 100 students broke away from the main march to protest outside the headquarters of the Business Department. Scores of police officers moved in to stop the students storming the building. Police pulled one demonstrator out of the crowd outside Parliament, wrestled him to the ground, and handcuffed him before carrying him away.

    At Millbank Tower, TV images showed students inside the building, brandishing anti-fees placards. The demonstration is the biggest seen against the coalition government. Students from towns and cities across the UK travelled to London in coaches, with big university cities including Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham well represented.


    It does seem odd that there are 50 000 demonstrators and when police numbers and arrests are mentioned, we go from scores to dozens to, er, one.

    Still, six months into the ConDem regime and we have rioting in the streets.

    New Labour had Things Can Only Get Better.

    Did the ConDems ever have a theme tune?

    I Predict A Riot seems a bit passe now.

    However, there will probably be a big recruitment drive for people to join the fluorescent attack dog brigade (tm SpeedKermit) soon.

  81. speedy

    How nice to see you. We may well be meeting up more often now things seem to be hotting up.

  82. I hope this link works - from the D Telegraph video of teenage boys trashing windows - they look all of 15 years old.

    Millbank Tower smashing of

  83. I'm afraid I find myself cheering the students on - and I'm all for peacefulness. This country really needs a big revolt.

    James Dixon

    Back to the motherland...

    Very brave.


    Also thank you for your commiserations – and for realising that’s what is appropriate. Someone of my acquaintance here started spouting off stuff about how good it was that my son was going to be doing service for his country. I cut him off rather short on that one, and told him frankly that it was entirely economics, and that that was caused by his country.

    Think not what your country can do… Actually, think a lot about it, and then try to get them to think about what they’re doing.

    Nick Clegg thread

    What does it say? Not a hint about job creation - just a lot of junk about getting more people into jobs whatever - but not whether they'll be real jobs with proper wages.

    When Beveridge brought in the benefit sytem, it was linked to as full an employment as they could manage, so it really was as intended - a safety net. It was the Cons who made it into something from which many found no viable alternatives.


    All sympathy to RedMiner on his loss - a number-one poster.

    I should have added above that rednorth's posts were always much more astute than mine.

    Also, none of them were ever against the community rules - they just said things that those ATL didn't like being said.

  84. Show them the paper!

    You need sound on for this - but sound NSFW

  85. Some people I know from the University of Brighton staff were going to the demo today - must look to see if I can spot any of them on the Tories' roof. They all look a bit older than 15, though.

  86. This is interesting; via NewStart, a 2008 report (PDF) from the DWP on the effectiveness of workfare programmes in the US, Canada and Australia.

    Conclusion? They don't work, particularly in times of high unemployment.

  87. James said:

    "(PS - for the record, I'm extremely happy that you're still 'here', Leni.
    Your humanity and compassion give me hope and confidence in equal measure...) "

    At risk of being corny, can I just say "I second that emotion". Huge hugs to leni. I was mortified at the idea that she might have ducked out of here for diplomatic reasons because she is one of the posters I have respected most, always.

    As to montanawilddick shenanigans - ROFLMAO! EH has fuxx0rd Waddya good and proper! :o)

    Your Grace/CIC - spiffing post, setting out our terms of disengagement.

    Everyone else - evening all! Must fly over to waddya just to see what has been going on now.... curiosity killed the cat...and the duck, it seems.

    Oh and the "trailer trash" comment would be hilarious if it wasn't so fukken puerile and bitchy.

  88. Moral Maze (Iknow, I know) tonight 8pm - Compulsory (sic) volunteering 30 hours a week for those on benefits. I do hope Mel P is on the panel!!

  89. Sheff


    How nice to see you. We may well be meeting up more often now things seem to be hotting up.

    Made I larf.

    Just deleted 41 quack-posts from the spam folder. Also made I larf.

  90. The picture at the moment on the front page of CiF has some student demonstrators holding up a placard which says:

    We are your futrue

    Bollox. Looks like we are fucked, just as we thought.

