07 August 2010


Aurora borealis - Guillermo Gonzalez

Even on the highest throne in the world, we are still sitting on our ass.

-Michel de Montaigne


  1. Quiet round here today.

    Good morning, anyway.

  2. Morning MsChin!
    Morning all! Love today's quote!

    Good tunes last night especially the blues! didn't manage to play everything. I'm not interested in what's cool or fashionable - just like music when it speaks to me.

    Something to do with the fact that for many years, for various reasons, it didn't speak to me. Wonderful that now I have got back in touch with myself and with music :-)

    Watched Paul Lewis play Beethoven's 3rd Paiano Concerto last night

    That was magical too.

  3. Love today's picture too - thanks Montana!

  4. Morning all! Feeling slightly fuzzy.

  5. Montana - thanks for the entry to the UT photowall.

    Leni/Boudican/thauma/A42/Chin/PCC/Sheff/gandolfo/martillio/Alisdair and other UT dog fans

    Have posted some pictures of my dogs (as promised long ago).

    Sheff?Chin - I'll post the Henry Moore in the draw when I get some time later, probably after my visit to the exhibition tommorow...

    Good to have a fun musical evening last nite (and with hardly a feather ruffled....)

  6. morning all.

    interesting piece on Beyond Westminster about party membership.

    one of the talking heads has referred to people not wanting to make a lifetime commitment to a party any more. not surprising, surely, given the degree of change in the outlook of the parties? who wants to sign up for life when past experience suggests that the organisation could swivel 180 degrees with little notice?

  7. great pics deano! particularly love the one of mungo bounding, tongue-lollingly, towards the camera.

  8. I had a night out last night so I missed all the music. :(

    Not to worry it will give me something to listen to tonight.

    First night out I have been on since Christmas and it wasn't a huge success, I have forgotten how to socialise, more practise is required. ;)

  9. Nice photos Deano, what was happening with the queue of dogs at the tree?

  10. a lifetime commitment? - most contemporary politicians can't give a commitment to the last sentence they uttered let alone promises they gave.

    As I've observed before I'd give the likes of the uber creep Mendlesome a lifetime sentence on St Kilda.................let them eat gull-eggs from the end of long rope thrown over the cliffs..

    The only redeeming feature with these wankers is that fuel the anger that will one day lead to the Romanov solution for the learning of the others.....

    Dog walking and trip organising calls

  11. Anne

    Thanks for the link to B's 3rd p. concerto. Have plugged the laptop into my big amp and have it playing now - gorgeous! Definitely one for the desert island.

    Great pics deano.

  12. Love the pics! The tree one is hysterical. Mungo and Miss D look like happy dogs.

  13. jen

    We played a lot of reggae / lovers rock. I remember you're not keen on reggae, so only fair to warn you ..


    Look forward to seeing the Moore photo.

  14. Thanks MsChin, the warning is much appreciated. ;)

  15. morning all........

    great photos lovely boy that mungo and what a sweet soul miss diesel was......my beast has a friend a bit like your mungo they spend time wallowing like buffaloes in the river......

    argh life is sweet seeing the slow demise of berlusconi..........

  16. BB/A42/Jen - I know you may not be able to have a dog at the minute so I thought I'd post you an extra photo of poppies at Camp Deano - hope you like it!

    I really will get the yarn of Mungo and the poppies written ...one day.

    Jen the tree/dog photo arrived in my email from a mate god knows how they got so many dogs to sit for so long .....it is fun though.

    I hope you decide to follow through on your dog thoughts (I recall you saying you were thinking about it..) and get yourself a dog one day.

    Don't be too hasty though, if you visit the local dogs home go several times before you make your final choice

  17. argh life is sweet seeing the slow demise of berlusconi..........

    Could that actually be happening gandolpho? It's almost too much to hope for- I thought he had all his bases covered.

  18. sheff

    yep it could.....basically fini founder of allianza nazionale, and leader of the lower house, and 30 odd mps have left berlusconi's party or rather were pushed out. Fini was a facist but has become somewhat neo conservative opposing the gagging law, laws on immigration, the structure of the party which is extremely undemocratic and corruption.
    Now whether an election (if it happens) will prompt berlusconi's demise as PM is another thing. Italian politics is all about coalitions and it's hard to see where fini and his band would fit in. The left is a mess and if they won an election now it would IMO be a weak govt and no doubt fall after 18months.... But there is talk of berlusco being ousted from within and if the center right win at the polls would he be PM....at the mo they have all gone on hols so let's see what will happen...
    oh and fini's old party is being investigated by roman magistrates about fraud.....
    oh never a dull moment in italian politics..

