27 March 2010


The first English child born in Canada was born in Cuper's Cove, Newfoundland, in 1613.  A fire at a barn dance in Okoritofulpos, Hungary, killed 312 people in 1910.  A 9.2 earthquake in Alaska killed 125 people and cause significant damage to the city of Anchorage in 1964.  The worst airline disaster in history took place in Tenerife in 1977, when two Boeing 747s collided on a foggy runway, killing 583 people.

Born today:  Baron Haussmann (1809-1891), William Röntgen (1845-1923), Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), Gloria Swanson (1899-1983), Sarah Vaughn (1924-1990), Mstislav Rostropovich (1927-2007), Julian Glover (1935), Michael York (1942) and Tony Banks (1950).

It is World Theatre Day.


  1. Good morning world.

    Quiet round here, innit.

  2. Morning! Everyone's hungover I reckon. I am a tad. Shouldn't drink white wine cos it always gives me a headache, but then my hubby cooked some fantastic salmon steaks last night, and it would have been a shame to drink beer with them.

    I can remember when we were kids the only salmon we ever got was in a tin from John West, or if we were at me nan's in Scotland where the local kids would poach them and come knocking on the door selling them. But a whole salmon is cheaper than a leg of pork these days. I still think of it as a real luxury though.

  3. Me too! John West tinned red salmon, mashed with vinegar. In sandwiches or with salad. The joys of childhood, eh.

  4. Good morning from Spain where it is at last sunny.
    A leg of pork is 3.5 euros a kilo here. How much is salmon?

  5. Can't help you there, martillo, I've no idea.

    It's sunny here in Yorkshire, too. The daffodils are out and spring is in the air.

  6. Morning all

    Yes, very beautiful here in Yorkshire - Spring at last thank christ...it's felt like a long winter.

    Speaking of the joys of childhood MsC - do you remember proper bubble and squeak? We'd have it for monday lunch using the left over veg from Sunday with a bit of cold meat (if there was any left, or a fried egg if not) and Branston pickle?

  7. That's the advantage of a leg of pork - there are always leftovers.
    I had bubble and squeak done with black pudding and bacon for lunch just last week.

  8. Oh yes, sheff. Bubble & squeak with cold meat & pickle - fab. Also liked going to the chip shop on a Saturday lunchtime - used to ask for scraps on the chips. And a bottle of Jusoda or dandelion & burdock to wash it down, of course.

    Getting quite peckish now, all this talk of childhood food.

  9. Hi Martillo

    Tesco have a special on leg of pork at £2.99 a kilo at the moment. Salmon at the moment is about £3.50 or so, but the bones aren't so heavy. :o)

    And bubble and squeak is lush. Especially with sprouts in it.

  10. bubble and squeak with cold turkey and sausages and stuffing and all - why boxing day is better than christmas day.

    brr, after long lay-off, writing again. now head swimming and may start expressing self in an austen-esque fashion.

  11. Bubble and squeak is the only justification for sprouts.

    That, cold meat, picalilli and red cabbage is my absolute favourite meal!

    Another favourite from childhood is SandwichSpread. Once a week I would go to my Nan's for tea after school and I always had sandwich spread.

    I have been known to eat it out of the jar with a spoon!

    Also remember the technicolour fingers I got from eating sherbet! That dates before sweets came off ration!

  12. Heheheh - what is it about nans and sandwich spread?

    I have also recently given up on the Hellmans and started buying Heinz salad cream again. Far tastier than the globs of white shite that they pretend is mayonnaise (if I want proper mayonnaise now I usually make my own if I can be sure of the eggs - dead easy as long as you are not in a bad mood, in which case you are likely to curdle it).

  13. Anne - yum, sandwich spread was wonderful. And do you remember those trifles that were made with tinned madarin oranges and sponge fingers? I loved sponge fingers, especially dipped in tea.

  14. ...and sherbet in yellow tubes sucked through liquorice straws!

  15. for my nan it was tinned salmon, with vinegar (as reffed above) - her eyes were going a bit at the end, so you'd often end up with a whole spine in the middle of your sandwich...


  16. Afternoon Everyone

    To any fellow sufferers of sinusitus avoid
    alcohol if you can.Great for relieving symptoms
    in the short term but long term you feel like
    your whole face has been used like a football.
    Was drinking port last night and am paying
    hugely this morning!

