02 November 2010


Peace is not merely the absence of war. It is also a state of mind.
Lasting peace can come only to peaceful people. 
-Jawaharlal Nehru 


  1. Morning, glad to see the Quack-a-maniac has departed and been replaced by a lovely.....???? What is that lovely bird?

    Glad to see Dmin's comment made it to the 'special selection' on CiF.

    Still got this buggeringly awful cold..... am fed up ;(

  2. Morn La Rit. Vit C & plenty of fluids...


    Name : Charadrius morinellus
    Norwegian (s) name: boltit

    Habitat : nest on the tundra and plateaus
    Distribution: Eurasia , prefer to North Africa
    Boltit ( scientific name Charadrius morinellus) is a wader . Bird in lofamilien. Sometimes called pomeransfugl (from Danish). Big as a blackbird and a short beak. Light brown back and neck region, bordered with a white stripe across the chest against a brunrød underside with black bukflekk. Cheeks and throat white, and over the eye a white stripe, black crown. Males are slightly paler in color than the female, and it is the traveler who brings most of the incubation and young people pass.
    Boltiten is predominantly a mountain bird with scattered distribution. Nests from northern parts of the British Isles through northern Scandinavia eastwards to the Pacific, as well as some mountainous areas further south in Europe. In southern Norway, breeds mostly in the mountains, approx. 1000-1400 m asl, but from the Møre and until Pasvik incubates also on the coast. Have stayed on plateaus and mountain ranges with sparse vegetation. Migratory, wintering in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

    (Cyber translated from Norwegian...)

    Off to my interview, so afk till tmra eve. Was really hoping to make it to BWs gig, but just not on the cards. Had a fantastic day in the garden yesterday, despite cutting thru the cable with the hedge trimmers!

    Love & light

    p x

  3. Good morning, world.

    You've seen one of those a few times, La Rit. It's a dotterel.

    Bad luck with the cold. Before I was a vegetarian, I found only tonnes of genuine (ie Chinese, Jewish, or mum's) chicken soup would help.

    Best of Luck Turminder!!!

  4. TurminderX & Habib:

    Thanks for solving the mystery of the bird - it looks like an arctic/northern bird - beautiful and thanks for the cold remedies..... sick of being sick ;(

    Habib - I have chicken stock in the freezer....soup will be made! Turm - going to start quaffing the vit C with avengeance ;)


    Very best of luck with the interview. Fingers crosssed for you ;) xx

  5. Glad - in an odd way - that peace and war has been mentioned already.

    I have often thought that we tend to uncritically admire what we cannot quite remember. Something which is still part of the cultural landscape, but more of a blurred image on the horizon rather than something we bump into daily.

    So, ideas in music and fashion may become popular when the group at which they are aimed cannot quite remember that they are just pastiches of something their parents or grandparents may have experienced and mentioned in passing.

    So, yesterday, gandolfo provided a link to strikebreakers at a fire-station. We have the enemy without in the form of terrorists, hiding behind every lamp-post and bus-shelter with shopping-bags full of weedkiller and printer ink-catridges, waiting to leap out and bludgeon us with their booty. We have the enemy within in the form of the feckless dole-cheating scum. Cunnungly, we are also rounding them up and herding them into ghettos. We have an economic crisis. People are demanding no-nonsense, strong government. They want something done and they want someone punished, which means forming lines against the enemy.

    For Dave and the Gang, it must look like Nazism is finally coming home.

    They must want to party like it's 1939.

    PS Sorry, morning all.

    Turminder - aren't we at war with Eurasia?

    La Rit - yes, vit C and fluids. I think NICE and the GMC now recommend rum, honey, ornage jiouce and, er, more rum.

    Heyhabib - Yes, and chicken soup. With rum.

    Also, good luck Turminder. Ask them whether you can load your boot up each week with the family groceries. It shows enterprise, which should help, although you might want to check that with someone else first, though. For all I know, they could take a dim view of it.

  6. "...ornage jiouce..."

    Looks a bit like Baldrick's Christmas (Winterval) card to Blackadder.

    "You've managed to write Happy Christmas without getting a single letter right!"

  7. thinking positive thoughts in turm's direction - go get 'em petal.

  8. OOOH I'm not the first Dotterel on the thread! Hello good looking ;-)

    Thanks Montana if that was in my honour, if not, sorry for being presumptuous!

