19 July 2009

Daily Chat 19/07/09

On this date in 1545, the Tudor war ship Mary Rose sank off the coast of Portsmouth. In 1692, five women were hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachussetts. The Val di Stava dam collapsed in 1985, killing 268 people and in 1989, United Airlines flight 232 crashed during an emergency landing in Sioux City, Iowa, killing 112 of the people on board. The only person celebrating a birthday today who is remotely interesting to me is Brian May, without whom I would never have survived adolescence. Well, without his music. Haven't actually met the man. Adolescence probably would have been actually downright pleasant for me had I actually known Brian in the way that I wanted to know Brian back in 1977. It is the feast day of Saint Macrina the Younger.


  1. It must be said that I still wouldn't mind knowing Brian...

  2. On most men, I'd agree with you, Kiz. But this is Brian frickin' May -- the man's a genius. One of, possibly the, best rock guitarist ever and a well-respected astrophysicist, to boot. He can have all the hair he wants.

  3. You're a fan, then, montana?

  4. Kiz - I wasn't having a go at all cocksuckers. I kinda know it's a great pastime.

    Sometimes I get out of sync if you know what I mean.

    So good to hear from you again annetan.


  5. Montana

    When I check my lottery ticket .....If it's a winner..............I'll buy that May Chap for you.

    You keep a mean but cool thread here girlchild.


  6. Yes and no. Like I said, Queen's music was pretty much the only thing that got me through 1974-1979, but 'round about '79'-80, I started getting into punk/new wave. The last Queen album I bought was "News of the World" and I don't even remember off the top of my head what was on it. I still like Queen when I hear them, but I only have 3 Queen songs in my iTunes library -- one of them is "Another One Bites the Dust" and it's there because the sprog wanted it. (The other two are "Killer Queen" and "39") The "lust" for Brian May is almost a sentimental thing now, you know what I mean?

  7. Deano -- I think Anita Dobson might raise some objections to you buying Brian May for me...

  8. Montana

    There is nought wrong with sentimenatl shagging. Done well it's fine.

    Done very well it's a fucking delight.

    Thank you for you proper concern for Anita. Were I to win big I might make her an offer of me - of course she would not be the first to resist my tarnished charm but that is, as a kiz would put it, life

    You must remind the sprog that nothing put forth results in nothing coming home.

    At least I think that is how Frank Harris would have wanted to put it.


  9. Mornin' all

    Bloody well pissing down here. Not a lot going on on cif - although Khaled Diab now has a child on the way and seems very excited about it whilst Henry Porter is up reminding us what a crap world it is to have kids in what with this totally paranoid vetting system HMG have snuck in under the wire. Another cheerful Sunday.

  10. 'In 1692, five women were hanged for witchcraft in Salem, Massachussetts.'

    Morning Trustees. Odd what's remembered in history and what isn't. Just 5 years after the Salem trial, seven witches were executed in Paisley, with much joy being expressed by the godly.

    'Adolescence probably would have been actually downright pleasant for me had I actually known Brian in the way that I wanted to know Brian back in 1977.'

    Ah the years, the years, Montana. A Paul McCartney fan recently pointed out that she was too young for Paul once, and now she is too old. A L Rowse expressed a similar thought about the young men of Oxford he saw in 1914.

  11. Dear Sheff

    Whilst the thought is still fresh............I really would like to hear the CD

    An I do recognise your warm generosity in the offer...........

    Cos I know you read carefully and thus you will know that whilst ever (and now probably forever) my sometime and much adored wife breaths I'm spoken for. And I know that that reading comes as a relief..

    And should my nightmare ever happen and she go before me I have promised my hand, not that it will be needed, to Montana.

    But whilst Frank lives in me don't wipe the CD. Cary it with you at all times especially when walking in the Peak.

    I will be instantly recognisable to you. Not only will I have Mungo with me but I'm the guy with the white hair the full face white beard and the vacant stare. The tramp. The tramp with attitude and happily a barclaycard that can stand us lunch and a few.



  12. Well, I'm younger than Anita Dobson, so maybe I'm still too young for Brian?

  13. @ Edwin

    An interesting post my friend. We ain't met before so kind regards to you.

    When I started the day my attention too was caught by the plight of the Salem lasses. Momentarily I was hurt and shuddered.

    I thought what Frank would have felt and then felt relief that Ruth Ellis was the last.

    I wanted every women that was ever born but never one on the end of rope.


  14. Your certainly not too young or too old for Frank.

  15. @ arnold wellwisher.

    Anon did raise one interesting point yesterday - the why no collegiate response one.

    That said he/she may have failed to digest the room101 saga.