  91. james / habib - thanks for the best wishes but suspecct that the 'virus' thing is all a big scam and this will be the usual 'looks good until the 89th minute then our backline fall over simultaneously and they get two late ones'. sigh.

    deano - we got stats? heavens. bit confused how 'actors and actresses' gets so much on the topic front - poss a result of people discussing hermione? or his grace? or...no idea.

    and the 'hi tech' topic has to be people repeatedly asking how to do links.

    and i really don't remember anyone ever mentioning abba, but there you go.

    pleased to see someone is rioting. shared the news about benoit apparu, and the finer points of the new 'workhouse' model of UK welfare with colleagues at work today.

    basic translation of the general response:

    if that fucker tries that shit here, he's going to get fucking [deleted for taste reasons]

    and these people are IT-hippies.

  92. Perhaps 'futrue' is some new yoof 'in' word us old farts haven't caught up with yet. If not - you're right AB - we're screwed.

  93. James
    (I am sort of expecting that one of these days I'm going to arrive back home to a scene from a zombie movie).
    When I come back, I tend to arrive at London Bridge around 5.30, and boy does the sight of all those frozen faces and blank staring eyes remind me why i never ever want to return to london to work.

  94. That was strange – my comment appeared and I wasn’t even knocked off of the site… I did get a bit too excited when I found it'd appeared yesterday, and then - I was gone again. Thanks to Montana for keep rescuing me – what a useless spam programme it is.


    I appreciate your supportive comments.

    You asked me about my son – sorry, I was trying to write quickly before I went out last night (though I needed have worried about it). He’s bright in a ‘doing’ sort of a way – not academically inclined (I’ve always suspected he’s a bit dyslexic). But that’s what our country needs – bright young persons who want to do real things – away from all of the pen pushing. It is what we need, but when they say it, their actions don’t meet up with their policies, which seem only to be setting out to put every obstacle in the way.

    The irony is that he went north to find a job.

    I have been getting rather despondent about posting, but I suppose I shouldn’t take it too seriously – it’s only thinking ‘out loud’ really – thoughts thrown out into the ocean like messages in a bottle, which may even appear on occasion. At least they don’t then get vanished.

    I've attempted every which-ways - but it seems to be all whim with that spam folder. I'd rather avoid printing twice - it's a bore for the readers

    I’m trying to think of some good protest slogans BTW – haven’t got it there as yet. With Vodaphone it was an easy concept for people to grasp. Atos-type issues are more difficult to put over as a simple message, but it must be possible. The other problem with Atos is that those who most would like to protest are those who most mustn’t be seen to do it – that is, mustn't be seen to be doing anything.

    Not really sure what to ask about army life when it comes to it – haven't dealt with anything like this before.


    ...it’s fair to say you’ve really got to want to be a soldier to get through all the CIC Catterick bullshit.

    Yes, off to Catterick.

    We’re not from a sink estate – not that anyone said we were – just mentioning it. There are some dire ones not far away, but at least we’ve managed to ecape that fate – more from luck (it can happen) than judgement though. It’s not that this dysfunctional family is any more successful – we’re just become rather better-educated failures.

    Realistically, economic factors are often the driving force for joining the army, although not necessarily. There are those for whom it’s a vocation – something they really want to do. I wouldn’t say it was really what my boy wanted to do, but he does really want to do this for his own future plans, so once he goes he’ll do his best by it.

    However, what I do know (now) is that the army are these days in a position to be able to take only what they want, and they only want those who are capable and well motivated. They do all sorts of tests beforehand – not just physical, but literacy and numeracy too; and they won’t take someone unless they’re up to the standard they want. There is a lot of a selection process, so definitely not just anyone can get in, just cause ‘there’s nothing else to do’. Even more so when they have so many applying, and they can be much more particular. After all, there’s much investment in these young people.

    It is when there is high unemployment that the army gets the benefits of it, and it is from the poorer families they (nearly all) come. Nothing new about that of course.

    It is noticably that the ‘baddies’ we’ve been fighting these last years have predominantly been those perceived as threatening American interests. I don’t consider that a good enough reason for the loss of life and limb.

  95. Sheff

    I did wonder about it - "the true inheritors of the future..." - but I think we both know we are clutching at straws on that one.

  96. Moonwave

    It is noticably that the ‘baddies’ we’ve been fighting these last years have predominantly been those perceived as threatening American interests. I don’t consider that a good enough reason for the loss of life and limb.