  19. Sorry to be bore everbody - I just couldn't not add a favourite picture of my departed Miss Diesel - long may she ride the Aurora Borealis Aurora

    (thanks for that picture Montana - I'm a lights fan as you know)

  20. More UT Europe correpsondent news.

    Geert Wilders is flying to New York to speak at a "Stop the Islamization of America" protest at the site of the twin towers.

    Leaving aside the distasteful nature of the visit, it also highlights Wilders self aggrandisement. Rather than settling down at a senstitive time as a new Dutch Government is formed, he's off to swivel eye in the US on behalf of a hard right organisation.

    De Volksrant investigated Wilders funding and surprise, surprise, he is funded by shitehawks such as the hard right Hatikva party in Israel (motto-all Arabs out of the West Bank) and David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes in the USA (check their websites out...). Horowitz and Pipes managed to raise a "six figure sum" for Wilders in 2009.

    This comes hot on the heels of the scandal over PVV (Wilders party) candidate, Gidi Markuszower who Wilders was forced to deselect when it was revealed Markuszower was an active Mossad agent and deemed by the Dutch Security Services "a risk to national security."

    Meanwhile, Wilders is still pushing domestically for an islamic scarf tax and compulsory "ethnic registration" (think yellow stars and you're not that far).

  21. Going to have a cinematic wallow this afternoon - off to see Gainsbourg

    For some reason I am becoming addicted to Arab pop music - this is a typical example
    Garh Tani- Shereen

    See youse all later.

  22. Yr Grace

    Hard to believe this is happening in Holland of all places.

  23. bit of an odd any questions panel. presume all the pols are on holiday. surprised they couldn't find one press-hungry weasel, though...

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  26. upside - no party lines to be desperately clung to...actually rather a good debate.

  27. Latest radio news - a 100 square mile chunk of ice has broken off and drifted away from Greenland......

    G&T anybody?

    BTW Leni - note that you have a special interest in world water issues any chance of a piece for UT2??

  28. Aww, Deano, what a sweet pic of Miss Diesel.

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  30. Hello Everybody


    Mungo looks a lovely chap and Miss Deisel a gentle soul. You must miss her a lot.

  31. Afternoon all

    Apols for all the deletions.Having IT problems this end.

    @LaRit-I really couldn,t care less what you think.However as we clearly have a low opinion of each other it,s best we don,t communicate.

    However i do reserve the right to reply to any comments that you make which are either abusive or provocative as indeed you do to any of mine.And as i,ve said repeatedly you need to take responsibility for your share of the blame for the spat we had the other night before you get on your high horse about mine.For unless you have deleted your post i think you,ll find that you fired a personalised misandric post to me before i responded with anything that could be termed misogynistic.And in an equal society miscandry is every bit as unacceptable as misogyny.

    @BW-really sorry you feel the way you do.

  32. Music for me Dog - Faure: Requiem (In Paradisum)

    If ever I though that Kierkegaard might have been right about "the leap in the dark" it was when I heard the above....

    Personally I concluded that existence/non existence of God was a question best not dealt with too early in life. I've kinda put it off until it is time to leap the dark void myself.

    For those with a silly/romantic turn of mind - I'm guessing you will see the funny/joy in my inter-netting with a radio dongle that sends my messages away to the stars (and perhaps even beyond) and all on radio wave. I like the idea that when I'm toasting in the Crem I'll be joining them one day....

    My God what I couldn't do if I didn't idle so much of my 3Gb a month

  33. The 'stay or go' argument. I think all should stay for as long as they wish to .

    It's not up to me to tell people how to think or act - that is their choice. Already too many externaly imposed rules in life.


    Global water issues - will put something together - when I can decide where to start. Have you read the Cif piece on drainng peat bogs in Russia? This is a little considered problem. A few years ago a windfarm being built in Ireland on peat levels slipped down a mountain nearly engulfing houses.

  34. I ache for her Leni - but she had a great life, and we each the other, gave freely to each other, so nothing more is owed, from or to her.

    I must go do some food shopping for dinner and the journey

  35. @LaRit

    That didn,t read right.What i meant to say was that you switched the conversation we were having about something else to a personalised attack on me because of my views on DV.In the spat that followed Anne and maybe other women pulled me up on certain words i was using that could be viewed as being sexist/misogynistic.Whereas my contention is that your accusations of misogyny were fuelled by a miscandric attitude on your part.But you justified it by hiding behind text book rad fem dogma.

    Anyway i,m not wasting anymore time on this.

