27 July 2010


Epi-brightfield Illumination with Colored Filters and Extended Depth of Focus - Marc van Hove

Nobody cares if you can't dance well, just get up and dance.
-Dave Barry


  1. Piker.

    (author was a guest on the Colbert Report tonight)

  2. @thauma

    Yes, I saw that one. I have to admit that I didn't expect BJP extremists to join that particular loon-fest.

    I wonder what he said in the other post that got deleted, if that one's perfectly OK?

  3. Hello Montana and Thauma..... back from Womad and feeling just about alive!

    Not had the chance to read back over the last few days so hope everyone is well?

  4. Hi Peter, yes, I wondered about that too!

    Hope you enjoyed it, LaRit.

  5. Thauma,

    lunacy, mentalism, Dr Strangelove self projection, a threat to launch 5,000 nuclear warheads to destroy the USA and links to his blog to explain further details.

    What more could one want from a CiF post? Post of the week.

  6. Hi Thauma,

    Yes, enjoyed it very much indeed. But.....it is all terrribly middle clahhhss.... seemed to be overrun with upper crust teenagers from the millions of posh schools like Malborough College surrounding the site.

  7. PS - yep, that post is mad! I had to read it twice through to understand what the eejit was saying!

  8. I shall be on the lookout for strange looking elderly men with sandwich boards saying-


  9. Morning all

    he's a larf isn't he!

    on his blog:
    "He has had an interest in doing psychotherapy on entire nations using various disciplines such as Economics and Political Science which are all applied behavioral sciences."

    maybe he could tender his services for "Big Society".........

  10. Hehehe, "...and failing that, he'll nuke 'em".

  11. triple blimey.

    anyone else thinking fondly of the days when the spammers were just trying to sell cut-price training shoes?

    mind you - "psychotherapy on entire nations"? I feel an ATL invitation will be wending its way towards Mr Chandra...

  12. "India needs ten thousand nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them to the continental United States"

    I particularily like the aware "means to deliver them" he's on the ball that one......

  13. "India needs ten thousand nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them to the continental United States"

    "Hello, I would like to deliver 10,000 warheads to the USA please."

    "Of course Sir, we have various delivery options- DHL, UPS, Fedex....."

  14. "Did you pack this weapons delivery system yourself, sir?"

  15. I love Saving Species, but I think they need to work on their sign-off lines:

    "goodbye, and have a species-rich summer"

  16. "psychotherapy on entire nations - I feel an ATL invitation will be wending its way towards Mr Chandra..."

    Hmm, don't think so... Transendental Meditation-based CBT as applied to the moderately glum people of Hamstead, is about as far as CIF go.

    This guy wants to bend entire collective unconsciousnesses against the CIA - and beyond !

  17. La Ritournelle
    Hundreds of groovy Marlborough Kids? God that would have pisseed me way off.

    Any good music though ?

  18. Qudruple blimey! the most amazingly nutty post on cif EVER!

    For a little light relief (not) check out our old friend aynrandlives on the Schools thread!

    Taster "Paying more to teach the poor is silly. They are not more expensive to teach, it creates an expensive bureaucracy, is unfair, encourages fraud and discourages self provision."

    They've all been let out this week!

  19. Hiya BW

    Yep, they were everywhere, more numerous than the bloody Bugaboo pushchairs (at a Fezzie????)

    But the music was pretty fantastic -Drummers of Burundi - magic

    New discovery... Novalima from Peru.... (they go into deep house mode and back to traditional salsa-based tunes - they even have a guy who tap-dances!)

    see link here

    And I absolutely loved the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars....

  20. how about flossing monkeys god i wish someone would pay me to research this.......and here's the video......

  21. Anne

    Someone called bagsos also has a couple of very unpleasant comments on that thread, according to him clever people get rich and intelligence is inheritable so poor peoples children might as well just give up.

    At least I think that is what he was trying to say, I think I am going to give up on reading the comments on Cif it is just getting too disheartening.

  22. BW:

    This is a good one.....

    Novalima Machete Machete

    You have to imagine it on big sound system!

  23. LaRit

    drummers from burundi are great....did you see Angélique Kidjo?

  24. Jen
    "according to him clever people get rich and intelligence is inheritable so poor peoples children might as well just give up"
    Ah, reminds me of Charles Murray. Wonder what he's up to now?
    [checks wiki]
    still with us...

  25. speaking of having a species-rich summer, where's Dot got to?

  26. Excellent La Rit.
    It used to have a lovely vibe at Reading; there were a few poshos around but most of the kids had reluctantly come with their parents and tended to sit in their camper vans listening to rap or skulk around the fair trying not to get beaten up by the day visitors.

    Womad felt as if it was veering into being just another Sunday Times reader "boutique" festival when it moved to that new site - not to mention getting lightweigh pop and rock bands in from the UK..

    Glad the music was good this year, sounds like it was.

  27. Gandolfo:

    Hiya ;0)

    We very sadly missed Angelique Kidjo.... everyone who we knew who saw her, said she was pretty amazing - we got there late on Thursday night and then went a bit mad on the Friday.... so missed big chunks on the Saturday...

    We did see Salif Keito though - that voice is unmistakable.....

    I also met Paul McGann and his wife!