    As someone said earlier, if your posts disappear, please do alert us to the fact and hopefully one of us can rescue it quickly. It's not easy for me to check the spam bin at work, but it can be done with a bit of sneakiness (i.e. sticking my big fat head directly in front of the window).

  97. @James

    A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many,
    I had not thought death had undone so many.
    Sighs, short and infrequent, were exhaled,
    And each man fixed his eyes before his feet.
    Flowed up the hill and down King William Street,
    To where Saint Mary Woolnoth kept the hours
    With a dead sound on the final stroke of nine.

  98. moonwave - regaarding the 'numeracy / literacy' tests, I used to work a bit with a training provider who had an army programme, as the forces were very aware that some of their recruits were struggling with basic skills, so they got on the case, and there was a very supportive and constructive programme for people. whether or not that's survived various cuts programmes since then, i don't know, but one officer told me that their intake might be 'a bit below the line' in terms of qualifications v the average, by the time they'd been through the programme, they were better off than their old schoolmates by some distance. so yes, there is a selection process (and it's tougher for officer training) but the testing, and later training options, could actually be a benefit to your lad.

    understand your worries, course, but just wanted to address that little point.

  99. @AB

    That placard is clearly post-modern irony, a scathing indictment of the neo-capitalist tyranny imposed by the tyrants of the current political milieu.

    Oh no, sorry. You're right, and we're fucked.

  100. Ooops. Sorry, Philippa, that bit of Eliot was meant for you as well as James.

  101. ta, peter, was impressed nonetheless!

    group hug before the inevitable trouncing by man u?


  102. With you there, Philippa. Let's all join hands against the Evil Empire!

  103. Just another embarrassing spectacle in the continuing car-crash of WADDYA credibility.

    Looks like the club secretary and the admissions committee have got egg on their faces again.

    "Are there any other aspects of my personal or professional history you'd like me to expand on? anything else you'd like to know? And do you lot have any insight into quite how paranoid and frankly bizarre you all sound?"



    And embarrassing at cringe-factor 11.

    See you later, crocodillos.

  104. Yes, read that with fascination, AB. I am becoming quite fond of the questing meerkat.

  105. Atomboy, yes, and it has provoked this 'riposte':

    Meerkatjie since you seem a bit slow. I think you are boring and dishonest. Yeah? Just my opinion and I am allowed that. So, I will be ignoring you unless I think there's a point not to. Maybe you are a social psychologist, many of them are largely ignorant of their subject matter too.

  106. Pen is ill. And he has been behaving like he is heading for another episode, which is, as you say, all kind of car-crash. Except it is like watching a car-crash in slow-mo and being totally incapable of doing anything to stop it happening... :(

  107. not sure he's heading for another crash, BB, while pen is undoubtedly being difficult, the posts remain consistent and there isn't the random element that pointed up the problem last time, seems to me...

  108. ...mind, have been away from waddya the past couple of days - but last time you could tell he was falling. this time i think he's just in a huff. which in a weird way, is reassuring.

  109. anyway - of to pub to watch the match.

    stay strong peter!


  110. "Pen is ill. And he has been behaving like he is heading for another episode, which is, as you say, all kind of car-crash."

    Yeah come on boys and girls! One more push and we can do it!!!

    No Quarter!

  111. Agree with Philippa. Hope we are right.

  112. True that, Phil

    Anyway, enjoy the match. I can't remember which team you support but I hope they win! :o)

  113. Hi All-Eventful day so far. Respect the protest but I can't condone the violence. Cameron and his gang will spin it away from what the proper focus should be.

    Philippa --Can't join in your group hug. Spike and I shall engage in one of our own. (-:

  114. luke

    That's a bloody horrible thing to say!

  115. "Pen is ill. And he has been behaving like he is heading for another episode, which is, as you say, all kind of car-crash. Except it is like watching a car-crash in slow-mo and being totally incapable of doing anything to stop it happening... :("

    (see what I did there Luke? Left the :( in because neither BB nor I are happy about it!)