  36. Deano

    On the question of God. My fancy is that God lives in the space beyond - like a book or a play - and requires the suspension of disbelief to participate inthe story.

    In my God story all is possible for human kind - we have to aspire to heal the world , ourselves and others as God can act on Earth only thru us.

    God is a higher consciousness which we glimpse n those strange, fleeting moments of knowing and when true communication between living things happens. God is a human aspiration.

    Nothing to do with religion or an external heaven.

    We come fom the stars and will returnto them. Will we hear the music we love now in an unknown future? At least the music will keep on travelling.

  37. PDF on blanket bog slip during wind farm construction in Ireland.


  38. Hi Paul

    We were all agreed that stats can mislead - or be used to 'make a case' rather than impart a true picture - not just dv stats but all of them. Look at the stats re. Incap being used to make a case against the 'workshy scroungers'

    Arguing the points is one thing - attacking individuals or groups is another.

    Sometime it is not what we write but the way we write it. If somebody feels attacked they will generally defend themselves, sometimes aggressively. The rest of the story we know.

  39. I am auseless creature.

    In an attmpt to give up smoking I decided , for first time ever, to roll the things.

    Can't do it. I getall the bits together, tongue sticking out of side of mouth I carefully construct, roll and then - the whole thing jumps up in the air scattering itself everywhere. The few I have managed to stick together are hideous misshapen things- either too thin or baggy, floppy constructions.

    At least it is reducing the smoking .

  40. Leni I have a soft spot for women and men) of Conscience thus this rakes progress could easily be described as

    .....would be viking


    would be existentialist


    would be Quaker....

    In the 'silence' even the pissheads like me might find it....(but I might well have to reform some of my wilder habits first)

    You ever been to a Friends meeting? they even let me join a meeting

    Paul/Nap - if your looking for an interesting story or inspiration you might do worse than research the Quaker/Friends role in the underground railroad....(an escape route for slaves fleeing their oppression in the early USA)

    I loved the way that these fine people found a way to square their commitment to speaking the truth to all ....with the inevitable regular enquiries from the bounty hunters...."you seen any niggers around here"?

    As you may know one of the very very few liars from a Quaker background was Richard Nixon - every other alleged Quaker I came across I liked. Their commitment to humanity and truth is something I've come to admire.

    (catch you later - the tedium of shopping really must be attended to...)

  41. Get a rolling machine Leni - they are easy to use made by Rizla etc

  42. Leni I had the same problem with rolling my own until I bought a baccy tin that also does the rolling for you, really easy to do and lets you put a filter in.

    I couldn't get away with the normal rolling machines either, my cigs ended up the thickness of a matchstick and about as smokeable.

    If you are trying to cut down though sounds like you have hit on the perfect method. ;)

  43. Deano

    I have attended Quaker meetings on and off since I was about 14. The attration is as much the people as the shared space created by the silence.

    I don't think you have to change your ways too much at all - takes allsorts to make a heaven.

    Look how few it takes to make a hell here on planet Earth.

  44. deano

    I don't know if you ever read Cif Belief but one of the regular posters on there (Peitha) is a Quaker, I don't know if she tells lies but she is a thoroughly nasty piece of work.

    You can't always tell a persons nature online but hers comes through loud and clear.

  45. Paul
    what Leni said and:

    I did find your suggestion that I was drunk funny because I'm teetotal. But I did find it interesting that your inability to understand the point I made was explained away as my inability to make sense (because I was drunk?).

    Not denying I may well not always make sense mind!

    Your response to Bitterweed was different though wasn't it? Not abusive at all.

    It reads as though you have one rule for males and another for females, Of course I don't know you and only have what you write to guide me just explaining how it looks ro me that's all.

    BTW it seems to me that the women on this board, including LaRit fon't have a 'radfem' agenda and we are not in the least bit misandric. In fact our attitude to most of the radfem rubbish printed on Cif is pretty much identical to the views of the men on here.

  46. Deano + Jenni

    I bought a rolling thng - it works in mysterious ways. Will look for magic tin.

    By the time I make anything smokeable I/ve gone off the idea so yes Jen it seems to be the cure for baccy addiction.

    Off up garden as sun is shining - at last.

  47. Jenni

    Peitha is unlike any Quaker I have ever known.

    Sunshine calls - must water my tomatoes.

  48. Yeah Leni I had pretty much come to the conclusion that she was a one off. :)

  49. Anne

    Not making excuses but the other night i was off my head on alcohol and anti-biotics.Since then i,ve decided that me,alcohol and the net ain,t gonna be mixing anymore.