    I too have a cold though, bleeghh, orange juice and lemsip, t'is the way forward...

  9. AtomBoy:

    Cheers! You made me laff - Baldrick and Edmund trying to re-write Dr Johnson's dictionary....

    "C - big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.."

    " Cat.....not a dog!"

    Got ya with the serious stuff.... I can't help myself talking about the dark side either.

    Last night a ventured one shot of a single malt whisky - it burned, but let's say, things are slightly more productive this morning ;)

    Morning MizzPhilippa!

  10. Dott:

    You got the hacking cough too?

    My sister got me a great book with digital recordings of Bird songs of Britain and Europe... very excited!

  11. Love to make Leamington but will have to give it a miss :(

    Too much 'settling in' stuff to do and I am spending too much on new flat at the mo - curtains, having bookshelves fitted in spare/store room etc, not to mention a new fridge and dishwasher (need a 45cm one my old one was too big). The fridge is over 10 years old and nearly caput.

    Gutted - sounds like a really ace weekend.

  12. La Rit,

    Only when at the bus stop this morning trapped between two smokers :-(

    Listen to the Fieldfare, they're cool!

    (Goblin-like chuckle)

  13. "C - big blue wobbly thing that mermaids live in.."

    Oh, is that what it is?

    So, the blue "C" stickers which are handed out on CiF are actually there in order to save endangered mermaids?

    OK, I want one now.

    Only so I can extract the mermaid and throw away the "C" though.

  14. Dotterel, the Fieldfare sounds great, almost like it's tutting at you toward the end.

    By the way, if anyone likes birdsong, that RSPB site is well worth a look around.

  15. Dott - I love Fieldfares ;) will check them out.

    Now my Dad's gone, I've really struggled with identifying calls....

    But, I do have a really beuatiful ceramic model of a Skylark that my Dad bought me years ago - have not heard one for ages and ages..... lying in the heather or in a field in Summer.....

  16. Thanks Habib! Like Thrushes, they sound a bit flustered and mildly annoyed! ..... Brockwell Park has loads of Thrushes and I believe, the Fieldfares do come too ;)

  17. ”So, the blue "C" stickers which are handed out on CiF are actually there in order to save endangered mermaids?

    OK, I want one now.”

    LOL. But wait a mo… hmm, let’s think… “harnessing the power of the internet”… seek and ye shall find… hey, I know! Ask Philippa or MW if they still need theirs! Maybe BB might give you hers if she doesn’t need it any more? Or possibly Anne might have finished with the one CiF gave her?

    C’mon ladies, it’s in a good cause – AB wants a big blue “C” to save the mermaids. Call 555-1023 and dig deep now, y’all!

  18. Morning all


    All the best with the interview mate.


    Am half asleep at the moment.At first glance i thought you'd written about 'digital recordings of the 'Birdie Song'-- a song which makes me lose the will to live.Hope you feel better soon.

    Am at home today and rather than the usual DIY there's some road drilling going on right outside the flats preventing me having a long lie in.Got me machine gun at the ready poised to zap the noisy bastards.

  19. habib/LaRit,

    Fieldfare is the only birdcall I ever learnt from the description in a bird book: the goblin like chuckle. All the others (ok, not many others, I'm better at sight than sound) I was taught or learnt by seeing the bird doing the calling.

    I heard Fieldfare a couple of weeks ago, looked up and there they were, best bit of Autumn!

    And LaRit, they are thrushes, in the grander sense, as are Blackbirds, Redwing and Ring Ouzel: they're all Turdus spp.

  20. given my lack of engagement with cif in recent, erm, months, the big blue C isn't getting its full exposure, so you can have mine. i'll put it up on the gallery.

  21. AtomBoy as Mermaid rescuer ;) hehehe!


    Dialing the helpline now!


    I hate that when a planned day off is the day some barstard starts diggin up the road.... grrrrrr..... earplugs help a bit! In our flats, someone's been using what can only be described as a bloody pneumatic drill to gut one of the flats above..... not good.

  22. Good luck Turm!!!

    t-shirts for those who've been kicked off /walked away ?

    - "I've Licked the Big C"

    Just a thought

  23. I hope everyone's shooting men drilling, not birds!

  24. Dott:

    "they are Thrushes"

    Doh! You wouldn't think I had a couple of really good bird books to hand, not to mention Habib's link ;(

  25. Dott;

    I could no more shoot a bird than I could one of our kittie-cats.... fear not ;)

  26. LaRit, cool, and I take it your cats have bells ;-)

    and don't feel bad, I have a PhD in thrushes....

