02 November 2009

Daily Chat 02/11/09

A North Sea tidal wave hit the coast from Holland to Jutland, leaving more than 1000 dead in 1570.  The Balfour Declaration, giving British support to a homeland for Jews in Palestine, was issued in 1917.  Haile Selassie was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia in 1930.  The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was formed and the British Broadcasting Corporation began the world's first regular television service in 1936.  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day became a national holiday in the U.S. in 1983.

Born today:  Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), Queen Sofia of Spain (1938) and Keith Emerson (1944).

It is All Souls Day and the second day of Mexico's Día de los Muertos celebrations.


  1. My gosh - that Montana woman is an extraordinary young lady. What the lass don't know aint worth knowing.

    Here in Yorkshire at about 6.30am the dawn is breaking through a clear thin blue sky. The morning star shines bright and vulgar. I am well pleased. I will catch you later in the week.

    Voyage well.

  2. Just a random plug for the Pixar film 'Up'. Cried twice. Laughed many more times. Just a perfect film.

    God I'm a softy.

  3. Talking of films anyone seen Saw VI? Any good? (compared to the first 5)

    (no spoilers please!)

  4. Dotterel
    I watched Wrong Turn on Saturday night; some bright students get lost in the mountains and terrorised and eaten by cannibalistic 'rednecks'

    A good metaphor for my deliverance moment on Friday night, about which I'll say - one more time - was bang out of order and disprportionately nasty, and I will gladly take any more correspondence about the matter here: harbjorn@gmail.com (and only there; the UT has better things to be doing.)

    M'kay ?

  5. BW

    Seen it, that's the one with Eliza Dushku from Buffy right? (I'm not that sad, I know because my bro is!)

    As for the other thing, don't want to know, and thank you for taking it off here. I haven't read back through all of it, just seen references today here and on UT2: I like many of you, I don't dislike any of you, but I'm sorry, life's too short for fights on t'internet.

  6. BW

    Penance over - rehabilitation fully instated!

  7. Anybody else struggling with the new 'de-paginated' CIF? Having tried ten times (and I am not exaggerating there) to post an objection to it on WDYWTTA, and got a 'sorry' page every time, I've emailed them.

    Because it now takes about five refreshes to actually see any comments at all.

    And I used the pagination to navigate a thread quickly - knowing where I last checked in (top of page four, eg) to go back to it. If they're going to have 800 comments showing on a single page, a) that's going to be much more difficult and b) isn't that going to increase the load time?

    Jesus. I'm now complaining about comment display. But it's really annoying...

  8. Whole comment facility seems to have crashed.


    Going to have to do some work.

    My god...

  9. Ha, thanks guys.

    Never watched Buffy - didn't 'get' it.

  10. By the way, UP sounds like some sort of instant classic. Might even go to the movies to watch it (first time in seven odd years !)

  11. Edwin

    "I miss Buffy"

    Have you tried True Blood? Not really a substitute, but satisfies my cravings ;-)

  12. Bitterweed - go! go see it! we watched it (*cough* download *cough*) on the computer and it was stunning. would be fabulous on the big screen (avoid 3d though, the straight version needs no distractions).

    When four grown cynics are all reduced to tearful silence after a twenty minute largely dialogue-free opening, and can only gruffly mutter "that was really good" while surreptiously wiping their eyes on their sleeves, you know you're onto a winner.

    You won't regret it.

  13. Philipa you big softy.

    What is this film you speak of?

    These rows seem to come up every few weeks, with almost identical accusations and rows, its very tedious and we have shed numbers from it. If people dont like others here dont talk to them. If they dont like the blog full stop go somewhere else. if they want a row go to CIF, thats what its there for. If they want to talk about serious issues go to CIF, thats what its there for.

    There really shouldnt be any need for this repetitive vitriol every few weeks. People come here to talk about whatever, fluff, politics, films, music, CIF, thats the sort of blog it is, or has become, and people are mostly fine with that, thats why they still come here. So please people stop exploding here, take it to CIF, its a goldmine of utter cretins to take to task.

  14. Jay - I have my moments. And the film is 'UP' - and is indeed uplifting.

    Comment display has reverted back to pagination and I am therefore again *calm*....


  15. PhilippaB
    yes, so I hear. Philip French gave it the big thumbs up the other week. He's normally a pretty good judge !

    Jay, my bad this time, no excuses, no further comment.

  16. Except not likely at all to happen again...

  17. Jay,

    being new here I was wondering. When you say the same arguments crop up every few weeks, do you mean the untrusted has 'a time of the month', moody, argumentative and hormones raging?