    Assuming your comment about double-standards is solely about my posts today i think you,re being a tad unfair.BW was expressing a view as a bystander and as i like to think i get along with him i was surprised at his low opinion of me.However i accept it and can live with it.

    With regard to my posts to LaRit you must take account of the fact that this was part of an ongoing converation that she started with me and where she accused me of misandry on account of my views on DV which led to things turning ugly.So there was fault on both sides.And yet thus far LaRit is giving an oscar winning performance as the victim without conceding that she was partly to blame as well.

    I genuinely thought i got along with you and most of the women on UT which is why i was angry at LaRit,s assertion to the contrary and am a bit bemused that you may in effect be supporting her claim.Also i know i,ve had more rucks with men here than i,ve had with women.

    The whole issue of race,gender ad sexuality can be a bit of a PC nightmare at times.And for personal reasons i don,t want to go into i am currently facing discrimination in certain areas soley because of my sex and i feel rad fem dogma has played it,s part in legitimising that.No excuse i know but goes some way in explaining where i,m coming from.Just as LaRit,s life experiences have underpinned her beliefs.

    Sorry to go on about this but until my faux pas the other night i honestly didn,t think you and me had any 'gender issues' when we communicate.


  50. Anne

    That should have read misogyny and not misandry in para3.

  51. Paul

    As I told you my first husband was a nasty man. I left - with my 2 sons and the clothes we could carry , nothing more.

    I feared T + B migt be like their father. They grew up to be both very loving and gentle men.

    They can both get very upset with Radfem types who preach that *all* men are vicious. Knowing the reality of violence and rejecting it they feel rejected both as individuals and as men by radfem rhetoric.

    Women - particularly those who have been genuine victims or who have witnessed man on woman violence also feel hurt and marginalised when acused of having a 'victim mentality'

    In both cases these unfair characterisations strike at the very core of ourselves and deny our own experience.

    Violence , group think and unfair accusations and characterisations are the things we need to fight - not each other.

    Sorry you are having a bad time - hope it is soon resolved.


  52. Leni

    Cheers for that and fair comments.Maybe we can talk more about it when i,m back on the nightshift.Sounds stupid i know but things always feel less public then :-)

  53. Paul

    race or gender issues are not about being PC - just about our humanity and how we relate to each other.

    We obviously recognise we are not identical - different colours, sexes , heights or degrees of rotundity. Just don't use *difference* as a launching point for attacks and don't assume that mention of skin colour or religion indicates a hidden , unpleasant agenda.

    I don't care if you a purple, multi sexed worm worshipping 6 footer with three feet - so long as you respect those who aren't.

  54. Saturday afternoon football is back. :)

    Boro getting beaten, business as bloody usual.

  55. Leni

    I dunno i think any debates about race,gender,sexuality and religion are fraught with difficulty in this country.Sadly most people don,t actually think the way you do.

    ''Just don't use *difference* as a launching point for attacks and don't assume that mention of skin colour or religion indicates a hidden , unpleasant agenda.''

    But that sadly is what too often happens.So we end up with an impasse that suits no-one.Because seething under that impasse is a mass of resentment at perceived injustices which are not being addressed.

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. #...but while I do believe that people who buy the paper are sympathetic to what the Guardian stands for, the same doesn't apply for commenters. Which is really interesting and is a source of bewilderment for editors#

    says Jessica Reed..she's bewildered at the seeming disconnect between the views of commenters and those of the archetypal Guardian reader which naturally mirror those of the editorial staff. I think I can help her.

    First, when confronted by a 'mystery' like this ie. where hard evidence from actual comments conflicts with a vague assumption based on wishful thinking about a mythical readership, it's usual to reexamine ones assumption. I seriously doubt whether the stereotypical Guardian reader exists any more or ever did.

    If they did, then by this time they've probably followed the well trodden path of all the other 'well I'm doin OK' babyboomers who've reached (early) retirement and are now pontificating about the fault's of a generation who they've sold down the fuckin river..needless to say, they may well still buy the paper for appearance' sake or out of habit but the idea that they share the paper's views in any more than a posturing, unthinking sense is ludicrous.
    They're more likely to be reading the Times for AA Gill or Clarkson where they 'tell it like it is'...and why not if they've paid any attention to the Guardian's trajectory over the last few years.

    The paper only seems to back discredited organisations these days who strive for power and are willing to jettison ideology or traditional support at the drop of a fuckin hat with the likes of Toynbee left dangling but gamely trying to justify each betrayal in the name of 'progressive' politics. It doesn't add up.