  28. Fuck me down.

    This chandra guy may well actually be true. I don't mean to make national stereotypes, but the subcontinenals tend to be very straight faced and direct, and rarely use irony.

    Maybe he really is the father of India's nuclear programme.

    Although to be fair the only well known 'Satish Chandra' is a historian specilialising in medieval India.

    I also wonder what his second post on that thread was....the one that got deleted.

    Someone, email this to speakyoyrbranes.

    It is also very funny that he is advocating the destruction of the United States on a blogspot account, ie hosted in the United States.

  29. Blogger Profile.

    Satish Chandra.

    Occupation: Scientist
    Buffalo, New York, United States.

    ......"India needs ten thousand nuclear warheads and the means to deliver them to the continental United States"

  30. Ok, I am wrong. He quite clearly is being ironic.

  31. Napoleon,

    I know, what the hell is happening to super-villains bent on world domination these days?

    Do you remember when super vilains were fucking cool?

    Remember the days when any self respecting super-villain would have constructed a base in a dormant volcano or made an enormous underwater super fortress whilst playing the Americans off against the Chinese?

    He would have also have an enormous private army of inscrutable south east asians at his beck and call whilst having the capability to launch nuclear, atomic, chemical and laser weapons on his chair's remote control?

    What do we have now? Super villain bloggers writing threatening posts in their Mum's house between wanking off to porn sites.

    I blame neo-liberalism.

  32. He is also a psycho-therapist in America, charging $200 for an hourly session.


    More info about him. He is an academic in the United States advocating the destruction of the United States with 10,000 thermonuclear warheads, and he also works as a psychotherapist. I wonder what it would be like to be one of his patients...

  33. PC Simon Harwood facing disciplinary charge of gross misconduct for assault on Ian Tomlinson apparently.

  34. Apparently Theresa May is looking to form a Blighty version of the FBI.Why the fcuk do we always have to copy the yanks in this country?-no offence Montana.Although given this country,s track record of copying foreign ideas on the cheap our FBI will probably be more like Dads Army.

  35. Montana
    Just red that first post. Maybe it's my age but what's the big deal already ? I've gone the last eighteen months (and counting) without any nookie. No problemo. The world's still got plenty of allure to it.

    Mind you. Things were pretty hectic back in the day.

  36. Just a bit of a drive-by to semi-tender my semi-resignation from teh internetz.

    I have tried for some weeks or months to feel interested and enchanted with things online and it doesn't seem to have worked.

    So, it's goodbye from me and it's goodbye from (insert other user names here).

    Good luck, thanks and best wishes to everyone.

    Why Don't You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do Something Less Boring Instead? has become, not so much "Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out, as: "Why Not Just Log Off And Log Out?"

    Not so much, "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" as "Turn it off and just walk away."

    So, at this point just imagine the way the old televisions - after we stood up to the national anthem at 11:00pm - used to fade to black, with a little white dot in the middle getting smaller and smaller.



  37. speedkermit
    Is that sackable ?

  38. Atomboy
    See you around I hope...

  39. Atomboy,

    all the best mate, pop in any time(hope you will).

  40. speedkermit: if so, that's lost me a fiver.

  41. @Atomboy

    Take care with everything. Don't break the universe instead of the internetz.

  42. LaRit BW

    do either of you know of a russian balilika quartet that played at womad years ago...quite crazing looking guys can't remember their names though.......
    seen some great stuff at womad but I'm talking maybe 15-20 years ago....khaled, babba maal, yousseau, kidjo and many many more
    the womad at St.Austell on the beach was great fun......

  43. atomboy...hope you don't totally disappear......

  44. resignation from the internetz, how novel.

    Yes, real life, what a strange place. Onlyjoking, seriously if you are into political activism and all that, as a re fellow UTers, then getting into 'real life' is probably far more effective.

    As the old saying goes, normal person+anonymity+internet acess= raving loon.

  45. gandolfo
    Unfortunately no, don't know them. Familiar with khaled, babba maal. Discovered my favourite band ever there - Orchestra Baobab - in 2002.
    My missus went to the St Austell one btw; sounds splendid, am very jealous. Wouldn't mind going to the canaries one year in november. It's extremely 'laid back' apparently...

  46. gandolfo et al

    Dunno if you guys like Manu Dibangu.Was trying to get a link for you to sample but fucked it up.If you,re interested you can hear on YouTube.

  47. @gandolfo, BW

    Could it have been the Terem Quartet?

  48. atomboy

    I hope you don,t leave altogether.If you were who i think you were on CIF i always admired your tenacity in challenging the moderation policy there.All the best!

  49. BW
    terem quartet..should have googled it before......they seemed crazier when I saw them could have been under the influence but they are pretty good though...

  50. peterj

    yes!! got there before me!

  51. Rings a bell PeterJ.
    Paul - can't play music here, so will check out links later tonight...

    Some of my favourites were ancient or even dead by the time I got to going to Womad regularly. I saw ernest ranglin there about ten years ago. He's about four hundred and thirty eight and was utterly mesmerising. I would love to have seen Franco and the TPOK Jazz band in their heydey, even though he became a sell out-mother@cker thanks to his friendship to Mobuto.

    The loss of Charlie Gillet earlier this year made me pretty sad; he was still finding new and fascinating acts at the age of seventy.