  18. Your Grace - are you implying that we have somehow managed to align our menstrual cycles, as can occur in residential environments, to such an extent that the men are now eating cake and weeping at nothing at all as well? Christ. Have marked date on the calendar (am assuming a 28 day cycle as a starting point).

  19. Although am considering 'toxicshock' as an alternative user name for when the urge to growl kicks in...

  20. Philippa,

    possibly. As I say I'm a newbie here so have never experienced the previous fallouts, but from what Jay said above it does appear to be 'cyclical' and male.

    Perhaps we could get one of the more renowned CiF feminists to research this area, maybe entitling the article:

    ''Time of the month: why the fascist Patriarchy are trying to infiltrate this last bastion of femininity''

    - a Sontagist Marxist, deeply hypocritical analysis full of the most outrageous post modern meaningless language.

  21. Duke, an alternative article might be 'Manufactured controversies on 'The Untrusted' - is it just a 'Nigerian bank details scam' to lure in gullible rubberneckers?'

    I reckon that Tanya Gold could do a decent job on that one.

  22. Your 13th Grace

    You might glance over this. It's a bit before post modern times and the onset of the recent matriarchal putsch - the idea has been around for a while.

    male emotional cycle

  23. heh heh.

    my best (male) mate's emotional cycle is largely predicated around the footy fixture list. although if this is supposed to be a 'lunar' phenomenon, perhaps his club's theme song goes some way to explaining it...

    Blue moon, wah wah waaaaah
    I saw you standing alone, wah wah waaaaah...

  24. I think you could be onto something, Duke.

    The patriarchy, in its jealousy and impotence, has been known to try to seize ground from the sisterhood by impersonating all manner of traditional feminist tactics.

    So when you said PhillipaB was wrong to claim "all the men here are complete and utter Tony Blairs suffering from womb envy", the added touch of invoking male menstruation really made the whole piece rather artistic in its perfection.

    When you unveiled the staggering statistic that Hank has abused Kiz 3,445,236 times in less than one week, you sealed your place amongst the greats. The sisterhood is reeling. Now watch them come out to defend themselves the poor iddle cherubs!!

    Speak out, your highness, speak out!!

    (But yes, these spats are cyclical, there is a period of calm, then the storm, then a couple of people seem to leave, then calm, then spat, then a few more leave, and so on and so on, all very productive...)

  25. Interesting stuff, Sheff. Has anyone investigated whether this male emotional cycle might be linked to the monthly pay-cheque - a result of remuneration rather than ovulation?

  26. Just realised that my last comment might be read as suggesting that male emotions are somehow 'shallow'. To clarify - of course they are.

  27. Jay - Oi! Womb envy? Who mentioned 'womb envy'? It was 'womb rage' on WDYWTTA (something to do with the 'hymen debate'), although god knows what that was all about...

    so now you're claiming that the regular fisticuffs on UT is some form of hegelian dialectic? thesis + antithesis + vodka = chaos...

    I'll cherub you, petal.

  28. Good question Scherf, the way to investigate that would be to ask:

    Anyone out there not on a monthly remuneration? (student/self employed/paid weekly etc.)

  29. Now she backtracks and claims she said "womb rage". There is the unmistakable air of misandry under her words, a flowing current of hate and bitterness. She may have said womb rage, but its pretty clear she meant womb envy.

    I've seen her kind before. She's almost certainly an abuser. She benefits from female privilege so much she is blinded by it, a blinding flash of privilege and hate, and misandry, and violence, abuse, and spite, and misandry.

    Her name is also deeply misandric. As is her posting style.

    Even her ommissions and silences are misandric. And deeply offensive.

  30. I think that it is grossly unfair that women can have both womb rage and penis envy, and teh menz can't have either. (Not that they deserve them anyway, the bastards.)

  31. Have you been been taking lessons from cifwatch Jay?

  32. scherf - I thought 'other' penis envy was rife among teh menz?

  33. Is it, sheff? Where can I get some?

  34. Jay,

    with the hate, bitterness and violence inherent in Philippa's reply it is quite clear that 'Philippa' is actually 'Philip', a classic example of the patriarchal trojan horse utilised to undermine the Feminist movement.

  35. Don't ask me scherf - I haven't seen a penis in the flesh as it were for so long I've forgotten what they look like. No offers of pictures please...

  36. "Trojan horse" is an unacceptable euphemism, Duke, these days at least. Trojans are a brand of "extra large" male contraception - the attempt to intimidate the women on the board with this overt display of machismo is totally unacceptable. I'm disappointed in you.