    Which is why I don't engage with pen anymore. I'm sorry I'm not a saint: I refuse to take the abuse trying to help an anonymous poster (and he doesn't like me so I'd only wind him up more anyway) so I just leave well alone.

  116. Not directed at all of you BeautifulBurnout. I'd like it if he was left alone.

  117. By some of your heroic commandos that is.

  118. luke

    I take it you don't recall that several of the UT posse posted on Waddya in support of pen during his last crisis; some send cards to the hospital where he was staying; and someone here even visited him there. Kiz, who was a UT regular back then, also phoned him.

  119. Hey all!

    Been having too much fun reading down some of the comments today! 3 cheers for whoever it was who had the bright idea of trashing Millbank Tower..... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

    London Transport is up the swanny this evening because there have been so many protesting..... hehehehe!!!

  120. "I take it you don't recall that several of the UT posse posted on Waddya in support of pen during his last crisis; some send cards to the hospital where he was staying; and someone here even visited him there. Kiz, who was a UT regular back then, also phoned him."

    I remember very well mschin. There are some very good people on this site.

  121. I'M IN PREMOD! YAY, Where do I get my fully fledged UT membership badge?

  122. Sorry.... just read the last few comments.... didn't mean to come across as uncaring re: Pen....

    Leni - glad you're back lovely ;)

    Moonwave - I empathise with your deep concern about your son wanting to join the Army.... I'm not sure if I could offer anything better than has already been said - but I'm sure it can't be easy for you as he seems to feel he had no options left to him. I'm so sorry ;(

  123. Hi Meerkatjie!

    Liked your comment Atomboy linked to.

    You are only the second singer I've met who can sing tenor - you come across as a very interesting person and me to a singer (but Mezzo not Contralto) bottom F is my lowest note!

  124. ....bloody hell... me 'too' not 'to'....grrrrrrr

  125. Yes welcome Meerkatjie

    If it was my link that brought you over I can't think of a better reason for premod!

  126. "Where do I get my fully fledged UT membership badge?"

    Congratulations dottie dear! No badge but there's a t-shirt. "I have something interesting to say and I don't toe the guardian line" it says. Instant cool aid.

  127. Dott:

    Wear your pre-mod with PRIDE!!!! perhaps we can get Lord Percy to fashion you one from some of his finest Green?

    Looking forward to the weekend.... Idjut Boys, Nicky Siano and Lil' Louis - seeing all my friends at once!!! .... it will be a fantastic night of much dancing and glitter!!!!

  128. Dott is naturally cool and needs no badge herm was a founder member of UT ... if I remember that far back.....

  129. Evening all - not been around for a while, clearly have some stuff to catch up with...!

    Was very sorry to miss Bitterweed's gig: hope to make it to the next one.

    Hello, Meerkatjie :o)

  130. Thaum - but what if the alert doesn't show up?

    BTW, although my last comment must have appeared (I got cut off from the site this time), as there are a couple of responses to it - it doesn't seem to be there now...

    La Rit



    Thank you for that - yes, barring disastrous occurences, the positive side effect of the army should be an improvement in educational and vocational training. I've no information about what's available nowadays.

    I don't suppose the numeracy and literacy tests expected too much - of course I haven't seen them - but they do still need to be passed. However, they do get allowed another go at it if they don't manage it the first time around -gives them a chance to pick up on their weaknesses. The trainers must indeed know they won't always be that good at that side of things - which isn't the main ability required anyway. (Officers of course come in from a quite different background.)

    Can't say much more than that - it's like when you ask what they did at school today...

    I always go for the 'support whatever they do as best I can' option.


    Have made a copy of that photo - the 'futrue' misspelling was probably on purpose.

    The trouble is - they're too recognisable, and the Tories will want revenge.

    I had been thinking how dull students had become these days. It's reassuring to know that they can still properly rebel (and some lecturers in the vicinity, but then there are quite a few of them who did the protesting the first time around).

  131. Hi Meerkatje - welcome to the UT. You'll find most of us bear a remarkable resemblance to human beings - contrary to what some of our regular trolls might wish you to think.

    We do however have periodic ferocious outbreaks, sometimes amusing, sometimes not - often on Friday nights when folk have had a few, which might amuse you, being a psychologist and that. You are expected to defend your corner - there are one or two who give no quarter and others (most) who are more forgiving.

