18 July 2009

Daily Chat 18/07/09

Not a good date for the Romans, today. In 390 BC, the Gauls defeated them in the Battle of Allia and the Great Fire began in AD 64. The cornerstone for the Giotto-designed campanile of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence was laid in 1334. Mein Kampf was published in 1925 and in 1976, Nadia Comaneci became the first person to be awarded a 10 in Olympic gymnastics. Celebrating birthdays today: Nelson Mandela, John Glenn, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Martha Reeves and Nick Faldo. It's Constitution Day in Uruguay.


  1. I just passed the citizenship test.

    (Lap of Honour....Chucks shirt into screaming crowd...I'll sit down later and write my official acceptance speech)


    Re. Getting banned for dodgy monikers.
    I lasted about 25 minutes and precisely 2 posts as 'cuntface' the other day..no premod, no warning..just a total ban.

    afishcalledmonkey's time was up last night too. Only saying this because I hope they wipe the comments. They'd already deleted all the best stuff.

    Looking at what's left is a bit depressing: like looking back on Gazza's career and selectively removing his 10 or 15 best games. All you're left with is a fat, self-obsessed, screwed-up, drunken Geordie wife beater who's forever bursting into tears...but at least he's got Tourettes..there's always a silver lining.

  2. News of other 'fully qualified' UK citizens...


  3. monkeyfish

    I think I'll give this citizenship test a whirl - see whether I'm a fit person to live here - if not will just have to deport myself I suppose.

  4. This citizenship test thing sounds dodgy to me - d'yer think UT folk who fail it will end up banned from the UK as well as CiF?!

  5. Actually, sheff, Florence could be a destination of choice for self-deportation.

  6. You fucking tosser fish

    - for fucks sake tell us: where is the pass mark for we who desire to help the Wildhack become one of us?

    I am starting to feel a little more comfortable wi mesen - the idea of hanging out in the vicinity of some soul who has passed the citizenship test - is a please plus.

    Well done cute sir. You iz a star an a bit.

  7. To the Untrusted (the sulking?)

    Ever thought why so many posters were banned at one time?

  8. we must try crudeforvagina or rude4ladiesbestbit or illit'sdesireforalass or mangotfedupwalkinghisdogandhadanidea



    Oh fuck it I need to raise myself from my bench.


  9. Anon

    We the untrusted know the answer to the quest you pose - you over there at CiF are all CUNTS.

  10. Just done a couple of practice tests - passed one (just) but they still recommend I buy their product to be on the safe side - the other I failed - so that's me fucked, probably.

    MsC - Would love to live in Florence - but the Italians are so stylish I'd have to get Brussels and kisbot to completely re-design my wardrobe!

  11. Sulking?

    You sarky half baked one lipped cunt - I have never ever sulked in my entire life.

    how dare you - twat an abit


  12. sheff
    Speaking of the style conscious bru & kiz, they might be interested in the 'vote for a shoe design', over at the Graun.

  13. Oh my dearest Sheff a pass? Fuck.

    Now that really is difficult where dear god should I seat you in the boat?

  14. monkeyfish @ 08.59:

    1. Sell out!
    2. you just don’t DO subtle do you?

    anonymous @ 10.21:

    I always reckoned it was because some sad little prick came lurking around here looking for tittle tattle to take back to Matt Seaton.

    Not that we really GIVE a fuck...

  15. it'll have to be the back deano - I know my place...

  16. .....where I'll be able to get on with sulking...who is this prick I wonder? there are so many of them it's difficult to know.

  17. My dear dearest flu free Sheff - I deano (aka FFurny) sit at the back.

    I have to have a view of the progress!

  18. Sulking? Us? What a silly comment...

    Though go on, enlighten us, why were so many banned?

  19. Sheffpixie & MsChin

    At the moment I'm busy packing shoes and wondering what outfits to pack....

    Back on Monday.

    I'd like to live in Paris for about six months. Nearly chose the French capital above Brussels years ago but then everyone I knew who did live in Paris (including quite a few French) came over to Brussels because it was easier re accommodation (and calmer).