  16. Oh fuck it - Spillane rocks..............

  17. deano - you are a tedious one-dimensional bore. Do you ever change the fucking record?

  18. And how now would you like to die deano30...........?

    I would like to die when swallowed by a blue whale as she dived for the very last time listening to Spillane on his pipe..........!


  19. every other tues


  20. Sorry to lower the tone..........

    Now who said this?

    ''Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of the mass media in order to obtain public confidence will be the stepping stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society''

    'Now where might we get a charismatic personality?'


    'None? Could always make one....Oh bummer

  21. It's swiling around...............he's erm some advertising type guru from the 60's era.............ish

    Ah Vance Packard??

  22. Lowered tone.... continues (on Henry porter thread)

    Techotronic... or Techotalitarian Society?


    "The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities."

    from Between Two Ages...


  23. Deano

    Don't panic, I'm not after your body - just thought you might like the music. If I posted it to:

    Caravan with awning, tramp and dogs
    Poppy Field

    it would get to you?

  24. On the "Hidden Persuaders" as a punt - I am reminded of my own tedium. So I leave the stage for today in the embrace of anon.

    The afternoon and evening are all to come for your peasure.

    Regards D

  25. Let's all post as anon today in honour of our new friend, who is prolly an old one.

    A Wellwisher.

  26. Come on sheff, I hope you can do better than that.

    You forgot to mention the field of barley nearby, and the acers. I’m sure if you go back through deano’s comments you can find plenty more local details to add to the directions for the postman.

    And I suspect deano would rather be described as a distinguished looking, bearded older gentleman, still with a glint in his eye, than the word you used.

  27. Well, “Wellwisher”, this seems like an appropriate time to say that I’m becoming rather boring with all this anonymusing.

    It has always seemed to me to be a mark of courtesy on a site such as this to be responsible and claim ownership of your words by identifying yourself in some way. If the intricacies of opening a google account are beyond some, perhaps they could at least either use the “Comment As” facility or sign their name.

    In future I, andysays (currently known as traneroundthebanned on CiF for anyone who hasn’t made that connection yet), will be inclined to regard any and all anonymous comments as trolling, and ignore them.

  28. Andy

    D described himself as a tramp - just taking my cue from the man himself.

  29. The way that ladies describe Frank is of no concern.

    That they might,

    perchance on that oddest of occasions when they shake (or wipe)the tiniest of drops away - or do any of the things that they do 'tween their legs, or even when they change their kecks think of him.................is what keeps

    ......................the twat going.

    e-1 would be D+2

  30. Oh Sheff

    I am at the fathom of the Mariana Trench....................and about to swim for the sky.

    That child plays a wondrous pipe.

    For my silly part I always wanted to lay on human being that could move its lips in at the appropriate second.

    I will love that lament for the rest of my days.

    It's called - absolute and unconditional.

  31. Ooh, I’ve finally worked out how to do a proper link on CiF!

    Check out WDYWTTA? NOW!!!

  32. andysays,
    Yes you have. Well done. Couldn't you have provided a link to your link from here?
    Just back from boot fair, knackered, nothing worth putting on ebay.

  33. SSrry the day was poor,

    Cos I like you I give.............

    Get the tee shirts printed ".............I dive to the Mariana and shoot for the sky ..................

    because of you " {c/o of an half bake called .........

  34. That’s an interesting suggestion, colin.

    Should I provide a link here to my link on CiF?

    Or should I provide a direct link to the thing I was linking to?

    I just don’t know which to choose, so I’ve done both...

    Sorry to hear the boot fair was a disappointment.

  35. andy,
    You are just showing off with your blinking linking I'm thinking.

  36. Quite possibly; I'm like a kid with a new toy, but I'll probably have broken it or got bored by bedtime.

    Link for colin

    Would you like me to write your response for you as well, mate? ;-)

  37. I did actually find your link and was duly horrified.

    Go on then write my response.

  38. BB put something up last night, it sounded like Satan farting.

  39. Oi stoat: I saw that.

    The appropriate diminutive of my current nom-de-guerre is trane (after John Coltrane, obviously) not tranny.

    I’m not interseted in dressing up in women’s clothes, panties and a bra, though I will fight the oppressors for your right to do so, Brother, sorry Sister.

    (Too much Python going on in that sentence, I fear)

    Maybe I should have taken up your offer to write your response...

  40. stoat: sorry you didn’t like Underworld, though I can’t agree with your description of it being like Satan farting.

    This, on the other hand, really does, but in a good way...