  132. Thanks Luke, XL please so I can wear it while pottering about at weekends cleaning/DIY/fixing my bike?

    Your weekend sounds good La Rit, me I've got a four day one with some mates from undergrad lined up, should be fun!

  133. La Ritournelle

    I have a stupidly low range - I can sing down to the A two below middle C. I sound like a sexy bloke. I love singing, it's the thing that keeps me sane.

    Luke, I appreciate your concerns about it appearing people were trying to push your friend over the edge. Can I just assure you that really wasn't what I was trying to do at all. The whole thing is just a bit trippy.

    Dotterel, thanks for the invitation. I'm sorry you're in premod. My partner was placed there the other day for posting something about Julian Glover.... It was the reason I signed up to the site. He complained, and was taken out of premod again. I don't think the mods always read the stuff - just act on the basis of reports, and delete posts without seeing the broader context of what's going on on the thread.

  134. Thanks deano!

    And moonwave: sorry about your son, and sorry I didn't say that earlier.

  135. LaRit "London Transport is up the swanny this evening because there have been so many protesting..... hehehehe!!!"

    I am feeling a bit guilty for not going and joining in but I am off work with the flue. That's my excuse.

  136. Hi Meerkatjie, and welcome. Enjoyed reading your posts on WADDYA.

  137. Congrats, Dott - I'm ashamed to say that I've never been in pre-mod, probably due to exaggerated politeness even when slagging off Seumas Milne. Must try harder.

    Hi Meerkatjie. It's nice here.

  138. Meerkatjie

    You're welcome, like I say glad you made it!

    "I'm sorry you're in premod."

    Don't be, I'm not, fed up with CiF at the mo anyway. I've only been on there and here during the day a lot recently because my computer's been doing work stuff in the background for me (seems to throw a wobbler if I try to do anything other than surf t'internet while it works, shame!). I should be finished soon then it's back to working properly!

    If I'm still in premod next time I've got some free time and there's a good science thread up I'll say summat, maybe.

  139. moonwave

    i am sorry your son feels he has to join up. he has taken the decision for his family. i wish you all well.

    I was also sorry to see that Redminer lost his father today, A traumatic time for his family in the middle of all their other problems.

  140. Hi LaRit

    Yes I am back - i assume you are as daft as ever ? Hope so.

    Peeped at waddya but retired - somewhat dazed.

    have just seen reports of student demo. BBC can't quite decide whether to condemn them all as dangerous 'anarchists' or concentrate on reasons for demo.

    The EMA is vital for lots of youngsters reaching 16. I filled in forms for several last year. Without this support they would not have been able to stay at school/go one to college.

    One lad I helped with his registration fee and gave him a 'good talking to'. We originally met when he was vandalising a car a couple of years ago and developed a sort of relationship based largely on him calling me rude names ! He won student of the year - brought me some flowers and a smile.

    i do have doubts about the quality of some post 16 courses but they at least allow students a bit longer to develop and think about their futures. For many now the future will look very bleak.

  141. Hello Meerkatjie.

    If in doubt here - just launch into conversation. we are an odd lot.

    Agree about Wagner by the way.

  142. Meerkatjie - welcome!

    Dot - can't fucking believe they put you in pre-mod for that. But have a badge - if I am capable of bestowing one.

    LaRit - I can sing tenor - actually it's probably easiest for me - and bass if I have a cold. ;-)

    Shaz - hello! - hope the home teams do better this weekend than last.

    Moonwave - the alert will most likely show up. The spam virus seems to be pre-disposed against longer posts.

  143. "Luke, I appreciate your concerns about it appearing people were trying to push your friend over the edge. Can I just assure you that really wasn't what I was trying to do at all. The whole thing is just a bit trippy"

    You could probably ignore him if you chose Meerkatjie. I often do when he's like that;0)

  144. meerkat

    Hello & welcome.

    LaRit (and other rampant feminists)

    You seen this?

  145. Hello Meekatjie:(welcome to the asylum), you any good at cricket?

  146. MsChin - is that something that is going to piss me off? Really need to head upstairs soon and get worked up ... grrr ....