    Good weekend all....

  20. Morning, O untrusted and allegedly sulking ones.

    Sulking ffs. Silly sausage.

    I still haven't attempted the citizenship test because I know it will be an epic fail. I am far too much of an internationalist to know enough detail of this tiny pocket of alleged civilisation on an outcrop of rock in the North Atlantic. :o)

  21. BB: I think Britain’s position as a (relatively) tiny outcrop of rock off the coast of mainland Europe has contributed significantly to us being the place we are today, for good and ill.

    Most of the people who live here are descended from a mixed up bunch of those who arrived on a variety of foraging, fighting and fucking expeditions, at a variety of times, and I think we’re all the better for it.

    That's what makes us British, not knowing the answers to a load of bullshit questions.

  22. Precisely, andy.

    Mongrels are always more intelligent and more sturdy than pure-breeds. That is, and will continue to be, our saving grace.

    All the "English racial purity" nutters (in fact, I am pretty convinced it is just one nutter with a variety of nicks)that crop up on CiF just don't seem to get it, really, do they?

  23. BB: a bit of cultural miscegenation doesn’t do any harm either, does it?

    Feel free to use my 3Fs argument in any future altercation you have with the nutters :-)

  24. Oh I do so love BB

    Should I be about to be deported because of my failed test I shall instruct her immediately.

    ".......this tiny pocket of alleged civilisation on an outcrop..........." falls so sweetly from her cultured lips.

    I see only ".........crumbling racket of pretended civility on an (otherwise green and pleasant) blue
    place somewhere to the right of Eire....."

    She does it so much finer than I do - it's so obvious why she wins at law and I never could.

    That really is a a long winded way of saying - morning dear friend BB.

    Mungo survived the night and I think he read my comment about the singing and dancing of the whales that I heard in Sheff's pipe man's music. He's spent the last few hours blowing air like a big blue.

    That really is one pretentious dog I have.

  25. Hehehe

    Morning Deano. Glad to hear he is bearing up, poor thing.

    By the way - I always meant to ask. Does "Mungo" come from the cartoon dog "Mary, Mungo and Midge" by any chance?

  26. I know not my dear friend. He came from the dogs home with his name.

    I had intended to call him Sol - after the winter solstice on which he came to me. When I tried "......good boy ...........great dog...........SOL"

    He jsut farted at me and I thought it's Mungo.

  27. BB: you’re showing your age!

    I remember Mary, Mungo and Midge too. I particularly liked the bit where Midge stood on Mungo’s nose to press the button in the lift. Happened every episode without fail.

    Deano: hope your Mungo’s nose is better now.

  28. Aha! Maybe we have found the cause of the sneezing problem! It's not barley, it's mouse droppings!! :o)

  29. Oh the rain doth pisseth down on me in Yorks. Again.

    I shud not complain - it hasn't rained, apart from yesterday, for ages.

  30. Don't start the bastard on about mice.

    When I deported (rehoused) a mum and three field mice from my car a week or more ago ( I made a brief report of the event here on UT) Mungo was not best pleased.

    He took it very personally - as though I was somehow specially responsible for the loss of ones he had cared about.

    The bastard turned his back on me and would not respond to my civil affection for more than 36 hours.

    A dog with an affection for mice is not altogether together.

  31. Awww...I remember your heartless eviction - slum-landlord style - of those little mice. Mungo is just the local street (field?) lawyer standing up for their rights! :o)

  32. Oh BB - you delightful young miss

    Do not speak of lawyers when the bastard is around - he can read.

    As I try to shield this screen from his prying eyes I see that bastard preening himself - ...the horsehair would like fine on me.... methinks. He does have a special strut that I have seen him practising.

    Giz a break - I'm entitled to dignity and life without a lawyer dog.

    Hope you have a fine W/End I must be away to attend a walk.