  41. Didn't want to blow your cover as andy mate. Don't let's fall out over a mere typo. (hem)
    I will look at your link later as there is Elgar on radio3 at present.
    What is the link anyway? Gary Glitter?
    See yer later peasant. (Fuckin' Clash!?)

  42. Stoatie: thanks for the thought, but I’ve already blown my own cover.

    Announced it here a few times, and also in an e-mail to CiF moderators a while back. Something of an open secret now.

    I’m back listening to TMS.

    It’s not Gary Glitter, and it’s not The Clash.

    It may come as something of a contrast to Elgar...

  43. andy,
    Just rushed back to remove GG crack, could be misunderstood, should have said Lulu. Too late.

    I had an Id completely removed once by admitting it on here, to you I think. Bloody nuisance, came in handy when in premod.

  44. Colin

    Have you heard Satan fart? They say it sounds like Underworld.

    That track I posted last night was part of the soundtrack for Batman and Robin, if I remember it rightly. The one with Mr Freeze in it...

  45. Don’t worry about the GG ref, colin, no harm done (though I wouldn’t like to be in his gang, all things considered).

    I remember us discussing fake IDs a while back, though I don’t remember you actually revealing yours.

    What time is Elgar over? I want to see your reaction to my link...

  46. BB,
    Yes I have heard Satan fart, it's what he did when I asked for unlimited power over women.
    I love the music to the first Batman.

  47. Alright stoatie, Elgar’s over according to the BBC website, so unless you’ve moved on to

    “A concert performance of Handel's Partenope, sung in Italian - Act 1”

    it’s time to check out my link...

  48. And this one is for Annetan when she's back:

    Best Mamgu Ever

  49. andy,
    Jerry always was a dubious fucker.


    Yeah, er, nice.

    How does one link from youtube?

  50. Colin - there is the geeky way of doing it, which is to write the script for the link which would go something like:

    "Best Mamgu Ever"

    Or you do it the easy way, which is to type in what you want your link to say on a comment window in CiF, link in the usual way and then copy and paste it into here.

  51. argh
    well that didn't work how I wanted it to either

  52. Sheff - I love Tom Waits. Thanks for that.

  53. Sheff,
    Fantastic, a great favourite of me and my son is Tom.
    Did you ever see him in that Dracula film?

  54. My favourite Waits is his duet with the recording of the old tramp on Gavin Bryars 'Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet'. The tramp was long dead by then of course.

    Amazingly it was released as a single and got to number one. For a couple of weeks people could be seen sobbing in offices and cars when it came on the radio.

  55. Stoaty - yes he played the lunatic - rather well i thought. Tom Waits - another big hero of mine.

    btw - you said you like Elgar so I'm assuming you like other classical stuff. If you've got BBC i player you must watch this
    Mendelssohn & the Nazis"

  56. colin, for my last link, I entered the following:

    {a href= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtnG6EHh1N4} This, on the other hand, really does, but in a good way... {/a}

    except that instead of { & } I put in < & >. If I do that again though, it’ll just come out as

    This, on the other hand, really does, but in a good way...

    again, which won’t be much help to you, though it will give everyone another chance to listen to the true sound of Satan farting.

    Anyone willing to take a chance?

  57. If I listen to Satan's farts, will my ears go to hell when I die?

    (Reminds me of a buddhist tale about someone who dissed the Lotus Sutra by throwing a copy of it to the floor and jumping up and down on it, and his feet were supposed to have gone to the Avichi hell after his death :o)

    OK. I will give it a try....

  58. Hmm... a minute was long enough, ta...

  59. BB: have Underworld gone in a more trancey direction recently, then?

    If so I have to say I prefer their earlier more up-tempo stuff. Underworld 1992-2002 gets a spin on my hard-drive frequently...

    sheff: and Tom Waits is great too.

    I recently came across a copy of Nighthawks at the Diner for the first time in many, many years, and was delighted to remake its acquaintance.

  60. andy - their last album - Oblivion With Bells - has a bit more of an ambient feel to it. One or two banging numbers on it, but not like the old days. Still getting the good dance remixes done though, which is encouraging.

    They have been doing lots of movie soundtracks and the like - working with Gabriel Yared, John Murphy, Eno. They threw off the corporate yolk and started releasing ambiant stuff through their website at a fiver a crack for a 30 minute EP a few years ago.

    I have to admit to preferring the older stuff. Pearls Girl is still my all time fave.

    I'm in this vid, dancing like a nutter at Cocoon in Frankfurt in 2006.

  61. Aw BB, I’m disappointed.

    Only one minute – there’s almost ten minutes on that clip, and another two clips from the same performance.

    I don’t listen to that stuff ALL the time, but it is actually quite cathartic and almost meditative if you’re in the right mood.