  27. Quote of the day from Winston Churchill as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    In discussion with various bodies as to whether Britain should return to the gold standard or follow Keynes exchange rate model of tying currency to the wage system, Churchill wrote the following memorandum on Feb 25th 1925:

    "The Governor (of the Bank of England) shows himself perfectly happy at the spectacle of Britain possessing the finest credit in the world simultaneously with a million and a quarter unemployed. It is impossible not to regard the object of full employment as at least equal, and probably superior, to the other valuables objectives you mention. The community lacks goods, and a million and a quarter people lack work.

    It is certainly one of the highest functions of national finance to bridge the gulf between the two. This is the only country in the world where such conditions exist. The Treasury and Bank of England policy has been the only policy consistently pursued.

    It is a terrible responsibility for those who have shaped it, unless they can be sure that there is no connection between the unique British phenomenon of chronic unemployment and the long, resolute consistency of a particular financial policy. I would rather see Finance less proud and Industry more content." (my bold)

  28. Dott:

    Fortunately 2 of the 3 don't go outside and the one who does, dashes out, does a little wee and poo and then dashes in again.... where we lived before, she didn't have a bell but was an ace rat-slayer - only ever caught 2 birds in 2 years - a young (and very fat) Wood Pigeon and a young Blackbird which was left rotting under our bed.... but nothing since ;0)

  29. Ah, they sound much like my housemate's cat, an elderly lady (the cat, not my housmate!) who would far prefer a warm lap and a nearly empty tuna tin to clean to going outside chasing things, although occasionally she wanders out for five minutes when it's sunny (when it's not she looks from you to the door, then back again, as if to say "Turn the sun on puny human, NOW!")

  30. She sounds like a lovely cat Dott ;) but that accusatory killer glance from a cat - it's unique!

  31. Yep, we get if for everything:

    Sun not on: death stare

    Cat food comes in jelly not gravy: death stare

    Sitting with legs crossed so lap is not laid out for optimum feline comfort: death stare!

  32. Sorry, if everyone's already seen this display of cat temper, but it's always worth a replay. Watch the whole series, brilliant.

  33. habib,

    My housemate is currently contemplating suing "Simon" since he clearly gets inspiration from her moggie....

  34. Such a funny, accurate portrayal of the cleverness of cats, Dotterel. Did you ever see Eddie Izzard's routine on Pavlov's cats?

  35. Should we mourn the decline of British libertarian blog?
    I found this by accident, looking for a place to copy my last link from (I'm lazy that way).
    Funniest comments so far:

    "It is a shame the Guardian is no longer libertarian in outlook as it was very proudly in the 19th century, the Guardian appears to have been co-opted by the so-called 'progressives'."

    "I've always found that reading some of the swear bloggers in an Irish accent helps. Maybe its the stream-of-conciseness thing."

    "Yes, it's the blogs that are suffering the most right now."

    "The thing that is the most wrong about the left is it's absolute certainty that it is right"

    "I'm quite happy for someone to be homophobic as long as they don't break any laws by attacking gay people or whatever."

  36. But the best from the so ridiculous HypatiaLee:
    "Who has time to read this kind of self-indulgent wank, much less write it?"

  37. habib,

    No I haven't seen that routine, is it about how Pavlov's experiments would never have worked on cats?

  38. Habib:

    Re: Siomn's Cat - can't remember when I first saw the Cat-man-Do one, but I e-mailed it to loads of people..... it's just so funny, even after multiple viewings.

    We have that 'fighting over space in the bed' scenario every bloody night, oh and one who is definitely of the Chairman 'Mow' variety....

  39. Very funny habib, I've sent the link to my housemate!

    La Rit, what gets me is the way I get stalked when I'm eating dinner on the sofa: she knows she's not allowed on my lap while I'm eating, so she stalks me, prowling in from the side of the sofa, when normally she just jumps up. As if I won't notice when she suddenly leaps on my lap(!)

  40. I've been a bit caught up in the "Libertarian Blogger" bullshit, or at least reading it. Mostly because the seemingly genuine "obnoxio the clown" - one of the subjects - turned up BTL to answer for him/herself.