    And I really wish Andy Kershaw would sort his flipping head out. He's owed a debt by music lovers for his proseltysing of great "world" music throught the 80s and 90s.

  52. "I don't mean to make national stereotypes, but the subcontinenals tend to be very straight faced and direct, and rarely use irony."
    No shit, Charles!

  53. Atomboy, how can you leave this meaningless mayhem when Shaz has just come back? Watcha Shaz!

  54. Hi Philippa,

    I'm about, when I'm not waist deep in a river having a species rich summer! I'm mostly just lurking these days though as I'm pretty busy.

  55. heyhabib
    Well the soldier at Chennai airport who refused me entry unless I showed him my ticket (I didn't have one - and he didn't know what an eticket was) - he was indeed very straight faced and direct, and didn't use irony at all.

  56. I apologise Heyhabib, if I offended you.

  57. ha ha, BW, you should have heard the sarcasm from the official in El Paso who didn't recognise my new EU passport as a British one, back in '89.

  58. No, Charles, you didn't, thanks, though. I do have a sense of humour, contrary to evident fact.

  59. Stop what you,re doing everyone!

    There,s an article about the rivetting subject of JAM-MAKING on Cif.

    I,m so excited i,ve pissed meself!

  60. yeah, I saw that, Paul, and thought that poor sod is going to get the piss ripped out of her, something rotten.

  61. Thanks Paul, It really is time I crunched some more numbers. Getting strange looks from my project lead...

  62. Paul, she is some New York invstment banker or something who downsized to a yuppie farm in upstate New York.

    Usually they are the ones that talk of how idyllic the country is, and have little craft industries on the go. They are cash rich and time rich.

  63. Yes, gross misconduct is eminently sackable. I can't really see the point of the Met making some big announcement if all they were going to do was invoke the second harshest option of fining him 14 days pay. That would be derisory to say the least. He'll go I reckon, and if he has one ounce of decency he won't constest the decision at a tribunal.

    I had a feeling this would happen - it's the next best thing. I think it also tends to substantiate the 'complete cock-up orchestrated by headless chickens' theory as opposed to the 'police closing rank to protect their own' theory. I really can't imagine why the Met heirarchy would give a monkey's chuff about a piss-ant like Harwood, and it seems they don't.

  64. Afternoon all

    I will try to make a positive contribution to the jam thread. We don't eat jam in this house so it might be difficult. I do make a mean mango chutney and marrow rum though.

    If things get any tougher I might have to resort to salting self caught fish and nettle stew soon.


    I am having an insect species rich summer as well as finding several spiders I haven't seen before.

    The slug population is burgeoning and diversifying. Lots of caddis grubs in the river this year - dragon and damsel flies a plenty.

  65. Afternoon all,

    Atomboy (if you haven't already left the building)

    "I have tried for some weeks or months to feel interested and enchanted with things online and it doesn't seem to have worked".

    I sympathise.

    There are times when the deja vuness of the whole internet project gets a bit too much for me, and others (mainly on cif) when one cannot help but remember the whole 'definition of insanity = doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result' whatsit.

    However, for what it's worth, I have always enjoyed your contributions, here, there, and on OCN. Indeed, they often mitigated my own feelings of boredom and futility.

    Like others, I admired your tenacity, persistence, eloquence and wit, and I too shall miss it, should your semi-resignation become permanent.

    All the best,


  66. Speedkermit - my source in the force (sorry, service) informs me that other coppers hate the Met as much as the general public do.

    Atomboy - what James & others have said - hope to see you back again.

  67. "you should have heard the sarcasm from the official in El Paso who didn't recognise my new EU passport as a British one, back in '89."

    You should have heard the woman at the post office last year who said that I wasn't an EU citizen when I tried to open a bank account....seriously even with passport in hand she refused to acknowledge that being British doesn't mean you're (according to her) foreign scum....

  68. Gandolfo

    Haha - try doing it with an 'extra - communitaire' one.

    Hours of fun!!

  69. Same as James AB, all the best...

    Hiya Habib, my subcontinental brother! Irony meters to red alert!!!

    Love Mr Chandra, Chand(i) means silver, and Moon, in punjabi, lovely lunatic post there. But why not - like the MIB - look for the real news hidden in the lunacy?

    What job prospects for Simon Harwood? Security consultant? Bouncer? Lollypop man? I wonder if he sleeps like a baby, or if he's concerned about the effects of his actions?

    Had my job interview, think I handled the q's ok... Hate the waiting.. :(

  70. Turminder

    Fingers crossed for you, my good man!!

  71. BW/Gandolfo/Paul..... n co.

    Just briefly back to the Womad theme - do think the site has a bearing on the experience (and the clientele) I was surprised that there weren't more acts from the British Isles/Ireland, especially folk music and Rolf Harris on the bill was errmmm..... a bit weird if you ask me. Apparently the one in Spain is really good, but the trend here seems to be much more commercial.

    Gil Scott Heron was very down-beat and I had a bit of a weird experience seeing him after a 25 year absence....it made me quite sad. But ahhhh.... the voice though - is still incredible and he sounds as he did as a much younger man.


    If you haven't logged off and exited yet.... know what you mean about the deja vu and the internet. Sorry to hear you're bowing out (are you making like the little white dot yet?)