  33. I noticed that Dave the hedgehog was not keeping the slugs down so I put out a beer trap.
    He drinks the beer before the slugs can get to it.
    An interesting but not particularly valuable member of the team.
    Glad to hear Mungo is ok.

  34. colin - drunken hedgehogs raise an interesting picture in my mind's eye.

    Me ovver arf tells a story about when he was visiting his folks in Kenya in the 70s - his dad was posted out there at the time - and drunken warthogs were a serious threat to life and limb, as well as causing massive accidents on the roads.

    They would wait for fallen fruit to ferment, then eat it and get pissed as - well - warthogs, then wander about the place wreaking havoc. If you got one in front of you with a hangover, they would take a run at your car and bugger the radiator :o)

    Do you want to kill the slugs or just intoxicate them? You could always put down salt. That'll do them.

  35. That is a fucking outrage - a fucking free range hen just walked into the awning attached to my caravan and shat in my boot.

    That really is a fucking outrage. This could be an uncomfortable week end.

    Wildlife - I am on your side why treatest me so cruel?

  36. Oh dear. Deano, get my learned friend Mungo to apply for an ASBO on the hen! :o)

  37. Mrs Hen pays a visit & didn't have the decency to lay an egg for you, then?

  38. BB,
    The deal is they get pissed, fall in and drown.
    Salt is not good for the soil, I believe the Romans did something like that to Carthage.
    Congratulations, that sounds like a good omen. Have you got a lottery ticket?

  39. Deano, BB, MsC, Colin:

    That sequence is PURE comedy gold.


  40. deano,
    I've just looked it up in my Ladybird book of omens and it all depends on which boot the chicken shat in. If it was the left you win the lottery, and if the right you will get your end away big time.

  41. andyays

    #1. Sell out!
    2. you just don’t DO subtle do you?#

    1. You're just jealous, and...speaking as a fully accredited and qualified citizen...that's hardly surprising. I'm assuming you're stuck in some sort of concentration camp thingy for refugees who just can't cut it in the citizenship department. Well let me tell you sonny, taking the piss out of REAL citizens with an appreciation of their country's values, traditions etc. is not going to help your situation. A bit of good old fashioned deference and respect for your betters is what's probably holding you back.

    2. No...fuck subtlety...I didn't get to be a qualified citizen through any use of subtlety. I just applied my full-on Britishness to the task and passed. I'm hoping my new ID card has a union-jack smiley face or something to signal my Britishness to those concerned.

  42. Citizen Fish

    You might even get a union jack micro-chip up yer bum too if you're lucky. I hear that this is the latest way the government means to clamp down on terrorism.

    At least that way when a suicide bomber blows themselves up they will know who they were straight afterwards instead of having to look for passports that survived the conflagration, like they do in the states. ;o)

  43. monkeyfish: good to see that old bulldog spirit is still alive.

    Churchill would be proud of you.

    I am “behind the wire”, as you suggest, but I’m hoping my trench digging skills will soon be put to good use by the Escape Committee.

    BB: I heard they were going to insert a combined micro-chip/radio receiver in the skull, until they realised it would be no use under a tin foil hat...

    BTW, afishcalledmonkeysuncle’s profile and comments are still up, and still some real gems there.

    Not too late to grab them for the archive.

  44. Colin my friend.........

    Funny you should read and consider the options so wisely -I was just thinking a similar thought.

    Some anon came on here last night and advised of the possibility that my long time hero Frank Harris was a fraud. I had always known of that possibility but had discounted it on account of the evidence to hand...

    There can be no doubt that " My Life and Loves " is a fanatastical journey through the reaches of a sexually demented soul - but what a journey.

    I know without a shadow of a doubt that had a hen shat in the boot of Frank Harris he would have turned it to his sexual advantage within the hour.

    I confess I have been rolling various alternative sentences around in my mind as a kind of practice for my next visit to a supermarket.........

    I must say that because BB's son's age and Montana's too - they are at the age of obsession with ladies, I have been giving some thought to how I should deal with a yarn about Frank.