    I've got to say, we can all talk about ourselves in posting from time to time, but to do it ten times in an hour? Smacks of having a bigger ego than a point to make.

    "I have very constructive ideas, but as I said: "There's only so many times you can reduce things to first principles and argue the case and get the same stupid, meaningless counter-arguments"

    "I don't know, but people still keep nagging me to blog"

    "But as I've blogged before"

    "Eventually, I am just going to give up in frustration and call them a stupid cunt."

    "Really? Have you ever read what I said about iDave, before and after the election?"

    "I have had the discussion over the structures many times on my blog"

    "I presume there is a law against linking on CIF, so I'll ask you to go to my blog and read the link marked:"

    "Read anything I've ever written about regulation, for example."

    "Anyway ... it's been real, but also entirely depressing and reminiscent of why I gave up blogging in the first place.
    There's only so many times you can reduce things to first principles and argue the case and get the same stupid, meaningless counter-arguments."

    "But really, I should have gone away already. I just didn't want anyone thinking I had anything kind to say about the state, ever."

    (13:38 - 14:39)

  41. I suppose it would only be fair to post that where he/she can see it.

  42. Habib ;0)

    Dott: ah, yes, the stalking at dinner time... drives me nuts. Me and Mr Larit become very popular at chow time... it's the pathetic "look at me I'm a starving, negelcted kitty, please feed me!"

    The little buggers....

  43. Bloody hell Thauma - and this on top of nearly 4 Million already unemployed.......

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. brilliant cat stuff - those 'simon' ones are genius. saw izzard on that tour, think (shaftsbury theatre?) and actually got a headache from laughing so hard.

    showed my first french teacher his 'le singe est dans l'arbre' sketch and she fell on the floor. heheheheheh.

  46. Afternoon all

    LaRit - get well soon. I am in week 4 of the bloody coughing-lungs-up-sneezy-thing at the moment, although it is deffo getting better.

    Thaum - I heard that chap on the radio this morning, then heard someone else saying they were "confident" that the private sector would create jobs "when the economy picked up" and that "maybe by 2012 they would have a clearer idea".

    So, making it up as they are going along as we were all saying last week, then. Nice.

    What a load of bollocks.

    Oh and there is some shite on Waddya called meravie who is calling for a sensitive article on paedophilia. He has described it as a "sexuality", a "preference" and paedos as an "oppressed minority" in his last post.

    I am getting cross...

  47. think the guardian is cutting off my supply - wheneverr i click on an article, i just get header and sub, no article and no thread.

    ho hum.

    fringe box set it is then.

  48. Ah bugger - I hate it when that happens. My last post - being the first after I logged in this afternoon, has sat there for an hour not properly posted cos I didn't click on it twice.


    As you were.

  49. Hey!

    Wondered where everyone had got to.


    Great minds think alike? How weird is this.... I had a mad urge to post the phrase 'le singe est dans l'arbre' earlier on today Spooky!!!!


    Week 4!!!!! OMG

    I keep thinking I'm 'OK' and that I'm actually maybe not as ill as I am.... but although a little better today it's that bizarre wooziness and overwhelming tiredness that is so vile.... I'm sure Mr LaRit is beginning to think I'm pretending ;( perhaps this is last year's 'Swine Flu' which has morphed into OINKBourne flu ;)

    As for 'Meravie' - he's a complete nutjob.

  50. He is a she, it appears. Although this is the intarwebz so who really knows? Particularly when it comes to paedo apologists... ugh.

  51. Hi folks. Just dropping in as discussion has been closed down on Waddya.

    Re meravie. Can't make my mind up if she is the disturbed 20 year old, World of Warcraft addict that she claims or some fat forty year old bloke.

    I tend to the former just because he/she is so all over the place with her opinions. If it is a constructed identity it is a remarkably inconsitant one.

  52. Anyway, I just wanted to say to BB that I was involved in R v Brown in that I was a founder member of Countdown on Spanner (the support group for the gay men that got prosecuted) and I knew some of them.

    And one or two of them were a bit dubious, I have to say, but that was not the case with most. You have to remember that they were 16 men narrowed down from something like 300 gay men investigated by the police who were desperate to prosecute someone for something. Superintendent Hames was a born again Christian and primarily it was a homophobic rather than anti SM prosecution.

