08 July 2009

Daily Chat 08/07/09

On this day in 1497, Vasco daGama set sail on the first direct European voyage to India. In 1874, a force of 22 officers and 287 men departed from Fort Dufferin, Manitoba on their way to what is now Alberta, to form the Northwest Mounted Police. And in 1947, reports were broadcast of the crash landing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico. Celebrating birthdays today: Anjelica Huston, Kevin Bacon, Beck and Robbie Keane. Today is the feast day of St. Elizabeth of Portugal.


  1. That's a fine upstanding bunch of chaps in that picture. From left to right: John Cleese, Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle...

  2. elementary_watson08 July, 2009 09:25

    I think you are mistaken with the second from the left; it is Terry Gilliam.

    Michael Palin wasn't allowed to be on the picture because he insisted on wearing high heels, suspenders and a bra.

  3. @elementary_watson:

    Just like his dear papa, in fact. Yes, you're quite right.

  4. You watchign the cricket swifty? what they on, 50-1 or something?

  5. Jay: WTF!

    Thanks for the heads up, mate.

    I thought the Ashes started tomorrow.

    Coloured clothing and Twenty20 are bad enough, but starting an Ashes series on a Wednesday. It’s the end of civilisation.

    CMJ and Boycott are on TMS though, so some things are still sacred.

    Strauss is just out. 67 for 2, I think.

  6. Now Vic Marks is up to the crease...

  7. 75-2.

    Good work by the Aussies, clever bowling and they're really bending their backs. Wonder what Flash Harry Pietersen's going to do? Quickfire 40 before being caught at deep square leg would be my guess...

  8. Does anyone know anything about that vile 'sitelife' thing which stops Cif pages from loading?

  9. @martillo:

    Seems to be the application which displays comments/no. of comments.

    It is malfunctioning horribly today.

  10. ...as it often does. What a worthless piece of crap! Might as well do some work...

  11. At least I'm not paying for it.

  12. What's really annoying is that it's the only page I know that does it. I've got a much better system now and everywhere except cif works fine.

  13. Dotterel: not that I’m fundamentally bothered either way, but with regard to your exchange with Swifty yesterday,

    Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?

    I think I already know the answer, but it’s given me an excuse to share that tune with everyone.

  14. @andy:

    Bless garage rock. Sound of the summer for me way back when. Good tune, Mr Says.

    And my use of "Mrs Dot" was purely for "comic" effect, as I'm sure we're all aware.

  15. BTW Swifty, I did visit your Hitler link, you provided much mirth for me and my husband.....

  16. I love those Downfall spoofs. I don't have the video editing skills, sadly, I've about 5 or 6 scripts I could run over the top of that fantastic scene.

    Some about Hitler getting bad news, some about our own Dear Leader not taking bad news too well, one with Polly Toynbee in it...

    Oh, the fun I could have.

  17. Andy - i know, first twenty20, then home series on Sky, and now the final nail in the coffin, the traditional Thursday test start has now also been abandoned. The game is on its knees, barely even worth following these days.

  18. andy,

    You know the answer? I thought I'd always been careful not to say: When I had time I always used to hang around the gender threads on CiF, and I never wanted anyone there to know, because it always colours what people think of you and I believe that your gender and sexuality shouldn't be an issue, except when choosing a partner.

    That or I'm an alien of the 17th gender from Alpha Centauri with a tea fetish: as was decided on one thread where I refused to say.

    Go with whichever explanation makes you feel better!

  19. A propos of gender...

    That Black Lace porn (sorry, "erotica") thread is shaping up rather nicely.

  20. Dotterel: I have an idea, though I wouldn’t be surprised if I were wrong.

    As I said above, I’m not fundamentally bothered. Most of us have a tendency to think of people in gender terms to some extent, even if only because we use the words “he” and “she”. Refer to a new baby as “it” in front of proud parents and take your life in your hands.

    My comments frequently include enough personal information that anyone could tell pretty quickly that I’m male, even if my name didn’t already suggest it.

    Most of us here include enough personal information that others can build up some sort of mental picture (whether it’s accurate or not is another question); your posts contain far less, though there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I also believe that, on one level, one’s gender and sexuality is only an issue when choosing a partner, but I suppose they probably affect my perspective in ways I’m largely unaware of.

    But what I really want to know: did you like the tune?

  21. elementary_watson08 July, 2009 17:00

    A nice thread, this eroti-porn one :-) I'm curious what the obvious difference only morons could fail to see between the two will be in the end.

  22. Sitelife:


  23. elementary_watson: do you post under another name on CiF?

    I’ve just looked there for comments by “elementary_watson” and “elementarywatson”, and no such name appears to exist.

    Just curious – you’re welcome to post here under any name, or even none.

  24. swifty,

    #a propos of gender#

    No to fake sexism on the Untrusted!


  25. elementary_watson08 July, 2009 18:47

    andy: Well, I don't want everyone here to know that I am BiteTheHand; some people here might feel the need to mock me :-(

    Seriously, though, I've only posted a handful of comments on CiF under another name, but I like to read those wacky threads.

  26. e_w: I don’t believe you’re BTW – where’s all the links to other people’s thoughts to disguise the absence of your own?

    Welcome to the wacky world of The Untrusted, whoever you are :-)

  27. andysays
    e_w: I don’t believe you’re BTW

    He never said he was BTW!

  28. MsC: BTH, BTW, why get picky over one letter?

    I thought I was a bloody pedant!

  29. And how do you know e_w is a he?

    Just because you and I feel the need to advertise our gender in our names, doesn't mean everyone else has to!

  30. Love the tenderness of the exchange.

  31. "Michael Jackson to be buried without his brain" - where would we be without the Guardian?

  32. Anyone else think the modding on Mme Sarko's thread was just a tad ham-fisted? I posted a comment saying that the fact that she married him was all I needed to know about her to tell me that I couldn't care less what she thinks. The first one had the words 'fuck' and 'shitbag' in them. It was deleted, so I tried again, with nary a bad word. They deleted it, too.


  33. Montana: I have to say, the prospect of Mme Sarko’s piece did not fill me with anything resembling enthusiasm.

    The Straw thread and the one about Black Lace are worth a look though.

    If you’ve been “double-deleted”, you might now find yourself in pre-mod. Be sure to let us know...