    I am a caring responsible man and it would not be nice to wait until I have a grandson - which of course I may never have.

    We all need to understand that Frank's tale is not just about the verification of an indisputable statistical rule ( Pareto got this one right) it is also a bugle call for men/boys like myself who are not the best of looking, or who have only a normal sized member.

  45. Hey come forth Bro Fish - how many points for pass.

    I need to know for my new career.


  46. I wouldn't mind becoming a citizen myself if it does not imperill my present 'subject of Her Gracious Majesty status.

  47. Deano, That nice Mr Harris was what we used to call 'cunt-struck' and I agree that he would have done a quick calculation based on the relative sizes of an egg and his old fella and acted as you suggest towards the fowl.

  48. Stoaty

    He was indeed struck as you describe - but if you have had the privilege of a read of that long banned book you will know that the fowl was just the start.

    He would thereafter have used the encounter as a delightful and altogether diversionary tale - to be told whilst he was "accidentally" removing the wrapping of his true desire whenever and were ever he could encounter it.

    Morning noon and night.

    As the late George Melley put it when he finally encountered his diminishing libido - "....oh.....thank fucking God. It's like being unchained from a lunatic"

    Thunder storms around thus my internet dongle is having intermittent success _ I can be 40 or more minutes delayed in reading responding....

    Frank was a star and I care not what the litts or Wiki say.

  49. Yes, unchained from a lunatic, trouble is the lunatic was the only one who knew where we were going.

  50. To the........... sulking

    No seriously..... why do you think you were 'cleansed' so to speak en masse in such a short time?

  51. Chaps, I am no longer able to access the Guardian, any ideas?

  52. Not that the opposition is laughing at your ..... sulking so to speak.......
    .... I mean this site's really transformed the whole web hasn't it.............

  53. colin: obviously anonymous above and below your latest post has chosen you for special treatment and you’ve been comprehensively frozen out.

    Or else the CiF software is just undergoing yet another of its regular spells of being completely shit.

    Wouldn’t worry about it mate – there’s nothing as interesting there today as Deano’s chicken-shit story anyway.


    “While we welcome a wide range of opinions here, we respectfully request that all commentors show courtesy to others and refrain from personal abuse or deliberate provocation. We’re here for community and fun, not shouting and name calling. TROLLS WILL BE IGNORED.”

  54. When not sulking, do we like laughing about implants too, .....like sooh 'tinfoil hatish' isn't it?

    So.............. what do you make of the forthcoming SPLINTER arm implant on London transport to replace oyster cards?

    Check out the article on Flanders today.

  55. ''While we welcome a wide range of opinions here, we respectfully request that all commentors show courtesy to others and refrain from personal abuse or deliberate provocation. We’re here for community and fun, not shouting and name calling. TROLLS WILL BE IGNORED''

    Now that's .......so different from you know where, huh?

    Dissent is deleted, banned or here to be ''ignored''.......except for the shared references of the clique?

    Whereas saying..

    ''You sarky half baked one lipped cunt''

    .................is quite all right huh?

    Well done.

  56. Andy, no worries it's come back.
    Don't quite follow the rest of your post mate.
    Agree about Deanos chicken story.

  57. You feelin alright there?

  58. Shitted arse - I coined "...sarky half baked one lipped cunt"

    With just you in mind - I don't feed troll's I breed them and give them breath through my arse

    . Never again will I deano speak to you, or post, as Anon until I am satisfied you be departed. Silly soul there is no club that would have deano as a member or which he would he join.

    BB put it best - silly sausage. My half a cunt joke was both an acquired taste and insufficient to describe me feelings at your emergence.

    Now for the good news.

    annetan42 was alive 22 hours ago - she posted over on Guard. That's a relief she be one of my favourite posters and I had a concern that she might not be well.

    Done well - we be. We be fully baked.

  59. Deano: I’m sure Anne is just fine, mate.

    Hopefully she’s got better things to do this afternoon than sit in front of a computer screen like us.