    The correct metaphor is "Amazonian pony", a phrase that embraces the warrior spirit of woman whilst also maintaining that delicate female sensitivity.

  37. "I think that it is grossly unfair that women can have both womb rage and penis envy, and teh menz can't have either

    I just suffer from lust.

  38. Damnit, rumbled.

    [Retires to hollowed-out volcano to debate this season's fashions with Bidisha]

  39. Jay,

    if I may be permitted to use the internet term for finding a post very amusing- LOL

  40. My lovely young PB..

    I have been told that a cold shower and reading of a psalm would help.

    It did nothing for me - I just wanted to 'be with' an Angel

  41. Well of course Aunt Irma visits men also -


    Duke, that 'patriarchal trojan horse' is a real night mare.

    Dot I would love a monthly renumeration - I get paid in odd cheques and royalties and scraps of this and that and still maintain a kind and gentle manner.

  42. Amazonian pony? I'll have you know (and you can verify this with Thauma) Amazons like their rides on big stallions. You can't get a decent thrust with a lance from a mere pony (metaphorically of course).

  43. Indeed you are right, Sheff. Bring it on, Jay. I'm not afraid of your "extra-large" trojan.

  44. My deary me, all this talk of our latex clad, finger waving madam riding large stallions is having a perverse effect on me, shame on you Sheff for lowering the tone in this manner. I'm a young man for gods sake!

    Duke, i dont really mind the term LOL, i use it myself sometimes, i know it grates people but whats the alternative - haha, or "i found that funny in a literal, real life audible chuckle sort of way". lol is fine by me.

  45. Oh Jay - so sorry to prick your gentle, youthful sensibilities. Us old bags do get a bit raucous and carried away at times. Will take my vulgar self off to the stables and do a bit of mucking out.

  46. It's no wonder everyone's in synch with all these hormones flying about?

    Anyone for a nice cuppa and a sit down?

  47. Chaps - you're in luck - you can have it all - but only if you are a sea horse

  48. Oh Jay - so sorry to prick your gentle, youthful sensibilities. Us old bags do get a bit raucous and carried away at times. Will take my vulgar self off to the stables and do a bit of mucking out."

    Heavens wench - you trying to get me arrested. I'm off to walk the dogs. Should there be a blade of grass out of kilter - I will just..............leap on it.

    I did so want to be civil - and of course I am so happy that you found your way to Manch Air and back safely.

  49. I think a leisurely tea round is definitely a good idea, Dot, far too much activity round here lately...

  50. ha ha, that reminds me of something, sheff. Check out my comment on Cath's old 'preg-head' thread here

  51. Just heard on the radio - a female beefeater is complaining about discrim in the Tower Of London from bloke beefeaters....

  52. Deano

    It turned out ok - I went over the snake in the end - a bit windy and slippery but coming back it was gorgeous - full moonlight and very bright - all very LoTR coming over the top and down into Ladybower.

  53. kettle's on Jay and the pot's warming

    anyone for scones?

  54. There are at least a thousand bends on the snake that I would have wished to have stopped - and shagged a lass of your class.

  55. I wish it were not the case - but it is I am unrepentant.

  56. Deano

    We stopped by the lights at the bottom where you turn off for Chesterfield, for a wander across the bridge. The wind had dropped and the water was still and glowing in the moonlight, Win Hill looming up behind - not a soul about and could have stayed out all night.

  57. Dot

    Your mention of scones has made me a bit peckish so think I will make some. Fruit, cheese or plain, what do you reckon? Hot with cream and gooseberry jam would be rather good I think.

  58. "Hot with cream and gooseberry jam"

    That'd do me, that really would.

  59. Sheff,

    Plain with butter and strawberry jam, or fruit with butter, although I've just come back from Canada and have a bit of a Maple Syrup fetish at the mo, would that work with scones?

  60. You delightful young miss - I could have not chosen a better bend.

  61. Have found a flat! Waiting to see if my offer is accepted.

    Its beautiful and in just the right area!

    Trying hard not to fall in love with it until I know I've got it!

  62. Congratulations Anne!

    Sheff, pass some of those scones around please!

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. Congrats Anne, hope all goes well, make sure you get the broadband setup pronto.

  65. Nice one, anne.

    On a more serious note, it has been noted by some silent outside observers that this thread is becoming somewhat frivolous. There is neither serious comment on socialism nor vicious personal attacks. There is talk of scones and absolutely no bad language.