  53. Spencer - I think B. Saw some of "her" posts on the teen contraception thread where "she" admitted that she's trolled - not on Cif, you understand, oh deary me no - but on other sites.

    The style just doesn't seem consistent with a 20-year-old woman to me, and some of the comments are just bizarre. (Such as "you write like a bloke" being a high compliment!)

    Then I saw the creepy stuff on Waddya. I think there is an argument to be made that someone who is sexually attracted to children - but who doesn't act on it - is more to be pitied and helped than castigated, but it seemed to me that it was Step One in a moving-the-goalposts sort of argument.

  54. Spencer

    Thanks for popping in and filling me in on that. I can well believe that about R v Brown. If you're Tybo, let me apologise for thumping you metaphorically as you stood on the sidelines. It is a sore subject with me - anything to do with harm, or potential harm, to children is, and I will lose my temper in no time flat.

    I was prosecuting an indecent images case a little while back and fortunately the defence accepted the categorisation of the levels of images, which were in the lower two categories - theirs was a "It was someone else on my computer" defence - as I really really did not want to have to look at them.

    Anyhoo, take care xx

  55. @BB yes I am Tybo. Thanks for the apologies. It didn't seem to be your usual style but I was a bit nonplussed because at no point did I say anything to excuse child sexual abuse.

  56. I know, I was in "shoot first, ask questions afterwards" mode. :o)

  57. @thauma. I have been arguing with "her" a lot recently but mostly because of her sub-racist dim right-wing-nuttery.

    I am really just not sure. But she did claim on the teen contraception thread to be a Catholic school girl and that does seem to send a lot of people doolally.

  58. One thing is for sure though. If she really does have four A* A levels as she claimed today, I think the case for declining exam standards is pretty much sealed.

  59. Chuckling at the declining exam standards...!

    Some of the opinions she spouts are outright trolling. For example, the whole thing about her mum is too silly to be believable.

  60. I clipped one of "her" posts on that thread that I found a bit sinister - I've never paid her much attention before today, so I had a quick look through her comments. I fail to see how there is anything appropriate in this, for example:

    "Ahhh but is there much difference between consensual sex with a 13 year old shagging another 13 year old and a 13 year old shagging a 40 year old? I don't think there is. The girl could be every bit as emamoured with a 40 year old, just as the 13 year old boy could be every bit as manipulative as a 40 year old in this situation. I'm actually fairly in favour of loving, consensual sex with no age limit but that's impossible in this world of ageist crap."

  61. @BB yes, I did see that.

    By coincidence I am reading Lolita at the moment. If you haven't read it (and I am guessing you might find it unbearable to) it is entirely from Humbert Humbert's point of view. Unlike meravie he is very clever, witty, manipulative, though it is not hard to see through his justifications (though some idiots have problems doing that).

    There isn't much similarity except the elision of logic.

    In that quote for example, meravie slips from saying that a 13 year old might be enamoured of a 40 year old (true) to that meaning that sex between the 13 year old and the 40 year old would be perfectly OK, as if the one legitimises the other, which it quite obviously doesn't.

    Very much Humbert logic without the wit.

  62. I didn't read Lolita although I saw the film with James Mason.

    I suppose I am acutely aware of my own lad and what he was like when he was 12 and 13 - if an older woman or man started paying him lots of attention, flattering him etc I have no doubt that he would probably have found that comforting at the time, although whether or not he would have engaged with them sexually is another matter. But that is what grooming is all about, isn't it?

    Makes me shudder.

  63. Spencer - Lolita is fascinating. The little minx.

    Eco's parody, Granita is also very good!

    An excerpt:

    How can I describe, O you who judge me (toi, hypocrite lecteur, mon semblance, mon frere!), the matutinal prey offered the crafty fancier of nornettes in this swamp of our buried world? How can I convey this to you, who course through the afternoon gardens in banal pursuit of maidens beginning to bud? What can you know of the subdued, shadowy, grinning hunt that the lover of nornettes may conduct on the benches of old parks, in the scented penumbra of basilicas, on the graveled paths of suburban cemeteries, in the Sunday hour at the corner of the nursing home, at the doors of the hospice, in the chanting ranks of parish processions, at charity bazaars: an amorous, intense, and–alas–inexorably chaste ambush, to catch a closer glimpse of those faces furrowed by volcanic wrinkles, those eyes watering with cataract, the twitching movements of those dry lips sunken in the exquisite depression of a toothless mouth, lips enlivened at times by a glistening trickle of salivary ecstasy, those proudly gnarled hands, nervously, lustfully tremulous, provocative, as they tell a very slow rosary!