    Hope you find the answer to the meaning of life in the real world!!

    Warmest regards to you and hope to see you around ;0)

    There,s an article about the rivetting subject of JAM-MAKING on Cif

    Now why doesn't that surprise me - proably the same woman who was on Woman's Hour last week.... all sounding very Tom and Barbara Good to me....

  72. Balls, balls, balls. Sorry thaumaturge, had a whole eight-paragraph reminiscent ramble prepared about 'arseholes from the Met I've met', but I've succeeded in dumping it into the abyss. Suffice it to say they aren't a particularly reputable unit. Although no-one in a uniform came out of the miners' strikes smelling of roses, the mutual aid given to regional forces by the Met behaved dispicably (not to mention criminally), and were as disdainful of thicko, northern bobbies as they were about thicko northern miners. I was but a mere nipper at me schoolbooks at the time, but no-one I've worked with who policed the strikes has a good word to waste on them. (You do wonder how much of that is blame-shifting though. I'm sure some of it is..)

  73. Know the feeling, SK. That sinking of feeling that says, "Why didn't I copy the fucker into notepad before hitting the Post button?"

  74. Maybe it's my age but what's the big deal already ?

    Damned if I know. A year??? Give the girl a fucking medal.

  75. I will miss your posts Atomboy, hope you regain your interest soon and come back. :(

  76. Insult or compliment advice corner.

    A new English lad has just started at my work and he said at lunchtime that I sound uncannily like Jamie "The angriest man in Scotland McDonald from The thick of it/In the loop

    For those who don't know who he is here's his best of compilation.

    Now don't get me wrong, I don't go around shouting or threatening to shove ipod's up ministers cocks and pressing the forward button by crushing his balls.

    So should I take it as an insult or compliment?

  77. LaRit

    the last time I went to womad was in the last century...around 96ish can't honestly remember, i'm not in the least bit surprised that it's gone commercial...frankly couldn't afford to go now...but saw and heard some great music there

    charlie gillet was a fave and I really liked his radio shows...

    needless to say I didn't bother opening the account.....

  78. Hahaha - Definitely compliment!

    (But only 'cause now I'm scared to say anything that might upset you!!)

  79. duke
    well if he turns out to be an arse you could employ some of those one liners like......

    "I'm gonna have your lungs sundried and turned into a little fucking waistcoat"

    I'd take it as a cautionary compliment.....

  80. Gandolfo,

    Unfortunately, she didn't have a choice.

    It was remarkable how quickly it went from 'You're not worth the effort because you've got no money, E-C scum', to, 'Oh, you do have money, erm, OK, in that case, we don't deal with Ho's'.

    Apparently, those were the only two possibilities.

    Breathtakingly brilliant!!

  81. James

    I'm not surprised in the least and I know I'm lucky enough to walk away, I have friends that are non eu citizens and their lives are made hell here from bigotry and sheer ignorance...

    infact I've kept my account in UK because I refuse to have to pay for a bank account.....

  82. Gandolfo,

    Yeah, I had an issue with that!

    (And I did when I opened my own account here too!)

    I think my exact response was something along the lines of:

    'You're 'avin a fuckin' laff intcha!?'

  83. James
    mine was:
    "cazzo (being in rome essential) vuole anche mio primogenito e un litro di sangue?"

  84. Atomboy - hope to see you around again soon, opencopynews was (and is) a great idea and I hope once you have recharged a bit you can come back all guns blazing...

    Dot - hey there! enjoy your species-rich river.

    now, if you'll excuse me, i understand that the vexed subject of jam-making has cropped up on the G...

  85. Peh
    "It requires few supplies: berries, pectin, canning jars, a pot and a stove."
    Sugar, pet. Sugar might be helpful.

    Well, if that's the standard of journalism in the Guardian...

  86. Oh Pipster, it get's better.....

    Check out this belter - It is, I believe, something a bit special, even for the Guardian!!

    (Those with cif bingo cards may want to take a look, seeing as this will pretty much tick all of your boxes in one fell swoop!!)

  87. James

    confessions of a feminist part 2......

    part 1 being Julie and snopp dogg.....

  88. james - saw that come up, and just decided that life is too short...

    [goes to have a gander]

    "Because we're worth it."

    Because we're fucking worth it?

    My. fucking. word.

    James - I hold you responsible for this. bad man. bad.

  89. aye, nice spot, gandolfo.

    hmmmmmmm.....what to say.....hmmm......

  90. Haha - you know that one day you're going to thank me for being able to say:

    'Yup, I was there man. I was there....'

  91. Evening all

    Have been off sick today and CIF has been a delight to behold.Some nutter wants to nuke America,someone else on the mind-blowing subject of jam-making,something about faeces,something else to do with disgruntled trolly dollies and just now i,ve seen an article about formula one by some bird called Sally who,s shacked up with a dwarf.Wonder what i,ve missed on daytime TV.

  92. james - am now simply amusing myself. heheheheheheh.

  93. Paul - who needs channel 5, eh? bloody brilliant.

    (hope you're not feeling too grotty)

  94. Aye Paul, hope it's nothing too serious!!

    Gandolfo, Haha - I think it might be best not to confuse poor old Sally with even the slightest questioning of her feminist credentials.