    A few years back, there was a free poster given away entitled 'Guardian Readers'. It featured all the usual suspects..nurses, social workers, teachers, lecturers, local government. I'm assuming it was to give the impression that there was this great liberal, middle-class progressive army out there who would all sit round a breakfast table and nod sagely at whatever Toynbee had knocked out that weekend. Maybe there was a time that such a thing went on..and maybe they accorded a certain deference to print journalists (although fuck knows why).

    It's perfectly clear now though that either the readership never existed or the deference has gone. Maybe it's a consequence of so many topics which would appeal to say social workers or teachers being covered by Antonia Whaterver or Lucinda Whatsherface who turn out to be "freelance journalists covering social issues".. look about 23, straight from Oxford, friend of someone on the paper and good for nothing but a quick search on Google then trotting out the usual liberal homilies and finishing their poorly reasearched and written piece of shit, which misses the point entirely, with a feel-good line about more investment/compassion/understanding/ empathy...anything non-specific which vaguely fits the bill, ticks all the right boxes and doesn't require any actual knowledge, serious research or talent.

  58. Anne

    Just to further clarify my point i didn,t read the end of yesterdays thread until earlier today.Which is when i picked up LaRit,s and BW,s last post s to me.My unfortunate faux pas with you took place in the midst of WW3 and i would have made a similarly smart-arsed comment to a male poster under the same circumstances.In fact i did make a much worse comment to Martyn who interjected and to whom i have also apologized.

    Anyway i genuinely hope we are still cool with each other.Enjoy the rest of the day.:-)

  59. Paul

    Why all the deleted posts?..why not cut out the middle-man and just not post them in the first place?

    That said, I do salute your indefatigability..if your were a fighter or sportsman, your never-say-die attitude would be wholly admirable..I'd think of you as 'game', courageous and tenacious..but in a debating sphere I'm not sure those qualities retain their desirability. When someone is basically too fuckin thick to appreciate that they've just been 'wiped the floor with' and bounce right back and carry on making a total cunt of themselves you've really gotta wonder whether a new approach is called for...especially when their entire oeuvre seems to consist of a strategy of saying "same to you" or "yer mam"..sort yourself out eh sunshine.

  60. Hi All

    deano--Great photos of the dogs. Finally, the mysterious Mungo has appeared on our screens and looks a fine boy. The 'lineup' is hilarious.

    Duke--Can't lose sight of the fact that Pipes and Horowitz are part of Irving Kristol's neocon spawn. Caused a fair few of the problems of the day, and I have to believe they are not done yet.

  61. Beautiful evening here...

    BB if you're about - Go and see Gainsbourg - you'll love it.

  62. Monkeyfish

    Great to see you back in your normal guise today.I get a bit confused as you do seem to have a number of them don,t you?

    If you,d bother to read the thread you would have seen why there are a few deleted posts from me today.So let,s move on from that petty little dig of yours.

    With regard to the rest of the predictable BS in your post all i can say is 'same as same as'.But i am envious of the sheer devotion that someone like LaRit has for you.Because last time you submitted an abusive post to me i responded to you with a few suitable clips.And LaRit was mortified that i,d been winding you up.Which triggered off our latest spat but there you go. You see monkeyfish i neither hero worship you nor do i have any respect for your on-line personnae.I see you as a sad deluded man who is living in a mid 80,s timewarp and who hasn,t yet accepted that the Left has got to find another way to make itself acceptable to the working classes of this country.And that like me his presentation skills can sometimes be somewhat lacking.Also unlike you i am not so obsessed with pursuing vendettas that i need to go here and there under different guises subjecting people to the same old abuse and put downs because they have committed the 'crime' of not being up to scratch in your warped and twisted opinion.

    You need to sort yourself out mate!

  63. Evening me hearties.

    Having now got over my hangover and steam cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, I am going to do bugger all for the rest of the evening except post drivel as usual.

    Sheff - seen the ads for it. Will have to get out and see it.

    Monkeyfish - yer mam! :p

    Paul - hope you are getting over your lurgey. Sounds hellish.

    Deano - will look at doggies forthwith! I suppose I ought to get organised with a photo of our remaining rat. I moved him into the living room while all the decorating has been going on and I spend most of my time watching and fussing over him - happy little fella he is.

    And hi everyone else. x

  64. BB - don't miss it - it's a real love song to Gainsbourg - anarchic, affectionate, sexy and funny with some great performances.

  65. Hi BB

    We could do with some lightheated - but aring - banter.

    A short story which made me smiletoday.

    I told you I was growing idustrial hemp from bird seed. No good for smoking. It is now taller than me and starting to flower. No 2 son has grown it before for purposes other than feeding the wild birds.