  64. @thauma ha, thanks, that is brilliant. He really has it, doesn't he?

    @BB the thing is, in the book Humbert talks a lot about that, his film star looks and how he has seduced her etc... and maybe there is something in that earlier on, when he represents a foil for the mother she is having a teenage revolt against, but later he keeps letting things slip, like she cries every night and after he has had sex with her, like he smacks he in the face in the car, like he has to threaten her as much as bribe her...

    It is not hard to discern what is really going on and it is not "seduction." It is self deception though.

  65. It's all the bollocks about "consensual, loving relationships" that gets me tbh, Spencer.

    How can any relationship between a 40 yr old and a 13 yr old be "consensual"? The imbalance of power is immense.

  66. Evening all.

    I see meravie's profile is "not available" - just had a quick look at Waddya & have to say that the only justification for a thread on kiddy fantasisers who don't act on their desires is as bait for the coppers to monitor them.

  67. MsChin

    Jess was getting politely annoyed on that thread, so I am not surprised they have banned him or her. When I was looking through their posts earlier, I was surprised by the number of direct and oblique reference there were to underage sex.

  68. @MsChin why? And why the perjoritive "kiddy fantasisers"?

    Do you think people choose their own sexuality?

  69. @BB did you see posts referring to under age sex on other threads than those two today?

    All my run ins previously have been about "her" repulsive right wing, hang em and flog em, politics.

  70. Spencer

    No, I don't think for one moment that people choose their sexuality and I don't object to people having the kind of discussion meravie would like, I just don't want to read it in The Guardian.

    I use the perjorative because that way I can deal with things going on right now, IRL.

  71. @MsChin

    Well, I can see that. I said at the beginning of that discussion that I could quite see that it would be completely impractical.

  72. Spencer - I only went back over about 4 pages of them, but there were quite a few, spread over 3 or 4 different threads.

  73. Spencer

    Were you around that weekend when the subject last came up on Waddya? It was seriously disturbing.

  74. @MsChin

    Nope I missed that. I only look into Waddya when I am very bored.

  75. I am currently being called a troll by a right-wing spouter of shite on the fire fighter's thread.


  76. Spencer

    If you'd seen it, you would understand. Sadly, it caused a lot of survivors of childhood sexual abuse a great deal of emotional pain.

  77. Does anybody else find the agreement between the Tory Britain and Sarkozy France a little bizzare? Aside from sharing ideas on policing methods, they have nothing in common.

    Hmm, I wonder if there are business contracts that will ensue, tied up in mutual interest...

  78. @BB Hypatia Lee is a wierd one. A (ageing) porn star avatar and a right wing bigot viewpoint.

    has to be a bloke!

  79. I reckon it must be a bloke, spencer.

    Habib - needs must when the devil drives. I am fascinated, though, by what the US think of it. They have never been particularly francophile despite the support they got from the french during the American Revolution.

  80. Habib - you cynic! Expect you are entirely correct.

  81. What might be fun would be to compile a list of probably blokes posting as right wing troll women.

    Then next time Angie124 goes on about how there are no women on CIF you could just post this list...

    Maybe there are not enough of them though.

  82. I told you HypatiaLee was amazingly ridiculous:
    "Picketing is not illegal.
    Obstructing the highway, is."

    Regarding the US, BB, they've probably got some stocks and bonds in there, too. Cameron wouldn't dare act outside their interest.

  83. Great Peter Guillam post. Hypatia Lee seems to be completely spatcocked by it.

  84. BB

    FWIW i think you handled that nonce earlier on waddya quite well.I can't deal with such scum on any level .I remember watching a tv prog a few years ago where a nonce was trying to justify his actions by saying the little girl he'd had sex with had led him on.And although he had been in solitary when in jail for his crime he started whining about how some of the other cons had still managed to get to him.Clealry felt sorry for himself but absolutely no remorse for what he'd done to the girl.Had no sense he'd done anything wrong and gave the impression he thought he was the victim.And from what i could gather he wasn't certified as being mentally ill but dare i say came across as a 'normal',articulate bloke.Remember wanting to throttle the bastard.Cos if anyone ever laid a finger on my daughter i'd kill 'em and be quite happy to do time for it.

    btw hope you're feeling better:-)

  85. Oh God, the argument about whether Margaret Thatcher is working class is losing me the will to live.

  86. Thauma,
    I would never wish to be cynical, but, well, the world just moves me along that way.

    Oops, just posted two posts about myself. Must be another egotist!