    I get the impression they're about as robust as her knowldege of Formula One!!

    Philippa, you comment did make me chuckle!!

    Although, now that you mention it...

  95. I've commented on the jam thread. But only because of greed.

    Atomboy - what everyone else said.

  96. This comment has been removed by the author.

  97. james - all that postmodern stuff we were wading through a while back has come good.

    trust me. anything can be spun...

  98. Evening all!


    I will have to go and take a look. :p

    LaRit - glad you enjoyed WOMAD, trustafarians notwithstanding.

    Hi to everyone else and welcome back Shaz and Dot xx

  99. Yes, hi shaz. I'm here to talk about prog rock any time you like. No pressure.

  100. Oooh - did someone mention prog rock?

    I was a huge prog fan in my teens. ELP, Yes, Rick Wakeman, early Genesis, Tangerine Dream. Yummy. :o)

    I get into punch-ups on my music forum sometimes when I say that some of Underworld's earlier stuff was a direct continuation of the prog theme - Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love is a 20 minute long piece in three parts, telling a story (about fishing, funnily enough - no elves and pixies).

  101. Atomboy - sometimes taking a break refreshes the parts other media can't reach.

    Take care x

  102. @BB

    Yes, shaz outed herself on Waddya and drew a few more of us blinking into the daylight.

  103. Just out of interest, where's the line between 'progressive' and 'self-indulgent' Rock?


  104. Cheeky git. :p

    It is easy for youngsters to look back on music and diss it, because they have no concept of it not being there - if that makes any sense.

    Yes, eventually it did become self-indulgent. But it was leagues ahead of anything else that had ever been heard or seen before. It really morphed rock music into an almost classical form. Or something.

    I am going to end up in Pseud's Corner at this rate...

  105. Hehe -

    I actually had to suffer through a fair bit of prog rock as a kid, when I tended to be of the 'Enough of the weird solo shit, can we just move on to the next track already' school, although I did eventually develop a bit of a liking* for it!

    *Liking, or maybe tolerance. Not sure which!!

  106. How rude, James! Pot-head pixies, self-indulgent?? I wasn't around properly for the good stuff first time round, but caught up when I was a teenager... just seemed a lot more fun than Duran Duran...

    Hello everyone. Been hideously busy for the last coule of months - holidays now though... :o) (ducks flying missiles)

  107. Am currently torturing the mister with a bit of prog rock. Apparently he doesn't like it.

    Duke - I say compliment, he says insult.

  108. James

    I get the tolerance bit.

    My little sister knows all the lyrics to Animals by Pink Floyd because she learned them subliminally - that was the album I used to play when I was 15 every night when I went to bed...

    Thaum - dump the bloke and get a real music lover instead :p

    Shaz - lucky you! I am not on hols til the 18th, but off for two and a half weeks to France again, so really looking forward to it.

    His Highness has been making mumbling noises about installing a phone line and the internet down there though, and I am not sure I want to really. It is nice to be somewhere where the mobile doesn't even work unless you stand up the end of the garden...

  109. 13th, Compliment! When Genesis were Genesis... Sorry it's not PG tho...

  110. Thauma

    I used to have all nine ELP albums on vinyl including triple-gatefold sleeve "Welcome Back My Friends"... Awesome.

    Karn Evil Nice !

  111. Haha - Apologies.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not all bad!!

    You have to admit though, it does all get a bit Spinal Tap sometimes doesn't it...?

  112. Also had all Floyd albums. All of them. original releases.

    (My happiest days ares still with Black Sabbath's first six albums though. Oh yeh :)

  113. "Just out of interest, where's the line between 'progressive' and 'self-indulgent' Rock?"

    Well the first lot could play, whereas the second lot wanted to be the Beatles/Elvis/Sex Pistols/Rachmananov but couldn't get the medication right.

    By the way everybody - were you
    New Wave or Punk ?

  114. Bitterweed - "had" all Floyd's original releases?

  115. Teenie Goth, Sisters, Cure, Smiths, J&MC... But still had secret ELO fetish..

    Then became hip-hop/d&b DJ.

    Kinda stopped listening to recorded music when I started making trad music with friends... Going to see Eels in August...

    How about you BW, Mod, Ted or Rocker? : )

  116. I forgive you James. Just don't do it again. :p

    Turm - Lamb Lies Down - awesomeness. I lost it after Trick of the Tail with them.

    I lost interest with teh Floyd after The Wall too. But by that time I had moved away from home and had other bizarre influences in my life like George Benson...

    And yes they all got a bit Spinal Tap in the end. I wish I still had some of my old records, though - I had a boyfriend who used to sell records and used to get me all the limited editions, picture discs, coloured vinyls and the like.

    I had Wonderous Stories on blue vinyl - only 2500 pressed. I had Tubular Bells on picture disc. I had Substitute by The Who which was the first ever 12" single of its era, just like a normal Polydor single in the red bag, only bigger. I had loads of special editions.

    Then my bastard little brother nicked them all when I left home and swore blind to my folks that I had given them to him. The little shire.

  117. I went on to be New Wave BW - then Emo before it was called Emo i.e. Smiths, Lloyd Cole etc. Then the dance bug bit me hard in the bum and that was that.