  147. Lost a word somehow

    *can't* get worked up!

  148. Luke - apols. I didn't get the irony.

    Hey LaRit. I was in deepest Kent today so couldn't join in any of the protests (not that an old bag like me in a pinstripe suit would have looked out of place at all *cough*)

    Welcome meerkatjie - almost everyone who posts here is good people, apart from the odd flying troll - and the occasional Friday night punch up between the workers and the guilt-ridden-islington-liberals is soon forgotten :p

  149. To all singists

    Following op on spine - which did odd things to some nerves - I can only sing on one note now - even that one is recognised as singing only by the kind and generous.

    i only sing in my head now.

  150. Hi! I see meerkatjie made it before me - I was busy cooking a masala see, and it took the little concentration I have!

    timsimmons here, but timboktutu is what I have posted under for years (eep decades!)

    Anyways, thanks for inviting me Dot, and I am so sorry you were premodded - took them about 10 posts & 10 days to take me out of premod I think.

    Can I ask wtf is with Kiz, Bru and that Pen? jesus h christ. I have never in 10-20 years of being on forums/boards seen anything quite like that! And as for your resident duck aka EH... wow.

  151. Chekhov

    i think Meerkat is SA - they're all good at cricket. Can I hold the sweaters please - I enjoy a good game of cricket.

  152. LaRit

    No, it's encouraging if you are following Fawcett's legal challenge to the emergency budget like wot I am, as this is the basis for a legal challenge to the Spending Review. On the other hand, it's depressing news for lone parents & elderly single people (mostly women).

  153. MsChin

    That is bloody depressing reading.

  154. Evening Tim - afraid I've not got the answers to your questions!

  155. Hi to you too Timboktutu. Busy times hereabouts, in the EnglishHelmet Defence Volunteers.

  156. Thauma,

    Of course you're capable, and I'm honoured!

    To be fair I think the link here was the last straw, probably started when I posted "The moderation" a lot yesterday!

  157. "lone parents will lose services worth 18.5% and female singles pensioners services
    worth 12% of their respective incomes"

    Ye gods. This makes me incandescent.

    Pass me a placard and a match.

  158. Me too, meerkat. I'm bloody furious.

  159. BB "(not that an old bag like me in a pinstripe suit would have looked out of place at all *cough*)"

    Well I can't talk because I didn't hop on a tube and join it but I would have looked equally unstudenty.

    From what I saw many of the students seemed to be as incensed about what was happing to people on benefits as as tuition fees. And we surely have to all go and protest for each other rather than just wait until there is a march for our own particular bit of shit.

    So I would have gone if I had not been wiped out. I was off work but actually went to some training this afternoon because we have been agitating for it for about five years and it was probably my last chance to get it (not that it turned out to be worth the effort, of course).

  160. Welcome Tim! See my previous comments about premod, I'm doubly glad now you've made it over too!

    On the other hand, re: recent events, think I need to be asking my bro the chemist what the most flammable placards are made of!

  161. Good Oh - Tim as well - hello!

  162. Mr Bragg is busy swatting the right wingers on his face book page - It's a good thing when an old bloke embraces teh new tech!

    I feel like I did in the 80's the anger at these Tories is growing and growing, I wonder if he is too?

  163. Thauma/Meerkatjie:

    Perhaps we can be the 'new' 3 Tenors? 100 grand each for Nessum Dorma at various footie matches (I'd have to be Pavarotinia though and sing higher as you two are clearly nearly 'blokes'!!!!???)


    Just reading through the PDF now..... thanks ;) Ammo for future CiF threads methinks....


    I was having a break in a pub at lunch (burger, chips and a cup of tea as opposed to pints of whine and excessive amounts of the Black Country's pork scratchings) and saw those rioting students on Sky news.... couldn't get down there either which is a bloody shame ;(

    Welcome too, to Timboktu! ;) (there's a poem in there somewhere)

  164. Spencer....

    Was pretty impressed seeing some interviews on C4 news.... posh kids, poor kids..... all singing from the same hymn sheet!

  165. MsC - email winging its way - re event you may be interested in on the 17th.

    I think us old bags (and blokes) should organise our own flaming spectacle. Sheffield would be a good place to start it being the lair of the Klegg.