    If you’re worried in particular about swine flu, you might want to check out this Guardian editorial

    At least one poster seems to think we should be more concerned about pigs and chimneys ;-)

  60. errm? Who's the opposition?

  61. Andy _ I don't worry about things like that 4me my friend.

    I just I like the way the lady posts - a lot. And when there is an unanticipated gap I have a small ache. It's quite innocent and warm.

    If the half b returns and folk have to depart for some time.........

    I would like to leave one note for dear Sheff:

    Just had that pipe man of yours on 5 times around the loop.

    Really really class - at about 1.something the man nods his head and then twitches in admiration of his own craft. I loved and so admired it.

    I consider it music so special that I have in it the category " to die by" which is just next draw to "me funeral stuff"

    The more I hear it and watch the vid the more I love it. I am not into boys - I had a suck of a dick when I was about 17 and it did not suit. Should I come back in several hundred years and find an offspring of mine that looked like that Davy fellow well..

    I really would be fucking chuffed - I admire those who take their art to heart.

    Best W deano

  62. Kiz - there is no opposition.

    I write here because I am in love with Montana - and quite a few of her mates too.

    The sometime anon posters can kiss me bum which despite my diet remains spotty.

  63. The cricket is exciting!

  64. Yeah Kiz, I was wondering if you were following it.

    Are you down the pub then, or are you watching it from home?

  65. Me too.

    No sign of your mate with the hats, but Tuffers and Bloers are on form.

    What do you reckon to England’s chances?

  66. I think they might well have one! Hope it's not windy tomorrow and it doesn't rain!
    Must say it's also been a blessed relief that I've bin spared Geoff driving me loopy

  67. Well, the London forecast suggests showers and lightish winds tomorrow and Monday – maybe good conditions for swing bowling?

    They’ve got a lead of over 500 already, and two full days, less rain breaks, to go. If they can’t win it from here, the Ashes are going back down under, I reckon...

  68. OK, TMS is over. I’m off out for the evening.

    Catch you all tomorrow.

  69. 'Trolls will be ignored'..... or just not ... trusted?'

    You're seemingly NO different to what you criticize elsewhere.... just an even smaller but equally judgemental


  70. Oh class lass - that wasn't a lament it was a yearn.

    I loved it 2

  71. Oh fuck my toe - everybody else knows what me sometime lass knows - Deano has no judgement save only a reserved position for final call.

  72. Look annonymous, why don't you stop sniping from the wings and say something sensible.

    If you dislike us so much why are you so insistent on keeping company with us?

  73. Shelfpixie

    'If you dislike us so much..''

    No..not at all...'sympathetic' actually... but what I see here doesn't challenge the legitimacy of what happened, it just seems to reproduce it on an even smaller and more arbitrary scale.

    Why were your posting names collectively ''culled''in such a short period of time? ....It's a fair question (that was posed before) and it seems none of you seem to either know why or be concerned enough to either probe further, or to organise a more organised collective response to such ''moderation''

    This could be a lot more....

  74. I'm not sure what you mean by 'culled' - a lot of us on here still post on cif using the same monickers

  75. That'd be most of us sheff... I've never been 'culled' and neither have many people.. So not really sure wot yr on about there 'anon'.. Nor do I get the 'this place could be so much more' thing either... tis what it is... like it or lump it...

  76. Deano

    Have put a cd together that you would probably like - I coud burn you a copy if I knew where to send it.

  77. Evenin all

    Just got back from seeing the new Harry Potter. Good stuff. Very dark, though. Was wondering what the little kids there would make of it - would probably have given me nightmares at that age. Like all of them, as soon as the final credits roll I am waiting for the next one - which will of course be the last. Ah well.

  78. Anonymous:

    Most people who come over here are immediately welcomed and, if unknown to us, given the benefit of the doubt unless they demonstrate that they’re undeserving of such (we are each capable of making our own minds up on this issue, of course).