    Come on, folks - shape up! You're depriving your public of vicarious second-hand thrills. Please bear that in mind in your next comment.

    OK, I'll kick off - that JayReilly's not a very nice flipping bloke, is he? Is he looking at me? Got a problem, Jay?

  66. Got the first batch in the oven - it's a Nigella recipe so there will be loads and they'll be really scrummy. Just wish you could all come round for a feast.

    Dot - I have some of that delish Turkish yoghourt thats excellent with maple syrup on - together with a handful of raspberries and blueberries.

    Anne - fingers well crossed for your flat.

  67. it was my turn a few weeks ago, Scherf, i think Dots up next, call him a river sampling cake wader!

  68. Sheff

    Ooh sounds scrummy

    Does anyone have a good recipe for American style pancakes? (the thicker ones, rather than the French style crepes)


    If you don't like the thread shut your "£$£$ %$^^^ing £"£" or I'll throw rock cakes at you!

  69. Congrats Anne, hope all goes well, make sure you get the broadband setup pronto.

    Me thinks - we all agree.

  70. We all agree that it will be my turn soon. The one after next perhaps

  71. Dot

    Here's Nigella's recipe

    American Breakfast Pancake

    1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
    1 tbsp baking powder
    pinch of salt
    1 tsp sugar
    2 large eggs, beaten
    2 tbsp butter, melted and cooled
    1 1/3 cups milk
    butter for frying

    Blitz all ingredients in a blender or mix batter by hand in a bowl, make a well in the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar; beat in the eggs, melted butter and milk. Transfer to a pitcher which is easier to pour the batter into the pan. Leave for 20 mins before using.

    Cook till the upper side of the pancake is blistering and bubbling before flipping over to cook the second side and this needs only about 1 minute.

  72. Hey Dot, you know what you can do with your *?&%"@* rockcakes (which probably taste absolutely horrid), don't you?

    (This is awfully exciting, isn't it?)

  73. Jay

    "a river sampling cake wader"

    What's a cake wader? Otherwise I don't really have a problem with that largely factually accurate observation. Earl Grey or builders?

  74. Sheff - what's "cups" in imperial? because now I want to make pancakes.

  75. "by hand in a bowl, make a well in the flour, baking powder, salt and sugar; beat in the eggs, melted butter and milk."

    I am paying attention - what else would a fan of yours be doing..

  76. yah, let's take on cake waders - let's chat about it until our jaws ache - let's pretend we can make a difference

    (Earl Grey please, Dot)

  77. Punctuation can drive me crazed with lust -I try to avoid it myself.

  78. On the other hand...

    Scherfig! I've never been so insulted in all my life! How very dare you!

    I'll have you know that eminent professors have tasted my rock cakes, and loved them!

    I'm sorry I even thought of wasting good rock cakes on one such as you, it's this years spare river samples I'll throw at you now....

    ....and they're frozen!

    Sheff, thanks for the recipe, I'll have to try that out!

    Philippa, sorry conversion from volume to weight depends on the substance, but I use a small mug/average tea cup when recipes call for cups, works just fine.

  79. Being Nigella she probably still uses porcelain tea cups - I would use a standard tea cup which I reckon would be about 4/5 oz flour. You can tell when you've got the right consistency as it should just drip off the spoon slightly.

  80. I do like you Sheff _ I like you a lot, but the following is a little hard to scan:...

    Being Nigella she probably still uses porcelain tea cups - I would use a standard tea cup which I reckon would be about 4/5 oz flour. You can tell when you've got the right consistency as it should just drip off the spoon slightly.

  81. sorry deano - you have to mix the ingredients first and give them a good whisking. Then you test the consistency.

  82. Thank you - I make that about 7oz of flour and a little over half a pint of milk, so will try that.


  83. This is music:

    Al di la del vetro, by Ludovico Einaudi

    It plays complete with silence.

    Busy now - catch you later in the week.

  84. Bugger, they've taken the pagination off again. God's way of telling me to make fish pie?

  85. Philippa,

    It's IT masturbation
    causing consternation
    across the CiF nation?

  86. 'Loading 0% complete'
    Is not really meet
    When one wants to sound off
    Whether peasant or toff
    And after all that to-do
    To get an avatar to suit
    To have them disappear
    Is an annoyance I fear
    Why tinker at all?
    IT have dropped the ball
    But what's much much worse
    Is that I have resorted to verse...