  166. I read today in the Evening Haemarrohiod that some ridiculous number of local Libraries could close.... something like 3/4 in London alone....

    I would be heartbroken if Brixton Library was closed.... I cannot think of a more used and loved public place....

  167. Thauma - yes, not a great weekend for the home teams... briefly thought about taking no. 2 child to Twickenham for the Australia game as a welcome home present, but with the cheapest tickets £80, it was only briefly...

    Tim - from what I can see, Bru seems to be having an issue with new posters on WDYWTTA - perhaps the old 1950s boarding school idea that New Bugs Must Not Speak To Anyone Until At Least Half Term.

  168. @Sheff, would you mind organising it on a weekend so that I could get in a day walking in the Peaks?

  169. feck... can't spell haemarroid... feck,fecking, feckity feck! (oh, god, I sound like the maniacal Ducky)

  170. hello all-------welcomes to meerkat and tim....

    good to see young people getting angry, thank god i was starting to wonder.......my neice is there in the thick of it......don't think anyone would mess with her though....6ft and pretty big lass...and she's with her geordie mates!

    when you pop out to get yours can can you get me a placard, bottle and some unleaded petrol please.......ta.....

    bloody long flight have some valium and scotch or two before you know it you'll be landing...happy flight.......

  171. cubedatrandom quoted the student protesters on Waddya

    "We stand against the cuts, in solidarity with all the poor, elderly, disabled and working people affected. We are against all cuts and the marketisation of education. We are occupying the roof of Tory HQ to show we are against the Tory system of attacking the poor and helping the rich. This is only the beginning."

    Pretty fucking good for a bunch of layabouts.

  172. Hello, La Rit :o)

  173. 1006 comments in the 25 hours since the Clegg piece went up - that's rather pleasing as the comments are by no means all in support of his draconian policy.

  174. Millbank Protesters Statement

    ‎"We stand against the cuts, in solidarity with all the poor, elderly, disabled and working people affected. We are against all cuts and the marketisation of education. We are occupying the roof of Tory HQ to show we are against the Tory system of attacking the poor and helping the rich. This is only the beginning."

    'this is only the beginning' - Oh how I hope so...


    Had a quick glance through that paper - grim reading.

  175. Christ MsChin, that report is shocking.... These cuts are literally catastrophic for women.... someone pointed out to me that it was her observation that in Lewisham, over the years men have become disproportionately unemployed and the numbers of women becoming the main breadwinners.... if these women lose their jobs and livelihoods are we going to see what happened to the Mining Communities, happen all over again?

  176. Shaz:

    haemorrhoid? Yes! Thank you ;)

  177. Sheff - lair of the Klegg

    reminds me of:

    "Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
    The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
    Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
    The frumious Bandersnatch!"

    Off to bed ... sweet dreams to friends and sleepless nights to the evil bastards.

  178. SheffP:

    Great quote that....it's what I thought watching it on the news.... things are going to get very very nasty indeed.

  179. Snap Spencer. Happy to organise aged mayhem to include a walk in the Peak.

  180. shazthewombat - she is ! I fail to see how an established board like that does not want, nay crave, new blood - it's well weird! Growth has to come from newbies, and some of those posters seem to want to draw up the wagons, and kill any newbies that don't want to join their tribe. It's not the way to grow on teh interwebby.

  181. Hi Shaz, Spence, Sheff, Chekhov, and welcome Tim (and hi to anyone else I have missed too).

    LaRit and others - I am pinning my money on the Coalition of Resistance Against the Cuts at the moment - they seem to be organising locally, which is useful, because not everyone can get into the big city centres.

    Meerkatjie - there was a woman on Woman's Hour a couple of weeks ago talking about the disproportionate effect the cuts were going to have on women - and in particular in cuts in civil service posts as women make up a much larger proportion of government employees (although not necessarily in the top jobs, obv.)

  182. sheff



    I'm sure that could be arranged ..

    Another meet up in Sheffield would be excellent (I'm a bit sulky 'cos I missed BWs gig/UT get-together, prior commitments etc).

  183. La Rit - my pleasure. Were you using haemorrhoid to refer to anyone in particular? :o)