    Anyone who bursts in, as you have done, using the mask of anonymity and accusing us all of sulking, are unlikely to be given any benefit of doubt, and if you had rather more social and self-awareness, you might realise that without it being pointed out to you.

    Also, we haven’t been collectively “culled”. Those of us who have run into trouble with the Moderating regime on CiF have done so on our own individual basis, with the result that some of us may have chosen not to post there under our original names, or to avoid sharing our pearls of wisdom with CiF at all. Again, we’ve each made our own decisions, and we all respect each others’ rights to make those decisions.

    If you’ve got anything useful, constructive or even vaguely amusing to say, I’m happy to engage with you, but on the evidence so far, I’m beginning to doubt it.

    One difference between CiF and here is that you can make whatever comment you want without being banned or even having your comments “moderated”. Most people who come here appreciate that difference and act with a degree of responsibility as a result. I hope you can learn to do that too…

  79. oh my sweet child Sheff - cos I quite literally I live beyond the "planning laws" in a field of wild wild poppies you will understand when dean30 says I do so want to.......................but I can't.

    Man chokes on his own insignificance .................as he wants to be with Sheff .....................and her sisters

    Twat head.

  80. Andy - much admired and evidently confused twat of mate.

    The rule is clear - we suck no cock here. The rule is intended to be as absolute of the wobbles.....................a hurt to the one..........

  81. Deano - living in a field full of poppies sounds just about perfect!

  82. Wots wrong with fellatio!

  83. You see Kiz, I very nearly wrote "speak for yourself" earlier, but I clearly don't have the same moxy as you! :o)

  84. Hmmmmmmm

    Doesn't really make sense does it?

    If there wasn't a change in the regime of ''moderation'' elsewhere, why was this place developed in the first place?

    If you all still post under your original monikers elsewhere, then what is the function of this place then?

    Some of you seem to have been involved - either directly or on the periphery - in a skirmish elsewhere, but then after much sound and fury......deflated on first impact.....

    The 'fire' burnt itself out ..... not beautifully..... just predictably.... with a whimper ...

  85. I’m with Kiz on this one, Deano.

    I may not want to perform fellatio, but I’d hope you would all fight the oppressors for my RIGHT to perform fellatio, Brother, sorry Sister…

    (Sorry if I’ve got the quote wrong)

  86. anon

    This place was never set up as a place for "rejectees" from CiF. Its primary role was as a place to continue discussions that had lost their impetus or had had comments closed on CiF.

    It has gradually metamorphosed into a place where people congregate in a virtual space simply because they share an interest in commenting on CiF and, largely, share much the same kind of political views. That is not to say that we don't have our disagreements, but it is largely less of a flamy place than CiF can be at times.

    There is no alternative agenda. We moan about modding on here from time to time, but that is not the primary purpose of the Untrusted.

    There was a period of time when there were a large number of people who were banned from CiF, and at that time it was the central topic of discussion for a week or two. But I reiterate, that is not the primary purpose of the blog.

  87. andy

    I would never dream of interfering with your right to perform fellatio, dear. ;o)

  88. BB et al

    ''There is no alternative agenda''

    Indeed... Was there ever?

    Always interesting how a potential for 'dissent' gets channeled into calmer waters isn't it....not intentionally of course...

  89. Anon

    I'm a bit of a hippy. Calmer waters are best for making clear headway, don't you think?

  90. I see sixxstring is back, on the Polly thread:

    "The problem with you socialists is that you believe you have a right to surreptitiously take our money away and spend it on what you want in perpetuity. IT ISN'T YOUR MONEY".

    and on the domestic violence thread:

    "Obama is a radical communist and fascist (yes, they are the same thing, its just lefties are to ashamed to admit they really do like Hitler), who believes in the primacy of government on the freedom of the individual".

    Gotta love him!

  91. Any chance you'd care to reveal your cif moniker? I presume you must have one? Or is there some specific reason to remain 'anon'? Of course, we are all anonymous to some extent, using 'monikers' both here and on cif... which makes it all the more unfathomable as to why you would, apparently, prefer to not reveal even that much of an identity...