    I asked him about the flowers - he told me they are female - this is good for seeds but only if we have male plants as well.

    Discussion continued - arrived at relative smoking value. B said female are best - I asked about male - he said , with rueful grin - "Males are - useless" .

    we do however need both to have more plants next year.

  66. Hey Leni

    Nice story! :o)

    I knew of someone who got nicked for cultivating plants in his windowbox. He went to all the trouble of making little polystyrene "tomatoes" which he hung on them - until a neighbour became suspicious because the tomatoes never got picked...

    Sheff - I will have to persuade His Lordship that it will be worth seeing. It doesn't sound like it has enough explosions in it for him to be all that interested...

  67. Been away for a few hours and picking my way down the posts....

    Leni - heh, I have once or twice considered switching to rollies to cut down on the smoking. Like you, I am useless at it.

    Deano - yes, Quakers are one of the few religious sects I can get on with. Peaceable people.

    Jen - Peitha is a Quaker???? Never would have guessed.

    Paul - I believe that alcohol can wipe out the curative effects of antibiotics, so be careful with that. And I must say that, like some of the women on here, I have found your language to be rather violent against women. Have a think about that. (I did enjoy some of your choonz last night, though!)

  68. Dr Duke's Saturday evening music surgery.

    Like Lucy van Pelt in Peanuts:

    The doctor is IN

    Q. Hi Doctor. My band are making our first music video and we've been told we have to be on horseback. How can I ensure I don;t look like a total dick??

    A. The 'don't look like a dick whilst on a horse in a music video' poser is as old as popular music itself.

    My prescription is as follows- to avoid not looking like a complete fanny on a horse in a music video do not do this. To look as cool as fuck on a horse in a music video, simply observe this six times a day.

    That's all folks, but if you have any more music based maladies, the Doctor will be in and out.

  69. Dr Duke, I'm running out of insulting songs to post to people who are being nasty... any help available?

  70. To BB,Tascia,MsChin and anyone else who likes reggae and lovers rock.

    I was trying to remember this tune last night.Haven,t got it in my collection so i'll stick it up here for posterity.Hope you enjouy it.(crap video mind!)

    @Thauma-fair do,s.You,re one of the women i genuinely thought i didn,t have a problem with.But as with Anne and any other women here i,ve offended i clearly need to take more care when i,m blogging.So apologies also to you for any offence caused.

  71. MF - agree. I thought AllyF's comment about the Guardian always having misunderstood its readership was good.

    *** Country Files ***

    [Uninterested city folks can ignore]

    I save all my veg bits (broccoli stems, cauli leaves, carrot peelings, etc.) for the neighbours' sheep.

    Trotted over there today with said sheep offerings and found them pulling up their potato crop. Ominous clouds were threatening, so I pitched in and we got it all in just before the heavens spent their wrath in serious terms. Sat in their barn with some wine and watched the rain come down ... music ... lovely. Raptors flying and crying over the fields.

    Came home with some duck and hen eggs, a cabbage, and a free offer to pick the sage, bay leaves, rosemary and thyme I will be wanting over the week. Or anything else that strikes my fancy.

  72. There was good programme on radio 4 the other day, about Sandy Denny.

    I'd forgotten what an incredible voice she had.

  73. By the way, Dr Duke, this is how you ride a horse to music! Ha ha!

  74. Sandy Denny. Didn't she die of an embolism or something?

    I only know her from the track she sang on on Led Zepp IV (the name of which escapes me - I will check out your link in a mo, Habib, to see if that's it.)

    Thaum - nice story. That's what society is about, not the bollocks spouted by Cameroon.

  75. Paul

    seriously mate, I'm embarrassed for you..basically: "I know you are but what am I?"..as per usual. You need some material of your own..get a scriptwriter.

    I am intrigued by a couple of things you said, mind. First: how old are you?

    Second: Your comment seemed to imply that in the past you'd posted things which suggested how the Left should reestablish itself...which surprised me since anything I've read of yours only ever parroted paint-by-numbers fuzzy liberal 'truisms' which you neither justify nor promote especially skilfully.

    Seems I was mistaken..what are your thoughts on how the Left should present itself?..and I hope it's not the same kinda shit the Guardian used to spout (that seems your usual source of ideas) cos once we've gone down that route, it just isn't the Left any more..it's New Labour..so what does the Left do Paul which doesn't mean turning into Social Democrats?