  118. BB - he says you need a good kicking. ;-)

    He is a Floyd fan tho. I made him listen to a bit of Yes and he wasn't keen. Currently listening to Show That Never Ends and he's not too keen on that either.

  119. Try him on some King Crimson. In the Court of the Crimson King is pretty good, and there are some nice chilled choonez on that too.

  120. Anthony Phillips did some good stuff after leaving Genesis...

  121. Fair point, James, but this is my favourite bit of Spinal Tap. Nigel and I are as one on the sandwich philosophy.

  122. He likes King Crimson, BB. We is doin Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys now.

  123. @BW

    New Wave here. Talking Heads, Television, Magazine. Missed out most of the 80s altogether, taking sidelines into jazz, Steve Reich, avant garde classical et al. I've now lost track completely, and only know I like stuff by hearing it accidentally and, usually, identifying it via Shazam.

  124. BB - Mister here. Highjacked the LapT. The first LP I ever bought was 'Dark Side of the Moon' when I was 14 - second hand cause my paper round wouldn't let me afford a new one. Been listenin to good, cool muse ever since. YES isn't it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Peter - don't blame you. The 80s were a train wreck, musically speaking.

  126. My first LP was Relics. £1.25 from Woolies :o)

  127. Don't remember what was the first LP I bought, but the first one I really liked was A Night at the Opera. It was my dad's and I was 6, I think!

  128. Hey Mr Thaum!

    Well I would like to be able to say that Dark Side of the Moon was the first album I bought. It was - well, half of it...

    I hate to admit it, but I bought Dark Side of the Moon and Once Upon A Star by the Bay City Rollers on the same day with the same fiver I'd got from my Nana for my birthday!


  129. This is usually the point in the conversation when my mum and her buddies start getting the really embarrassing photographs of past gigs and whatnot out, many of which have left me with significant mental scarring, so I think I'm going to back away slowly!!


    Have a good night folks!

  130. BB - Mister here ! I well.... EEEEEKK is what I felt when I read that.

    Missrs (Thaum) is completely discusted !!!!

  131. Talking Heads were da biz.

    I also liked Brian Eno and Japan (and laterly David Sylvian, who I still lust after).

    80s my faves were Frankie Goes to Hollywood, who I thought took up the baton from prog masterpieces quite well, especially with Welcome to the Pleasuredome - and of course The Police. Sigh. Oh, and Duran Duran. Saw them by accident - long story - at the Brighton Centre in about 83 or 84, and it was one of the best gigs I have ever been to.

  132. Hey, kids, rock and roll.

    (Me auntie's favourite artist as I was growing up!)

  133. Sorry James - hope you don't get PTSD after this!

    Night night.

    Mr Thaum - well, at least I am honest. I was also a David Cassidy fan too when I was 10. Double eeeeeeeeeekkkkk!!!

  134. Jesus, prog rock. Hate it all.

    Peter, Talking heads I love and I must play Magazine's 'real life' at least once a week. And of course Devoto asked Shelley of the Buzzcocks permission to use the greatest guitar riff of all time- the Buzzcocks 'Lipstick' for 'Shot by both sides'.

    I also saw a lot of discussion regarding the Clash on the Lydon Israel thread last week. Just to add my tuppence worth as I wasn't here when it was up for discussion.

    I fucking hate the Clash- I hated their faux punk credentials, I hated Joe Strummer's class voyeur leftieism and I hated their god awful piss poor white cod reggae.

    When the Dead Kennedy's and Black Flag were taking it out there in the true spirit, the Clash were whoring 'Sandanista' and getting heavy MTV airplay for 'Rock the Casbah'. And then there was the Levi's ad with 'Should I stay or should I go?'

    And what's the legacy of 'London Calling'? Peaches Geldof wearing and Top Shop selling t-shirts with the cover printed on it.

    The Sex Pistols were a cartoon construct but they never proclaimed to be anything else. The Clash on the other hand always were something they weren't.

    Oh incidentally, my wife says I should take the Jamie from the thick of it as a compliment so "enough with the pleasantries here, let's just oil up and get fucking yeah?"

  135. Frankie GTH! File that with the Bay City Rollers!

    (Duran Duran too.)


  136. LOL!

    I'd forgotten all about David Essex! My sis was a big fan of his.

    He was very cute. His All The Fun of the Fair album sticks in my mind.

    Which reminds me of War of the Worlds - Justin Hayward and David Essex. Loved that album too.

    They re-released it not that long ago and I meant to get it for my lad, just for the sheer drama of it all. :o)

  137. Wrong about Frankie.

    Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    John Peel, rest his soul, had it right most of the time, and had it particularly right about FGTH.

    So there



  138. @BW, @shaz

    First LP; Black Sabbath, Paranoid. Second LP; Led Zeppelin III. Third: King Crimson, Lizard.

    Speaking of that last one, there's this. Video's a bit limited, mind...

  139. I'm confused with the 'Make your own Police' article as well.

    Why on earth would someone want to make anything with Sting in it? Why would anyone want to spend the time making a six foot tall, papier mache c*nt?

    Honestly, CiF is going down the toilet.

  140. BB - the Mister is too disgusted to reply to the David Cassidy bit.

    I must say my confidence in your good taste has become a bit shaken tonight.