  92. sixxstring is funny as f00k, bless his little heart.

    Tory Boy or what...

  93. Anonymous: you seem to have a number of mistaken ideas about this place. Maybe we could help you clarify them

    But I’m with Kizbot – I prefer to have some idea who I’m talking to before I engage in a conversation.

  94. Conversation is Fatuous..... now that'll be an appropriate one don't you think?

    Sleep tight.....

  95. OMG this thread is hilarious!

    Deano sorry not been around much rather busy On Monday went shopping with daughter and was v tired for the next 3 days then I had to go shopping and collect my meds on Friday.

    This afternoon I went to see Star Trek - an amusing fast paced and escapist bit od space opera! Just what I needed! Went to friends for dinner afterwards.

    No sign of swine flu thank goodness just that sometimes my cardiomyopathy has a habit of biting me on the bum if I do too much!

    Thanks for asking though! Nice to be missed. :-)

    Kiz - a song from Hair comes to mind!

  96. Then why bother in the first place!

  97. Sorry.. last remark was directed at anon... and his comment about conversation being fatuous... errr.. kettle pot..
    Obviously not at you Anne... you just slipped in there when I wasn't looking... :-p

  98. Is Fatuos an overweight French rapper?

  99. Sorry, Fatuous.

  100. Hey, "anonymous", maybe navros has just found you your new Untrusted ID.

    From now on you can all yourself "Fatuous" - you're already in character, so no great changes will be needed ;-)

  101. Hey Anne

    Is the Star Trek movie(or Car Strek as we call it in our house - ever since my lad, as a toddler, started calling it that)any good? I like a dose of Space Balls from time to time, but I heard it got mixed reviews.

    Goodnight, anon. Come back tomorrow, and you will see we are all still pretty much the same - a decent bunch of people who like having a natter about stuff.

  102. Goodnight, anon. Come back tomorrow, and you will see we are all still pretty much the same - a decent bunch of people who like having a natter about stuff.

    I'm pretty sure he/she will want to find some other chips to piss on...unless its!!!personal.

  103. I thought it was very enjoyable, very fast paced and exeedingly well cast especially Kirk, Spock and McCoy. Its also very funny in parts.

    A pleasant way to pass a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon.

    Mind, I am a bit of a Trekkie (not enough to go on conventions though!)

  104. Sounds like something I might buy on DVD for my beloved, then. He is the biggest Trekker in the house by a long chalk.

  105. annetan42
    Star Trek or Next Generation?

  106. Must be fun to be a rilly rilly mysterious fucker eh? teeny bit sinister?


  107. anon.

    No. Just rilly rilly dull..

  108. Aww... dunno about dull. All adds to the spice, as they say. :o)

  109. navros,

    Couldn't agree more old cock.

  110. BB,
    Thank you my dear, has your keen lawyerly mind deduced that I am not THAT anon but a far better class of twat altogether?

  111. If its deano I am FUCKED but happy.

  112. Class don't come into it, mistah. This is a class-free zone.

    I don't mean by that that it is a class struggle-free zone, mind you...

    And I don't personally think you are a twat. I think you are feeling the water in your own way. Some dive straight in. Some wade in up to the waist. Some test it with their toe. Some splash others first to test it... :o)

  113. navros,

    deano has said that he wont use anon again so I aint him. I am not an enemy however. Excuse my apparent coyness but I would hate it thought that I was in anyway connected to that other anon.
    I would defend to the serious inconvenience your right to suck anything you wanted to.

    Arnold Wellwisher.

  114. Aren't anonymous people all the same?

  115. God I'm getting old.

    Time was, not so long ago either, that this time on a Saturday night, I'd be out doing this....

    Ah well. I can watch other people do it instead....

    Night night all!

  116. Off to bed too,nite - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbNVx9Y28rk

  117. navros - Star Trek - the new movie about the crew of the Enterprise before they were the crew of the Enterprise (if you no what I mean).

    Young actors taking the parts of course.