  76. How jealous am I of you Thauma, it has been a generally shitty day here, I was woken up this morning by some bloke screaming at his girlfriend that he was (and I quote) 'gonna kick her cunt up and down the street like he did last time but this time she wasn't going to get up' then later this afternoon a young lad was shouting up at the window of the man who lives upstairs to see if he could lend his 'pipe', he threw it out of the window in a carrier bag for him, which was kind I suppose.

    It isn't always like this but occasionally you get a very nasty day like today.

  77. Jen, that's a quiet day where I live.

    BB, I was trying to remember which Led Zep it was - absolute belter!

  78. Jen

    Sounds like a shite day. :O(

    Yeah, it's an absolute corker that choon, Habib.

    Hadn't listened to it for a good while.

  79. Habib

    Just one of those days when you look around yourself, take stock of where your life is and say WTF.

  80. Any one see the story about Google negotiating with a company called Verizon to "open the door to special "fast lanes" for favoured internet traffic."

    "Has the internet just sold its soul?"
    (Yesterdays Indy)

    "thin end of wedges" and "slippery slopes" spring to mind!

  81. Ooh - Wallander just starting so will see you later.

  82. Do you know what, Paul - I had no idea that Massive Attack had borrowed from "Queen of my Soul" for their song "Be Thankful For What You've Got".

    Anyway, here's another Massive Attack song about living somewhere you don't want to.

  83. "Bows to beautiful burnout* Battle of Evermore is one of the finest songs ever recorded. Here's another for you, sorry I can't do proper linkage but it bears the extra hassle...


  84. Yeah, it's all gone quiet because you're all blown away by Johnny. No need to thank me, just remember that when you're moaning about old KT next time, eh?

  85. I think it is a bloody good song, Mr Time. I fear that my music may have given people the idea of doing something better.

  86. Evening all.
    Fantastic dogs deano.
    KT:All-time classic,that.
    n.b.For full linkage, either use the G's comment box as a scratch-pad, then just cut'n'paste here (obviously not sub-editing whatever you put in the CiF box, otherwise thing's get v. confused...)or up in the top right of this page is some html code to assist.
    From the utterly sublime to the ridiculous (another great voice,mind,albeit not a singing one).

  87. I might eat more corned beef if I could get into the tin without the danger of slashing me wrists.

    FFS what is wrong with those South Americans they have had square(ish) corned beef tins with keys for over 50 years to my knowledge. If the fegging key don't break and you get the can open then the sharp edges can slash you as you try to get the stuff out.

    (If I followed my own posts I should make a freedom of information request to find out how many serious accidents have been caused by corned beef tins in the last 50 years....(part of my campaign to make work and save jobs in the public sector)) Bastard Fray Bentos and (Super rich UK tax avoiding family with big interest in S America- Vestey)_

    Still if you win, as I did tonight, the corned beef hash you can make is a delight. Mine would have been better with a dash of Worcester sauce,

    Hi habib Night Shift my friend?

    KT - still early doors have to see what tide brings when the pubs turn out!

  88. Vestey>

    What a weird memory I have - I just had to check see if I had imagined the name Vestey and no the fucking bastard weren't a figment of my imagination after all....I think I came across them as tax evaders/avoiders par excellence over 30 years ago...

  89. (PS, relating to the banking debate that went on the other day, Golem XIV is exemplary today at explaining things for those trying to follow the arguments.)

  90. Montana - talking of Universities for bright young things..............I saw that in the Guardian Rankings

    Guardian Rankings

    Lancaster Uni was 6th!! - (at least) three of your correspondents here on UT are graduates of said Uni......

  91. Lets hear it for.....Peter?/habib/deano.....of course the Guardian rankings have fegg all to with academic excellence more to do with having a good time........which is how I came to be a tramp and habib works the occasional night shift..........Peter?'s a solid guy though!

    Right must finalise the packing for the tomorrows journey ad londinium

  92. Alisdair - hope your lady is well.

    Think it was frog2 or Spike who provided a link to Golem's within the last few days. I bookmarked it. As you say it is good read on the finance sector.

  93. Habib

    Don't believe it, the MA CD is in the car at the mo as well. Just had a reshuffle last week.


    There may be something you may like to see on the the bbc iplayer:

    Amateur cinema form the 70's miners strike

    Unfortunately you have to watch the rest of the cack that goes with it until you get to interesting bit. It's also nice to see how the miner's viewed the strike - it's the miner's perspective !

  94. Not much to listen to tonight !

    Here is Whisky in a jar o

  95. Nice one Tascia... it is quiet, isn't it... so how about the Fields of Athenry?

  96. Yeah, sorry guys... lovely song though. When I was in Dublin there was a kid, couldn't have been more than 10, busking it - stood there with tears in my eyes. Deano - lovely pics of Mungo & Miss D. Give us a shout if you're in Kent & fancy a drink.