    Methinks i will spend the day wallowing in
    self pity!

  17. ouch paul - p'raps you could spend the day pretending to be a regency era gentleman, with your foot on a stool, going 'harumph' a lot.

  18. Philippa

    Thanks for that.Am already going 'harumph' a
    lot as it is which i put down to the chilli con
    carne i consumed in the early hours.Didn,t
    want to mention that earlier for reasons of

  19. Reasons of decorum, Paul? My, we are going all Austen! I would feign to suggest that my happenstance this day is governed more by the loss of hair and therefore perceived virility than the circumstance upon which I might find myself preparing for pointless travail.

  20. Hey folks.

    I too am feeling a bit rough today.
    Not drinking very often/not eating before drinking is a pretty bad combo, it would seem.
    Anyone know what to do about unresponsive legs??

  21. just keep asking the same question, eventually they'll get fed up and answer.

  22. Shef! and the licorice straws were proper straws - not sticks of licorice!

  23. Rest your legs, James, it's mellowing time for now, they'll move when they have to.

  24. Pip - I've tried that. It's just descended into me screaming at them for not taking this relationship seriously. Or something.

    Heyhabib- thanks. Problem is that I sort of need 'em to work now though.
    It's a shame really, cause we all used to work so well together. I guess we just want different things these days!! Or something...

  25. James ;-)
    Couldn't be age, could it? I hope you're over forty, otherwise it's the mileage.

  26. Hi All

    BB--Living near the ocean as I do, salmon is plentiful here. About C$5 for a whole 5lb fish. Sockeye (king of salmon) is more as it is only in season for 2-3 short periods.---Still have sandwich spread once in a while on fresh sourdough. Yum.

    Paul--Sinusitus is a bitch. Have suffered over the years from deviated septum ( I know it sounds like a Vatican term) and nasal polyps due to sports injuries in my youth. Alcohol compounds the problem. I use 1/2 cayenne pepper in my pepper shaker/grinder to alleviate this. It purges more than one inner plumbing system too.(-:

    Habib--Loss of virility? Perish the thought, many think that balding is caused by frequent rubbing against headboards.(-;

  27. Ah, it makes sense now, Boudican - I have hit a few headboards in my time.

  28. james - try sulking. sigh hard enough, they'll ask you what's up. then just go 'nothing...' it'll drive them crazy.

  29. I'm 28!!!!!!

    *sound of door slamming and me sort of crawling/dragging myself away!!!


  30. There's worse to come James. When you get to certain age, just past 30, a weekend on the pop can leave you with what can only be described as "wandering legs"

    You'll be trying to catch up on lost sleep on Monday night and after about half an hour in bed there they go. Wam-bang your fucking legs start twitching and then they start of their own volition, wandering around the bed.

    Completely out of control and without regard for rhyme or reason, and they will not sleep until about half an hour before it's time to rise.

    It don't matter a toss if youv'e been playing football, dancing the tango or climbing mountains they are off, and they will not be quieted. Same again Tuesday night.

    In extreme cases it can test your sanity and clinicians have been known to recommend amputation.

    Good luck - I'm away to theatre.

  31. You do know folks that Pen can't get on (apparently) any other site apart from the graun?

  32. kiz

    No, just logged in - has he posted something on Waddya? Seem to remember that that was the case before.

  33. He can't get on UT... Only graun..

  34. Yeah, kiz, you're right - I've remembered now. Sorry for being so slow on the uptake!

    Last time pen was away, he said he couldn't post here as he only had access to the Guardian.

    So we need to post messages over there, if we want him to see them.

  35. Cheers for that deano!!!

    Given that I'm being forced to go out tonight too, I guess I've got a few days of involuntary riverdance type shananigans to look forward to.


    ps-hope you enjoyed the theatre!!

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  37. Paul:

    I wouldn't worry too much about either one of them. I saw Usini's nit-picking about the Larkin poem earlier. Not sure what it is about some people that makes them feel that they have to be so fucking pedantic about things. You had the quote right. WTF difference does it make whether the line is at the beginning or end of the poem?

    And Pollyana is a professional shit-stirrer. Best ignored.

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  39. Cheers Montana-Do you want to delete your post
    as well so you don,t get any flak?