  87. habib

    trying to think of the right word - It's not that I am cynical - it's that the world is ------?

  88. smtx01 has just stated that she's a woman - coulda knocked me down with a feather! Not that I'm doubting it; just always assumed a man for some reason.

  89. One of my favourite songs, thauma. Now I just have to talk about myself seven times, for the next twenty minutes and I equal the record.

  90. thaum - ditto re smtx. she was laying into me the other day for not caring about the Prevention of Terrorism Act in the 80s when I was an advertising copywriter living in France...

    I apologised to her for being a dipshit at the time and she went on and on about it like I had just admitted shooting her kid brother in the back with a sniper rifle or summat.

  91. Paul - it was the reference to paedophiliacs as being "oppressed" that kind of got to me too. As I said before on the thread, what consenting adults do with each other is none of my business. But when kids are involved....

    And I am getting better, ta! Still coughing like a good 'un but sleeping properly now. :o)

  92. Leni,

    "It's not that I am cynical - it's that the world is ------?"

    Relying on me too heavily to show it the way forward.

    Six to go, and I don't care no more... xxx

  93. Saw that, BB. She said something like "glad you weren't my lawyer". To which you pointed out that you were also glad, as you weren't qualified at the time.

    Off now, NN all.

    Don't forget piss-up this weekend: Saturday prob going to be The New Inn pending confirmation of rugby-showing and Sunday is of course Bitterweed's gig.

  94. Just popping in before I go off to do my civic duty & vote -- even though most of the people I'm going to be voting for don't have a snowball's chance in hell of winning.

    Can't say I'm sad to hear that meravie has been banned. Whoever the hell it was, was seriously annoying. Claimed to me in a thread last week to be a 20 yr old disabled female student from Liverpool.

    I'd be equally disappointed if Opinionatedgirl were to get disappeared.

    If smtx01 is a woman, why was he/she so up in arms about a comment someone (Damntheral?) made about testicular cancer being in poor taste?


    Yes -- the dotterel was for you. Thought to self: a bird would be nice today, but what kind? Of course! A dotterel.

  95. I am just a poor old man
    five to go

  96. Six to go, and I don't care no more?

    Six to what, habit?

  97. Hi Montana! Don't mind me, just having a bet.

    I've no time for law-breakers.
    Four to go

  98. My my ears are nulled
    three to go

  99. my eyes are old, and bent.
    two to go

  100. Dunno if people have heard THIS TRACK before.Came out years ago apparently but still quite a catchy little number.

  101. But blimey it does take some effort to talk about yourself ten times in an hour, even when you say silly things. (sorry, all. x)

  102. "But blimey it does take some effort to talk about yourself ten times in an hour,"

    Really? Can't say I ever had any trouble. Guess I am just gifted.

  103. Whose posts are you counting Habib?

    God I hope it's not mine.... :p

  104. Habib

    Is it a man who looks like a coronary about to happen who has a fetish for dressing up in white sheets?

  105. Sorry, peeps it was some dick called "obnoxio the clown" who had retired from posting his blog and decided to come back because he had been mentioned in a CiF article about the death of Libertarian bloggers.

  106. Me being on the podgy side of things, I am in no position to mock anyone else

    However, this from BurntBifkin has got me crying with laughter:


    You, of course, could manage to be on the pavement and half way across the road at the same time, you tubby sow. Looking at your photo, I hope to god no firefighter ever has to drag you out of a burning building. They'd have to bring a crane in. Also, judging by the amount of fat in your arms, you'd go up like a candle."

    Considering the arse-gravy Hypatia has been spouting all night, bloody well done, whoever did it. :o)

  107. BB

    Glad you saved that post, it's fattist but its a quacker ;)

  108. I don't know whether it was from one of "us" or from a fire-fighter, MsChin. And yes it is "fattist", but as a podge myself, I still can't read it without tears of laughter streaming down my face.