  97. Shaz cheers, but I think Thauma and Sherff might be a better target audience.


    'Something inside has died, and I just can't fake it'.

    A good line to say 'I'm sorry, but i've just fallen out of love with you! Not you if u get what I mean !

  98. And from the 50,s my favourite track from Lady Day

  99. Cheers Shaz sadly changed plans it's looking like a flying visit on this occasion - son needs me to help him, with a job in his new place on Mon/Tues.

    Else it would have been a great pleasure to meet with you (and yours) I'm sure we'll get to meet one day if not in Kent then surely in Hessle - I look forward to it!

    Best W.

  100. Where's Leni? I've just found a quote for her that I've been searching for ages to find.

  101. This should really be my last tonight:

    . Carlos 'Samba Pa Ti' live

    Seen Santana live, possibly one of the best concerts i've ever seen.

  102. Well the "wadya" thread seems to have run out of steam. Wonder why that is!

    Trigger happy "mods" perchance?

  103. But don't you see that the whole trouble lies here? In words, words. Each one of us has within him a whole world of things, each man of us his own special world. And how can we ever come to an understanding if I put in the words I utter the sense and value of things as I see them; while you who listen to me must inevitably translate them according to the conception of things each one of you has within himself. We think we understand each other, but we never really do."
    — Luigi Pirandello

  104. Hello Leni, this is the quote and I'll attempt the provenance after:

    "We tend to think of children as immature adults. Maybe it would lead to a better understanding if we thought of adults as atrophied children. People damaged by their upbringing"

    Never lend a book you anyone 'cos you will never get it back! The quote above is from a book by Tony Johnstone titled "Improv and the Theatre"

    At least that is how I remember it!

    Some great stuff in that to inform your "psycho drama"!

  105. Hi tascia


    Firstly I have been trying to find the Pirandello quotes on his fears about the part the actor plays invading his real life. Can't remember source so having litle - no - luck.

    "Damaged by upbringing " is a very difficult one - largely cos we will never know what we would have become had we been raised by different adults.

    Some taumas are obvious - abuse , cruelty or neglect for instance.

    What about the political atmosphere in the home - or lack of awareness about politics ? A house without books can be impoverishing as can a home which provides narrow religious parameters.

    But yes - pschdrama aims to release, to help express the hidden feelings caused by trauma - as child or adult.

    I think we all have parts of our psyche atrophied - withered - by experience or sometimes just cos we have never allowed them to develop.

    We all must have those "Yes !" moments when music perhaps or a book suddenly forces recognition on us because we recognise and acknowledge something hidden or denied.

    I tend to think of children as potential adults - with no clear indication of what exactly they will become - adults are children who have developed and realised some of that potential. It still lies within us - slleping. Perhaps never to waken.

  106. "We think we understand each other, but we never really do."

    Wouldn't our thoughts just be sludge if we did?

    "Will we hear the music we love now in an unknown future? At least the music will keep on travelling."

    Thats sounds like a Nietzsche or a Schopenhauer line. Perfect.

    08 August, 2010 02:18

    Add profile picture

  107. Leni: maybe it would lead to a better understanding if we could all agree that we know fuck all rather than pretending to know everything which in spite of our intelligence we don't!

  108. I know Paul's played 4 good songs on the bounce.

  109. @Leni. I meant your idea about music was perfect. Not bothered about what those two miserable beardy bastards think.

  110. navro

    On sludgy thoughts - aint that just the problem? As individuals with unique as well as shared experiences - as well as our own understanding of those experiences - we are seperate yet part of the whole. The best we can do is recognise the individuality of others as well as our own.

    Collective action does not necessarily have to spring from identical thoughts or ways of thinking.


    What we "know"objectively is only what has already happened - we see it , read it or are told it.Even "facts" can be different to different people. I know it rained today, I know that Plato lived and that ww11 happened. These things we call facts but many dispute the details or interpretation. Look at history books.

    Subjective knowing is different and theorising something altogether different.Cause and effect beyond its simplest and most obvious is often an unknown. That's an over simplification of course.

    My problem lies in not knowing the things that really matter - all to do with the really big 'whys?' and 'hows?'

  111. navro

    There are too many beardy bastards who control the way we think. Too many people have bought into their ideas and seem to believe that they themselves don't need to think at all.

  112. Paul

    Haven't listened to any of your music yet - am listening to good old Mozart - no beard.

  113. Mozart didn't have a beard? Jeez I'm stretched.

    Enjoy the eternal:)