  87. Irish oven soda bread:

    12oz flour
    1 teaspoon bread soda (bicarb)
    1 teaspoon cream of tartar
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/4 pint buttermilk

    Sift the dry ingredients twice (gets lots of air in), add the buttermilk into a well in the middle and knead lightly to a soft wet dough (this will be very sticky, so use wet hands and prepared to be well pissed off.) Form into a round, mark with a cross and bake in oven at 230C for about 20 mins. Reduce heat to 200C for another 20 mins.

    This is delicious when served just out of the oven with butter and sprinked sugar, but it's even better at breakfast with good soft-boiled eggs. Highly recommended.

  88. cif's right off the ball
    no comments at all
    I'm waiting for loading
    with silent foreboding

    Do you think cifwatch have hacked them? They hate the place with a vengeance. More likely someones spilt their tea on the server.

  89. So today is "Mexico's Día de los Muertos." eh ?

    Anyone seen "Under the Volcano" ?
    As war is breaking out in Europe and the Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead, we are taken through just one day in the life of Geoffrey Firmin (played most excellently by Albert Finney), a British consul living in alcoholic disrepair and obscurity in a small southern Mexican town in 1939.

    The Consul's self-destructive behaviour, (perhaps a metaphor for a menaced civilization says IMDB..), is a source of perplexity and sadness to his nomadic, idealistic half-brother, Hugh, and his ex-wife, Yvonne (Jacqueline Bisset ), who has returned with hopes of healing Geoffrey and their broken marriage.

    It all ends in tears natch. Well worth a look though...

  90. This comment has been removed by the author.

  91. Soda farls, soda farls, soda farls

    ... on me brain now. Luckily I have some at home!

  92. Pluck a duck; comment is fucked.

  93. Im not sure what a cake wader is Dot, to be honest, it just sounds like it should be insulting. Something to do with cakes and your river waders. Just be insulted, damn you.

    "Al di la del vetro, by Ludovico Einaudi "

    Einaudi writes beautiful stuff, 'Nefeli' in particular.

  94. Is it totally fucked for you, thauma? I can't even see any comments.

  95. that's pretty much my recipe Scherfig but we use Rice Dream soured with a squeeze of lemon - I tell people it's an old Cork recipe!

    Needs good unsalted butter for non-vegans. Tesco do an organic one for £1.17 hmmmm

  96. first, they came for the ability to make comments
    then, for the avatars,
    now, no comments showing at all

    can we have a whip-round and send in LordS with an oxyacetylene torch and a screwdriver?

    teatime. pie.

  97. Yep, they seem to have turned commenting off while (presumably) they fix the mess they've made.

  98. Afternoon lovely Untrusties

    Don't like this new commenting business on CiF one jot. Still, I am inherently change-resistant and like my little routines.

    That Nigella recipe is not a pancake, it's a drop scone (Edwin will know what I'm talking about). I always thought it was a cheek the way they are called pancakes.

    Scherfig - did you spill my pint, you git?

  99. They appear to have fucked up CiF good and proper.

    Still, so long as it works OK for Jessica then there's no problem apparently.

  100. Don't rub it in thauma. Farls available now at Tescos etc, but this is not griddle soda. Oven soda is a very different animal, and I don't have a griddle anyway. Who does these days?

    Yeah, you can fool around a bit with it, Edwin. It's all good! (btw your arud dal recipe was excellent, and I'm spicing it up a wee bit now. Texture is wonderful.)

  101. Cif seems to like making useless changes now, and i really need to turn off avatars, getting caught skiving much more frequently since they came in, which i did warn about, the screen looks like facebook or twitter now, even when its discreetly shrunk into a corner of the screen.

  102. They should really be redirecting people here, you know [said in cultured voice of priest trapped in priest's home in Father Ted]


    Comment is Free = Frenetic Memos

    Matt Seaton = Eat Snot Tam

  103. Oi, BB! Kindly desist from adressing me in that rather impolite fuckin' manner. And the rest of ye, caaaaaaaaaaalm down, liiike.

  104. Jay

    "just be insulted damn you!"

    No, shan't!

    Unless you're scherfig, in which case..............

  105. I take offence at that, Dot. I'm going to make fun of you on Cif. How d'ya like them apples?

  106. Baked in a pie Scherf?

    Do what you like on CIF, ain't been much lately, I expect the response would be: "Dot who?"

  107. scherf - you're gonna have trouble making fun of anything on CiF at the moment.

    C I F = Comment Is Fuxx0rd

  108. There once was a site called Cif,
    Where people would come for a tiff,
    They decide to change, it's gone very strange
    To be honest it's completely fkn stiffed.