    Aw, Duke, I quite like the Clash. Was too young to be political then. :-)

    Punk was a bit before my time, but ... I could be wrong.

  141. @Duke

    Sound judgment there.

    I've recently introduced my daughter to Magazine and Television, with the result that she's nicked all my CDs of theirs. As well as, I now notice, Talking Heads' early stuff and Beirut. The cheeky cow.

  142. thauma,

    'Rise' is a class tune.

    I made reference to the greatest guitar riff of all time. Here it is Buzzcocks- Lipstick. Just listen to the way the riff keeps going up the scale. There's also a brilliant play on words in the lyrics.

    Here's Magazine's Shot by both sides with the same riff nicked off the blessed Buzzcocks.

  143. Thaum


    Nothing if not eclectic.

    Which is a posh way of saying not discerning enough at times, I guess.

    Although, let's face it, in the early 70s as a teeny-bopper it was either Cassidy or the Osmonds... I took the right road. :p

    And Bay City Rollers - all that tartan. How could I resist? :p

    My sis was more the punk than I was. I was still being a hippy while she was listening to the Dead Kennedys.

    I did love the Stranglers in general and No More Heroes in paricular though.

    Never forget seeing the first kid in our town turning up with drainpipe jeans, ripped t-shirt and hair spiked up with soap - no hair gel in those days. And laughing at him with my elephant flares...

  144. This comment has been removed by the author.

  145. BB - I is only having a larf. Had a friend in primary school into the Osmonds. It was a horrible thing.

    I mostly liked my Dad's late sixties / early seventies music. And still do to quite a large extent!

    Right, the wooden hill is beckoning. o/

  146. Bugger! She's nicked Pere Ubu as well.

  147. Night Thaum x

    Come on Speedy - spit it out! You know you want to! :o)

  148. Your Grace, you have nailed The Clash - truly they were awful. Enjoy developing faux-punk-nostalgia after the event (being a mere babby of 38), but more a bastard child of the late 80s, including inexplicable shit like this. I'll listen to anything these days apart from opera (which makes me want to eat my own legs).

  149. PeterJ

    Don't you find it gratifying though?

    My lad has had some of my Floyd, some of my Smiths, some of his dad's Capt. Beefheart and Zappa. And his West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band.

    When my son was tiny I used to make his soft toy doggy and bunny do a little dance to me humming Love Cats by the Cure every night when I tucked him into bed. When he was 11 he found it on youtube and had the strangest look on his face as if to say "but how could this have been something so cool?" He was well pissed off when he realised I could sing along to The Forest as well...

    But I do think there is something quite heart-warming about being able to pass on your favourite music to your kids without them thinking "Ewww... old people!"

  150. And just to complete the dark journey into the mind of a seventeen year old Wigan Goth...

  151. Speedy

    I am ashamed to say I have never even heard of the Butthole Surfers.

    But that would have been during my Wilderness Years when I was living in France and aside from the tapes of Pete Tong's R1 show my sis used to send me, I was in a completely different universe with Les Rita Mitsouku...

    ...and also a very rude song by Serge Gainsbourg

  152. Duke, it's probably some kind of heresy, but 'Why Can't I Touch It?' has always been my favourite Buzzcocks song. It just never ends....

  153. BB - Holy fuck, it's the French Devo!

  154. @BB

    Well, yeah, I suppose so. Although a chance to rip them to iTunes beforehand would have been nice.

    So I'll have to make do with this.

  155. Although, let's face it, in the early 70s as a teeny-bopper it was either Cassidy or the Osmonds... I took the right road. :p

    *Clears throat loudly*

    Some of us were Michael Jackson fans in those days. Michael pre-weirdness was truly beautiful and talented.

    Can't stand Yes, ELP, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, etc. Queen and Aerosmith for me in the 70s.

    80s (remember, I'm in Iowa, so some of what was late 70s for you was early 80s for me): the Specials, Cult, Cure, Stranglers, Jam (and, unlike some Jam fans was quite happy to go along with Style Council), Ramones, Tubes, Talking Heads, TomTom Club, They Might Be Giants, Lloyd Cole, Triffids, INXS...

    90s: Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Beck... being a bit of a contrarian, I resisted Nirvana because of the hype, though I did like them. Ain't nothin' wrong with Butthole Surfers, in my book Speedy. But this is my favourite song from the 90s.

  156. Speedy

    HAH! Hadn't thought of that. They were pretty good in their day, Les Ritas. Did a choon that made it into the charts over here with Sparks I seem to remember - Singing in the Shower.

    PeterJ - surely you could ask her to do that for you and upload them somewhere. The least she could do! :o)

    One of my claims to fame is when I first moved out there, my best mate's BF was a chap called Jean Paul Roy, who was at uni in Bordeaux. He had a little band called the Mad Dogs and I used to write lyrics in English for them.

    Anyhoo, lost track, and years later he turns up as the bassist of Noir Desir - the band where the lead singer did time in Lithuania for chucking his GF out of a hotel window after a fight (Bernard Cantat, his name was).

    They are huge in France - Isabelle is still in contact with him, but maybe I should be looking through their back catalogue to see if I can claim any royalties...