    And some have joked that if you speed it up, it sounds like “proper” heavy metal (which always leaves me cold).

    Obviously, it’ll never be that big on The X Factor...

  62. BB, I’m bound to ask: which one is you?

    That version of P’s G sounds a little more laid back than the original, which I’ve just fired up.

    Another question – I’ve always wondered, is he shouting about “Rioja, Rioja” (or however you spell that Spanish wine), maybe as a follow up to “lager, lager” in Born Slippy?

    That version of Moaner you posted last night was great, BTW. What does colin know?

  63. Hah!

    Well I am kind of front and centre/centre left from about 1 min 30 to 1 min 50 - I am wearing black, bare arms and my hair (which is red)looks dark in that vid.

    The tempo is a tad slower on that live version, yeah. I don't think there is a specific link between the Rioja and the lager. Most of what Karl does in terms of lyrics is stream-of-consciousness until he gets it to a shape he likes. Rick loses patience with him spending hours and hours on lyrics, so he just goes for it. It seems to be about a holiday in Spain.

  64. BB; but he IS “singing" about Rioja then?

    Yeah, I’ve spotted you – you’re the one waving your arms in the air, right? ;-)

  65. Yep. Deffo rioja:

    Rioja rioja
    Reverend al green
    Deep blue morocco
    The water on stone
    The water on concrete
    The water on sand
    The water on fire smoke
    The wind the salt the bride boat coming
    Dave in the water
    Old man einstein on top of his house
    White deep blue
    Andalusia red yellow red yellow black car
    Red light far black place walls
    Blue chair morocco
    Hamburg paris
    The pieces of the puzzle are waiting
    The water of the dark boats
    Gliding the bride boats
    Gone out to sea
    And dave is floating
    Dave is floating
    And old man einstein crazy in his attic

    Crazycrazycrazycrazycrazycrazycrazycrazycrazy etc.

    White room
    Sun room
    Shadow room
    Night transmitting cars
    Across the room
    These things sent to dance
    Across the room
    Eye watching from your bed
    Returning to you
    Rioja rioja...

  66. Sheff doesn't believe me when I say I used to be an airhead - but I am several parts rave-bimbo underneath the old horsehair :o)

  67. Sheff,
    Ta will play that later.
    I'm always been wary of links since some woman sent me one to what turned out to be a femdom site. Took me about an hour to realise, kept hanging about waiting for the music to kick in.

  68. andy,
    I saw that. I hope that the next time you return from the dentist you find that your knickers are on back to front.

  69. BB,
    I do catch on pretty quick.

  70. BB: “USED TO BE an airhead”?

    Don’t downplay your current achievements ;-)

    Colin: I’m not totally getting your point about dentists and knickers, mate.

    Maybe that comment was meant for someone on the femdom site?

    When are you going to try out the link thing? It doesn’t have to be youtube, it can be anything you like (though I dread to think...)

  71. stoaty - I promise - it's not a femdom site - wouldn't want you to have a cardiac arrest.

    Andy - Dentist - anaesthesia - knickers on wrong way round.....?

    BB - we're all allowed to be young - wish I could still dance like that for more than five minutes before i have to sit down.

  72. Oh paint my cloud pink and make of me a Swallow...

    The light and stillness of the air at this time of the year makes me want to return as a poet if I have anext time around.


  73. The speed at which those tiny and most beautiful birds flap their wings is astonishing.............and when as they do fold their wings close and tight to their magnificent bodies........for that tiniest part of a second.........they defy gravity.

    Oh I do wish to be a Swallow on the hunt.


  74. In Yorks at this time of the year

  75. sheff: yeah, I understood that, but what I don’t get (sniff) is why stoat is picking on me (boo hoo!) What have I done colin? ;-(

    d: your description of the swallows suggests to me that you’re already a poet :-)


    Goodnight all...

  76. BB - the decision is made. If you be several parts rave bimbo a place in the boat is yours. No request or enquiry required. And the judge's decision is final.

    I had considered you delightful but too posh but my mind is changed.


  77. andy,
    I thought I detected a hint of impertinence in a remark you made earlier: 'colin, what does he know?'
    I may well have been a bit hasty in my response.
    You are obviously a young person and enamoured of 'The Clash' You are therefore not resposible for your actions.

    The Romans understood how dangerous nature is, that's why they invented concrete.

  78. andy,
    You young uns know zip. Was a case where, in the days of 'gas you' dentistry, where some young ladies found, on their return home, that their knickers were on back to front. There was a court case.
    Much love and good night.

  79. col

    you win you bastard.