    A brilliant put-down if ever I saw one. :o)

  109. Oooh - he's back!


    Goodnight Miss Piggy. If you're that worried about the lack of fire cover on bonfire night you should probably knock a hole in your wall now. The private crews they hire in won't have the necessary cutting equipment, and you might not be able to waddle free in the event of a fire."

  110. Am I the first person to have posted something here (15:35) first and then had it (minus the first paragraph) removed by a moderator on Cif?

  111. habib

    You mean... you mean.... CIF MODS ARE MODDING THE UT NOW TOO?!!

  112. BB, MsChin, shame on you... Is there a text symbol for a stifled laugh?

  113. Habib

    The troll in question appears to have googled a pr0n star and used her photo as their avatar so I doubt that the actual poster will take much offence.

    Unless it really is her of course.

  114. habib

    Shocking, I know ...

    Whereabouts have you been modded? And why?

  115. Did someone offer to post on "Wadya" on behalf of those of us in "pre-mod" who wouldn't get anything past the "mods"?
    Try this, as a topic for What do you want to talk about: http://golemxiv-credo.blogspot.com/
    Daylight robbery doesn't even begin to do justice to this level of fraud.

  116. MsChin on this thread, which is really about nothing much, for my comment on UT at 15.35 (minus the first paragraph)

    chekhov, "Did someone offer to post on "Wadya" on behalf of those of us in "pre-mod" who wouldn't get anything past the "mods"?"

    That would be me.

  117. BB "Unless it really is her of course."

    "All things are possible, some things are most unlikely"

    Punjabi proverb.

  118. chekhov -- check out georgewashington2 on the biggest Financial Fraud in history ...complementary to Golem XIV .

  119. "Did someone offer to post on "Wadya" on behalf of those of us in "pre-mod" who wouldn't get anything past the "mods"?"

    That would be me.
    In that case get to jump all over the "wadya" site and get Jesicca to commission someone to write about this:http://golemxiv-credo.blogspot.com/

    It's an absolute bloody scandal.

    Talk about being took for a ride! These banking twats are just taking the piss.

  120. checkhov, you have to be more specific, mate, otherwise we'll just have their wind blow away our words.

  121. @Dave from France: I think if you looked at my history of posting both on here and CIF that I knew the banking system was a scam!

  122. Seen you around Chekhov, just pointing you to the other article ,and hoping others here would check it out .
    Jessica ain't there tomorrow, anyway that story is so big it should be on the frontpage,and stay there, not 48 hours on CiF.

    But it won't be, will it ?

  123. @Heyhabib: It's too complicated for me to explain which iswhy I gave you the link to someone more competent!

  124. @chekhov

    I think you should remind the mods that you've been in pre mod now for years and that it's time they let you back.You haven't been banned and i suspect the mods have forgotten about you.Plus it must be frustrating not being able to post on the threads that interest you.

  125. Well I need more answers guys...

    I've read it .. twice.

    Now I hate the banks and what they have done, but this guy gives no credence to his claims.

    Now after two years of careful study, by immensely erudite phd's poring over hugely complex computer models being run day and night to search of the ultimate answer to the crisis, a new plan has been revealed. And it is to do what we did before - but do it again only this time turn it up to 11! .

    How ? They can't do sub-primes, so how are they going to fuck us over this time ?

    So forgive me for not really seeing how giving them another trillion is going to solve anything or help anyone other than them and their pals.

    When and where was the decision made to give the banks another trillion ? I've read nothing of it. Tell me ...

    Anyway it's me BT. Chat about this tomorrow.

  126. Tascia et al


  127. "Heyhabib: It's too complicated for me to explain which is why I gave you the link to someone more competent!"

    Chekhov, you gave me a link to many viewpoints. I've yet to agree with anyone or anything (Islam) wholeheartedly. I'd rather hear what you had to say about something, rather than someone you find infallible.

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. Sorry... just jumping in!


    Punjabi proverb


  130. Re:

    Golem - makes perfect sense - saw on Dispatches the other night that we (as in the bloody taxpayer not the Royal Wee) gave £100 million to keep the Caymen Islands afloat without the 'government' of said Islands actually being doing anything except proferring a fucking begging bowl for the uber rich tax dodgers to keep their blopdy 100 million quid yachts afloat?

    Does the ordinary person on the street actually understand this complete swizz?

  131. Montana

    If you look in, you have my sympathies.

    (I'm still working on setting up the UT refuge/safehouse here, if that helps...)

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.