  109. Ahah!

    The Great Comment Experiment of November 2009 seems to be at an end!

    They have reverted back to the way it was!


  110. New article up on the non-functioning Cif - Fiona Millar: 'It's right to crack down on fraudulent parents, but the real culprit is a system run on a false and divisive promise of choice.'

    We've had Barbara Ellen on this already, maybe this is the new Guardian 'hot issue' - school admission cheating. What's the editorial line going to be? 'Hang the bastards' or 'It's no big deal, all the Guardian staff do it'?

  111. Why have I got what looks like a trash can beside the date line on my last post. I mean I know I talk rubbish but really!!!

    'It's no big deal, all the Guardian staff do it'?'

    The Sunday Times style mag has a great piece on this. Best line:

    'Apple and Moses treat our home just like theirs!'

  112. Interesting to hear a chappy talking about this on the R4 news at lunch time. He was saying that they are not going to make it an offence, because neither New Labour nor the Tories want any new offences on the books that engender short prison sentences, and fines would not be enough to deter them. But "something should be done".

    I reckon they should be tarred and feathered and made to walk around with a sign saying "I am a lying git" for two weeks in the High Street...

    Or, if they get caught, they should have their kid taken out of the school and be barred from applying for any other of their kids to go there either.

    I heard some Tory woman on the radio this morning though, and much as I hate to agree with her, she did point out that if all the money spent on funding appeals, and appeal tribunals, for people unhappy with their allotted school were actually spent on schools instead, there would be less of a problem. She's right.

  113. Ah I see it's on them all for self-deletion - never noticed afore.

  114. Just another reason I don't have kids BB

    If I ever do maybe their other parent won't be British and I'll raise 'em abroad.........

  115. Nope

    CiF still fuxx0rd. Just posted a comment, it didn't show up, so I refreshed - still didn't show up. So I posted it again. And now there are two of em. Gah.

  116. BB
    "They have reverted back to the way it was! \o/"
    Don't be too sure - third time is no doubt supposed to be the charm. And it's still 'de-paged' for me. WTF. Anyway...

    Heard R4 chappy and didn't get the feeling that there's a clear line on this from anybody...

  117. 'And now there are two of em.'

    Mike Winters came on stage at the Glasgow Empire in the 50s and was received with stony silence. After a hideous minute he beckoned for Bernie to come on, and the silence was broken with 'Oh god there's two of them'.

  118. LOL Edwin.

    I used to love Mike and Bernie Winters on the telly when I were a nipper.

  119. I'd just like to say thank you to whoever it was sent me the lovely song and stuff (not being sarcastic! They were lovely.) But I don't know who it was and am a bit wary of sending a 'thank you' reply if I don't know who it is. cheers...

  120. Hi all

    Blimey, just as I get to the end of the Waddya thread, they close it!

  121. heh heh - there's 'double posts' turning up all over the place...

    am being evenhanded and recommending both when v impressed, only one when mildly impressed.

  122. Hey Kiz!

    Not me, I'm afraid, although if you give me a hint at what music you like I will see if I have any for ya.

  123. bit of an alternative rock kinda girl, BB... not exclusively though...

  124. Hmmm... my lad might have some stuff knocking about, but I am not much of an indie girl mesself these days. I will check out his puter stash later and see...

  125. Scherfig

    'It's no big deal, all the Guardian staff do it'?

    Made me chuckle, but I reckon if I had sprogs (which I thankfully don't) I'd lie and cheat to get them into a decent school, to be perfectly honest. Ellen's article - and she's a person I rarely agree with, but I did in this case - made the point that the problem is that a lot of schools are shite.

  126. thaum

    As I said earlier, there is a lot to be said for what the posh Tory woman was saying on the radio this morning, about investing money in schools instead of appeals programmes and tribunals for people who can't get their kids into any of the 3 schools they choose.

    On the other hand, I've been saying the same about the UKBA too (which would obviously do me out of a job). If they employed more lawyers there would be fewer appeals. Just in the London area alone there are nearly 60 hearing rooms a day, each running an average of 4 appeals a day - so 240 immigration/asylum appeals a day, with all the money being spent on Immigration Judges, clerks, back-room staff, not to mention accommodation and all the other overheads. Bloody daft if you ask me.

  127. scherfig "I don't have a griddle anyway. Who does these days?"

    I do - but then you can't make Welsh cakes (Picau ar y maen)without them. Frying pans are not thick enough.

  128. Hey annetan - good news about your move! :o)