  157. Speaking of faux nostalgia, see there's a CiF thread up eulogising the Gateshead (aka Get Carter) carpark. Some young uns (the piece's author included) there who can't have seen the film first time round, aren't local, yet want to preserve something which most local folk are at best ambivalent about because it ticks their retro-chic, gritty northern film-inspired fantasy bollocks. Even fecking Laurie Penny's chimed in, and there's just no way on earth she's been anywhere near the thing, but, hey what's this: she and the author both have ties to the "Oxford Radical Forum".
    Their opinions carry a lot of weight in Bensham, Felling Dunston etc.I've heard that folk in Wrekenton sit with bated breath, awaiting the opinions from the Oxford Radical Forum on how to live their lives.

  158. I am ashamed to say I have never even heard of the Butthole Surfers.

    Ridiculously censored official video of their most famous song.

    Visually uninteresting full version of the song.

  159. Ah! Cheers for that Montana!

    Alisdair - I know.

    I haven't even gone onto the thread yet but I can well imagine.

    If my memory serves me right, it was a bloody eyesore even when Michael Caine was halfway up it.

    Having said that, I can understand why people would want to preserve it. There was someone on R4 talking to the architect about it yesterday, and he was suggesting that there were ways it could have been improved while still keeping the iconic car-park bit as it was. (Rather than razing it to the ground and building a Tescos Superstore and associated Clintons Cards etc. I can see his point...)

  160. OOH! That first vid has got Eric Estrada or whatever his name was from CHiPs in it! w00t!! :D

  161. Also, something I noticed particularly today. That's two pieces on the Graun - blueberries vs rasps and the Get Carter car park - that were both covered on R4 yesterday.

    They are getting lazy...

  162. @ BB. I've used that carpark a lot. It's not the worst in Newcastle or Gateshead (that's Fenkle street, where the spaces are just too narrow for cars and there is residue from scarpes on all the walls: and no, I don't drive a big car, but a fucked-over Clio- I'm okay in there, but every other bugger gets stuck, so holding up everyone).
    As I put on CiF, the trouble with the Gateshead car park (and the bugger could have got its name right at least: it's the trinity sq carpark)is it doesn't actually work very well as a carpark.Media types eulogising gangster-chic movies from 300+ miles away can't change (and I'll bet are wholly unaware of) that.

  163. "But I do think there is something quite heart-warming about being able to pass on your favourite music to your kids without them thinking 'Ewww... old people!' "
    Ha ha, BB! I heard my son singing this when he was five. I felt like such a cool dad, for a moment anyway.

  164. Oh, and @ BB. Lazy?
    Of course. Look at the fron page. pace Charles/Nap, it's not their scoop, but Wikileaks', and it was very public knowledge that this leak was coming and what it would expose.Assange and co did the hard work, but needed media partners to spread liability/make a backlash harder. The Graun, Der Spiegel and the New york Times made a commercial decision to buy in, but sought exclusivity as a result (not sure how they claim exclusivity, but hey...).
    It's not really investigative journalism is it, but plain commentary on what Assange et al have managed to unearth.

  165. Montana, fo' shame! Everyone knows this is the Butthole's most famous song, in tribute to the similarly-titled Sabbath track. Don't adjust the volume, it's a very long fade-in...

    And who could forget this uncharacteristically melodic number? (Well, everyone apparently)

  166. Habib - sweet!

    Alisdair - yep. Lazy arsed buggers. Gone are the days of the Graunn's real investigative journalism, sadly...

    Anyhoo, time I wasn't here . Up in less than six and ahalf hours. EEEEK again! :p

    NN xx

  167. This comment has been removed by the author.

  168. Sorry that hollygirl was moi. Don't know how it happened not used that ID for ages - tried to write a blog about my bonkers dogs for ooooh a whole day! Anyway Montana - are you up?

  169. Yep, I'm here Princess. (It's only 6:30 pm where I am)

  170. Can't be long, up all night studying. Evolution truly is a fascinating thing. Slighly under the influence, for some strange reason I study better after a wee bit of alcohol, perhaps it dulls my mind just enough to keep me from getting distracted from external things,- like the UT or Cif, lol, although obviously still in control of my mental faculties.

    Seeing as the topic tonight has been about music, my knowledge in music is well almost nonexistent, certainly I have not experience of decades of different music movements. I will probably make myslef a self parody, but yes I like classical music. Earlier tonight I listened to Prokoviev's Romeo and Juliet, the ballet (I've already seen/heard it performed as a ballet) over a glass of wine and a pesto based pasta (God I've joined the Guardianistas!)

    Anyway, back to the books.

  171. Finally, The Graun is reporting that the Labour Party intends to block any vote on electoral reform, preparing even to vote with the Tory rebels who will vote against the coalitions bedrock and reason for existence of delivering electoral reform.



  172. This comment has been removed by the author.

  173. @Paul: the "moderation" on CIf sucks, which is why I don't post on there anymore.
    "Comment is Free" ...my arse
    "Atom Boy" nailed it with "Cif Moderation Watch"

  174. http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1186/gallery/

    Here is a really fascinating place, wadi al hitan in Egypt, known as the whale's graveyard, a unesco world heritage site.


  175. Ps, the reason I brough this up is because many creationists out there use this as evidence that God had a plan for teh animalz. Noah's flood or something perhaps.